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02/12/14 Chuck and Wickett 6am Hour

Feb 12, 2014|

Is Lebron already on the Mt. Rushmore of the NBA? Jonathan Lucroy from Rupena's Hot Stove Weekly

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- I'd start your day with -- -- -- stuff like Perkins restaurant -- -- greens this is the only state you know what -- sports fans -- Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. Good morning Sports Radio to -- BW SST it's chuck and wicket -- up by Perkins restaurant and make threes out of Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend. Let's check Freeman and Mike wicket -- -- dad -- for starting your day with us. -- what do you think everybody's going to be talking about today winning the big sports topic is going to be today in Sports Radio here on this show. -- Michael show all I can already hear the big -- -- on about it. Every other sport show in -- state of Wisconsin would think number one story. Is going to be the hotly debated topics. Well effect the Packers release Greg general rise of the united should door monster story right there you're right about -- huge story I -- that took me by surprise. -- -- -- actually I had to get. Off the road merited and try to come group Stewart by wrecking but I think they're finally figured out Greg -- and -- and we hardly Syria. Hardly do yeah no I do -- -- that'll be the number one that. Interest generator. Of all all sports topics today. What -- victims. I think it will be the LeBron james' comment about being on the mount Rushmore did you see this yesterday -- I did not see that this is going to be. And we all like to do the mount Rushmore thing. And he's an interview that was the double -- air on Monday. So -- like five days we have five days to build up and talk about it and Steve Smith of NB ATV didian. So Steve Smith is getting. I mean if you -- if he thought nobody watched the NBA you don't watch NB ATV which very few people watch the NBA. -- outside of their own teams I think unless it is a thunder heat match upper you know Pacers Spurs but or to have money on the game or you got money on the game. You brought NB ATV. You know -- front of the worst of the three and I think that -- -- that's disappointing. And I get it should be better be the NFL network is great MLB network is grade. The NBA network is just like. Because the NBA sucks it's like how public access we love the NBA with the NBA product is low right now what originally -- least draw and I entered through a network do it right. It just seems like it is is something that's not a public access doesn't look right now it doesn't have -- the field a touch now. Doesn't look like the NFL now now does not beads of serious upgrade our stellar -- their product on MLB network straight to it is. All by MM LB -- I've not -- NHL but MLB and the -- obviously those are the two best I would say the and it's -- third. The HL network is third. On and then followed by NBA team but it'd -- -- you'll get a lot of -- on Monday when this interview Ayers. For those that have NB ATV. When you watch -- Steve Smith LeBron james' interview -- lawyer Monday night -- believe. Here's the quote. From LeBron James that will be debated. I'd every show from rice lake Wisconsin. To CBS Sports Radio. And everywhere in between all right. I'm going to be one of the top four that's ever played the game for sure. And if they don't want me to have one of those top four spots they better find another spot on that mountain somebody's got to get bumped but that's not for me to decide. That's for the architects. LeBron says he's going to be on in the NBA mount Rushmore. When all is said and done I can't deny it no I mean it's such -- -- Very top of the -- now he says the first three or easy. If -- -- -- -- -- since you read the article yet. If -- asked you were the easy first three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- he would deal rank what I would say if you read Kareem Abdul Jabbar. -- One for three. What do you he's got his says the first easy three selections are Michael Larry magic. And Harriet service you have to it -- to -- -- -- -- fourth choice was Oscar. And he says right now the big four on the mount Rushmore in the NBA. Are Michael. Larry. Magic -- no big guys see that is what makes this debate heart centers ruin everything. -- game Jeter's I mean their their absolute game -- means setters ruined everything. You can put. Will Russell and Jabar on the air and then throw on Mike and I could be OK now you know that's a really crowd -- top -- can go one a one B one of those. Now it's it's it's really tough to do. A mount Rushmore of NFL players or mount Rushmore of Major League players because is that what you -- quarterbacks offset everything. Mean who is a better football player Brett barber rate in HD. Out of a hole and -- got its very difficult to put out there while he was LeBron gonna knock off. I mean certainly the Browns have a conversation -- policy of this place certainly at a MJ no. Magic every. Ego but LeBron. There's never been a ball player like LeBron never. I completely agree and it's funny. Kobe's they've in this conversation. In bronze eyes and a you can make an argument -- Kobe should be on this list before Larry or before big -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I heard on one of the great gamers of all time but I'm not saying he should I just tell you could make arguments fault but quade did but you could argue that huge of barker plays somebody -- Six or seven great names at the top medalist. But. I don't think -- LeBron you -- people run their two LeBron is just so different because the guard anybody on the floor. Mumbai beat -- as has there been a player who can guard one through five of the -- besides magic. But I mean LeBron is just. Phenomenal athlete -- on the court to post up can shoot the outside of and with his strength -- he -- and I admit -- -- -- have the strength India. And -- just phenomenal and there's not there's never been a player like him just like Shaq was ahead of his time. Never been a -- like -- it's only team in the league -- 92. They're been a player like LeBron I agree and this is could be the big debate it's already all over FaceBook and Twitter so this same discussion as well. All right line I'm shore -- If -- to have that. The the mount Rushmore of the NB. I mean his -- pretty good. -- Larry magic Oscar I -- argued I. I would put Oscar that -- no no I would but I Oscar I did see Oscar but I wouldn't put him. I wouldn't put -- my -- mount Rushmore he wouldn't be in the conversation Sixers have got some Michael is. Michael is obviously is magic. -- magic in game 69 point guard. 69 point guard yet in the league. In the -- -- has 69 point difference -- -- in the -- -- 69 point -- in 24 when you have 69 guys on the -- very true. Very very try to you know he is 69 guys were. Play the four position. Now you know magic played the one. And you can run record it did -- he was the greatest shooter. Well magic couldn't shoot the magic about a Michigan State magic couldn't you know -- you became an average shooter in the NBA great teammate. Distributor run on the court you know that Laker fast break. I mean nobody did a better. -- -- Is -- magic is not yours -- But I I I Larry endured it Larry for sure Larry had a magic for -- Michael Larry magic it and -- magical -- it wouldn't be reminded B I'd I'd put agreement out of him. Okay I I would -- -- put me here for jock I would say Michael. Rima. Michael Kareem. Him. I put Larry Bird I met. -- NC will play. Is that these guys it's tough to play you only really Bill Russell -- that's before my time -- myself play obviously team but you know I go with that. I don't those four right there because if you get -- -- -- -- the only guy who's a for sure. Unanimous. Boredom that I think we don't agree if you go just Sanders. You know I think there's a Big Three there's Kareem. Will. Russell. And in the fourth. In history and I didn't -- will play I didn't see Bill Russell play. If you -- to be that the -- Rushmore of senators I've seen play. -- a different -- -- -- played -- I saw the end of Corey okay scream god was done what 86 or 87 yeah I saw the end of Korean K. So. If if it's the -- Rushmore alt auto centers it's those three and then you can debate who the -- -- some would -- Shaquille O'Neal. Personally I would throw a team Olajuwon on that as you sit at smiled personnel opinion. But can you -- you you if you talk about the great players in the NBA in history don't you have to put one of those centers on this mount Rushmore yeah. -- -- -- -- Notes -- the -- -- we get the tough one we had a debate for our all it is it's -- it's a tough one because they're really crowd at tops but I wouldn't put Oscar my top seven. Is it too early to put goddess on my in my in my too early -- a little early a little bit too early -- Walters to OK too early. But the run LeBron isn't that you serie Colby QB -- that too. Do we clarified as a non senator mount Rushmore. -- -- it's not set around mount Rushmore. -- -- -- throw Mike magic Larry. And LeBron on that list multiple brother now. I don't feel bad saying that I don't -- thing I'm going out of I'll be a -- line saying. LeBron James is money for best non centers ever to play the game he's winning NBA titles and he's got to we get to finals MVPs multiple regular season MVPs. Took a Cleveland team that wasn't very good in the finals -- Right. Mean he's got to -- straight NBA titles two finals MVPs for MVPs in the regular season seven all NBA first team. Odd times five times in the all defensive teams and away his tenth all star game. Mean we think he's -- when scoring titles like Mike -- but he did a lot he does a lot more than Mike did. He does everything out of court -- -- 21 and and plus defense are both those guys Michael. And LeBron to defend -- and no amount Malick who LeBron you know doing if you played -- position on the court defend any decision but he was great -- doing every regarding any position do. 4147 -- 91254147991250. Who's the other guy or who is your mount Rushmore in the NBA the history of the NBA it's a little early. You can emails live Sports Radio -- -- -- dot -- -- -- be about FaceBook and Twitter as well at all or social media info. Over at Sports Radio twelfth at the dot palace -- read some of these -- it on your phone calls LeBron says will be on the mount Rushmore of the NBA. When all is said and done now drug controversy because -- came -- -- you know it's all about me or is he -- controversy because. He feels he's one of the top four. Greatest of all time I don't think there should be any controversy regardless personally I mean he was asked a question he answered it -- he's right. Was to say now probably it's you know a lot out of me that he's king he's huge gains the most arrogant athlete in the history of sport. And you know what he's got the right to be right now as best learning NBA. And he has been for a -- mean -- the torch was passed. Probably years ago. Take your calls next economic served up by Perkins restaurant make resigned Sports Radio -- to -- WS is -- These -- fight for your have you signed up yet for this deal went industries did bullet for kids start and it up to 4500 dollars in scholarships available the first of four qualifying events comes up on February 16 at -- at river city lanes in Waterford for more details go to Sports Radio 1250 dot -- Sports Radio twelve to VW SSB it's -- and wicked good morning to you at 617 were served up by Perkins restaurant and make -- weather forecast for today -- how about this. -- high 22. With snow of course you can't just haven't my old -- today. To one -- huge yacht Jets get better. Walker on yesterday would outside. Was driving out to go on Google aaron's got out of my car -- a new -- and I walked up to this business office and Eddie eagle pick something up bad and fourteen degrees out like me you know what. I guess at Lambeau Field for three hours in this spend a lot of bad bouts of bad you know but by the time we get to like October and you -- cold day like I'm go to that packer game it's going to be a high of when he won it. In right now man what is when he went in October that we're in trouble -- just -- -- picnic there and feel like golf man it's going to be that cold got. Of the fourteen yards it's -- this cold weather are you just get used to going outside and to be -- -- Arctic flush. What's wrong with nice enough but its -- and with just got colds fourteen degrees out all right well. Barak once -- for us live here but like people like you North Dakota and in opera Minnesota. What did you live there I don't know I have no idea has its like this would be. Like ten below was the high. Yet. If applauded -- cars that went to put yourself through that every day I was watching the Olympics the other day and he did a special on Siberia and mean they're talking about -- temperatures of fifty below -- like a lot and the sun is up for like four hours a day you know. You want to live there I don't know. I do not know this -- like -- think about it if we're all Smart. What we all want to live in like. Arizona now -- Miami Miami. You're Florida would do it appeared that that's that's why -- not pot why aren't we just little Nikolay I don't what we did ethical and why did my ancestors -- Wisconsin. But the pilot -- -- return flight from Mexico the temperature in Milwaukee six degrees out boy you people must really love living in Wisconsin. I mean think about it. What's what's the reasoning behind is choosing to live in this. I don't know -- Taking your phone calls a 4147991250. LeBron James says will be on the mount Rushmore of the NBA when all -- said and done. And he put the first three out there that were easy Michael Larry magic took a second and then came up with Oscar as his fourth. What about you 4147991250. What is your NBA mount rush more because this will be hotly debated. Throughout all of sports stock today we doubled him we might as well get to it 4147 -- 91250. It at the view we say -- you ask LeBron and we bump off. Have brought city's -- the bump somebody -- would have beat he said somebody's got to get bumped but that's not for me to decide -- -- for the -- that's pretty architects but don't you consider LeBron who would you to bump off it was you. He said somebody's gotta get up that's not permitted to sell him after the architects. -- it's an easy way out. I would. You could bump Oscar -- he never. Known. Know -- now I don't know I'm not sure what to do against my eight mile Rushmore B Michael O'Leary magic and LeBron. But I don't know if you can possibly. Make this list without a center. How can you keep -- off or Jabar off -- or Jabar Kareem or Jabbar or Abdul. How -- you keep will off or Russell how can you keep. Jack off that list how can you have your your -- I mean this center is such -- or all wise not so much anymore. -- was such an integral part of the game up until the late 1990s or two -- how can you possibly have. Oldest. Of the four greatest without a guy seven feet I look -- of the four. Got the four impact players who the four guys -- -- on your basketball team. If you restarted NBA best what do you before greatest players that you'd have and your team. And I think Kareem Abdul Jabbar is going to be on that list of the top 441479. On twelve that you'll take yours on FaceBook as well FaceBook dot com slash twelve to BW SS deals gonna -- David Brookfield David Europe earlier this cavorting on Sports Radio -- -- -- -- -- I think there's there's arguments being made at the front -- to be the best players generations with Cokie and now -- spirit and out so I. I had an art I'm thinking that he -- or beyond our sport but. -- or -- magic I think you can't have a roster that I -- triple double me precede it. -- and I would also -- well. At a Korean -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- for. -- -- -- -- -- But for auto -- or -- -- -- Michael Jordan. Larry Bird Oscar Robertson -- -- And meet a -- at the thing is I can't tell him he's wrong. That's a city yet there's been there's no wrong answer here unless you unless you include the word yacht -- article blows still wrong -- yeah Carmelo Anthony knows Lucas -- and that's -- quote makes David. Mean that's that's not a bad list. Michael. Larry Bird the -- go and well. I mean how can make an -- -- don't a strong. But it was a maligned for you 41479912. That people on 47991250. Email live at Sports Radio 1250 -- Some people by put -- on that list and I don't think -- because of his poor free throw shooting. But they're there might be some say well -- Shaq is there and senator of -- -- -- -- this physically. Strong as he has but you know Shaq -- dominated. But Shaq couldn't hit a jumper to save his life but he missile -- he didn't he need to -- see that's the thing to it's you know you talk about Shaquille O'Neal and that's why I have. -- -- -- I know and love -- island freaking. Figurines of the scheme Elijah one you know whoever those were those those statue that their arms like -- mirror bendable plastic yeah state or those things called out of what I I have one of -- one of my desk you know think's what brought about favorite NBA player. Not named Jordan growing up. I I just I think the world. -- -- allies won because he was so skilled. For a big -- I mean he had the best outside touch I've ever seen at a big man I know that Korean had the sky hook but the dream shake was was almost as deadly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know there's going to be people names coming -- I understand that. But you know to me. When you had and and this is this what are the things -- who they play against who realize -- one play against. Who would you we measure who you play against he played against pat Ewing Dave Robinson Shaquille O'Neal -- There's four of the arguably ten best centers in the history the NBA. All playing the same time there's other freely Dikembe Mutombo was in -- -- I mean at Denver got it the other there's there's five of the best centers ever. And it did Dikembe is on the outside looking in which Ellerbe my point. We talked about who they -- of who they went up against yeah I mean -- Tim is on the best defensive centers. Of the nineties absolutely go to the best defense of -- -- -- but I mean it's safe to say the nineties for sure sure now absolutely so mean to it to put. -- on this list you -- be darn sure that that guy was the impact player that. Michael or magic or leery or the big go or LeBron the other -- -- that he faced have been in the -- conference so. Alonzo Mourning -- totally forgot about Alonzo Mourning another one and I mean that was the great era of senators in my opinion. I mean I know that will and Russell had their time we talk about. Great Sanders than the -- the high point for setters the fives in the NBA it had to be. The late eighties into the ninety's yeah it had to be was Shaquille O'Neal and David Robinson -- And out Patrick Ewing Dikembe Mutombo a forgot about Alonzo Mourning and Hakeem Olajuwon you know seventies in the the -- he had a on Sam -- Brad Daugherty was in that list due for a little while Brad Norton -- -- -- But. I would say -- -- -- the the eighties you had. -- -- Bob Lanier. Artis Gilmore him. You know Jabar was in there. You don't through the mid eighties. But here it's a pretty good so senators in the super Dave Collins at the seventies that it would announce a real good one he was like 69 but I mean he could ball. And then you get into guys like. You know bill lamb -- and Robert -- now you know and -- in that area as well you know the -- sure absolutely. So it's it's hard to do this list. It's very difficult to you this list. -- you don't include senators Dan -- it's even harder when you do include centers. You can use the John Paul's Buick GMC twelve to be sound off one of 44020 went 62 policy here on FaceBook. Antonio rights magic bird Jordan and wilt. James writes Jordan magic Larry. Doctor. Senior Jordan Russell Byrd Chamberlain Bryant from -- as he put five faces on the mount Rushmore if that's not -- for nearly a four -- has come -- now. It at that at the let's see here mark -- mark does it the way you and I have been doing Jack. The players I've seen like I can't include Diego because I've never seen the big -- I can include will the -- I'm I'm mount rush port and never saw wilt Amano Rushmore. He says the players I've seen Jordan Byrd Jabbar magic. Yeah -- that this must wait that's -- little -- to really do it I can say well but I don't. I'd just from what I read maybe the highlights of of will plane but. You know -- that the guys and I go back probably. 1974. That's -- -- -- -- watch Indians got two of which you know what was implied as silly for soybean and so Jabar. Whereas he was -- -- back then -- all the way through it could do but it acute Oscar Robertson now I can't now. I just can't I don't know I don't really know what. And note what the big -- you know the way I've read -- I'm thirty I'll turn 33 a couple of months. I didn't sound up for Portland 62 he continues tweak like -- action Freeman at twelve VW -- And a FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash twelve the BW SSP. Jon LeCroy was -- the hot -- weekly program last night with Steve Sparky -- It -- our property which but it was our property and he noticed that you noticed. -- like I have. That -- -- show sold Tyler -- Guys in the afternoon are talking to our guys they stole Stephanie Sutton for the -- -- the biggest one Odom and a valuable. -- is not not so -- to us what's going on Mike Daniels was on when you -- during Super Bowl week only borrowing but hopefully just only -- you -- this -- guys is dipping into the chuck it wicket bag of -- yeah we only have the best on this show west -- -- we we we -- -- him root him on our show would know the guy with him for the big you know now. Rob the Majewski. And get mine fifteen years ago when nobody -- a guy and now look at him now is a ball that now robbed a -- easy ball. But Luke was on yesterday if you miss the -- -- the interview good stuff getting ready as pitchers and catchers. RD down RR he's already down there. Officially after report what Saturday is that right it would take batting practice -- guys there's twenty guys -- chilling hanging out. Troll and -- of sprints in some cash. -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- you. Like Saturday catcher pitcher catcher is reporting and you would just see pitchers and catchers it and some -- position players it's -- almost a given. Would -- to -- report everybody else so I like the more time together although although via the reported earlier and earlier it seems. I think next year they get there after Christmas doesn't -- a first for spring training game coming up. Liked the end of the month it's amazing. Great means warm weather allegedly is around the corner but it but it means the first spring training games used to be like eat them march. Sports Radio twelfth at VW SS feeds just in -- it had to get two or three trends in the world of sports we got Jonathan -- coming your way in eight minutes. -- I predicted they would lose last -- -- the -- Marquette went out and got their first back to back win it. The eagle on the road and they beat Seton Hall. -- Wilson was a piece last night -- -- and you stratified balls -- just try to -- -- combination of -- -- he went with the younger guys is couple weeks ago. -- veterans last night and Wilson. Looked like he was going to be well thought their last -- -- this -- 400 and if fourteen the first sixteen points -- point five he was obviously very very good. You know. -- is usually we -- we wrote her red rope and we really hope it's. -- Marquette off. 34 weeks ago when they're fourteen and -- chuck wells they'll -- fourteen attempt. You go nineteen to ten overall which is going to be -- -- -- climb dad is but the strength of schedule this conference. He's just gonna hurt them -- that it unlike the old big east where you could finish 500 and make the big dance. Not this conference 45 for Jameel in the win last night sixteen for Dovonte -- Marquette win 7766. Now fourteen and 106 and five in big east play. They go on the road win at Seton Hall -- go for three or -- shot. Good Xavier team -- -- -- in the great accompaniment who so he's got some that's dove back to back parallel -- right it is who have lost to both places this year. But you need to -- you need to win those two games what a fourteen to ten. I'm mark hits theaters -- episcopal leaders never give -- that one point a few years -- they're fourteen and nine and still -- it make it of against the that was fueled big east. If they beat Xavier and -- And they get to his sixteen and -- with that -- and I mean that would have against Creighton would look real good on -- -- You know they would get a couple more to get to -- before their remaining five -- I don't think it's completely out of the question right now -- that at the big strong run in the big east tournament. There at the wind all of these two games coming up. In this that is a really really strongly -- -- it even depth. There's -- him last week that might not be good enough may is so close losses immediately OOT loss of Butler the OT -- nobody went out of it -- order and they are an eagle on five against teams in the top fifty RPI doesn't help -- as a bank. That -- That does not help your -- Like without -- Marcus Smart began yesterday -- for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. As they went to Texas. And got pounded 8768. The final score they were down nineteen -- 121 at half yesterday yeah. Light without the best in the country he lost his team -- -- right here he really is. So he's got two more games to sit out but you know that's that's not good that's not good for you -- he'd he. I was very selfish of him for a -- you can look at Oklahoma State is that the two C -- good ST -- -- to see out and now it's like all right. Eight there's no guarantee Oklahoma State makes it that the -- -- -- sixteen and 84 and seven of the big twelve yeah. Yeah you know they it was legal -- release. Bad slump here well they lose two -- to -- -- -- sixteen and -- and four in ninety towels he had -- -- -- to -- out without Smart thing that I agree it's not a great great don't even you you could argue now obsolete. And -- Your thoughts on Greg -- -- he was. Released yesterday by the Green Bay Packers well mr. general we barely -- that we've early to tell me everything you know what Greg red wrote he was always heard -- I would -- play. He was always hurt. It was always like great -- Rhoden is questionable this week to play. Wouldn't he be anyway he's on the injury list a semi under a great veterans got a hamstring is questionable this -- it -- be -- -- questionable. What this does the system is there address Moffitt a wide and they just clearing out his -- you -- now. You know really dog Marshall Newhouse will be gone to me -- the -- of future with the Greg dam road. That's the best so sad isn't it and you had a lot of expectations -- Greg -- -- and we did we all -- we. It's like it's necessary to -- the -- wrote -- come to an end it like knowing who we was ugly that that be one of the things. -- talk -- baseball or be up Sparky had to Jonathan -- -- -- yesterday on hot so weekly will get to that. Another piece of social mediate shot another. Wave of social wave of social media is going to be allowed by the NCAA John Calipari is going to be licking his chops. But -- what that is. Coming up at 7 o'clock and just as the best athletes in the world are on stage. Setter stage of the winter games when you shop -- Roberts special to meet in Waukesha a year shirt of gold medal food -- your dinner table. -- deal right now shut QB very interest in this right now four bucks off the price per pound of T -- and Porter houses. And if they're gonna throw it a free snack stick in a -- baked potato all -- -- that is a deal going on right now four bucks off her policy of -- 699 a pound or 999 a pound. T -- and -- houses. Gathered at sort of snacks stick a free baked potato all look reporter goes to wet -- deal going on right now and honor of the Olympic Games I like to think of it as the -- of the -- struggles because as we know Paul Roberts. At Roberts special to beat the biggest bucks fans in all of walker -- -- but go their today you'll see the deal right when you -- did get a free -- -- -- -- potato. When you buy -- -- or pour house there for bucks off for pound each not bad if you're looking for sausages guess what. They've got a -- Oriole Brad Roberts special to me it's over thirty varieties of sausages. And brought -- Roberts especially -- Lithuanian Hungarian polish no we're not talking about the hockey tournament going on today and so she. We're talking about the sausages and -- and Roberts special to -- valentines weekend. His fast approaching this year surprise that special person in your life. Cook a meal guys later on we had chuck -- doctor love tips coming up in honor Valentine's Day. I -- for -- right now. Cook for her cook her meal does need to be anything super extravaganza. Cooker meal grabber -- -- New York strip bacon wrapped filet. Shrimp and crab available to one year I got my -- -- jerky art. The -- made out of beef jerky she loved it. Column today 8262549. Meet -- 262549. ME eighteen reserve your order. And we stop and grab some of their original jerky or there'd -- six they've got -- mean all kinds of -- were to choose from smoke right -- house. On line at Roberts special to meet -- dot com I was there yesterday Roberts special to beat Waukesha dot com stop on up -- print those -- saving coupons and telling you. There's a -- -- other for a freaked out of ribs on a stick. Go to Roberts special to -- Waukesha dot com. For the best to meet you know where to shop shop Roberts special -- in Waukesha they're your hometown butcher Jonathan LeCroy coming up next on Sports Radio twelve that EWS has date. You assess things. Yeah. Sports Radio twelve -- PW SS feeds -- a wicked good morning at 648. -- -- opening day last year. Of course LeCroy would. The game winning sac fly after the axe man Thomas and blow us in the game. And we all thought that that was suits and the Brewers under way that there and soul of that lost us quite a few irrelevant he came back and won like seven room -- -- was the -- -- that's right it was the nine game win streak the nine game losing Australia the other ten -- nine million of the month. Weather forecast by the way speaking of baseball whether high twenty to snow showers today maybe an inch. -- outs for. It's four degrees in Milwaukee but last night on hot stove weekly. Sparky know Tim Tim's in Vegas by the way. Sparky was on the air. And now they -- at the -- -- actually our buddy numbers catcher joined. The little ball of hate the tank commander and the sort of about a sorted out talking about what it was like you get down there. Short off season and get ready for -- -- -- four campaign. Well you know I we just started yesterday. So well you know I'm pretty excited to be here and pretty try to get things started -- in about. You know -- and about a month you know Richard -- I don't feel like our tails to the -- you know yeah absolutely. It's always exciting week for -- Needs -- about this pitching staff and where this is now vs where it was when you're done. -- with the season at the end of last year and now you add a Matt Garza what was your reaction to that Garza's signing when it happened in what does he bring to this rotation. Well in all pretty excited you know -- all -- Know you for -- them and you know in our division and in because. You know for three years nominees it's -- good and he competes men and they have with the public every need are patient -- -- -- contrary Derrek Lee can help. And definitely get some momentum or so -- also that you got an inning eater. Talking with John and so -- had just -- -- yeah. Yeah update up and an eatery a lot of things and you know basically -- there's an open book is get them. I -- Jonathan Luke drivers catcher -- -- -- -- hot stove weekly. Jonathan how much do you follow sort of the what the Brewers are up purity is sort of weight from the memo from the team itself telling you hey we added so and so to the roster how closely are you following that as the -- season goes on. Well occupied a -- Monica I'm always excited you are doing and -- -- Canada. You know bombed out early on you know we were doing too much in the -- you know they got Garza got Mark Reynolds in the -- -- -- -- brought Lyle Overbay into camp and it. All of sudden you know -- they -- -- years Garzon negated bring Frankie back era. You know after those moves -- -- like man I'm excited Emery Emery -- so. Definitely. You know -- what -- pumped up for the season prospects from -- so overall and really pumped up for. Retired about this earlier in the show before you came on via comments made by the owner this Brewers baseball club. And and the county article on mark says quote one of the things are a lot this off season was the Cardinals are still good the reds are so good in the Pirates are so good. -- look at that at that as a challenge that we can be real good -- we -- gonna shrug our shoulders and say well gee we can't compete with these guys we're gonna figure out how to go out and compete with these guys. Now as a player that's gotta make you excited because not every organization. Is willing may be to put their money where their mouth is like this team has done over the last few years. Yeah I mean you know -- -- our ownership of the history of making moves and to improve the club -- big moves late saw last year. Tell ocean and then you know it is all you know openers ago Oregon offense is -- is the playoffs and you know -- Zack Greinke -- and you for that they're viewed that it -- the big. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm pretty excited man I really am league where -- did not certain enemy territory resorted fifteen guys here go -- career -- -- so. But definitely can see the -- intensity built on me overall property -- You look at that bullpen with Jim Henderson now the closer job and John -- having move -- Arm and nobody will say okay well these kids learn -- -- would bring in back K rod. I wish I would assume at some stability. In that bullpen having another option as a closer or is an eighth inning Seneca. Absolutely I -- they got sister of a competitor. And the chronicle about it is -- -- a great teammate. Great a great -- off -- -- experience and veteran experienced similar to the bullpen. A home you know including you know you know open up when god put me out a catcher enough -- -- -- got -- and you know in general leadership -- -- -- you know he is very good with that so he could step into the job done. Whatever column on ya know -- know for sure he's he's -- some big situations big games in his career. And the World Series champion -- -- the rain you know it takes so I've got like that you know on your squad that -- -- Jonathan you -- now how -- guy like that can help you out as a catcher. -- he's brought back around for his third go around with the Brewers. How quickly do you guys fall back into sort of that that comfort zone where you know what to expect from him he knows what to expect from you. Is an immediate because he's already been here a couple times -- you think it'll take some some getting used to all over again. No no -- really pretty immediate up Cottam. You know for two years and two and a half years and so he a pretty used to not know I don't like to do so. You know I guess. Are all are or at -- and come back. I would Jon LeCroy Brewers catcher here on her -- hot stove weekly the -- mid West -- -- -- on Sports Radio 1250. WS says. Obviously you like your team it is there another team in this division that you are getting -- and that that's probably the team now we're gonna have to deal with here before it's -- -- done. Well -- look at everybody and you know you got to get people at the Cardinals to. You know the pitch and stuff was unreal it's -- I mean that's. The pars -- -- -- good last year. And near the resident and ever gonna go way they would give us all ought and the Cubs many Cubs stink up on actually got paid attention -- and let out. They're not gonna -- -- body of them sign that you're being generous odds on line you're being very generous but OK go now less than content -- It then -- -- a funny game as well albeit bigger stronger faster meant that book also. There's unity -- -- the other pitcher on the mound have a big have a good game and -- -- the best on -- down. Bomb inaudible but a lot of in the world do you ever come up with but the pictures of your game shut down a lot of -- and you know that can happen any given day so. America take anybody lightly gonna get out there -- you will be -- a couple of -- so. Are definitely. Ready get -- tournament. -- -- Nicole -- questions popped in my head midsummer last cancer summit trying -- -- that's a scary when this happens out there Garrett off the script a little bit here -- gonna go and a little bit different world of just talking about the Brewers but I'd just as a baseball player. When you -- about what's not being about being bigger stronger faster and so forth. And I start thinking about that and I give that. But usually are taught in my how many games you guys play with -- limited amount of off days achieved yet. I would have to I assume are a lot of this game is surely physical but also mental to try to get yourself back up and ready to go the next day. -- that is -- -- this game is a very physical game and you have to definitely take. Carry yourself in the off season -- even during the season. You know not think like not burn the candle both -- you know -- stuff like stay in shape many guys -- you do it. -- this game aware you're now playing a 160 games a year. And and there's a reason that everybody can play all those and I mean much to make up so much -- respect for a guy like our -- junior. I'll zero -- are go and all -- it sandy now you know it is. And where it is not a catcher there's no way -- always a -- disappear. You know our breakdowns so much are probably be -- was in the season I played good all those games -- on the plate. And that's -- -- a grind you gotta you gotta you gotta gotta battle Obama. Yells Syria has talked about what's the off season starts say they take some time where -- not working out they're not thinking about baseball than they get back to it. What's your offseason routine like -- at what point do you start thinking baseball again get back into that workout regiment -- getting ramped up for spring training. I pick them -- take a month off after the season did nothing I just do nothing. A home. And up for -- -- Stanley. It's been Palmer come out there -- around the house or whatever Estrada. Not think about it because it's it's. Ronald you know -- -- -- the programs some middle ground to and a them. You know I haven't played baseball ridiculous like a -- go crazy because there's a lot of a lot of stress related it was a -- meant. And so it's one of those things where you got a definite who has separated -- and that's one of the things I do had to take a month -- a disease and then. Focus on our Stanley I go on nine efficient. Do things like that so it works out. Diverse schedule Johnson -- right here on Sports Radio 1250 a BS's Tiago back into the season it's a grind like you just said he had -- all time you drive yourself crazy. On the mental aspect the physical aspect. And when we talk commanders in the past I remember talking and Ned yells at spring training Tim Allen one year. And that's -- -- -- worth two or three games act and I slightly and said now we don't believe you will -- -- totally against you on that I think Amanda is more important and that's how how crucial -- a manager when you're going through these stretches in June and July and you're really just trying to get through without -- keep yourself ballpoint. You're hurting more than you want to be hurting the mental grind and everything else. Good as confident at -- in the majority big league managers they played. And noticed like -- to grind out a full season and in our -- our manager -- played. Mike Mussina the Cardinals he played him in those guys all around you know the you know the big leagues I play and they don't know also. You know they've been awfully awkwardly to the players in the you know the fact that you know they know it takes you know what it -- -- -- goes through -- no. You know in the middle -- in the dog days of August -- And it's a 110 degrees outside you know as an artist so you know it's a battle elements. It's a grind and you know not everybody can do about the strong -- From a player perspective. I'm always -- asked this question on a -- never really have of of a player per saying. But when you have a manager that. Is going to support you and defend you no matter -- never gonna call you off for doing something wrong even though maybe. The fans all saw the media all saw whatever else and he he's gonna defend you no matter what. Vs a manager who if you screw up he may say yeah you know he should've caught that ball -- that match he should've made that play. Between those two -- it is there a preference would you rather have a guy that's -- -- you no matter what are would you rather have a guy that. Is this going to be honest about certain things when players mess up. I like coming off the guy and well I appreciate that's where I -- lot of people. -- when I think in. -- you don't -- try to be disrespectful about a bit. I try to be honest about it and not slide -- like surgeon general because those guys you know they had -- outside view. On the -- that's what you need to do to get better and without -- up our perspective we're never gonna get better -- part that I can't I can't watch ourselves playing probably you know from the side like -- like a lot of muscle on video after it. -- can -- Russel lives so it's. You know that this is I don't spartans must -- for -- The other the other part of of being a manager that I I find an arresting. But in baseball and -- but the Tony La Russa is over the Jim -- lends or some of those those crotchety old veteran guys I guess I'd call -- On is you know -- -- maybe aren't going right. That manager may have an explosion in offense and everybody's -- about the manager nobody's really talking about the players any of the more. They may be takes a little pressure off of those players do players tend to appreciate and that's have a -- happens. But -- -- say no I've never had. I've never in the big -- and never seen that happen in the -- mightily I haven't followed the big leagues. As early happened I mean I've never been in this situation in the big leagues yet that we had to do that. You know I've been on losing streaks I've been in the news agency and I don't woman -- to the point where -- comes at a table and it been like. I guess like I can see your point but never to like that I've heard that you know that the -- manager goes and there. What's table does something violent and churches and at -- departure some that's a together of what kind of fired up and everybody you know I think in the right way. Not -- -- about what he does with you guys want to do it -- -- about is. A La Russa goes off on the grass about one question or the other I'm sick answers questions it goes up properly and right where he -- -- the media. And now the media is just blast in the manager that's another time are the quotes. And now I'm -- -- -- the -- the field when you guys are struggling to see kind divert the attention and takes the pressure off you. Yeah I mean I think that I could that would do that on purpose. All I'm never I've never actually heard of that purpose I don't know if you do it on purpose but I'd never seen it. A dinner at the apartment that happen. There's Brewers catcher Jonathan LeCroy on with the guys on hot -- weekly last night. Of course Tim not -- teams in Vegas Sparky Ronnie holding -- doubt it. Coming up the Browns tried to -- one out of Madison we'll get to that and he -- it -- very very hard hitting story. Or -- -- question I should say. About what you like to snack on. Because it's that time a year in their seemingly everywhere. We'll get to that next on Sports Radio 1215.