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02/12/14 Chuck and Wickett 7am Hour

Feb 12, 2014|

Reaction to the news of Gary Andersen talking to the Browns about their head coaching vacancy. Packer Spotlight Ron Zook

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Andre greens this is the only state you know what he sports fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. Sports Radio twelfth at BW SSP its -- -- for served up by Perkins restaurant and -- good morning. Lot of -- already -- our FaceBook page including the debate about the mount Rushmore of the NBA LeBron says he'll be on the mount Rushmore. -- he is done playing in the league. -- -- were asking right now who is currently on that mount Rushmore. Are a lot of different answers you give it to us on FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash twelve the BW SS people revisit that coming up. In the 8 o'clock hour coming up at 745. Our Packers spotlight when the new coaches on Mike McCarthy's staff you'll hear from the -- -- look. Get excited shot. For the rod does -- special teams era. Yeah he's assistant special teams coach and right the guy who the fall guy and special teams was not the head special teams coach -- -- on -- apparently was the fault of the assistants that's right he was the bad apple and that's -- the era Greg van and wrote -- and great general admission that extra -- Rhoden is out of your wealth but you so now runs look -- Coach Reynolds Florida head coach the Florida Gators with a premier college football program yet to Illinois idea. The assistant special teams coach with -- -- attackers know he was a very good head coach so I guess that maybe maybe some guys as we say jock. Are born to be head coaches and some guys we say are born to be offensive or defensive coordinators and nothing higher than that. Maybe Iran's that was just meant to be an NFL special teams assistant if you look at his record at Florida what all that data. Was bad but who we take over I took over Spurrier when you take over -- Steve Spurrier you better wind. And you better win there and how much -- his record is a much better than. Depth of runs like much but you -- we took over for -- must champ is in trouble. Yeah he's got one more year the eighty game the been evident that the vote -- confidence. Man can you just can't put points on the board they can't score and lost into a Georgia State this year yet can't score when you lose to Georgia -- that's terrible that's that's what you know you're in trouble now. Now Florida's got a restore well I hope they'd ever do what they got a right or their greatness out I mean -- -- It is -- -- take over for -- like -- now I mean we take over Urban -- my goodness. -- -- -- -- It's almost like we did over Jim Tressel but you know Tressel was -- hated not that I don't think Urban Meyer stated reason or a bud you know he took over for. Luke fickle but let's be honest took over -- Jim Tressel who won a title and that transition seems somewhat a little one year -- would fickle is in there. In everything seemed to work out okay for for Ohio State hardly seem to be going that well for Florida heartsick over legend it really is. You -- really don't really is why I worry for Joseph block. Yeah because of Joseph block is the heir apparent. To Bob you -- He's gonna be hated to watch a solid play by play guy some -- I've heard every individual people have for Joseph block. -- a solid job the guards but there's hatred but I think you'll always be compared to it. You know when you talk radio you don't you're -- I think that's what it is well if I don't hear younger than nobody hear the score yeah that's sick but I don't think I'm gonna get caught up at what the score of the game is what they've had some guys -- people liked. I think people like Powell. The -- people like Pat Hughes to liberal Harmon I think people -- protests and the people like robust and yes I was like Cory -- you know it's it's always good when the twins come to town Purdue in the other pregame and it chance to check in with Corey see how he's doing Posey two years to to -- I think 20 -- only two seasons too -- years and this is Bloc's third season correct them and I think you're right about that. The score -- here two years the -- ones. Good and doesn't like -- does a good job do it. Analyst Eddie twins' baseball but he does a nice job I think all the guys they've had its future it's just better -- broadcasting public appeal whether you like -- not to. He still competent. All guys yet he still competent but it's -- don't either you or are competent young one of these days ready to compliment a short oval figure it out somewhere. What is -- I don't know Howard do it but not sometimes somewhere Wilford out I can -- put her boss he's not here right score for the next week and so great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- MLS we we have the most -- boss we can arrests curiously we did was last time we are called him for anything bad. But while we do a lot of -- we wish her awful lot absolutely just listen to the -- yeah. Sometimes recovery effort our listens or not -- over our FaceBook page -- has put up jet JJ watt got mad skills on the football field right now you know that right. -- got -- hockey skills. I didn't know that JJ watt is a video of JJ watt on skates with the stick in hand and got -- skills. Got some skills check -- video that are based on page right now he was -- Saturday night for the Rockets game -- the bucks for the Rockets who was in the stands. Who was he rooting for an over the Houston rocket players -- up to me after the game assures him. That's that's Matt respect -- there's another guy and who -- would have thought. JJ watt would turn into that player I did not think he was going to be. JJ swat went a great pitcher or generate defensive lineman in the -- ball or bad baseball almost went -- talk football football. What motor -- -- right now. He's one of the great ones. In the game right now million teenagers some and I never thought it would be that great factory but really good player but -- a -- -- between your day. Well Gooden kriegel and assuredly simply by the -- effort by -- to place for him they get depth. Really find a way to use him in four different spots and isn't that simple -- -- Coming up next Gary Anderson. Was on nearly poached well was he nearly post it was an attempted -- In Cleveland for the badger head football coach will explain to being here this story. And what is that make you think or or feel. About the longevity. Of the badger head coach and his time in -- -- to discuss that coming up. You're on Sports Radio twelfth at BW SSB. All -- There everywhere. They are everywhere and I get a feeling -- -- have multiple answers to this question. And -- oppose about one of America's favorite snacks. They're everywhere -- their everywhere and hard to resist they -- very very hard to resist as you see America you just can't you know I gotta take on an annual audit. Today and -- people -- talking about now we'll get to that coming up here on Sports Radio twelve TP WS SB which of our friends over -- Mike it was tri city and if you're looking for -- -- -- see my guys. Over on south 27 just -- the college avenue just west to the airport. Fifteen minutes -- Milwaukee Waukesha and receded and -- tell -- for over a year about how much fun it is to buy a car from tries to behind you don't believe me. -- guy get paid to say this and -- it will McGovern last two cars from Mike you know as tri city and make my new Hyundai Tucson. Which is pass the 3000 mile mark actually is sitting out -- and a parking lot right now. Guess what you're gonna take my word for OC Paul Roberts Roberts especially -- guess what his guess -- -- -- came from. Tri city -- -- that's right. Hanson is exciting new news from a tri city Sunday right now. They know this winter has been brutal. So that when -- sun shining a light by taking a pass a lot of buying -- -- tries the -- is having their very first ever. Mike wicket polar vortex sales event there to sell all new cars. Below invoice the twelfth -- you listeners I gonna do. Tell Michael tell -- quick and such moment huge savings and everything about buying and a used car -- like -- sent -- They're gonna knock 500 bucks up the price of any sale tag that's right all you gotta do is mention that I said yeah. It's that easy these savings early for twelve of the listeners you -- mention me -- -- a little warmth of your life. Give yourself a new or used car from tri city on -- -- try to be on. Mike -- -- tri -- Hyundai there and expect to business they want to -- it. And you'll save money if you mentioned me. Yeah it. Good morning -- -- twelve to -- SS feeds just and we -- served up by Perkins restaurant -- -- -- they're putting it all on the table happy to have Ian thanks for spending your morning with us halfway into the weekend. Valentine's Day come about -- -- the weather forecast for today expect a high of 22 -- -- to a snow. Five right now in Milwaukee don't forget to take Sports Radio 1250 wherever you go download the new 1250 asked. Listen to this when you're on the go at work -- -- -- you're walking the dog or ever. IPhone users get -- -- -- -- storage right users find The Who plays or just say that new 1250 -- Either a 1000 bucks at 8 o'clock this morning is listening for that code words. Yesterday just -- what you thoughts wind and the news broke from Fabrice off from Ian Rapoport from. -- the first place I saw yesterday. From nfl.com NFL network -- that Ian on before he cut our interview short. That's all past and we had a month because there was a breaking story gather some with the Bears wasn't there or doesn't there's something going on with. When we didn't Cutler get him though -- got the extension that's what I've traced him telling got nixed that. But -- contract extension for Jay Cutler seven more years. You have extension so it's good -- good luck -- that cut off our interview with him good luck with that. But he -- out yesterday. But 11 o'clock or so and then the story broke and he -- being says the Browns tried it all during their coaching search. Are they hired some guy named Mike and -- and then of course they fired the CEO. Of fire the GM brought a new guys that owner has just got. -- zero stability within a Browns org is organization. At -- ever has been but there's zero assist us stability a inept organization right now. Any -- this out -- -- rap sheet. Browns tried it all during coaching search source says they secretly interviewed Wisconsin coach Gary Anderson. Yeah -- you know -- my only. Recent Mike you'd think that -- be up for that job as he's known as a program rebuild there. We did that you -- state -- just built that -- up and maybe Cleveland. Looked at baton Dave -- want to cover all -- bases and -- -- touch base with them. But. I don't know I was still surprised at myself yeah I was taken aback by Adam I know they oil oil illinois' dangerous guy here -- -- -- -- -- -- he just got here. What's he -- what what really is Gary Anderson dot and we like Jerry right there I mean you're or broke -- -- very over his interview for the Philadelphia Eagles job in 1994 but that was at least coming off a Rose Bowl. And he had rebuilt the -- -- -- yeah he's was coming off a Rose Bowl championship and a top five finish. Gary Henderson with Gary Anderson done this year went what -- they beat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it yeah I mean they have a signature -- really no I don't believe they deal and really just -- losing to Penn State at home a 25 point favorite. And then now you know lost the ball I thought that I really thought it was it interesting im thinking of myself. Before we got the word out of Madison and think and -- he didn't goal. Searching for that interview right they they called him -- yeah -- wasn't -- it was a phone interview. One of those contact things -- but he told Barry about it that he was an interest that in. You know whenever there -- probably was I think he probably wasn't real serious it was normal things that Cleveland is covered all the bases -- just -- -- he was there with him. But I never got as Cleveland do that through I don't know that we don't know -- we're not sure on excellent at that that -- put out there you know the statement from. Gary Anderson quickly imported it to cover -- this this -- the quick firestorm right here this was. Boom boom boom boom. A whole lot -- We -- -- -- -- -- what happened we better tell people the good news this is from Gary Anderson. Quote. The statement from UW officials from the Cleveland Browns contacted me talk about -- head coaching vacancy after our initial conversation I decided not to pursue the position. I commute I am committed to the University of Wisconsin and -- student athletes in our program I love the city of Madison. And grateful for all the support from badgers fans around the state and around the country. Allen four to start the start of spring football at a couple weeks and turning the focus to preparing. For 24 -- yet so this news comes -- yesterday and how we -- if -- levels high school seniors who signed up with Wisconsin last week -- get back after you signed -- -- those -- -- last week at all -- here this news. Want to wait where where. And now I hear you're you're calling the bronze and ink on my facts that I -- it'll last Wednesday isn't even dry yet -- They have to come up he -- -- -- mean -- could've just said. Maybe some coaches -- went out there and said well bought -- ever happen and have a talk with the Browns but he got ahead of it and said yesterday after the because he would have said any thing. Had. Again thanks that there is reporting with Twitter and all that had Ian Rappaport not broken at story. Anderson would never -- anything. No probably not nobody Maris broke the story you don't really -- really you -- mention that nearly you don't save of the people you're working with like OH I guess what. I was I was interview with KN BR in San Francisco. Well apparently what -- -- Boris -- -- talked to them on the phone. And he told you know Alvarez at the respect -- you're overseas use those things as he races as -- -- could be but you don't. Quite amazed about how -- do you -- -- -- -- -- go to Philadelphia and say. Out you know I -- I had neglected to badger board directors and say -- I was -- -- Philadelphia -- job. Well there's about a 500000 dollars well please stay ironically. In -- I don't know -- anybody knows this but Gary Anderson got a contract extension and a 100000 dollar. Increase now com January 25. Now the badgers are saying that has zero to do with the Browns interest but. Let's you know let's put -- connected -- your little bit. Perhaps. -- -- that it's not like Gary Anderson -- monster year it is -- in four opener. Mean. He's gonna make one point nine million this year. -- an extension. Annual increases -- a 100000 dollars. I think there's something to do with the fact that he was being courted by the Browns. Yeah but. Was really a serious candidate because you're very -- -- assembly problem or a serious candidate over their anyway. We gave it a break -- lifetime to come over here with us Wisconsin. And if you left here. I mean if we did you raise -- ago he still got a hot one point eight million dollars a year you make it. That's very very true now general -- -- -- the Browns head coach makes nightmare. This is from Barry by the way king -- had his statement. I'm appreciative -- Gary handle all of this the right way he alerted me -- me even immediately that he been contacted by the Browns. And -- his commitment to the University of Wisconsin. When you tell the coaches on your roster there'll always be people who want to talk to them I think to Gary's one of the top coaches in the country. And I'm glad he's leading our team -- -- and Berry is gonna say something like debt because Berry's been there before south title and by the way Barry also just got himself a contract extension in a 4000 dollar race -- -- anybody else knew that just by releasing the state yes yes very gave himself another exodus -- the death -- -- magic format because that's just my TV -- around him. Com you know Anderson not going pursue that job -- got during it was a race much pressure is on and not talking about a hot seat -- any time but. How much pressure do you think is on from Gary Anderson going into his second season and it is not him for first year. Didn't really have a great quarterback. It -- obviously there's a big debate on who should be the starter going into spring ball and coming out of spring ball and whatnot. That that the Penn State loss still sticks in the minds of a lot of people in the bowl loss in the last two met -- -- lasting images you have horrible losses. And they open by the way. With LSU got in right that in Houston yes and a neutral site game and then -- and next year is -- but I am -- next year's Texas LSU this year ballot next year and an LSU the following your level field. -- -- -- Back of the trade for second year ago are you are all worried about. You know but Barry Alvarez when he was interviewing for the Phillies job in 1994 was like -- -- was Barry Alvarez -- good to -- saint. If Philly what it -- and has he done I'm not off now because Barry was here for a few years -- Rebuilt the badger best hope for a bit better football program -- the Rose Bowl title. Jerry isn't done until I I I look Gary I'd probably -- Gary Anderson fan I had no clue this guy was coming at a Utah State nobody knew anything. I like the way he. Dip in other parts of the country to recruit more so than what Brett did but let's be honest he's done nothing to impress anyone mean. They -- they were. We thought. The second best team in the Big Ten and maybe the best even to Big -- turns out there what fourth. Behind Michigan State. Ohio State -- Iowa. Mean needn't put it wherever you wanted you did they beat Iowa this year there is second tier you know the Big Ten that's what they were. You know for a lot of let's be honest for a lot of Barry's time here in the three Rose Bowl titles with a lot of lean years -- -- irritated Perry's nine of people forget about right -- and Brett the same thing is that three Big Ten titles but that last year they were six loss team and before that. He's trending down when he went twelve -- -- nine and in seven games you know so but. Com losing Geary Anderson but if the if you if -- had wasted if you take it I would be like. I don't know hall these auto trade asks I didn't because that would be like -- you know I've we barely -- him. He had knocked it it'd be like. Even like after rob would win. I'm McCarthy was first first couple years we didn't -- to really know McCarthy until like three or four years into the thing -- -- the citizens to take us awhile before realize and figure out. How good -- coach he has big year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that you betraying no more than people would jump right -- -- Gary Anderson bandwagon if they could pull off the upset I mean I'm sure and I'm sure they're not a favorite against LSU he's got some you know it's added it's going to be a transition year for him because you know he's lost so many players. Scott is running backs comes after it was good with the quarterback spot. He's got a tough schedule. And no coach really want to start off -- schedule like that I mean the first next three years LSU Alabama LSU. And then. Yeah I was just and that's not a way to start a season. That's tough what is the -- that's a tough way to start out that that's not how I look at the start it ever was it last year two years ago Michigan played Alabama in the opener and went down to Texas got their butts -- definitely wants of the season. The end destroyed you don't want -- start a year like that we have some high hopes. But that's the way he's gonna have to do it -- three years against one of the top -- in the country but yeah I think this is -- -- from big -- nobody that. It's a big year I still I mean. It in today's sports world for coach is we don't give enough time period. You know you know we have a guy who treat three some guys don't make it three Al -- shot in Cleveland sharp outlawed I'm not -- That Jeff should -- -- is gonna be the next rob rob -- did ski. Was the -- the of the old BC coach that was here it was a pro -- Dallas together with a lot -- you don't talking about the polish let -- name them bomb. But I'm not say that rob -- Hinske is Vince Lombardi. But. We don't know what rob -- didn't -- as colonel Mike you tied it -- guaranteed as make it three years. -- -- -- come out and go ten and six in the year first year I think as a college coach you -- -- -- longer shelf life that you do an NFL coach BS shelf life didn't. You don't get it done in three years on the college level you're done I think so played in the college game you -- get you get a window to bring in your own guys in your old system the show so at least trending up for -- in three years. If you're not showing it like it was we took over -- Had heat aren't showing it by a couple years ago -- been gone read about that would have been gone game probably right about up there have been like fourteen to ten at this point a few years go just. Continuing on a -- and I tease they got rid of Vietnam the -- -- a nice job obviously getting his team into the turn it deep and a shirt and and he -- buzz has. I think buzz has a contract Marquette as long as he wants to be at Marquette numbers are pushing him out the door by opening day again this year -- while when I'm this -- I would be -- -- -- to be like. He would be a hot coach getting another job but our feeling maybe with a losing season may be a -- -- this this coming spring so we will not have him coaching Texas by opening day you'll Burgess got a possibility yeah. Except you know it's apparent he's not about I mean -- -- -- up to their standards. They -- new athletic director down there but. I thought he was good -- gone last year -- chuck and Wigan at 732. 745 the zucker is in run Zola. Here the new -- we don't often hear from the packers' special teams assistants. What you will today at 745. And you can win -- grand coming up but it ran in your hand at 8 o'clock on Sports Radio twelfth -- EWS has me. From -- the field Sports Radio twelfth -- the updates studio I'm -- freedom. -- the field he wants -- shop for memorabilia autographs custom framing an -- at appearances first time this season that Marquette has won. Back to back games winning at Seton Hall 7766. -- -- Wilson had a great team 25 points market raise its record to 1410. Home game with Xavier on Saturday. Hitters get back on the court tomorrow home game with Minnesota -- have -- -- game tonight against the world is missing the injured Larry Sanders. Is -- tough -- to go through for -- you know just another bad break -- I guess that is our job just as teammates. To just supportive and either Foreman. You know that's really all we can can do about it's already done. Passports guard Brandon Knight our coverage of the tickets -- -- basketball post game show here. On WS SP while the NFL's come out in full sport of Michael Sam be reported that seems father. Is struggling with the fact that his son told him he was gay. Packers made a minor move cutting off backup offensive lineman Greg and wrote -- -- Shaun White -- to -- they have by -- took a fourth. -- Hamlin became the first American to ever medal in the -- when she took the silver -- Davis goes for his third straight gold which would be a record. That is later on today in the 1000 meter read one -- at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. The update brought you by legends of the field -- the field about the first public autograph signing a badgers star receiver Jarrett Everett terrorists. At -- coming up on March 1 from eleven until -- at the deal feel -- go to alleged the field dot com legends of the -- -- locations. In the Milwaukee area WS -- 24 degrees. Right now it is cloudy and nine I checked freedom Sports Radio pulpit BW SSP online at Sports Radio fall fifty -- job. Sports Radio to -- VW SS. Secondly it had to get two or three trends in the world of sports and last night just a big win for Marquette like to review any email here. This is from -- David. Who obviously -- -- -- Seton -- over Marquette yesterday. He says. -- -- please -- -- Xavier victory over and -- and Saturday so I didn't feel better about Marquette chances. To win exactly pick one wrong right I think consumer what -- Denver and I was hearing at the cycle that it lock pick -- wrong. Then whatever race and whatever your putter grip it just says go the other way can you update but you know what I I I -- Seattle. Not that but I don't have an email on that same like in doubles with a Super Bowl next year up -- they -- -- that. All the -- win big back to back victories now. For Marquette they go on the road win at in Jersey beating Seton Hall 776625. For Jameel Wilson. It for a five from deep doubt what he did what he did came about and probably his best game analysts -- As a market warrior. Probably is -- Got off to a terrific start and -- Marquette got a great start got a little tight at -- record for half there Europe by one. But go to get a win convincing win in New Jersey last night I got the feeling in this game I thought. Is as you mentioned he got tight at halftime I thought to myself point Marquette played well -- meals on fire -- And early of one and half you know I don't know what others feel real good right now -- -- -- that -- and right before half and they're kind of that a double digit lead in. But Marquette was able locally out of my mental game -- they -- won -- lost couple weeks ago but they -- that's of amid a quality team made one beep -- but it was we sort of the good win for the team -- -- -- a road win in the -- yeah is this -- -- road win is a big winner for this team is now fourteen -- by the way Dovonte had sixteen points and off the bench. Also grabbed six rebounds I'll take them Todd -- outscored his brother for the week -- eleven. Who scored more points this year Hotmail or OJ may well I don't think coaches ever played. If I mean it's got the never ending flew it. If if if if -- Marquette as Xavier coming up on Saturday at the Bradley senator. This -- suffering flu shots -- the cousins who do you like by the way -- on Saturday. Marquette or Xavier -- -- beat him earlier this year big markets and comeback to win. Big market will come back in the when -- tight -- -- -- Andrea Arnold got up who's out who's got a more we score more points this year Todd Mayo. Or -- -- although I mean for sure to be OJ giving -- oh yeah. Yeah. Yet Ty has been -- -- -- a big game when you're gonna get a seventeen off the bench in the second half. Last week -- wants it was against Butler but -- -- for the most part. OJ is outscored the C united find that total points -- Now. What if if if mute Todd Mayo -- -- going to OJ. Well ultimately it and its people -- -- missing seven games given the wrong Mayo now -- they have the money. Not college basketball around the country yesterday Michigan on the road they beat Ohio State 7060 in Columbus. Are Florida's -- won sixteen straight shot Wichita State. Now 26 and -- how about wilding knock it off ST SU I'm telling you I don't believe in San Diego State I don't need to Estonia's just there's there's been a couple of close calls for San Diego State this year and -- -- -- -- pulled the -- not last night. They lost on the road at -- them. Man a twenty game winning streak come to a man all sell the first a couple of games are as it was 81 to a few games. Com for Oklahoma State mean as they try to live without Marcus Smart. -- pounded at Texas Longhorns over the Cowboys 8768. Think -- -- Michigan bouncing back last night. Michael Sam's dad apparently is struggling with the idea that his son is -- revealed of course Louis Missouri teammates and -- going to be the first. NFL draft prospect. To openly admit that he is gay fairly is dad Michael -- senior tells the New York -- he received the news. I received the news in a text. That's to me it's not really the news you wanna deliberate attack though it's not yet in a three words dad I'm game and his dad was that a -- -- yet. Was at a Denny his -- and he had problems digesting the news and left and he said he Clint. -- -- that he went to an Applebee's they have -- few drinks I couldn't -- no more so I went to an -- this to have drinks I don't want my grand kids are raised in that kind of environment wow that's from Michael Sam is now all. And he said. He he he said something about the fact that it that you -- Former NFL player would be rolling over in his grave he found out he declared play in the NFL end deacon is deacon Jones he's Jones. You're -- saying that Seattle. He told the newspaper. That he loves his son loves it make it in the NFL but quote. As a black man we have so many hurdles to cross this is just one he has to Krakow -- this is another wrong statement it is not a black and white issue right here. You know I don't is making a lot no but I mean when he says well you know it is what he's trying to say -- -- of -- me. Well you know what -- but it's it's tough enough to my son is black. That affected his game black makes it more difficult you know in his mind -- -- -- remind -- I don't know how. Michael -- that not terribly accepting of it it's just -- wicket 744. Coming up next Packers spotlight. Rod was -- the -- is a you'll hear from him coming up next. New member of the packers' coaching staff on the other side you can would have grandeur analysts and for that code word coming up at 8 o'clock -- -- -- -- -- EWS his days. I would have a Mike wicket. Grand in your hands your next coach -- is coming up at 8 AM listen and endurance Sports Radio 1250 dot com slash cash and you can win 1000 dollars -- granted your hand. On Sports Radio twelve -- WS SC. -- personality. Ovals -- big picture experience I think he brings a different dimension to our specialties. Also -- -- also -- specialties. -- more emphasis on an area particularly the same -- we've. Unfortunately familiar with -- -- mostly it was we've you know they're very early. It was a -- wall one time goes in the specialty coaching. But it only goes forward. We can maximize. -- structured. So they brought -- this sucker runs in for packer coach Mike McCarthy and his staff on the beach. Yes there -- do it. He's was on the beach not doing -- in -- that's what they call it yeah he was on the beach being on the beach. Runs it in mid morning it's shut -- wicket at 749 on Sports Radio twelve -- -- WSS the weather forecast high today of 22 degrees not right now five -- -- snow -- and he had been doing some broadcast work for CBS network. -- you know some studio stuff analysts on their this fall. Had interviewed for. Or will lease was talkative -- by Arkansas ball possibly job -- haven't. Repeal -- but he spoke and but other than that you know uses to have some part time broadcasting he if he can't get a job I'd be elements have to be religious a couple of guys last. You know guys have left field is definitely not an exit -- field a segment -- -- for what it went against the for Alabama. And I think so now fairly certain. By the way we have a goal in the USA Canada game. Wheat the women's game we just scored we are up on can I can say that right we I can play the week -- We are up on Canada one to nothing in the second period. How about that. A gash a shot from the slot look at it those those stick side on the Canadian goalie. And we are up one to nothing little deflection there an -- I received -- -- 21 and it goes -- on the ABC audio video flat panel. Don't forget earlier. Home entertainment needs -- ABC audio video dot com our identity to our Packers spotlight it is runs -- and generally speaking jock. We don't bring -- too much of the -- world love. Special teams assistants and but -- -- look -- -- -- you might you may have heard obviously he had his time is the the attitude over four. -- Steve Spurrier. Did so so in Gainesville. Got negated Illinois was or read -- restaurants incorporated and I did think that when people when he got Illinois job was like -- maybe he could recruit a little bit down there and you know maybe Illinois could be a factor didn't do anything down there and he -- says the special teams -- and he was we was the special teams coordinator with -- With the Steelers Beckett mid nineties -- of three successor -- said some things have changed a little bit since his time as a special teams coach. And then there's been a lot of change in all levels on protection of the players in my police Owens well I don't think it's changed but I don't think it's changed the point where there's a lot of different -- in -- thing I've noticed that I think the game continues to get bigger stronger faster -- an offense defense and special teams and I think gets into the continue to you know going to come. It's also talk to the rest are -- -- if he wanted to get back in the game or -- detected the game. He had to kind of reinvent himself and -- maybe take a different route and go back to what he did a few years ago and I was being a special teams coach. I want the opportunity to get back in the profession -- really did not the first year out I probably needed this past year we can begin to miss it I think I told some people one of the most exciting things for me this is getting back in the coaching for the reasons I got into coaching because I love the game I love the camaraderie and love the you know that you can get around the players and the coaches and get everybody on the same page trying to do the same thing. So does this mean Mason Crosby misses a field goal or they have the B you know bad punt coverage recently that we can blast runs -- -- we still -- Shawn slocum Boise assistant so I guess -- still Shawn slocum OK -- it's still strong slocum what what the deal here is. I mean he got back off the beach because he was a friend of Mike McCarthy. And it's all the relationships in the college. Football business in the NFL business in the sports in general. Know guys of people stamps all kind of know each other from past experiences and -- relationships that's a McCarthy hired runs appear. So I think if you go back and you look at the coaches at any level high school college in the NFL I've had the opportunity it is to coach at all three levels of minutes still comes down to him getting a player to have to play the best that he can be and I can remember the first time my interview with some Pittsburgh Steelers last coach -- how do you coach these guys actually you could too just like to coach you guys in -- I found that to be 100% true. Basically what we're hearing is -- this is I think -- the case in every walk of life and I am. One who could tell you this this first hand sometimes -- it's not what you know it's who you know. Sometimes it's not like you know old -- who you know some people get jobs based on who they know yet I just wonder how they got their job. People think of that of the barrel you and -- -- These guys that they held these guys now who who did what they know who they know. We've got them design job that I have pictures of you people write -- at Howard and Howard they continue in this business in Wisconsin for like. When he year's US have a big portfolio photos dobbs constable. Ran off three or four people on your staff so -- -- ignited a and I was only -- -- denied is pretty cool to have a head coach on the staff I mean that that's that's pretty valuable. When your guy who is seen. The game from all different angles all different levels as an assistant as a head coach ends up was asked about the value having a head coach on a football team's coaching staff. As a head coach you know we know what -- looking for you know -- in the and then whatever good everybody's gonna be on the same page and do the same thing I think it gives you the best chance to win I mean obviously injuries play -- but when you've got everybody working for the same thing going in the same direction I think he gives you best stuff -- -- win. Are some guys are just comfortable staying in the broadcast Booth and it was a -- And dribble supplement you know the money -- saved with some -- broadcast stop them. -- -- other guys know it runs are they the feeling -- -- would now. Your special teams coach. You're working just as many hours head coach you're still put near eighty hours in sleep there your putting a Lotta Lotta time and oh yeah I definitely and especially when year. The special teams coach for a special teams unit isn't exactly what I would call great -- you have a lot of work to do when -- -- our drug slocum is lucky to keep his job. Because he Shockey still has a job of novel mildly shocked may -- -- us. Derby -- -- three might be fired at this point because there's been so many holes the McCarthy said the reason why the special teams have been a failure. The -- on the return game last few years because of injuries. That's that's what he's going with. Was return man that Mason -- prospect -- -- what they -- yeah it was good thing that he bounced back this pastor of the putt the putting game is always been -- last say as I can honestly and you don't want to say this about. You know your general manager home. But -- say has been one of the best moves today pitcher Ted Thompson is made amongst many good matures but you look at the kicking game to game is prospect the running game is always been -- it's the return game. -- both ends up coverage and and a return team glad to see new faces brought in. Mike says he McCarthy says that's the way to go he says you need to bring us some faces and just cannot. -- keep that keep the new ideas coming him. You want fresh faces in there you want the -- coaches just like to do players -- over -- but. The good stuff. -- are going to new ideas. We we all have all the answers. It's -- -- -- thoughts right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --