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Feb 12, 2014|

Who would be in your NBA Mt. Rushmore? Is Lebron? Snapchat as a recruiting tool? & Sound Off

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Good morning has shot and wicket served up by Perkins restaurant bakery Sports Radio twelve -- DW SS -- 802 on when this day. Halfway to the weekend so glad to have -- Coming up a very hard hitting topic about cookies. -- -- A very very hard hitting topic about -- coming your way but they're so good. I know it's ridiculous irresistible also a much more us -- -- -- -- topic about the NBA we're gonna get into as well but first. -- -- -- thousand dollars you can -- -- -- in your hand just take this word over to Sports Radio twelve that the dot com slash cash entry. Take part international contest and you can win 1000 dollars are you ready. What are you a thousand bucks. Right now but -- bucks she's going to do pay off credit card that is -- get paid -- do you think that's that's that's that's -- -- the fifth to 400% interest on these things. Are you that much triggered what a great paid off for that big dance bad make a little sliver of it then here's the here's the word here ago. Power. Power PO WE are. Just take power over to Sports Radio twelfth -- B dot com slash cash you can 1000 bucks. The next chance to win. Integrating your hand is coming up at new during the -- Michael show good luck from Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. I don't know what I would do for 1000 bucks right now. I'm not that much credit card that may surprise you Dorsey like we got a guy that would be a lot of credit car that you -- -- depth. I'm not really can't I'm not at all okay I have that I mean it. For a while I seem to have a credit card. Yeah I'm trying to establish credit more than anything from the best way to go -- a debit card to be good -- the hardest thing for me right now -- -- two things first of all a very hard hitting topic. It is that season is that time of the year is what our favorite times of the year -- not the Olympics -- not the winter. No not you know late Big Ten basketball to know. Girl scout -- time. You -- -- everywhere I feel like they are more prevalent this year Girl Scout Cookies at least in our office and none are more prevalent this year than I have ever seen in my entire life phone interview stores to persona outside the stores -- their everywhere people -- -- your house has had for this morning he can't stop what -- the best three girl scout -- flavors. That's -- hard hitting question -- her FaceBook page right now and -- we understand it is a hard hitter this morning what are the three best. Girl Scout Cookies out there. Far and away the number one as a chocolate covered meant over within minutes just immense they're very popular I don't care. Them to be asked -- the only wanted to relieved. If that's the best MS NIC there was one on the counter back in the -- -- we here at the radio station and it's like I do all I could since I would stick the whole stack a whole world is taking one hand. The -- to bring us they were meant but that to me that's still -- -- of really -- of the other ones problem. The people barter the peanut butter -- to number one is good you have to tell you give me a big glass of milk our man and a box of the peanut butter patties. That thing is gonna be gone before the first commercial breaks and that's the -- the -- I can do that I gained ten pounds I -- you lose -- yeah you would lose -- I would -- way to -- EW 2% -- -- would even be skimping out if -- -- have you -- yeah I get the 2% to write a preventive -- -- but good -- maybe that says something about maybe switch to skim -- not just -- -- just like the taste -- it can't you just I -- -- -- just don't like get there at -- -- -- pretty good now it's pretty good I've got a whole Malcolm along time. It's unusual that 2% guy I like the peanut butter patties the peanut butter sandwiches and the lemon cookies beloved ones of the -- probably the only one I don't like -- man -- but everything else top shelf. I just feel like they are just everywhere this year -- some good there's four opened boxes on a desk to your mind -- and home. No -- saw everywhere I saw when I walked in that room to make you believe in Australia. And with a chocolate cover once in the past the defendants in the thin -- there's a lot there a lot of -- chocolate -- -- to make sure you just be -- within minutes of the best oneself and only meant yes the only mid food. Like him I only -- out was an -- -- -- like him a shot the average not it's. -- like -- shops either public. I -- -- food like about a me a couple of tomato and Alex Lloyd or doctored you'll -- -- I'll call it and I'd usually I I'm with ya never except for the chocolate Celek the truck -- -- -- -- sharp immensely from the Indy it is if you go to like. Like olive garden there was give you a couple to bill. No stomach throw fewer extra hole they bring a whole handful of what they want to figure figure the more they bring in a -- does not. Bigger -- to him I want to I would some to olive garden with this girl and we get done eating dinner and they brought us three minutes and she said can I have a lot more I brought us three more and it's -- don't know. She meant a lot more. They brought us that to go thing full flight. I -- cups yeah -- outlet like the tall robot Syria I got to go block the other way -- Sweden three to go boxes one had salad what had -- that the hole was full of -- the other it is estimated extra three dollars understand that's what she was -- -- -- -- -- because Smith cited an off you know she could care less of 80000 minutes because she's after losing money off of it do you like chocolate -- mint ice -- all yes it's chocolate -- -- yeah I'll take -- bit you know -- chocolate chip -- -- -- chocolate -- but. You know -- you know Mike -- -- now all. Does not a big fan yet I don't I don't like -- ice cream -- it has chocolate and Amanda world's biggest chocolate and you're combine the two for me he should. Part of -- -- -- Wednesday -- here and admits to -- Hitting give us yours that are FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash twelve of the WS as -- also on Twitter at Mike wicket email live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. There's much more interesting sports related. A conversation -- get to about eight top three or top four in this case. Let's see here LeBron James king James. Would you say he's the best player in the NBA yes okay yes that'd be there's not much done that means -- would go with perhaps. A Kevin Durant argument. Well. I don't know how you could say Kevin Durant when people are saying that the LeBron is one of best ever. And he's 29 yet he's won the best ever Kevin Durant has not. Does not to that point yet it over the phone lines right now 4147991250. -- -- going to be a debate it's gonna go on all day all countrywide not just to Milwaukee not just in Wisconsin of the midwest. Is going to be going on from the Shia from sea to shining sea. King James in an interview it's going to air on Monday on NB ATV Steve Smith the former Michigan State guard. Longtime Atlanta -- -- in the NBA for ever. He did the interview. And -- the question was asked to LeBron -- You know -- going to be if he's confident that he'll be NBA royalty by the time he leaves the game. LeBron said quote. I'm going to be one of the top four that's ever played this game for sure. And if they don't want me to have to be one of the top four spots. It better find another spot on that mountain somebody's got to get bumped but that's not for me to decide that's for the architects. James' first three selections when he was. Talked about talking about of course the mount Rushmore of the NBA he said they were easy. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird Magic Johnson. He deliberated before taking. Oscar Robertson as is fourth choice. We want to know from you as we stand right now here on February 12 2014. What is the NBA mount Rushmore we've done Packers or box or -- words. We've done quarterbacks we've -- NFL QBs. The four greatest players in the game the reports that and this is tough because it's. You have to figure out if you're gonna include -- senator. On this in this list because right now you know you could make an argument or let's say it's Kareem Abdul Jabbar the greatest center of all time. Does he make it on the mount Rushmore list does he go ahead of Michael Larry magic the big -- or whomever you may have. Who's on your mount Rushmore for 1479912. -- -- 147991250. You can email lives were pretty a -- at the economic policy -- on FaceBook. And on Twitter -- who is on your mount Rushmore. I'm at a point out cream on there on of the two obviously MJ's got to be and everybody's list. -- Korean. -- -- And -- I'm gonna at the put. Why I don't height you know LeBron his credentials he's still under the age of 30s29. I'm gonna happen put LeBron on there LeBron made it coming down two hours ago it was not a list the idea -- -- something you hear the last. Two hours here I have to put LeBron on -- because you know we talk about what ten time all star. Been in the league forever he's been the MBA plays went to NBA titles in the finals three times -- our Cleveland team that wasn't very good in the NBA finals -- -- player -- -- he was booby Gibson yeah. Yeah. What does that don't show was on their team. Gooden was on their team Drew Gooden was on that team. But it wasn't you know wasn't very good. And -- the only -- he -- of the -- for the Detroit that your. And you're going to be to get swept the women's San Antonio but -- -- LeBron multiple LeBron on that list but aren't. It's a you've got Michael Jordan Kareem Abdul Jabbar Wilt Chamberlain LeBron -- -- setters here -- two -- yeah he yards and Larry. Larry would be number five but we were talking for here -- and current. 4147 -- -- to do what yours here's what I've got the -- -- 10 is a tough one I've got Michael now I've got magic button. I've got LeBron. I got LeBron in my four item originally and I do -- I've known that no no qualms about that. And I don't ever put Larry in there -- have Larry my top four and Michael magic LeBron and Larry and it hurts because. The setter especially in the eighties in the ninety's was such an integral part in the sixties. The -- was such an integral part of the game it's different today. And I don't -- -- -- -- Yemen a midget out Olajuwon guy -- but it's so difficult to take any of those players off my list. It's so difficult but -- that -- magic. Larry. And LeBron it's tough to keep. Larry Bird off of the stuff -- magic off of that stuff to give anybody gets to what some people -- -- guys off -- -- you know shuffling him in and out you know I wouldn't say. -- LeBron is on it. Yeah others -- -- -- you could -- him Mike LeBron Oscar at the very end of that. You know -- -- think -- six or seven guys have put ahead of Oscar right now off the top -- But. It's a tough list there's there's there's there's the the number one -- I think you know we were cold -- and that was still sure I think the number one guy. The greatest of all time you have to see Michael Jordan would you say Michael Jordan I'd say Michael Jordan is a question of the greatest best player. I think he's on everybody's list sending Mike is going to be on everybody's list that we take calls and people are lining up but you can do the same thing point 479912. -- -- -- if Michael Jordan is at number one he's at least your top four right he's got to be on your list I think Mike. Past the beater for sure but -- the rest of it fill it out who's the mount Rushmore. LeBron says he'll be out at least done as we sit right now who is York. Mount Rushmore in the history of the NBA your calls coming up next on Sports Radio twelve -- the good morning it's -- -- whig candidate eighteen Sports Radio twelve to -- WS says being the served up by Perkins restaurant bakeries weather forecast for -- today. Hi appointee to -- to to -- -- right now it's seven degrees in the brew city. They'll bring -- to take Sports Radio 1250 where ever you go. -- that -- Sports Radio twelfth at the app download. It's free. Take -- -- when you're in the car by walking the dog or wherever iPhone users get at the iTunes store drug users get in the Google play store. Grab that he Sports Radio 1250 -- So now we've got a real problem. We had a real problem here -- -- -- its total one Canada. In the women's hockey game just like dad just like that it's 221 a a slap shot from the outside -- the right hand side. He hits the of the United States goaltender but then the puck trickles between her gloves between her legs through the five hole and into the net. It is -- 21 Canada with 1550. Left to go. In the in the third period I've noticed is with women's hockey. It is of the game has really picked up the part where was several years ago a couple of weeks ago used to suck hit a couple years go -- was really slow and it was also a loss and everybody L yes everybody else like review of the -- picked up a little bit. Coming up at 835. There's a new avenue of social media that the NCAA is going to allow coaches to use. And you know this means that. Boyle boy John Calipari is gonna be licking his chops. But right now we're talking NBA basketball. LeBron James says he'll be on the mount Rushmore when all is said and done I don't mind him saying it because frankly I've got on the mount Rushmore right now if someone say god what -- -- When any expert to an athletic cocky a hole when who ought to content -- -- without without now I don't see that though because. He deserves it who does I mean look at LeBron -- -- right now by the way it's pretty dang impressive. LeBron James has got. Two titles. Could probably three peat today you know this year who knows. Two titles two finals MVPs for regular season MVP's seven all all NBA first team selections five times on the all NBA defensive team. And you'll be playing in his tenth all star game he's 29 now that -- -- in the San Antonio because -- -- they have the ropes a -- the arena around the floor. It looked like Miami is gonna get beat at home last year by -- total -- that game would that would have been a little chink in the armor probably. Probably -- Ray Allen isn't it that miracle three and a quarter you know to totally different world right now I hear -- 147991215. Was on your mount Rushmore in the history of the NBA. -- Scott met Michael. -- -- and LeBron. I've got Michael magic Larry and LeBron. What do you think 4147991250. Followed for seven 912 at the buzzer with Ty out of the west side -- -- -- -- on Sports Radio twelve that the WS has me. Rory out right. You could get one guy Bill Russell. Well. OK actually getting are getting only know of Bill Russell here's the thing -- There's no wrong answer here -- if you said like at this point tempted to read he'd be -- -- There's eight or nine guys you could put in the small -- so what's your for their Todd. Russell Kareem -- Michael and magic. I can't say your dogs but I having IK it's that's the thing that's the -- -- -- and that's the fun thing about debating. In the NBA. You're there there really is nil. Wrong answer sure the hard part is including senators because guard's point guards swing players. You don't magic guarded every position or could guard every position was a 69 point guard Michael isn't the greatest of all time. LeBron is a freak of nature though LeBron is there's nobody -- -- government player like TV garnered position you play every position he can rebound he plays a 110% out there are Leary was probably the smartest basketball player ever it can't celtics' Larry couldn't jump over a phone book now but he was the most. Confident cocky. Smart intelligent basketball player at -- And even when he's had a post up -- going to the hole he was so good at knowing angles and all that and our goal on the free throw line that missed the free throw -- three pointers like going out of style best story ever was about the three point contest he walked out in the -- -- -- in those in the Celtics jacket and said. Who's coming in second finish anyone good. -- mean there's there's no wrong answer you're just your opinion. Thank stop that over the line for you 4147991254147. -- ninety well to -- The sought to show on and -- not Sports Radio twelve to BW SSP. Yeah I don't -- doing -- -- jobs up. The -- it's regularly I wanted to but you're right -- about it you know let it show -- that you -- and departures and then -- -- feel like it's up. -- of course will. Of course Michael I'm looking at Larry and had to -- I mean. There's there's so many that you can put back in one day leave of from the start -- game but I don't see LeBron and yet I know they're giving this -- so much credit. As far as you know how he played don't get me wrong. Made his name you know on the game at this point but I don't think I can put him out there with. Extreme grades because of the length of the time he's been and basketball. -- wanna -- also show you know his longevity in the game and and consistency I'm not saying he's not now -- was shaky in the beginning. Arm and I also look to the fact that -- Has really president over him at this point so that would be -- out. I don't think -- over here right now I mean after when he won the image how to get San -- they keep it that that's kind of cemented that he's pass -- uncle we still get three NBA titles. LeBron has been in the league for eleven years so we got five titles five title fight -- -- fifth set up a but -- the -- -- more to come. He's got to -- is gonna win more he's gonna win again this year was gonna stop this year. And I don't know maybe yeah maybe Indiana finally get some -- Booth. I doubt that not not that there at Miami's -- at least get the conference finals -- -- stops will be somebody from out west. I mean I'd run you can so easily right off the Pacers -- they hung with a -- game seven last year. You're -- that series goes seven last year -- I think so. -- -- are you could easily just write them off. I don't think that series with seven -- but -- double check your wasn't sick dude it was at least six and always at least six but I mean. That was a close competitive series right -- and you watch it -- are needed you know justify an -- you watched it. That was a series that was. Fought tooth and nail with all the way I would seven games with having him so -- seven games granted. You know they got blown out in that last one. We -- get that series went seven games is -- him in game four in game seven now so -- -- again a seven game series -- between Miami and -- Indiana I can't see how you can just easily. Dismissed. The -- Sometimes when my eye I see Miami play within that long winning streak last year 225 game electric bill is a damn it's that -- -- streaks -- going on the same time it was. The the heat streak in the point streak for the freaking black -- yes yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I still think Miami. Man I just think that there there's there's still the best in there sometimes I watched him play in a regular season and it looks like the -- cruise control and it's like members of the same Miami team but. When push comes shoving -- -- title im -- I -- see -- just I mean there are a couple of teams out there reading Indiana can give a great series and Eastern Conference finals assuming they get their. OKC. San Antonio. A total -- ready for prime time yet if if the Clippers get Chris Paul back. That could be interesting -- would Doc Rivers as the head coach that brings a heck of a lot to that see that that series I don't know I mean. There's a couple teams other than that would give the series thinking give the heated series what is going to be OKC's time. You know what is it it would -- -- when Russell Westbrook can stay healthy. David knocked it out the door they just can't break it down -- -- used by the way and it's great smooth race that was good stuff is which one did you do you have a bit of peach dollars and it's really -- -- mango medium. Now our regular -- John it's OC -- on Sports Radio 1250. Morning guys at bat -- chart here at -- and now product attic albeit they got. They might or at least correct the amount that I -- -- -- -- I'll quickly forget that. I chipped it -- -- at any rate I don't dispute brought I'm battle cry when in reality it is quite. Right so obviously you're not you -- -- -- Toby you're Kobe fan your Laker fan right. Dog -- -- but. I'm a realist chart at Olympic but you gotta look at what he's done over his career. You take the -- do you think Kobe's ahead of LeBron at this point. In your career. And thanks how could it not that it did injured you're looking at just the pick we got it. Yeah outlook on a better basketball player to hit it -- and called it an advantage. But you look at a career and you have been a while look at what -- done -- go -- NBA. I mean it's it's just down cold New -- -- Bryant but. Well it well and I wanted to jump and it -- defense here. When you say something is hands down hands down is a -- it's no doubt you can't even make an argument for many things sort of deal hands down LeBron James is better than. -- Michael Redd -- right that's -- hands down argument. I'm sorry it's not a hands down Kobe Bryant's five titles he's got three of them from a big big seven footer who's now on the TNT Booth. -- that he can basically say think -- so much -- keel for if you take Kobe Bryant off the Lakers. Shaquille still wins those titles if you take -- Shaquille O'Neal -- those are those Lakers teams I don't think Kobe's got five now. There are fortunate there might start. That's all right I'm putting my -- the -- job you're you're coming here -- -- what do you think it might be a jerk to me. What do you think -- -- go ahead. I don't get it but I think if you look at the -- or -- or would be about Bill Russell. Michael Jordan. Larry Bird and I think -- will -- Then there's a couple of -- -- Kobe's not in your in your top for an all. -- And -- broaden your rankings -- hope you know -- got a new job for your obviously a -- fan. -- -- -- -- And I don't know probably somewhere around 897. Somewhere in there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That a match in the four MVPs two finals MVPs two titles on his way to possibly a third in each -- those I would drop LeBron that. -- -- -- -- And again it's hit it it's -- list the top four is what or so is or concerned with here in the mountains and I are talking and going I -- -- I got Colby -- them. Or have LeBron had a -- -- like him. But an idiot for having LeBron had a -- gets off the charts hands down hands down. -- -- -- No I don't I -- I agree with and again I've got LeBron in my four. Mean there that that that -- -- think about like my guys that I've got to my four. We have similar ones that Matt Michael. Double double bronze you have to -- -- Kareem and wilt I got Larry and and and magic. That you think that the game changer Sarah did you see if you don't have LeBron your top four I couldn't get there I get it. I had the ability six or seven guys I think you can mix and match in the top in the top four. But the run exactly the top six -- say top five top six all time. Let's see here is is an email from Luke who writes guys. LBJ said the greatest players should be on mount Rushmore this means like the basketball equivalent of the five tool player. Guys with a well rounded games for this reason players like Kobe and Shaq have no place in the conversation. When basketball people often confuse the best scores with the best players Kobe's one of the best scores of all time but he's pretty one dimensional Jack was dominant because he was just bigger and stronger than everyone. Italy -- offensive guards -- knock people over and paint and then dunked on them. My opinion Michael and Oscar are locks my third spot as a tossup between allies -- -- Tim Duncan. And I wouldn't lead the fourth spot open right now. -- become a better teammate -- there was that your reputation ten years ago. Just be a horrible -- -- selfish and all that -- Kobe's great on ball defender Datsyuk is huge in the clutch he can shoot from the outside sure go to Iraq. I -- all time. There's not too many guys you put ahead of -- clutch situation you want Kobe the ball on his hands. And PN and people who say and like -- it and appreciate the email -- he says Jack was dominant just because he was bigger than everybody else. Want to hold his size against him do you use the skills you have that's part of it I mean that's it -- -- Larry Bird was smarter than everybody else he couldn't. The higher revert. Then -- Larry -- -- did marquis was 75. The greatest offensive player to -- you -- -- -- 75 -- everybody -- he was the best offensive player in the world -- there's there's some flaws in your email there're definitely some flaws in your email. You can use -- John Paul's Buick GMC twelve to be sound off line at 4482162. Point 144482162. And a lot reaction on Twitter let's see here. The other questioner asking what are your top three favorite. Girl Scout Cookies. See here fanned it a fantasy money man says -- -- the crazy the karma of the lights are the bottom and you know that it haven't had a horrible -- seven out. Get -- -- believes Karl Malone kogan autism like that -- -- -- admits peanut butter -- is peanut butter patties her. Let's see here mark writes peanut butter sandwich Peta letter -- eliminates. Mark in the same theory we have the same top three rated the mount Rushmore of Girl Scout Cookies right there. We're think that there give -- -- utter FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash twelve the PW SSP. You can now also hit us up on Twitter email live at Sports Radio twelve -- -- dot com. Social media a new avenue for college coaches to use. You probably -- people who are already using it you might be using it and now coaches can use it we'll tell you next on Sports Radio twelfth at eagle US SP. But 1250 Milwaukee sports report starting right. From the -- the field Sports Radio 1250 updates studio I'm chuck Freeman much of the field you're one step shaft from our via. Autographs custom framing an -- appearances. Pitchers and catchers report on separate the -- bill get on the field makes money for first time embassy falls flat on his face -- spring training. Chris Davis will be the Brewers starting left fielder on opening day two of the big time power hitting eleven home runs in his limited -- time last season but he is a guy that offensively has a chance to do some good things. He's not just not a power guy. He's not up -- swing and wild he swings hard that he swings at the pitch he wants to say. While in college basketball Marquette out -- last night beat Seton Hall 7766. Led by -- Wilson's 45 points. Marquette now 1410 the box and come home with New Orleans tonight. Final game before the all star break comes -- a new -- -- guard Brandon Knight. Never got a lot of guys you know I heard you know going through a lot of things as individuals as far as injuries. And has been all year for us so just like us all star break is just about -- -- to rest and and you prepare for the -- actually. Right from so she Canada Leeds United States 31 dollar at all got a goal with 505 going. Left in the third period the semi final hockey game against 31 -- late third period the semis fossil Shaun White failed -- medal perhaps by Pete took a fourth yesterday. Shot I Shani Davis goes first perjury golden 1000 meter speed skating today for tomorrow mine and Sports Radio -- to -- -- come. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- -- whether white snow. And high of 24 right now on nine -- I'm chuck -- Sports Radio pulpit the WS SP. I might have sports ready at all if he -- -- Good morning. Think 392 -- -- I Perkins restaurant -- are it -- two or three -- Chuck and I were under the assumption that this USA women's hockey game that's going on between. Us in the team from up north. Was of semi final round or something it's just pretty live around they're playing again through this says game means nothing. By the way with a minute five to go we just scored its now 32. We trail the Canadians. By one. Yeah the United States and everybody and -- -- the possibly units for the face off now. On 105 to go. -- -- just the drama the absolute drama beleaguered team I would think even though this game does that mean a lot neither team wants to lose to each other share the rivalry. Bragging rights -- For the Yankees in. -- the Yankees the Red Sox and has -- Red Sox and April doesn't really matter now. He's Red Sox in September -- -- a bigger deal I guess in the American League east. Marquette won yesterday on the road to go to Seton hall and defeat the Pirates. Final score 7766. Jameel Wilson -- on fire chuck. Finished with 25 to bunt they had sixteen and six off the bench but we Jimmy -- grabbed ten boards Marquette now fourteen intent. Is -- more excuse me more of that from Jameel. I don't necessarily -- 45 points but I mean last -- really took ownership of the game like especially early on on the road getting off to a quick start that they did it. What the Seymour -- -- see more of that from Jameel rose's career was with with you know was progressed here I've seen enough of that senior year. I've I worry that again Xavier on Saturday the Bradley Center. That he'll come out and I have two points there donating don't need that know me if I really thought this is going to be Jameel -- about -- -- Dovonte. There was going to be their team did you hear that and it just haven't seen that enough if I think blog here enough you'll make a strong push and maybe go deep in the big east tournament. And finally coming up tonight shock. Get excited here come the pelicans. -- this New Orleans -- gets the all star break is hitting us right after the game of the -- tonight they got it is the Bucs have to make a big push in the second half of that -- seed in the box or a six game homestand -- home for like two and a half weeks they really yep I'd be -- the all star break and all that I mean the during your -- here for the entire month of February I did not know when next week via three home games -- and actually really go -- as a fan. Well -- draft night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna go home and I'm going a week from Saturday Oscar -- leads Denver next week a little weak from his Saturday -- -- you know they're playing. Coolio is -- happy I'm Michelle Indiana. I did it yes that Coolio as the halftime show him to play Denver can't always wanted tickets as low as seven dollars for that game. Seven bucks to see Indiana what they brought in last year. Bill I realize I was there for that show -- the Pistons just brought in mace. I'm sure you'll need it you know -- is. I was -- -- when he -- nearly race daddy was Puff Daddy before it became. DD. -- -- is now some notoriety decent note L mace okay. -- was part he's got your pick in say basketball post game show -- up tonight. Did you see this rule it just came down from the I love him -- -- mother went. What's that I think gets the most exciting things but we don't have an empty net goal don't really know that when a team -- -- trying to -- an empty net my. Alone in pinnacle of -- there's thirty seconds left. But it would -- -- -- United States this pulled their goalie. And brought a power play by the way had a power play at six under for us what are we had 60 we got here. Too many -- too many where it on the ice -- I -- is that right the correct the practice the correct so -- a bad thing though too many when you're out so it's six on four here we go well a hit it with a player like Blake is that you get sued by by NBC. But we lost the faceoff. Crap it's in -- -- -- and they knock it out of the Blue Line out of the -- past the Blue Line at one final push eighteen seconds left that's. Eight and -- Boy oh boy this is exhilarating radio I'm sure. One final shot at turn -- on by a win for. 32. -- slap shot from the pound. Mets that -- -- close lateral -- Sims does that for four for sixty minutes by doing whatever I just did as horrendous I can't do hockey play by play hockey basketball football ties and oh how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our toy drive -- -- -- to -- hockey player places lobbies or do you think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't know that one of the broadcasters and fortunate heart attack last week I don't know and Aaron when they're -- filled him -- yes. That's great to -- Simms I mean it sucks the guy had a heart attack every six what I meant I think was in the -- besides with the kind of shuffled their body around and brought -- are down four game awhile I did not know that there weren't here are doing the -- game. And I hear some of the guys do in. Any shot like. Have they -- variables now it's -- great. He is really really only Dario -- -- play guy that's I didn't know we did the president about to shake his CNN assures us that was pretty cool for him -- -- -- NHL debut that's pretty good man that's good job -- -- Well we take the game. Yeah I wish it would have known him coming up -- we got to get to a break I gotta get to this. The NCAA is -- going to recognize. Another avenue of social media as a communication tool for recruiting. Interesting we'll tell you what that is coming up next also the best of the twelfth -- -- out off line on Sports Radio twelve of the. Good morning it's not -- we get on Sports Radio twelve to be WS says -- served up by Perkins restaurant bakeries. Coming -- at 9 o'clock. I I was a little bit embarrassed when -- read this story about the Milwaukee Bucks were we'll say what that is at the top of the hour. Chuck has dating tips for you because it is it is the week of love -- and -- -- Valentine's Day in the -- a couple of times nothing you know what. Who better be of dating advice that to me exactly half shocks dating tips and getting up at 9:15 this morning. I did see this yesterday -- now. You moron FaceBook I am on FaceBook most. I would say most -- it is it is a fair to say that most people are on FaceBook. Yeah I would say. Little bit of ten people you don't it outside here everybody every one is on -- and you have people don't use it regularly and I haven't posted something a while. But even if people don't do it on a regular basis. Mostly everybody is -- got their token page out there mind that you know stock hot friends sure right sure yeah I'll have that yeah exactly immune girl the bar with a memorable moment -- world certain. And you check it out in a -- -- pictures and yeah. While most people have FaceBook I would say. A large percentage of us have a Twitter account now. And you need all of our social media -- -- Sports Radio 1250 -- Mom all sell. There is a growing number of people out there and that. Use -- chat chuck are you familiar with what snapped -- never heard that until now snap jet is a photo messaging system. Which allows the -- to take a video or picture. -- -- -- Picture of you win and text on top of it or draw on top of -- -- a hydraulic crazy hair -- you or B you know whatever. Send it. And then once you open it but Jason did -- you once you open it. For its however many seconds I allow you to -- can separate three seconds up to fifteen or whatever once it's gone. It's gone you can never open it again it is gone done adios. Now. This is a service I would guess if you are. Trying to send a photo to a member of the you know opposite sex and of your. Well let's see yes if your tried if you try to court someone weather is of these same sex -- the opposite sex or whatever you send them a snap Chad. And it's gone forever no one ever asked to see itself. There is some morality issue that comes up with the use of of snapped chatting. These days. I've been criticized because it can distribute explicit material. And -- -- major role in the idea of sexting the social phenomenon and sexting. Good for sure is gone it's gone well what happens then is this a -- -- as a whole point of it there. The whole point it chuck immediately signs up free snack Jack know ha ha. I don't trust just yet I don't -- morbid game the NCAA. Has now said. It is okay. To allow coaches do you snap chat for recruiting. Coaches can now -- you know they've been able to send text messages. Horror. Use -- to Graham or FaceBook or Twitter or whatever now. The NCAA has work to keep up with the times. When it comes communication adjusting its policies based on the explosion of FaceBook Twitter. And other social media outlets now coaches -- new tool to communicate with prospective student athletes -- chat. The idea of scout coaches snapped chatting -- way into a recruits life may seem strange because the -- reputation. But it's no different in the use of any other social media to walls. Currently being used for -- coaches said FaceBook messages and direct messages on Twitter. Along with NC Graham post and knows archaic text messages. The start they can start using snap chat for recruiting at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who you want to send it to me you know -- got close friend your top three friends or whatever -- it's guide you know a year you can city -- -- of a groove or whatever. It's actually pretty cool I mean my friends and I use -- a lot. I've never used it for anything of the sexting variety I find that to be weird. The first -- and -- you don't have to -- -- -- we don't want to jump on answering -- percent a -- photo. A cancer -- okay I'll hit -- no I would never do a special we do for a living room never blink blink you see all these guys -- these you know these. Win it'll take photos of themselves in the mirror the ascended to someone attacks. Know Brett Favre to gen Sergio and Austin and with a -- I would -- and about my ex dot com righty well I don't know it website that is -- you don't that's a website where people are putting but if if you're dating somebody -- you don't know about these little -- obsession with you -- and now it's -- I X -- -- I don't ever have such -- -- -- foreign. But my call it my -- that. Like their through dating somebody and like -- screw you over the -- this website -- -- approachable I did not know Danica. I am not I did not realize that for the times like I am bright I know I I know. I am aware but now the NCAA allow you to use snapped -- and -- jet actually just turn out a three billion dollar. Offer from FaceBook but -- is -- ever return to buy it they said no they turned out three billion dollars. In my world and anybody offered you three billion dollars for anything you take it and you're gone for -- I would be Hess insists that come on up Jack's dating tips at 915 time the best in the twelfth -- he's out off. It's time for the best average on balls Buick GMC 1250 sound off line. On Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- Milwaukee sports station. Yeah dare criticize. -- think he's. Difference between not -- Jackie Robinson I think to compare this ridiculous. Belichick has got the advantage of being some people they know leader probably called this game but there were no positive black -- in the majors what Jackie Robinson give up -- like in the dirt there's predict. Don't feel some people don't see. Gay people playing this course play you know that is what it is I'm I'm -- why am I know how to play the game -- -- football player and that's -- matters. He'll report that I don't get a ball -- Smart just Smart situations these people are calling here and did quite a few where -- just college student he hit. -- value. What they feel one up what. What the script didn't think these guys should goal right -- the FDA out of high school all of you'll because they're eighteen of their -- I didn't I don't -- The oldest marquee Q the group here that went to the boxing game against Milwaukee elaborate why free tickets -- -- forty dollars to park. And clearly -- Bruschi. 515 -- -- and had a -- -- All I got so cause you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we read it are a lot of Kris -- does belong here -- better. -- -- -- -- -- -- hell it was. Yeah yeah. You can sound off on a John -- Buick GMC 1250 sound off line at 414. 4484162. We miss that message that John Paul Hewitt DMZ twelve to -- sound off line and John -- hundred service department regulars going on them. Getting GMs are vital change tire rotation we have alignment and hundreds Africa 7995. At your service department. Call 5457000. Or visit John -- automotive dot com only on Sports Radio 1215 WS SC Milwaukee's sports station.