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02/12/14 Chuck and Wickett 9am Hour

Feb 12, 2014|

What do you want to see from the Bucks team after the all star break? Chuck's love tips and Hulk Hogan's return.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Even Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. Good morning it's just can wake gets a 902 on Sports Radio twelve to be WS says to me that's job Freeman nine -- wicket we are happy to have you -- Tweety your shot. You know is it is up on Twitter. Twitter.com. Bat. Like wicket at chuck Freeman nor at. Twelve to DW SSP. Somebody said as we were kicking around last hour about the the top. Three. NBA LeBron says he'll be there when he's all said and done. Got a -- here from tweets by Brendan. Who says well what with the -- mount Rushmore -- Johnny Mac -- monk three for men who. Marcus Johnson whose jerseys not retired Oscar. Oscar you could put on their heels the roster played long enough -- real and you know limb here. Johnny -- be -- -- as the first block TV after first -- all star first walking -- Johnny Mac -- -- -- then who I put Kareem mod grief Marcus Johnson. Ray Allen know John McLaughlin now -- -- I'd interviewed -- talked to players. You know ray was you know big for this team get to the conference finals. Who played here was treated people love them raid iteration of his Jersey -- when they for the box marketing Johnson deftly on that list -- grief for sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- four I would say but you know there's couple you can you can make an argument certainly for Johnny Mac but as far as ball players goals for ahead of him. Did you see this story yesterday this is from. The Milwaukee -- The Bucs could even practice yesterday. Too many injuries. The Bucs were unable to do anything team related and at practice yesterday. The only seven guys healthy enough to participate couldn't go five on 57. Guys. John Henson. Right -- injury. At a -- left ankle sprain -- -- Butler left ankle sprain OJ Mayo. Conditioning. Not gonna play against the pelicans her son back go back -- -- -- -- It right wrist injury. I mean good lord they can go to battle and it was seven guys. -- the authority from the Saint Francis Mariners -- there. Practice enough camera out because the centering it you know it may be run -- with a little bit of those guys that are unbelievable sure. Larry Drew said there's nothing you can do from a true practice standpoint we do in the situations. Get -- shots shots up lift weights is -- and is doing anything from a team standpoint. There's nothing you can and you are still beat up banged up in depleted there's nothing you can do. -- You -- what -- thought about this this first happened in the second half here for second shot. You know the that the bucks right now we know not going anywhere what does he want to Seattle in the second half. What do people uneasy or lose your seat on the young guys -- better now let's see -- on us continue to get better. -- Jon Hansen -- wanna see what you know Larry Sanders a -- here. Staying out of trouble continued to rebound and play hard and New Britain like it to be mature as a point Cardinals -- things were there any plan and Ernie. Timetable that we've heard -- for Larry coming back. -- Caledonia boxing indefinitely with normal injury -- still definitely events troubles there and number -- I wanna see Udonis. Playing time continue to get better at all. Always of the game and yeah I just wanna see ya I was that's been number one with a -- what's he got to start. -- -- a few times like C got to start consistently that. Because it seems like he starts -- -- does intimate feel like I'm watching the old rotation. Right ever really know what's gonna happen it really know who's going to be playing for this basketball team. So what are your three things the box -- to be artists continue to get better. -- Sanders. Staying out of trouble maturing as a ball player it's. Amazing is that were at. It is a lot about Larry Sanders are getting better as a ball player due to says a lot of Butler were the number one goal is hate for the next three months don't get arrested -- not not only that. But you know cut down the spectacles Larry for the next three months trying not to get thrown out of a basketball game but -- get -- you're just -- part of the overall improvement of him as a player. -- -- a ball player. And part of that is stick you don't. Relax out there once in awhile. But I -- relax you know just. Control yourself -- controlled temper he needs a little that he knew little that. I'd like to see John Henson continue to develop a jump shot. -- it's it's it's it's starting you can see it like -- stay healthy he rolled his ankle in the game against Boston. But I like to see John Henson to continue development jump shot. -- -- -- with -- starting that would be big for me and I want to see both point guards. Continue to improve wanna see. If Nate Walters can play at an NBA level from a back -- role and it would like to see if bomb. You know Brandon Knight can become. Noticing a traditional point guard is that doesn't have those are gone we know that that's never gonna happen again to the ideas of John Stockton. You know ten points and fourteen dimes each and every night not gonna happen or being out you know and at the tennis is guy rare. I'd like to see him become more of a distributor make better decisions for me that's -- -- See the second -- something's a wash the -- It is now like while going out there what's the use a Washington box if you're investing in the future of the -- a few things a -- of these guys. And you know -- if -- out there give their butt kicked. Which they are they are by. It Schilling the aging veteran team done but they're going there with 222320. Year olds and some guys were learning on the fly. -- learning about the NBA games left the one positive thing to bottles. 41479912. Of people and 47991250. What's one or two things you want to see -- -- this bucks team. In the second half you know the all star break is upon us it's going to be here this weekend. Which we're gonna get into I'm sure right and a lot in the dunk contest -- -- the best with the best all star game easy cut. Easy question people always are out -- -- always heard Simon had. But in the second half what's one or two things that you want to see the Milwaukee Bucks do. From a team standpoint. Is it -- straight couple loose is that you wanna see you meet Seymour individuals either 130 know either one the individuals on the team. That's fine with me -- at this point. It's all ball obviously the playoffs from the reach its all bought individuals take a look at the Eastern Conference standings -- the playoffs or not -- -- Well they're really not if you think to the -- have a shot at making the playoffs you are really really optimistic I'm I'm not saying that it's gonna happen I'm just saying. It's the east. This this conference Sox. Well mean when -- the worst record in the NBA. Getting into the playoffs. You got -- you'd you'd have to at least double your wins. You have to -- -- -- probably did you could get the playoffs at 27 wins can they be this bad. The rest of the way out and maybe he -- -- -- seventeen and a half percent ball they played 176. Clip Sowers you think I'll see. A better winning percentage sector of the season. I don't think so -- I just I'd I'm not I don't comment on your wrong your special teams sometimes get better. But I don't see this one of those -- you know I don't think that. I like the young -- -- us but overall. But not a good team at this point I do agree -- like the nucleus -- but. Is this team is gonna play different set can man up and oh yeah and I'm that. To think I was in this tank is a story and -- still more animated to say watery and half games out of final playoff I don't know what the fourteen games half of the -- they have no shot thirteen and -- -- I'm sorry thirteen and a half -- -- final playoff spot considering you're leapfrogging a bunch of different -- -- not saying it's gonna happen. I'm not fit again but it should even be a question. It's not I'm just say it's not I mean these are good -- well. Which you know right now senator calls of it is obviously and if -- can find John Salmons can make a trade. -- -- -- guy real here today Udonis came over JJ ready now he's done it not now I thought what. Anybody thinks that. Should have been running a pro sports -- cash at eight seem to be sweet and I know you're joking -- -- no way herb anybody. Hussein would think that way -- Corey Maggette on the block we can trade away not this -- it. Well now Little John Henson -- what he can dish him you -- You -- you're not insinuating that you think it all John Hammond. Thinks that the box -- No -- I -- it doesn't matter John Hammond wants. I've come to that realization does matter John Hammond wants what senator Kohl wants. And I assume by now senator -- who is probably. 1015 point I'm smarter than I am -- -- might even be a stretch maybe even more. Even he -- -- well in this team's got. Zero -- -- -- you wanna do it in the last thing you want to do right now at this point and -- -- 42 is to make any moves. At the all star break -- are gonna make you better for this season alone he's -- think a look at that Detroit roster like. And if we can get Josh Smith thank you give up -- John Henson in recent years that would be the worst seeded -- Is -- gonna give yourself some veterans that help this team. Like -- JJ Redick move would be absolutely the worst thing you could possibly do -- how Gasol on this -- to make a push -- You imagine that how little hairy out Twin Towers -- you just give up John Henson -- No I just look at -- now you're you're throughout the regular trade in dumping some year old guys for some younger players we're going to be part of the future that's one thing. But you know your -- get to sell some veterans -- -- win some games this year. That'd be like the dumbest thing you do. It and at eight -- obese cleats. Didn't bring in -- maybe bring in Rodney Stuckey we only have to -- fraud is similar to tell you messed up up up up up up up. -- the Pistons selling we can. When the -- -- by Greg Monroe and once in league agreement roll in for this bush get to that eight seed with a we still we still a terrific round of -- -- -- Kwame -- -- we know all right. Chuck has some dating tips for you guys. Some Valentine's Day. Dating tips with a lot doctor chuck agreement that's coming up next a Sports Radio twelfth -- EWS has -- -- Sports Radio twelve to PW SS speech -- -- 918 were served up by Perkins restaurant make re tied it a 22 right now is seven degrees in Milwaukee. Glad to have you bill Michaels coming up the top of the hour mark at the end is out there with that victory last night -- -- get a message boards there there this. -- -- -- -- They are video what do we just do this is very -- this bad. This right now Marquette fan is is is got about a 4% chance in the NCAA RBIs -- -- -- That course and the wins against the top fifty yet not you're fourteen and ten and your annual big -- he gives okay -- You're still borderline but -- -- better now does this current big east. -- -- I mean a lot of the winless and against Seton Hall are you got back to back wins win out. And vote and now we're talking because the NCAA will reward you for getting hot sure in the -- -- of the regular season. But lose to Xavier. You can beat Villanova a couple of weeks -- doubt about -- signature win to -- you want to -- don't have one mean what is Marquez signature win for Marquette fan who's still holding on. George Washington that's it I mean I really -- -- that's -- -- by the way George Washington's RB IR PI is 27. Amid major losses to in the top. Fifty they have lost to Ohio State Arizona State San Diego State Wisconsin. New Mexico Creighton Xavier -- -- -- Mean you're one in what does that one in 71 and eight. One and eight at six are the top fifty in the RBI it does not get you in the NCAA tournament even if you win out here. You you almost have to and considering with the conference's right now you almost have to win the big east tournament to give him. It's I write silly when the rest your games to get it home. I think they have to win all the way that it widow the regular season and and maybe get what we get one in the in the big east tournament 81 in the big east -- -- it. Show the NCAA could be something in the post season a selection committee sure and get it but I mean you -- -- -- the rest of her game is what would be your signature win Creighton. Creighton PW -- Creighton I mean that's that's Syracuse know that's not beating. You know and Syracuse that's not like beating Villanova. Meanwhile Wisconsin if -- wonder -- all sorts is a pitcher where it's Flores Saint Louis Virginia Iowa and Michigan State all in the top fifty RPI as a matter of fact. All the top 32. You got four. Top twenty RPI of fifty top point RPI wins this it was a call up or email or text beard put via Twitter and Sarah I -- -- -- I'm not -- Marquette I love -- at them I love them over Wisconsin he roots for Marquette over Wisconsin I do. But Marquette. In Jamaica the of silly -- mostly put out magical and yes magical run -- -- -- vegetables so -- -- -- from Wisconsin a bunch of mile wide ovals and Scott and victories are -- games that they won. Very true -- to see -- get a road win against Michigan they won their signature road win would be at Virginia. And Saint Louis on a neutral court you know right -- -- fortieth forty games at the -- that are typical summer -- -- I'll physical center Michigan suitable setter. And Marquette fan is sitting in a car -- about her players are hurt -- team in the country. That at the time. They just continued to climb up in the rankings but. Yeah they beat them in November them the number twelve yeah early sixty -- clearly mere coming up on Friday in. It is officially Valentine's Day. All. Yeah. All right the doctor is in my beloved doctor. We're here to help guys we're here to help we are. I mean and chime in -- -- Wanna help me out to do beyond yardages are helpful right exactly we understand dating world this top -- I'm just trying to help out it's a dog eat dog world out there are some very. Very tough world to survive what -- you even started some. But that's a recording of a girl that we first meet her. I got to discriminate as a -- -- -- I'd love to have Soriano what -- -- -- -- -- -- data we start trying to know her let's go to the -- very beginning let's say the that the first time you -- beat them that according to the beginning of the courting process is a bar. Gag got all relationships start -- -- best relationships ever start -- -- Guys listen up shut Freeman -- got one of his many -- reveal some of these today some more tomorrow. Okay you're you're off on Friday I'm off -- -- seat chuck is such a doctor Lowe often felt we give him Valentine's Day off there as it is deal that was in his contract. -- I'll I'll work the Super Bowl and Christmas like I have mail but I got up. That's a popular topic like tonight but I know that's our boss that I want -- -- fourteenth off and he said. God doctor romance not survive the right hit a couple of and I bet they -- not enough that Hewitt is not -- love so I loved chuckle -- Thanksgiving Day the entire day and not see his family. But he's not or cannot -- I'd -- Dave maybe I gonna want things what do you mean when you -- -- check out their mute woman. She when he night when he played when you. Abroad when -- -- -- this lovely -- -- okay. Yet he if you don't first four you don't want to just. Going to would think inaccurate generally -- the first time you -- -- all right open blown up their fauna. We texting and calling her twenty times -- -- -- scale back the expectation yes. -- -- -- Okay I don't think that after two dates you're an exclusive relationship let bring up and and for the record as a man who's been married twice he knows all about not rushing into things. -- -- right I like that that's that's that's not a federal Terrell taken just noticed right I mean do you agree a lot of first -- also let they'll say don't them whatever sale sources can you -- -- B Diddy took -- don't seem to have not the first time especially if you've got to always have a couple options to the yes I mean I'm dating a -- It does broad just get us to focus in on this -- some mom. Don't abundance of an abundance mentality have them. So take it -- -- is it slow. Don't be -- -- the things like the Eagles said take it easy and don't be blown up or -- text her and she doesn't get that you're in a way. Eagle and all of -- her dad I'll likely get all anxious and say (%expletive) is what got back to me don't be neat don't need Adobe -- take -- -- -- -- is like the number one turn off the women. Went into the wanna see you blowing -- phone. -- -- -- -- -- We chasing because you're either chased around your life like it -- -- get a lot chuck I would agree with you -- okay speaking of women. And by the way there -- get a -- -- so much really positive reaction from women we knew and I talk about women. But here's here's the deal. We don't win it right right and anybody has their finger on the pulse of women in this city who better. And chuck it way we write and we're gonna man's game your Sports Radio damn right -- all men in the building -- -- station from man. -- we deal with -- sports. How is in the office just talking about stats a retired -- the blocks about this guy where he went to school of what he did where he was before came in Milwaukee with a with a buddy and in a woman overheard. The conversation here in the building and she came up to me and said. So how do you now all those stats how do you remember. All that stuff about college -- -- and now that. And I and -- -- I turned to Ernie said. Remember when -- reading and us weekly. Yeah I'm sure ordering in us weekly magazine. And you know about who's dating who and what movie and who -- able to -- -- And so is so song and where they were and what they wore on the red carpet to what -- freaking worthless. -- a lot of awards ceremony and who they walked out with and what that person's. All of that garbage. That's the same thing for us the -- -- you are like the Super Bowl for so what is sports comes so easy but you -- to tell me to memorize a -- Arctic periodic chart and chemistry. I'm lost. But it does anybody know what appears to -- an average with the L issue. Right -- -- have that -- is 67 to 71 yeah is that right underneath somebody down but a review of the era. -- ask me about you know what you're Ray Allen was drafted by the Milwaukee blocks. I I got that -- you know the stuff that you -- an algebraic equation forget it he was it. I was off it was at LSU -- seventy yeah so sorry about that six to seven I was way off -- now I've okay. What is the periodic symbol for gold. If they know the simple. I don't know did not -- I don't -- I don't know -- you actually know that. -- you know I know that so well. Because it's that did the Latin term is or back -- -- which is the very at the villains named in the best bond movie ever gold figure his name is or gold finger. That's the only reason I know it's I don't you know I -- known that from chemistry went -- high school chemistry is so far back. -- that the taken college in this -- like you know -- we know John -- is daily I. I should so that is somebody as a party or something a couple of weeks ago -- -- said late Tom Cruise is not married to Katie Holmes anymore but I knew I. Know quite how that lasts like two years three years now I that was stomach and conine elements that I have no clue about mother that that's an obvious slump. Well that's not a -- you know that that yeah I don't know anything about -- -- And I don't nothing out you know did you know he was so -- with her and she was in love with him -- -- -- that you know that we're oh sure is he's a freaky weird -- and she talks are one -- her mouth and he's only -- a freaking Scientology's weird zone. So buried out there's there's or take on women kept that -- can't wait for tomorrow's. -- -- -- -- all -- of tips but guys don't be doping media only when you when you first meet -- woman. Don't be pressure and in her relationship take it easy -- -- -- -- calling you texting me you don't be blown up -- phone call on her all we -- our work. Don't do that coming up next chuck is going to be smiling -- here on Monday baby can you hear me. Brother. Well explain. Something freaking cool is coming. Of all places in February. To Green Bay, Wisconsin the week from Friday. With -- a week from Monday we -- the 24. Is that right the week from Monday up. Chuck is going to be jacked up I just learned about this yesterday and we'll tell you what it is next on Sports Radio twelve. It BWS has me. From -- the field Sports Radio -- the -- studio I'm -- -- legends of the field your one stop shop for memorabilia autographs custom -- an -- appearances. Marquette coach Buzz Williams trying to find that right combination to get that -- -- down for his team -- rest of the season. He went with a mostly upper -- rotation last night -- produced a 7766. Win at Seton Hall. But by Jameel Wilson who scored fourteen of his team's first sixteen points finished with a team high 25 Marquette now fourteen and ten. Big Ten basketball last night Michigan tops Ohio State snell -- Wisconsin to move in the sole possession of fourth place the Big -- ahead of Ohio State. The Bucs have 22 and 29 in New Orleans coming be more Harris Bradley Center a threat to -- -- -- -- post -- -- WS has been. Baseball spring training opens up this weekend -- pitchers and catchers reported one of those already at a brewer's camp is catcher Jon -- There are getting after it and -- Camilo has already been started fifteen guys here. Go -- -- growing up so but definitely can see the you know intensity builds and I mean overall -- pretty pumped up. College football -- coach Gary Anderson says he's had contact with the Cleveland Browns about the -- coaching job. He had -- tactic recently said it was only preliminary contact and he withdrew his interest Olympics today. In the round Robin women's hockey Canada defeated USA. Three to the Americans had the early one nothing lead Johnny Davis goes for record straight third gold in the men's 1000 meter speed skating. Later on this morning -- mine at Sports Radio pulpit the -- come. The -- -- to -- Menard is keep your home -- with great deals at -- it's WS as the weather for today. An inch of snow and high 24 right now nine I'm -- freedom Sports Radio 1250 WS has been a -- Sports Radio 1250 ducked down. Sports Radio twelve to be WS ST it's -- and wicked good morning to you it's 935 W two or three trends. Marquette a holding on -- those certainly helps just by a sliver. And maybe they got -- slivers after a win yesterday. Defeating the -- hall Pirates on the road in Jersey 7766. -- Big night for -- will see a 25 points got off to an early start they -- double digit lead the first half down mother -- -- one at halftime. I reestablished themselves -- in the second half and got the win fourteen hits and now somebody -- told me by the way to get the final answer that at Hotmail is being outscored by his brother OJ Mayo for the season. 511 to 211. A total points. I just shocked OJ Mayo scored 511 points yeah -- OJ is definitely -- from the yes I'd pay -- that. I'm just shocked -- -- -- play that I'm now. The score 511 points and -- top. Seven of the -- time getting off the bench at times do Marquette by the way host Xavier on a Saturday at the be -- Harris Bradley Center. All the college basketball yesterday Michigan on the road beat Ohio State seventy to sixty. Wyoming upset San Diego State 6860 do you have San Diego State fifth ranked -- -- -- plummet. After a loss at twenty game winning streak come to man that's pretty bad loss you have the -- that loss conference road game on the road and then no matter enough if your number five in the nation you shouldn't go to Wyoming -- had many games like they're really struggled and -- -- but if -- over the last -- sixteen in -- sixteen in a row for Florida as they top Tennessee Wichita State -- 26 and oh. They pound southern Illinois and -- life without Marcus smartly -- for Oklahoma State. -- -- on the road and fall in Austin they lose to the longhorns 8768. Save the Wichita game -- only by one at SIU. In that game and halftime and then they pulled away in the second half -- -- and -- the Big Ten game last night Michigan. Dropping Ohio State the fifth place now on the big time. And not bad for a team was third at the top nationally sure earlier in the and I'll seize -- -- -- behind Wisconsin. -- every -- with -- now although they beat Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. Still should be got some some behind a lot of people. Behind and everybody original call them Ohio and on Ohio -- as a football -- the kolbe. That's what program in Michigan Ohio too or is the football thing -- John Beilein calls -- that modesty and Ohio. Packard is -- yesterday we found out that the the Packers have released. Greg man wrote I would actually give -- next three minutes tell -- all the things all the great times all the stories all the tales you have. A great -- road and already had there he was a non drafted free agent out of -- I know that it was mostly hurt last year I didn't know any of this okay and I think -- cigarette I. He ended he was a rookie in 2012. -- played a few games 3000 golf got a field but he was. But he was hurt he was always on the injury list is -- house Gregg then wrote on the injury list every week when he doesn't play. It got hurt in camp is that recoveries of your backup you can't even practice. Need to make deep. Posey is -- him around. I don't really know I don't I'm not sure. There's of the -- here on Sports Radio twelve to BW SS -- and by the way update in the Olympics yeah. Shortly Davis disappointing Heath. The 1000 today really -- did news just came in right after the update. And they finished eighth I know -- going to be people that -- -- that were telling you that but sorry he missed his it's the Internet beyond that I used to be on the trade of give him a warning. Now and can't do it today can do it in today's world man's social media. I won web sites you know -- -- filed out by the way the I found out that Shaun White didn't win. Robert specialty meats I was there yesterday or shopping and I found out that that Shaun White didn't win because the guys in there were were talking about it. Speaking of which at this point he did win yesterday a bone to pick deal maybe you I'm not sure of it might be you it might be Tim Allen call there's. I was that. That Robert specialty -- yesterday and -- And what -- guys in there I'll I'll keep his name anonymous now what -- the guys in there is saying. Hey. What's up with with you when your coworkers and Rick what -- be talking about. And he said. So the guys have bugged it and some of my business here to tell me but. Sounds like you guys have some -- some real problems over there and -- -- what are you talking about -- have everybody at work with men -- -- bill. Radio Joseph Gary Rami Sparky the nine other guys in the big shelled -- -- late Gilbert fourteen interns. I like everybody at work with he said well. Sounds like you're probably Tim Allen said why he said because -- was really upset about you know. When he was on the air with shock when you were gone when you were in Mexico. -- for what he referring to. Any as the word sensitive is too overly sensitive or was he was sensitive what part was he you know about Tim was the you know talk about it was just say that that that that -- Was upset or he heard that Tim was upset that you know sometimes I like to poke fun at that at the guys that we work with. Whether it's Tim and he's not all sunshine and rainbows like he tries to portray himself for. Taken shots of the guys on the big show your you know the golf that I give you were the grief that I give you -- or anything like that. It was -- crying on the error of how I like about. Not being able to add to take a little little little jab -- here when I was on he was Miami are now there right now -- and what I -- now to make sure that it Owens set Tim Allen I would crime body was -- -- always -- and you remember what is congress a starter crime but what part there was the results there's a whole week it shows we did. Did anyone give me -- -- really talking about me. Batter Ramon yeah I don't remember Arthur hello. -- time is your name got brought up -- down. But -- I'm trying to -- what what a -- in particular I feel like Richard Sherman keep my name out your mouth. Well there's something about our all friends -- -- on the same team only go to a bar with your boys -- You know that within five seconds of being there one guy's gonna rip on the other guy and somebody or calls somebody the overly sensitive tip or because since now that the Bucs are calling -- the -- guys the locker room. Other -- yacht -- out of -- -- ball. The franchise franchise him I'd have to lose the franchise nickname now all of overly sensitive -- -- can bowl ST. OST Tim -- only a little. Budding now he's upset so we got a little budding dislike between Jesus. Tim all of a sudden seems overly sensitive diagonal -- got a sales around to know Malin gray on next time he's in here with nobody comes -- early with the big unit you guys can now maybe hammered on a -- Way that that's -- Overly good to me Mike Richards who -- -- grown as a parent you guys okay c'mon role fare well tell that audience in Iowa and I've told his face okay. Told Lewis face. Heard you were real not to -- and you Tim had a problem I probably -- -- -- Tim Allen. He was the French -- now is now he's -- ST. Coming up a week from Monday. I'd think you are you making the trip to Green Bay is we're talk about it after the break but are you to make a trip to Green Bay for this. You don't the way it's it's shaping up to be a big night it is shaping up to be a huge hit because green bay of all places Green Bay on a Monday night no where else would you rather be there was a big one a few years ago. When Donald Trump showed up and it was free night who that when -- It was free for everybody I don't remember that yes. -- -- made -- a free night somehow. Chuck -- made make that trek up the Green Bay a week from Monday could be a huge night. Could be a huge night -- cup whatever reasons that's very very true for three reasons I guess that night will explain it also did you see what 7-Eleven is busting out as a -- potentials snack. They're testing -- it several locations in this country you're gonna love this if you love junk food. I'll tell you what it is coming up next -- and wicket burst when asked about your job you like your career do you like your -- you like your boss you like your hours like the money that Jamaican. 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Express dot com again you don't need a commercial driver's license all you need. Insurance and your -- -- vehicle. Young express online today check him out JUNG express dot com JUNG. Express dot com young express success drives them. Sports Radio twelfth at the WSS. Mean it's just -- -- it. -- -- -- -- Out of that you'd like Hulk -- what it -- -- that. Like I -- Hogan as he got older and when he was in the WCW and hit a bad guy and then. -- a few years ago we came back and -- Iraq but in the eighties Mike Hogan was just shove down our throat he did he would never lose. And it was just like. You know but I know I know the fact he's returning -- I liked I liked -- years later if he had heard the the big announcement I guess kind of -- word we found out for sure right well that W WP. And Hulk Hogan are finally reuniting. He's coming back. Coming back to Monday night raw. -- -- -- all -- -- Green Bay, Wisconsin yet the recent. The final pay per view before wrestle mania he is Sunday night in Minneapolis the elimination chamber -- the first night after the people -- usually a big night. Because -- targets set the stage for crying out I remember that when it is to watch -- a year or two ago OK so now agree they have they're gonna make the trek obviously from Sunday. -- Monday night -- to -- Green Bay and not only is he coming back. Allegedly the undertaker is coming back tonight that's cool I like that experience because isn't you know usually -- -- Russell -- that the streak on B Russell last year yes it is easy. CM punk their -- to -- CM punk I remember that you know when he wrestled two times ago against. Triple -- triple plays the way that thing ended at that it was weird. And he had the -- that's for triple yeah yeah yeah it was a great match and I like the ending up the ending was kind of -- whatever holy put him in we Russell two years of a role. And an up and twice that he won but the last two years goes into the end of an era and -- was though they were built so as -- stickers and now that would -- coming back -- -- coming back and there's a rumor that the mouth of the south Jimmy Hart. Yeah I was coming back you know well he was -- manager later on me he only around one of them ECW. But you know Jimmy hurts their backs to believe that might have to people called me to Jimmy Hart why you are doing yeah. Q are you are tomorrow -- -- -- coming out. You are definitely not stop Kyle liked that one speed I'm not surprised that you did not and like -- hope you don't because generally speaking and I've said this before every time they say -- you deny it but. Things that everybody likes you generally don't well because you know I think with hole in in the. In the eighties it was just like he would never was always predictable you know you have a challenge three win. -- you know he beat -- an occasion in 2000 in wrestle mania to beat Andre you know ended that streak. And now and finally in -- wrestle mania I'm policy six in. What candidate but it was number six the first thing I ever saved my allowance for was that was that Russell -- by ultimate warrior the up I was the first thing I ever saved my allowance for. Was to get that paper view but he was like Hogan was just he was not any real windy always -- Told the media I don't but -- lead Iraq I mean he's saves a one -- and Hogan won he doesn't get enough he got so much love in the eighties from a Debbie Debbie. Now it's none of it and what happened. I don't know but it's like with McMahon if you (%expletive) them off somehow somehow -- off his radar I mean he's this big it's big man obviously more than Jose Canseco being black balled by Major League Baseball Jose. Oh. Hulk Hogan was. Rests he's the reason my -- is where it is right now -- absolutely he is reason my wrestling is there's a lot of credit and not the -- and Hogan fan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He in the life -- and all that all that kind of stuff that went down but they have a divorce eventually but that the each who Hollywood story -- was who's really entertaining just to watch where he started in coming up through the small. You know small circuit of wrestling in an all these things and all of a sudden it. You know boom -- -- this this shiny -- of a man and how much he meant to the wrestling world now see this is. Thirtieth anniversary of wrestle mania and that's one of the reasons there on. Chemicals circuit at the the Milwaukee auditorium which -- all the more hockey theater these days of -- and it was obviously was Mr. T. And -- against piper and Paul -- or mr. wonderful. There's rumblings that wrestle mania thirty. Hogan is gonna wrestle with a tag team partner against piper at safety -- The -- made appearances chair several times our studio it was bigger than -- studio it's like I really -- for two hours we have piper -- studio Harlem. But you know pipers Ricky rumblings that he'd like to either wrestle again -- -- -- -- match involving Hogan or have -- Hogan Emma -- spit. The -- and really -- that would be pretty cool LB -- that -- I would like to see that. The -- that -- the rivalry in the -- the -- -- vs Hogan and coming up and a week from Monday. -- -- returned to WWE. To go to Green Bay, Wisconsin a ball -- we don't know what the role is going to be for -- -- for a sixty years old. Yikes he's he's a fantastic shape for sixty year old yeah -- sold what's his role going to be I don't know now I do not know him -- him Russell. Pretty -- ago I think the WB is skeptical of letting all the wrestlers wrestler anymore because what have with Jerry Lawler are suffering a heart attack -- And so they might maybe their little skeptical of may be free of some guy out like that -- -- Russell are you to go. I don't know at this point because -- -- -- the next day is we have to take off Valentine's Day what fell piano but I -- need to -- another person in here with -- -- and -- -- That's broken by somebody I -- -- go. But I don't know what -- route I'm just saying. I expect it to affect not just acknowledge your -- aren't considering it trust me I -- I think you should you get tickets you know when you know people the fox -- mr. -- -- I don't -- and I don't remember a -- you know off on the next week. But we go to Sports Radio twelfth of the dot com click on -- choice receiving cash today chuck I'm sure he's a Mexican food how about half off to -- Bob. All of the top ten Mexican restaurants in the state of Wisconsin they're in Butler Wisconsin in the hole made Marguerite does -- -- -- those stop residential lot as fresh chips and salsa. Right now -- sixteen dollars -- the food injury cap off just eight bucks to Reebok in Butler. -- the chips and salsa or off the charts you look -- what's your favorite flavor of salsa. To -- who's also is -- -- -- -- when -- come and they've always because is Mexican restaurant a final like I don't throw differently to solstice. Zdeno in alcohol hey I was gonna tell a story about a good to Rios loaded -- talk -- get to that tomorrow and -- -- that told you that there is that this city of of so she'd. Had a dog issue and they were shooting you stray dog yeah yeah well a a guy who runs the biggest. Bomb aluminum company in the world has decided take this upon -- -- -- I never to this guy he's a billionaire. His name is all leg dairy Tosca -- -- of the richest men in a rush job. He has decided to build the dog shelters. In -- in. Mary and old god you're so she doing so -- said -- he's had a dog growing up it was a close friend for five years. Lot of dogs have been attacked after one bit a child another one harassed another child he referred to his biological trashed by the Russian government. Well this guy came in so far he's managed to save a 140 dogs they'll all -- -- shelters I think it's very very cool I just put out of the that the story on Twitter. And going on on the streets shooting starts it's a great so she says it's a great story to -- Twitter account he can check it out -- Michaels coming up next. -- you're a dog guy on their reporting to you know they're putting poison in the streets they're trying to do whatever they could get rid of these -- just. Well you know what the problem is is that they get -- as puppies a lot of these people there are no regulations so they give him as puppies they like him and they realize the dogs had bigger news you know for the food anymore. Who used over the Orlando -- horrendous now but he got coming up today -- Always thought we're gonna touch on some Packers were a touch on who were the favorites in Major League Baseball. I know we have talked a lot of baseball -- -- we'll talk a little bit because nobody talked about the K rod signing yesterday Europe over the weekend legs and confront him talk about yesterday and now and get an event -- discussion as well Samoa. Some optimism for the Milwaukee Brewers would do that end positive bill Michael -- yeah order. Positive and the Hulk Hogan they at least he's not coming -- given pep talk to the 49ers bill Michaels is next for -- -- wicket have a great day.