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02/12/14 Tom Oates joins Bill

Feb 12, 2014|

Wisconsin State Journal's Tom Oates joins Bill to talk Wisconsin Badgers athletics. Gary Andersen spoke with the Cleveland Browns about their recent head coaching vacancy - Should we make a big deal about it? What does Tom make of Andersen's first recruiting class? What should fans expect from the Badgers men's basketball team for the rest of the season?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tom -- who was Kansas -- journal Tom you don't. Go there so bro I'm telling you that you were rocket man. You guys you know what do you ever just like beat -- -- each other after it's over. I'll are -- so yeah I do I do get -- noted -- You know you don't have been sidelined. Do you not like each other players argue a lot single that's kind of a -- -- -- yeah it. And you know page sixty so this is true and I can't stand -- Goldstein thirty years -- -- good -- -- -- other on minute to. It's kind of funny the perceptions people -- but -- -- our good friend -- aren't like target sports. It's not always thought did everybody on that show kinda gets together afterwards and then you secretly getting up -- beat this not a Lucas. That's a -- little bit about stroke on the blood and so we are together outside Miller rip Lucas and then he can -- couple -- -- -- -- -- there we just beat the crap. Perfect perfect all the behind the scenes stuff all you get here -- -- on the what kind of a deal is it right now or how big a deal -- it did Gary -- in your opinion even talk to an NFL team. I don't think -- would be utilized it ought to look at what the bronze driven their coaching search. They caps -- really wide -- and I don't you know all they'd talked to. Who almost won 83040 coaches I don't know ordered the army base sounded a -- it was a little surprising to me given his rhythm and it. But he got started out by -- -- belt team also -- we Gary -- It'll go NFL experience in one year big time college football are. Not a real big rev limit. But I think they just kept the very wide net they -- and talk dorm. If they're getting -- sort of great intelligence -- not going into what has become a toxic situation in Cleveland. I've heard that day Urban Meyer has said that the the fact his name gets mentioned it with jobs he said can we all think it really hurts recruiting. But for what -- reason he says he you know young man think that if you're going to play for guide is gonna run a pro system that is going to be recognized by the pros. It actually can be a very helpful thing to have your name thrown out there in rumors do you think that helps or hurts Gary Anderson -- recruiting. I don't buy tickets and so on a boat or the other I don't I don't know -- there's Urban Meyer thought that -- what are -- -- at all by our right. I do believe. -- I don't think it hurts a bit quiet you know. -- it always helps them improve your Brandon your -- erect position and things like. Look at Barry Alvarez them by I respect him -- -- -- coaching career. You know also old and I'm in in football in the United States of America not. It wouldn't -- Barry Alvarez. You know all of your policy you -- -- over -- -- and that's tremendous. -- recognition in. And you know it never -- -- name out there I don't think Jim and you know -- -- current context million dollar. Can help you and -- can you know help you. And -- players in that direction you know. -- greater good times slugger Albert called it -- to get cute in the champs bring it out well. I -- they're all outside I don't I don't see any great problem with that among. It happens every year and people -- didn't -- it you have it you look I don't think Gerry Anderson was -- I really don't think I think -- came up. I I was watching what I did I mention your program I was watching the show -- you guys got into the recruiting process in the numbers in the rankings and all that kind of stuff and first all I completely agree with you once you get past that top stock it's fifty to 500 who cares. You know you never know who's going to -- on who's not. What you bring -- Barry Alvarez and he became a household name is not a guy and it went out recruited top ten top five classes all the time he found guys that fit what he did. And then was very very -- what -- disciplining them into his system he was a tremendous coach in that realm so that being said. Do you think Gary Anderson's done well. Thought it was a decent clubhouse you know on number the work where you have a lot of being slots slots in your catalog -- -- I only knew it was go to class and all that victory. Blocked a couple of -- late in me. They've lost our product they've been lost recruiting battles for a couple -- late. And maybe didn't send -- -- it like -- at all but. I think the record class and I and I go back two years or so rioted. It's the same thing in basketball except -- maybe from number 25 the number of modern suit he. All employer and and needs -- get -- on campus. Yeah them you know and and it's not like it's it's mini version of -- draft and develop. Yuma and burial or so this -- -- developmental program yet you get security and whoever is also a bit and not -- nobility and see him. The other good players and they have some ability but then -- really -- and we've seen that time primary you know Al Johnson over the last twenty years. Kids who didn't jump off the charts. In in the ratings. Turn out to be an assault players and all Big Ten players. I think that -- That's a perfect way to go about it that's kind of the way -- to go about it not and you don't have a returning -- -- -- Ohio State Florida power or out Texas for instance. You know you grabbed at both schools primarily a whimper -- How good of a culture is the jury still out on the -- a bit of a coach do you think Gary Anderson actually he has. What are some things I liked -- -- -- included like I thought about. Bill O'Brien out coach -- averages in the final game season yet their defense -- I did I do think there I think they're very intelligent coach -- and I think they've learned from their first term stupid what would that -- page. They understood something they did wrong some of -- things we tried to do that. They couldn't get done and also you know it was the first year. Some of -- things they try to do on defense I think will be a lot easier. -- kids get two or three and four years in the program. In terms of our coordination. And and most -- -- in the complexity so. You -- let. All in all it was it was it was good it wasn't great. I thought they lost one game Penn State that but he shouldn't -- lost. You know -- It to bring upper state but that sort of -- and they -- -- In my mind there and so you draw ala -- was decent it it didn't. Employee store -- but it it was -- and. -- switchover from football -- basketball boron and got -- when he needs to get another one to back it up before it kind of runs the rest of his rust of his schedule. Do you think that went over Michigan State is that the jumping off point for this team to kind of finally say themselves they've got it back together or do you do they have to -- with a win over the golden gophers. Well I -- -- doubt but then I'm interested -- -- at the center at Ohio. Soul it's the Big Ten and it's. Are you like to say well yeah that's would be a great jumping not forty could -- -- seventy -- -- -- and -- conditioners ball well for the policies and but it's hard to do in the yeah I think -- think they have scored -- what Minnesota I think I think they're back to play him. League footballer. Who played better these cents. Playing great defense but -- -- -- and it worked. And I think -- -- and pretty serious offense -- -- there for awhile I think -- you know there -- a lot of the players -- strong side of where you know that all. Yeah I think they're back to play in pretty good basketball. But again the -- that's really hard this year. The bottom teams but Kent State's northwestern Nebraska. But pretty good draft -- and -- heart -- So. It's it's -- difficulty. -- you don't artists they have murderer pop a bunch of wins here but I think they're back to play pretty good depth. Real quick before -- let you go Tom I'm gonna flip over the Packers Mike McCarthy saying first -- made some coaching changes and hires obviously and then. He says he's going to tweaked the defense is gonna remain did what did you take away from that comment that's usually the -- draws although the eyebrow raising. I I what I gathered was nervous I don't think. Mike the curtain locked down all of our -- -- -- and -- Told Don capers what he wanted and he -- I think. You know he just let it be known about -- do you -- Let's. You know go to two I got ultimate respect experts reviewed -- to I think he still but I have great respect -- -- -- I think in some way shape or form he's probably going to be more -- that it's just. Promote -- standpoint saying look this is what I want but these are so I think used to work his vision -- And I think he's gonna put -- on an -- and he's going to probably. You know maybe talked about it more reluctant to what I want to -- I -- something a little bit hurt and not. I think that's what I think that's gonna happen now I just think it certainly. Everything. What -- -- -- -- any injuries and be. A lack of player development. I think that really compounded the problems aren't these parents. -- side it is going to be more demanding of Don capers and maybe or seem all the more I don't think you could recall and he sent the signal or anything like -- But I think it in. A big picture he's probably going to be. -- -- Dom Capers a few more direct Tuesday that he has -- John it's always a pleasure to talk to enjoy the program and I won't -- against -- my friend okay all right. It broke our order our body jugular that -- -- -- -- Wisconsin state journal joining us on the Schneider orange hot line. Schneider hiring drivers right now column 844 -- go to Schneider jobs dot com that -- 844. Pride. Or go to Schneider jobs -- count.