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02/12/14 Paul Henning joins Bill

Feb 12, 2014|

SaveOurBucks.com's Paul Henning joins Bill to talk about the Milwaukee Bucks. Are the Bucks, as an organization, on the right track? What comes first, a new arena or a winning team? What does Paul think it will take to build a winning team?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paul heading easy spokesperson for save our bucks dot com joining us in the Schneider orange -- line -- you know it. I'm no longer -- built a thrill for me I don't. -- doing good today I feel that this is a huge draft because of this in this draft pick is a failure. -- the interest and in the box couldn't be any lower. I had -- at this point and if they miss on this it's up to me it's almost the kiss of death in the organization because you're gonna take another five years to rebuild out of it. And -- think people have that much patience and they need a new arena and all that sitting on the horizon. So -- I know I read your website have looked at a time and again you guys tweet out a lot of different stuff. In your opinion one of the bucks is an organization need to do. Well there on the road. And -- top five pick is absolutely critical. I think they just -- to continue to develop young players and -- out -- play them this year. Big men are and if were able to grab a -- -- harder and do wigand's. We're gonna get ESPN exposure we're gonna get. Sports center highlights there's going to be and they can season ticket holders. -- you're -- -- -- We had a and 15% increase since you can pick older so. We need a marquee player. We need a L scorer -- going to put butts in the seats. So I think. You know the box -- -- got to hang in there a little bit longer because. Something is building right now that hasn't been the last few years. We do have a very good young core -- And there is -- -- -- -- like coming up Pineda is sold about seven opportunity to make a move and yeah maybe get an additional. Picks or find a young player and -- it -- Is under the most playing time and maybe they need to Ridnour or period -- for players -- -- What do you report on George Karl I think -- Pretty much the only coach that could put butts in the seats in Milwaukee. So it ability intriguing. Suggestion that you made their. I'm a guy like -- said the guy's got to work and it's nothing against Larry Drew which is a -- -- Carl's got history here he's got a history of winning now like I said it crashed and burned on the way out and I would assume it's going to take a -- -- swallow. By herb Kohler said OK it was bring him back and the guys around him I notice on your website. You know obviously the senators the ultimate say but he's got a lot of people around him that are necessarily basketball people that are advising him on many different things. You've got a lot of people that have been in place for a long time. And the Indy is much different than what a lot of these guys got them all the organization in the seventies Canadians. So. But -- dark side of the David -- is here assistant GM -- going to be and so it's going to be interesting to see -- influences. The trade deadline and the off season. And the draft. Are now was announced today that the incoming commissioner silver says that they have no intention of moving a franchise to Seattle which at least for the time being. There's no plans to move one to Seattle which at least for the time being would bode well for the blocks but. You know if it's a failure here it's only a matter time before they start news you know serious talks removing this franchise even though the senator doesn't -- -- move it. We've got to give them kudos for keeping it here we know that but ultimately your goal -- you wanna get out you wanna make money in doing so you don't wanna just break even. Com so how far away are they from serious talks about one getting a building in your opinion. And two if they don't get that building then what what's the plan very. Well there's a lot of talk going on the business community right now there is an advisory board of the cultural and entertainment -- -- course. That is -- and -- for months and they are having a public form in. One week so encourage them to get there and say -- support the box. And try to all encourage them to look at creatively on the project. -- I think. The next -- absolutely critical because like you said -- -- -- there on the Milwaukee box. If somebody wants advice and you weren't there to the team that -- looking at now. We are better look out Brooklyn here this is not. Exactly the same as what superstar and went through and what -- -- fans -- -- -- -- -- opened -- we -- -- -- committed -- He -- have pretty deep pocket. And he's willing to contribute significantly towards the arena. He can't write a -- himself. So that are fighting going all of the money I understand that nobody want you to attacks -- is. -- a lot of other very important issues in the city of Milwaukee that public money should be going toward -- Think. About sort of created -- bit more he's gonna get creative. And didn't make a call into the community's support to the Packers. Not so holders so all sure. In a brand new arena -- -- an actual community built project. That's not. The way I'm going but that is a possibility committee raised some money. Well that was -- a question I had was and -- I don't know what people except -- when you're a losing franchise people -- except to -- not much margin for error. Have you guys sat down -- or looked at the studies that say what the -- mean to the community. Yeah I mean how do you always -- -- very closely I've been reading all the minutes I will be going and speaking at the public portion of the next week. So there are differing opinions but. We have a very similar a look at what he walked Bieber is going to have very similar situation of a decade ago but -- -- Very respected -- baseball but it was time and to get out of the ownership game. Remember who did -- want to pay taxes the Seymour. Do it is believed they had know -- start to build around. I'll pick up on they got a guy who are cut or not -- -- in there and become the face of the team and up by the Felix and help to get your -- on the stadium deal done so I think you can do that it's a tough bloated and there's a lot of apathy and negative feeling about the box because of their performance lately so. -- then why do you know -- the last three years. They're realistic and really different public dialogue going on right now for the support that there is out there or -- -- What comes first the arena arrow -- winning team. Got a good question. You Marino coming. We don't. -- shorter -- -- the fans that don't do the right way it's going to be a couple of years and being committed to the slot that beat. You need three young good -- and -- Two brilliant noise in this league and well standard and -- and -- are great I don't think you can put them in that category. You can put -- and -- we -- -- we got one right now. Being -- out when we get Detroit Parker Wiggins attribute to. But I still think we -- -- -- beyond that so it's gonna take a couple of years there will be improvement. That it will be much more likely next year I can -- to achieve that we are gonna win more games because it's going to be -- could do worse than we did this year. And the product will be much more exciting -- you get one of those guys even. Lower. And you have without and are. Doing that Randall and a lot of Galarraga but. You know. Celtic got no matter what even if we don't win the lottery number one we're gonna get. Highly talented player. No we could never acquire in a different not they're such -- trades or. Free agent signing so distraught it is critical at the elevate to the team and now we need we need more channel. Absolutely right Paul appreciated it is called save our blocks dot com -- go there and read and react in all -- kind of good stuff Paul thanks so much okay. I appreciate what we're doing well we're doing to meet up tonight so far anybody want to come to -- squad -- -- Well in before the all star break the boat and I'll. I jugular they go he drops off club Paul -- from -- again another spokesperson for save our box dot com join us on the Schneider orange hotline. Schneider hiring drivers right now call 844 -- -- go to -- -- stuck on the Schneider jobs dot count.