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Feb 12, 2014|

How can the NBA rival the NFL? Ramie, Sparky and Leroy discuss

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You've got to believe it's the -- -- big show arriving -- -- Steve Sparky Phifer in the packer hall of Famer and number 36 inventor of the Lambeau -- LeRoy Butler live from the ram truck studios. GE EZ you know -- Jerry Ellison. Little under the weather that we back as soon as he can't be. But the Reagan we have that -- over their you're at there are right get -- we did till 6 o'clock with -- Milwaukee wave soccer show. Very good you're good read their takes over these fairways radio -- and so like you should rotate -- -- through throughout the pocket and make sure Robby maybe that's just confuse the hell out of view there this is that it didn't do that -- not -- not. It showed up at 3 o'clock what to do with all that money Ted -- -- has to spend this off season. And at 4 o'clock we'll get to our Wendy's where's the -- question of the day you can text -- your answer right now. To 32961. LeBron James says he'll be on the NBA's mount Rushmore when all is said and done. Who's got your NBA mount -- by your I've been in your lifetime not all -- -- Very few of you can actually go back to Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain if you can. Then fine but who's on your NBA mount Rushmore. -- Ivan your answer to 32. 961 and we do start this afternoon talking up a little bit about the NBA Sparky and new NBA commissioner Adam silver. He's seven high hopes high is that -- high bar for the NBA under under his watch. Quote as much as we talk about international. -- they're still an enormous opportunity in the United States. I think this game should be a rival to football. The United States is number one -- his -- participatory sport we've all played it I wanna focus on the game. The business is going well but this is a beautiful game. The NFL this is broken down by SB -- c.'s annual revenues of about ten billion dollars compared to the NBA's four billion. NFL playoff TV ratings often double or triple those of the NBA and the annual Harris Interactive poll about sports this year. Found that 36% of respondents consider pro football. Their favorite sport pro basketball -- 5%. In. Now they point out in this article by CBS sports there's no indication that -- thinks it can or will. But that it should and there is a big difference there so we we should we should specify that but Sparky. If they're gonna close that gap and again you're talking about a gap of ten million dollars. To four billion dollars and 36% of respondents saying footballs -- favorite sport compared to just five of pro basketball. How do you. How do you close that gap uneven start to close that gap because that's. That's a sizable gap for the NBA to try and and bite a big chunk into. I'm -- being as racial as humanly possible. Anyway Americans this is -- on a way to play in this league in a much higher rates and they are right now that's what they need. Now I'm -- -- -- in Oakland but this is why you're. You're asking me what tell me you're asking you what they need they need 83 or four other -- to come show -- in the NBA and supplant. That's that's what they need in order to try -- National Football League you could say this isn't a race issue about the NBA all you want. But it is that that -- that is a large portion of what this does in fact they just got. Donald I just got in a conversation the other day with a guy about this very same time by the NBA and NFL and he said -- Why is the NBA considered a thug league not the NFL now about just as many rat -- -- the -- -- was a guy like yes -- right. On and Jerry Ellison was right there. Here -- -- well two white guys Gary said. Well you know you have more players in the NFL so the percentage is really the same thing I found the NBA ball -- -- but the NBA gets. The -- but the NFL. The NFL doesn't. And part of that is why because the NFL hey don't take your helmet off nobody wants to -- you look like we wanted to be about us not about you as the individual. And the NBA has marketed itself since Larry Bird Magic Johnson a Michael Jordan to be about the individual. Right. So now you're watching that game. And you're watching the game on TV and NBA NBA back in the eighties you had a lot more really good white Americans playing in a basketball that point that's what you -- And as that has gone away. You've seen it start to die in the NBA as well now you go to TV ratings TV ratings are great -- -- -- to -- -- The problem is you're -- close to the NFL fact you're trying to get to -- two Major League Baseball before you can even think about -- -- National Football League right now -- last summer comes out as well how are we gonna -- There. I don't I don't know there's anything you can do other than. That in you can't control -- talent you can't control who's being born by what pairings and what ever. So I don't know that there's necessarily much did not hurt other answers of a lot of things too but for me. I think that's the biggest thing they need a couple white American superstars in this sport and to have a chance. Do you -- whatever you want but now what is Austin there are people don't watch asleep because are too many races yes. -- now yeah. This is this America -- weird the roster right what do you hear what you hear managing director -- Edwards and -- right here -- -- -- -- we don't know about the -- Men that we can get up but we're -- a free throw any more. Mentally intermittent a fifteen foot jump -- and a fifteen foot jump up and high school they just executed a fifteenth -- jumpers. He's got to get paid lots of money give a damn free throw -- -- -- -- watching them that's why earlier we have so that's what -- all the time. And I'm telling you you start -- up those practice and you do or you that's your group -- -- -- -- read this is what happens. I got in a bar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just they start slamming the NBA to -- Oscar with a box NBA sucks but about a block I hate the NBA I hear it all the time. You guys and Twitter. That aren't TV guys -- radio guys but that do all the writing or whatever else and -- -- other sports. That I feel the same exact issue can't stand the NB AL I love the birds all of the bad about the -- -- the NBA. Excited -- the -- it's -- the NB. Mean that. To me that is the biggest thing right now and if people want to argue to me about it this final argue -- -- about it but I think that is the biggest central issue right now that. You have a lot of white guys that are turning on the TV and -- anybody and looks like it and doing anything worth a damn for the. -- -- -- -- No it hasn't but you know you had -- -- -- you had more. Good eye players don't farther back time you go as you come forward -- Stockton you -- Byrd. US diving back and Mikhail. One of my guys -- -- get Linda Davis and is how has been -- -- so now it's always been that we don't since you are asking you now always you know make a difference did it listed those are -- in the -- Don't have a number. Whose wife Paula -- what are all right now -- -- it won't matter. Have a bailout won't matter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I love the way he's thinking out there but didn't have to give more -- Olympics expand. What -- have the control to owners are. But -- what the goal overseas. -- -- three -- China especially when you hear a guy that. Column that retires. In the NBA with -- says he wants to play in China. You gonna hit it from a lot of guys because they controlled overseas market so it was -- eighteen over there. And make it a global. Sport -- -- legitimate in the states it and haven't and you -- put -- -- where birds on -- in -- make enough money. To make that difference up is just not gonna happen in -- on the opposite I don't think is a race issue. Because don't -- say and that they don't like the NBA. You know it's a good no one is watching the locker instead. They and a black people -- soccer is that hey I could make -- goal. So what -- African American guys playing soccer. -- -- Don't like that -- do you -- -- ever talk about -- the NFL. What was -- -- race is -- you know why don't want to sit canola gonna listen to this market. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is marketed individually. Indiana Indiana and grappling you haven't liked -- -- -- wreck would go to mount Rushmore later this is Indy is now by the teams owner of arms -- just. Michael Jordan's fault while supporters -- plays for the -- -- I don't blame us as society in admirably in the media we want LeBron James to be in the downtime all sorts residual are. It was a -- in calculated move by David Stern to to market individual players -- -- as he he felt the greatest of all time Michael Jordan I agree with Q what does Michael Ryan -- -- did you hurt you know but not to that -- I know Michael Jordan took the marketing individual single brand marketing you bring is the king and will probably always beat him to do what did you insistence that. Now the like Jesus -- to fortify our round did you prayer. Then though you know everything is today your dog according to radio today but his old throwback jerseys in the -- produced by Mitchell -- It is indeed I usually -- -- borders which is idiots -- which is kind of weird Nelson actually join him to put his stuff through in his Brandan Wright that's kind of where it is -- -- either so that's a kind of ridiculous idea that might look at his wife gave birth to twins today. -- -- -- -- -- you know he got a word the kids they get married last year -- more than four or that we know about a third. With the twins at six. Six what -- and I really don't know who was asked when you have when you have different baby mama you kind of start over. Some of the other wants a -- now they count but it's a you don't don't talk enough club if you are thought he had a -- on the your household. You know the -- baby -- -- when you went off topic I just. Now how could you don't have a child now -- and -- -- hole yet he had the 22 as a set that's. -- -- don't live with them. Idonije Eric Alexander did tonight baby -- they don't have -- -- -- -- Whatever it is only on your household that you would you know -- you're not actually where -- -- you have nobody is he's not under the -- -- the fourth there's only one in my way so don't tell my -- and so. It. I'm joking but you know reported Sunday -- -- -- But I think alive is our followed the draw argue that the white T shirt and we draw Blake. Would Chamberlain on our shirt. And -- drop the Lakers on military analysts are similar individual sport. But I love the way he's just think in those are you gotta love that -- MBA moving forward. You -- think did we got we got they beat. And not only that we got to get those people use and that you bump into that I had to bars -- about it we got to -- -- people like he NBA. I can't in about the -- Jays -- overnight but what I can do. Is may be looking at other markets. And expanding. And may be getting guys together and try to get other ownership groups -- Know maybe some some players together Cutler Marshall Faulk. Had a group -- morning NBA team and -- -- any NFL team. If you get groups idea -- I kind of money. Now that bring people out if you give other argument try to go to Peyton Manning or somebody's gotta say Amy you got one on a franchise and -- -- companies run it that would be awesome. Again -- over new NBA commissioner he says he thinks this game should be a rival to football and I -- -- way they think you know I really do about it I played it I wanna focus on the game the business is going well. But this is a beautiful game how -- the NBA. Rival the NFL 7991250. A lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com if you're somebody who's not in the NBA one either from you how -- they get you guys because a great point that's all they catch up to the end and 07991250. The Wendy's big shall be right back. He's big show probably isn't marquis -- you live from the ram truck -- asking you how can the NBA arrival the NFL as -- commissioner. David -- -- keep seeing David silver Adam silver. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Real quick -- before we get to your calls on the NBA. We need a daily winner of the 25 dollar gift card from -- he's house of roses last they will be choosing. A daily winner and before we get out here loss to be announcing the ultimate grand prize winner that includes a dozen roses. Chocolate Teddy bear and -- plus dinner and -- seafood and violence and Brookfield. -- I know you're asked to be able email and why does she deserve it -- doesn't do they get out of the doghouse think -- to get out of the dugout well what tells roster that you did wired troubling need to get out. I Carolina something else you okay do to get out good thing when he says are at. On but I don't know -- seemingly finding over the course of last. And five to ten years into the right -- degree admit that more and more women prefer other things. Other than red roses. Like some like white some like tulips some like well -- tell us dollars on. Right but up but Arsenal image prefer a series title -- -- that more than a relative to get a good look at everybody knows red -- means love. My shallow as friendship I think generated -- -- Just well if it depends on all the -- just as your scenario where you are center red roses you may scare the crap out of just ask the folks can folks Milwaukee's. They'll tell you what you should be get you -- -- -- area and an up and sure I agree with -- running but my point is that there are a lot of women that. Prefer. Other than just read that prefer other didn't want to colors on a different flowers that's all -- I was wondering how many met listening have women that. We rhetoric is okay but they really prefer this -- -- flower over red roses or our red roses still number one with one -- the number one if you want to -- that the me. Email go ahead but we're trying to get you out of the -- today tell some stupid crap try and me we stayed in -- -- that's got you in trouble with the woman how you can make north Florida on Valentine's Day. My -- -- 25 dollar gift card from rookies I would have mine also and if you haven't won anything from what he's over the last week that we've been doing this and you don't win anything. Well they have a special offer just for WS SP listeners ten dollars off and the order of roses -- five dollars off any flower purchase order -- -- two locations elm grove. -- 563 and north avenue in Milwaukee -- check -- out. And well keys dot com what did you do. She's mad -- your -- Valentine on Saturday night and said you can only have one Valentine but especially treated me today to writes that she's not happy it's not it -- all I -- I'd like what is the -- off it's off because you make -- career -- -- where my -- like things that I got yesterday mind -- mind my he has frankly you don't see them. I'll bring him a shot but I dollars -- on the AA I don't know -- -- the folks in the flash dance musical. Brown which is coming to town which I can't go to -- them Sparky. It's why -- in spring training. Sign fuming and as well one -- I don't ask. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So he asked me if I wanted to go watch the NBA all star festivities Saturday night Byrd feels like a -- -- is like you'll be my Valentine and I don't care -- You don't wanna go to that was nice it has -- weird to NBA draft is number one. Super Bowl. Wanna go to a good talking to death hey man don't do that I -- know that we weren't what you and then we get -- Friday where the free -- Barbeque ribs like chocolate -- -- Still pick they got -- decides it will -- will work for food take one of those guys with mental map -- Now I'd askew but I know you got -- it's you can you know so and I get to share one of the -- delicious -- picked two entrees among their half -- reds announced under -- state or. Short char grilled salmon beautiful -- but -- off with the calls there -- -- -- including the lose your pupils at full rich fudge -- do you -- the -- -- think I want to play us tonight yeah. I just LA it's not not shy about they're not the -- played as you have a -- right. The Jerry didn't find most people -- secure secure Ryan spoke at a street argue -- -- signs Boone now when I said the same spoon man. It's doing that would be huge and they're still getting absolutely misery get what jury could put you struggle -- -- wanna you know. -- -- another foot aren't -- how does. The NBA rival the NFL. I know how at least at a pretty good idea out we made these folks wait long enough somebody a hit on it and maybe even the first one Colorado hundredth go to -- Alex downtown near the Wendy's big show it's up Alex. Hey guys. I think although that's -- you know but yeah it's an advantage not dugout. You know I turn and I don't seem like guys that that doesn't matter -- -- -- -- issue -- -- -- -- you -- and I'm. In the catalyst of this like professional analysts for the NBA and yes and -- any other -- he didn't stop. And they put out -- what was the best chance of winning and everything on the ball -- just two teams. Yeah against the reds probably not as bad in Jacksonville -- in football and in better is and what do they have a chance to win the Super Bowl next year. Yeah in the probable while the probably not. But because political structure and their parents have actual hole quite reconsider their -- -- if we get Jabari Parker wouldn't. And they're all maybe in the next year we got to build -- -- -- -- And that's finally get the popular that we have you'd be in the market -- -- I think is the fact that we all analysts on the lead. Well I'll tell all the fans the -- -- the world. Your -- and not have a chance it just the way it is I think that -- -- turn off for people that aren't that early in the NBA. If the box where you don't go to India got to you'll really get that you really get this guy and a number Edward turnaround. Yet -- -- watch I think. You know the fact like I got -- probably come I have. So -- are you Adam silver needs to figure out a way to have parity in the sport. I think I don't know I think what Kurt is -- a good marketing individual players had to -- -- -- was thinking we had to do I get it. But I think now. You know I know everybody all of their their -- to a player on the paint scheme itself you know. You know Jordan what do -- We order Adam Scott gotten them -- on the PP -- -- -- -- wanted to rip their hearts out I think if you got that older and don't rivalry is good are all thinking it. Well I I don't know I think they're just that particular guys none of this -- into the NBA out of. That's especially -- -- -- best best best of what our Stan your defendant Izzo may have bad teams there and how I mean. How does it matter but if you look at the -- have been -- Realistically the -- real lie ended. And -- -- kicked Tampa out of -- Out in north you have for you if you can win endured. Division you have a chance -- You really -- Have a chance but it would draft is set up with the NBA you don't know now you tell him -- you out and another -- they got a little for three years yet to be relevant Portugal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't yet though they -- L owners to vote a lot differently seeking to mingle the reason they may the draft lottery wasn't muscles thank you thank you -- -- trying to tank and you got like half a dozen teams out there -- try to do this this year right so this is -- work it's a wash go back to an every other sport does. Just more -- gets number one you know just be. Good. Worst -- of -- our targets -- all the -- -- the lot -- what this second a matter that a point Heredia up a lot of snow Ortiz is sort of you're there or the others many issues but almost vision you have as they are huge conspiracy. Mean -- fan base and I know you don't get it started drives you crazy but. Adam silver has to figure out how to flip that there's no. He -- -- dangerous offense standpoint my answer would be -- -- I don't know I don't know this is Adam -- answer when you ask why not change that even if there is no conspiracy just to appease all the conspiracy there -- you know. Because if I think that that's the best way to operate and maintain that. Are trying to maintain some sort of parity and competitiveness and really not -- the same time. I'm not gonna change it just to -- crazy conspiracy it's -- maintaining parity. And it's not maintaining competitiveness none of that is happening it's maintaining for the big markets show the Chicago's of the world and they're they're doing what yeah it's working out well for the -- But it's not working for everybody else now again and draw Cleveland's had how many one's three. And you have to have a general manager and also the -- he's doing in order for this to work. We can give you opportunities but you don't have to turn those opportunities and -- gold when you are given those opportunities. And that's why everybody doesn't like this -- -- came up with a strap what would I love the draft will I absolutely. Yeah buzz over a -- he has to try to start he has to figure out the power him. Two things or what they need is to have Mark Cuban related to frame it -- -- -- but that is in and and chemist -- and I hate each other. But I would try to figure out. How to get a franchise. Into -- out. I would double -- -- first one on top five things. The fan base -- won the Super Bowl if you wanna be letting him -- eight to families had their get a team back out there and they've shown their support that W wanted to biggest things. Going into new markets and expanding their markets now. You'll -- Q it's Morry it's stint in the NBA because their prayers do go home and say. It's not -- -- like India you know I'm let my son play baseball maybe football things of that nature but you put -- French guys in that -- he's bigger cities. In expand a bit more and maybe even locating him -- and -- -- worst ones. I think it would be even better is that talking about expansion don't do you know they got to flip. And they're talking -- expansion. Adam silver and Mark Cuban Mark Cuban specifically you know soccer about expanding if you can hit 800 million dollars yes -- you -- they -- trying to prove that in a heartbeat -- -- -- -- is -- Adam -- came back in his response -- given us. Look I'm let's -- McKinnie spent some point right I got an issue Milwaukee right now I got to figure out that -- situation. And then after that I got to figure out if I had two more teams don't we have enough talent players to make that work because I'm a parity problem already you -- two more years gonna grow the margin -- Know -- -- teams are going to be started. We'll see I don't want for sure has got to be there for me because you bring -- -- -- -- market there always -- but. I'm glad you brought -- -- out he could Beckett be when his foot parents help in the books figure out the stadium issue. It happened either. Either bring in some ownership with Herb Kohl or have been cool figure out. How to get his team back on track -- open David -- would do that. As a parting gift right you know try to primarily go to donors and that we -- -- help them build a stadium -- -- -- it's no worse -- yes. That's figured out he's made money and the eighteen million for mobile for -- -- made money. Let's try to help him in -- position to where it -- later this team is going to be good that it can be bad like your right things and makes Soviet it'll be good warm. Would you -- showed that the BC. Be a moyers. You don't showed it on television empty bowl you don't want to show that so I think they got to figure out a way to help those teamed -- -- -- NFL. All about even our smaller markets like up and knowing -- Green Bay -- they -- -- case. So that's what the NBA yet to catch it -- job. Downtown drops the salon in the when he's in but says guys -- -- -- some Arnold or there are horrible shooting percentages in the NBA compared to the past. And if you were white guys in the league -- guys are -- -- -- for being good shooters weather created the NBA or at the YMCA I have always got the quote. White -- can shoot but I. You're white and good in the here -- -- -- a great shooter unless you were seven feet tall and just a big body. Just off the top of the head Dunleavy -- -- Dirk to love -- Nash Mike Miller. Drawing a blank not a lot of white dudes -- Korver at that point America -- -- Ginobili Bonner or not all these dudes are -- when left open that's -- Downtown and he buys -- what Americans slowed mask comes off -- -- dark comes off the less -- -- white Americans that's rice sent -- European in European influence in this game has been great. Not you may not like it. I think it's been good for the NBA it really -- has got a lot a lot of technically sound. Sound -- guys that have come over here regardless of race that because it in my opinion the international game. -- -- -- -- -- In coach them better than we do over here that's for another -- but I just think they do -- batter over there as far as coaching their talent up at a younger age and get them more fundamentally sound and we do here. But we use our timeout which is that why Americans the best guys who -- -- for sure I think it's got a Kevin Love now is he a hall of Famer I don't know. Mean he's not Larry -- yet but we now know we'll -- -- he can do not. Stockton how can the NBA -- the NFL 7991250. -- do adjusted drops a line. In the when he's in box live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com on hot deals from Wendy's it's fast it's easy like on -- went -- dot com is targeting great offers from Wendy's today. It's easier it's faster to get the hot deals and coupons from Wendy's -- -- -- coupon right when you sign up one dollar off a delicious combo meal don't wait. Sign up today -- email -- count as last week he did -- -- in the deals you can NRA go to Wendy's like minimum 34 times a week so. Yeah I'm probably not tonight for dinner. Tomorrow night for dinner. -- Monica. Parliament on Friday and you -- what are -- to let's just -- Els -- now Kansas on not Saturday we're going to Quaker steak. And now -- -- on a right. So tonight. Thursday incentive to do -- -- -- Wendy mailed dot com the Wendy's and you know might be right back talk in the NBA rival the NFL we'll hear from you next. What is big -- served up hot and press -- But the ram truck steals on the idea that's well lefty WS -- -- as it continues its not side are one knows this. Seriously when it weakens us know that's down like a dusting. Bill read Bob let not hard all of there resign and Menard has double speed out of movies like when. At least in my slated to you as are 414276. And one hopped the wall and honored at your involvement a car accident in your hurt. You give Bob an article -- -- -- smile on your face and on your bank account and if you are dealing with a workers got bishop because you were hurt on the job either recently. Maybe a couple years ago when you're still dealing with -- workers' -- and just really are going right. Paul Bob -- and get an expert on the case to make sure you get what you're deserved. 41427. -- -- -- and -- organizers and ended up 414276. -- -- 100. Visit them at doors on -- Menard dot com doors on -- Menard they work. For the average jock in the NBA rival the NFL as Adam silver and your NBA commissioner would like it to -- 7991250. You know also email -- that Sports Radio at 1250. Dot com let's get right up -- guys on the phones in West -- we find tenure in the Wendy's big show go camp. -- -- -- -- -- I'm not out while a little bit of everything I agree with your point as -- from a standpoint that there is the parity is. Her role and -- I remember. Back in the eighties in the -- -- when I grew up I graduated nearly eighty period early -- and I were there and we were fabulous but watched it looked backed up. -- -- You can talk all competitive game -- him and shooting hand and everything that's the whole aspect of the game. -- Really changed and I think I'll brag they can all I wanted to get it all -- -- -- -- yardage bow street brokerage creepy. But. One thing that I I -- -- be NBA. Brett is a typical. But it will -- is going to spark -- point for me at least. I can't -- to a guy from Croatia. I wait for it but we have never seen play before we get -- -- great college players that never make it in the NBA. -- -- -- -- -- -- And bring -- people or Europe you know I don't want to pinpoint what I'm -- six China but -- -- and everybody and I mean actually. And then they don't they believe belong. You get all these crazy people all of -- it -- three or marketing standpoint it's a little right yes. You know we go back to some retired yesterday Garnett rallies against Laura Wannstedt and I let's be honest about this -- back. To what he just sat there and that is you raise -- -- -- in college basketball you know okay. Now you build rivalries and you build. Travelers have been -- -- players with a -- basketball like magic and Larry and you've doubles robberies now you've seen Wiggins play for two or three years and and I company and yet you know that is and he's got an immediate impact he's he's a coaching for three years -- a high school. When he comes -- -- forties policies not -- he's not trying to figure out how to play the game on the fundamentals of the game try to play a -- man. That helps the product immediately. By simply raising that -- -- and -- these kids get more coaching before they get to this level to not only get -- battered but also the general public to know who they are tired and I'm getting here now in the draft happens tonight with a well. You you majority this guy for two or three years you don't and you -- these guys are athletic about you know -- -- man's -- steer right. And I'm glad Johnny -- other sure you -- about -- instructed to your team you're gonna know Johnny mental. You slap in and -- -- collar part of bill's so Nabisco until and he can give a hundred no run this is what I'm dawn on who wins and a coach -- you. You got Derrick Rose to three years now you whatever the case maybe two or three years but now guess what that next outstanding freshman Mano uncle played for coach -- -- -- -- to play. So now that next outstanding freshman -- may wanna go play at -- Michigan or Wisconsin or somewhere elsewhere -- -- -- form play right away developed three years. Now set up rotating in fresh and every year at Kentucky or I can't exist or wherever you are doubles guys stay together or not you build rivalries and other programs programs get stronger as well us because -- kids wanna go somewhere know what they're gonna do -- do library and engines go overseas for Danica you didn't play and ideally. They could get paid to play you know I liked his point -- -- too by the way. I liked his point -- -- situated. Take into the -- let him do the -- -- not out of my about a month and a depleted girlfriend cardinal I don't know if you're gonna count it make a play their. Tell these guys wouldn't. What that's the American weight control and a lot of accurate as it says -- -- we would number one -- -- -- the fundamental debate. Taken place on Twitter John tweets at twelve -- -- WS SP says the NBA is an 88 -- we were fundamentals -- joked. And yeah I just and he provides a link to -- says here's another example why provides a link. To the video that's it's been circulating around the Internet for awhile Hamas to -- you it's Dwyane -- taking seven steps and not getting called like literally have a car travel literally taking seven steps and I don't call for a travel budget goes -- -- on Milwaukee dot com he -- that John and at 1250 WS SP. And this is this is -- response every time somebody gives me that lack of fundamentals that -- on the -- he says just feel lack of fundamentals they lame excuse to not watch a sport. If that mattered the WNBA would be popular. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well not a one kid going to hear from bottom Skyler from -- Notre Dame. GS stellar day and yeah it's there yeah. In what they're in just about anything but not the creepiest of -- and I here. But. I just -- just is I want to somebody Gary that's my boy -- -- -- -- medicine that they want -- our our semi due to. But two. -- I think the competitive. There's this shorts got long to learn. The more Ted whom you know -- now again this died six give -- sees the new wife but -- Stuff like that irritates people you know. -- -- and you see. You know. After the first round you don't know who won the second round yeah it's funny to me you really don't know synagogue -- got maybe -- better this. This thing about how back in the eighties it was more competitive than it is now who you don't go look up to the -- -- -- -- -- be great oh I love the early eighties. Talk about the series differs second ironic issue -- conference the Boston Celtics 67 wins. The mid Atlantic Division Philadelphia had 54 yeah. Then -- 48 games behind that was the watching some bullets. 28 games beyond the New Jersey that was years the number next 198586091. -- -- I didn't already -- early it has to -- The next I -- better use and I -- the next 44 games behind. Go over to the central the bucks won it 57 point five that's right people around here love the early eighties is a much from. Were what were good over here at Atlanta seven games out at fifty wins okay so you -- yell for fifty plus win teams not in the Eastern Conference. Odd then you had a Detroit eleven now. The Bulls 27 now the -- -- eight out the Pacers to 31 out. So really you had. Once you know walked away with the Atlantic conference and -- central division you had really a two horse race and really not -- not between the box and the Hawks. In the Western Conference you had you stint with 51 wins. I'm -- wasn't the good conference -- on the west wasn't as good as the east. Then you had -- 47 wins four games back Dallas at 447 games back Utah and nine games back sacramental fourteen Santonio sixteenth. In the Pacific the Lakers in first a 62. Then you had every other team in a division under 500. 22 games back Portland Phoenix thirty games back the Clippers thirty games back Supersonics 31 games back Golden State 32 games back -- So lol they about thirty -- and won as many teams -- there so you had less basketball teams. So -- you throw more basketball teams so yeah there's going to be more bad basketball teams without a shadow of -- doubt as you. -- that's going to happen. But the 33 I think that's ever been -- -- in India I think there's really ever been parity in the NBA not like there's in the National Football League. Not like that not to that -- extent. -- -- Magic Johnson also says something that was different from the eighties. -- then they did lie to each other not he's got a -- we are all talking I'll work out there for oriented to know him and Isiah. They'd knock each other on their -- And but this seven -- series. Like -- -- that we hate each other that's how was in the eighties and that was very amusing to watch. When you had a bad boys but you always -- a decision that was people love the old rivalries. Now -- is -- a guy as we talk about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You would have never seen Kevin Durant averaged thirty horses certain incident on the issue is held in punched people in the eighties -- -- -- -- -- Well yeah if you go to -- put him now -- a way more. Physical eighty's and it is now odds -- and that's what people like now has -- -- wide open net to keep the corner on word 88 you. Got a year around you rather have -- -- -- vertebrae and dove right basketball then you want issue said Nate zip in the pre -- that's it that's. It's close hockey Atlanta undeniable you have found in an already I don't know we can we have guys have been waiting a lot of dynamics and -- Yeah at 799 -- to -- avid Sports Radio affiliate raised -- -- -- and we'll talk glass and hear more premier right after this on the when he's bigger. Like Joseph Morgan you aren't generally -- -- -- -- dollars and is there but I believe she started out -- we'll get 2000 just once sat around in the NBA rattle the NFL 7991250. But guys during the. Is Daniel still -- industries kids bowling for Q what -- high school -- Half the benefit the banks to be research -- are now that being Blazers made over 4500 dollars in scholarships will be awarded qualifying tournaments held starting February 16 this weekend -- -- our first Madison Racine and Greenfield in the championship tourney. In -- will be broadcast on the Time Warner Cable sports channel the first annual -- bowling for kids tournament over 4500. Dollars in scholarships. Find registration details that Sports Radio 1250 got a house of sponsored by -- when industries Boucher automotive and Bank Mutual and I. -- whereas they I really appreciate allowed their dorm for he would discuss your -- a major council sponsor him. My -- -- my -- believe I campaign and we'll talk about it later 5 o'clock but I appreciate steal enough to get outside and -- who is what has yet at publicize on -- yes there she she has a problem with us saying first annual. Idea to add is that it cannot guys are dispersed not the first it is the first moment I just put them -- to you. I didn't say first and all that was somebody else -- and you go -- it every year thanked. That's dollars a -- but he does does your first what we're doing is -- every year that what you mean when you say first absolutely not we are doing the sponsors and right if I were sick and so what I don't want to -- next year. There's no need to back out and losing and that means what we're doing this every year this is greater I'm Manny I like watching Kate Hansen dance leisure and our ABC you know video flat panels that she's a -- -- -- -- Not meant -- fun watching guys on those who listened to Jeremy did he walk year -- -- big show putt in the NBA -- -- the other than others and -- it don't count them out. -- -- -- Yeah I guess -- stopped for me alias that -- slash or an argument doesn't hold up to me I guess I mean I -- I don't rather watched. Dirk -- -- over you know tractor trailer you know obviously -- Turks from Turks from Europe arm. You look at the NBA herbs -- -- out foul me their stories all the time and their record Kurt Warner. The only other -- that come from wherever whatever their backgrounds are -- talent is talent. You know regardless of where you compliments just my opinion but I guess you know. There's two things that differentiate. Wire thinking out fellas so far apart from the NBA. And it -- get it you're exactly right as far as the count the -- -- arm. There's no guarantee you right now that the worst team during its first overall pick means from the lottery standpoint I mean. Look at our current situation and it looks like we're gonna -- the first overall pick but I mean 82 -- that a lot of a lot of games to watch that team -- To this long and there's no guarantee you get the best player. And then I guess and look at that the playoffs Q I mean I think the beauty of the NFL. Is the parity I mean it. Any given Sunday anyone can -- any more on him in the for the Packers it specifically in the sixty. And they -- Super Bowl a couple years ago in that. I think that's why it in on MBA playoffs have been -- past couple years you watch a team like Golden State tour nor dark horse teams -- they. They do write about the arms in all and and give give a competitive series but still I mean there's just not a lot of opportunities. Foremost you know lower seeded teams you know everyone talks oh yeah I mean we can get any -- order that really translate to you really believe you've got -- -- At the title and I I just think you you wouldn't stand bases missile -- -- not a destination. You know to a player the -- play. Allen and I think the anyway teams. Look at the Pacers I think -- perfect example only -- it well. You know hope they can keep those guys but you know I I don't think that it's. You know. -- for us to see that if if you have the option durable play and Miami here. You know Milwaukee -- -- free -- I think that's probably a no brainer so that's just might -- been. It takes -- closed part if you look -- Cleveland as a whole. Football league you -- -- -- -- front office but you look at the basketball. They had their number one pick so many tough times and it's still not. Part -- top two teams. So I don't know that guarantees you anything but you did -- to be like Portland. Where you're cannot -- head but now you playing well him. If you had about fourteen to do it every year instead of one or two I think there will be awesome passing -- -- what he wants to do. So you have. -- you right. When you get that -- you got to hit that -- -- -- got so our view the -- going to Portland you brought up you know number one pick that year got to go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- better quicker right absolutely what Odom was the guy that year there was no doubt -- mistake to him he gets hurt consistently can't stay healthy what Arlington. There and it would have been going on now and when you get Le -- and you gotta keep them right. So. Make it go either way but -- just stand out like the way -- and it thinking about doing you know. Under rival it NFL. As costing -- -- -- for the break -- -- NBA travel the NFL Jones. Well -- -- -- it's just a bad business model citizens can there's too many teams -- -- for a stint with the good weather people lose interest. This kind of competition from college basketball and that's something so horrible the -- pro football used to be appeared to throw to ask about their college football 1950s. You know pennant it's another problem with the to transport can reprise according to people. The most people's my -- -- superior -- outdoors sports sports football baseball. Sydor a simple and I never thought about the way you put it number one don't -- -- I agree it's too long. I think baseball's way too long to -- so mean even if we're talking NBA type stuff. I like starting on Christmas Day. I'd love that last year -- and having a combined season. Not take out some of those games obviously right off the bat no problem is to would you -- to see if he's good and -- to get yeah she dropped to sixty that's -- -- and -- -- -- Iguodala -- problem it is Bravo if you got to sixty players salaries are coming down because the owners on the money and pay you anymore. So the bars are gonna like that either but if you go from Christmas him and instead of any at some point in early April and at the end of march and and -- in April not you're not going all the way to June -- I think that helps a lot to -- lose interest but -- NBA finals here in June forgot it's. Hey that's true is -- -- is about Libya to -- -- -- just out of there we're gonna pay fifteen as a group who are realists we only top. Three pulled out make QB Jeremiah -- camp but. If it ended and -- may. I don't know abuse and to be would I think is UW affected cadets just march really. It is a couple weekends -- but you know if you're if you're Miami Heat -- your team is you know top two -- injured but there's a rival and yeah. And for Major League Baseball -- That actions are to -- in my opinion -- that should be done in August again in August in a playoff should start the first ligament September. That's on the play I should starvation to lop off April September baseball. Ensure -- -- bad boy up as well. There's again there's just no sense. Try to run playoffs -- World Series -- national football how does the NFL start your screw rival the NFL -- on the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off line at 414. 4482162448. When he won sixty to the USC which are looking at we're gonna have to get to house when he and it's looking a little bit later around on the show right now my chance to put a grand. In your hand take this code word I'm about to give -- the Sports Radio 1250 dot com slash cash for your chance to win 1000 dollars. In this national contest today's code word is penny. PG and and why take penny to Sports Radio 1250 dot com slash cash for your chance to win. 1000. Dollars on the other side of this quick break what to do with all that money Ted Thompson has to spend Wendy's big show 3 o'clock -- coming right up.