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Feb 12, 2014|

With $30 million in cap space, what would you do if you're the Packers? Spend that money in house or out of house? Ramie, Sparky and Leroy discuss Green Bay's off seaon decisions

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Don't get why he's great -- is going to be -- the other part there's not going to be I'm going to be there that's like going to an era around yeah Melvin Maxwell -- -- -- -- -- -- Saturday alone at home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't expect to see strike -- -- up the -- if they had them yeah. How does he remind them what we did till 6 o'clock so I don't waive Sosa and show my Valentine coming your way -- -- time coming up at 4 o'clock. So -- Wendy's where's the -- question of the day can get it right now. By texting live -- -- to 32961. Who's on your NBA mount Rushmore -- -- that means in your lifetime the four top guys. That you've seen play in the NBR militia started to ground coming up had horrible luck this you know and don't do it -- if you -- -- is -- -- you look at your. -- -- Maybe it can't be. -- you to do that good -- I don't know that -- -- girl would mean. Now. NFL creatively with started and less than what march 1 I believe -- an according to a source that the NFL PA salary information the Packers have about a 108 point five million dollars in -- committed to their 2014 camp so. If the cap limit comes in and -- 126 point three million the figure league officials projected late last year they're thirteen left over is that's what they had. Last year that rolls over into this year's cap will be added to roughly eighteen million dollars of space and some union officials believe the cap limit could go as high as a 128. Million -- -- went all the calculations are complete which means the Packers could have as much. As thirty million dollars of cap space for the third time in Ted Thompson's -- and not and so now the question -- is. You have some big decisions to make when it comes to your own free agents. Starting this year I think Sam Shields. BJ raji into Michael Finley at the top of that list but then next year. You also have to look at the likes of Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga. All having deals that expired. So. It comes down to this you got this thirty million dollars in cap space -- -- you wanna spend it on free agents from out of house. Or free agents that you have here in how. Slot that he had to -- to both. I give them. Public and. I've been projected -- Mary temple to 35 -- But that doesn't mean -- and spend it does mean. If their push to have been one more conversation. Was Sam Shields. To give them they don't have to overpay him to keep. Order because it's just let him they could franchise tag -- that be approximately 810 million dollar price effective -- franchise him to give him more time negotiate they'll make -- would have puts more pressure and you would the other free -- you have got to pressing needs. And -- also holds up. If you would like to go out and get another free agent safety. Not so much of deck type of a money. But you just don't I don't seem to Packers -- and things of just a seat and put that -- the worst thing you would do. Was there and shielded you franchise tag him if he comes in signs -- -- away. As they listen I've been plan unless im going to do tomorrow live. I've earned a long term deal but you're not willing to do that I'm just gonna sign it and that's it I think it's still negotiate with the they could still do that but. Spark when they had this type of a money. I just don't think gives you -- the look back and say there's a pressing need. To go out and spend it there's not know you're same defense is -- a -- -- words. Birds do you know I am would -- because I've grown up and -- a deep in his last three years but. They haven't made -- -- significant changes. Personnel wise coaching wise yes some changes and -- -- this is going to be more involved original tournament. But. I think that the coaches that they -- He's -- in Plano works but I think is it that 10151. When it deepens the worst in NFL history. When the Saints eventually -- that he can't play that they can't put it that. But my -- Is probably -- not be bad. I don't necessarily know let's say he is a sign him back you still got two projects an outside linebacker. That. Who's never played it you still that Daytona don't that a decision no play you got all these guys play a position -- -- played so you want to upgrade deposition. It fills me. I think for the most -- you've got to bring in. Maybe to top. Two or three. Project is safety -- -- you gotta -- the deck is solidify your. Entire secondary but you got signed Sanchez first you can do is try to trade -- -- -- is -- -- did you do with him. But they've got to sign him first so Bob stamps and I -- -- -- -- kind of money and I give my agent on a pot and they've been talking I'll allow. They have been but it's hard to pinch hit it down would -- come by coming. Out again I was shocked I don't have a deal don't want them tolerated but it. Unless there's a bit of letting -- Juli is there a TG award a mass and it has a -- -- -- -- but. If you wanna win. Collectively put it makes. For five years then those guys won't be here to do is continue to draft and develop -- -- -- draft the guy that those saves so I would have money. And they don't want they don't warrant I think the more too and it scared him. Are you are given a got a point out thirty million dollars in doesn't perform I think a scare I think they're a good shot I -- a Friday keep. I'll have my -- -- they're getting used to giving guys might they don't perform well Jones a day more -- yeah I don't that I've Aminu is that I get back to being normal from Ted now only you know he does this very well. This is this -- -- -- You say well you don't know what this means McCarthy. As far as him having of the setting the vision for the defense and then they got file through. When he did say he wants more multiple looks he wants us go back to like out wasn't he doesn't -- mean. Okay you say can't yours I argue it well. Because he -- you guys can get no worse -- If you don't sign any free agents in you'll let jolly picket -- G men some of these guys don't actually know the difference. And now you don't just a bunch other guys into a go go learn -- and my wife or were gonna put more information on -- than we have before. You're gonna have more mistakes guarantee. Demi Moore was that the more fiasco borne out. So. Question is whether or not -- -- I'm free agency or on the draft then I'm -- and thank god I'm not but if I was you know. -- -- -- -- I'm not getting as safety now you know. I'm gonna get me a real middle linebacker these two that I have I'm not happy with -- Then I'm gonna go give me one of those defense of -- -- all listen free agency. Back thirty million dollars or -- and I know -- -- and the other one I'm gonna get out Mangold get Cullen Jenkins like Matt Cullen Jenkins he's old. But I've Colin Jenkins -- guy I -- -- that's a big I didn't play on the line they can get out -- not -- -- linebacker. But a guy can get after -- after consistently. Then draft time comes I'm gonna go get me another big defensive lineman Mike tag him in or whoever Minnesota you know put him on the other side and -- -- gonna do after that. But you got to get a middle linebacker you've got to get a safety and you've got to help with a pass rush and I don't think outside linebackers and they're gonna spend. Because you've got nick Perry like you said -- -- Mike Neal and don't primarily to do with him. They told Jones added a move and a linebacker by the end of the year which was ridiculous -- -- -- -- Milan was another one so. For me to spend money -- and if you're gonna go to multiple fronts with guys that don't know the 34 defense to begin with you are asking for trouble. They're going to be there I'm telling -- right now don't be surprised they don't deleted. Just as some draft pick if they do nothing I want prior in the draft a safety from little that's while. I've made -- my mind yet they don't. The insisted -- hard hitting safety you know intimidator the Packers don't value. Leg the obvious stuff like that you know they don't sit there and had to go up and -- you know -- ha -- guy from. Alabama the Q you -- moved up to get Clay Matthews and -- -- -- -- Dallas up and -- needed. They don't they in this city -- -- you can use him as seated on the record -- but I do you need to save the heel problems that now would on the if you -- -- there. They'll say there on the in their own need not bunting did he just needs to add some talent. Don't think this team has -- bad guys on telling. You know they just think as a fluke that I don't hate us in order went 8710. Whatever it we won the division has had a look at an early look at -- record. And it -- their bread -- is gonna play better it is -- AJ -- is not played better no he's not we don't I'll tell you what our opinion aren't that is I really don't play every single game. He's leading the team that so every game here and that's how they look at it they're not gonna give up on these guys that's what -- wanted to best friends -- they give your chance to fail and succeed. I will be. See how both think they're -- the wall at this particular time of the teams around them again so much better. You category due to a free agency a veteran detected brain more argument -- you have to do there but. I'll be shocked if they -- I just days same all Packers right. That's cool also same all -- but don't expect big -- improvement can't. Packers could have as much as thirty million dollars in cap space in my free agency opens but. Then seventeen of their own free agents this year that includes Roddy shields Finley. And have the likes of Randall Cobb Jordy Nelson Bryan Bulaga is free agents next year do you spend that money on your own free agents. -- I thought both got to get his stint as this year so -- -- be a -- 7991250. Laptop boards and radio and 1250 dot com dropped a slide in the Wendy's in box it's your calls right after a quick break and right after we tell you. How Wendy -- is looking today as we look up at the ABC audio video flat panel. And when he -- -- -- all right today she's got on the tight pink dress the hi hi great -- I'm I'm I'm like every girl alone -- the girl does -- -- you know you can tell that. Yeah yeah when you read these -- own dresses you win -- -- You just rather just an entirely these -- -- worried about us Braylon -- whenever it is you can just how old's in the dress -- exciting alright -- excitement. -- -- her -- -- there just folds in the fabric. -- I Israel are about those -- later than that. That that's not that all around best tie it featured the contours of your body. It's more you're hitting it it's for building formulating who's -- the right word and it's work and yeah -- form fitted I -- I just I. Now how can a fan like you guys. How is ready -- -- -- -- by ABC audio video home entertainment simply done right find them at ABC -- the united -- -- that's not a big shout out to Chris and the gang and ABC audio -- really appreciate them providing all the flat screens and our studio to get a chance up -- see them. At the Milwaukee nary home improvement show at the expo center at Wisconsin state fair this weekend they'll be in Booth number five. 27 you -- -- -- getting us another fifty inch plastered to my house for our Jack Lysol. That's cool too I can't stay away from and get a small monitor behind -- I want. No I nick we're not doing now thirty million dollars in cap space for the past and is is due suspended on your own free agents are on others 7991250. -- Sports Radio 1250 -- -- Stride is great show -- Sparky -- asking you with thirty million dollars in cap space or upwards of thirty million dollars in cap space what should the Packers do spend it on their own. Seventeen free agents this year and got like Randall Cobb Jordy Nelson Brian -- -- its next year. Signed some other created 7991250. Plot it's Sports Radio 1250 dot com if you sending us a message in the Wendy's -- -- can also try and win. The 25 dollar gift card from -- -- house of roses were choosing one more winner today and the ultimate grand prize winner today that's a dozen roses chocolate Teddy bear and -- plus dinner. And Joey seafood and grill in -- they 75 dollar value do you check out well -- online. And well keys dot com asking you what got you in the doghouse. -- will get job with those roses from rookies and hopefully that ultimate grand prize email live. At Sports Radio 1250 dot com just got a good one but it's not on doable you could still out -- the one that we got its a good one but -- you can still I'll do it live it's Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Let us know got you into the -- let's go right out to the phones and not to Nashville Tennessee were Roberts listening online at Sports Radio 1250 -- down. Now he's on the Wendy's big show what -- do with all that money Robert. I don't know I would say ya gotta get. Ticket -- I due back in there and and James -- I wouldn't worry about -- I am. Because you don't know about a napkin or Packers don't really streamed out. So a lot of our players back aren't. I would I would also reach out to expense money now that you can and try to get -- Patriots captain it created this year. Not sure. Principal -- now. I ordered him to sign him a couple of years you'll spend your soul come -- all of -- up anyways you talk but a couple three years ago I won and -- him pretty convenient return guy and he could bring your role as safety. You know -- Mike prior was for us who went to Super Bowl. But I'm not -- at this particular juncture but you don't know veterans like that. I just good to have on your roster they don't make a lot of mistakes they've been through fire. Sucked in awe of greatest state do you read now will be great and let's say a note -- need picked it. -- -- -- It be grade one of them back which one do you want. I think you may be for the most part -- may give -- -- hometown discount and they kept him on the roster it is original money deals I -- report -- on the team. It over eight million now isn't going to be your -- to turn on them and I think new millennium ago. -- -- get a conditional pick for him you know a conversation pick for him. But again I think the Green Bay Packers may sit back and put their hand behind him during -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- days. -- just see what they get in -- NL all come back tiger I would not dude that was they have shields they've developed and -- -- -- awarded top. Owners -- -- this is the issue the issue is your -- Yeah I don't I don't -- anybody else -- had a little issue -- he's -- to have to fight with that Democrats say OK he got eight or nine million dollars I think you know what five. So about all we're paying three or four million on our team in order to get this stuff here's -- real -- here's how do you -- why his agent gonna say you have to overpay him. -- we play Calvin Johnson twice. You put them -- -- -- always go to Chicago. You put Nomar in particular and take your pick would personally he's not a social interests are are going to use or -- speed and he's the best that your team -- How much does that work that's exactly the -- -- but -- go back all the way back to begin he was undrafted free agent so he's never made a lot of money. This is his chance to cashed out. The argument could not beat the money up front it could be years. No sense glorified you do he's earned their right the Packers -- all of lenient -- three years because of what to -- -- an idea it would only lock in needed thing. A three year deal. The problem Sam Shields -- of the -- five year deal and he -- -- the open market always Saint Louis is no matter all the matters are guaranteed money. You get photogenic and cuddyer after three days I don't know them sport the more years -- is that there -- more geared to -- guarantee -- three and did and are gonna give you a lot against him that's true but Iraq. He can get you know twenty -- thirty million guarantee but that's got the -- six or seven year deal and the pack of the list and wanted to be on the hook for that. But they got to figure out seven -- he has earned the right. To do that -- in this division -- the best receivers. Detroit Chicago there's -- best receivers read there you can't Beatles and corner so you -- have to overpay him. Go back out to the phones at 7991252. -- -- Robert wants him gone and Jackson figure out the way the big show -- -- -- good afternoon guys that. Hey I agree -- could -- it well. -- LeRoy yeah I mean the only guy did you can maybe sign. It's San Siro but then do we watch that eight -- in the last three years. And not one of those schools so work -- and I mean -- turned out eight million idea hasn't had a sack in over two and a half years. It's like. -- were -- -- Panic absolute and -- -- thirty sects I mean he played really well this year bad and they -- that there is that is I'm -- eighth. Right let me ask your question I would ask your questions and give you two options based on -- -- you -- have jolly. It dip and rise -- you're three down linemen or you can at Daytona Jones Mike Daniels and Josh Boyd who would you rather wrap. Worse -- -- and eager to go the second through the younger three. Write about I guess I want -- -- of the golf good or about here if you all through a -- or Daniels. Odd Daytona dull -- draft it -- from Minnesota whoever it is my -- who's your best interior pressure that's we're going to be his play in the middle. -- -- -- -- -- Luckily -- you high you gonna -- holding up against. Our guys they don't get to -- -- -- are -- Brad Jones that's why you want -- big huge bulking guy in the middle that 34 defense. They and they got to go by nick and I -- -- -- -- -- -- guy. Gets bigger. 65. 350 and put red over the knows the value of how those guys that out -- -- here's my fear is. -- and go somewhere else can you put in a 43 -- of liberal that's OK that's a that is that's -- -- and that's and that's -- -- -- you basically -- you to Pacman who Wanda did you get a better draft pick. He just doesn't fit. I mean you can't be that guy and I mean I was seventeen tackles and they don't grade him based on tackle they -- -- based off. Performance -- wasteful to be within the defense and they the coaches -- you -- plan worked out they graded out pretty good. Should the Packers spent upwards of thirty million dollars in cap -- on their own free agents or others 7991250. -- live Sports Radio at 1250 -- count. Got email here from nick in the Wendy's and box he says you guys off topic for what is going out today with Richie and -- Ito. Tearing apart Jonathan Marten and real quick before we go to the break has asked -- in the Roy if they had heard anything about this today. -- and got NATO -- his best behavior for awhile since you know holy numbers came out because he went to get back in the NFL the stopped taking his medication -- not doing himself any favors on Twitter today Gortat taking to Twitter his his -- with Jonathan Martin on the NFL. I'm ready to move -- with my life and career I've been dragged through the -- for months by my quote. Best friend hash tag -- trade hash tag railroaded. Do your job -- the truth is going to bury you in your entire camp he could have told the -- the entire time. -- -- -- started all this and Kenny Zuckerman released the voice -- the ESPN the same voice mail we joked about Brian Hart line. Kenny Zuckerman from priority sports what -- you have to say for your actions what did you released a voicemail what was your goal I'm guilty of being a loyal friend and good teammate. Okay I apologize for my -- language and remarks I've never denied it I'll apologize to all the women out there that I offended with my text messages to my close personal friend. Fact Jonathan Martin told me he thought about taking his own life. In May 2013 because he wasn't playing well told me he felt worthless and his final -- I have no further comment at this time please contact my attorney. Mark channel at WC as our tweet and he puts the phone number down there. This -- I have no clue of of what the public the perception is of the -- of what he's tried to accomplish get a match and a -- happy to have his phone number but we're only you know. Comment follows as garden and you don't -- I -- the but he tweaked in the hours that he did all that he gained 8000 followers Jeremy. I don't know what that -- -- society. I have no idea what that says about I think it's starting -- old now because it's kind of of and I think people on. He's clearly unstable I mean just the fact that you would send these tweets out when he's in the position that he's and right now the shines the light on how unstable he -- it's gonna sign him. Yet some analysts -- -- out of bounds and he just Russia Hiram social media -- but my -- and was gonna slip in the draft. Some world we live and I'm sorry it's the Wendy's big show what to do with all that money Ted Thompson -- -- spent 7991250. -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com Mario has the latest in the world sports right now. I mean great show -- Sparky Gary asking you with upwards of thirty million dollars possibly and Ted Thompson's pockets when NFL free agency starts you spend it on outside free agents. -- bringing back some of the seventeen a bureau and and looking ahead to next they were Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga all have contracts expiring 7991250. But -- Sports Radio 1250 -- count. You know you you hear about what happened -- last time -- the storm. -- Atlanta people are -- -- -- -- walking or memorable stories. Chipper Jones is riding up your car on his four left Florida State -- it's happening in North Carolina right now people are leaving cars in the years just as we speak and are walking that's ridiculous that's how bad it is -- North Carolina right now it's just a white -- -- when it tweeting pictures and they get two inches or three -- I don't know but you did this stuff recovered I don't see a on the big snowstorm. And I don't know how to deal with that now they know a -- -- go out to the phones out to -- while glorified terrier -- the Wendy's big show ID spend all that money there. I probably would start. -- with its big tournament you're going to teach -- You got lucky attitude out. We need to check it. BJ raji I would cheap tickets because usually a better -- for and for what. -- you can pick up -- player again in a trap somewhere in the fourth throughout Schenscher he's just there -- hold up for the runners stop on. And I'm not a -- -- Jones after that. You gotta go to free agency and there are some guys out there that the Packers could certainly use. And and you get that sort of defeats either get a -- with speed and actually tackle after Byrd. He's gonna go after somebody. Checking here that I didn't want to go that route -- back. Which is certainly could use someone like Greg points. Greg also mean you know as a -- and that you have great pickup for us because we're very short hitter we were but the trouble get it and don't. We just yet read don't. There were a lot of don't have to trial Sox. I've got another -- accurate knows how to play the -- for it and I got another guy that can -- -- -- to speak to pass rushers. Yeah I like I like Sox but -- but again. Now you're started talking -- of -- and you get to that point I you're talking about and does he wanna come here doesn't wanna play firm whatever money it doesn't off from you know -- -- -- -- -- On -- -- once you get past that then you start talking about. Are you willing to let him play over these younger guys that you drafted and not developing that it's going to be another Ted issue. That's Atlanta deal with as well outside linebackers and just looking here and and -- fell back -- the guys that are out there. -- James Anderson from the bears' Michael Boley from the Bengals. Larry English from the Chargers. -- Omar gave their from FL games. Let's see some other guys. Rob Jackson from the Redskins Edgar Jones and the Cowboys Rocky Macintosh from the Lions Marvin Mitchell from the Vikings. Tell me when you like somebody Stephen Nicholas of Atlanta. Brian -- -- from Washington I like him. Calvin -- you know his name is brought Calvin Pace from the Jets. Shaun Phillips from Denver you can probably get him cheaper. Keith Rivers from the Giants O'Brian Schofield from the Seahawks and Ernie Sims from the Cowboys Darryl -- So franks fumble offerings -- back -- Jason worlds he knows the defense from the Steelers. And that's got its -- for the first couple years in Pittsburgh for the what he may actually even get out there and play. Yeah there's not a lot out there. Well that that's the outside linebackers and I'm just tell you but a lot of those guys are better than what you have right now guys sure road. Only donors and that's -- -- -- -- -- your scouts in -- for -- personnel department. You've got to lean on those guarantees gavels gather world -- -- assists -- you go -- what's in back. No not. After you inside Charles no -- those old man and a. And Friday NC I'll admit I watch a lot of Raiders football this year I don't know that many people outside of Oakland did but -- -- offense -- from what I understand he looked old for the Raiders I mean it was an improvement on what they had -- -- so I already have. For sure about yet you got there and just carrot. In his career. In an Oakland -- they're going to be fun it would but. You go to KC. He was supposed to be your play making Downey and sat around though Derrick -- B no bearing on now mean because he he can't play outside corner. He got a -- -- so you know -- -- they would they could do -- -- could -- -- Robinson ability code -- move Micah Hyde to say he. Now you don't necessarily. Have to go out into free agency. And get. And -- -- a missile -- how obvious safety. Now you had them sign a veteran another veteran corner. It third third or fourth corner I like that possibly. You know in now -- defense. Has more experience. And is a better tackling group all know to boot. And you get a little bit bigger would you do a bit more athletic. With -- obviously because. He also is a corner of -- can't play in this sad because -- -- -- speed. So big that just took the Green Bay Packers could be -- -- army pressing needs for free agency. Now they can what has been in my -- -- -- -- -- James Jones. Who's earned the right to get a raise and make -- -- -- makes -- you -- she'll blow. There one more before the break Terrelle on the north side -- on the when he is great -- it's up to it. -- -- -- Keeping it real right on the but it's only reception of Hamburg and go oh yeah no place not get close. I would not a guy who now that I can't cornerback now million dollars this isn't -- it's yeah it's a very safe you know -- -- -- -- -- And implement and explain something you do you'll -- -- when they play. It was since you -- -- -- play Detroit. Doesn't matter you're not that good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just want to I just want has amassed a question -- so create another question if you want. You know what I'm saying it doesn't matter who we put more put more because he's the guy out there that -- -- -- team that doesn't -- that. -- -- -- How did coaches have Sidney put him on I guess we put Sam -- their best receiver. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You listen -- listen to point -- -- coaches saying. -- overpaying big I have to. While it's not a guy who could I will consider around the whole league that top -- safety its saying quite as you know. -- -- -- And I don't -- and I didn't yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If -- personnel got in NFL team would you rather overpay for cornerback yeah. Because you're lacking cornerback. Or would you rather pay a player at another position top dollar that you know as a top player at his position. Our other two had guys who have seen grow. And I have developed in LB sanctioned. Policy -- silence -- -- over. Bird or any other safety if I had a choice you can put you can't erased -- fact that the Colts use. Have created a monster. That they it themselves that said we put -- -- the best wide receiver every week but he's not a shutdown corner and doesn't. Matter see that's what it does matter we Michael -- seventeen million dollars it that's what I thought it could have been -- of the best player on the -- is two different arguments are -- Because instead of playing left and right. He bottles correct job and a -- for the first time yesterday -- it left and right. Okay -- left and right Sam Bob -- you later they don't do that market he follows Kevin Johnson. He follows. You know I asked John Jeffries in the I have no because we had to go I don't pro -- -- because Sam got that much better it doesn't he's the best -- -- it had over the last three years he's earned their right to get paid. 910 million -- whatever it -- to whatever that number is. He's earned a right in the coaches have fit you know I love Sam Shields. But he did best you got -- not disagree would you that he's not you've got -- best you get when you got to keep him. But you -- bring in a guy who's been injured. You got to bring in -- got digital -- will fit with your team you know Sam -- team. In all -- coaches love him he's. Earned the right this is -- draft -- gap yet this was and I've got Els of first round draft pick in your report no he's heard that right. So you gonna have to keep -- I -- I seem to shut down corner seems a great tackler. -- it is aimed -- about seeing in the -- about is not listening and not look at it. He doesn't play left their right corner that's what most teams do left and right. No he follows Calvin Johnson who's arguably. The best receiver in the league. -- latest got twice. That's a lot of stress level. So I should get compensated for that that to me that's a no argument that that's even -- a debate. Because put -- to even debate that was them I don't even know football is a different between -- left their right. And that's what the -- they created a monster that -- assists -- -- could just say you know. Well we played Detroit. What is -- put San field to left tomorrow to right which they have done his whole career until this year right they could do -- I are you more tomorrow I'll. I understand but you know what -- argue is that's because of -- -- more than it is -- that no no no salary and that's my larger -- it pretty -- -- -- six and gave -- to look at what -- drama coming into the season the other reason they did that in my opinion the coaches wasn't because -- -- -- it is different level it was because reminds decline was so bad that they said -- right now there's too much of a gap between -- to mind is that you're gonna have to play -- -- is not -- -- a sense but because -- two months declined. And now because it from us the client I got -- this guy eight or nine million dollars that's that's have followed. I agree -- you an example as a general manager that's which -- looking at right now. But see you tomorrow decline is a net significant. -- you don't force pay again. You -- Sam because he's the most athletic. Guy that you yeah I agree. And the most speed you have you know companies big wide receivers and I'm sorry guys. If you take Sam -- go out and they've done that how good secondary he's hurt -- the fact you split last. Met arc -- did a lot of games you didn't play how well did you do not very good guy -- a big. Contrary what should the Packers do with the thirty million dollars of cap space that they have signed their own free agents or other 7991250. Viva Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- -- be right back. It's the -- these big -- -- to the Wendy's -- a -- question of the day at the top of the hour -- on your mount Rushmore for the NBA not all time. Does in your lifetime -- live -- answer right now to 32961. For jump in on the conversation -- the -- email. Coming up at 4 o'clock right now asking you what should the Packers do with upwards of thirty million dollars in cap space on their own free agents or others. 7991255. It's Sports Radio twelfth that he got count but first. Got to tell you about cro cop Jewelers guys should I do it as scarier as -- a lead and -- you had to do to get anywhere -- broke -- Joseph Louis. Ready for bella does -- guys doesn't help that wide variety of jewelry that is perfect for the occasion. About a Hershey's -- Brendan nothing beats accused on Valentine's Day but -- -- a black money nor do Eric gold pit road like your -- laurel. I don't know I have I like your regular run -- -- he's done -- -- -- had started plus all the student -- up they'll -- -- a lot. Old roses in a hurry and there but isn't like junior is they also carry beautiful diamond stud earrings diamond dependents and and nice selection I didn't like -- -- -- if you're thicken up popping the question on Valentine's Day student. Remember -- cannot do everything and we do learn that it isn't that it personalized service you don't hit in those are big chain stores -- cab Jewelers and needed to know located a hundred consecutive national avenue is open weekdays eleven to six Saturdays eleven to four. They'll be open the week of -- still 7 PM and don't worry tonight he never close they'll take care of the -- -- for you as well stop ensued. -- -- -- lose you go go out to the phones at 7991215. He's just keep doing it home and Bob and Milwaukee you're on the Wendy's big she made me feel like I've been races there are no good did it can be you know it's funny -- -- stocks don't -- -- -- Maybe we're going to people social first time caller that you -- -- -- and -- -- hypocrite karma for the spartans have. Great Cutler threw and I hope you have herbal supplement called -- by how he. Can they do -- come right out -- radial. And as I've been I've been told since I was I don't know fourteen or fifteen by grown adults that I would make -- the time must when he found my damn hard to say here that haven't yet so we'll keep going and deal with the US seeks to fear -- -- little -- -- I promise I had a I don't know all that's true -- Robert -- -- -- yeah well I wouldn't be worth it furcal did it take the shot. -- -- And he has been in a variety -- in -- but the goal I mean you're locked in a lot of money. You know Q are you get back and then -- -- -- -- -- very pro -- -- that now -- not but we're so thankful I appreciate. Williams -- He -- don't know you don't whether it may affect him but we're supposed to do it. Threw -- interview. And it is we were made -- the next week but it. And -- think I've talked to him about well as you've got to count yeah I don't want to read of specifically about stuff that we could talk about an -- And it was. I think it -- heat the problem he has is the misconception. That's out there. He wants. -- just come back imply no no he wants somebody just to bring him in a look at it. And that's how does bring in. Go to our protocol if I pass up as of a fill up but I -- by -- candidate not just not Green Bay. That's all 32 teams. That's why his -- it is -- -- -- days. And he's count on another. So when he said -- -- out. I'm sure every NFL team continue to veteran safety dad has -- talent. Especially with fresh legs and didn't and hasn't played for a while this is going to be -- -- will he cleared by team doctor to play well he only needs one. All he needs -- one yeah one team doctor -- you know any one -- to -- a man and I'm gonna just keep you know with the joneses. If one team brings in man. Just bring him in and just keep the results price of it -- out there DO TA. I think that would generate some interest he's in fantastic shape he's always done that -- And I think for the most -- once you current deceit. He'll be on the same program as Peyton Manning he'll pass yet the -- each particular year a non guarantee contract. Because -- -- -- doctor every year it more she passes. He's have 45 surgeries and I was a little bit different -- you know absurd and all the so riches and the safety but it is all different. But. -- usually somebody bringing a man and just basically go through the protocol of -- Because. It doesn't do limited good spark at the garden it is our own doctor to pass him because their own doctors Donahoe -- allowed -- Brett. So EST did somebody just bring in -- and doesn't cost anything to do that. And based on that particular week it has been a lot of enters. Or five teams that would. Kinda wanna deal but -- -- To see if somebody is going into -- have you ever do in your own back yard. What does that say when I see all by JR wide to Packard -- when they definitely need -- -- why wouldn't they do that. The that would solve our problems but what do doctors have Allred is say -- they don't fill comparable. That means they're not going to call to -- -- out -- and your actions so you know. He's gonna have to go somewhere else and hopefully they give him a shot just to bring a man playing -- -- -- -- now it's about command. And did the physical go to a lot of protocol and all -- you know working on Calder. No well it always MRI analyst right looking at all of the -- -- he does that. Teams -- start to bring him into work him out did note probably you probably get a contract similar to pay every year you have to see the doctor to team. Eric and Appleton drops line in the Wendy's and boxes -- -- I think you take I think. You take the outrageous amount money that shields said to be demanding and let him walk and try to pay TJ -- -- Jerry -- that money instead. We'll have a greater impact I think raji. We'll be back after he tests the market realizes nobody. Is going to pay him hit the big money he's looking for -- -- -- -- -- he's gonna get paid you know and I don't think there is -- and on the defensive line is you think Mike Daniels and Daytona Jones should be our base defense -- next season. People are too quick to write off Daytona Jones how -- Mike Daniels looking -- one not great. Give the man time to bulk up he's a natural fit for the position as he played the exact same possess that position and system in college that's -- emailing live. At Sports Radio 1250 dot com I wasn't I would look for Daytona goes to take that big step in year two. No. You don't see it but. It's been always you're looking for -- I mean he can give you some good minutes. I I think that's what you look at when you're not -- open to be a pro bowler because you're not going to be in that system. But. Back to the -- -- -- they want tile fifty million dollars us and I just on the out there wanted to. Leave your thoughts on what the Packers should do with all that money send their own free agents or others on the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off line. At 41444841624482162. Best of -- 550 or jump back in and we ask you to pick a lane coming up. At five O clock on the other side of this quick break into our Wendy's where's the beef. Question of the day LeBron James says he'll be on the NBA's mount Rushmore when -- Dunn as he already on yours it's the Wendy's big show the 4 o'clock -- come right up.