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Feb 12, 2014|

Who's on your NBA Mt. Rushmore? Did you hear the comments from Michael Sam's Dad? Ramie, Sparky and Leroy debate

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

4 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big show running back -- Sparky Phifer packer hall of Famer number 36 inventor of the Lambeau leap LeRoy Butler -- -- till 6 o'clock that's in the Milwaukee wave soccer show. Takes over these airwaves also here tonight on 1250. -- -- Phifer after pelicans and box and still feel weird saying pelicans. And to like I did I had to double check and make sure this is actually the name of the franchise before I put that I'm a little run down here. It did the that -- -- sort of I have his dad has disturbed and it is. React to get to that at some point. Is starting -- to make that a I was process inscription I -- -- process and I knew what I wanna -- yesterday yeah I was still already got -- I think -- -- Same pages who. Well your family because he's he's close to his friends and slam yet they said when he goes back home to visit these days with friends and our guys go student -- -- -- Tennessee what if -- some of this big I'd tell my parents -- persons. Would talk about later yeah but it. Yesterday LeBron James well actually it was an interview that will air on NBA you don't imagine John -- on -- back in your game. Subliminal blow at even notice last year it was nothing but love -- -- I won the title it manager said that there you work your way up into a class with and her. Yeah and I have -- I don't talk about us about 2000. But in this and -- that's gonna air Monday and NB ATV LeBron James says I'm going to be one of the top four that's ever played this game. And if they don't lobby to have one of those top four spots they'd better find another spot on that mountain talking about mount Rushmore somebody's got to get bumped. But that's not for me to decide that's for the architect we just decide and he decided that then got his mount Rushmore right now and -- an NBA mount Rushmore. LeBron James has Michael Jordan Larry Bird and Magic Johnson he said those were that easy three. They deliberated before taking Oscar Robertson as his fourth choice as for -- fifth. James says he has built quite the case himself he says he asked ten different guys -- that list -- probably changed ten different times for a and -- I -- all time here on the Wendy's big shot putter really talk on guys that are before my time and that's couldn't see him play that's not work right now I Wilt Chamberlain in Iraq Bill Russell -- I like that's -- different time at different game. I didn't see enough been on a day to day basis to make any sort of. What year would you started denying the -- now is -- -- -- I can I I Durham and I have no I remember watching Magic Johnson Larry Bird okay so that's old Beckett today and -- -- and mid eighties finish -- start from the eighties -- first started getting in the league but you mean or however old you are right right right or no. Who's on your yeah BA on entourage or have your -- -- -- -- -- -- well he is somebody's but if you're thirty you can't column will know Colin with little to do that earlier. Why do you know that I and we actually they might know we're sitting USC -- -- know -- play hard for people. What -- don't remember who they seem played -- years -- you don't say may be hard to believe. One that I believe is the grounds -- ball that always -- -- -- to now. A -- that's -- I was -- -- that's why the second came up. He also -- -- and label them Eagles all -- -- -- -- but at NC plight is Marco Dario and I know I don't love it is important and a sense that we're gonna exchange a question you want to have all guys you've never seen play now because my original one. Now including guys I'd -- -- you know which -- in this question was Michael wilt Russell and -- those rob Moore and really Jabar should be in there. But you'll you for so those -- -- borrowed Lou. 2000 area I'm doing which one are meanwhile I don't each briefly you -- -- -- would mid seventy's yeah. To later -- the Lakers would you wish you know he's right I mean. They -- -- dominant. I mean the later Jabbar wasn't as dominant but yeah I was on -- Giants got up so we got rid of that and we'll -- in our in my -- -- -- would be -- -- you see I -- -- -- -- So now -- what. Third he. Someone said okay that's about right yeah okay so there -- -- Say that again who nearest market. Spot now we're talking about for just in -- lifetime yes right or your personal NBA mount Rushmore -- -- so for me it's Michael Jordan. LeBron James -- magic Johnson. And because I don't remember. Jabar back when he was earlier I remember him older yeah I'm not putting him in mind but I've seen a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got the same for the -- always -- no -- There's you know Kobe's old man now you know that -- come -- -- I I could see that Kobe Bryant. I don't understand that. You know has told Ryan I'm throwing -- list our group -- could be the answer I can argued a call we should be okay. It will be Jackie -- Kobe magic debate you know I'm I'm gonna Shaq it's Shaq is -- -- Atlanta wants Jack. -- Bryant. Mariam jolt of them yeah and coach. I can understand -- -- and ends do not -- Check to me is just I mean -- can -- and you really -- -- other -- on this topic so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the last -- was it was tough it was -- but. I mean. Almost -- -- spill over the way but yeah. -- via -- now again a little Magic Johnson does and Coby. Kobe got no big -- got -- Lakers -- never I don't care. I'm it's got Jim Rutledge of now my agent he's a okay I'm real rush for. About a foot jump -- there from the Lakers -- -- the Lakers on the. I'm all of your four -- about what I like your four better. And I did I -- decision here it is taking the -- for -- -- forward out yet. Number all the -- -- I think he's right I don't I don't know if you can argue against anybody else is for -- -- four against Jordan yes of course Shaq. Right Coby -- I don't know if you can argue that mean the problem beyond one against Matt. The -- and you don't. I don't -- imagine. You don't mind starts with Michael I think everybody's worried -- -- regret anybody who's alive no additional nobody else on the Bulls can make. I I think was tough I thought about when -- -- there are are but I didn't. But I did opted to players now again I'm born 197934. Years old I go back to like magic and bird that's -- -- I -- program so I got jordin. Gotta put Shaq down there -- from the Mahesh doesn't mean he's the most second dominant player that the NBA has seen an eyelash Saturday this a lot put our team over Shaq. Because -- it -- on Nomar type of mid range -- I mean they have a lot of you know it was so now he's chat with -- though he was more dominant than I can throw it is -- block and his move right he's he would use the word dominant. Yeah I went. Yet he's -- he was more dominant in hockey so that's like change from talking to -- But -- was a -- are more -- -- player in my pencil him Jordan Shaq and the Magic Johnson you know one of my favorite players ever watched play the game thus so entertaining. It gets the the thing is the -- gets tough and last night -- over -- bodies out there and I've been dare row we were debating the -- not yet last. But he's out so yeah -- could debate this. And I think I've changed -- abide twice this party -- I David this morning -- -- talking about this that thinks Sparky being reaching remind a third time. These guys are couldn't -- for -- it's a first that I said LeBron is my fourth. A lot of that is just -- eye test and you know like we said with a couple -- -- guys that's my they're pure dominance you know when they're out there on the court the way that you did it ain't over you have more of and then I was sort of and then -- talked in the Tim Duncan. You know my buddy of -- -- went out again you know what LeBron will probably take that spot before all is send dodman Tim Duncan his. Is that a lot in this league -- so maybe you know it is my fourth got. And then I got in today's Sparky brings up a -- Olajuwon. Comes to me drain I didn't even think about Hakeem Olajuwon -- spark you brought up his name. And you gotta throw in there and we haven't heard his name yet but I think he's he's definitely got to be part of the conversation. Karl Malone. No -- -- aren't you look at him or is on the scoring list of what I did not little exotic and horrible. I don't know man you know the mound in he would have rocks and you don't know I think how many I think ever to go back to Tim Duncan. And say that -- on amendments say that LeBron is is about to take him over -- -- Tim Duncan with LeBron on his heels meant by the November 4 yeah. The -- LeBron now I think Kevin to leave LeBron off for now you have you now have brought up was Shaq Duncan magic. Of course Michael know Kobe and Tim Duncan no coach Tim Duncan or -- Tim Duncan over cope with. -- -- -- Is -- all I don't know is that -- and ZUS but the NBA about right or. Of your -- -- it's -- Wendy's where's the -- question of the day 7991250. Drop a slide in the -- and box live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. When he's make shall be right back. Yeah. The Wendy's big show live from the ram -- -- asking who's on your NBA mount -- by your -- emphasizing your we mean your -- 799. 1250 -- Sports Radio 1250 -- job. Get your calls and just one -- still looking for a winner. Of our 25 dollar gift card from well -- house of roses will be choosing our final daily winner today and before the shows up at 6 o'clock -- select our ultimate. Valentine grand prize that includes a dozen roses chocolate Teddy -- and -- plus dinner. At Joey seafood and -- and Brookfield a 75 dollar value -- -- what got you in the doghouse with your lady. The -- gets you out with that 45 dollar gift card and -- possibly. That ultimate grand prize just email what got you in the doghouse -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com check out well he's house of roses -- line. At well keys dot com who's on your NBA mount Rushmore 7991250. At a race seemed out that now he's on the -- show what's up bad. What -- well you. You know -- up forty picked up a little bit Currie. But I'd say it but we sure what no question magic. And it -- Delegate count at the -- Jordan beast it. C'mon that are not our our apartment they start you know okay -- -- -- come -- didn't pick it every. What you -- it yeah where. You'd -- a lot like you'd be. You -- Dominic but you don't -- -- it. -- would you talk about problems brought it Dominik. But -- we still haven't seen a little packets are still litre and it. Would have almost got to say you know let. You look at the -- which way you appreciate it probably going to be better active. -- -- Any -- wouldn't matter you know -- about it all play and I. It's what -- come up. -- As well but at the buck what you think about the way I'd be dominated the game at six he -- Oh. You know that you -- -- out because -- are out of alum rock it really kind of -- listed -- before -- -- -- because -- -- -- -- I think like they did do this if we could ball every day. Every night if he's thought they -- -- -- like -- but anybody might and Rondell was short dark. -- And -- -- care who out but it is more. Between 70868788. And active and it is only one and -- -- I mean I mean well cope with a good given company and LeBron. But the rest of -- and we talk about -- -- Kept -- -- whether Dominic play. You know and his spot there that is this. What you what a critical but a bit you know like it's a lot of players meant what you -- about it so. Some who's -- CNN you -- all over the place and came back around -- what I said it was George I don't know for sure. Right Kobe so easy shag easy dead last -- That's what you could go between magic -- you go with that I'll be OK I'll be. I will go to lately I'm go to -- Remember I I don't they right now want -- -- -- Bronson. Because LeBron knows and if he's -- because there is an all time he needs to get that conversation -- -- now while he's in his prime. He wants embarrasses you or not you don't want you thinking back to what you remember of LeBron he wants that conversation nabbed in right now. LeBron wants people -- -- LeBron because LeBron wants to hear why he's not where they say he should be. LeBron knows what he needs to do to get to be where they say he's not. This is all about LeBron it's brilliant. I mean it is brilliant. From LeBron standpoint to say what he sang it well -- Milwaukee -- time a freaking LeBron James in Milwaukee. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know skip Bayless dissemination of the baited and all the documents -- ESPN and fox sports law and NBC sports network CBS sports now. Always -- -- argument about any. -- in the thick mound Nelson Michael Jordan used to that's what I got they did closets you know the upon them argued the slams are content you don't care about I don't think -- be as entertaining so I'm not. You help low on LeBron get he said. I'd say that we debated this last week and you know about why and -- -- input on that display like two days later -- -- more about O'Brien. Football throwing a -- whatever I mean there was a hole at all -- just -- the ball awful all the way he did Kevin Boss away did that is more impressive. The actual dunk itself you know what I mean I have brought this on greater Milwaukee that you. Got to -- -- email here very I'd rather watch Nate Robinson -- to watch LeBron out in the Wendy's and -- you mean you can't -- Nicklaus as. I remember seeing -- 1986. I got MJ Hakeem Olajuwon Charles Barkley whose name is not come up yet and Kobe Bryant all time players he's got -- and and Jerry West Jerry West -- to come up yet but again -- -- -- freedom now that your lifetime. But Charles Barkley. Anywhere near mount Rushmore either of you guys know. You get -- email a lot of Sports Radio twelfth but he does for our defense old -- we've seen the incident is up in the -- and bars and if you want hot deals from Wendy's it's fast it's easy log on a when he mil dot com sign up. The -- getting great offers from Wendy's today. When the mail that count all these you don't win -- it's a better test your ticket the hot deals that Q pods from -- side of today. That's what -- really thought it was now he thought the -- -- box was referring to Wendy -- without -- gophers came out creeps thank the it's not as. It's this enough to Britain syndrome we -- -- it the other way these big sojo go ahead. -- -- Jordan magic bird and then it came down to Kobe or LeBron for about four. And a tiebreaker was okay game seven NBA finals. Who I know -- -- that last basket with the game easily Kobe Bryant or LeBron. So moment for one on that them. And that is an interesting point thanks to a car I. I wonder that's gonna haunt him after his career is over to. Move that hole. That whole thing that -- -- brought him -- not being clutch pass over the whole physicals LeBron has to wonder -- are you. Now. When we're talking ten years -- -- his career is over and I -- witness list together. Do people still -- -- and you -- I don't think that disease I don't think so I think he had the two championship -- change their perception loses. In not -- I can defend -- -- I mean that's resume our magic is and mine has got a -- most of those position. And the guys that I have a mom mount Rushmore they -- Dominated not just played -- has a lot of great players. But did you dominate at some point in time. In the four guys that I have did -- that's what they'll -- With a -- -- to boot back out to the phone my 7991250. Dennison Greenfield is that near mount Rushmore Dennis. I was -- -- you paid. Number one his might and magic. And Larry Bird and I got to go to summed up demand. I gotta go Tim Duncan Kobe took Kobe -- but I Agassi I go to some documents and -- been dominant for a lot of years. -- -- off the yeah about it but couldn't make a layup it wouldn't count it by all has. Harsh you would keep it and so. Michael Jordan -- everybody -- -- friend who doesn't give. The only other guy and I'm -- This should be on their list I think it's -- brother. I just think. The Buick he'll put his mic over -- man -- man. And I know Kobe has the -- and I know they had all my brain knows and I I'd have nothing but respect for -- we have not I'm not be in a Kobe hater leaving off my mount Rushmore of not -- -- But. I always say two of those rings. Are those were -- teams. Three sacked him three -- -- -- October -- team's best operable thumb on there yet that I grew kind of what you're saying. Okay yeah. -- both -- them on that's why have LeBron and head of Kobe because he's led his two of his teams to the finals are you -- what with the Cleveland Cavaliers and I'm so now the tiebreaker -- -- Just just the eye test and what I see -- out there on the court. -- I think LeBron James brings a little bit more to the team in terms of making the guys around him better than Kobe Bryant did -- -- They would want hall of Famer. And -- were -- one how about him. The -- plan -- too. Great to bosh could be a hall of Famer. And wade is now could be you know for his -- who -- tool. But I don't all a -- -- on a good team I don't -- good quarterbacks have a great defense and I don't fall -- but is it got to before. -- -- -- -- I'll tell -- that not and I always say that bunt I mean Shaq was the dominant force unto all three of those five championship team date was -- let's go to can't help -- -- when he graduates -- -- -- here is very aspect career mark slam -- -- me I'm out there. Larry Bird and Michael Jordan who don't pop up between bill -- ball ball -- I would go without will Chamberlain. And you see now is yes virus or early part you know worker victory it play or I don't thanks for the cup are the Bill Russell -- use him -- well. They were -- -- on my original and I had Michael will Russell Oscar. The says he will -- I -- has just played there but just saying all time based died he -- ESPN classic in -- -- CN video and their stats their numbers here over and I just saw highlights I just. I was she'd gone back to fourth of the -- today on Twitter about stats mean simply must -- -- big believer in stats this is not really. It's hard to compare stats from generation to generation -- from decade to decade mean that's just a tough. -- -- -- -- -- It's Seth Greenburg. Old college coach he was on ESPN today and they're doing their mount Rushmore like we are there and they asked him to put together his college basketball -- Rushmore Wright who. Pistol Pete but is on his own personal and -- -- -- -- just as I as the biggest just got school. Then I believe I -- -- -- I believe he said he would like 3444. Point tonight you know into college. Think about that but I have a ticket when you guys -- average and 3040 points in college. But he didn't different time different era -- Murton. When Dale Jarrett. -- Julio is but it's still I mean that that's what I'm saying so he was okay. Absolutely in that era in that generation so was Jorge Durbin and that's an otherwise -- a scoring machine yet but it. Scoring and dominating to mean when you -- -- what I mean. You put in god and has no debate. The guys that there's not a very -- dominant. They really edges they just dominates in it one more before the break -- and rich -- the other -- -- -- make -- it's -- -- Walking Dead yeah I don't go like obviously. Larry. Magic and it kind of it kind of became a part of proving. -- them. -- And the -- -- they didn't dominate at the position and what I was doing it out calico who dominated for different reasons. So if you can you can put forth -- guys -- -- dominant -- -- -- -- Ticket between you can be and it -- that you wouldn't be can be ordered there. You have four Canadian -- it was a tough defender and a Canadian -- entry into what you play the game against them. You know that -- interest and -- told parliament ahead. But there they had two guys and younger Camilo talk among -- doesn't -- -- who's -- an equitable video Jordan. Up point played I think they were all in all watched them double and triple teamed and dunking -- people. Yes he was so so. -- just under Mars Blackman. Jordan numbers we were so privileged expert who -- that get throughout his career that was I mean he was just so to really block. Yes and like you said just take two with you double -- to much marketing your head double extra -- it's just taken into the hole I mean it didn't matter -- -- -- -- Keller before all is. I believe that -- Via please add your NBA about rush -- -- to the mount Rushmore of your life not -- the -- a Wendy's where's the -- question of the day you know 7991250. -- Sports Radio 1250 -- -- are from you -- -- -- sock I'm messing around him mark Kelly for Mario. What is -- -- served -- hot and fresh slop from the ram truck studios on Sports Radio 1250. W has asked me let me tell you about a brand new career debut. Probably should consider starting awful. -- do well at me every time you say you. I'm good man with me I'm sure it's a great opportunity but I love my job. So Robby he's got a call on today and you can start working with a -- at. Any time that you would really like. All you have to do to start -- to be as successful transporter -- expedited right. Because running is not a successful board -- and all so if he. That -- -- -- post right there. You can be as successful transporter of -- frank I think he's got a better chance of being able to drive from point a to point B drop stuff off and I go for avoid being avoid seeing dropped -- -- Then clearly -- I guess where the more musicals up and down he's like a -- -- -- right now. Not if you don't like your hours if you don't like your boss if you want to make more money about six figures a year. Roddick made that we make some good cash do and that and he can't be any worse -- he -- -- do and that's all he had to do is go to young express -- job not a sign up JUNG. Expressed. Dot top and for those of you that are already doing this and other companies. -- a bit orchestra on. Insider packages that include discounts on cell phone bills new tires oil changes vehicle maintenance hotels when you're on the road yeah you're -- hook -- up that's a vertical deal what are two years in the industry goes out of today to start your new career -- young express dot com. Expressed success -- -- right out to the -- that I Wendy's -- the -- question of the day who's on your personal NBA mount Rushmore -- guys you've seen in your lifetime 7991250. Out on the north side -- find Mario. Are -- on the Wendy's big -- You. Are -- get from our form Aaron -- and hello Mario Mario and the -- zone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is meant to deserves an open man I believe mark onside. -- -- It's a Brookbank a -- 400 mile -- -- I mean it didn't come under Wendy nix. If you are quick -- -- wants to go see if real quick. We're what is the government -- -- PC. Yes hello yeah. Mario Mario yeah there's an album of the port of -- -- making them in the Portland. In the mix is that she she. Were kinda crazy about Wendy nix that I didn't really like man what happened Wendy -- so it's quite a bit of a veteran had. Ask yourself every day how is ready next look at it and dry here in Colorado they know aren't we know how -- -- -- zero alert him and it is all good. Oh it'll lead when they need to get an -- besides. If -- wrestler Mario. Obama wrote more -- it was really -- but I always got a goal. Would magic Darren and can be on the -- -- basically transformed to the point guard position. Michael Jordan he's on the it is known -- he dominated his era. And then. I got Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Because he was a -- made arguably the best player to ever play. Now have formed -- for me was -- -- -- -- because it was come and aunts and you know I don't like absolute Colby. -- -- Robert Ball go out there and do it and always a problem for me he would -- dominant a player I've ever seen -- -- -- -- When when and we -- him and I mean beat him out of complete opinion of finals. Do you get out and they are -- is. What you -- dominated and they don't mean their pregame moment of all -- all. It also got more more -- -- -- or. Yeah -- here are your base of -- -- who know Andrew Toney. A big and you toning down of the Sixers. Bobby Jones is that group doctor. -- -- And how bad when they had to daisy Duke -- -- where you'd. -- -- times while we -- you know but Moses Malone was unstoppable. I think again -- -- the NBA should -- that one night. Noted back case she's very very shorts back for one -- following you know -- -- the net and puck off analyses for one night take the short shorts and do it the -- yeah Jersey's yeah -- But those certain amount on and on -- Summer came out today it said that on -- enough players complained of honestly jerseys there's a -- -- dog irritable. And he said the shooting percentage is the same as last. A lot of says it's not affecting a lot. Look like they would be cool if there are just T shirts -- you know why the other way around it -- most of shattered right out of there the very few people can pull that off right there they brought those out. Because they thought they would be more sellable. Two NBA fans you don't they'll come from walking around a biceps -- in those risks are based muscle shirts -- -- badly polluted water let's say that's pretty much morning also I don't think anything about fat people but -- -- you go -- -- -- America -- well if the NBA I don't. I'm dying out and that was the case you want about skinny little sixteen year old kids that's when they -- thank you can wipe your -- you know brow with the muscle -- tired you know you do a lot of gaps and hold New Jersey is up the midst of a 100. Anyway assured -- the need anyway. Comerica and -- -- the injured. But it's just fashion. Yeah I don't like -- Robert emailed viva Sports Radio collective -- John says I'm sixty and I seen them all. Bill Russell Jabar jordin Oscar Robertson and he says -- he says Shaq couldn't guard Jabar. -- dominated during his time if he had a good team he would have won more titles. I missed Oscar Robertson I'd imagine he's on a lot of people's list who are just slightly older than me you know and cream Abdul Jabbar. I caught the tail end of -- his heyday by the time I start watching basketball those Lakers teams -- magic teams -- was still around. But -- -- magic team that -- I I'm too young to remember Kareem in his -- day this guy wrote but I certainly understand people put him on the mount Rushmore if you had the chance to seize. -- dialogue people don't even noted -- I'll -- you score Brett I don't think on the market -- Know there's good and know that was to do I think they both -- -- rather he did fight vigorously. So I got true. That's true I don't know who are you talking -- eagle Jabar -- -- ought to move all the -- -- dragon. Yes it's a movie I don't care anymore move you -- it today. Man and animals do love you man and I. -- -- merely liberals have gotten one more column this goal of gasoline a whole Bruins Bruce Lee movie in my life. That's just common -- and -- Americans and a hug rob by the doors that you're on the way to -- show ran lets up route. I absolutely all you can do you look good victories a lot bigger -- tomorrow not. My. My worst score will be Jabbar Oscar. Magic and Jordan -- reason -- those. Because they -- boulder for a player that could have played in the error and dominate waited late now to -- with a bit better. Skill wise with -- he'd ever play -- game it is part of not being able to couple -- he could hold gentlemen. And you could definitely -- yet but the lack of marketable which and topped -- -- at triple double. -- a player that played back in that area where fundamentally well. It was -- it in the game of basketball looked much better -- it is not obviously your water now. So -- -- -- -- -- from in this era because they ought to 304050 shot. And so BC it's -- -- -- this is the innocent phone call the issue is is that. When you -- comparing -- and I don't like this preview and tell me Shaq gets to play in the air were you -- hold and grab and a lot -- of -- always amendment. I don't have had a free dorm has ordered around and his size vs -- much -- they were -- and Jose they Q. He Q you're right but it opponent for the life they've -- absolutely right they use all the fun they were doing this discussion on ES PM last night not you put an air before they -- on the -- well. I forget Central Africa or the analyst was he was talking about -- at the time but -- check on their mount Rushmore in their showed some highlights of Jack. Just of the using body -- trend -- -- just. It was not even fair but when you look at what Jack was doing to some of the guys of his time -- there was just nothing. And you can say well he's just big that's -- if -- tried being that skilled. When you're that -- it's Hardin and you have been on the floor my goodness he was something else and and I think people forget or people just chalk it up to. You know he was just bored with that demand but man he was the Shaq was -- -- Senator was supposed to be a Stanley Roberts and Rebecca yeah emissary played together -- -- -- -- got all messed yeah sags -- -- Alley oops. -- -- -- Just throw away Roberts in his prime was Barrett and check it. -- -- -- -- -- That's -- -- -- -- move on your marriage and Charlie how has the law lets up your numbers aren't Robertson got a dismal -- you -- talk about man -- -- and help you gently to tell you sit there. Yeah I am not the -- that's that's very bad we are natural when you ask Jack Russell I bought low and holds a -- They use good but he -- Bennett and -- -- -- -- -- -- Coach bill passing out it's not a coach but LSU. Who wasn't. And I can see in my Kansas he's -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The season. Just things that -- trying to think of it during the break -- -- -- still get in on this John Paul's Buick GMC sound -- good 4144 forays to 162 best of Superman coming up that 550 jump back -- me ask you to pick a lane at 5 o'clock or. It is or Wendy's where's the -- question of the day tech's -- text -- answer. To 32961. Hit a quick break on the other side. Gotta get to the comments of Michael Sam's dad it's the -- he's big -- and we'll be right back. So right is big -- to probably Sparky loved -- before you can declare -- from the ram truck studios time much crap. Well well. Would you assess now the big show ask you to speculated five -- -- set out a big champion -- I'll -- some of or you can improve. It reverend -- Come -- doll out already met this to my -- I can result in method to madness and bingo may have the option there might -- -- a spot. I'm alone and -- -- to go with you guys you have -- you'll do the talking about part they'll go play bingo. Had a couple people on Twitter and on email go are you got a little white guys going the other covenants of Michael said is dead too controversial for who has withdrawn only a controversy is always on always been a problem on -- shelf right. Well daughter -- about it it's. Yeah we talked about a little bit does that. I think -- I mean. We all have pretty much the same viewpoint on this so I don't know how much discussion there is a grade what idiots and I would imagine that most people out there have the same viewpoint on it so I don't know how much conversation there is to have but last Tuesday. Michael -- senior this comes from the New York Times was at a Denny's near his home outside Dallas to celebrate his birthday when his son sent to -- text message. Dad I'm gay he -- And our shouldn't do that you tax that's that's -- and not. Birthday Lee and -- his birthday that's a huge announced that's a huge bomb to drop on somebody on their birthday and be attacks. Okay I'm not the best way to handle -- -- Michael -- I'll give his dad that but. After that and it's all downhill for Michael -- senior he says to the New York Times the party stopped cold. I -- -- no more so I went to Applebee's to have drinks and senior said Wellemeyer plus probably restaurants I don't know what my grade kids raised today. -- -- -- -- old school he added I'm a man and woman type of guy as ever did -- out they he had taken an older son to Mexico. To lose his virginity. On Sunday night just after Michael Sam announced his intention to make sports history. His father was still struggling with the news San senior loves his son and said he hoped his son made it to the NFL. Quote as a black man we have so many hurdles to cross he said. This is just -- that he has to cross button he expressed discomfort at the very idea of a -- NFL player even if the player was his son. He grumbled that deacon Jones the hall of fame defense event renowned for his toughness is quote turning over in his grave. That's -- -- dad talking to. The New York Giants yes get Doug Gottlieb. Who -- been around for -- allowed a show idea Super Bowl. Okay you -- -- do practiced Doug Gottlieb samples quotes. If we'd done a portion of those quotes and said this is coming from a man who has two sons in jail -- -- and when he can't find. And -- while personal vendetta but he's right about what environment his grandkids are growing up and right new. -- he got real personal with his dad I can get real personal with -- -- necessarily I'm gonna tell you this. You know if that was my father. And he went to the media army like this -- He's dead to me via my relationships -- on who you are no longer talk to -- on the did you grow flew right if he wants to tell me this unique. Fun you have your opinion -- spot that your opinion -- -- I didn't tell I don't want shooters I was -- you also tasted -- I get a regular -- I would like you to support me okay. -- and what I choose to do sexual orientation -- spot. No but if you're gonna stick with your opinion OK -- I get that. -- the man I got enough damn hurdles one on right now when Nico an -- like I announced with all the -- doesn't come down then -- -- -- and FL locker rooms. Now I got good people coming to me and asks me about my dad because you decided talked a -- Now I'm -- I'm sorry that's up and over the top of what should have been done so judges said but I'm not talking you guys about this this is between me and my son. And he's gonna go play in the NFL and I wish and -- matchup in the Matt and I thought this whole damn thing I actually not a seat now can -- conversation about not -- adult -- given shot I mean I'm super immature and childish but -- -- And you know. And I just got back from Wright State through the anti bullying campaign that. -- here's what I always. Why don't we. Make people. Be OK with JP I just don't care if he's on our -- runs and the -- would. This does is dead doesn't. Condone you can tell me that -- far Narnia argued that. Then people attack him. Just you don't believe the same thing -- that's what happens on sports talk radio look at my Twitter time line or on any subject that I get there now. Now the young man. Who have -- -- he said. I was saying he's old school he -- attack -- -- just settled too. Which was real -- them. -- -- agree just cause we don't agree. Don't make people -- go at that -- yeah I mean. It is his side and his his view and work -- out I say that I don't want people would just you don't think like mean. Could you have debate about to be honest with you us should be honest and just have -- -- -- -- you bullets in people. These shut up about it. Or not they're -- would -- out you come out and say to the media. Yeah I would expect my family members to shut up you know I don't think that we automatically get that thing out of -- -- just just. If you view him as our guys are gonna say what -- wanna say I'm right there. -- -- right there you go out if I came out and I said that the right. -- was gonna have a take. Not everybody but there are no matter where you are who you are request gonna have a ticket to the bill was there at that denies bag tag and Ramon walker on that that he looks -- -- -- -- you want as he left that. Because he's backed up and so I don't think about what he believes it but if he sticks and what do what he believes. People whacked him on Twitter or FaceBook so you -- to have to be OK with it. All are told us shutout. Why why can't as a little bit so we may disagree disagree and I got to get back because again. If people go to religious well -- real quick it is hard to do not want to miss those -- -- you're right absolutely I -- just. Not gonna tiger two things about what you're saying or first of all you know -- really spark is saying and I'm not saying. That you're not allowed to believe what Michael -- senior believes you can go back and say. Whatever you want I was you know can you don't you know let's say no -- -- we we believe this what are in a restaurant and not a -- you can believe and say -- and what -- you -- yeah but. When it comes to family -- you got a problem with Maine I got a problem with you yeah it stays in house yeah. No matter what their problem injury it's de Haas you know go run to -- Not hazard not just took to the media yeah you know run to people outside the family period know if you got a problem with me. -- and especially this big right let's handled this as because they went to both of his parent Sam right. He's got told my mom -- dad last week and they were -- -- but it's not just saying don't think they were happy for me and secondly. And his dad say I stated. When somebody says something like what Michael -- senior said or like what they got from dot dynasty said down and then people want to -- and then people wanna go after them for their view. After all -- -- because all the sudden. My right to free speech if I can't do it ignorant jackass and now you're right -- and are you want to -- that you -- I'm saying that. Oral reports and -- tell people and I didn't because I don't really care -- if I told people don't watch -- dynasty. Because of rhetoric hasn't and this ignorant jackass said you know I have the right to save them and people out there have the right to use their freedom -- -- in the form. Of not watching that show anymore and hurting and hurting their bottom line so the freedom of speech. Go all the way you can say whatever you want about Michael say I am -- but I'm gonna have my opinions about what you had to -- about Michael sing and -- -- but darn it it's going to be an open discussion you don't let it be an open discussion out what to whom my main problem with what Michael -- senior -- -- think sparked his main problem with what he said. It's not what he said. Go -- and have those beliefs if you wanted to the paper you're a dinosaur but keep it in house. You know that's that's my only problem with the -- -- you keep that. In how well most old school people don't. Keeping -- okay well all you don't -- all schools -- brought up back in the sixties. They have the -- in his father putted both the racism and -- -- and I are go to it is discrimination. And I you don't want -- on the go to bed so. He doesn't want to undergo a threat it's -- way to go Bob -- We gotta be fair on both -- to have an adult this discussion about it. We can't make people like gave -- -- your opinion. Is your opinion but as a lot of people. A win today -- it. Knowledge I don't know or disagreeing about all the what is -- -- -- what their opinion on this and have used either moron some people who think he's probably why I don't think reasonable action. Would you just say that you are just a white I think he's a more because you basically because he went in and -- Hewitt I don't -- right agrees with -- -- disagrees with the media part of stay out of the media wherever he got enough stuff go on but as the immediate. Don't we want the whole. Do you walk tomorrow what should the guy reported -- I'm -- Wannstedt. The only problems as a -- and any -- would do it. So we should be happy to leave your thoughts on Dario Sam senior had to say on the John -- here and there is -- sound not flyers don't have 4144482162. Messed up coming up at 550 coming up on his side this quick break we reset the big topics discussed on the big show the -- pick a -- it's Great Lakes dragway pickle and it's coming up and I.