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Feb 12, 2014|

Ramie, Sparky and Leroy revisit the big topics and ask you to pick a lane followed by the best of the 1250 soundoff line

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah he's Smart he Enron even -- -- -- -- for three hours. I didn't crash and burn. Yet. It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's show and let you. Did a lame tactical things presented by legendary -- -- -- to get my -- dot com slash -- watch for half price and a special VIP package include. -- man himself big daddy Don -- that's an icon in drag racing this is the big show. -- of the -- these big show. -- and I grew up in -- five -- again at the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler with the until 6 o'clock radio Johnson's -- popping a few aspirin in preparation. For the Milwaukee to cricket soccer so -- -- got -- -- happened at a also tonight you're on 1252 I got the -- -- -- basketball post game show. After pelicans and box. Out of the -- -- apparently setting it whether it's -- you heard earlier the Wendy's big show that throughout chime in on but it -- -- now is your chance. Good and -- up at 7991250. By the Sports Radio 1250 dot com if you're just tuning in. Please allow us to reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. Then you go ahead and jump on in which -- related is that you want to jump on in before we reset the big topics discussed on the big show the Roy. Apparently has a question for me but I have adrenaline for the broken. -- -- -- Okoye has has it as an invention. Yeah there's a touchdown -- that would put together -- from -- -- extra yeah. And we're gonna talk about tomorrow bill Michael that they used to be news to -- -- -- can help the -- with that it -- Perez kick start us last the raw dollars look at me it's it's a lot of fun and we got a video -- produced -- wrote in there and as -- -- -- is -- that happens we got a lot of people story and -- Milwaukee to yes and one update day now because sparked -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People -- people know. One. Yeah he officially win yet so don't let him go you'd. You gave when you trip though I know but -- -- -- I know you shouldn't even thought about it I know -- I know and I thought you would want -- rusty used. -- -- him well I know a spark isn't Ol. That drew -- -- -- -- -- -- -- long and I had no equipped to deal with us today does he can close it out to -- and -- I think even Sparky would admit in my heyday in my prime 1000 up like twelve updates today slam dunk it I was I was probably a better update guys that's why they knew it I don't know now know -- -- You have to -- because that every isn't you know it. I think. Well we're gonna go over the history -- assist to Ian good update guys that they are acting when Ronnie was doing it every day he was top three and on the stage and that strong. I -- the ten -- is that the station has been around right. Nearly ten years. I don't want to have this discussion value making me doubt myself now. You're the top three -- -- -- Yeah -- -- a hobby and I know there are about how well I think get a get out there I think -- on there. Okay I think clips out necklace honors has to be on that there a hot I think Doug Russell's -- -- he -- really did updates updates so maybe he doesn't count so. You. Yeah I guess you didn't -- -- Yeah you know right partner Josh Vernon had a little elements that I think I think -- -- always good when I first started runners -- your absolute -- yeah -- was really good. Cliff was really good and and Ronnie Brown before the -- news more and take it then yeah -- spark he's an old that are -- -- he can do disaster. And are now let's reset the big topics discussed on the big show and -- -- relent. Start off the NFL talking about some comments by Adam silver new NBA commissioner he took over for David Stern. Just about a week ago -- I like is thinking but -- as he -- as much as we talk about international. I still think there's enormous opportunity in the United States I think this game should be a rival to football. In the United States is number one participatory sport we've all played it. I want to focus on the game the business is going well but this is a beautiful game and it was SB nation did the -- the NF LC's annual revenues. About ten billion dollars compared to the NBA's four billion. NFL playoff TV ratings often double or triple those of the NBA -- an annual Harris Interactive poll about sports this year. Found that 36%. Of respondents. Consider pro football their favorite sport where only 5%. Claim pro basketball. Sparky that's a huge gap to close considering he's the thing that I hate that I would think it is and and it's what most of our callers pointed to we discuss this in the 2 o'clock hour. Is the lack of parity every year there's a temporary -- maybe four teams that have any sort of legitimate shot to win a title. And I just think that that turns off the other 26 markets in the week. I -- sparking as you learn to agree with you Udoh they got or anybody said -- that idea blew that up. -- because people were calling into its all that it it parity now you didn't act just -- a random year went back in 193030. Games out. Got the three competitive teams -- three teams are really were in it all year in the Eastern Conference and get -- near the Western Conference was -- horrible like the east is now. Do you really from a competitive sample really in all that different guys now you have more teams which -- -- have more bad. Teams shores for the league with smaller. So you had -- all 45 really good teams in the NBA back then man and the -- and then. Nothing to write home about and now you're -- kind of in the same situation it's almost the same thing. Now having said. I think like -- pointed out I think it has to do with race right now and the National Basketball Association I think. That if you had a couple of really. Legendary white American type players not not European form players about -- of that so don't -- Dirk don't bring me Nash. Now I'm -- about white American basketball players like Larry Bird you well a couple of those guys you need like tenable. A couple of those guys that are superstars in this league this league's ratings any -- popularity and everything else will's third improve immediately. Without question but because you don't. Have that. I think -- -- what turned out I would times you hear. Man this guys can shoot a ball with a damn camera bag and gave Matt Webber never miss a shot out about John Stockton has got -- -- you start signal. I just think in general for the -- And what happens is you have these fans who. Hate didn't get a quote unquote and they always bring -- what a guy I don't have bar don't hit free throws -- hit the fifteen foot jumper or not rather watch high school or college basketball players play. And that's the type of stuff you -- you go you don't -- Larry Bird that looked about -- anymore about it very boys I love the NBA I don't go use and what poem. -- -- -- -- -- The hall of fame type -- -- what Americans are players you don't travel. The -- what America -- -- right now the only else out of bars that your -- Yeah look I think is probably Griffin -- best white American in India right now you know Brothers I think he's on the Rose that is I think so we do thinks only 'cause he can jump. You guys are like you may take you reclaim -- who me no no I didn't know there are no -- -- BA stars not that I know of at least -- ago. If there are delighted sports resort place there and I domino Kevin Love I think -- Yeah -- another great player who had a couple that little white Americans. -- I think the league's ratings and attendance and everything else go through the -- but that's the right -- how. You think the NBA can rival the NFL 7991250. -- -- Sports Radio 1250. Dot com moving over to the center lane and an article by yet Tom Silverstein the Milwaukee journal sentinel so back on Sunday I think it went up -- that JS I'll mind. He talks about the Packers and he does the -- they could have. They'll have up to they'll have about 28 million dollars in cap firm up to about thirty million dollars in cap -- to be thirty if things go the right way. And seventeen of your own free agents including BJ Roddy Sam Shields or Michael Finley this off season. Next here you have to worry about guys like Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb Bryan Bulaga. -- do you spend that money that she got in how spur on somebody else's free -- -- morning guy and particularly you have to spend it on -- Sam -- because he's your best. He's your -- Arguably could be. You know your best did -- -- back and top two. Defensive players. You gotta have shut down corners and you're not gonna have any shutdown corners you gotta have the next best. Second tier guys that he's in that second -- he covers the best every week Dom Capers has said it. I'm Joseph wit has said it without Sam Shields which is not very good and we put him on the best. That's a stress level day each guy should be compensated for. Is -- great attack 00. Is he. A shutdown corner which and there's not many -- Richard Sherman as one but oh did you look at says he's got here. Undrafted free -- and -- is -- from day one he's going to be a great player. You have to pay him now. You could franchise tag him that number and what ten million. Yes now they give you an opportunist that until long term deal now you can try to go out of the numerous of ways. But -- first and you gotta do. If you sign a guy outside this organization you have to be -- saint spark in May be. If you want such -- -- -- you say maybe go linebacker and free agency. And spread their money out but for the most by next year out they ran -- -- will be an extension. -- -- it would be -- got to -- -- -- Jordy will be a little bit different because I think they're gonna give -- tolerate this has never again. That they can let him play all -- -- season and Pena. I'm Jordy Nelson I'm not talk compact it's like -- free agency policy was now -- -- -- He's a good match out not a Max deal you don't have their targets a free agent this year -- an assist on what I like to see what is not like I believe Jordy -- and assists amounting to help them systems -- -- great quarterbacks so I wanna see much respect -- gets an open market Hardenne battled dictate. What George can -- play I Georgia better players and Eric Decker -- anyone games. Some receivers. -- -- -- -- -- Jordan out of the band -- yeah. I think there's a goes -- the speed and I think him and directory. I think they can be good in any system these guys have been very good we'll find out there's an offer says he'll get a big contract -- that's the center lane Packers -- about third. Million dollars -- cap -- -- on your own free agents who sign another 7991250. You know you can email live that Sports Radio 1250 dot -- And in the return -- LeBron James yesterday in an interview that'll air Monday and NB ATV. Saying that he thinks he will end up. On the NBA's mount Rushmore before all is said and done he's got Michael Jordan Larry Bird magic Johnson -- he struggled with the fourth one but went with Oscar Robertson. Now he goes all the way back to guys who are playing before his time and I know that because LeBron is five years younger than me which is depressing. But we wanted to keep -- to just guys. LeBron and catcher haren though no he does not a guy then he's got -- -- -- -- don't that's 1000 dollars -- I got on the -- -- ego got the fair value -- the only thing and had a -- felt it was I don't know. -- mark did you note they don't wanna Shell -- or whatever we. Had these types of debates and I -- these types of debates as tough I don't like to go back before my time I never saw will I never saw bill -- -- just guys that I've seen play in my lifetime Michael -- is the first name I think on everybody's list -- -- -- no question -- for me. Shaq is the second most dominant players that I've seen in my -- -- the way he's just takes he'll just take over a game no Magic Johnson. One of the first guys that I ever remember. Watching play best bond on -- -- fun to watch I could do this all day. And then the fourth one it -- and that's the tough one for everybody I change my mind about three times via first was LeBron. -- a buddy of mine talked me into Tim Duncan and the Sparky today put Hakeem Olajuwon in my head and I had to think about that for a second. But I think I'm gonna stick with my second choice him and say Tim Duncan with LeBron right on his heels. Yeah to me I think the business against court's huge get of course it. Shaq was to me was I'm -- I mean Michael Jordan. -- -- debate. But Magic Johnson. And colder Bryant goes for it to -- -- party. Down a -- and they made people. Better around and -- guess you -- argued -- Colby may be did it. But I think Jordan made Pippen better. No I think you made it more to top fifty players. Doling out my mount -- did did make guys better probably will -- -- Deloitte and number of -- -- they were playing about time you make yourself better. In I think for the most part of forty gain of forty points in no assist game people -- -- -- -- time and I think you may regret that somewhere on the line. But when you send a mount Rushmore he's. There's going to Lima -- so we reset. The big topics discussed on the big show -- asking you to pick -- -- how can the NBA -- the NFL that's the right -- center -- Packers -- thirty million in cap space on your own free agents -- -- others and in the return -- who's on your personal. NBA mount Rushmore -- we're talking about Michael -- dad's comments. Before the top of the who want to get in on that we will allow that as well just because it's an -- story. Staging claim a 7991250. He would also email -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com it's the Wendy's big show. He'll pick a -- next. So -- big show -- Sparky -- -- -- the big topics discussed on today's show and asking you to pick a -- it's Great Lakes dragway pick a -- take up a great deal they got for you. And get my perks dot com slash Milwaukee right lane -- in the NBA rattle the NFL center line. Packers with thirty million dollars in cap space spend it on your own free agents or others in the return lane who's on your NBA mount Rushmore also -- -- stadium -- -- If you wanna jump in on the comments of Michael -- -- year. Talking to the New York Times yesterday if you view before the top of the hour. Went up the phone -- 79912. If he can also email. -- that's Sports Radio 1250 -- -- speaking of the Wendy's inbox. Still looking for the winner of our 25 dollar gift card from while he's house of roses. Our last daily -- -- chosen today also our ultimate Valentine grand prize winner will be chosen that includes a dozen roses chocolate Teddy bear and balloons plus dinner. Enjoy seafood and -- in -- that's a 75 dollar value. If you know if you don't win anything from us well -- Has a special offer just for WS SP listeners ten dollars off any order of roses -- five dollars off any flower purchase order to locations -- -- -- 563 and north avenue in Milwaukee -- about mentioned W us as well he wasn't dot count -- have to mention WSS -- go in there. And today were looking for how you got in the dog house. -- trying to be get out of the -- -- you at that point five dollar gift card. And -- -- -- that ultimate grand prize. We have a couple of really good was just -- -- -- if you cheated on your significant other don't mean Ellis now know that's a week. You know you don't get roses roses are gonna help you on an -- you guys that are brought together a program yes I'm like you know the lights you know you -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- show and shut the toilet -- the toilet -- covered our Q what we have certainly does the last medically right. Yes things you know you didn't fill the toilet paper holder you know I just like today -- just you -- that I could go really. So I am right now none of that stuff that you guys just named ranks with the two that are finalists -- -- -- rather -- and are hilarious. So their work will bring dusty coming up around 550 -- -- -- squeeze in as many of -- as we -- between now and the status update coming up. Right around 540 with that is the weigh in on this outsider in the Wendy's big show what's up -- -- They were so -- are doing. Very low mount Rushmore would return lane from my number one -- got -- the -- Jenks okay Indiana. Mark Jordan yeah. Scheck yeah and in their drove who -- and -- -- Pittman you know -- in which he would get outside of that I would not likely. That Asian game and Mike same question same system. You know stopped explained -- try to do the same thing. You know the brought sort of formed his own game you're going to be the best player. -- -- the history part for the next twenty years and probably in my hand. Would not letting it go high school our opinion article or surpass what he's done come straight from our school little hyped and all there. Right -- guard -- security up here. Everybody we didn't come right out. Yeah you can't imagine how I knew from high school yet and you dominated nearly what could dominate like LeBron no heat no no no not like -- I had no. Don't know thanks for the column know I took it took that I had about motive for you three point it is -- -- -- market PC that does -- that was -- truth. Tracy McGrady was there to accounts from now people always forget about him. But he really ominous tenacity really good. Who missed shot his his peak was so is so short compared to some of these other guys that were talking about the Tracy McGrady right when he -- -- three -- -- -- -- -- that wanted to says yes absolutely one of the best that I've ever seen via. And being down south we saw a lot of trees it's got to west in the loss to Florida was a man to Mike you're on the Wendy -- Michelle what's on my. They looked -- as much. Aliens. At the and the origin kind of let you guys -- the best out there. Frankly it think Robby. And are you look you guys are one anyone yet been able to be out there. -- -- How that's why -- -- and secondly however I -- such and that. Packers I think it should definitely spent a lot of money in house but it definitely it playmaker on defense and somebody that's gonna be a leader because. Iguodala -- you -- severely underperformed this year. And as for the -- It did this is that the harder just to really is a better both -- hasn't done -- Name Mara -- to -- so anyway they -- hey this is. Not Arnold really go back to buy car -- Garnett is first year averaged ten in six that's a rookie and nineteen years old at -- he -- seventeen in eight. Then at when he won averaged eighteen. And nine so that's right now that's an era under iron then twenty point eight in 1022. Point 9/11 point -- 122 and 1121. And 1223. In thirteen twenty horn fourteen and 22 and thirteen -- 11 and twelve point to win twelve noon and and his numbers fell off. From their twenties -- numbers are fought off our heritage thirty. What about the kids day was to -- There's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at him isn't it -- -- -- yeah. Do we generate our best scores of all time I think that's different than all rise -- -- all totally different -- I don't want to play defense to score right. Get it one more before the break and it's Robert here on the Wendy's big show what's up rob. I don't pictured it in my closet too quick comments and then one maybe not so quick but you can decide OK -- -- -- -- -- I think the way that the NBA could get closer -- Ellis play more of a team game. Like you see in college have that more of a balanced team -- -- that. A game that is focused on individual players. That's my take on that. I don't know although my whole lot more players. Well one that you guys. At least I haven't heard today as Oscar Robertson and -- averaged a triple double first. Remember we're doing and our aero so you have to be alive to -- seen Oscar Robertson -- to put them on your mom Rushmore. Well I was I was -- that was alive I was young and a little more. It was a lot of -- I don't think that's her name in the original mom rushed more than I had before running Cuba this topic was Michael wilt Russell and Oscar Robertson. And that was my original -- but I beat -- -- it actually got did you seem quite which means -- off Russell's eleven Oscars besides the black rules a lively rebound alive. What you got there will be a lot of good senior player nobody gets those -- hadn't had singles who. A little. Smile man and the one that really wanted. That made you want to call and it is the Michael -- -- So -- era might take and before I get out there that -- a look at a heterosexual married and okay yeah I'm. I don't understand for the life of me why what anybody does in their bedroom as anybody else is as big Sparky for example. On everybody's business on Michelle -- and I'll have -- -- It can -- it to make it that way but at Spartan like this. There's certain position and -- today it's it's nobody's business but Sparky -- his consenting adult partner broke early so. You don't go like get and I am referring you for you to what -- were saying. About. People don't want to accept that that's correct but in actuality it is nobody that -- and people who -- brought down the religious. The religious. You like on the that they don't like it you know -- Jeter never. Saying about homosexuality in the Bible -- well versed in the Bible you said nothing about okay they're one lecture and I believe in -- Are where it is -- -- but yeah you know I mean we're all about Jeter is the book at the Archie -- The religious people again -- -- -- and called you know you don't have to like it -- poke you in the bedroom is is nobody goes there so it should be -- -- topic just the same way that. What Sparky doesn't it -- He had gallery. The religious angle they actually talk that the religious act and I where I could -- for hours and early -- on just because I think I'll have a lot of funding -- yelling at people but. The -- they about it's not -- your business or whatever the case may be ego. -- I couldn't agree more with you on that but fact of the matter is if your public figure you don't have a -- if you don't. They -- meaning fans. Public general public. -- I know everything about you at every given opportunity why do you think social media such a big deal on the stand country. Because everybody wants to know what everybody else is doing everybody wants to feel important everybody wants to know how many followers of a person -- everybody. Is trying to get more Fowler or -- -- -- so I can get sold sort of follow me or do this or hey let's pulls on a night for dinner tonight on FaceBook are -- look -- -- -- -- -- let's put it on -- -- make ourselves feel important at that that's what it is everybody was getting everybody else's business everybody right now is his nose is. So who gives a damn what I bring to the ring ceremony at. I'd memorabilia I just wanna be -- -- -- a matter. -- is gonna care -- best thing about that is it bothers me about mine and other people's business out of our business not just got finished decided to stay like that anymore -- Beckett was gonna win not getting longer we let get everybody else's. Closets you'll be shocked what you'd find. Especially when it -- Americans no question but I just think their way and you know. People -- always it is you don't agree with me which -- agree to disagree. And the rest has moved forward but it's not like if I don't agree with somebody they'll just take it -- it is -- this. -- I -- A speaking engagement from a church. To that we are about Jason Collins -- we don't want our kids listen NASA list it is all about. They know all about morning you thank Brett but I just think that. In this day and age I just think that people. Just need to -- -- isn't their -- and get ten sacks and I want him on my team. If you and have a chance to pick a later chime in on anything on today's big show John Paul's Buick GMC sound off -- is always open to -- at 414448. 2162. Or you are only eight sacks best -- -- -- -- run -- fifty after last year you could write are you -- -- comment at FaceBook dot com. Slashed all the DW SSBs -- another -- -- -- women in trouble and ourselves out of date coming up next right now -- got the latest in the world's tours. -- -- big Joseph -- as far as Illinois announced the winner of our 45 dollars giveaway 25 dollar gift card give away from -- house of roses and the ultimate grand prize winner. Before we get out here at 6 o'clock summary comments and our -- -- -- -- the status update. Coming up in just one sack but for a steal a guy on the show who doesn't have a Valentine. Has to tell you what you should be doing for your -- I probably got -- ready for Valentine's Day -- they have a wide variety of jewelry that is perfect for the occasion. How about a Hershey kiss -- -- nothing beats a kiss on Valentine's Day or how about. 844 carat gold -- Rose as one last for ever unlike the regular roses but they only have a limited supply of the gold roses so hurry and for the best selection -- a -- beautiful diamond stud earrings diamond pennants and a nice selection of engagement rings. If you're thinking about popping the question -- -- times -- Stevie. Remember broke up -- and -- family -- that we'll give you that personalized service you don't get at those big chain stores. Broke up Jewelers located a 102 and a good putter that I think is going to do without laugh -- -- -- 102 and national lab -- -- the open -- eleven to six Saturday and allow more. And don't worry they'll take care of the gift wrapping for you as well stop and soon it. -- -- -- -- -- ado here -- screwed something up against that. The only thing tougher than hiding behind your phone hiding behind a FaceBook -- Some of these people are pretty horrendous -- -- -- and that's exactly what the 1250 FaceBook pages -- talking about. -- the entire social experience of college. And putting it on line in all seriousness we know you can always call so. Let's look at the 1250 FaceBook page and see what's on your. We got the status -- brought to you by Quaker steak and lube it. A New -- you can always comment at FaceBook dot com slash 1250 WSS -- What we ask how -- the NBA rival the NFL bark at all Katz says. With seven exclamation points never. Not even close. Probably right. I mean can't fault again after trying run -- Adam silver says they want to -- the NFL but. Probably right the NFL has parity the NBA does not says Ron -- says easy. A real salary cap let's get a Kevin Durant type players small market teams will regularly not be able to win an NBA championship therefore fan interest goes down. Every once in awhile get an upstart team Pacers of the last couple years that will give teams like Miami -- run. But year in and year out it's going to be a team who has the superstars speaking of superstars. That's another issue -- previous comment it said it perfectly and B -- needs to change the rules back to basketball rules. Preferential treatment to teams and players hurts the league. As a whole and if they don't change the NBA will never rival the NFL and the Roy there's a debate on that I have with my buddies all the time. They'll complain about those calls that the LeBron James -- the Michael jordans -- of the world will get in every sport. You have those types of circumstances in the -- -- -- There certain quarterbacks arrogant and yours truly yours is one of them -- I was gonna get more roughing the passer calls that -- quarterbacks in Major League Baseball. There are certain pitchers who were gonna get more on the edge then other -- just I don't know why in the NBA. People. Seemed to harp on that so much and -- point a finger at the special treatment that certain guys get from referees or umpires goes on in every sport the superstar -- I think so -- us what they were. They for the most part that's what they earn the right superstar. Not just aren't a great player in -- lemonade changed to hand checking used just put your hand -- on -- guys hip and just cannot. You don't use it as a defensive play and then on the block back Charles Barkley was good on the blog. You know guys that put his need red red -- and his back. Read his backs -- they just changed -- at. Goes you know ultimately people one touchdowns. Slam dunks and scoring that's -- -- -- When we asked the Packers with their thirty million dollars in cap space should they sign their own free agents or others. Jim gets all sarcastic well -- you're free agency trade down -- draft to get more fifth and sixth round picks stubbornly insist that you are right and everyone else is wrong. But decimated by injuries -- crap defense get ousted in the first round lather rinse repeat. As good as well done. And when we ask -- that New York. Lifetime NBA mount Rushmore -- -- wanted to street off all the basketball players that you guys listed here and a lot of people Chiming in on that we thank you for a but just sort -- -- over it. Just about everybody agrees that magic and Michael -- their mount -- -- and -- after that there is there's a lot of debate yeah not a lot of consensus but magic and Michael. Who literally and almost everybody who submitted their drive their mount Rushmore those two guys were included why you do in the FaceBook thing -- -- -- FaceBook dot com. Slash 1250 the big show a few of the things that you'll see up there JJ watt has -- skills. On the ice. I got this now present Rica where he can do some things with a hockey stick man -- also on the opposite end of the spectrum of the women's Russian curling team which I shared with the yesterday. -- this week the move. They're a Great Britain team we've been watching tonight to their all right just a models -- -- And to see The Daily Show Jon Stewart's take. On the whole Michael -- controversy. Brilliant so well done by Jon Stewart the stat I want to -- a clip of it for you here but we really are running out of time we still have to -- pick the winner. Of that -- -- house of rose's 25 dollar gift card and the ultimate grand prize winner. And the best of the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off line that's all coming up as a wrap up the Wendy's big show on Wednesday. So when you bring Joseph -- is -- in the -- I am with you for a few more minutes -- of the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off on momentarily Milwaukee -- soccer show radio joke. And -- Kramer is standing by for that time now though. For us to pick our daily winner of the 25 dollar gift -- from well he's house of roses and -- winner will be entered into the drawing for the ultimate. Valentine grand prize that includes a dozen roses which I think today Teddy bear and -- plus dinner -- seafood and grill in Brookfield yes we have to -- today's winner. And the grand pride and we were -- it we are picking it right here on the Wendy's big show that. It's come down -- -- emails for today we're asking folks what got him while asking guys what got him in the doghouse. And then now we're gonna try and help get you out of the doghouse this comes from -- and Sosa. He says hey guys while watching the figure skating camp competition on Saturday night I thought a great idea for -- game. -- -- Basically -- -- a budget pledge -- -- what did Florida I guess -- around and the freshly -- floor. The next morning my fiance was walking into the living room. -- a much needed bloody Mary. When she remembered -- -- old floor. Unfortunately she was already halfway to the ground when she remembered -- -- long and short of it I would love to get my fiance some red roses to -- quote. New red shirt that's banned from Sosa. And then this one comes from -- he says hey fellas my wife and I are at a work event and the first person I run into. I introduce sir -- said ex girlfriend's name all. All I know enable -- to stop for about four -- -- that's or I don't see it happening Eddie Johnson a little thing you know her lands in Indiana -- shot is the winner yeah all right it's a shot is today's aren't they in the area and -- Detroit five dollar gift card from well he's house of roses now we have to take. The grand prize winner -- That he's leaving it you go to shot every everywhere I was whoever you live pick by I think it's we -- the stuff we got this -- what -- the. Things that we've done we ask you guys why she deserves it this came in from Scott this was yesterday I think this -- from -- yesterday. Yes this game now this was last week excuse me but it's got reply to your question of why my wife deserves to have flowers on Valentine's Day. My wife is special to me for always thinking of other people first. Perfect example she has the innate ability to plan -- day around my day with my job hours are different every day and every day supper is ready. As soon as I walk in the door my wife what is. Three girls during the day but manages to get things done around the house pick up my boys and have a -- waiting for me that's awesome and a lot of women mechanically in their house for so that's -- -- -- a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as far as much -- I work I don't think I could make it through the day not knowing she would be there. With that my wife deserves everything that comes their way including flowers which I almost never giver oh well thanks guys great show I got a wife are here. On Friday -- -- -- -- best and worst Valentine's gifts that you've ever given now. We know we weren't thanks though for playing a lot. Now we were asking tell us how can't realist artists how long it takes you to get your significant other a Valentine's -- that is a different -- -- -- us -- -- as it takes in my five minutes. -- that's it. I like come as got a guy has won five minutes manner necessary at all brought up to date more than -- -- he does the same thing every year. Every year -- -- seconds well it's pretty Saturday whatever day it was we asked for your worst and best valentines gifts you've ever gotten Jeff near Miller Park. Said he and his wife were together she tell them not -- let's -- or heard anything. He didn't fall for that stricken that I got very hollow chocolate heart but a nice Walgreens logo on the box -- he's asked to run -- -- states and then she went back to work where she found a dozen roses. Personally -- laying it all in one day everything in his early in his step to work -- colleagues since -- New -- -- she deserves it because she is sacrificing your body to get my first born child in April that's really that's hard to beat him and then this was the one that you that you talked about Sparky each year it is from -- -- Dallas. I get my wife a pendant from -- the card from the dollar tree and pick carnations because -- -- them. To the cost of Rose has been together ten years and harassment more than fifteen. On Valentine's Day I always work in the hallmark holiday comment. For a patented I roll I love her more every time I get one that's Jacob in Dallas and those are our contestants for the grand prize you -- we give it to. Yeah -- today's winner of about. Mean I'm not in the rush on on deserves some demise not about -- your vote in the -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you get checked them out had to that well keys dot com time now. For the best of the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off -- it's time for the best of the John -- Buick GMC 1250 sound off line. On Sports Radio 1250 WS his beat Milwaukee sports station. And Tayshaun YE -- flying and they don't hand anybody I think a lot for -- another country here debate a lot of elementary. Basically chicken out of an event that concentrate on your best defense and -- you don't even get a -- -- great job thanks for not that good. Well maybe we can do very short but I didn't feel -- nice position you're taking on giving entering the NBA -- I would not created for Kobe get everybody else come -- for my sport to millions of dollars a year that won't created. Yeah Auburn's every year. Who thinks they're good enough to go to the NBA they -- fouled out my college experience but. And the education. Because they apply for the NBA and -- nowhere near ready for a. You thinking too cool for school. Pick it and -- three Walter Cronkite. You aren't. -- -- -- -- -- Thank you come -- Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The last couple days it is -- -- I mean the guy can't even -- good at -- go without. -- -- -- -- Cecil is a slow medalists. And you can sound off on a John Paul's Buick GMC 1250 sound -- line at 414. For 404162. We was a message that John -- Buick GMC twelve -- -- sound off line and John -- hundred service departments -- was going on now. Get a -- into the vital change tire rotation we will linemen and -- -- -- 7995. Through service department. Call 5457000. -- -- John Paul's automotive dot com. On Sports Radio 1250 WS SPE Milwaukee's sports station. Asking about good for us here on the Wendy's big show thanks to you guys for listening for filled it up on the phone lines when -- inbox Twitter FaceBook great contributions. From you guys all afternoon long thanks to LeRoy Butler. For coming in on such short notice sitting in for Gary dollars and today on the Wendy's big show John Campbell the gap from high school that's not -- Ted Davis will be -- on the -- -- -- tomorrow. Real quick before we sign off got to give you your chance to win a grand take this code word I'm about to -- -- to Sports Radio 1250 dot com slash cash. Accurate three -- chance to win 1000 dollars in this national contest your code word. His role RO. Al Al after that it Sports Radio 1250 dot com slash cash for your chance to win 1000 dollars up next it's. Milwaukee wave soccer show radio -- and Zola art Kramer standing by after that spark is back with the pick in -- basketball post game show. After pelicans and box for the -- Sparky. Mario on the other side of last long with Michael called running back -- saying thanks for listen. Well I don't do it --