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Gery Woelfel on the Pick N' Save Basketball Post Game Show

Feb 13, 2014|

Sparky gets Gery's thoughts on what he saw in tonight's game. Who should stay and who should not?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get inside a locker room and break this one way. It's got a -- put pucks insider Gary global front do you by -- penis and by the Thomas -- offices. This is the big save basketball post -- show. -- the only station Bucs fans. Sports Radio 1250 WS this week. Are still out on the losing end and I went out to an -- -- arguably along with signing other side of the glass joining us -- the great midwest -- on line. He has Gary -- -- Gary your thoughts -- -- saw tonight against New Orleans. Lives. So some very very cute backcourt -- Libya. And the ball Brandon Knight in the walker -- I mean who would have ever thought that -- -- second round pick would be -- so much. -- played so well you know. This kid's going to be avoid prologue time I don't know you'll ever be a starter but he's we're going to be you know a ten year guy pusher. I'd rather have him as a starting point over Brandon Knight right now. And I think Friday night in it needs to be the shooting guard right now and I think going into next year that's your starting back court unless you can find a a shooting guard in the first round of the draft somewhere another. Well I beg to differ my friend. But you know -- that superstar -- -- was -- shooting guard next year you don't have one on the roster. No -- in the and they don't it is like that you brought up that topic because remember the other night after you know -- -- what your record yes. Night before the game I get into a ordinances to mr. Gordon and we had probably a fifteen -- -- conversation. And that -- way out so flat out if he had heard any rumors about box -- we personally you know. -- -- lead yet. In these sort of that the -- of any interest and you know for some time. And I know refer back going back to the draft but it was at that time. But he says yeah that he had heard rumors -- that your house seriously sour. But he made it very clear that he was well aware of -- his interest in him. Okay so if I. I just I don't understand. I real I mean a less you are that fed up. With Sanders and again that's what I'm saying last year that fed up -- preface that. But I I don't understand why you'd even make the deal when Gordon's at. Fourteen point eight million next year with a player option and he's not going to turned out at fifteen point five in 2015. The only way you do that deal as if you are Donald Larry Sanders that's only what you make -- trade otherwise it makes no sense. Yeah I mean that I'm not sure Erica they sure that -- brutal facts of who -- -- -- are -- you are and who knows I mean this might be just again just. Conversation you know -- We'll tell me this what did you work -- the Bucs front because I haven't heard -- -- As far as them being close on anything. Well negative there's nothing really new. Littler Sanders back to what you know -- -- -- pretty much gone. I was polyp removal group -- this summer and that you'd be part of -- package. Put it here it is the -- what's the -- I'm looking for. The kicker to the whole story. See you're well aware. Herb Kohl. Wanted to Korea investors correct yeah. I was sold recently that they are are at least two groups that already have expressed interest in doing so. At one -- -- could be ready to go any time. Grew. As in multiple people buying a portion of the box. Correct and joining Herb Kohl you know you co owners. Now here's the deal okay. You remember when. That New Orleans pelicans were going to be sold. Yeah and Mike Dunleavy was part of a group -- -- all. No -- in all no no I don't want it back here. Not an out that -- I'm using him as the ball by Mike Dunleavy wasn't really the money guys in the group okay used the -- EU -- but a few of the pay up -- guys in a few of the gap is seen here in the organization. Almost. I really hope -- the goodness. I have been told. That there is -- former NBA general manager. Can't reveal at this point. He is in a group of very deep pocketed guys. And they are varied sources in -- Herb Kohl former so he's not a GM now. Correct. So so if -- happens if Herb Kohl besides the moral -- -- do it. This -- can come in. And clean house are. Is that you have -- -- you'd be putting -- charge and yeah right exactly the that -- anything happening before the trading deadline next. February 20 -- -- I would -- slim. I've been told that this group -- very seriously and you know wait for via. But this is okay but this is my -- ten I'm fine with what you just sent the -- But the only thing that concerns me is Herbert. Not wanted to give a majority control meaning -- says okay reality come image -- -- half 30%. Or college come -- showing it now forty but I'm still gonna run this organization and this is still my baby -- -- you to argue the apartment. That's where I'm concerned. That -- the previous -- victim in the first told the former GM will be called. And why would have to agree that's what I I think as a group they would have to Korea and decisions you know the only -- that would be taken. Well this group would then have to -- for serves and say look if we do this. Then you have to agree upon of this agreement that this guy's going to be president or what -- -- And who makes the decisions otherwise -- -- -- while we're not coming if you're still gonna make decisions they have right to be Smart enough to make that call. Right so so it can be very -- -- you know who dealt with it's even gonna go down you know. This week next week next. -- we are these local guys are these guys from by the area. All of the year. And there find keeping it here and trying to get a stadium. -- -- -- Don't have fun but -- kids. That are not. That's scenarios -- -- really take up the pace here because. Mean you you there was a big story today by -- when -- whoever's name is. Talking about Seattle at all everybody wants to be in Seattle and you know Cuba no let's expand let's expand and flying -- to this point it's. What -- -- get a a crazy amount of money for an expansion team decayed into this thing let's say we can get six or 700 million dollars and -- two groups -- wanna do it why not take the money. And silver's point of -- the new commissioner is. Okay that sounds fine but we already have -- of talent we already have a parity problem in this league why what I wanna add two more teams in trying to do looted even more. I agree with silver sold them the stories are -- ball well Milwaukee and there issue with getting a stadium and so forth kind of thorn Milwaukee -- -- -- moved to Seattle. Then you know what happens this after I get a call from guess where Seattle KJR has GI want come -- right by the stadium should call man here we go again so. There at that that's going to be -- that's going to be a topic until something. Right and that's why -- say it assuming they can put does the bad the happier everybody will be in this town everybody can relax. Yeah I mean but that -- again it's communities across who's going to be a long drawn out process and in the if you could still happen over night. But if you have a new phase I think of a better chance of getting it done. I said it all along but it's whoever this is has got to be a guy that has credentials. That has won before in the league. That people trust. That has to be the case. -- and it's a guy like Dunleavy people are gonna lose their mind that is never going to -- He has -- -- -- in jolt last yeah I think you very much. There is Gary wolf flooded midwest bank outlined turn the -- would GM beat out 3 July. You're looking a buyer or refinance a home like -- mid West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you can live mortgage free great midwest bank simply. Local that'll do it but it's a basketball post game show -- Bucs lose 102 to -- we'll talk to you. Maxed out Michelle coming up I've Tuesday night after the -- play host to the Orlando Magic enjoy watching -- -- this weekend. The all star festivities the rookie game and of course the skills competition we'll talk tomorrow at two on the Wendy's big show with Ted Davis and don't forget George Karl joins bill Michael's program at 10:15 Friday morning right here -- Sports Radio 1250. WSS to.