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02/21/14: John Hammond joins The Big Show 3PM Hour

Feb 21, 2014|

Bucks GM John Hammond joins The Big Show and talks about the recent trade deadline and the future of the Bucks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The GM of your Milwaukee Bucks he is John Hammond joining the Wendy's big show John thanks for a few minutes I -- this afternoon. Great to be -- -- if there was one complaint that we heard repeatedly from Bucs fans yesterday as we're talking the activity at the trade deadline. -- sat there -- more trades to move more veterans other than Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour yesterday. I know you can't name names of guys who are still on this roster you may or may not tried to move how much chatter was there with other team yesterday though before the trade deadline came and went. Well that's not a whole lot to be honest with you I think that middle. We kind of added you know goal -- -- of what we're gonna do things and you know we didn't want to move CC younger pieces that's for sure kind of accountability block pieces -- You know anarchy expiring contract -- look at those pieces and you say. Are you going to like -- -- and he. And contact for an expiring contract and study you do if you take back -- years into fanatic contract unless the player they really low bullet. That's -- -- simply looking to do is help. Did you know we were active and I think like most all the other teams for active -- I think I think we talked all -- accountability is what we -- applicants. I'd said John leading -- to the trade deadline that if it was me in your shoes I'd be just trying to accumulate picks. For any of these -- I could get rid of as you stated so the younger guys complain namely Nate Walters Brandon Knight -- has -- and everybody knows who were talking about. -- -- second round based in 2017 it really matter to me but. Just to clear up some of these veterans get them on -- teams where maybe they have a better chance of winning obviously with a record that we have so Morales which I would totally understand. And I -- Philadelphia -- trades for second round picks all over the place. It wasn't just not that much interest in some of our veteran guys were we could -- to get a second round pick for these guys. Well I mean you know that that's. That was the the impetus -- they Ridnour trade you know allowed to Britain are -- with Gary Neal and a trade and we we did came late 3.2 five million dollars of cap space. Next here so. That needle it's easy -- -- assets MBA -- contract or eight or a draft pick and you know I and look it in the day. Penal the not gonna talk about players and who could go -- -- couldn't -- -- decision that we made and now we stand by today. John there were 82 round picks that were traded yesterday but no first round picks why -- teams even teams like Phoenix. That had multiple number one picks -- why -- teams reluctant to part with the number one pick. You know I think it's the day and age related to be asked what have you I think that that there was -- -- -- teams are doing such I think people now the value of the pick at a greater level and -- I -- think you know that's not as easy to do as the one in the past with the. New impetus and he -- in India new tax structure that we have. I think that make it a little more difficult to do in. The overall -- -- -- he'd be -- don't detail to -- I load a contract to someone else's room. You know -- there were days I think -- that that -- mean however many years ago large 234 years ago maybe five years ago. Where Mike -- -- talking about the -- they're getting first round pick Donald contract like that now -- really lucky to get that second round pick. Was there any conversation about after you made the deal to get -- sessions and on that you have the young guys -- you have. I just pretty much just Armani Nellie just get on -- and oldest pay UN and -- his move find odd to make -- -- -- -- get nasty as I mean honestly if if he ends up getting 225 minutes -- night I think there isn't a bunch of fans are probably are going to be very happy at the end of the day. Well we've been elected to a candidate or you know we're gonna do it better for our team that organization -- -- and and and you know what we're not -- Try to manipulate the process you know world war world were we don't -- for -- trying to do too to put our. It is our players at a position where where calm. You know they they can be successful can appointment key you know -- -- what these young guys. Still have an opportunity you know where there'd be a Brandon Knight or Chris militant and or. Hi ya on that serve or -- needy young guys on the roster John hits -- like to keep going. You want to guide to have an opportunity to be a part of an organization that look you know we're gonna. We're still gonna try to do try this organization -- and and and he'll be compared live and in person -- -- position we can compete in games and offer might come -- and he helps -- and and. And when we played better in a particular game or get a win -- -- not the worst thing for us in the long run at all think. You probably didn't plan is going in but your ten and 44 in your gonna get a very high draft picks so in a way you're in a rebuilding mode now. There was a report we talked about it earlier Gary wall full of they were seen journal times is talking about the fact that. He was saying within the organization there were people that think you can turn this thing around in one year. And get back into the playoffs with a pick you've got coming in this summer is that realistic or do you see this as a multiyear process of getting better. Like it's it's you know it's just not in a way -- we are really rebuilding and and. You know it that pretty. That very seldom does that happen out I want -- say never -- very very telling -- that ever happened that. Actually get to this point in any gauge yourself in the position that we're in right now and a complete rebuilding -- the chicken to just jump out in in one year in. -- that you get back to me into the playoffs and and have that kind of competitive team. EE it's you know I I think you look at the situation like this -- assistant -- the process that we're now involved in undertaking in that. That I think that probably that that the worst thing to do would be tried to speed up the process. I think that the most important thing -- reevaluated and say this is it just where were at. And that we you know kind of rebuild in -- right. I don't -- -- methodical way. But he didn't in the right order which should happen you know I -- hear what you know the part of the conversation is -- you know -- every game you know tank. -- -- that there is there is a little bit of a process so you go through that you know except. That's that's. Easy easy to say you know it is very very difficult to go to you know from from head coach to the assistant coaches but the guys -- -- -- -- every night. You know there human being -- they want to do the best they can do they want to have a chance to win a game and. You know what they get the move that we made yesterday -- I think with the right moves for us. Had a right -- truck as we move forward into into the transition rebuilding process. You know we moved to contract we opened up a roster spot next year. I think it you know everything we're doing we're thinking about the future that's very evidence -- when you talk about the respect -- -- playing in a game. And maybe -- -- a 120 for a minute span that's not there are romping for a it is I do -- what if you win a game that happens but you know -- -- I still think it to contain. You know I think no you look back -- -- -- that -- me nick manipulate the process and I think it's kind of backfired on them so I think you move forward work accordingly and do your job. With John. My point on it at least we go back to Vermont here and remember when you guys -- Vermont the first time I love Vermont superstar in waiting -- used to calms us nothing personal against Vermont sessions I love Vermont sessions a day guiding you but. From my aspect it is okay. There -- I have to be an evaluation major because his contract's up after this year or if you think remind can be a part of this team over the ice for five years and be a contributor on this team to be a part of building. A championship caliber team. Alright fine I did it. But if the answer to that is -- when he's afraid he's -- -- go his way we're gonna go our way we like what we have with Knight and Walters and we think they're the answer. Then why not free up their roster spot by paying him all but you're gonna have to do anyways and -- maybe you can find a diamond in the rough in the and give that young kid minutes who might be a part of your future going forward. -- and it that very very logical very logical thinking you know it's just split about reminding you that you think about this right now to. And we're going to use it you know -- you wanna have you want to have your right you 100 players are on the right kinda guy. And I think we're both and -- -- -- we know we had person and you you can't find a better person to have around your team. And you know not. I don't know what's gonna happen and what we're monitoring agency you know we're gonna we're going to be a team we're gonna happen once again order to have significant room this summer. And who knows that you would want to bring him back maybe you'll what would want to bring him back. As another veteran guy that -- kind of you know help helps some players and -- -- in in you know leadership role. Andy has dealt won the most efficient players in the league what is. Kris overrated ability to get to the basket to get -- wind so I mean it's it's it's it's it's it's you know we don't know what -- -- just gonna bring I know this. Having reminds -- around. It's not going to be a bad thing for -- is not going to be a bad thing for us as we move into the future. -- it's for the remainder this year at least and maybe look at longer. -- Bucs GM John Hammond here on the Wendy's make -- one more quick one for you John there was a report yesterday. That the box asking price for Ersan Ilyasova leading up to the trade deadline was too high because owner Herb Kohl. Thought that that thinks that Ersan Ilyasova can be a star and the supporting us from -- Kennedy a basketball insiders dot com says that notion doesn't lineup with what others. In the organization think is that accurate to say that there's a difference in opinion of what Ersan Ilyasova isn't and could be for this Bucs organization. -- -- hunt now I'd say we we we value Garcon. You know Ers got his -- he's been one of the that he he he he usually is in this league you better recognize him the last couple years is wonderful stretch that stretch and fortunately. How well you know he shot the ball extremely well he had to -- as little as well this year. I think you know that the process we're going to do he's been a little more difficult for him he hasn't gotten many open looks as he has in the past that. -- started still valued he's valued -- again it blocked the guy is. You know -- -- he's gonna come to work every night give via -- is a great effort he didn't know made this guy. And you appreciate having guys like that your organization and he's never -- -- -- value and at least he he has to he has value today. As -- cannot always speed over the next three years is Patrick there's no doubt in my mind so it's not like a guy like oh my -- yet. You know he got stuck with the players you're never step with -- got Packers haven't -- not really until because number one you appreciate her for him for who he is as a person and as a player. And then -- gonna have value to look forward. One final question John and it's about crime Butler who's been a great locker room guy for you this year earnings -- in some games but he's also a veteran who could help a contender has there been any talk about. Moving him -- buying out his contract. We haven't had any special like that don't at this point. John thank you so much very timely appreciate we know you're a very busy man and always -- welcome you here on the Wendy's big -- always great dude he -- thanks so much.