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03/01/14 Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show

Mar 1, 2014|

Mike McGivern is joined by a guest each week from Milwaukee NARI to discuss how to improve your home the right way.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement show now here's -- -- big time Mike may give Murton. Walking the walking area home improvement show on sports pretty at 1250 their BS SP. I might be -- alongside my cohost and special guests all wrapped up and want Greg Greg Adam. All right let me get this then you got a lot of titles for a president Joaquin your foundation which is -- -- arm of the marquis of -- -- He is the vice president of -- area in general manager from Milwaukee -- work -- -- skewed to see our even on good morning good good to see him. He -- -- sorry two weeks ago. -- at the more -- -- -- home improvement show at state fair park. That's for me and -- -- fuel foam on was the best show that I've been to and it not only do we -- Choate and in held strong. You know everybody that they had Goosen how creative people work but the people common man were coming in for resent. And it it it made me hopeful for 2014. For you guys. Yet -- went that was that's really good show. Lot of our -- chapter of volunteers helped out with that show. I'm -- -- get a shot up to -- brown she did a great job she's their coordinator for a it was one of -- -- we've had in 56 years and and I think. We -- the weather to deal with right this year we -- have to worry about it. People were coming out and the speed -- sick -- -- around pretty. Did you think that in and in this is just from firm my view did you thank you -- walking there with a mission. They were -- -- they were not Juaquin has -- say okay. I just while walk around today wanna I wanna look at a couple things in and you got here they were Joaquin and where where cable was his were doing the high school show. I was watching people's faces as they were common -- And they were coming and because they were going. To start to do some things let's go we know where we're going to we want to talk to this guy that guy that cal over here we want to do this. And were were going it it didn't it wasn't like they walked in and were like while which would you wanna go. No we yeah we actually ran out of floor maps for for where people are located before coming in and they just wanted to hey I want cabinets are going to -- guys went to the -- -- They want windows they went to win a guy. And it was it was really good to see Tom. Boy it just was a good -- if that's an indication of how this. Year's going to be it's going to be good -- for everybody -- I don't know if if if in I have I've worked for a couple of companies were I've done. You know -- operations type things. And I don't think the average person never really thinks how much work. -- seemed to put one of those on. And I'm telling yet V you know from from I guess -- on -- -- -- on down to -- and -- and -- and all these people. And the amount of time and effort it's sweat equity that goes into putting on his show to that quality. -- is really impressive to me the show committee Tom which is along -- starts with new ideas next week. So we start. -- a year out and we start right away. Why haven't gotten an invite to that yet you know you know I won't -- us and you know I think if I don't play these guys as far as he has worked so every little bit. I think you should play more basketball and at different referees for that game but -- go other than that. If if people are looking -- -- membership to rectory if they didn't. If they did not get one at the show I know the 2014. -- -- -- just came out. -- and it's a free resource they can give -- walking area call -- 414771. 40717714071. Get a membership to rectory remodeling guide. Or you can go long line him walking -- dot org -- -- from information that that you have one thing that walking Gary does. Is they offer a watt of -- different ways to -- it to figure this whole thing out I know that you guys have. -- a a march 12 -- another panel discussion and and again perfect time -- You guys -- such a good job with that but the discussion -- differences between remodeling. And new construction is coming up a -- not yet say if you're walking around showing your confused if you if you -- -- -- in your house. Or build a new house some we have a panel discussion on March 12 as Mike said. In it's a it's a discussion with some of our esteemed. Chapter members. Mark brick from beanie general contractors. Recover -- from -- builders. Aaron's Lynn ski from aaron's building services Chris Wagner from four seasons some rooms and John Phillips Academy -- going to be there. And they'll discuss why in our modeling is different the new construction so it's it's a great -- and goes from 630 to 8 PM. And it's questions and answers so. You know I've had a chance to meet most most of those guys those -- -- public be. Quality guys in their field right there yet that's what a great panel discussion and in what I like about those -- said this on the show. Is guys like -- can ask foolish questions and there's no foolish questions at at something like this I mean you really can't go win -- and say look. -- a little embarrassed by this but here's what I'm thinking in my thinking the right way in my walking down the -- -- And these guys. -- -- on this panel discussion again I know most of those guys and -- have a tremendous amount of respect for for for them. I'll won't be able to sit and talk to you about again why and how remodeling is different the new construction and I think that's really important. That people understand that. And just doing the math here and and looking at the how long these guys -- businesses over a hundred years of talent that these guys got. In their respective fields and and it's everything from John -- is it is a cabinet maker and has a great job arm. -- -- -- -- rooms and -- and they're all good at the remodeling. Note don't work for a -- and a couple of times toast if you're talking about guys that are just this is good as anybody in their field and in. I would take full advantage of that you know if we can let's go back to the show real quick. What it in -- talked about this last week I was walking now and talked to it a woman who. She had. She had a notebook -- in hand with a lot of notes and she was just kind of standing looking at down. And she kind of looked up -- me and smiled and -- and how you do when she goes. Well I gotta get out here understood why they -- steak and she said no I've been here. Couple hours and I came in with one thought here's what I'm going to do. And now look -- might know -- and she had aegis of thanks. If she said I've got to get out here are my husband's gonna be really upset because when I came in here thinking. I wanted. Is no longer on my no -- it's now this in this in this and two of them are needs and wants a wants her and that's the one I want really impressed. So I just -- -- Ares said you know. You should probably just Q walking around it she said I -- I have got to go so that was again when I talked about being hopeful for you guys in 2014. That's what that's where that came from. Yeah it's. That -- can definitely be information overload for anybody as walking and or so ago and are the purpose. Same thing when you come -- in your talking to one of these contractors like Mark Parker recur barker -- of those guys. If you come in and you're looking to remodel have your -- -- you know there's so much information other night and go on the web -- are you running Internet you can look up just about anything so that -- consumers -- really informed but. If you're really never built anything you're really never did anything like that these contractors we'll help you and guide you because you may be looking at something that they can do -- in Florida. And -- -- like that appear. She's always funny to me is if somebody you know is -- buy a -- They do two days of resurfaced either would play during and what -- and what has the best it. And then they can -- and they say yeah I -- build son or I want new windows are I want you know what I wanna call. You know the -- wanna -- John Phillips a cabinet maker and I want new cabinets. OK what should I do. You spent two days -- research in a blender. And that -- gonna cost you fifty bucks. Let's do a little research be prepared and then when you go c.'s John you can -- this is what I think it. And then John can take it from there and fifty boxer 50000 markets and yeah pretty equal credit the great -- but I don't like there are a lot of research on that I just want to be told. -- -- what to do they -- home. I had a chance to what device raffle tickets for the marketers foundation I haven't gotten a call -- -- they still they just haven't called -- yet you didn't I. He -- all that's I -- all the winners have been called -- I'm really sorry you didn't win he had the and they -- you -- guaranteed me I'd win if I -- all those tickets -- I gonna you know he's there has been an -- -- -- that's what you were doing what -- -- them down -- also they've been -- foundation had a raffle at the -- for those -- that -- there and for -- you got called congratulations on your winnings. But we had some great prizes from -- TC WC TC. I was get I was little nurse -- sitting on it a bit eyesight to armed to adults. And India are both -- -- my size and Naples had and it. And no problem -- I thought -- ex eagle at six now because if they're both sitting -- -- and they were swinging. -- if that thing had a chain link on their that was like a one -- chain it was sirens -- there it was incredible you guys race it was a good good. Aren't we did well now we -- and some good money and that's gonna go to. Scholarships for ME TC in the BC DC for people trying to get in the industry and give us some if you can't because we got to get to break urine bidders to put -- what's. The more canary foundation -- you know I know that you guys -- -- you know it promotes. Awareness of home remodeling improvement industry through a number of of Tom of vehicles to give us a few of those and some of things you guys -- warm mean. Our main goal is to -- And funds further refinement and -- expansion of existing walking -- educational programs. We yes support scholarships in similar -- six to -- professionals training. Entering into the home improvement sure our market and we embarking activities determined to be essential to. Insurer. A good supply of -- -- individuals that are trying to get in the location. You know what I like about it in any -- -- -- research when you look at the history the foundation. The -- -- your foundation is provided more than a 150000. Dollars in scholarships tools and equipment. I don't know if you know -- I figure the presence -- you knew this I'm sure that's a lot of money. To be able to assist. Young adults and and and some guys that are maybe making a change in your career and gals. But that's a lot of money to be able to assist them to start their their journey into this. Oh yeah week you know. And we don't work. In the age bracket they know the funny thing -- when though when the market kind of turn in the economy took a dump. As if anybody was paying attention we had people there were trying to get into design and we had six year old people that. We're still needed to work short and they wanted to do some difference and and we provided them scholarships to get into the field so. Six year old or eighteen year old training in the field it's. We just want to help. Right I think you know automatically when you think of of a scholarship. Into the home remodeling into this field you would think somebody who's. -- -- high school and looking to go to WC TC you're looking to go to MET -- But it's not just that you guys VA it's not worth if -- 25 years old. You -- longer qualifier for 41 of these scholarships. I think that that amount that 150000 dollars in scholarship tools -- any equipment just kind of jumped off the page it -- That's. A lot of money so you guys obviously they -- doing some good work you enjoyed being the president foundation. I do enjoy and my term is gonna end this June okay here 'cause my. My duties at the chapter gonna accelerate a little bit so I have to boss something short and so yeah it's been great -- you -- takes over the votes. It's common OK I can tell it's the secret really aren't we -- break news right now though this break you do that we you know I could have Mario are producers and they come up with that. You know that music to -- a pediatric breaking news as I thought he lets. It'll break -- said the break or talk a little bit more about the walk here foundation and -- wanna talk about Milwaukee -- work. But Iran's 1953. Wanna give you some. -- -- -- -- -- that also if you have any questions that you want to are great the answer you can email was questioned set. Live -- Sports Radio 1250. And -- have Greg answer those questions for -- this is the -- near home improvement show on Sports Radio 1250. -- -- -- -- You're listening to the Milwaukee -- home improvement show with big time Mike -- -- -- email your questions still live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Paul welcome back to them walking near home improvement show -- We're pretty 01250 Libya says Pete. I'm Mike we your alongside my cohost and special -- and special guests tried to say special Craig is great adamant. President -- canary foundation vice president walking -- general manager of Milwaukee -- work. He lets talk a little bit about Milwaukee nor this segment if we can't. You guys have. Been around won't talk. And it's a company that. I hear a lot of good things about I I've had a couple people that have done some business with you here in the past and nothing but -- -- say about. That only on the company but the people that they meet when they walk into the through the door. Since 1953 guys been around. Leading distributor -- windows doors molding -- and it's their parts related hard work for commercial contractors homebuilders. -- contractors in the Milwaukee area. That pretty much says. Yeah thanks yeah -- out here you're you're done with this stuff regret I appreciate. But this is a local. Locally managed company correct that's correct yeah I give us if you -- -- his straight right as I did -- -- research. Four. Your company it has been. Around in the -- you guys have done a ton a work with the local people mean that's important you cracked. Oh absolutely we -- As you said we -- our society 53 in we. Real heavy in the remodeling on market. -- lot of these guys we talk about the -- box and those in the mark bricks and -- guys. We supplied them help them come at one time or another and whatever project to come across with cell doors windows trim. -- molding is door hardware cabinets. What are they need for projects so. You know in that that the next similar -- talk a lot about Colby windows and doors to you guys Stewart on the business. -- with them and -- The in that company has -- run around a long time as well and I know that thirst. Arm a really strong tie between eight I your company and their company and as -- did some research for them. Certainly one of the then the fast window and door companies. Around I think there's a lot of them to talk about the Colby's -- you guys you a lot of business. Yeah we've were -- their oldest customer. Proud to say that. Colby's been announces that he 43 and our. Our founders of our company in them got -- had a really good down -- working relationship. -- back in the day when they. Win now the -- boy is needed to redesign and double hung -- -- -- casement window the call mark in order to get some ideas and and he. He -- scrambling -- What can we do what should be do short and it worked out it was it was really good didn't when they expanded and grew -- grew with them and they've been loyal to us were loyal to them great product. -- it's. It's Wisconsin company -- probably that. I think that that's really important of people know that. I I don't I didn't know that until I started looking up and -- I've heard of that company -- realize it was Wisconsin company. And I think that that's pretty impressive and if people need to understand that. You know -- if you're doing business you like to keep it home if he can't. And down I think that that's important will talk more about about -- we -- -- -- next segment getting back to walk you know work. Give us if you can't just to reader's digest -- quick version. Com you guys work with with with -- -- -- you work with. With third the other manufactures and you work a story with with the companies that are gonna do the work to the remodeling companies. Well we work. Typically solely with the contractors -- the -- certainly they send their customers the the homer sauce and we helped -- selection process we have a pretty you faster room. -- you go online you can look at us and watch him or dot com and you can see -- -- Come in. Were open from some entered are fighter -- I'm sorry Monday through Friday right in and doors and windows and trim and if -- you know like we're talking about about the -- The information overload. People come in have your selections take a look around and we can -- yeah we don't sell the -- we died you. How we want you to make the decisions we give the choices and we want you make educated decision and that's our job. What's the biggest party your business. You know if it when you do were you when we talked about. From windows and doors to mold these two cabinet -- to -- parts terror related hard work what what part of that is the biggest or your business. While hmmm you know -- -- and got a pretty good equaled. Equal match going -- balls -- windows and trim and cabinets are candidates we had a great your laughter. But yeah if it varies every year that's that that's the fun part of the business yeah I -- and you know we've talked but this one I've had -- the past but. When you talk about the things that you guys do. You -- -- it always stays the same it always changes correct that if I grew up on the side of -- avenue people would say what was at Lakeland by UW -- And it's -- it. Hey it's always the same get a changes every year there is the same families -- -- but students not comment so. In your business windows or windows but they're constantly. Changing -- changing Cotts and get better they have to armed. You know I'd I'd sad to say happy to say that and this is gonna be my 24 year in business science actually seen a lot of changes happen. And -- your sandwich and when are you happy what after like the ten year mark in this -- taken out of it anyway so you just blocked him he liked him but it's been. When he four good years and I tell you what the technology in windows has changed so much from the for the paint colors of the outside -- glass technology has changed. Dramatically -- -- -- -- glass cardinal glass is the leader are the largest. The last manufactured in the country and they are also -- Wisconsin -- Company. And they make the glass they caught the glass and they supply colder when illustrator Wisconsin. But that technology has been unbelievable -- coatings. You know it it -- some -- -- your red coach doesn't fade or your Florida's and fade if boxing heat and it's all. All the glass in in different regions is different because of he temperatures. And out of the cardinal 366 class that's that's used in some -- when those are the cardinal to seventy glass as -- and some of the windows is set for this climb and that's really important. You take you take -- window that is set for Florida for example won't have same. Louis -- and won't have the same insulating factor -- -- to. Well right well it's got to have different demeanor -- -- -- -- -- yes but the -- and -- was a little bit different and so the stuff that they make four -- supply -- windows is for the Wisconsin climate. Had our to our share of the -- and I'm done now down on point on I don't tap out here easier captain -- -- -- right now and I've done a good. Before you to break we have a question again now -- from Jackson. Has has even though so -- events sports review 1250. Alert from Jackson says a -- -- the difference huge differences between custom in stock windows. Well the funny thing is is a the window sizes haven't changed that much but between -- -- -- change a little bit so if you have me. Brand X window in your how also mentioning names and you -- to call we will know you might have a little bit different size. When you get into the BS stocks sizes. Everything is made to order known as the -- has anything on the shelf. So. The stock in the custom and -- kind of on Johnson. Analysts say -- dirty word but right it's really not a stop or -- when everything's made to order but the size is -- just a little bit different. So so it's important you know that colon and you know they have windows when you go to a big -- or if you wanna try to do this yourself now. I don't recommend that gives you know you know her -- -- with all this. I just think that that. Unless -- really creative and in your strong in that field. You know having a professional actually -- save you money at the end of -- knows for a fact. Because if he tried things and feel a couple times and then you got a pretty somebody and and has the first picks which would be a mistake you made now this is hypothetical of course off court it's Chris what you tried to do and then redo it. It's gonna cost you in -- and it costs you more -- start with a professional right away. If you have questions -- some more hockey -- Dot org you sound a lot like my wife here that's I -- you know when I start thinking I'm gonna try to she says you need to start of the professional. And now I've got her saying go to the marquee near website so guys let's get to -- -- the celebrate. I wanna -- talk more about. On Kobe windows indoors a nation's oldest it just is. -- you more keen mill work is that nation's oldest Colby and and window door supplier and I think -- that support the people understand when you have a relationship with a company -- Colby for as long as you have. The trust factor -- -- that you could take full advantage of come as soon as somebody's looking to do some doors and windows and we'll talk about that and the -- celebrate he can you can email. Us questions alive its -- -- 1250 we'll get to great to issued those this is the more -- home improvement show on sports -- at 1250. -- -- -- -- You're listening to the Milwaukee -- home improvement show with big time Mike -- given email your questions still live -- Sports Radio 1250 -- -- Welcome back to the -- -- home improvement show. On sports -- 1250 -- SSP. I might we -- wants -- Greg adamant he's the president walking -- foundation. That your whole arm of the -- your home from council also the marquee -- president and general manager and -- you -- work. Hey when we are left our last segment and I really do want to talk who will -- -- we windows and endorsed. You guys is yet. Is that your exclusive we spun around to work with supplier or their other people you work with how we do cells. A couple other when -- some was also -- windows and a couple other final when the lines is public always remain window and that's the one that today you recommend the -- -- every Alonso passes -- hey here's what I think it. -- Couple questions for you what are the pros of of vinyl. Wood in -- request windows. Well there's no pro Safire -- those 'cause we don't sell any -- that is the -- -- -- as a new up and coming. Trend -- -- right now bottom. -- has not got into that realm yet but the the vinyl windows they got in two begrudgingly Herbert -- Colby. Got into it when everybody was getting into -- The finally bowed down and they said fine we're gonna do vinyl windows 'cause that's what everybody wants but we are not going to pretty. Some par product and we're we're gonna be proud of our vinyl windows and they did they build a very heavy duty. -- dirty vinyl window it is not the cheapest on the market. And were proud of that come. In -- we have a service record to to prove how good they are. -- do you think one day they'll do the fire requests they might. They might you see the benefits you know much about the -- requests windows. Yeah it's it's maybe. One of the biggest things strength. The product but it's a lot of -- -- mechanically -- product does as opposed we've welded. Well the product that a vinyl window as. So less less chance of failure and -- -- -- and you know each each product has a good benefit -- and pros and cons but. Yeah I were you know the old. The old wood when Israel to take off the storm and put on the screen as old. That's maybe it was somewhat healthy I still have nightmares if big dudes like some berg would have to have -- get up that ladder. And take that that heavy would it. Window often they come down the ladder as my dad would be saying it might speed up front and I don't feel -- -- And speed up a little -- and the funny thing about that is we Colby is is actually Martin orcas. Responsible for getting Colby on the Wisconsin. Historical. Recognized as the Wisconsin historical product and we also got on the national star national historical. Registry to. To supply historical win no projects and we just did the ball just a couple of years ago we did the north point lighthouse Milwaukee -- and and the lighthouse beat you have to have historically -- products and into an historical. Our renovation. But they still won the energy efficiencies. So we made them those storm and -- -- -- talking about but we also put high tech glass and there. To make sure that the the lighthouse is nice and warm was -- a fun project to work on it was pretty neat yeah it was it was really neat you know -- -- there's some. Certain groups he got a jump through when you're doing historical project and work what the city but. A -- at the at the contract it did a great job and it looks it's their historically correct they look exactly like they were when they came off that's cost but high tech. Well hey we gets Alice from Franklin has even Mel Lewis questioned a com what can we don't with a window to make sure is secure -- less likely to have a -- Kent. In Franklin. There's a break and that for now have a parent there to produce everywhere. I get this question a lot and and -- and you know you understand why you know rusher. PE CL that -- things on TV and people are. People are crazy -- -- but. You know windows -- -- glass in you need to be you need to make sure that your house is secure Lockett. Keisel and -- make sure that they're locked you know in the summer times. A -- long window you can you can open the top ration and let it drop down but. And they of the clips me at the clips he can punt on their. If somebody wants in your house I'm not gonna scare everybody out there right now -- -- -- house again in its more likely going to be a war. Not come through your window price they also don't hurt themselves that are coming in or make that tennis around death and so just just be diligent and nature -- as a locked and throw lapses at night and make sure doors are dead bolt the -- And I think -- -- -- think. Ellis -- -- Franklin was the first good step. Yeah that's Gonzalez before that there but I'm just saying that's a pretty good first step I really appreciates you. You email and listen and Dallas -- this that and live that Sports Radio twelve. Of fifty let's give back a little bit to the -- -- windows. What. Is your new window technologies. -- anything new that's -- is cannot coming up it's more efficient that. That we don't know by yet that I know that you guys have to really cutting edge all this stuff is cool what's new in the trans analyst. But I at a glass technology like we talked about before that is always changing I was trying to make it a little bit better. But then the the styles and looks right now we're. -- view is a new product -- coming out with and we are. The a local distributor for a the sole distributor in the -- Wisconsin. Com it's a really neat look and we know it's a modern. Thin line window. It's still very energy efficient as they they keep your standards high so it's -- Colby located Kobe's in Wausau Wisconsin. -- that's kind of window -- there's a number window companies appear but that Colby's. One the oldest up -- -- The the -- there when the company and Wisconsin they served their customer base in Wisconsin they started to expand from there. And they just are all over the country you get a chance to go up -- much I've been after a couple times yeah. On it's kind of neat there's part of that building has a really old -- here and they still make it work and then they have made their new plants in -- She's a straight on the road -- on sorry guys -- vinyl plant and that is cutting edge. And them. So it's kind of neat the old and new and employ a lot of people up and -- -- are still there. They still around her earlier in her herb and -- -- we have passed they are saying gather the founders -- -- pass for the daughter still runs a company. In order yeah she's does great job and -- -- passion about the the company in -- product than people. That's that's -- that's the key Manny got to keep by the passion -- one -- -- question for -- before week. We get to break. What types of excess reserve noble -- windows to enhance their style -- you talked but -- cool styles that are coming out. Are there accessories -- you'd -- available. On windows to enhance the style. -- via the hardware is is one of the biggest keys it used to be that you -- get to callers of hardware white and tan and nowadays it's white and and oil rubbed and set nickel and in folding -- candles and and some historically correct stuff to make it look. Period looking at or Franklin right kind of -- sure. So. It it the designers love the product because designer friendly and it's -- more from him. He had that's -- he lets get to break in our last segment we've got them all from west Alice has emailed us and and -- I promise it won't get to that question. On the other side to break this is the -- -- home improvement show on Sports -- twelfth fifty. -- BS SP. You're listening to the Milwaukee area home improvement show -- big time Mike Mike given email your questions still live in Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Welcome back the more -- home improvement show on sports review 1250 derby SSP. I'm Mike we giver alongside Greg adamant general manager -- you -- work vice president market -- President marking -- foundation -- just an all around good guy he made me say that. Here's your money there you go hey arm Mel from west Dallas he'd sent us an email last outbreak. On the Shell all we should all windows be custom made for the particular home now we talked about their -- -- and stock. That not a ton a difference but should all windows be custom made for the particular home. Well I wanna touch and it's just -- -- the there's no such thing as a stock window anymore but there -- sizes. So if you have a if you have an old house and it's. One -- thirty window which is we don't talk. Typically when a man -- to have the same window now but if it goes just a little bit different size. -- -- good installer. If you work -- -- good Miree Rick Mahler. They can make -- standard size fit in your -- some opening not all the time but it's most of it and so the answer would be no we don't have to be all custom made. So -- -- so -- understands that did the difference again. It it depending on on the size you gotta be really careful with that obviously I mean that's the key to this -- And if look if if our resume who -- what I would do -- I would just give greater call. You guys are located at two a 117. -- west except that which is a couple blocks through the to the south of blue mound -- -- Out of walks off the up for numbers 41477482487748248. Or if you want to see some of the things that they do who more keep -- work dot com. He get a good feel for fraud and different things that so. That they do more you know working and -- didn't give but he original call and -- can help -- a home. Are you start to click merchandise CF for that that room it's a way to win is that this year. You know we're certainly we are collecting at the -- the Aramis Ellis hears me second it's open to the public -- tell them want him to work at at that location we just described. In -- is in the parking letter word this year and haven't in the parking lot we have a sense like a 75 by a 120. And went well wherever it is. -- all the merchandise is sold in one day so it starts at 8 o'clock -- who have 4:30 PM. I put a bunch -- raffle tickets in that. I want to be the first person to be able go through it and that was -- you didn't win my. I northeast are going to do what we shall I tell all I will likely give them will be there -- -- -- -- just 730 I have just. Yeah that was a great idea whoever came up with that -- to be able to be the first person. It and they have a few minutes to walk through T get what they want they're gonna apply it. But they get their first -- you don't pick Curtis who has a rummage sale and it's a free for all and everybody. Every once it grab it before you do and let's -- Murton that's when I started working with marquis Darian and I was so I'd David told we about to rummage sale. I've been to rummage sales that's not a rumors here that at -- figures the furthest thing for a -- and I've seen. Again that's Friday may second out put it on your calendar. To make sure that that you get over their just explain quickly on on on that their companies. If they have. -- things left over if they -- donate a lot of items. Everything from sinks to window stood to. To any anything you can think of toilets to all of that right. Yeah we call out on our chapter members and call on him right now so. Don't nature missed orders or your slightly used products. -- -- we get everything I mean that's Ferguson. Probably donates -- ton of toilets and shower stalls and and couple years ago we had five -- of roofing. If we never know -- get every year. But we know we're have a lot of product right indoors in. All of doors and trim and windows and cabinets and door hardware isn't lighting fixtures and carpet -- the whole -- in this do you sell out. We there has been some slim Pickens at the -- -- today yeah yeah and then. And then everything we donate we if we find a charitable organization -- come. Our rehab -- have -- that habitat for humanity right. And they come and they pick up all the -- the stuff from the -- -- on their products so nothing goes away it's nothing goes and landfill. Won't. Were you have time to actually work it more you know work he's your -- you know your help and help with the show now you're getting ready for rummage sale it starts make that runs may second that day. That's -- that's not a okay we're gonna throw a few things out in the Alley via an end in -- -- and we were casting is a market or do they know -- the first half for the day number twelve hours or just thought I think that's. Today they know that I our. Hey we have one other question is from Julie from -- wouldn't. What are what are other popular features for windows and enhance their -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- stuff going on. -- grids. Shapes -- windows see people getting creative nowadays in Colby can do just about anything if you. If you have that special -- you need to make I'm Frank Lloyd Wright kind of look and thing or gothic look and thing. That's probably do one real -- you -- Hansel and there's only so many things you need to be outside. We do historical mauling -- outsider a special -- malls -- elect has stuff but. Greens are probably the this simplest way to change at that went -- just a little. Hey I was and and it's separatism lazy but I -- -- it's very difficult. On the some of the windows that we've had in the past to clean. You know if it -- it's just a different Colts to take a -- and put him back. Is it always seems really easy when they're put the window and they say look here's how easy it is to get up -- -- can't. Any any designed come and that can make it easier to have to clean other hired a clinical. Hired cleaning company which I'm watching Barry has says some cleaning countries -- -- but the double hung -- those are all to wash. Windows. In the case -- those are the specific opening -- -- reach out. From the inside and watch outside of the window. You if you have big picture window on your second third Storey high here in window cleaner. Ohio latter but I don't I latter our will be put replacing their window for Hampshire. And and possibly 88911. Call exactly -- we had talked early on the show and I wanna bring it back up the march 12. -- -- Differences between modeling and and new -- new construction. On the that is march 12 -- -- Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8 o'clock. And that's at -- more -- -- offices which is 11815. West Dearborn avenue. Just a couple blocks from for -- your -- located with more you know work. And again discussion will provide information consumers can use. When determining if Fisher remodel the current residence or moving to a new home and renovate or build a new home I think -- Depth countless Hershey guys you'd be -- so I would it. I would -- -- people. They can call ahead in reserve a spot at that correct that's correct yeah yeah they can now you can certainly give them walking Gary. Offices a call at 41477140717714071. And get be part of that. There also I think -- to be tar -- movement about the more -- tour -- homes and we held on May seventeenth. And may eighteenth and I think that that support of people haven't gotten involved in that Terry and I got involved in that last year get a chance set to walk through. -- just a phenomenal experience when you get to actually walk in somebody's house -- see the project. You get Chansi pictures before and after. And I -- chance talk to people that got those down. Yeah there's no hiding anything when you're when you're actually more popular -- -- -- -- you can talk to the people you can. You can will look at their pictures and -- all their fancy -- that you do but when you're walking through that project that they did. And the homeowners standing right there and -- mister mister -- -- -- was how worthy to work with yeah it suits. July for at their you're white you can't and it's funny because when we did that we had a chance talked to a couple of homeowners. And. You know it what it was point it was a great. Experience and there was a couple of things you know that we some discussions that we had along the way. That we had to agree with I mean it wasn't all. Rainbows and butterflies it's. It's like you said true to life you're married to a contractor first six months eight months depending on along the -- what the product is and -- -- -- your house and strip and everything down in your. You're work and on your refrigerator in a cooktop. You know not so you're you're married for awhile to that contract -- no doubt they suffer commented it's always wanted to see you as senior yeah you could have a good weeks the end of the cold if you can't. Thanks yeah no doubt. He -- -- again at a Mickey's the president walked in your foundation general manager more you know work so as you to see him you can listen the walking -- home improvement show. On Sports Radio 1250. -- --