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03/01/14 Wendy's Varsity Basketball Coaches Show Hour 1

Mar 1, 2014|

Mike McGivern and Paul Wollersheim are joined by Mark Miller of Wissports.net, Bill Gromaki of the Lakeland Officials Association, and by Brian Staffeldt from Wisconsin Focus.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to hear from some of the best high school basketball coaches in the area. This is the Wendy's varsity -- high school basketball coaches show presented by first bank financial center. Now all on the six times state championship coach Paul Lawrie shot and let's turn it over to WS his -- high school insider big time Mike. On Sports Radio 1250 WS ESP. Welcome the -- -- he -- high school basketball coaches show. Presented by first bank financial center and sports ready -- 1250. There ESS pay. I'm Mike we get -- every -- the -- whose side are alongside my cohost. Paul -- shot coach Horry did that to a well Michael how -- you incredibly you know what I'm great -- that was. I feel bad for most said. From the Canada game were LS -- a thought a great season but my wife Terry and I had the best time at that game than we've had a long talk. We had two hits trip to meets. -- and Reagan his daughter in I've Matt Reagan but there was a long time ago and once the initial shyness for both of -- swore off. She -- it was unbelievable she you know what. Not -- she beautiful little girl she's really Smart and I have to tell you Paul she's got a spirit about her. That was incredible to me takes after mom there's no don't lot of -- got a lot of energy. Lot of record she but trust me. -- course great. I'm telling you I don't I it's kinda hard when you leave me hanging out with a three and a half year old and you have a feeling that she's more mature than you are well she loves -- of those games and I don't know how I think it's got more to do with with with the candy in the -- she thought number I'm going to look like -- yeah I mean even if you call -- anything -- Ron and colorful. And the him and why was she calling me that that's quest to call a big element I -- because it was Mike -- government now -- -- a feel used his arm Rollins and I don't know that no doubt. While eight you know lot of games -- -- and were gonna talk about and let me first start by saying we're doing something new tonight. Seven to ten and fifth at this -- seven the tent -- bucks -- -- 730 HUN nine. Talk in high school basketball. Until the into the books it. And we you've got to right now I've got six guys. Probably seven. At different games -- we have some other games that we need covered so you know for a fact that your going to -- game tonight. And do you wanna go to a game and I see what is -- to be one of our reporters are insiders are insiders. Give me a column and give you might might work number and I'll check it after -- with show here at -- but area code 414448. 2104. It's 4482104. Couple games that I know we have covered are ready. On the kind of -- Sussex County game we recovered pretty good one -- the out of Milwaukee Hamilton west Al central game -- -- good -- Eric block. Is he is covering that forced -- Eric was the first. When we started the scoreboard -- with football years ago he was our first guy the first year we -- four guys. That's checked it was John -- my son and what you're clocking two other guys Ted blank and I'm not sure the fourth was. And it was I think -- -- -- was our fourth. And we had now we've got a -- So which it's quick Baghdad it was so tell us -- the you know -- the cheerleaders doing it what's the weather like a Devin had a hot dog. And it's gone from that. To now twenty guys at -- if we have games. Cover all over the place. And so we're gonna try it tonight with basketball and tonight tonight's. -- -- the more exciting. Nights of the whole season because -- there's still a lot of teams involved. At the regional final level so there's a lot of action going on right lot of excitement. You know you -- -- CE take home -- yeah and he had been in -- it. It's another week it's another week played next Thursday. And in the excitement builds in the school for another three or four days -- it's it's an exciting time -- as ex coaches right now in our lives. This is a tough part this is a tough time to be out of it you -- -- at that game last night. Com you can feel it eighties here it's a different feel this time of year than this and begin the year yeah it -- the there's there's more energy with the fans. There -- there's more energy with the players on the court. On and and the coaches I mean obviously the coaches know what's at stake there's there there hanging on every on on every play -- -- no doubt in in. You know I have to give that Sussex -- to teams -- credit. You know there were down ten midway through the third. And it's -- -- 23 right now pointed at home so it was defend them like crazy. -- -- yet you know why I. I was I was -- I'm I'm watching how impressed I am with homestead is defense they were really -- I mean. Ellington was getting his points but they weren't easy and -- make it if they're making it difficult on him. -- -- -- It's it's like a fifteen. To three Rondo and the third quarter. And now they're behind going into the fourth quarter and I I thought to. Court ceremony. Managed the last five minutes tag team as well as you can -- DEX if he had so spread offense right. And in all. Once you go to India holds -- got on six or eight points. And once they spread the ball out and it wasn't it delay it was an actual offense with the spread the floor. Make you extend out 'cause you're behind we're we're talking five minutes on the game -- can't just let him sit out there with the brawl. And they got to either Faldo they got easy layups and got hit their free thrust of the game and they they hit enough problem right now. Wind today is -- -- Jakob park took I I -- -- before -- funniest quote in the paper today. Was when they said hey you know we wanted to it would be -- good writer said to India wanna tart she was. To take a hard time and he said why would you want to talk to him the only played the second half while -- played the second half -- missed shot. And you know what how. For. For homestead you never think okayed this sophomore kid who it -- he has done a tunnel your -- played an eighth guy or whatever right. I'll be you don't really have to game plan that we your your country's sore hard and taking -- -- -- out he's really -- by the way. I just -- when they got on ten yeah. And we've had guys who JR Blount -- guys like this just that you he wasn't gonna let him loose they'll -- -- he it was time for him right. He homestead is is younger -- to have a couple seniors but not a senior who would say. We're not -- tonight right. I'll tell you this their -- future it at home city is bright you've got Steve class size they've got skill. The and -- couple sophomores that the one -- the -- tough. He I don't think he backs down from anybody. The big fix if -- sophomore gets the -- yeah he's good he's gonna he's got a rein it in just a little bit and -- well. Yeah what -- you -- -- well I'll tell you what he. For a team or fifteen years old enough for off for a sophomore right he plays with a lot of poise in east doesn't look intimidated by anything now and I don't and I shoot 6724. Tokyo and -- it at a Shoney's eighties athletic. Green -- -- -- yeah well yeah. So the future is bright. Franks and I'm not the match and we we talked a couple times -- -- some of the plays that -- -- made -- that game wow what I mean from last year to this year what an improvement. Incredible improvement and you know what the. Only thing that I would say is. -- -- once I saw that he could take over the game like that. I was -- open I had in my mind I thought boy I wished he would have taken over the gamble a little bit earlier and he's trying to stay within the system and I understand that. Albeit there were some plays that he made down the stretch trying to keep them in the game that I just went -- That was really impressive and and I think you're right with only -- I you know what their resume when they had gotten down to tent and I said you. -- needs to DRE it's his time now he hit a little step back. And then he went to the rack and he got. And all was said you thought okay here they come and then the sophomore kid search hit it. Bombs you know -- and you're just like word that comes from so I I was impressed I'd seen. Sussex Hamels a couple of times. I thought. In -- -- was was phenomenal -- finally against a really good team we were able -- -- -- so we've had problems with that in the past. And down I saw them play against west -- central central's different team that then -- obviously they don't have that kind of size but they're so quick. And and and in their profit and they made it. Difficult on the other four guys however. Alex he got his Ellis have 35 or something against central and they still -- And I think what watch it was think his route do you get his break and we're now anybody else it anything. -- you know all. We've talked a couple times over the course this year about the strength of different conferences. And it's been a struggle to really what is that conference that's you know -- the woodland is not all that strong this year I think in our shores and all that strong this year. Palm city is is is it's always you know pretty strong but -- even even in all king lost. Too -- to Hamilton it's up to us walks -- west yet to what I -- -- earlier in the year in and all lost Milwaukee Hamilton late. -- and didn't even win the conference championship. Riverside had their struggles in. What -- pounded the of the player who's been off Riverside -- back OK if he had to you think your game -- -- Marquette but maybe look at does the greater metro. You know -- central right Sussex -- come on you know. Marquette was really -- the ball be having a good team this year and I mean -- they couldn't find 45 wins in that conference this year right west Dallas you know central. I -- that could be the -- isolated and maybe up in the valley. I think you know when you're taught by some of those teams up there. You know that we haven't you know in years past it's been Germantown. And keying in everybody else will want to go dot com I think you need is really good we're gonna talk to mark Millar. By the way. -- at 1030 and I think he'll he'll let us know by some of the teams up in that area -- let me run down to show real quick if we can't. I 10151020. Some 1030 that -- -- talk to Mark Miller at 1045. A -- MacKey from mile Lakeland officials association. He's -- common on there -- an event time now. And Monday. And they have a guest speaker common -- To talk to the officials big time he -- up. What -- -- -- it's -- from the officials about all you can help me with those I would die I would you'll come with me how what I respond a some support -- with -- didn't he had there's a couple of those boys don't like our neighbors here here's your chance to smooth that over. Yeah right I'm sure that that's what goes looking for I think he wants -- league opponent so he wants he talks and -- some excitement at -- 1052. Bryce staff felt. -- and good friend of mine was on my staff and -- Christian he's got a a new thing going Wisconsin focus. Kind of -- -- UT but if you know Bryant it's not just about basketball it's about life lessons. It's about fundamentals and and I will talk to Brian at 105211. O'clock. Frank Carvel is come and in studio. -- you know I was thinking about this. We coached together and were friends. Because of frank right. The other key step was easier they vulnerable probably called back in the day yeah and because you know we both were hired by him two different teams but. That's -- I get a chance to -- you wind. And the rest they say is history but he's gonna join us. At 11 o'clock -- you talk about the Padres sure tournament. It's funny is we starter -- its commercials about you know frank -- and I've probably gotten six or seven text messages from people. -- I played -- it. I'm coaching -- and I did coach in that please which frank you know all the best what a great tournament and that that you want talk about historic. Tournament. I mean -- remember back plane and it went out was an eighth grade. As a take it -- one when you first remember starting to call I coach great school Catholic grade schools from the time -- team. And I can remember going you know I -- with the fifth great team and us. And I remember going to watch seen Agnes of Butler play in the Padre Serra as an eighteen year old and that was that was. On believe I mean Ellis -- world say yes oh my god crystal -- you know I know was the NCAA championship you know for me back then and -- and then a pretty good -- program -- -- the MVP's going all the way back to the fifties right if it's a tradition and history there -- believe. And we I can't wait frakes gonna come and sit in. I told that will keep him here for two segments it might be wonder if there's just so much to talk about with him in the history and and I I look forward to that he's gonna join us at 11 o'clock again don't forget tonight from seven to ten. It is the Wendy's varsity puts high school basketball scoreboard show that coach Wallace -- -- -- went. If you want to cover a game force here's the number you need to call. 414448. 2104. As 4482104. For you coaches that are listening if you get a win tonight we're gonna ask the reporter write your game. -- it to come on the year with us we -- -- -- -- -- after your game and I just congratulate you talk a little bit about what's coming up next. So make sure you treat our reporters nice clear coach Walsh are more. After call -- or coach. Well I think you know -- was -- worries with me here you're listen -- the way these -- he -- high school basketball coaches show presented by first base financial center. On Sports Radio 1250. -- SS but he. Here and Reyes. Wendy's or he puts high school basketball coaches show presented by first -- financial center. I'm Mike -- alongside Paul -- shot. It coaching it's very quick story last night. Which Huey Karina and hang out with two with you and Reagan and then I dropped -- head over to -- -- Get a little yogurt for my wife and -- -- -- -- desert and I'm in line and there's three. Young. High school age girls in front of me and they are talking about the game that there are just that now it's in while Towson Ramallah. -- wind just kind of listened and a guy walks up he says here you might -- governance and I am here's -- I really like the kind of stuff that you -- -- -- and every week -- -- Q. He says you talk about that the white fish bait toast he's -- -- wasn't there -- Then there's some rough calls and that's OK okay the corals turned around and set -- you this one girl that. Saddam might we -- where she said and you do a radio show us that they do. She's -- we're at we're toast he's. Students and I have to tell you the referees in the game when you -- to talk about it -- -- -- Tom I do that I went I never do it again I said I'll do it. If you give me your -- They're like -- you could say it's coming from assists -- a case of -- seven Nellie. And Natalie Klein and Gina. Mall. Mall -- -- Malarkey Malarkey period -- Malarkey. Natalie -- -- Gabby -- skated Talley said look. You have to understand that what I have to column mr. -- or first culture as a teacher. And he knew his face never gets for a scope -- -- tell you Paul I can't get away from that -- all of try to do -- get a little yogurt my wife and I. And these three girls and then they want to -- to the door they were. So I -- showed -- -- at that game I was showed his thoughts from a victory is its not mean. It's the -- and it's Nathalie and it's -- they're telling me in yo mama. That they weren't happy with what happened that way for speed -- he's. I don't know what to say to that. Let's move on I did tell them that I would attend fifteen -- -- who have their Lewis and it's them not me was -- the game at south. It's kind of if you if your -- -- tonight. To one game what would you were not as you can through thinking I like can't -- -- around -- -- kettle marine Lutheran game rule and I think that's an interest in contrast in styles and you know we have a lot of respect for Todd -- a kettle -- with friends on -- on I think I think he'd just recently. -- Whose team up their top team in that division. -- Now there's their name escapes me but and and we we really enjoyed our time I'll with the Brown Deer caught the when we had him and have movies -- -- Yep so I I I think it could be good -- you have -- -- -- gay guy his staff was a little weak though I'm just enough. Feel -- obviously must -- -- yeah -- yeah guy he's listen he's like really Rivera really and it's our. Yeah I think I would look at -- I've mainly. I would look at the Hamilton kind of boring game I think that's going to be great -- I would try to catch the king -- -- games while on that's an earlier start. That's a 5 o'clock start so when we come minus 7 o'clock will know the final round that in -- I'm gonna reach out to it. -- Iraq who -- he's ready to start Marshall off with -- Riverside -- interview with one of those Courtney Love and you know and -- guys if you're -- and a rocket you're listened wherever wins that one were going to be call and see we get -- Early that the other one in division one that was them walking -- to west Al central game. That to be a pretty good game. Hamilton's points so well right now they -- just it. It it just confuse I mean I guess some not -- confuse you've got a new coach they lost one of their best players who went to a prep school. From last your -- I think get explains -- early struggles. You know obviously rice and but I mean. The team to become a stretch here the last -- after -- -- -- it just pick them off to win their conference championship you know to what's happened and I think he is. Now that -- the surrounding. Cast the looney -- start to play pretty well -- stern and knocked -- shots and and I've seen them now twice. The third thing the third -- some was early in that that scrimmage. And the four other guys just what confused they were watching movies much as I was watching -- And now -- plant. You know and now they're starting to knock down shots and what a difference that's division one in division too if I had time to get to a game if we were doing what were doing. I would probably go I would love to see the price -- -- pagan. The Wisconsin Lutheran -- for game well I would if I if -- If I'm. I looked at that game it gives me a little pause to see and it makes me again question the strength of the woodland this year. When I see a two point victory over Milwaukee Lutheran. Want youth and struggled this year there's no doubt about that right in the North Shore and and struggled and I'm not so strong -- shore arm. Soul I mean I I just think -- fish me. You know which is that wins that get it and it's that way fish being -- and I think in -- a big win for -- last night he brought to -- -- west. Coach you know -- yet that that's a really good win until you know -- those are good wins his you know he Gholston at that seed meeting. Right and they're all -- on in you play in that -- conference. You know you don't play anybody in -- conference. -- -- -- and the records better than probably and I it probably for good reason yes they they get the five seed and and -- -- -- -- -- the four. But I mean you could question while Tulsa -- record probably and on the same merits. With the strength of their schedule in the woodland this year. And -- her goal was too low post west and wins now they got their the work and half are against Russell. Yeah I I agree with that you know -- I'm not sure that whisky oh you know it's great to get that win -- could have an -- I had to Wisconsin -- to play them is going to be pretty difficult I think. He had yet architectural quick that I want to pass on -- Tell coach Walsh on seven -- when teams are playing for regional championships today. Not sure the conference's all that now. So that's for and I'll tell you who sent that during a break but he. Look I I I agree with you I I'm not sure that the would lose all that is is having a great year -- find out tonight. I -- find out how will the whole lot more calm tonight you know you're looking that you Bruin Eisenhower played you walk he. Will know what we talked about this a little earlier. It's not just the woodland. In and were some woodland teams have come up and in them during our discussion here but. The North Shore I think is is not that strong this year on penal and we're talking relatively speaking -- Marshall or would -- it. -- of you know. Greater metro they're classy team we think it is that's where congress -- the -- metro me. Mean I think is a pretty. One of the stronger -- the southeast conference had to -- we're seeing -- shot. All for all right knee -- and two German -- Germantown you don't -- central. Having a great year right but overall it's not a dominating year of teams in the state Wisconsin. It's not from not in this area I agree with you I do and I just wonder if you don't think it may be in the finale I do I'm thinking that he and some of the teams up there are obviously a good seed. You know it's what what's fun for tonight I had to a couple of things before get your break. Against seven attended night it's united in studio we've got some guys -- -- to get if you wanna cover game for us. You know if there's a certain game you're going to if I haven't covered I'll let you know. If you're open to going to a game. I would love to get somebody down of the Dominican -- -- academy game. To call enforced we don't have anybody effect on it yet it on there yet the union grove -- -- game is another one I'd love to have somebody yet. -- -- -- -- A couple of things you call us at 414448. 2104. As four for a 2104. I'll call you back when the show's over and let's talk about what we're looking for also. You can go the 1250 web site and our promoting tonight scoreboard show. Tom all of tonight's games times -- founded at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. And then of giving idea if you wanna help us out or not. Other said the breakthrough try to reach out talk to mark -- this is a Wendy's for Steve puts high school basketball -- show. Presented by first bank financial center on sports authority -- 1250. To BS SP. Yeah I have no matter -- -- -- Look back from the windy course he -- high school basketball coach Joseph. Presented by first -- financial center and Sports Radio 1250. The BS SP. I'm Mike we -- -- -- -- coach Paul wall or sham our special guests mark Millar -- it -- talked to this -- your right. He's got it all covered scattered all covered he's the man mark. -- today. It might or you could are you were a UN rude or you drive them. And -- you'd be golden -- didn't know already where he had some things is due today they thought maybe they were you take who would -- put him. Glad -- -- -- out hey -- before getting the high school basketball my wife right now. Is out at a Barnes noble looking for a book. Well yeah. You would you -- we give that book a little best. Sure I'm guessing you're talking about so -- -- -- a children's. -- -- -- aren't noble and doing very well. So -- squash. I can't wait to read it's you was to my four year old grandson it yup she's got a particular. -- -- we said didn't get it signed. Pitcher a one on grass merit -- -- talking -- but last night any any surprises from your end. Well -- -- -- -- surprises. I you know it talked to pick that. But -- Hamilton in this year Mike -- to win. I think -- on it was a bit surprised me I'm not huge surprise that got a bit surprise and I I picked. On that the women and -- days ago to come Bahrain and I guess I picked. I kept -- I hope and he's listening and uses that as motivation has that teamwork -- my form I think that was maybe a mild surprise. Otherwise. And things went pretty much according to -- and I mean -- out and the game was kind of a pick -- and it went down a little to -- there. -- up by one point but. Other than that -- -- here -- and things kind of went as expected. It -- we're talking early -- about conferences and and I. I made a comment that I think. The valley raid it this year at the conference is up there there's some teams up in that area that I think people need to understand -- really good basketball teams. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah but no question no question I think you saw that a little but even last night. Land when they're not only get in one games. For example and division -- -- Goes on the road I didn't think a champion Pulaski. Rock on what I've seen at eight losses in last it was -- foresee -- that foreign -- comes out with a win. -- -- game by about eight or nine so you know pretty decisive victory. I'm in and I think when when you look at Kimberly. -- putting it on the bench late in north they were favored obviously by they won. So -- you know the games I think it is that they played outside their league last night. Where they were victorious -- expression or handled Wisconsin Rapids. Knowing when that didn't win now was. National -- -- -- and -- crash -- western division on but those holes right spot in the leaks out. You know you're looking at me now and -- -- -- -- institute. Top teams and that me but keep an ankle on individual that you can't I think in the he has a good chance -- of public you know -- -- -- He I'll tell you what we Q when you talked strength the conference and you talk about some of the things that we talked about earlier in the show. -- -- I don't know if you agree or disagree but but you know it looks like. Greater metro is is awfully tough this year I think that there are some teams in the southeast with the Dunn or seen that might make some noise. -- we talked about the wood a little bit. And and then we got a text from somebody while in the -- and he said look to woodland might be a little bit better than we're given it credit for. Well I think the I think it's western division of the little moment -- green -- and -- last. -- lucky. I think that that side of the league is very very strong this year and see it reflected a little bit -- And in this course from last night you know I -- at home and all the very tough game for them against lucky -- out of North Shore and in Eisenhower winning pure luck winning you know with not underside they want. -- -- The question. It is a good league com -- our division to basketball goes I think it would be in the top. Certainly. When there's some great matchups going to be into it and I -- -- -- -- also. I could report to mass you're out here on the -- might not that. They they've had a great year under -- -- with -- 23. They have victories over Eisenhower in the -- I think on the road and -- -- stroke a little and they got -- -- -- of course on the rout at Wisconsin the trend but I'm. Montgomerie is. It has had a great year you know shortly titled -- academy -- the west classic in. And has some impressive victory. So those division two games that that would that's part Briscoe and his -- -- -- -- in a lot yet I didn't Howard would know playing back. Among others in your -- should be should be some great basketball. You know the Dominican -- academy -- is is another one that's going to be awfully good we -- -- Jeremy call and say he'd cover that forced I appreciate that -- -- But I think that's going to be an awfully good game. You know I I know our coach Larry over Brooklyn academy -- -- knew that it would probably come down and Dominican in the tournament -- You know -- I think of any coach has been due diligence in terms of scouting and trying to come opening game plan to beat Dominican -- -- query over Brooklyn academy. I think for them going -- Dominican tonight it's all about you know can shoot the ball up on the perimeter forcing turnovers mean that it can certainly obvious huge factor in the post for Purdue minicamp but if the query boys can knock down threes in a lemon can now. You know can at least hold his own a little bit on the inside against us -- which in some kind of weird saying that lemon going up against Dominican because courses dad -- uncle played for Dominican but. You know that they have a chance. But I think another -- look at it would be to get to get some transition baskets and some turnovers opt out some pressure in the full court maybe. You know to get some baskets I don't know -- I'm not -- when he. Mark what tell what game are you going to night. I'm gonna take the media from -- -- at game and division three obvious but during the regular season or load what -- one -- the state for much here. -- -- to comes in at twenty to one point at 24. -- conference rivals in the capital conference so I that's going to be eating in. Yeah and of course some -- -- -- -- -- -- -- six. The two -- really -- when you play it. I have looked at one of the division treat a tournament so. But this is going to be tucked in and night against the pocket and -- has -- very good shooters and some very good size. Saddam will have you -- -- that some updates with that during our our scoreboard showed tonight. Yeah yeah. You know what I'm I'm here this exact I get so entertain listeners tune might talk about how tough but I forget that I'm in the studio -- Outside of what he'll be here Ed Ed will have three hours to -- so trust me I'm his voice choir right now I'm sick if not series -- applied save -- the quite similar and he's ready to go to night. Will have three hours to film work making so much I look forward. To hear from you night. And we will give us a call it to at 4147991250. Tonight and would love to have you -- to give an update for -- won't nine point at camp. Absolutely be happy to do it and I think trap me on all your guys -- -- -- job and not really enjoy. You're show and but -- are -- intentions via one -- my tricycle basketball. There will have ya next Saturday -- -- -- -- so much it's more it's -- work with sports dot -- nobody does it better than he does. Let's get to a break other set of break we're talking no official. -- backe from the -- -- officials association. And then now Wausau to pride staff -- from Wisconsin focused that's another set to break this is the Wendy's Farsi -- high school basketball coaches show. Presented by first bank financial center on sports pretty -- 1250 -- SS eight. Team and I man loose. -- Use. Welcome back to the Wendy's -- was high school basketball coaches show. Presented by first thing financial center on sports pretty 1250 dubious as -- I'm Mike we -- alongside my -- Paul -- -- We have bill for -- joyous from the week when officials association and wanted to have -- on a couple of reasons they do some great stuff. From this officials group and and they've got a a big event Monday where they all get together and he's asked me to compile it could be guest speaker. Little nervous about -- while -- he said maybe I need somebody yours come with you but I don't think so I think will be okay hey bill how are you today. I don't well well -- -- I'm doing well no real. I think usually it is body area that you're you come out there -- we don't -- appreciate your property. They have a problem with that is we both get beat up that. -- -- slack -- I know we've been expressed great only about a mile and a half away did you ever. Had a boy hey I'll let's talk a little buckle Lakeland this officials association guys are fine in 1959. Hmmm I like the fact that if you go on your website you can go to the scholar shoes page. Since 1998 you guys have your pride to provide scholarships -- several college bound students from southeastern Wisconsin I think that -- you guys apart. Of bill and and I love the fact that you guys you you're given back to the community. I thought I had got off pretty -- protector guy in there or here and mine. Yeah that the scholarship -- -- group a couple of guys weren't running Mineola. In Gary Miller and we've raised over a 100000 dollars over the -- Years and what we vehemently you get scholarships you are a lot sure colony. -- And they come from all the variety of different high schools it's just not. You know -- the other rescue bill but it all are sure currently are and how we get back into it it's partly coordinator and -- -- -- Number of guys give up you know there's Saturdays and Sundays and that we generate money we we we we give -- scholarships. And then the -- in the part of it is that we become a present -- in and night against it and you know there is now. We that was mark at the world they're they're military school their given our belt now are scholarships and we're -- our. Thousand dollars scholarships but we know that we hell -- they don't have to be officials they don't happen these degrees students in the world. We -- them by a random in terms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the group about begin volunteering time and we we we redirect it through and beating give out scholarships and it -- it's -- great. It is it's been fantastic another thing. Another league and I'd like to say it real -- special -- It in the article needs more they aren't Super Bowl Sunday at the -- that we yeah we can turn over. You you know. Officials who are avid Barack -- either -- -- -- having chances and now. For example this year the -- -- -- look at the way we're gonna get some money to his scholarship. In another there's Luke Donald. A brain tumor you know it's just aren't here given that it's more than just -- -- 32 minute. And you know showing up and taking whatever money they give us but. Is it certainly. You know that the Morgan who via these type of -- -- and our association. It's no doubt in bill I I look forward to YT get a chance to commodity in -- you guys on Monday. -- A stern to kind of figure out with some of the stories I wanna talk public with though with the officials some mark. Some are funny some might not be so funny but -- you said I can tomorrow night dual shock radio phone -- -- over there weren't -- I mean sometimes I think we we we we. We get so serious about these things and I don't I would have been a lot is I don't know -- on -- coach lives with Mr. Novak. The other and we are back at about the great game -- all that went. You know -- played -- Mean. Yeah -- memory out. -- there's some great game yesterday. After after the game -- aren't you know -- just left on the court. But we don't remember don't you know we were still reminded them every blue -- And -- and but I think it all all part of that situation that -- we've gotten into -- what we really do in. We -- it is True Religion into that our game as much as we we -- -- and let but. You know we want to have a celebration and by having you guys come up are possibly we got them our -- coming out. And we just want to enjoy it and felt sorry -- just you know he is he just spent about the Dominican brought here to. You bet you said you guys -- so I'm a how Wallace doesn't -- -- -- I don't -- a squirrel on your hair -- -- -- hey bill we've got to cut you loose I really appreciate look forward to seeing you guys. Com Lakeland officials association if you want to know more about them go and a Google that -- go on -- website. Lot of five of really good things that you can read about if you want if you of interest become an official there's -- easy path to figure out how would you call how to get involved. In in the officiate you know football basketball softball. A baseball volleyball soccer a lot of things and it's one of the better associations. So early in the state Wisconsin -- -- see on Monday think you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He before get through break fried stuff felt -- Really good friend of mine one it'd the road good people I think. In in in around basketball. Is join us he is take it and new law hole and he's got a -- -- more energy -- -- he's he's started a a nonprofit organization. For. Youth basketball player -- southeast Wisconsin -- Wisconsin focus. And it's about fundamentals and in leadership and character development -- in team building. And successful outcomes and and he's got some things coming up this weekend and next week and wanna talk -- ball real quick he Bryant or you do that. Good -- how -- you today. You're gonna -- studios coach Paul -- -- -- and Friday I you know I gotta tell you -- I've tarts and we obviously talked quite a bit but I got it in an email from the end and down. I just want to talk a little bit about Wisconsin focus in how people can get involved in what you've got coming up this week in the next weekend. Twelfth sounds good I appreciate the opportunity to talk about it might. Yeah obviously there's a it focused on the basketball side of things like. Which you know you and I've been involved with for many years so that that comes comes really -- very natural. On the but I've been approached by a number of coaches. And some people who are prior coaches and players. That would like to be very much involved from -- -- -- in point in addition to the basketball side. -- we've got a gentleman who he is. The diversity coordinator at university Wisconsin -- Sharpe James Baldwin. Who -- -- any a very fine player. Several years ago. Yet that's where actually and got he had a very strong interest in developing some programs and working with our. To put those together and also conducting -- so we are looking at putting programs together -- I'll address leadership. Unique you know a lot of times kids are. You know thereafter the become leaders are on their teams and in the classroom and it jobs and they don't necessarily have any training him so I'll we'd like -- -- -- come on helping kids learn how to be a leader. We'd also like to help them with their college incorrectly and actually -- I'm also been involved in you know community involvement through service and volunteering -- -- things like that so. There are a lot of great things we have planned for me. Like hill in -- -- in addition to the basketball I'd put it. Know Paul a there's there's a lot of guys that that might come on a show like this and -- say. -- Jack who -- Bryant just set here I'm I'm I'm shaking my head as as Brian is talking years like I've heard this but here's to differ right rate here's difference. I've known Brian staff of the want -- and effect on his brochure I there's testimonial for me because that's how much I believe in the stuff that he does. Are we -- against each other for year urged. And indeed there were some of the best games in and and you don't get a little fiery he's he's firing -- fiery but I have to tell you. That -- when I was offered that job that Ed -- Christian might my. My goal was to get to coaches that were better than I was to come on my staff and -- Canada -- -- staff felt were the two that I brought not. And and when he comes to this kind of stuff this -- that this focus on fundamentals and focus on leadership. And team building and and and character development. -- -- -- -- -- And I just I can't recommend this I can't recommend him higher I just can't I think that the stuff that he's going to accomplish through Wisconsin focused. Is going to be so much more than just Texas knows and and I wish him the best of what tell you of try -- this weekend and next week incorrect. We do you. -- -- northwestern military academy has been wonderful and opened their arms and their facility to work so we actually got -- there for the high school level ninth tenth. He had eleventh graders are from 230 until 430 people that Sunday and next Sunday. Well we are we've been fortunate enough to have -- come for him. -- as far away is German -- Ian Johnson creek Waterford. For the younger -- because we have over a 102 extra help for our fourth threw eight straight. -- we anticipated it turn out for our school level as well. On the target his first great I appreciate the compliment -- a a better coach than you because I don't believe that. -- frankly our record would say otherwise so I get a -- that it that. But the other thing is that I have clearly -- on people but they're gonna help -- in this endeavor. That are clearly much better at this than I am and certainly. Are very passionate about it so. -- you know very excited to be able to be somewhat of a facilitator. To help them drive -- at least three good conduct those -- cannot expect to learn a lot from now. As I did from you when I was coaching as well so thank you for the opportunity to talk about it. You -- how can people get more information -- pride. Okay we are have a web site about him at www. W lie. Focus ask people that W I -- all the UMBA. -- KE EP. Yeah ALL dot org. Or they could -- we might help on number 414. 8528836. Beautiful -- W I focused basketball dot org or give -- a call at 414852. 8836. -- good luck with all this I'm sure we talk in this week. Super thank you both and -- enjoy the show and enjoy country excitement it's going to be a great thing for basketball. You guys like -- good luck -- Louisville were praying -- hoping that you are better. Or are you guys let's get to break other said the break -- Carvel. -- -- -- -- -- Catholic grade school institution man rank -- -- -- give UN and that O'Neal in and around. This at all I'm just I've been looking forward this free Carvel is in studio. And we'll talk to him about. Some -- Peter Paul things along with this year's -- reassert tournament is ready to kick off. You're loose in the Wendy's or C puts high school basketball coaches show presented by first being financial center. On Sports -- twelfth fifty. The BS SP.