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03/01/14 Wendy's Varsity Basketball Coaches Show Hour 2

Mar 1, 2014|

Mike McGivern and Paul Wollersheim are joined by Legendary coach Frank Crivello and talk about the Padre Serra Tournament

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to hear from some of the best high school basketball coaches in the area. This is the Wendy's varsity -- high school basketball coaches show presented by first bank financial -- Now along with six times state championship coach Paul Lawrie shot and let's turn it over to WS has -- -- high school -- big -- Mike. On Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Welcome back to -- win. He's -- was high school basketball -- show presented by first bank financial center I'm Sports Radio 1250 dubious history. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We always -- -- and I would feel pretty good that we've been around the game want you know. You know you know you got somebody special when you attacks from a guy who says police police say -- -- the godfather. Of -- school basketball. Greg got so -- -- rather us say Peter Paul guy and -- I've got a lot -- who profit response. From mark the fact that your comment on the show frank take you so much for a few minutes value down. Yeah that -- fan in me and have been. Rodrigue her mid and he gets them some English here you -- -- -- happy. While I gotta tell you frank -- -- you know. You walked in -- Paul says might -- goodness -- book -- this if you look exactly how you look you know you look great. And you've been you're doing this for a really long time and you were doing things the right way and the respect that you have. In these this bass -- community that -- that we like to run around it and who event. It's tremendous if you say the word is the name free cabello. Nobody says anything bad habit he go -- you remind you and me out well unlike you and I Paul was a sure armed. If frank you've done it for so long he -- -- so while congratulations. Thank you I how many years you've been working departure search term -- The third year the year -- 53. Year. I had the that -- 353. That's incredible -- good changes -- that it was at the beginning. So are you there it was -- -- 1959. I got him in 1960. OK okay. -- so you guys used to play two sails right. We started -- -- Okay I didn't know that started -- doing that and overs -- down to the cousin senator from -- -- we went over to. Think -- spot in nineteen year down here in nineteen sixteen. Angels okay. And it's 1871. When Sarah people gotten. -- went to. DC okay field which is now the cousin -- right. Yet that's for when I was eighth grade that's who we played coach god and we had a reunion that's when I heard yet. We'll move reunion day it was it was -- that I that whole group and yeah he he he he still. Mr. Shaw still guts does still get the wit man he's throwing jabs at its people who is good to see them through through your guys there yeah I did I think -- just about everybody yet that we -- -- really reached down the closest row. But other than that like everybody -- from eighty waited to you know to Greg and Tom Boyer -- And -- cast -- motto Torre would breezy might -- and Bob Watson all the whole group was there it was on John volts. John and I you know what. -- John I sat next to each other and it was like we're back in grade school. He's getting me in trouble getting him in trouble and it was really fun and so huge -- all the time and it worked with -- -- he'd be in every every week. Are you are you with the -- anymore no I'm retired now you are -- yeah when did that when did you retire 1972. Are -- that. Nineteen. 2000 all of they cute yes yeah because I used to see down there and I thought now others -- you know. How was -- -- changed. On frank is it Tuesday is there less schools did that to choose from is there yet. You know what all the mergers in the -- archdiocese. And all we where there's -- participation. Now. You know the group of kids can play volleyball basketball. And -- crawl at the same time where we've been acting and you -- to play the sport session. Now you can do all three whatever you want. So -- it in the well that's the ones that have gotten hurt the most -- the girl you have girls basketball takes a huge test from Molly from volleyball hit enough club volleyball kills it. So the number numbers is forest in the schools participated is down right for. Right. It's still is you guys are -- -- college now it's -- and it's it's funny because when you say Marjorie -- to any of these schools that are. They're trying to -- and I remember coaching that. I was over Kris king and we're on the bubble. And we ended up getting the invite any and it was such a big deal and we actually -- I think we won a game and lost the second -- And it was sold these kids still talk about it they still remember I remember it. In eighth grade I mean I remember my daughter plane and it you know she played it -- my son -- Margaret Mary they didn't qualify for but. I remember my daughter plain and -- And when she got done she walked out of the locker room at the cousins senator. And Katie said that's it I'm done with this stuff if you -- what but that was the last then she remembers going there and -- it. -- I can I can remember being in seventh grade -- our team wasn't very good at -- north we got invited and an eighth grade. But our our it's great team and I was in seventh grade 1970s. Five. You're seeing -- saint -- -- -- I think that was a team with saw. But I can remember these guys -- -- -- -- -- bigger than life. The eighth graders gave cool man and and it can another kid down for a kid remembers first name but for -- And the two guys and he ended up going to -- -- high school. Unbelievable. Basketball team -- Tron and Dave spurt towel and I mean what what a team. And this is what forty years ago and -- -- oh yeah. -- -- and I can remember that in its the Padre Serra -- -- Catholic grade school Joseph to with that with the bigger guys every year ahead of us has -- current Paul they want it. Bryant wise -- and we'll call balloon boy -- -- mark wiest and and -- Arnold. The year that one was thinking 76. -- Paul. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- played with -- he played it might Clement and and you know he'll play. They never -- Clinton music was -- you Peter Paul really. What my my brother Tim till we they won it with Stecker and those guys. Have to call him after the show and we got to Wallace are all here alert talking and exploited in 1976. Cents in -- in the. Then who would've won it in 72. You -- you've got it right there don't you -- it. You know one arm I thought that Clijsters and those guys and they obviously didn't -- -- the only Peter Paul team that won it was a really Schwartz of those guys. -- -- in Michael -- yeah. I'd say instead actors your brother. You know he was -- quite -- -- older. Yet -- quite a bit older he he would've been with Kyrie Starker in those guys. You know mom might favor one in my favor podger -- turn -- -- stories is Mario. Get married in traffic trade should -- -- we've told this before Wright's ears constantly yeah Mario's Mario's team. Was in the semi finals since the semi finals on Saturday -- Typically get up you know semi finals on Saturday Mario had that the good foresight to schedule is what -- -- When he was the head coach of a -- -- -- eighth grade -- Teams under. On -- Saturday of the semi finals a Padre Serra. And he he's -- beat Christ king my team. They beat us to the second round okay they were -- -- I can remember that one rule that date. Eva said I don't want any talk about that fastball that Tedy is my game. And I mean the game was going -- ball the same time that they were seen their I -- Old -- can't hide itself in new yeah I got I got myself and eyesight and and I don't recall exactly how I was able to not find out and I am bizarre standing up and went Dallas I was as best -- And we week we got -- had not -- that though they had won the game and we're advancing to the championship. And -- and you got it -- and that's a beautiful. 1972. -- holy cross okay -- saint -- agree while tell a white. I've been to probably. Twenty. Podger -- turn -- over the years just pop in and out watching either coach and -- and watching kids play I have not yet bent to one a -- Marie -- and need to get over there I -- terrific it is it's a great a great facility. The best yeah it is really nice it's a perfect so. And you know was just -- cheating you weren't you -- you or not it right I wanna watch Jonathan Carson's team play you know four years ago via an end in a couple times. And that it was half -- -- was swallowed in -- -- there was a lot of energy that Jim how well. The the attendance spent over the years to right yeah it just keeps. Hey I am looking nets at -- at this year's bracket I got to tell you -- he job not pick in any grade school TDs -- I would have to think. That that team from ma from C -- skills corners is good as any room Mike Jarvis coaching over there and you -- only -- I do yeah. Mikes good guy I -- Mike at the -- -- academy mass Bergkamp. A couple weeks going is really good to see him again -- he's too nice job with that team. They were gonna get through break of the set the -- get a question in maybe a cast as you join us -- listen to what he's -- puts high school basketball coaches show. Presented by first bank financial center on sports where do you twelfth fifty to BS SP. And I -- use. Welcome back to the Wendy's -- -- high school basketball coach -- -- Presented by first bank financial center I'm Sports Radio 1250. To BS SP. I might be -- Darius his feet high school insider blog semi co -- ball Walsh on our special guest. The godfather of great school basketball offering Carmelo -- did you remember the first team you coached. I remembered well yeah first team I -- I remember the first -- ever -- in fact I ran in to the point guard. From that first team I coached I went to the west Carroll had game -- -- Three we now Atlanta and -- game but about two weeks ago. And a point guard. -- -- It's like if you could -- 42 years old and he's got six kids. -- it -- Orlando that's -- Allen is I can't help me coach it tumble -- I'm married to him I remember the first whoever coach Rose 35 -- remember the six man -- your very first team you coached. Hate. -- And she we're gonna party -- and keep going. You know what we've got a guest. On its -- name the starting five in the six man of that team. A -- -- you there. Argued it would give us the starting five -- the first team frank bell over coached. I -- -- that first game in 196153. Years ago. Starting lineup of the saint Pierre Paul Chargers. The setter was Jim Farley. -- -- are in any bomb Gardner -- -- forward. And she panicky and the and the effort that and breaking PR. And who was -- six meant. Couple. Hey my my brother from Atlanta Jim -- ever. In I called him -- sit him look. I've got frank Carvel -- and not. And -- he said hey I was part of his first team in NC can you remember the first five UCL you can make. He goes and here's -- you were sports is starting game correct. So in nineteen. This is fifth grade. In in the when we started 61 in 63. We're playing in the same area it's just -- And coach -- finally broke me in the starting lineup I don't know how sick or hurt. But -- I knew I was starting that night against Saint Mary's so. You know -- all I mean that the day before as the day I was I was ready to go. That gave the game was canceled because the president of the United States Russia. -- -- -- -- Jack Kennedy was killed and the game was canceled. And -- -- shot ever had to start. It back on the bench I've felt that accompany you staged a I was out I was out in my my best book career for the most part was over. And I and I've played two two against -- -- And Nic Wise his could and that you can admitted to a shot in Hawaii in Detroit where we play you could -- you could -- -- jumper but. IAA I gotta tell you -- -- when we talk about the season we would we get togethers family members and and stuff like that. They always -- back to sports and it's amazing to me. You know frank Carvel is still run in the Padre Serra tournament and 200 extremely well and and and and doing what he does. But he was -- was your from your basketball coaching grade school. Yeah coach first of all congratulations -- -- and a great career of helping kids and -- -- you were really a tough -- college. That that and made its total line which also let the slot. So what you were great just great so I'm -- I remember your girlfriend sitting in the stands at the time. Figuring you were dating a young lady. In his late you'll call her. Foot down to his wife -- -- But it wasn't very -- yeah. Well -- -- -- I don't you don't you're gonna break -- something better but don't beat. There -- so are you -- coach. I'm doing great. Really I really -- and it's really good to hear you I -- he said it is such -- -- here. I had a mystery who could it be who could agree that it was just a giver -- -- he's very very Jimmy McGhee were from my beautiful Atalanta Georgia done oh and a. In -- -- had -- here with the weather when there's two which is just know you're sitting on the highway -- twelve while. There's really -- it's -- Iguodala handled that -- does the weather down here and say that. Well made you could take some of it has been a brutal winner of your -- yeah I -- I would tell people I don't tap -- much -- call uncle. I'm done I'm -- it out and out I can't take I can't take anymore. Hate it when when you think about you -- you taken those memories. Of play in under coach -- fellow and and and the group of guys that you had. What what comes to mind. Team togetherness. And everybody are supporting one another. You know there was -- enemy agent we're young kids mean it is it's a whole it was a whole different situation back then -- is today I mean he we literally. I remember the first practice. Coach told us what the guard was -- -- was what -- -- And it was here is this is the basketball. And make it that at that time you never really start in sports so. -- you were ten years old so there was no I mean you started from scratch then I'm unlike today when your kids are playing when you know -- -- contender in kindergarten. There was no silk. I mean dusty and the kids start early nowadays. I'm not ever in my Michael I was in Milwaukee but ten years ago he's a look back at -- six grade 88 U game. You wanna come and -- I'm like now I really don't because it's going to be a twelve and yeah. And Eagles don't -- -- -- and the and the final score was like 7672. He's just unbelievable. If it's a whole different world world in every way and but back then it was -- you know we're we're young kids who just does -- playing basketball in the end up putting the uniform on and having people come and watch it. There were -- many kids back then yeah I mean it was every grade school was. It all 1005200. Kids per grade. Oh yeah it was a never -- -- the -- -- Jays do. And watching the games down there and it was in the they would have ten hours. -- back to backs down there. Yeah I mean I can remember coach an -- -- -- school you know back even back in the in the early eighties and -- you could watch basketball all week you know culture games watched games -- games. You know it's it's just and and that's. Then there's not as much of that anymore there's just not as many kids and in a great school and like you said. And and frank was mentioned -- they play all different sports it's hard to get him to focus on you know during the basketball season gonna focus some bass while it doesn't happen quite as much anymore it. You know if I ask Jimmy who's there the rivalry was back then frank who would you who do you think he's gonna -- -- Roberts yeah. SNL -- we we we -- all the rich kids. With the flip -- Roberts holy family's he used. Going up and gone up 43 anybody who is north. Of -- Ken -- -- -- and on north avenue we -- they're rich. Yep -- -- -- can't guess who really got. A good Bob gardeners were tough pondered here and there are tough. Yeah they're -- Jim Farley was like six feet tall and that's great. But you know speaking about Gardner's. We have a bunkered as coach Bob Gardner -- -- coaches over. Secrets is Cabrini. He's one that's on -- what he's -- a little she's a very he -- -- admirably. That's incredible. Hey I get those dogs -- -- under control there you -- and I. I'm -- -- is that incurable thought that David Duke. It's -- a long way. Hey I've I've got to tell you take you so much for your for your time in and I know that you wanted to get chances sailboat a coach -- Rabelo and and thank him for other things that he's done in -- you know certainly your early life. Coach you're the best. Made different everybody and -- -- you've done. -- -- -- Good luck and -- and your family. And -- in that same view and hang in there and keep Evans on okay. Hey guys we'll we'll see you in May you please tell enough from my son Matthew sweating -- and demand look forward -- -- Jerry. I hope you give me an opportunity to sing at the wedding tackle thing. Hey listen we've changed the -- -- -- -- worried about it comfort her. That's the mark guys -- Isiah. Jerry -- you're from Atlanta Georgia you know my brother Tim was upset that I wasn't having him. -- -- -- -- We had his high school football coach Germantown who was set so he'll -- -- -- coach Smith France Jordan. And Tim reason for -- -- had him on it. It's who we get so emotional sort of cry and trip you said you can't have -- I -- who has started more competitive forum. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I see now continue to crime not doing that -- -- my brother Tim my whole family says hello frank. He lets get to a break -- celebrate the phones been ringing off the hook we normally don't take calls. But there's just some people wanna see -- idea and think Hewitt and I promise that we will -- the -- -- tournament. That's coming up inserts next week correct starts next Thursday it is the sixth the and you can go on line -- and that's what I did this morning you can get shot. You do you get the full schedule. Thursday the sixth it's it's Christ -- -- -- Eugene. Mass were property and seen Anthony and awake from if you walk he. All Saints -- against him very Burlington it's in Alphonse is from green delegates east brook academy. Those -- the games Thursday you can go long line just -- podger -- it's a nice website gives you the -- the brackets. Dates times things like that all the information that you need what's the cost to get -- The admission adult -- four dollars and students three -- Four dollar nominal -- up four dollars to get it. Did you can sit through all four games if you -- sit out Saturday and -- little -- thank goodness. Let's we've got another guess on the other side a break we're gonna talk to this is the Wendy's varsity puts high school basketball coaches show presented by first make financial senator. -- sports where -- -- 1250. -- SS but he. And I -- Reyes. Welcome back to the Wendy's -- he -- high school basketball coaches show. Presented by first thing financial center -- sports pretty -- 1250. -- -- Mike we -- alongside Paul wall or -- free Travelle. You know Paul if we ever meter -- -- -- more people listen what is right Franken -- hard -- tell you we normally don't take really many calls the show we just. Now the phones going off the booklets. And my brother -- -- wanna see a few words to fright now I've got bright points -- then his kid who was good last night. Who you are hearing a lot of Brian Johnson's voice the last two days yeah what you heard a lot of patriotic and we agree you're right we urge your -- last night Brian you while you had some great things -- -- -- Couple those -- last night. Yeah it was a it was a great game last night and to -- played well. You know what before we knew we we ask you the reason -- the call I know it's it's hard to Franken the Padraig Sarah I I have to tell you that. -- you've got teams showed a lot of cuts last night. They they they could have they could've you know what for the -- and said you know what we're down 1032. Going on the road or on the road. It's not happen tonight -- for the talent. And I -- leaned over Paula said in Brady's time right now. And and he did he he got them back in the game and then a -- search raining threes from every place I've never heard of a kid and I have to tell yet. -- they pay so much attention to your son that opens up some things for other kids. On no doubt we're excited Jakob park on is going to be a great ballplayer for courts are growing up I mean he's only a sophomore awake or get stronger he had a -- basketball player. We get Roy going to be good last year. Yeah I I agree I I am so impressed with the -- -- progression of of Brady. Through time he's a freshman -- now Brian you've got to be so proud. And ended everybody that talked you said it's -- to -- -- players he is he's a better kid off the court so congratulations with that. Think here here not that it might hitter -- the but he is. You don't really humble kid the way he plays. On you don't know -- zero point or thirty and that's the way he -- -- -- in an everyday life. Did you learn that from you -- for mrs. only sent. Capriati a fracas lab accused I gotta tell you you you -- yourself with a little bored out of -- its swagger. And then he does I I haven't seen a kid -- -- -- catch and and -- shoot that quick. Arm in a while he can really catch and shoot the other thing that he's gotten so good at is he can create his own shots now. Yeah it's -- -- -- -- he he's got a lot stronger over the years and you know I know what are your sponsors as an athlete performance with Steve Becker -- and Brady religious -- -- and I did it help that can't. -- you're your memories of the podger serin -- Correll. Well that that's the only reason like all the -- -- -- all of you kidding me I mean. -- shots -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Peter Paul and Don Hewitt Mike -- since fourth grade. And I think there's -- punt return and it is CR that would every victory eighteen. In the city of Milwaukee -- for the end com you know it the other rivalries seem -- Robert Monica's holy family and that's what great to -- bet although about. Yeah I agree goes these men and any and they going back and all you can chime in when we coached there. Those you know those were the gators -- and you wanted to beat saint Mary -- hole when you wanted I wanted to because my wife went there and I can I was -- school -- -- You know the C Roberts is my brother talked about kind of that you know holy family saint Monica's thing that I can remember. Cautioned against -- I think was holy family Tim smaller -- just a small. He's -- article. Yeah that's got a couple state championships under his belt and dare I am this you -- -- your health -- public's attention small ones on the bench next to me a -- you know what I was coaching at seemed very stressed the whole book. And we're replace -- and they didn't have that -- that fifteen point press rule. And we're it was 72. To twelve with a minute and I have to -- when he was still precedent. I took a timeout and I said our kids go lock -- beat -- and we walked off the floor and he came over so what do you do -- I said. You're still precedent and Europe sixty with a minute have to go we're gonna forfeit you can win tuneup and trust -- get you back for this. Two years later -- -- it. Andy put that rule and we got up fifteen up and went half court 131 and trapped it's just just what don't. There was over -- he's such a class match. He walked over -- we even now son that's -- yes -- we are ahead and secure that was a nice job that they'd want to win more class that I ever had. He Brian thumb did you guys go -- to that podger -- tournament. Note you know eat you know it is. There's certain things you remember -- we lost the first round. And I heard a fair bit out divided court Trammell coaching and chairs and being in all the other players you played -- and you know we thought we -- first game. You know we did too we -- in fact that we talked about this we had this reunion we played saint for -- -- -- -- And coach -- up for two practices said look we're fine there don't worry about them it's that next game. And -- he came out told us and we got -- pretty good to get beat by about eight or nine and I remember being a lot -- -- -- man this is that. It's -- I don't think I really thought of that at that age until it was all done. And now it's over do you look at that these guys thinking man never you know I'm never gonna play balls and these guys again. And that was. That's what -- share those memories and everybody has frank that's what you guys have created it. Have seen it that's what's different about nowadays so -- -- not like worn topic Hamilton until. Our kids are gonna play all through grade school and then off your high -- -- can't figure all. When you're -- there that clear. Other than going to Maryland avenue and played some picked up in and get on just because I did I'd rather go to -- -- -- -- as much as I did at Maryland avenue pride. -- those were the days that he -- luck tonight you guys get to you go to kettle moraine. That's an awfully good team you guys -- have your hands full night. Ought to be a great game but it actually Dick McAuliffe data -- court developed. -- Brian I just finally ship Brady all of luck tonight and thank you for call and -- and hello. -- -- Bryant takes a lot of guys who it's good -- good talking yet I gotta tell -- coach. You were gonna bring you a man who we -- ratings -- -- get to a break we've got one other called David cooks I believe is is on. Really good friend the -- -- good friend to meet David how aria. Yeah -- Could you -- you -- -- looked hard. And door or I'm doing today Pablo you. Don't pretty good and -- actually in the parking lot of Graham. What to do -- other so. We all know how that goes into it you come down to the Padres. Of course you know forwards -- Yeah and let's look great abandon. You know -- out of market and stuff and you backward as -- Nicholas the second -- you know always. And it's in the days -- him and I. I sort of expected -- at him and I bake. All you have frank and I go back and he would let me in the bank he. And they would let me do my job so it's all good. Hey guys you know. David for good to -- that turn amid the Padre Serra is. People have such memories of -- when they played -- but but going to determine -- some really good basketball yeah I can't imagine how many. -- teams is you've seen in that tournament but it's always wall Ron people are always very respectful Woodson just really -- players. All you have is it is a great turner met you know and obviously. You know it it's to provide -- leaders as well please look all that kind of stuff what is just -- -- and it's entertaining. The concessions are good music and the officiating okay. -- -- -- Could actually thought that that's a great point they'll become a us all a lot of those referees. We've known so I mean there there are some of the guys you see work in the state tournament games there combatting their give and give their time to work for the Padres there's a count the greats so -- with you frank it's yeah. So obvious it's a really really retirement and yards and a lot of rhyme or reason. And it's intense it's intense and very competitive let me -- you start to get torture happened since -- yet. It is there. No doubt hate -- idea that was sort of cut you short that we had to get to a break. Hmmm I will give you call -- this week -- we got a lot to talk about. Are we sure do well I'll probably try to get to tonight from the game -- -- development. Actually you'll you'll -- were seen tonight. You pick me up some from chick filet and stopped it's not been on your way back right. -- how to -- David could -- coach -- can Corey university thank you so much every real quick for you to break frank -- McCutcheon says well. And down my wife said that -- The boys -- Sabres system whole -- might not beat the same Peter Paul boys on the pass well floor. But they -- certainly breeders' opened the streets -- I think my wife was right back in the day so let's get to a break this is the Wendy's -- who was high school basketball coaches show. Presented by first -- financial senator. On Sports Radio 1250. To -- SS -- Oh -- and loose. The Wendy's -- -- high school basketball coaches show presented. By first bank financial center on sports for these 1215 to -- -- -- I might we -- alongside Paul -- summer special guess we've kept him over. -- Carvel the Padre Serra we are one -- -- guy we just got its record to talk to real quick. Our special guest on the on the phone Tony -- to -- Tony Loria. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alexander Brian island senator all the -- You know good memories that's orchestrated with all -- all -- -- over the years -- over the years. Just tremendous and that's so wonderful that you still. In bobbled the out with a -- changed your pulpit through. -- also yours and in some years they didn't but. He's created or -- record here or particular. -- -- -- -- engineer what were because. Thank you Tony it's good to hear from you and hopefully -- seed down at the Padres. Yeah criminal or a commuter sports -- -- -- -- beat beat. Actually -- -- -- so he's pitched great but. Or yours will be. You and your arteries are sure. Beautiful Tony -- -- -- you don't think you so much. -- history the history of the Padres Sarah can you give us a little bit background on that started 1915. -- -- to right in the arch diocese was divided in two. Four divisions 1234. With one being south east to south -- And and three and -- -- -- north east and west right of the four best teams for nature great basketball. Game. Wasn't really. As popular as it is now yeah it was it was starting which is starting to go. In -- hard I mean koskie and Sweeney homered coat and -- -- and -- were guys who practiced again. Bigger and bigger and in 1962. Went for -- with. Sixteen went to 32 teams. -- market university starred expanse of the walk area were geez who was so we had a -- -- -- tools. That was in nineteen 161971. Sarah got involved. And we determined. To which is now cousins that are -- -- -- Francis -- In. Eighty won the -- or 1984. And move to. Old school ordered me sure yeah there in all -- in effect at seminary was struggling. In needed all of episode was going to be feeling more I remember I brought a team to that. And Notre Dame yeah. We were there for like four years. And and in 1989. Sarah club again being -- bow and we changed the name the pod racer and he team cutie -- Welker. And that's -- we treat them. The entry -- -- trophies -- you know. -- we have. And it it's been a a remarkable. Award the kids look forward in the first place teams get an award in in. Second third and fourth -- -- -- And and that we and it cheerleading and dance from 79 -- ninety in and we starting girls' tournament 1982. And in nineteen and in nineteen. It's going to 1998. With our fiftieth year. In -- Two. Two brackets of two teams Wallace and it was obvious never. Let it -- two teams yet. And then -- 2000. Box bought in. Cousins center ticket to answer practice facility right and so we -- worked with the books that were around -- schedule in. It in -- pretty flexible though he probably was like Saturday Sunday -- -- here and practice you know that. And the Bucs did through race if someone wanted to practice there. He would keep them off for him -- to sell tickets could sell. Tickets ever. Could come down practice for. Him a treat. So our -- sell -- on that's pretty cool and if if they did well -- -- -- -- -- -- gift for sure and then India. 2008. We had -- -- as a -- 2007. Years there. Effective as a center was for sale and that's we found our new home. Theory we've been there so yeah it's been the and that's a great -- -- -- -- terrific. Easy parking good location trailer occasionally it in and now it's it's that -- it could facility I love the I love the floor like that. The whole bit there in you know I just like -- think the people we were -- colder rector to league and he does all the facilities he does the concessions he does yeah it's all the T shirts. He. Does the website now and that he you know it's that's a huge job with it -- so you -- that -- now. And Tony's just unbelievable and he works with that Yankee -- and pat handed Burnett. And and aside I am -- with teams stop Greeks and Rondo and out rule outstanding yeah sure out there. Jim you know and you know there have been two and -- one time -- -- -- -- -- fifteen years. Hey I gotta tell -- plus an end in the gimmick guys say c'mon in due to score table in the mount she knew Chris -- is -- -- -- -- -- -- scoring these terrorists scoring all of that. Mark -- child and -- lynch and -- Porter. Calvin Porter does music in -- -- -- gets our refereeing. Like that you don't what we we took more calls today. Then now than we ever have and more pupil of -- text to be frank it's -- it's just a pleasure to have you win. And I will do this next year's -- Congratulations. And keep the good work. If by you get a -- -- out mom Mary get a -- this Thursday night. High thirties -- first game. -- goes Thursday Friday Saturday. And Sunday ever get a chance we'll get some updates on some of the games is a moves forward and Marshal the next couple weeks of -- -- about -- -- and -- oh yeah of course. Patriots in that way you've got. And that to my nephew nephew he just had a EC -- -- -- new to our Persian with him frank thank -- your class act man I really appreciate you come and then. And -- it's -- 7 o'clock you know I go back on the year. He'll be fine the -- when he's -- Steve -- scoring a lot of show so exciting night advanced 7 o'clock tonight you've here. -- tune back in even listen -- forcibly high school basketball coaches show presented by first bank financial center. On Sports Radio 1250. There BS SB. That was.