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03/01/14 Sparky's Final inspection HR 1

Mar 1, 2014|

With Sparky off, Radio Joe steps in with Summer Santana and Steve Zautke today to talk fantasy with Tim Allen, and if Dale Jr. is a hall of fame driver?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk all things racing Sprint Cup nationwide and Camping World truck. Izod IndyCar and Formula One. That's right we talk about it all. This is Sparky -- inspection with racing -- -- -- -- Stevens I think NASCAR -- summer Santana and of course the man -- never wrong. Yeah right here -- Steve -- Phifer on Sports Radio 1250 WS is -- One and Paul it is party's final inspection -- -- that accurately straight away that we are at the 2014 greater Milwaukee auto show at the -- -- -- -- downtown Milwaukee. Racquets or lack from the ram truck -- studios. I am not these marquee -- for embryo jewels and all campers -- that in. Arizona beautiful Arizona. Is any chasing Hank the -- Probably -- like. He could out -- -- the dog is -- the best thing for the Brewers I mean the scorpion sting from last year. The dog that's that's positive energy. In a blog sites these knocking everything nation -- out and NASCAR girls Summers. -- you guys know. It. Well -- -- I'm taking off my shoes just like it -- studio or -- why your user why. You know -- off my issue a public place right now -- -- Us earlier in now. Already -- going on lap next act on the back. He hideous damage next and so he's fine well but you so he'd. Be like this are you guys -- -- a 500 was. Interesting race at least. What are -- -- it hurts you here. -- -- given me a dirty look and I just I watched the race. My husband and I we always go over and he keeps saying that. And watch -- race and he won it fair and square -- just still think that it's ironic ten years after his last Daytona 500 he winds. And the same time that they bring back the three in he has his -- behind on blocking and avoiding anybody else and -- on the. Sorcerer's -- -- that last -- bewildering that. If you know he -- the -- I thought Denny Hamlin and or. But I mean -- it's -- second after the race he ended up leading the most laps. I guess it was his races -- you look at it. I mean what what what Ortiz -- -- -- and you know what it's whirlwind answer right. I will give it to a minute he was sitting there and he was going back -- I never seen a race like that at Daytona Albert had never seen him. Do -- well occupying -- planes and usually never did that and. Law. He -- 2100. Or just dominated and ran away. By but so it's. That's what it is it's bad that yet you Lewis he was the -- to be and -- it's. This is supposed to be -- Forte so he's supposed to be one of the better plate racers are out there so I mean it it's. That you can't see anything away from him plus he's -- Hendrick driver. I mean they are the best team out there they are the team to beat we're talking about -- a -- -- shows ago about you know who's -- didn't challenge Hendrick duo gives. -- this might be the race that you know entity if from a blood. It you know without him you know to the final shirt checkered flag was and current -- Well about five minutes before we got on the -- I'm gonna bring it up and I don't care some. There was -- that wrote an article -- Someone said that Dale Earnhardt junior's should be inducted in the NASCAR hall of fame. And so I start looking at some of the numbers here so get your reaction apple. Well first of all let's let's let's relieved. It's an articles on USA today you gays can go check it out and it just says how junior's second. Daytona win has sat there and clinched his spot in the NASCAR hall of pain. Which I I -- couldn't bring myself to read article that is how I read I got over it just. The headline -- it you're not -- Dale Junior and generals of the authority. Because you final light if you -- you take -- junior stats -- -- somebody else's name on like he -- he hairs or Brian Vickers -- it and what's the difference while others. While a cup career. I think he doesn't have bigger -- within the last ten years I don't know how is that the haven't last year's -- five. I'd -- last ten years if you go back to 2004 out one every other year -- 2004 was as big here -- -- -- after that but the 20051. Win 2006110070. In and he and junior at all but I just wanted to make sure that. Everyone understands the statistics. That are going behind him. And that are going against him because he just funny season. There's only two other drivers at one championship out of their twentieth season nets deal Jerry and I forget second. Steve B I'd I'd. I'm just thinking you through this the that the -- through his softer but you know what -- -- I mean. Opted to talk about this because the issue that we have right now with this girl fame is that it especially anybody air first of all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jeff just block the -- who wrote the article -- that the -- from a horse with that one we have because. There's so many other drivers that are in -- you know that are in front of him at this point. And analysis. To put us -- like that is it -- Yeah that that's but there's a few people in the NASCAR media -- -- right chemistry. As I mean -- I mean we were were having serious discussions solo who's next in and we're the -- -- needle in. There's some you know talk about. You know drivers lose their chief mechanics need to -- The -- in their partners yet are good drivers. You know their legacies in the 50s60s. -- -- lemon drop right in and did that throw this out there you know it's. It's it's chum in the water I -- NC if you -- -- you know you'd want to bring up the discussion of Dale Junior Danica. It's just like the old joke on speed -- the sport trio. Cliche if you got nothing to talk about you just forgot -- now you know -- just. It's common audience throw it out there and -- But it but it gets people talking in the bottom line and they put out those questions during the -- as Texas is that passes through and have. The top five -- three of the top. I drivers that are there that are actually getting it done and -- OT. Thirty right and everyone picks to get that -- did he have to sit there and sell and -- get numbers patted. To Seles sponsor us and the show's sponsors at the end of the day that's what you do that the sponsors that -- -- okay. Is this really working is that something that we need you well -- -- -- out of the regulars. Right the bottom line is that this is a very positive from -- this is just exactly what -- needed going into the season. By a conspiracy. There. -- -- you comment on each side Tony Stewart but it's -- was going to be the guys that to win it is -- -- but I'm out of your conspiracy theorists. Going in this what's -- Tuesday he would do well you put Austin Dillon on the pole because it's the number three car. That you have deal till junior -- the race and that that's exactly what happened and there's a lot of people. That are kind of you know looking at NASCAR with the you know -- by -- Well -- -- play devil's advocate here for just a moment. Shoot something -- do you might you might but just hold on 12. Considering the fact that Dale Junior is the son of Dale Earnhardt senior I mean definitely one of the greatest in racing history and all that. The fact that he's able to win it -- -- like less -- -- isn't that awful lot but I mean just in general if you look at all the wins that he's won in his career so far I mean. Don't you have to consider that that is a -- the under your father's shadow especially after his father was killed at Daytona. We don't you have to consider that just a little bit. It's hard for a lot of a lot of kids that really live up to what they're dead dead or what we're worried Adrian won -- kind of struggled in the last three years ago so no I'm just aren't as seen in general if you put together all of his wins and all this top ten finishes and everything that he -- compiled statistically. Because -- still not that bad. No I wanna. I mean for him to race well considering it was -- is that I mean can't you give him that maybe that is a reasonable argument to get him into the hall thing. Is and his dad isn't isn't that much care receive that and has nothing to do anything as easily easy recent family -- -- are huge news. It is. Old enough. -- he still remembers -- He you know now Oscar's -- lost lot of drivers and dale Dale's. Deals -- year. Boss' father -- -- was hurt neck with. -- -- -- Don't even -- it was fifty years old when he died. So I mean he. He really he knew going into or hurt him either recent family everybody's around. The family has been involved race in one. The Novoa and in order what what what in what what can happen. And you know it's we've had this discussion with some other -- -- -- something did you know does happen there's a lot of people that at fort. -- -- him fortunately fortunately. Haven't been exposed the Mets and lotteries and that is things wrong. So I mean junior's old enough he knows he -- meaningless and so that's. He knew his daddy was doing something that you love to do and he knew it what chance for him in his -- So but you know he's evidence that -- Sammy did is he. Is he a candidate for the -- Macias but it's way too early for one thinks those lotteries do. And who knows he might he might win -- championship vehemently to change -- bills. But let's wait that it worked its way the tour early let's let's enjoy the win right now. Just leave it to do -- -- spirit -- -- sport. Brought a lot of attention it is more. Now the question is that the deal going -- yet next. Night time -- 500 and I love that. It needs to be in prime time I don't absolutely -- I think we -- fox nest on that because the viewership was down one. Is because they decided to throw in last year's race during the recently vs just going -- Here if you replay and they did the replay all of us -- against before the race and everything they replay stats and that was fine even if you wanna sit -- -- battled the beach or whatever they had the night before Brett briefly dad every play another team. Or older or the tools -- they put that the duels or even the 2001 race or something. David it's obviously when you look at it and wait -- wage -- you know okay. You're here -- and -- it is not going I think that's this year's -- losers there's there's changes in the sport but. You know or hurts the eighties you know -- -- animals two cars -- camp and the 48. In forty -- right and the 41 so at fourteen with Stuart that's -- aren't so well. We saw some of the tweets that happened because that's -- they were all over it. On once people start thinking that this possession the race. And look at the fox sports ticker on the bottom and it's that you're currently watching -- you know -- -- there it has double the in that lets you know not all people -- equal when it comes to TV -- -- -- -- up. So I'd betcha -- model is there whether I had just a flat panel are you just had a -- even though some people -- -- put this deal they might stretch discreet notre somebody needs some of that you're blocked out and not make an excuse for. -- -- -- that is something that could happen who knows our -- some of the tweets it's -- April I I I have a friend of mine. He -- every time Hawks and Eagles with a scorer were everybody looks at them like. It's right -- you know he can't read screens -- for so whatever reason he's just he doesn't see the girls. Well maybe that's it or I don't know top three. He can read but in a tease him about it it's its -- you know. Or I'll react to something you know look at it that you did -- the wrong but some breaking. Joseph Poole obviously put -- -- -- see that one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's look at some of these tweets here because I thought these are pretty entertaining if you had a chance to guard that's been. As they were all over it let's -- got at red bone pretty sheets -- look at Danica Patrick hanging with the big boys hedged epic -- Holler at our -- at Daytona 500. All summer gets better. At motor racing limited tweets Danica Patrick on the front line at the restart of the Daytona 500 she really likes this place. -- about that. All of the here are -- tweets. Arrive at hotel to see Danica Patrick and -- to Daytona 500. And that number was that -- at all these checks. It's sheets -- at Kevin Harvick -- Daytona 500 schools there's 29 not number four. Q. -- -- -- -- on you know what though there's a lot of there's a lot of personal friends of Jimmie Johnson and effort Patrick alone that we're getting to beat the -- congratulations. Congratulations. -- won. Which I need. It was good for Rick Hendrick because he did win regardless -- other eaters when it Port -- -- -- -- -- For personal friends it's just like if you have Jimmie Johnson cellphone number you can tax them. It's Alan congratulations you should probably a little bit -- out the situation what is the -- exactly. Meanwhile in their right mind. It just it doesn't make sense it's been adamant about Shelly -- about me this -- replay. The ticker was going up but they kept -- April and -- -- like every. Ten to fifteen minutes just to get an update as to what was going Brian -- still -- -- Right now go back to the 2013. Eight. Cents at eight -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- don't know if you're taking your teachers under -- maybe gets acts garlic oil I don't know how. I mean be the -- to union -- are literally be navy rear end and even put -- managed only. It's -- -- this tweet something else but -- actually put Nash they'd be 200 I love that I love that well that girl. Kevin Harvick it's just 29 and earlier in a Pollard -- going on with that does you know how did you stay out. Q can you expand on that NASCAR is trying to go after welcome and everybody -- casual fans in I mean that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Danica Patrick currently at the Daytona 500 yes guy. Oh yeah or the one highlights is deterred Nelson won. Who that biggest mr. is involved in accidents in about his broken leg from the year before I know it's only -- you were Easter dirt. -- he got another broken like I got him in fantasy -- the last Andy's Tony -- -- Not to take certain things are taken. I was what we're gonna get in a fantasy NASCAR a little bit later in the show with him -- hopefully Tim Allen will be with us now is money yet. Well he's an Arizona. Working right now this is not -- all in our current Danica Patrick behind Jeff scored for what do I field. -- feeling disappeared later. Yeah everybody's tweet about the -- being in third place. You have to go to court that's been dot com and just search for the Daytona 500 because it is just -- and all this -- -- tweets that. Was the one late I think someone should remind -- -- -- Jimmie Johnson is fortunate. Art we're gonna talk more about Daytona 500 we'll look at some of the other. Notable finishes including Austin Dillon causing two -- and find a way to finish ninth you gotta -- that we'll what we'll talk about that on the other side of the break we are alive. At the 2014 greater Milwaukee ought to show it was Scotts that are downtown stopped by were at the Al ram truck display were next to who. Ram trucks got a big black. One left in me. And not a big silver one of the right and that was the 15100 express the black the black. So is the five points and all -- -- -- -- and I was on the -- earlier I feel very -- That's the history that's -- and club less and god awful so I need to be protected if I ever do driver ran track. -- so we'll have more on the other side of the break this is party's final inspection present accurately strictly more come right after this here on Sports Radio 1250 WS has -- Welcome back it's party's final inspection presented -- greatly straightaway on Sports Radio 1250 WS says -- we are alive from the 2014 greater Milwaukee auto show -- that are downtown come buys stop by say hello were very nice people we are. Right here at the idea -- accurately. I was trying to be nice those are nice people. I'm on Saturday -- to say hi to me because I'm nice I'm church like crap are we are right by the ram truck display got a big black ram truck to laugh. At six over once that the right really quote. Coming checking -- -- live from the or brackets like from the -- struck mobile studios as well -- continuing our talk and -- Daytona 500. Austin Dillon. Caused who racks to big Rex was kind of funny because. I'm so I'm watching the Daytona 500 I spent all day on the couch waiting for this race to actually happened guys. And I've wasted an entire Sunday for the so finally when it -- start at 730 -- at least. Meeting there race. I could have done other things that could have you know done some proper -- show or whatever else but -- sit there and I'm watching I'm waiting. Finally the race gets under way movement along. I'm like. I haven't seen a caution it is going while this looks like masters series it's just move along move along move along. And then all of a sudden right before they go to commercial break Mike -- says and dare I say caution. And I like OK so that commercial breaks going -- and next thing you know they cut out of the break and I am there's a big accident. And who is responsible for the first it was Austin Dillon and it was what -- nine or ten car in Iowa -- Which I. Thought was crazy so that the race goes a little bit longer and have another one and it's Austin Dillon again. And -- last summer you made it stress phenom. Very interesting comment apparently Austin don't like bumper cars. Bumper cars gather others -- futures. I'm gonna start. But there is awful because I eat and there's a follow -- the Internet those graders used to have a pile up on them offensively -- right. And so -- with the three cars in the middle you know cost them. -- at those those tennis genius -- I was watching than you NASCAR -- on. NB. CU and -- CS NN BC sports that work on because. And BC's beginning and ask our schedule next year and -- -- so they're going to be hearing it's I think it's really -- that they're starting pick up a lot auto sports. Not just NASCAR and it's in this. -- a thirty minute segment is just on NASCAR but. -- you sit there and Asia commercials about up and coming back at march 14 the show -- IndyCar everything so. It is all sport needed. These the home videos of Austin Dillon he's younger and all he kept doing was just -- People. Was wearing a cowboy hat while. It wasn't. How is it out this lead after seeing the Daytona 500 and -- out and that's it that's just awesome talent -- that he's that. They members. To me -- -- in my -- sometimes. And -- might -- he can't just. Start hitting everything. He he he is a rookie. And -- -- now -- that's gonna happen. What do the one thing I did like though was what Kyle Larson won one well he heaven there's one word him and -- got together. And immediately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Carlos W is going to look -- gardens Clarkson came down and it's up aren't quite. I really do like this that was just aerodynamic issue I don't know it. -- -- -- -- -- -- It put the three car went in him and -- that he's caused its -- like. Oh I'm never gonna blame June mood there America blamed three -- on the years he has a large bias. Towards anybody -- from North Carolina from the -- you know huge numbers era course. OL and and Danica and can never mess up either very as you can do no wrong -- And she's Danica thank -- DW cheering though and good Moe -- -- and I'm like I've treated doctor's -- here and in the press please. -- -- -- -- We've been ill and we couldn't hold that we're not supposed to have our favorites -- -- off the record how are favorites on this show. We're not really got political and that really with all the rules will be will let you know our favorites are and who we dislike. You sit there and call a race. I mean it was it was there and it was. Line it was a special win when in 93 -- deal cheer when this first 500 Daytona 500 and -- cheer us on race. But hot right and they announced -- and and exit -- stepped away need the left. They'd let the moment to equal or OK in that call your -- all. And that's a special thing absolutely that's okay but -- -- this -- well into -- and -- If you ill and here's NASCAR trying to you know -- -- training and we're talking about this last night about you know the stereotypes and everything else you just reinforced every stereo at the last fifty years DW for Tennessee going come on June bug. Guerrero all arteries said. What DW going to be asked to leave the press box. For calling -- because. He's if you sit there he is he laughing joke. While it's while it's a 200 TNT I would take him over her 50% of the other coverages out obviously but it's still. 50% of the audience love on the 50% of the Q what it. But it was crank it up every -- like well it's a DW mute button but -- -- also able part of the race. Think alike if you're watching it you're seeing what's going to listen -- it down -- -- right. Turn on the radio. Here and what's going. I need announcers. It is not on fox I actually just listened to the -- -- -- I don't watch it I just listen to the -- at. That way. Jam box at home and -- is that it's just need you look at -- -- time and see exactly one and is. I -- scanners to get the whole race experience just the -- Just -- apple. What would you agree though that fox has the best coverage of NASCAR right now or -- or cited for NBC for next year. I am excited to see NBC's going to do because they have to live up to what fox is doing but in another -- Fox really drop. Ball on the qualifying yesterday because qualifying yesterday was that -- first. -- qualifying if you tell anybody -- local racetrack -- -- exactly qualifying. Is grab some cars go around for ten minutes. Graham and other. The ones that act fast enough now read that and treats certain positions those are locked in and -- They have another -- -- ten. Boxes. Streaming this lie or was video or was showing -- -- -- there's a life feature on. But it was a fifteen minute -- yet it while in Dallas they had to sit there and at I didn't see or all out happy hour at the show us -- I didn't see apart from what articles that it was a laughing. Yeah yeah -- slide step and caps. -- interviews with drivers -- but. They wanted. Wanted. Exactly -- NASCAR -- for that while I want to single file. Not because it -- instituted which can't get more -- to and went. You have. -- rule in place that won't. Allowed these engines to cool down now they have to run at a slower feet bunker to cool down there and -- are fine. -- hear it or something right to get. Well it -- going back to fox with that is that that's that's kind of like he's not a group in this series secret but that's been going on for many years. If you're ever -- -- to track. And the reason why they do that be to be honest because -- -- is so boring. Anyone a show of the big names so basically with the you have 47 cars -- -- Their -- -- force cars qualify what they're trying usually about thirty of the cars in the field and with the interviews and how they do that. Is its their building and -- So they go and edits older edited in India and they are sometimes and -- offline -- fifteen minutes behind. However with the producers and people at fox ever realizes that this -- -- is holding different and you can't really do that. Because -- going on these groups of five cars. And then -- your your trying to get a good lap in. And it's you'd have to show that -- -- because it it is an exciting when somebody. Because there there's going to be a time work -- certain to click off laps -- gonna have. Hokies junior -- junior's fast in this group of Harvick stressed it's going to be changing so fast. So I'm sure it's. Things -- -- change next week. Has yet he hated it that totally different animal on the and then just -- you know and to be honest you know the -- and they're not. -- -- to show you you know. Whoever else on the back marker running there at the Greenwich and hill -- -- Danica Brett. And with social media being such a big thing now days right. They actually come out on Twitter that bracket last you want to pull the ball or are they even showed it. And it was a long time -- -- wasn't like one or two seconds. Don't usually ask her we'll sit there and hold up some of the tweets as -- at the end of the race right and also get a during minutes don't lie like there's no update on there -- I don't either split at one -- thirty output. Audience justify the second five to 62 delay him and -- Curry's ancestry sometimes have to 201520s. And the way. Well. You gotta wonder. Whether or not that'll improve over time because you go back to the editing perspective of -- and trying to put it together that's -- pain in the pot and especially. But I mean again there's a lot of racers that I think a lot of people could care less about scenes so I guess that's the perfect opportunity to -- and -- -- you do this latter. And and I am at this -- don't -- -- he's got a. I'm I am gonna work on trying to get to a -- matured him down goes out. Speaking of Tim Allen we're gonna get them on the other side of the break hopefully he started Phoenix Arizona and join the sun probably playing with -- the dog and whatever else. Outlook fantasy -- that -- fantasy NASCAR. And doubt we'll look at back at the final inspection team because you guys put together a team and will talk about how that went. I had a good week so that was -- but that's coming up on the other side of the break we are why -- -- the 2000 for -- greater Milwaukee auto show it was Scott's a senator downtown. And we are right by the ram shrug this play were broadcasting live from the ram truck mobile studios we'll have more coming up. Poverty vigils and so filled in for -- -- fight -- -- sake presentation knack common -- -- summer Santana joining me as well. More to come company set the break -- -- -- has an update for you right balance courts ready at 1250 WS this -- it's not -- -- -- and focus on Tennessee has gone with the franchise to announcement on Smart he's finally inspection. On Sports Radio twelve to DW is has beaten. And welcome back it's worked his final inspection we are live the 2014 greater Milwaukee -- -- at Wisconsin's -- -- downtown and we are brackets and -- from the ram truck mobile cereals and we air here -- the ram truck display couple big ram 15100. -- right next to us but. It's -- time for some fantasy NASCAR and join us from Arizona on agreement was bank hotline he is the one and only the franchise Tim Allen ultimate. -- -- -- You know look nervous or he should be yours I'm fine he's gonna round out these two people on location -- it's like -- There it. We're oh -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- excited he's about to burst him. For the Bruins and I don't know brought -- are you go back to. Go back in the locker and go back the last three. Fantasy. And get my prediction on the Daytona 500 dollar -- scenario you could. Quickly he. -- he prediction. He -- -- all predicted you all sport and all people see. He agreed with that I agree you don't hear it Mario can get it -- Mario you need to. You're out. Why -- you have to get that. Yes -- calendar -- Arnold -- officer with Tony Stewart. Because he had engine trouble and it was a killer again I don't understand how this can happen. With Tony Stewart especially since you know he came off the broken leg injury theory is I mean this chance get back in the Max. And -- -- trouble I think that's unacceptable. -- I'm a little leery of postponement Stewart we've met them last -- little. And I'm a little -- in the -- I'll. Compiled. -- that he is not real problem like that you are you know I'm not -- all of the regard I know I've got you know. I'm not -- from lineup -- you know guys in the area we -- really -- him over the the only real. But what we'll find out not a good -- not. Sparky did say that this was going to be the worst year he's ever had I think he's he -- bitten off a lot more then. I -- really thought he could he handle and I know we have a lot of people who -- and a lot of the right people play to. Put out good stuff but. It's rough. Daytona was rough on him. I don't Tony Stewart will be fine it's it's a long season too many people I mean did did dome as a big race and everything -- I mean come on just this season goes almost -- Thanksgiving itself. There's there there -- the lotteries in yet to go. Well I knew we we say that he -- and it was at every year ago gave the result of Daytona we talked about a -- and you cannot look at that race. And say well this is going to be you know predicting material for the progress as -- -- your right there's 36 races you're not yeah. It it is a long season in regards to that he'd look at some of those names down beat him in just this this race here that's not a good. A cross section of what's gonna happen down the line so we're assuming. -- Obviously is gonna do a lot better. Now -- softly -- -- everything for Kyle Larson in the right. In the Nike -- you look I mean Austin Dillon was. Shot I'll put him -- to a ninth place and so I mean is. -- -- Does he took twenty guys on from a business and -- -- out -- interact. We're talked very -- We're talking with cut him down here on agreement West Bank -- courts ready at 1250 WS this be hobbled Denny Hamlin and second place finish. I'm expecting some pretty good things from Denny Hamlin this year I don't. I don't know how many wins he may not show up this year but he seems very healthy seems ready to go what do you see -- -- Denny Hamlin here you. You know what I I like I like him as well Joseph I'd I'd do I'd like to go forward I think -- got. Things to prove that he you know he thought about our block reinvent his issues with Oregon -- And what have you and we need to remember that you know what got a -- and -- -- You know hurt himself. He does it all the more Modano and and -- cannot hit well -- again he. You know the extent of the injury when he made a comment like now I think it was -- -- and -- -- what he deserves some like well he did in the extent. Of the injury at that times are -- slightly give -- -- he can't -- You know comments like that out so hard luck Denny Hamlin last year I've -- There is a little bit of a mission now and -- we sought you know last week was some sort of play. -- let's take a look at -- Sparky final inspection team because you guys picked eighteen last year -- I mean last week I should excuse me. And now what's this going to be the test because summer and are kind of going over -- over the break she semi attacks of who was on the team except she just -- -- numbers self. That we do it do you wanted to do -- do -- -- so we'll hear Sparky picked the twenty car and that's Matt Kenseth right -- for one okay. What's the summer picked the two car that Kozlowski. When he too was -- hockey and that was -- -- now. But Tim Allen and pick the five car which -- easy Casey came -- you know. Yup and then -- went with Tony Stewart with a fourteen. And this hockey with the allotment was the -- -- -- -- -- it was not. Well that was quick shall. Us -- -- -- -- and the Daytona 500 to. -- that did not happen last year summer -- with the Echelon that three car Earnhardt which was. Now Austin Dillon and then the 42. With Sparky you -- Kyle Larson and in the in the medi score that weren't right now you guys finished tied for 53 hurts me. A row that's not bad -- -- like a 130 racers and in up. A lot of it there's someplace in ninth place right now -- can't judge anybody on a thank you. I finished when he first and I was very happy with that that's a great start him. Tim you're like twentieth at between 29 people -- you know. Weren't there until I know it's not I think there's ability you'll see a lot of movement there again -- -- there are. Sports world that you know early on it's not -- I'm a -- will be talking about. You know it's it's. You know it's not a sprint than marathon -- comments much like we view him in the world baseball so it's the same. -- regards to NASCAR and funny is that NASCAR season as you know we're already weak again and Portis sat off seasons. -- do you guys it's like yeah. It did this here right. I think this year -- -- the lot shorter than it had in the past I don't know whether it's because I was so busy during the thirteen weeks. Or whether it was actually shorter thirteen weeks and -- It seemed the same to me not -- assured that your offseason. Art will Timmy you're predictions for a Phoenix tomorrow how he's gonna -- -- has whilst the on the pole for the cup series race and the nationwide race and those of you are DD -- -- the nationwide race. May wanna sit there move up that start time because they are starting in about twenty minutes 92 rain -- -- -- I -- -- -- are just rate in the area Eisen and we're you know we're trying to -- out those split squad games between you know Brewers Diamondbacks Brewers and Dodgers here. -- -- -- and salt river field so yeah. We week it's funny how the weather down here it. You know they can say well it's still the weather's going to be really. -- and spotty but. Holmgren -- is going to be leaguer until you know well into the game so it's it's really weird -- -- -- rain but. In regard to the NASCAR situation at the same deal goes -- -- Which is they have there and and they're gonna make some -- -- -- because there's rain all over the place -- I frankly guys that big news they call whether -- When you say. It in in Milwaukee will say -- -- rain heavy rain on and over the weekend here they say what was what RB careful whether tomorrow. You know we got other prominent -- -- they cold weather here. -- tomorrow it look. Good it -- really -- that's where our yeah race tomorrow which are -- no I used to dot. Yet interestingly enough we made it in the race tomorrow gonna check on things that there's a the location that you can -- race got pretty cool called rattlesnake hill. Yeah and it up yes play like it's like ten bucks to something as phenomenal and it is that. -- looked out of what. People set up there you know little mini camps there and make that kind of hurt things that we would make. You know experience that and I'll -- -- been so we'll have you know -- -- not having never been to a NASCAR race but look forward. I want I would be awesome I was Sparky and of course refuses to be open and build a horse -- -- probably end up he's got at the cowboy hat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In order could have put in a little act out -- bit. Now more and more importantly the most important topic that we need to know is -- is take the dog. You know what I can't -- -- -- applauding you know I got right to work this morning and and follow and I word. -- -- -- Iraq -- If you're not greater. -- -- enough you know erupt I'm get out of his native country because there's a lot of you know civil unrest there and use our guards out there -- He did make a comment and you know we hear double blitzes and things like that. I'll predict he thought about -- -- -- investigating on it and I thought who -- having lived there. Our prospects it's very up front there and yeah actually at home last night. I've ever call and I believe I'm gonna get number of the constellation. Who -- talk about. It in the in the -- -- in the air mass obviously character -- -- -- -- story. If you don't want guys. Yeah I know. Every year there are certain playoff teams that have story lines -- You don't rally monkeys and things like that. This bodes very well so that's like me oh yeah and I'm -- say that you know what you -- always got the our courts -- that block or whatever the cause hopefully not face the Brewers. There are some success we need to watch -- or are you on these he's answered questions are coming up this week or. He is the franchise that Tim Allen you can check him and Steve Sparky Phifer Monday through Friday of this week under -- spring training -- -- -- -- and down from Arizona. Sam always appreciated and I will talk to -- so. Well I'm gonna give your prediction on the race tomorrow we -- we talked about. Ask that at you know it's not like you don't forget the prediction after the Orioles ought to get Graham you know we just this -- but aren't -- -- -- prediction. Yeah I'd -- a little quicker and I'm Dale Earnhardt junior I think this. Goal so in your confidence. I really do I I think you know when you races this you're really do -- He needed that he need to back -- -- -- but. Currently in the seven years was how -- Get it together in New York player -- -- here but I'm not gonna. After us crew chief is leaving this year so you get a -- -- Let him go on a high note. That's that's surface probably yeah probably Buick this was -- rock -- I think Denny -- -- -- -- -- year he he went behind. -- I like that I'll take that aren't very good -- thanks a lot alone will talk to -- -- -- out. Aaron there is to have challenged us on the great mid West Bank outline. Turned the key GM -- -- July if you look in a buyer refinance all. Like agreement West Bank on FaceBook where you can live mortgage -- -- West Bank simply local we are long overdue for a break so we will rate we are brackets like from the 2014 greater Milwaukee auto show. Here if he was -- center downtown we are brackets from the ram truck mobile -- -- right -- at the ram truck this place -- come by stop by say hello I'm nice summer and Steve apparently are nice so. Whatever we've got more to come out turkeys final inspection coming up next year -- -- -- at 1250 of the US as -- Welcome back it's -- his final inspection present by greatly straightaway on Sports Radio 1250 WS this BM radio jewels and -- In for Steve Sparky Phifer. And alongside his NASCAR -- -- Santana -- the sake of racing nation dot com. We are broadcasting live from the 2004 -- greater Milwaukee auto show that was Texans that are down town -- ranked by -- ram truck this place to come by. And not say hello very reasonable to get in -- Twitter accounts so Santana wants to get the 200 followers -- -- that 16. -- right up to. I should get to four I always get freaked out when -- -- start to follow me and I have enjoyed it. Well you just that's part of the biz I figured I figured that out but it just sometimes to get. Strange people from Minnesota and all these other surrounding states and right -- -- it. For awhile but that's what Twitter is about and it is more for the radio station vs what it is like personally. Thirteen weeks of offseason item -- much. Well there's a -- -- -- -- between three answer. Art well let's let's Cheryl Twitter handles here several and also -- -- -- for the show at SS I eat cut. 1250 okay for -- -- -- -- -- yeah 1250 very simple sake what do you. I've to a long I have at -- nation with the website that word. The lots of other people. Covers everything from NASCAR IndyCar. Sports -- seen -- Curry's -- you sent you name it. Low cover it but that's at greasy nation. My other won -- more sarcastic and deals with everything from -- football team to this. Pop culture is and a amnesties that you see. Team. Are perfect summer for you what time just like it's summer time WI WR. And she's trying to get to 200 powers that 10216. -- so please -- we need forty here I'd like to get it in -- 2 o'clock but by the end of the day that would be nice to. -- when it's a 400 where -- -- yeah I mean all the worker will word 1213 hundred with recently. An animal. Spoke up bet -- that radio jury awarded a superstar. Now and then. No I actually originally I was ready originals and all of but I think it's just a mouth full and people can't spot analysts -- such -- it is it does see -- -- these -- you know he says it is I love to sit there and see some people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- meanwhile announced last thing. And -- -- got us out of him to defensive units that were in the brotherhood of C. What we aren't we -- brother everything's -- have been able to -- who has been for a while now but at the beginning it was like. -- So while it's yet it is I mean the -- the proper way news is I'll keep you know living in US everything goes the -- -- and -- I hyphenated -- That works and works well you know in my you know I was just a -- -- -- of -- -- -- absolutely I was Spiezio on Twitter at look there's a couples Steve he's -- -- -- Sake what was on Zola apparently it was supposed to be -- sends a -- -- -- my family came over from Italy it was -- that -- a lot but it got americanized now since all of them also scored. And Ana I've actually in the the present. But that's right and we're gonna give it -- -- in the second half we are an -- to a now -- -- second -- -- -- -- -- present for me. -- While I I appreciate and I feel guilty does that surprise -- you know something. Playing on top of -- -- they wouldn't you went to go pretty Pratt. Joseph had his first white Russian drink a bit and he liked it I enjoyed it does his -- -- on 42 innings. I did it. But anyway I want that story on the other side of the break because apparently -- in a group of people back in the day devoured 400 chicken wings in. Once that. So. We'll talk about that walls crash -- is out right -- the Phoenix beat me because Reed Sorenson spun and start finish slightly really get it. -- will give you live updates on the nationwide -- race going on also wobble preview the race at Phoenix. And now a couple of -- IndyCar racers come up to at the bottom of the hour that is quietly opens. We are open so so that is all coming up in the second hours rockies' final inspection again we are broadcasting live from the ram truck mobile studio since the 2014 greater Milwaukee auto show what the Wisconsin senator downtown and. Confirmation they are here they aren't here -- up act dissect each and nephew -- of them are in the building. -- goats will talk with them come up a little bit later. Hustle stay tuned for that illicit spark his final session presented by -- like -- ready aren't Sports Radio -- fifty WS this --