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03/01/14 Sparky's Final inspection HR 2

Mar 1, 2014|

Radio Joe, Summer, and Steve Zautke make their picks for this weekends slate of races and talk with young Indy drivers Zach Veach and Matthew Brabham.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk all things racing Sprint Cup nationwide and Camping World truck. Izod IndyCar and Formula One that's right we talk about it all. This is -- he's finally inspection with racing -- dot com Stevens I think NASCAR -- summer Santana and of course the man who was never wrong. Yeah right here -- Steve -- Phifer on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- speed. Welcome back it's Sparky spinal inspection presented by greatly straightaway on Sports Radio 1250 WS this -- we are broadcasting live from the 2014 greater Milwaukee auto -- Wisconsin center downtown. -- -- -- from the ram truck mobile studios we are here at the ram truck displays against stop by and say hello I'm radio chosen Zola. Filled in for Sparky alongside racing nation back kind of speed -- and summer Santana at a NASCAR -- -- one and only. -- what's -- on the nationwide racer and keep this up to -- with the live updates. I'm getting conflict I don't know what time you don't know what's on -- now and ask her out in its -- their final practice. But the -- in the race started. And they have cup series so I don't know is that it's racist lesbian is -- Q that's -- that's -- you know while. You said that there were a lot of cup drivers. Has raised doubts what did appears to be out and appears to be a lot -- -- in -- -- -- while there's some things I wanna get straight out here first before we decide to talk about racing again our the sake. You mentioned the fact that. You want your friends back in the day 8400 chicken wings -- battle I think it's. All 400. I think is a good group of -- of us it just -- grown grown restaurant season well all you can eat chicken -- Monday nights and we would we will of their pair of him losers and it's trying to remember but there's a bunch of us went there one day and we we out some people -- it is. My friends and abandoned his has been bases we have all the way judges professor at a time and one to the one -- -- -- -- under and blown and we went in there and we just does what those days through the beer was really cold I was I was young those violently point one point -- that time. And we just started to drink beer and eat chicken wings and had to start those vertigo and we kept going on and I give him hotter -- -- -- there's no way could eat these things as hot as they were back then now. It was it just kept going and. I I I went to 429. I mean yeah it's true like I can needed to do more if he beats. You. And -- six now and there's two guys. One guy hit. 53 wounded 52 and vendors -- if forties and then most most derails it between you know forty there. But news over the course Berkman around looking at us. And we complicity in -- and -- in the last couple -- here obviously seen in the slates and help Eagles memory that -- owners going forward. I can't stand -- -- since its way to president today in -- a -- there you know hernia. Summer what do you think of that. That is. I'm. And I just just confirmation it is -- it is the final practice session and right now closed for the cup series so the race is an. Arnold for the cups -- -- then what about the race the Nationwide Series is that happening or -- Because it's all happened on the same track right indicated two things at once that's impossible. She's now did move up to time it did see. Are well Brad Kozlowski is on the pole for tomorrow's race in Phoenix and and a -- today's race and for today's races all looking at the -- Looking at the lineup for the race right out yeah but -- this the nationwide race and some dimensional the cup racers Kozlowski as one. Brian Scott to Kyle Busch three -- -- this or are Kevin Harvick is there at seven and he got Kyle Larson -- on the he is ninth this big threes and now. Why do a lot of the cup drivers decider went on -- -- -- -- calls. It's here's -- -- likely that the -- this this started and happened years ago and it's it's that it's a complicated deal. Vote what would happen with the cup in the cup series the these sponsorships giving -- getting more and more expensive. And the abilities. -- ten years ago. You would have you would go -- GO OK. I'm the older managers -- we would go to corporate. Radio show -- show -- and coming drivers have that look at American kid. Put a better car we -- -- use sponsor. For six million. And -- companies you know. XYZ you know whatever oil oil treatment city were you know if you weren't an -- -- growth removed -- car here. While the prices kept on going up and up and up -- these companies like we -- we can't do you know 101000012. Were Texas. Over price range. -- -- -- Well we could do for elusive formula and do so while while while what while we do this will wolves -- -- professor -- for twelve races. And then we'll find another sponsors to fill in the rest of and that's what's happen then. What happened was. These other sponsors. Would come -- see well when we we want to sponsor the car. Well but we want to be on the -- real wanna be an associate sponsor. Well we we we want to be coasters these guys sitting well with the price we can't -- in concert but way. We unity cup driver. So how that works. And when what do and what -- Why throw attracted sponsors as he does okay -- on my XYZ team. Or company I can have the driver come out and do because -- outlook when -- faster car I'm gonna have a tent out at the racetrack -- -- -- have all my people there. -- one my customers bring customers and -- put on the speech ending to bring in cruel business. Well we're gonna have -- You know. I I McCain neck and Matt Kenseth who can't I can't afford Kansas in the cup series but active sponsor through two decent answers races hall. Because I wanna cup driver and that's what -- and what the other thing was -- Well -- these nationwide teams -- these sponsors through all year. They would go to renew and they'd go. Well I'm sorry but we we made a deal with Richard Childress and we're gonna -- you know five race deal with Jeff Burton and some other drivers. Or whatever it was at the time. So -- a lot of the nationwide teams to work happy and it hurt -- hurt it hurt the nationwide I bet -- that. But it's kind of a catch 22 we're talking about this to work and at The Milwaukee Mile. We'd loved it when and from all. When if it was going to be Matt Kenseth or even back in the day when you were able to bring it -- -- somebody. You -- promote the race you know were and that you haven't GNC 200 whatever it was at the time. And these are -- cup drivers would be there because there's a little bit of you know it's Nationwide Series that people you know people. Cup league cup drivers okay. So for a casual fan it's great -- -- artistic Alex -- Kansas he's racing at them look what happened an example is here now promoting. The nationwide drivers. These young kids that are coming up and we are talking about. -- you -- -- is it doesn't again don't sit there right. Somebody in -- here -- -- -- on an Indy Lights series sit there and try try it for the weekend or two weekends are right at its theory. And we understand. It it is the sponsor is the sponsor that doesn't and it's money and money toxins or right now that's that's what she needs. -- to get people in and two people and that's what she got but. I think they're hurts a lot of the drivers because yes they're gonna have to eventually learn how to drive with. With the stars and -- the cup series. But if you sit -- you take a look at it. -- -- do you see a Nationwide Series driver win. The race. -- and I it was the truck series race where I helpless. He had he had all the street truck drivers you know truck series drivers are really competitive running well. And then you know it Timothy Peters doses -- to win those -- -- big win. And in the last ten feet. How -- steals of from a right and there's a lot of people were relate you know and I remembered I was excited finish in house option -- Susan them like. We looked at each other a -- And it sucked the next. Because it was like you know. You you got all these guys and a big -- the Camping World truck that's what I do in the Kyle bush decides the race and -- for sponsorship reasons and -- take -- away from. I -- Lot NASCAR because -- did say. When you start the season you have to figure out the driver has to figure out which championship they're going port. So Kyle Busch can come in and win every single race in the Nationwide Series but he still cannot -- -- but. Why even do it then. I think he -- -- I think he has a hundred wins and that's why I'm here he's seen a lot of the drivers such as Kyle Busch -- -- himself. Fullback isn't doing the full with the awful Nationwide Series -- as he had done in the past. Because you're taking that away from the right younger guys are trying to operate exactly the drivers it it's a catch 22 because -- -- drivers that are coming up. Lot to race against those guys because they can learn so much and they know they can learn so much. They think but the really -- thing as yet I really would like to of one that. It's one of these things words it is looking for short term gain long term and it is -- I mean allow the sponsors. Our force in the issues so. It is. Remember the -- kept their -- -- Kevin Harvick the office. Where he was for infrastructure for Kia Kia and you know feels -- a kid I mean as a kid with sweeping floors basically to get into -- It is needed -- great American story this kid who wanted to be -- racing. His parents went Torre's. And she was the -- sprayed it and he says whoever wins the race that's who we're gonna name -- -- You know they are wondering is a great story was all for colonel. It's like always called he'll ask her story and -- and he was literally sweeping sweeping floors and then he was working in the and he got -- -- -- -- team -- -- -- -- human side. -- became very good at it and he was working. -- his way to get into a car that was his wave to it and so Kevin Harvick like the kid and he's trying to put. Put together -- sponsorship but everybody all the sponsors him. One killed you on the cart we want you -- you know is so I mean it is kind of frustrating where I mean it's it's it's a slippery slope well. Your your hands or -- foot. In -- if you hit it and the other thing is it's the money and now. Is seen like these four foot forward -- good -- prove you can hit -- ball or pass or block or whatever. You have knowledge in NASCAR wasn't like it is if first -- into Formula One IndyCar. NASCAR. Now like -- well unfortunately it's come to NASCAR to it as well my question is this I mean. Is there any possible way that NASCAR could actually put their foot down and say you know what guys like -- Kansas then. And Kyle Busch you guys can't racing these races period it's just a standard everyone else Phoenix and some of these track owners and track for you know attract managers see Woody do and we're trying to -- to trying to promote an -- -- we hear us some of the big name it's. In the -- that would three scene in BC -- sent a message forward -- why don't I don't the just do this. There's cause a reaction there's not just -- -- can't just do a it'd -- is gonna happen there's all sorts of players involved. And in one of these things track promoters track promoters are against this because they want -- -- that race because that's gonna help sell tickets. But. Long term and theory go again I mean are you power you know promote these drivers Karl Larsson uses a perfect example. That casual fan doesn't know Carl Kyle Larson is. Does the kid who was running a hundred races a year win -- probably thirty or 41 in all different types -- racing team a few Nationwide Series. And use the next big thing it and but the casual fan and a sentinel because he didn't how many nationwide races that you bring you know not. And I think the media as a part to play in there too because it's not like no one -- relates crazies in case don't Solomon nationwide race nobody really is that this. All they do they do and who ones averaged -- and all do you think the average family -- settle on a Saturday or snow but. Yeah that's that's why that's that's NASCAR's going after with everything that they're doing their. Going after that -- You know what the Nationwide Series is really really strong. Was didn't -- -- -- Right I mean that was a great rivalry I mean in 99 -- -- and and that that was I mean those great ones they were at it. You know tooth and nail. Winning races and barely -- the championship -- the perfect but since then that it has been. He is that racing nation back on speed -- -- summer sincerely yours poverty -- and they'll fill in for Steve Sparky Phifer. We are broadcasting live from the ram truck mobile -- written two -- fourteen greater Milwaukee auto show Wisconsin center downtown. We've got more coming up on the other side of the break also. Expected talked with a couple of young IndyCar drivers is that each and not Matthew brannan Edmonton's rampant. -- extra. That a good. Our coaches are these final inspections -- three -- 1215 W -- -- got more coming up right after this. But his final inspection continues here it's what you hope it's -- -- -- -- presented -- Great -- -- we -- -- from the 2014 greater Milwaukee auto show. At the Wisconsin -- downtown broadcasting live from the ram truck -- studios are here -- -- Ram truck display got two very big ram trucks next to us up old ram 15100 soles -- the black one will -- earlier and got like feel safe and that car that's all I can say with how bad this winner is bad and how bad the ropes at that. If there's any car I feel safe and right now it's this ram truck right next to me so. -- I don't know -- -- -- -- points -- model and it's pretty cool that's pretty -- the boring and that just goes into a proponent -- and just amazed. Just just amazes me. Coming up later tonight at 1250 by the way is the Wendy's -- -- -- scoreboard show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And coach Paul Walsh and the gonna have all -- and then I will have the -- and say that's a post game show immediately following an adherence while it diesels stayed tuned for that as well. On. -- you have a gift for me do you wanna get that. Excited about all the latest missile today what does -- and I know I figured you know he's a young kid likes drew hot wheels yeah. Let's -- -- NASCAR truck could all. Area I came over the last time I got a -- -- has again maybe since I was ten I don't know school Philly yesterday. Excuse me. She's. A really cool for as I was not expect and that's what this is very appropriate I think -- -- think that's just at that it was units. Again like you it should blog I'll have to go buy some track and had to get one of those -- -- little -- To a one -- -- local -- like little -- and I -- race then what when I was accused the thunder shoot five under. The one with the leadership Islanders you know the track and in NASCAR's willingness that he shifted -- among. I think I had one -- I don't know. Don't be mean to you partly. That I still think very not a round Q what now I have to reciprocate -- He has bought me dinner last night. So I feel guilty about that and I get a hot -- so I feel even more guilt. Well wait -- only halfway done because next week you get the we'd amend. And yourself again and Dave has yet to confirm confirm what will make sure he -- I'd like that in -- with us as well as he ordered to men of reason he should you very interesting article -- -- the other day about the Daytona 500 will talk about that next week. From Dave Coleman hopefully they call him. Can you initial release the segment next week but if it is it is confident on the Florida went out on the floor -- -- race cars. And better weather in and they are these guys they're very what -- answer that because he didn't bars outside at all. Verses having to pretend that this is the sun then what what I do -- all snow out it. Coast yet you know with guys -- -- you. You know -- And even Hobbs and a soccer fan which I can't you know I I just can't believe that these -- an adult. -- That's a good show from what I here and honestly don't know much to ever watch survivor and what that -- summer wanted to summer -- you watch that. I have been told I should watch it but right now I currently five episodes behind. Line -- I think it's justified. -- I am three episodes behind. Meet heater never seen that -- -- hunting show. And there that -- I know I know gotten -- this last two weeks he's done a hunting show and it was opening. From. The opening season from Wisconsin. I don't as Joseph -- that comes on the show -- -- goes out go hunting to I don't know I don't think they're different Q. -- OJ when -- out like that show. She did not like your reds yesterday you know there are coming -- like -- a pitcher of -- -- -- -- a -- an animal lane and wait you know -- never seen so many comments there's like 92 comments on this one pitcher of red. We we want to Quaker -- and -- last night and the ribs are outstanding and I got a for the first time as I want to try and so you'll still weird mean I like to take pictures of my food. And that's why did it and then -- -- -- on FaceBook walls up and our friend K is. She doesn't like -- -- it here which is it's bogus you gotta like me this is how we survived people misses this is. The society we live and we. Eat meat because we're human and has -- meet here I want us out or I I might watch that -- -- In the show this is my husband got watching it is he actually cokes and eat and he shows you how to get there or as a practice house and I love watching and shows that -- good -- right. So I watch it now and I think it's very interesting I'm I'm just lessons that go with cooking appeared that how we just settle down and get -- -- first. I'm happy that year will Bulls think about stepping. Oh dear. To an FC speed -- in. -- I'd expect lots in. Downtown and the year now Elton down the -- while Walking Dead. -- that is the national -- It's much further back shelf and then once that's done -- starts up again to watch Manning which is also. One specials until. -- -- -- -- -- -- It might be time for a break -- obviously we're not talk about racing at all we're -- a -- -- -- and excitement will be talking with radios were drivers -- each and hubris that -- admit your -- interest on the other side of the break again we are out broadcasting live from the ram truck -- signals at the 2014 quarter Milwaukee auto show here it was not the -- to stop points lower at the ram truck display. Pastoral summer Santana and racing nation back on speed sake joining memory originals and they'll fill in for the little -- Steve Sparky Phifer we've got more on the other side of the break right here at Sports Radio 1250 to the US -- -- Welcome back it's party's final inspection here in Sports Radio 1250 W -- be present by Great -- dragged away. And we're broadcasting live from the ram truck -- -- -- were at the 2014 greater Milwaukee golf show here and downtown Milwaukee at Wisconsin's that are a lot of time you're still. Come on and stop by say hello we are by Andy Ram truck display here and not. Join us now a couple of off. Don't IndyCar drivers guys that are really coming up fast in the system as big -- Matthew parameters. Well they ran into some much well first things first what do you guys think of Wisconsin because the weather's just got off both -- -- Yeah and it's -- consistently can hold. But this here you know pressure we can't really complain too much on the from Indiana but you know if we -- testing down south -- could be a little earth. Wills that start with you because I was look at your bio -- nineteen years old. -- Getting up there now it's holy. Folks think -- -- for you to be in the position that you are lining my my dad's been a huge support he's been with that helping me -- my career since I was twelve years old so. You know he he's been a -- other guy you know each step away so -- really. He's kind of my manager and everything else in between so and that's exciting been in as far as family goes I don't think they autos -- happened this past. -- just keep pushing along and hopefully you know be in big cars but. -- That is absolutely insane. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if you look at guys in Europe especially in South America that I mean these guys races are on time and finally the US is kind of caught up -- -- If you look at Matt Matt's family has been involved racing for over sixty some years I mean it's -- -- father's race team you know didn't start racing go a lot later than I mean that you -- -- is -- -- -- so -- -- you have. Dallas by -- the analysts in my Stanley might. Apology needed star racing too is about 2526 years olds. It's definitely getting Elliott Elliott sometimes time goes on. You'll ever in Europe for sure I mean those -- -- -- getting into -- on around the age of 2223. And so I think you know it's a -- any young here in America is Olsen. Wallets and it is really something. You know with with you come and from a big racing family I mean is it. Challenging the kind of he didn't I guess the so called whom she -- Of your of your family or do you not think about -- just like you know what I don't care I'm just gonna do what I love to do when you know it's like. For me I guess -- it really care about it it's it's win I kind of look at my family's just might and we ended and known as race car drivers you know fight. Look at my dad and you know I just seemed always just my -- you know it. Many -- asking me advice on what to do an iconic and my first reaction is it a little bit like a teenager action coming you know what what you -- you know what are you talking about you -- to kind of step back and say. Based in total -- us it's Sheila I'm in but I don't I don't really mind it just -- and -- says minor league and -- pressure phenomenal. I remember. Billy route to its third as a -- sprinkler driver came up unfortunate loss of life. But in a race -- is dead. Bill bill junior was giving him advice and that's from the ground effect cars are just coming they've been around for a while this is in the late eighties and he was obvious story is done in -- dad came up to -- He's on about this or that his driving -- -- 'cause Werth and -- like to head. You were driving flat bottom cars these characters totally different but you see going back to the speedway I mean when you drive in the Indian -- It is all it it doesn't matter how old Jerry that -- AG Floyd. You know he's old school -- that. They have agreed in generic on holiday it would be something you talk to any of the drivers he -- -- some things. That they can use. It is is it -- transfers over. Definitely I think son that's so I think it certainly helps with you know that night being with and very out of sport we have no Mario Michael Andretti this kind of hang -- Advice as we go through as well as you know the guys that are driving the Indy cars for -- now like -- -- -- -- tension -- Carlo so. No we have this vast amount of information so he's got to make sure that we're opening to you know receiving and take it all in as much as we can and -- keep working -- to a those guys involvement the lot of them have competed in the Indy Lights series so you know they've been here done that now we're trying to on the issues. And there's a lot of news injury autos were Michael's of -- brand new father and -- -- it's all. Let's be panicked and it is SB say the you guys there tease -- a lot of attention to papers should anchor the show that yeah we definitely. -- thing is you know by the time hopefully you know it. Those two are getting old enough in a race car Matt -- -- will be out of retirement age so maybe -- -- -- -- that there -- -- and how does that -- you know -- know you've been in in the -- system -- With. Formula 2000 and then -- honest it is is that a good steppingstone what's your opinion. Mean for me definitely I think -- is the one thing it's kind of like the college you have to go through the -- -- -- that aren't here in America. You know -- that's one thing that -- in the Europe side of things they've had a little bit longer than awesome for us to really coming implement something that the young batters to start it. You know fifteen years old and work out to be in IndyCar by the time that there when he is something very valuable and I think you know very lucky and thankful to have Mazda. -- really putting together their road -- -- -- you know getting us where we're at here today it is that. It's does that help more neuro courses through the Eagles do -- I think it house and everything it's pretty it's program -- -- -- develop drivers front up to Indy and I think -- -- -- the best. And I swells up program in the Waldman -- in Europe and -- other countries it's all of that random up and would have his flavor of the month is. You know what the what's the series of the end -- with the -- ready and he got. In the USA 2000 primus and and you jump up to -- lies in between all of -- series. As you know it a little gap a little bit more down a little bit more -- and you know the way to -- as well as. Every time you go I'll be too little do you morals and -- more street courses. I think you know it the first series starts off with one audible and that amassed yet to -- and in Eli -- variables. -- a slowly introduce the ovals a little bit different -- -- racing as a show and it's. It's a little more dangerous I think a little bit as well and more expensive is -- -- make a mistake it it July on a. Brave student out in what was -- -- guys says came up the road courses and -- the walls and sensitivity especially being from. Milwaukee when first time you drive it. Milwaukee races the walls are there now is that the sentiment that -- and knowledge you guys -- -- I'm for sure means that you're always. It doesn't it make you a little bit -- you know I currently live on that but when you get in the car when you start racing -- -- look at the Bulls WH just keep looking ahead and you -- down. I mean I think you get eastern after awhile and it slowly comes to be Nash missed the -- slowly become natural I guess a little bit and Fisher because it's one of those things you know if if you're worried about the laws are not going to be going -- -- -- -- you get a car you get belt and then and then you know you focus more on the guys that are around you end up happening in front -- And so worrying about what you're -- -- because you know we we don't like to think about that in my golfing arena here in a lot because it usually -- pretty high I think if. -- -- what does that speech and Matthew Brown appearance were dirty little fifty WSS people thought. Guys going into the IndyCar Series this your goals for you guys anyway what would you guys like to accomplish this year obviously want to win every race but I mean. What's the big goal at hand for both -- that you'll start field. Instead the -- the median and everything I do is just to win it and -- -- in Vienna boys aiming for the number as the number one position but. I guess like short term goals in under -- -- east of the car as quickly as possible. Get -- climate ties with the team you know even up in with Andretti since last -- whole bunch and you guys. I'm moving up and Indy Indy Lights series. I'm just trying to get the climate ties -- as much like and see it's my first year my rookie of a -- the first race and make sure on. As bad as I can be going into the season and I'm just gonna keep an open -- the same time that she can't really focus too much and and you get upset when -- -- -- the -- and I guess keeping you know the mine and to see how plays out is the best strategy I'm going to be out in a win to -- That would -- you. -- well for me this economy my second year in the Indy Lights series a little bit more pressure and a I've had my learning -- that you know a few mistakes -- that you learn the hard way so. No I think this season for us you know it's championship time for. You know the wins are very important but as you can see kind of frown you know who won the championship last year. I was only couple wins -- -- all races so it's really important Indy Lights -- just you know finishing consistently on the podium because. And so much can happen in these races -- can really affect the season so. You know of course you know we wanna go for wins that's very important you know -- here is gonna make it definitely hard on -- You know it's -- -- -- teammates you know I really get that are really quick teammate Freddie but -- Cuba in the day but. You know I'm at in the date do we both want to go out there when but I think wouldn't -- -- -- -- -- sport now. You know as a whole and take this and lights championship that's not -- them. It's definitely an interesting relationship to show teammates I -- you know way acting Ellis as fast as possible costs and Ernie Els but then. You know that the team that is the one guy you -- to be as well yes that's right. Expects they know and you have Michael -- day here you know the new kids -- his card he's watching that thing. Okay week. -- friends out of the -- right now it and it -- and the -- part let me ask this -- what's the best advice you've gotten from -- very. I mean for me Michael is definitely always helped was. You know Daniel's side of things -- more the racing's -- as you know it's completely different to qualify up front on oval -- the race quickly on an oval. So you know he can always talk to me. Trying to find the perfect area to get clean and out and -- -- -- holes holes that for me that was the big help but -- from that probably complete different. I guess for me it's just the simple stuff -- and I guess -- When you get Michael come opportunities -- a sunny here expecting to be a sunny really important you know really realistic and honest a lot of pressure going on -- -- And he comes Johnny's just -- really relax and don't just you know just have a good race I guess that's probably the the best -- I get from him and I've seen in the same my grandfather's role he says to me is just get -- -- -- Him when he gets on the net simple ones you know on impression or anything like that it it it really just gives you little he should -- a little bit -- and just keeps you focused on what you need. Did he is Matthew -- on he is that beach both guys. Coming up for the Indy Lights series here in 2004 team will be will be fun you guys good -- to you guys this year and wish you all the best you -- MBA JB's and 41 coming up tomorrow night correct well that for a little ball -- Definitely so you know this is a new way we can get competitive between the two of us it's going to be. I think it -- -- -- -- for us and I violence that take part of it that you know please come out you know even know bowling might not be helpful today it was still going to be very competitive and we're going to be out to be -- -- as -- What what's the -- like a hot hunter can double hundred with -- -- slimy relevant you got to set the bar pretty highs I think where or -- on for a 300 game shut yeah. I did and it. I don't know about those goals but yeah it's always is to keep their house like this glorious until thinking about is one of the -- and a. There you go out there going to be committed a lot going forward for many years the cup guys thanks so much for joining us at 7 o'clock from. Another invite. Upset article got about the JB's and 41 also get the auto show here tomorrow is also look at it. And -- autograph session for the guys core group -- a month CDs in trio of -- drivers and you can -- summer and I will be there. She and today will be signing autographs around here and three to Fuller 3040 era aren't I don't know. Macias are -- perfect guys -- so busy this weekend. It's fun. You. We should be home right now -- wasn't the list does get this out you'd see some really cool Garcia. Up with you guys and meet some of the fans -- -- -- -- -- -- the united. -- stay indoors -- don't go outside -- -- Guys thanks again appreciated thanks so much on us and I expect your ground and NASDAQ -- join us the spark -- final inspection presented by greatly strictly we got more coming up right yards were -- -- 1250 WS -- -- -- the things that appearance party's final inspection present -- greatly straight away and Sports Radio 1250 WS SB every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This for a living and rankings in my own name our racing nation -- -- -- with mean ask our girls summer Santana as -- couple more minutes ago again were off. You're the ram truck. Display here at the greater Milwaukee auto show -- -- -- there's just stop by here and again that's -- I think ram trucks for having us out here they do such a great job. On year in and year out and out early all the stuff that they put together is is great hosts thank you so much for ram trucks. On. We gotta make our picks. For. -- next nationwide -- -- That's every -- what has started yet that hasn't started. I think they're moving -- to start on ABC are loyalists -- of the nation -- respects. Right I am I am -- too. Two dollars since we did them both of those -- teachers so I really am very frightened because we'd better -- I now. -- all. Are at -- was what should I go first I -- that -- -- -- for this week. For the sweep yes to -- sample. About the Nationwide Series race -- -- cup series race just recently Kevin Harvick -- the -- just now in practice but I still do think. That. With his crew -- being on Paul looked as they're expecting their birth of their first child. And his wife I think pregnant -- -- and a home form. Art I like is talking and not -- created. Reason that that is and it. No but he hates every week -- -- -- in both. -- I thought everyone this week. I thought we couldn't pick all the same drivers don't matter rule we can't I thought I was going to hate it when that happens though while -- -- -- especially winners so. Well let's see for the nationwide and I got to pull this up again who's reasons I'm gonna take Kyle Busch in the nation wide. And then not for Phoenix tomorrow and Sprint Cup. -- -- I go make Kansas. A tickets. -- not at picks up at picks pretty -- -- Joseph -- are. Moral -- about -- Michigan to bring him in here because he's been working since 5 AM this morning Mario who -- you got for. For Phoenix for tomorrow will you just -- Kansas still. Guys I'll -- I'll -- junior in the neck to neck. -- -- team he owns this by the first of it is not I don't -- despite. That's very good very get. Aren't very well that's going to be a lot of fun tomorrow and hopefully it doesn't get the -- as -- and Ellis mentioning green rain possibly. I'm gonna slam -- Sunday afternoon watching NASCAR so we'll see how this goes. And -- inning to be attending bowling. I don't. I don't think so now and you're missing that time I know I'm horrible -- -- horrible I earning a break a hundred and that's a bumper bowling. Where you saw it I do you really side -- Boeing is not my best the last allows NASCAR. That's terrible event and it. Yeah. We have people that Bryant got Sparky and I did and I -- my hall inning hits. -- And then of I was -- and -- and Robles. -- Aren't there well we'll look maybe I'll come up tomorrow I just don't they just come out for the laughs. I come from Kenosha most like to travel the way opposite -- -- street that's only if value I -- that aren't. Right between spot -- Summer Santana stayed sock is always that the pledges on that would -- a lot of fun coming up later tonight -- 1250 -- -- -- it -- Basketball scoreboard show with Mike -- -- -- -- or seven and I got figgins -- -- -- show immediately follow the bucks game you guys enjoy the rest of your day it's been a pleasure explained. Are the -- Junior Richmond is out -- have written -- -- we got to go. Are you guys have a great day we'll talk to -- -- -- -- final inspection presented by greatly straight layups portrait of hope that the WS that speak about.