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03/01/14 Varsity Blitz Scoreboard Show Hour 1

Mar 1, 2014|

Mike McGivern and Paul Wollersheim cover the area's WIAA Boys Basketball Regional Final games, talking with fans and coaches from all the area games.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're in the southeast conference to the woodlands from north sort of the classic eight from a great intro to the southern -- conference and everything in between it's time to bring you luck today don't know -- king high school. Football games in the area. This is the Wendy's varsity players high school football scoreboard show now along with Wisconsin hall of fame coach Ron Davies series WS has been high school insider big time Mike Mike Gilbert -- Sports Radio 1250 WS his -- That's awesome. That's awesome I'll take full responsibility for their -- enough to lead running starting left and we did have time -- -- -- so this is scoreboard show. So it Iran nor can kind of tell enough if you -- really good -- but I -- years younger no -- younger yet a welcome to the way these horse he puts high school basketball. Scoreboard show it's the first time we've tried this a walk. Matt -- bear with -- will -- So regional finals -- -- night and today and some finals dirty end and in effect we're gonna have we're never winning coach on here in a minute. And it's I had into a game due to do will scout but from Milwaukee king got a good win 7661. At home against more -- Riverside. And really get a chance -- -- guys here in a minute when -- run down some of the games we have cover. Arm walking Hamilton west L central -- -- at Brown Deer commemorate Lutheran at Brown Deer. He walk -- you grow and Eisenhower lake mills at Marshall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pies -- white fish bait if you're coming to -- if you're leaving the game going to a game and -- hear us say your game. Pitcher -- to call us -- 4147991254147991250. And we will like definitely. Get -- on if we can't was -- gets wind five. Jimmy guys drive in this kind of -- hey coach what a nice win for you guys tonight. Absolutely we've survived -- -- Bob and. Very right field. What Terry you -- Riverside. -- you guys know a lot about them and and they got a key player back here recently. If you guys to get Ted get a win against good quality team from the city conference. That. You guys play pretty well you'll not get the winner of walk -- south Brookfield central. -- -- up on on Thursday night you had over to that game. I'm getting off arm right arm gig at 301 -- -- -- -- now. Or out of there -- a -- if she does he cardinals' -- front aren't don't wanna. None of this could be an interest in game. Yeah well you Jimmie you told me for Kia is five years of the best coach you know in the conference's tie -- and you know you for -- -- his praises for quite awhile and if anybody can figure this thing out he can't. The other you know but it -- a tremendous job -- take our apartment Barrett you know pretty got. Pretty well when he entered the building here not like Warriors Serb leader system and you know Robert actually -- -- it's still cold and in. So you know the best overkill -- slowly yet sought since -- what do we know they're stop -- still play and so big baby and it warms. If if if -- is a theme this time -- -- -- you see a lot of the same courses. Every year advancing past this round into the sectional finals a sectional semi finals -- -- state. And and really just named a number of -- Mark Adams is he's got. The ties got his hit as hands full tonight dole at this. -- Adams a very good coach is well. Every -- -- and structural you know we I think we knocked them all the last two years and one -- -- tomorrow. We we played herb -- for your man -- hopefully. -- come down to what you know I mean you know they did it help the -- -- Brookfield central Mets are the governor -- Our kids have played probably their best scenes -- you're against them and it. What can make shots when you know the little easier you know what what an -- for our purposes -- -- -- -- and -- the first game against Riverside you guys jumped out to a big lead and then kind of hung on late out of the game -- Play out tonight. But we don't know you know we don't we didn't trust. You know on first and a long time we didn't pick up someone pull ordered navigated -- priests and -- you know what. Yeah RB -- point lead with Pope -- people in the second -- -- not. I think they don't structure out we teamed -- think they never outs you know up against the ropes early -- not -- -- -- or. Yeah not not Waco we -- shored up Riverside. Replacing fired terms it is illegal part -- -- -- dirt you know we we played a little better than me. You know look at -- at the box score Posey at 29. Howell had 23. Curtis Weathers -- had eleven. Well that's it that's a nice way to start this thing in and have those guys have big games and in -- it in a game to this magnitude. I've been to walk JK Riverside playoff game openers go the crowd it is crazy is it it has been in the past nice big crowd over there. Yeah we're we're old real polite. Very are intelligent -- -- starting tomorrow. You know reverse ready -- delightful read but I think they're a lot respect our -- are. Pooled about walls and maturity and coal truck of a great job to -- -- I don't think he gets some credit. But what year and you don't -- -- -- -- 29 you don't waste from not. I ignore putrid way to be low that they don't yet you know -- a good marble to law. Will go old saudis are you where -- net portion -- -- -- -- -- have practiced today. You know you top it all we picked -- -- I didn't think he would be an employee -- -- last night. That's your who Granada holed any political. Record you know -- -- -- -- -- so I don't I got dropped here. Spirit Coke goes and those are kind of guy ZUN worth it and -- was was. Was out for a couple games as well was -- how is how is he doing. He's born well without purpose you know were completely different -- construction or he can get better -- Vietnam. You know he got oh in practice you know we're right lol back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great great. Yet he -- -- he does make your team a little different is he gets to stretch the floor he can knock down those shots -- a lot of -- other guys get into the gaps put you don't Posey went eight for nine from the free throw line and and you know as aggressive as he is he's get so line quite a bit if he can knock down free there's like that you guys can be tough to beat. Al Golden oldies -- went really well you -- 29 point art -- It would -- come home records and I'm just thankful we played today I didn't think got. I went to bed last night I heard I thought he was questionable their butts in the sober -- regular -- we probably would held the ball. I could serve a lot about -- Well coats take you so much for your time you why you get overdrive -- get over Brookfield central went in and if you can't semi attacks on and that let me know that's going and we certainly wish you the best of of luck here and coming down the coming down the stretch coach. I think it's going to be kept in the third -- albeit a -- don't know what order would you grew up where old -- it sounds Q Jimmy baseline have a good night spoke regrets coached. What that that's not a team -- -- you know there that's a tough team to clear enough for him to say they didn't press -- at all. That's so unlike. You know the stuff that that he does and it's an interest to a nice coaching move they you're looking at the box -- the third quarter. 125 to sixteen. Is when you know king. Kinda took over there up three T into one of four and a half and then outscored him by nine. At the end of three sooner or roller. Their first game on on TV. They they got the big lead by turning Riverside over a lot. And then Riverside came back by beating their press a lot including a lot easy buckets Seoul is south. That's an interesting call not to press and I mean Estes. It's we can place. So reluctant to no stress but I mean that they're there they're good in all aspects of -- in other half court either. There -- there where they're supposed to beat it by excelled there is this. Very fundamentally sound. In all city team and and they've got they've got the athletes -- get kids like the -- You know. Weathers in my in what I say enough depth on yup no doubt he -- case also won big tonight the pizza. Received or -- by quite a few in -- from what I understand it was seventy case 75 -- -- sixty. You know cases a team that a lot of guys down that area. I -- tell me look this is the year that they. They're gonna go deep and show well because these are all seniors these guys have played together since seventh grade the ball stuck together. And down I saw them over the -- over the Christmas break. And I had the really athletic but they'd be -- came in and out a little bit they'd be up that there's some against marquis Vincent. There were up by two when he -- -- -- at house that's with your college Europe to when he for some like that. Marcus went with four freshman and a -- ninth. And then -- case got it going again and one. But evaded every time I've seen him they've kind of floated -- not -- games and I was wondering you know are they going to -- come playoff time put it all together. You know it's a -- they they've been playing very if you -- despite looking at scores -- watched them play. But Dave. They've really dominated down the stretch here and I think up a big win -- -- a real good tune up for them. Going into the playoffs was they played saint Catherine's last Saturday night. And BC camp and by thirteen or fifteen point stats that's a good win saint Catherine's doesn't have any of those in all I mean. You take a look around the college basketball scene right now you got -- Thomas -- cats you've got so who -- the point guard at at. UW -- yup you were there Mac McWhorter -- -- a dumb kid on the Green -- and yup job fro for Justin. For -- no well c'mon man you played against I know I know he killed us and -- can pass the ball like nobody's business for a kid his size. -- any real quick gotta update on the -- for Wisconsin Lutheran scores 4329. Wisconsin Lutheran at the end of three. So -- were shown well down fourteen at the end of three the -- -- half court shot -- -- three to get to that. So -- -- -- news they're tough match. They -- then that's that's not a surprise I think it's a great accomplishment for to be honest at the -- -- in that game. In all night and it's their regional final game and a really good win last night. You know no doubt -- -- a couple of things when you look at some. When you look at received case of they're gonna play the winner of -- Joaquin Hamilton who's out west -- central ray Knight and done now like connect game. GO Hamilton's play really well I I think central's gonna cause some promise for Hamilton attempted the problem for west -- central. Is it on a lot of size and Hamilton -- seen that style of play all your walk. So central. They play a lot ladies city conference team where they've got good guards need to get up and defend and they get. -- a couple guards his quickest hiccups in and getting gaps and kick. And they have a -- advantage when they play teams that are used to that kind of quickness -- Hamilton's use their quickness and came on Rooney can take over again right. But it's I mean if anybody's gonna figure -- walking Hamilton's. I don't don't -- -- a -- neck now. And -- -- a central can figure that out he lets get to wind one if we can't -- -- is at the either Brown Deer up front here is Kettering Lutheran. Before get to the -- Dave how was dinner by the way I was salaries pretty good. In the equipment Gurode weren't able to make it a little girl you tell him that yeah could you tell you what -- -- -- that's my fault. You get no cops on the way to do what we had him set for the with the white fish big game. And that Bob Bernard called Doug James called for three to be at that game. So the last minute I've moved judge Dave over to the yacht of Roger gave into sports and -- yep it's me. They did give us an update kettle -- Luthor at Brown Deer. In a 181815. Ground here very fast these being these guys -- -- -- and on the court faster than. A lot of things that are -- so. -- that you know what I am a little surprised at -- kind of -- through try to make -- more run half court gave. There are they're pretty good aren't that. -- -- out there are a strong hopeful he he he he does does the height advantage -- brown you're side. But kettle marine is running the ball or running back. While just probably be an out of bed -- with -- -- -- shortly proud wanna get up and down to try and do it. No doubt. He keep this up to -- are really appreciate it who are well they are the only other -- that's -- that real quick -- that's the streak he's brought you by Johnson built. Served with pride since 1945. Johnson -- rod Smith and Stewart test their -- him in that time. You know -- Witten and a and an update we had that that -- and Witten all. -- was up by probably forty to 38 after three quarters -- -- back and a final on that you should be here and that soon. And Witten all year they're from that Whitley conference thing. They are meant so we'll have to figure that one now we you and -- may have will be the thing well I know that we had anything. Particularly about the -- and I think in general we're talking theaters in -- conferences that might not be as strong as it were in the past and you know. What one and they're talking about strength of conferences. It did it doesn't mean any -- that that the excellent record she's a -- on those conferences. On its just. As a whole. And you know what -- it's all gonna play on these next. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I also had. I've got somebody over at that west Seles searchers -- Seles central 27 Hamilton nineteen and 21 -- -- -- Two threes to start the second to -- quarter to give that close so central's play let's get to a break. Other side of prequel continue to get -- updates from all this the keys to games in the area -- listen to Wendy's varsity puts high school basketball scoreboard show. Presented by actors are Menard on sports pretty -- 1250. -- yes SP. Being I had no and -- Varsity blitz high school basketball scoreboard show presented by jurors on him and are -- -- -- -- 1250 -- BS ESP. I'm Mike we your alongside coach Paul -- -- shot. To scoreboard show we get now a lot of scores coming in before we get to -- might -- is that the eyes and our game -- do shout out. Fourth -- team out there -- show west stereo Lisa Hudson. Boys it's okay walks show west -- -- morning they'll be good next year I hope blows while Lisa you know -- pretty wild -- and that would be my sister. And always looking for a little PR as you know what she's the best that I remember when we're plays softball over a tough hard part. And shoot coming this squad and did go over the loudspeaker -- rip me it was awesome. Cinema -- you better get a hit regulate how is that when I -- -- -- a guy -- -- -- -- -- for older brother scanner. It's gonna ops at their it is opposite -- you know what Lisa -- and they solicited fourth grade boys I'm sure you had a great year wall -- He lets get over -- one if we can Mike Busch. He is he's covering the out walking guys and our game brought you by -- -- logos for your pre Q award needs go see smoke and hot mirror. It's -- Gary stickler -- ideal logos -- what's going on. -- Gordon a different court -- side note welcome to smoke and our. The game appears to be sold all night -- Robert. Isn't all. I will recognize. And worse quarter guided. And you our belief. In there and do you hate to. Well it's so yelling down you from. Yeah one guy. Tomorrow -- And there are other guy is -- -- -- about Jerry sure. And that it would all score and now from our our -- and maybe triangle -- -- And I'm -- or -- nine it be. Regarding -- in the lead at quarter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tell you it's what you think you so much I appreciate the update. You got it he. I just gets text from guy's form is going -- second quarter. At Brookfield central 329%. To over -- so. I. I've been looking nets brook central scores the last since they'd be Germantown. It's not like the said OK that's our season we just won an -- as you would expect the marquis out of steam and mark's been at this long enough. What -- -- was they they said you know what we're good enough to win this thing they're now ranked in that. It in the USA today top 25 in the country. And they have taken off since 1980 -- he had gotten much better. Yet you were yeah I think that -- -- -- -- I think that their point guard. Who who got two quick fouls against Germantown he looked nervous to me and they had to take tomorrow remember that game it was a it was you know night you know and he came back Keyon. -- -- that he has played really well since that the guy that we had to have on this week for faith in the zone we taped the show on on Friday it's. He's insisting coach chip Brooks natural. And he when I told my theory on that. And how that team just you know what he got taken out had to sit for about seven or eight minutes came back unit played really well from that moment on. He said he's -- -- -- get a tight he's been on fire since that his confidence level is an all time I. Quiet kid knocks down big shots does the stuff that we asked him to do. When I got out there are tough out there and they're going to be to -- an update. A -- -- 63 -- -- 57 with about a minute left in the game. While so -- god Texans -- -- -- Goodyear Anthony Houston has done a great job we'll try to get him on the air a little bit done. Yeah if we can get your mind straight 2519. Marshall over lake mills by the way at the end of the half. -- got an update Dominican 23 brook academy 161 minute left in the half okay. -- -- Jets that's about where you thought right that's right they have -- got to Texas while -- which we have sixteen to fifty at half price is playing four quarters. And hoping the -- at least one minute before trying to score on each possession. So walk but what what does that say that again sixteen -- fifteen. White -- -- up by one at -- okay. Price is playing four quarters hole in the ball at least one minute per pursue interest in present Christine you have figs are getting that well -- all that -- I thought I've watched the plain white white fish they play a couple times this year. And I I think you've got -- athletes and if they play -- -- and that is one of the off. One of the concerns if you're playing a zone against a team that -- that is good like pious. But wants to control the temple I think it's much easier to control the temple. When you're 11. You know when the other team to play in his own yeah you bet he lets get the -- one if we -- Mario. Varitek Josh bacon is out of the Sussex Hamilton -- -- -- game they give us an update. It's not happening here but -- point five. -- -- -- -- Who that surprises me because it's a little bit hey how was it what kind of -- -- -- and half. -- -- point 5 o'clock o'clock at Ole miss hit -- Hey I couldn't put 21 opening half -- vows in the gym by myself -- They are here and -- -- always kettle moraine their. You know this is their first kind of teased -- went deep into the playoffs will bit in big games how did they look the first half for you. And it worked out pretty solid day the -- -- -- there's start. And Paul Miller can't Miller young. Yeah I mean he's he's a good or he can get a shot off. And then they got. A big guy down in the polls that they've been looking -- -- they got good size bed that big kids are pretty good player it will be interesting to see you know Paul last night Sussex Hamilton. You know they'd gotten down to hand with three minutes to go in the third. And then really fought to get back into it. And it it's interesting to see how they have they'll play with the lead a little bit at halftime you know in he's just such a good. -- that team last night I mean he he got that lead in the fourth quarter by about six points with about five or six minutes to go. And he ran that kinda it wasn't delayed but it was a spread offense. And it was going to be very difficult because they're good like we commented in the warm ups -- is a big team. -- all it looks like all their guys can handle the ball. And when they spread -- -- especially feel a little bit of size plate you know I think if kettle marine gets -- late -- game. That's going to be difficult situation for them the way that Sussex Hamilton can spread the floor. No doubt thinking so much for the update let's get the wind -- -- lobs. Linda for you heard I -- worked together she's one of my dear friends she was that the Mets were Wisconsin -- game -- -- brought you -- Wisconsin focused basketball. Tryouts for high school -- basketball players tomorrow and next Sunday -- don't. Out WY focus basketball dot org for more information -- -- give us an update. How you're not -- -- I think sixty people at our sport I. Titanic he went -- and I think credit they played good at that they didn't have a lot of turnovers they didn't get rattled. Like -- here and there. Really good player I think it may break -- number 18 yeah. Every game but he. Packed in that metric try to rally couple -- -- that we and eight. Albert I'm making out I like he. They just couldn't handle the ball and because of the defense and it will go at again what -- credit and I wish them going forward what I'm gonna watch. How about -- for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's sensible Linda thank you so much I appreciated to have 6249. Somewhere in that range was not -- up over mass -- let's get the wind. Three if we can't. Joseph Wagner's he's at the lake mills Marshall games brought you by Johnson bill. Johnson both served with pride since 1945. -- Joey whats going on. 45 to nineteen that they have here Mike Marshall you know leave. Real good ball game here two of the best players in that area probably the best player written three scale -- By University of Vermont recruit. Seven here in the first half an answer -- For lake -- to -- to recruit not league itself but Minnesota. He got an -- but I also real good game going back and -- here. -- -- that that book that we're -- three right now. Ozzie crowd packed. It all out here -- -- and beautiful George do reduce a favor and and and get us a final one that you Joseph Wagner brought you by Giants we like that Joseph. Yeah I served my boxer would prize since 1945. It's almost almost time to get those -- going Joseph thank you very much guys we've got to get to break. I got one real quick got sugar free and I've got to -- -- 1710 at halftime over Port Washington port only two points in the second quarter. Wow and -- a mild upset rake here that would be that bracket -- I mean we've talked about not. The difficulty that bracket and at less than these two teams played draft and hit us you know just over half court struck the right to beat him I feel are sponsored -- He armed you know what can we just go to one more -- Jerry Jerry's been on -- -- time -- Fauria germ remove his his ex the Dominican. Brooks brook academy gave Jeremy what's going on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Armed brook hill academy as a union -- -- despite some some questionable shooting -- are you too many turnovers. -- black. I ate at the story is probably gone a lot for Dominican pitcher too easy for aren't going -- -- already had about your card shark. All but -- just being so easy just so quick to the -- -- who. But -- play right now it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I can explain -- Dominican is so use to when he got. A regional final game is its its like come. A mid season -- for them they they don't -- really hole until Thursday's sectional semis at Saint Catherine schemes Dominican advances. Will be -- he jury big Q we've got to get to break please not continue to get to keep us updated I appreciated a -- quick 4937. West -- central. At cap we've got to get to break this is the Wendy's varsity -- high school basketball scoreboard show. Presented by jurors on a Menard on Sports Radio twelfth fifty WS SP. And -- Years and loose. When he's -- he -- high school basketball -- -- -- presented by yours on him Menard putts or 301250 Debbie Estes beat let's get right out to a -- Drake. I -- that the -- -- Luther and Roger gave Dave give us an update. Verdict it's being brought here at it and a person perhaps we just started that he did could you repeat that. 36 and nineteen grown here. Excellent -- -- you very much I appreciated really get right to -- a unique role he Tom give us an update. -- Green all the record. Article part blog -- Boy that's how -- -- hanging in there by the boards plant. Solid solid off guard Mike will -- -- a lot of them are great beard. What judge today did I tell you about the crowd down do you grow -- is meant. No doubt they keep us up to date if you would please give -- that score again. What are what are eager scored twenties -- 2620 green -- Let's get to wind three if we can -- the jet to Cuba city went canister game. -- to give us an update. Early in the third quarter -- couldn't. Guy is leading thirty quarter you were about -- -- -- go in the third quarter. What -- Cuba city just snuck by last night correct Paula yeah yeah yeah snuck by at least three point sorry ten seed -- 3035. How they looked tonight you Nathan. Walk tonight press that -- were who they are you here looks like he's a little more honest game and I believe he was last night. He what's this -- looked out the -- points twelve points already tonight. He did when we talked yesterday this is not the game we thought -- be going to. Right yeah I really thought about if I was gonna be here tonight myself but. -- it over the I can get injured -- -- in the I was actually unaware of. And now Lancaster played a heck of a game like that -- the bulldogs to. Boy I'll tell you what Cuba city. You know I didn't expect to see them too deep in the playoffs this year but she never -- coach credit you. Yeah. They don't in -- seasons timing here urban people like yup no doubt -- to keep us up to date if you can't really appreciate you call and then. -- -- -- -- -- He -- next guy air clock when we -- about Eric that did the year that we started the scoreboard Choi and football he was our first -- He was -- it was him in three other guys but Eric was our go to guy and Eric didn't. My wife is absolutely gorgeous -- and it got loose got some little kid so he's not been able to do some football stuff. And he's back force tonight he's over at the west -- central walking Hamilton game Eric block welcome home body. They're gonna pick who are recruited veterinary groups that might be a 100% capture a little more -- -- you -- you guys but yeah but you know what. I'd stay home as much as you have to go don't be -- in that thing up. -- record or fewer than happy to Hartford. Well yeah I do know that yes I agree with you on that he by the way air -- -- brought you by Wendy's the real choice in fast food. -- give us an update walking -- at west Ellis central. Yeah -- guys have time right now what -- central by 124937. I hate to say that simply doing a good job I'm would be considered -- as twenty points at halftime but. Every single shot you were console our -- looks pretty much they have obviously they can pick a -- there's not much support behind them. He thought as far as spiritual -- Turkmen you know seventeen your brand if you got Swanee. This reminds them to respect your right there -- -- -- Eric we've 5 C central play a couple times with head coach Watson had gone. I talked to him couple days ago it said if you get a chance to get to that game. Andy said look we're gonna do whatever we can't do we're moody out he civilian have to play Friday night. And we're gonna try to -- to up temple this thing -- -- we can't give him running full speed up and down the court. And hopefully his legs go by the second half obviously they scored 49 points in the first half. That's what -- do want. Yeah that's exactly what they're doing their run an up and down and ever everything apart from Lee and I mean could you tell what you get not to -- you don't stopping guys and older and he's ready when -- just like sort of. It was a we got to cut you -- we Getty winning coach from Milwaukee tacked on the other wide air Q was it called back it's great to have you back and -- your -- Actually coach Anthony Houston. For a mom -- tech what a good win few guys Anthony congratulations. -- -- Randy and as Stetson -- -- really good win coats and knock guys move on reach of first first year coach first your head coach anyway. Regional championship then -- Not what are you got the winner. -- lest we heard I think -- lucky was up one herself and -- -- it was close early in the first half this last report we had young low scoring no low scoring. Mom -- I'll tell you what you guys out here and hang in there -- run tonight. Is there it is and they and they come -- -- play of -- And they did have bad and I think they've had you know -- -- we had we had reports from there that. It was a two point game. I believe after three -- -- always even up by two points after three quarters. We also had a report that you -- and your guys a little bit in the first half. I would never do that. Well you know they have never been in that -- -- They'd you know put on from every now and a little wake up call yeah yellow must -- worked. I think good bit -- -- and I thought we played great in the fourth quarter you know we got to regain we -- our ability I think it was -- do. He had the I'd just -- -- up to 1814. -- -- -- halftime at the last or last score that. That we heard. -- I'll tell you what you know if you guys get a you guys get a chance to play either can walk your Eisenhower. You know that's a game that that you guys certainly will be in and I think I don't QB -- but -- certainly be close. If you guys can get so I'd get one more get -- that sectional championship how awesome for that school in your staff. You know I think everyone started to get excited they're itself people -- it's hard to believe that it now. But right now he's not like an underdog and I ordered literary. That that is that is the way to going one of the great things about -- when in a regional. A regional championship is that the regionals kind of sneak up on -- -- you that your your school community even your players say you know it's just okay. It's a playoff -- in and and also knew when that regional championship. And now you've got a whole week at school Monday Tuesday Wednesday and the excitement builds and and that's going to be a whole different animal Thursday when you guys get a chance to play net game I it's going to be really exciting for our attack. Yeah now I'm happy for -- he -- bit the start that I think it's our league and and if the pin I'd -- former -- -- -- that they always remember. Pages to giving up days Walt Milwaukee king did -- -- you were -- by about fifteen. Oh from your from your conference to give your final on that. Well hey congratulations. You know. I think it all comes down to you coming in studio with coach Waller -- and I am and that's why you're doing so while were taken full credit that it that it got it off and I'm -- done a great -- there early. That in the comeback though I don't -- -- you wanna do you worry about basketball -- manager drive it anywhere near -- corners -- and we can use you right now we have to be stopped him. -- we love our abruptly. Our moment -- was you know what in this snowstorm I don't wavy hey congratulations. Hewitt in everybody at Milwaukee tech. Anthony -- you're doing a great job over -- keep it up. All right thank you guys are -- you address. It lets we knew we need to get to if we can -- -- to might push real quick. Mike he's at the -- walking -- and I can't be -- -- was and how might give us -- up there. -- in the -- on the third quarter. You know you wanted me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we like. State and a and not just in the conference were talking on 12 leading scorer on the state you know. -- -- -- -- You want to do that richter played a triangle -- -- real poker credit where I had the -- and got a beer. Well I'm almost to the point where did you buy it all -- -- a lot of the Browns had so much so I -- -- what is there to go here now. What did -- do you want to do. For -- -- take you so much guys we've got to get through break late this is the Wendy's Marcy woods high school basketball scoreboard show presented by jurors on M Menard. On sports ready -- 1250. That yes has -- Being and Reyes. Years and use. Welcome back to the Wendy's varsity -- high school basketball scoreboard show. Presented by jurors on the Menard on sports pretty 1250 WS -- speak. I'm Mike -- were Derrius is BI scores out there alongside my cohost polo -- -- -- got a couple updates. -- we've got to -- to -- -- 4533. Over -- field academy with about seven minutes to goal. In the fourth quarter also port with a big third quarter outscored -- and 22 to six no leads 3223. After three. While they were let's get over to white fish they would get Doug James on Doug -- -- by concept 1010 to new way to work out. Put him walking dot concept 1010 dot com. Talked to rod Higgins and let's. Let's get you go when he doesn't give us an update white fish bait and -- We got a minute left in the fourth quarter I had up 35 or seven. They -- double points at half. And aren't they -- in the third quarter. It but it street or court front and really -- that the defense -- struggled with. With that pressure. Made it back and zone -- not -- the ball well but it there all over the is really struggling. -- created thing right now low scoring game pretty poor shooting game -- he -- I'd pictured -- little. A lot of energy or order. While that is that surprising you will bet. It it actually is yeah. They had a couple of what they had a couple of trips down where they move -- written into the post. He was almost an upbeat and -- some nice night's action that but. They they just don't do enough for that this Sydor on the perimeter and and wait for that three point shot. It's. Not on form right now they're down seven with 541 left to go right. Hate two things Paula but but that changed a friend of ours for one time two things -- not sure you know. Kevin gets I've been more -- he's going to spring training and hanging out from what to Charlie marks. -- if this is no made for TV movie happiest guy VCRs were best friends when -- -- you know who under one years old they've been best front. And now they're both very good hadn't done Arizona and is -- leaving tomorrow. It later tomorrow morning early in the news through Purdue later -- -- that there's -- little bit little bit sooner but. Yeah it is they've been -- week we talked. If we put on the uniform together all seem -- they split up between baseball. On football. We could lineup. Probably seven besides yours didn't it -- learning -- no -- he. That's words started might we ever -- a pretty good so that's -- started the second thing with Doug he is. He works at Dick's sporting news and they're opening new store while -- to run off a highway 45 -- -- by. -- -- -- -- -- April 2 is our soft opening -- -- grand opening -- done that we and the sport sit in -- Nice and you're excited to be in -- sort of. Any elevator pitcher but Dick's Sporting Goods today you walk certainly all the best and sporting goods but you really want. -- high school kids to come because you're gonna have hats and T shirts and jackets and it all that kind of stuff correct. Yeah absolutely you know the best the night in the under armour and I'll obviously all the equipment. We're or a big company -- 600 or strong throughout the United States but we really strive to -- community neighborhood shop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you want but it's prominent film like this is the -- there shock to come to get that stuff. Blog you know what I'm happy for it Dick's Sporting Goods could not have -- -- a guy that is that understands that more than you do and and -- Doug thank you so much would you keep was set the date. On the -- white fish big game and tell Kevin I said drive safe and somewhat and I'm really proud you know. I won't be appreciated arm -- a -- they had a par you don't I'm doing well thanks -- It's CO regular seat five point 95 minutes -- beat up there with five minutes well. A call is when you're in the car with Kevin give us call back right. There at starred James let's get if we can. You know we're good we had to. We had Dave tree company dropped off let's not get to a break other said the break we'll continue to get she scores if you're just leave -- game. You wanna talk about the game that you -- you're gonna give us a call at 4147991250. And let's just talk about the game Murat. Or give us to score we haven't if we would talked about the game that you erratic and at 7991250. -- -- code 414. This is the Wendy's Farsi blitzed high school basketball scoreboard show presented by jurors on -- Menard on Sports Radio 1250. W -- --