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03/01/14 Varsity Blitz Scoreboard Show Hour 2

Mar 1, 2014|

Mike McGivern and Paul Wollersheim cover the area's WIAA Boys Basketball Regional Final games, talking with fans and coaches from all the area games.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Reyes. Years and I have. Saying. So welcome back to when -- -- -- -- high school basketball scoreboard show. Presented by jurors on him and our -- were -- twelve particular BS -- -- I -- we -- were dubious as PI tour insider -- -- my cohost. Paul -- -- chime in with your right out to -- on your high school Dave Drake is out there and Dave brought you by Wendy's. It is the real choice in fast food he gave give us an update I -- your kettle -- 6645. -- beer with five minutes but the goal in the poor. Wow. You want more than I thought I thought that cavalry was gonna hang with Brown Deer. -- Rodgers play pretty well hunt. Around here's playing tough battle Marines got a couple top -- -- just haven't let him get the basketball. We just they haven't hit a lot of shots. Yeah that's tough when your plane at home what do you think of that new blood Novak facility out -- Dave. Then this. The thing that's about when he 200 and it's just beautiful here it's almost packed tonight. All that's that's great big -- make sure -- if you can't get as the final and gave. If they have Brown -- India looks like they're getting a nod if you couldn't hang out by the bench near the end of the game and tell Kelly out will be that we would love to spend a couple minutes -- Sure accident came straight thinking so much -- the outer banks 6645. Right now. Brown Deer up over kind of worry you the difference she'd do his scoreboard shall. -- ones the first time we've done this the football. Scores changed so quick you know haven't football is either you had -- take a breath. You know because -- -- kick off he figured he was -- -- -- it -- when that he covered with -- I'm -- kind of want. I'm telling you he was exhaust -- he's he's running up and down the sidelines and there was a score on just about every play the battery on his cell phones going debt. It was it was awesome he you've got an updated the -- -- -- -- game it's 2826. With four minutes ago. -- -- he over Eisenhower that that's a good game that's become a really good rivalry game as Nepal. Yes I -- it with soft. You know both both Eisenhower school are both new -- schools you know obviously those two teams have an RR that's the main rivalry but with -- mean dollar a little bit and he walked Guillen and and -- are -- are two of the top teams in -- inept conference. It would we're play if you walk you were coaching together that. That was a good rivalry for us they had some really cute -- -- check -- those guys did when when we first had when we first went into that lead in the late ninety's. He -- key it was not. Like the are now that they didn't have the feeder programs going on in the -- teams weren't close. They they got things go one not too long after we entered in and by that early two thousands. He walked key every year great great match -- with and -- their crowd was great there their feeder program for good get up on south. You know their their feeder program kids in not in the stands. Mom -- great great teams. He get updates Al west L essential 6765. West L essentials six left in the we were -- little little prematurely. Crowning west -- electronic game you know what it was. Boy 06553. To start the fourth. So they've gone -- a twelve to two run. More -- Hamilton has and you know -- and give -- line did a good humble there's a couple games. I'd like to know what's going on with that kettle marine Sussex game. Like to know what's going on with Saint -- it's -- -- write another we haven't heard anything on that team looks like dominicans gonna move on their up. No bought fifteen with a couple minutes left in the game I'm no different winter can't think seek out through -- Joseph -- -- and that'll be at south division next Thursday. -- has to go to that one. -- might be good I've seen and I I saw at saint Catherine's and it's a minute can come earlier and and I saw on TV saint Catherine's and and Dominican side at aqueduct and possibly what -- central king as a BR it's going to be and it's quite helpful not to -- -- that -- that. Did you look at. I'd do I think it -- field east yeah I think so too when we let me take a look at lucky with a couple of big pockets -- out now it up 3228. With three minutes to go. You know that game is that today at Brookfield -- nice new facility -- be beautiful. That might be that's going to be a tough one not 21 not to wanna go too quick -- quick shot -- to Steve Shuster who's been helping us the scores tonight and showed threes. At at Dominican keeping us updated animals and that team and -- to Perry. -- to -- -- -- have to date too and he's he's at that west -- central. Walking out to game as air of clock is as well and end. That gives you go right down the wire there's there's no doubt when we -- by the way were playing -- walk he didn't tell JJ watt play. He did I do not recall you played it and yeah I remember yeah -- -- cannot only keep believing and not. And it was. -- you look back on your stuff and he got to go back to the tape that could be -- something that could be worse funk than gap he he. Pretty Smart to take football rebounds while he was not the kind of basketball player I can tell you that if you're -- -- game. You want to look minded Telesis score talk about the game that your -- give us call it 4147991250. That's 414799. 1250. And we will get -- as as soon as we can't. Couple of a couple of other things that won't touch you but coach when you get to this part of of the year is sure if -- Anthony Houston. First time head coach he's now got you know 34 practices before he route before they play -- winner of the Q walk guys and -- game. What what's your process is first is as rest in practices and -- in and not only as your career as a coaching staff but what you do with your team. Well you know at FT when their regional championship. You kind of you know tell your kids to listen get some rest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're going to be plain and in a sectional semi final. And he you know other big two games are dwindling down. So I mean the crowds keep getting bigger and bigger. And it -- it just the the excitement as is is phenomenal yeah -- but he had -- I. Just makes it an exciting retire here. Hillis kid morial is that the wind one Jeff -- -- greens is on kittens designed. Line once this -- skeleton at category Geoff give us an update. Our game descended always been -- the blogger to. Pep Hamilton won or an iron or stick our breakers collect -- game. -- -- fork over him. All Mike lives. That that catches us a little west Chrysler -- and -- -- three the buzzer Q can you what it what kind of -- it was it did they have time where they took offered he's used. -- one what it and tell -- the end there. They had them -- the ball tomorrow promoted or left in the game they held our employ it. Number of our most number of our ballplayers. -- got the put the ball only to curve the ball well -- well. He just dribbled around them all up for a 302 Barrett not to read newspapers are about political -- -- perfect. What a problem and that is. This time a year isn't it -- means that that big players make big plays in big games. -- 230 was first Summers seem him play he must is where are all at least thirty points he was. He's an -- -- player. -- -- -- that's -- first time you've seen him play. There for Mark Ingram or yet he he's you to do well in Iowa I think. You know you'd like a tribute and just told -- -- -- earning a panel social well never panics and to control the movement he -- -- part of these leader. There's no doubt. He Jeff thank you so much for doing this sets what a great -- agree high school -- Wheldon -- to be yet. Look like -- -- of the against America thank you very much. You bet Jeff thank you 4946. Sussex Hamilton moves on. -- 23 to close her -- and this is this kid is something else I'm telling -- he we watched him last -- Paul and he he's as good as people are saying I think I mean. -- it's got down by ten you know he literally took the game over I know he didn't -- all those points that -- made some big plays yup that's sophomores making plays and he's opened. Obvious because Ellington. Press community need to write heated -- the shot that get cut it to eight when their team could really kind of got away from home the depth possessions are down ten. You know and what it was a -- a -- baseline ten -- that is not an easy shot to make he makes it the whole team takes a deep breath and goes okay. -- -- -- here Rico so they will now move on and -- where the Germantown -- had -- we've not gotten an update on that. But that will be at -- fish Panthers in fact it and in this era had -- on that game that that -- That conferences is I don't think there's anybody left from from mom. -- -- wanna go. Chronicle is still gamble wanna -- and in that bracket in their plane convenient notion -- tonight. And then they'll play the winner of -- -- -- wood memorial at Lake Geneva -- if they. If they hold on. Couple couple quick final sup port. Makes a nice comeback wins 3825. So they advance to the to the sectional semi finals. Marcus -- Marcus and division for team. The head coach bio a former system -- mark Natal sure great guy really good coach. Got a big win tonight -- when some regional championship in the advance could for him. Don't play if if -- advances. That'll be out. Lord shall play Marcus and -- and the winner I believe please winner saint Catherine's Dominican. Com updates. Fifty seconds to go Eisenhower up on -- walking 3433. Lets you know to -- lying to Eric block. Eric his side he's got to walking Hamilton west -- central -- And I -- construction by Wisconsin focused basketball tries for high -- leagues best ballplayers boy's best -- -- tomorrow next Sunday. Included W I focus basketball dot org WY focused basketball dot org Eric give -- -- -- A group of guys they're good third quarter once if it's five really -- what -- mentor Campbell and did that have different one hour before -- I'm being that it is not named Lucy -- them you -- you know out there out started. And but that would just folded at the end -- you -- you know who at 37 all in. While he's Cusack advertised on not Elton thought ruined important -- -- who knew how much time left. Up or limit Foreman to go on we got a tie game what it didn't mention -- 77 and -- He Eric out we want to talk to the week coach on this one so what if you can't did down near the bench and NC we can't get somebody on. -- you get to break suits I don't know -- -- really well. Big circle -- hit a great. The other side of the -- will continue to get -- updates if you're leaving the game right now you wanna talk about the game you were at. Give us a call it 4147991250. And let's talk about the game you were at this is the Wendy's varsity -- high school basketball scoreboard show presented by jurors on him and art. On sports where you 1250. -- -- -- -- And Reyes. The loose. Welcome back to the Wendy's -- blitz high school basketball scoreboard show on sports -- 1250 to BS -- -- Presented by jurors on the -- let's get right out the wind -- The head coach -- Brown Deer. Kelly up every week get to keep taking credit for these wins the ball because we had these guys you studio -- code shot congratulations what a nice win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a Kelly seems like all the guys that came in studio with -- sham and I keep winning games we can you -- really good luck. We got to take credit for all the starter -- -- -- got to be somebody out in an author yeah I asked me what -- what a nice win for you. They -- tonight when we yeah we. We got off to a nice start you know know what we pressured him a bunch and then you know -- body blows in the first and second quarter. Those things paid off in the third fourth and look like. Kelly -- when we -- talking when you're in studio. You know I told you a little bit about tell what I thought kettle marine Lutheran home was in and you know they had their tough though that's a tough -- tough minded tough physically tough kids. You obviously did a nice job -- taken them out of their game. Yeah you know our our most -- kind of make you -- comfortable and and you know we we felt a bit but we can make them uncomfortable. You know particularly for four quarters that really nothing's gone our -- and that that's seem to be seem to be what works for. So coming up now you know you guys give back to work you play the winner east -- -- France's I've -- her to score on that yet. OK okay and you know we laugh B sure and that's sectional semifinal last year but worked side -- you. Well if -- -- big apply Steve Francis are you certainly well they're at home against -- France's. Sure -- -- it and they know we're familiar with saint perhaps there are conference -- You know one of -- you know will be excited to -- and I. Yeah I would if I -- predict I would C east Troy -- is probably the way that's going to go you play a moderate walk show west. Next week tell you this is great. Great for you your school your community your kids im really proud. I I said earlier on if you had a better you better coaching staff with yet I don't -- go -- Yeah yeah you're you know them -- my guys and they do a great job what age did you tell it part of why why we're where were you. Tell those boys nice job till love pride Donaldson to make sure is here it's good for Thursday and you're in the report and I know that you can profit to grant -- You're -- you bet so I think he's so much let's see if we kid you're right she won't want to go ahead -- couple scores here are a big. Look -- -- -- -- tonight Loney in the top five in division three I hit it three up. And -- -- we see here east Troy won 5232. -- over over Saint Francis. -- these two scorers -- think these two these two teams are on a collision course -- central. -- -- -- -- Germantown. Eighty Carroll had 52. Room and people that -- -- gonna happen again that rematch he I I think Stewart well let's get if we can wind to Tom. Is covering the union agree anchor union grove -- gave forced time give us an update. -- you wouldn't believe that all time -- they option all the ops from robotic pinch off a -- -- -- -- aware. -- beat -- picked before I got they had coached better right directly here right out of. Very -- and hit it. A coach -- yeah. And hey you know what now again Ryan was in studio with us and they -- their wit it seems like all these boys over in studio keep -- -- wins. -- 5550. For the buzz you can't give you better than that. I don't know -- incredible you know Richard -- so well. We don't. I think -- can win -- pretty efficient on offense we struggled it's not a good. That is going to be conference championships and that's -- -- than nine or you know -- -- out that. Conference -- Peppers -- regular player and -- -- that shot put them. And I respect to advance how to get how -- that last play developed coach. It was -- and on the clock they -- -- bonus. I'm actually no more timeouts or you're down to their shooting the bonus and there has touted and -- -- -- to them in the bonus Manhattan and Asia. We are out front and almost and a you know it you know drug and potentially they doubled -- -- promote the country. You know kids like -- great you know -- -- out. Concert over the corner of there didn't. Who who -- does not get better and that you can and that's a lifetime coach and that. Those are once in a lifetime. -- absolutely it's it's incredible you know. -- -- and Aaron are like yeah. I'm trying to enjoy the moment -- you know it's I'm not actually try to like so. He coach so -- next week you get the winner of McFarland fort Atkinson and you're gonna travel a Clinton did to do that. I we did we do not have a score and on that to have you heard anything. I hope -- time ran out the overtime and I'll. I'm not I know look at that point is that -- and look good up. As is as as he walked key and Eisenhower right now our -- out on the road -- -- -- Indy and if you don't want to editors and other -- a buzzer beater Brady LEC hit a three at the buzzer to be calibrated night. Yeah. Man this has been a -- scoreboard this basketball scoreboard showed figures going this is going well whereas some sort of the last -- little girls the first 20. -- back. In March that it would absolutely be right -- gradually -- 5554. Win at three at the buzzer. As. Mended those guys students agree judges can get used to you guys win in and and football team win and all the time congratulations coach this economy it's a fun week when you go to the sectional -- Absolutely absolutely -- or whatever and another -- restrict -- malpractice and. -- safe travels on the way home. You guys think you let's get outs in the -- in Reno he's deck Cuba city to unwind three I need to give us an update. Well after three quarters Cuba led by. Eleven points it was 42 of 31 -- be there they were leaving my catcher and I'm like Chester really came back in the final order here and really made the game actually -- -- up. -- The at at figure if he yet if you peace. Where it. About 139 to go on the game and then that Cuba city ended up pulling out and winning 58 to 52 in the -- -- that Lancaster -- -- Milan. So cherry pick -- you -- -- that's good you tell him. And up by the way they did make noted it was his 800. Win that Cuba city tonight as well. 800 minutes and -- almost. And regulars. I mean holy cow. So the guys yet to be here what six yet you're it was. -- -- -- -- that I can take its. Yeah he's got he's he's he's been there long time are you still in the gym. I am I in the -- yeah. He do you do us a favor if you get a chance there's a way to get a hold the Jerry let him know that that Paul -- Shimon Mike -- renewed your radio show. It would love to spend a couple minutes wouldn't congratulate him. Sure I will. -- your -- call that number here -- or just you know what if you dial the number and hand him over -- will spend three minutes with him whatever words you went. Unless -- at a break will stop what we're doing to -- -- you want. Oak at Iowa are will go -- coach. Need to nice job take you very much. Paula couple other final saw tonight saint Catherine's B saint Joe's fifty to 42. -- academy undefeated words academy -- 6854. Over Saint -- springs. So that sets up the sink customs Dominican game next Thursday at -- more to sell -- -- self. It lets not get let's get the wind -- if we can't we get might push he's at the Eisenhower -- Milwaukee game might give us an update. Margaret -- -- Joba admired about. All that much more. I'm a -- did not work under them and you don't aren't. Our blue and it just -- and you know -- -- in the sport for a lucky. Thirty seats were an hour -- early in the court ordered -- -- -- -- -- form mildly. But to. -- -- Lions the -- rich or he -- The bottom of the hoopla and what is opened the quarter put the moment and now all of -- -- a birdie there and you know what I'm here. Other than the go into an hour. And forty. He might can't get over by the -- you walk he bench if they hold while we look might still -- let's get to a breaker here along with second. Lotta Lotta won -- let's get tell Joseph Claussen for -- on a coach Jack congratulations. And that's a great win for you guys. You better that the -- -- remember the dominant player this wander out and -- put up with big third quarter these terms and conditions and I'm not -- like -- -- -- night. Coach your team has complained so weld on the stretch here. On its you know he had a little bit of a tight game last -- would was a little bit of a surprise but. What a great win against wake -- -- at -- -- -- Just done. To -- you got to be very excited to move on to the sectional us. Yeah we are you know we keep coming -- we -- awful -- -- -- -- pivotal point but it point that a couple changed a lot of concerns that. -- -- seventeen and 21 a little while yeah it from a balance so let's put up on -- -- -- the -- or find a lot of confidence. Hey coach we we had a couple of guys out there and and at your game one guy called in said Greek text -- said you know. They're their whole -- you know they're they're really patient offensively they're taken a minute to minute and a half fought. On on each possession before get a really quality shot what part of the game plan was stick to shorten the game will bet. Well I think it's just it's just like the space -- street about a great been -- really spreads things out so. People are so I think I have particular article what -- hurry and that's what they what to do it every shot that you don't wanna take and they watch that they could of actually patient out. The recognizable. We got fortunate and -- that it's such a -- night but I. Well I'll tell you what you get a chance -- -- play with Scott salute through the schools are about eight blocks apart cat had tried. You don't you -- -- create schools any closer than that. You play well Thursday night at its the new Novak family setter -- approach -- which is a phenomenal facility now. And it's agree win and I got to figure out what to do with those boys from Wisconsin Lutheran they they're playing pretty well right now. -- -- -- like it was moved the Friday. I actually do remember where you just Denver were breaking news right now -- -- -- those walls is losing don't jewel till Friday. It out but they've played a great guy -- there aren't they -- print up a lot. We'll go war broke out and I'm with my guys are now oh thanks for the thought -- -- had to figure. Joseph thank you very much shot 5446. Win price act white fish -- They move on to play you know Wisconsin Lutheran on Thursday guards let's get to break this is the -- varsity puts. High school bass -- scoreboard show presented by jurors on them and are on Sports Radio twelfth fifty WSS but he. Care I -- and Reyes. Years. Us. Welcome back to the Wendy's -- -- high school basketball scoreboard show presented by jurors on the Menard. -- -- ready -- 1250 Libya says Pete. Coach. You get eight under wins you bring -- should have figured all figured coach we are. We are awful lucky we are one and won the head coach -- Cuba city jury Patty Duke coach what a great win for our guys today coach -- yeah. Nor do it says -- we get Vernon Paul -- John covered god almighty -- guys are amazing. Yeah -- -- your college 800 wins that's amazing. Well it -- it QB the and I'd never thought I'd get that all all icy I mean not. At a fight at the plate you all the time -- never hot. You just. -- it was good night. All we're really challenge this year offensively we start 3 o'clock or -- -- -- It and we can't tutelage. Which are probable yeah well we played. Like -- won sixteen games were in the sectional semi finals that. And they -- -- really good mineral point -- but I don't have to beat them and parents all you have to be don't want -- -- and already you are but it. Wedge there and learn how are you had argue addict Marie Jean and I had a very good team we played the state championship that -- -- We did well I'll never understand. I'll never understand why Cuba city. Had to travel herald at 1 o'clock get in the afternoon game -- 2 o'clock in the after her own game up to west then Wisconsin. When I can -- and followed up. It was because you remember the floor. The people are wasn't -- -- floor yeah. The floor was critical at certain purpose right should audited and we -- why would you ever -- -- a sectional game beer I don't all. Hey Jerry -- you know I was on the bench -- -- that came in and it 33 years or coaching if somebody says to me what was like the best win. -- that was dead I doubt was the toughest game that team you had was was -- good and you're right the state championship game was played that -- Yeah -- it really was in -- and not you are. Mike ideas think the world of the year got an excuse there I think he's one elation as bad as people approach and I can't wait -- that they -- back into it. -- -- coach answered that's that's very nice a deal thank you may wind when he gets back in -- you to put up about played in all of -- coaches are gonna wanna come back. So whenever that happens -- jury would tell us about mineral point. They're the number one seed and that's an awfully good basketball team. Yeah ideas that they've got four shooters. I -- and and lights out shooters -- on the outside. And they got to 66 beast Saturday. That played well and now we -- we got called -- twice why am. -- -- Everybody -- the ball we only have to beat him once. And we're playing well now and we're no longer soft words. And not so looking forward to the one next Thursday night white white -- -- and high school basketball -- argued in -- about somebody said you can have tickets to the box. Jack and little things get more thrill out of the ones who are useful as he walked in but I never -- -- -- -- game. And I -- I'm amazed that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is up for it keeps you young doesn't it coach it and forgot it it's odd that I've -- -- the ball -- stop -- while the book. There are now I'm seventy years -- would be out for -- number of years ago -- what what you're. Don't get it done coach it is it's fun to watch your team's plane and it's fun to watch the energy that you still coach -- It's -- it's really fun. I -- -- want nobody you know our -- if there is. What I wouldn't bump them before you did you know with wouldn't stop would have rubbed off -- the and they play harder they really do. Jerry got to tell you get out and -- We we have talked about this week when you get a win like this and then you start getting ready for the sectional as an. And and Paul was talking me -- Houston Milwaukee -- first time tech's got this far awhile. And any sit -- Paul was talking to him about how special. You know this win is is -- -- another week with these boys. The excitement of the community center in the school two starts to really wrap up. And and I'm sure that that's gonna happen out here -- city as you guys go gates mineral point at Richland center on -- that. I would preakness so followed in words what it's not a really don't know what it off tomorrow really have to cough up some -- Monday through -- Warmed -- I don't all of this this but I want my kids don't work. It worked hard so that was back when the time comes for. Game that's easy part. I want to practice the -- verbal. We will have brutal practices here. -- -- On Monday Tuesday and Thursday were you we have what I all -- around the area. It was bowls themselves but we want to -- on -- -- -- -- a -- out for. -- coats take you so much for your time are really appreciated. Good luck Thursday night -- -- setter against mineral point. And I look forward to seeing you up in Madison coach. Good luck should be used to guards -- about the most -- out here. From world while he's he's one of the better ones who you got to -- what worked for you out well. Excellent tell me -- Randall picky so much that's judge jury about output Arafat great -- -- Jerry. Hey Nathan thanks a lot. Don't problem -- -- really well done let me know if there's anything I could never do for you down in this neck of the woods didn't I really appreciate you doing this for -- And no -- -- I'll try to help you got up next week you are. That be outstanding need to -- -- the word what word you work what station. -- -- -- -- Yet the newest home of bill Michaels network -- That's awesome he'd be Randall -- so much. You know anytime you get your -- you want not that works out while he -- get over if we key an air lock on wind Qiyue. Air -- He's at the west who we've got the west -- central coach not west central and what I hope we had to act hey coach Gloria. -- I'm I don't we're about where it's good. Mike -- yeah we're we're here are ordered or what. Hey coach who -- -- you don't nothing comes easy does it. -- -- -- Outside there and we where we'll listen and updates here and we're just back and I I can't imagine. Trying to -- and their team. Much less -- us trying to figure out who's ahead who's behind -- momentum what do you Uggla geared to period adept but he -- beat Texas you're up by two -- holds up by two if it. They tell us the last point what happened and the three with -- hot -- that go. Well regarded that you know we start the outward double and we'll just keep talking mandate you know on me Joba then got to the topic she and you know on all of that -- blog -- -- Got to learn when you look at it and you know. And it not that it wasn't implying you know luckily I got a ball of the crop of -- gave Mulder. All -- meant yeah when he hit the top did it fall in them. Hope I can flight it almost lucky I didn't gable the -- -- -- back rank what you about yeah yeah that's the re Hurd yeah. My goodness gracious. Well coach so why Thursday night -- you know at Oak Creek against received case who played really well today. -- -- -- -- -- -- Com it was so fun to come to your practice this week you look your boys in the eye and and done a good feeling about this we coach you guys -- the chance to be received -- not at Oak Creek Thursday night. -- one way or another great game organized on this one tonight and -- You know get back door commodity got a day off at a rest stop and then start to -- to them but did you know. Just -- -- -- -- to happy that the -- you know -- the Milan -- I -- these kids -- excited and you know it's been a lot of fun fun you know you got that got a straight duplicate and I look forward toward what -- are not -- A fun week -- enjoy it. I appreciate it coach will watch it take you so much big win west L central by two over Milwaukee Hamilton if we -- wood -- outs. To what to wind three might be silly. Head coach at -- walking coach job man overtime win -- -- and know -- coach facility you there. Yeah -- here all hey coach what a good win in overtime few guys tonight congratulations. Again nothing comes easy does it. Knowledge nothing can be here you know that but the -- of the depth. Depth that come out of here with a W and move on. Boy I'll tell you what -- over time -- you guys certainly took control of that -- come over time. Yeah we're all -- -- you know hit it took it was you know stepped up and just to all the reports that give us a momentum enough we were able to go from there but don't the big shot from him. You don't Ivanovic didn't true -- -- in regulation and overtime little. Very well. Those are huge I mean ice water in your -- and -- those two don't on the road. Yeah you know big time big -- place and you know how -- -- sure you need guys step up to move on you know not in these years now. -- school basketball. Haywood we were -- -- updates it low scoring game to begin with. Are you guys just feel like at heavyweight fight to -- -- at lake guy defensively or what what was going on. Yeah I mean I -- change thing got to my coaches who came down that I'm you know play 1812 -- Let you know both teams are just -- -- -- -- just not a lot of where you are. You know there is no easy baskets tonight no -- out stole you know you're never England's you know you had to battle or not. You know -- -- -- -- in the low scoring game and -- -- -- -- DR Walter got size and Sauerbrun know luckily we're able to come on the job. A couple look couple -- consistency he got a couple teams from the woodlands today -- high speeds -- bay. Two pretty good -- right there. Because I'm not even -- get -- and -- Matt -- C coach Walsh I'm. Just yeah. Off my friend my year here in our government not in this bracket so I'm not in the know -- -- I'm not just record Walsh. I'm playing update you go easy silly thing by now most of us don't in the studio here I'm glad it's I'm glad it's you heard that I was all over the Pirates on this one. -- -- -- Hey -- Thursday night at Greenfield against Milwaukee -- you know we take enjoy this one for a little bit Mike. You -- enjoy it and get after it -- come Monday I'm sure you cut your watching tape tonight tomorrow but relax and enjoy this one for a while now. You know I had -- you know through our. Watched my other coach and been in this for a while now and then don't go to are sure I'm in both -- and church you've got to enjoy your win because absolutely pathetic -- do you know how hard it -- and -- -- that -- the wind right. So it seems like you'll remember the losses all longer than you remember I am old -- -- alright initially. Right no doubt they and I know that community that -- and -- great week firfer -- walking kidnapped her admit that whole communities such shot. Such big fans of the high school basketball program you guys -- -- a good job there might. Yeah I appreciate that you have to -- just tremendous. You know this you know whether this -- just terrible but you know and actually I don't think anyone really talking about the weather -- -- schools. Naw I agree with you good luck on Thursday night their -- Greenfield against a Milwaukee tacked the remember that Mike. But I do I yeah employ it was and you have a good night to -- Safin good luck next week are or are you might Derrick -- -- -- was silly. Head coach -- you walk you -- overtime win at new Bruin Eisner. We've got Jim from -- try and hold I'm sort we've got to get to break at love to talk to Jim if he can hold -- other side of the break. This is the when he's perceive what's high school basketball scoreboard show. Presented by jurors on him and are on Sports Radio 1250. To BS ESP. Do you and Reyes. Is. Use. Welcome back to the Wendy's varsity -- high school basketball scoreboard show presented by jurors on him and -- I'm Sports Radio 1250 to -- SS beat. I'm Mike we -- alongside my -- -- Sharks. He lets get it right out to wind for prepared Jim for me story's been on hold for a bit he gym they slept for -- -- -- But -- they can take you might call you -- give us not to what was going on on east -- -- you and Torre came up a little while lethargic here in the first half they got. They were down by 14220. Want. And it just really really picked it up here in the second half and they helped out. You know street Francis of four points in the fourth quarter and it would have by 4052. -- 32. Well tell you go east Troy lost -- lost lot of players last years. You know -- lot of good quality player -- a lot a lot of players would be what school did you want -- yes they did yes they did. And now they get a chance to play Thursday night -- -- -- west against very talented broad your team that ticket to look at a brain Luther pretty good night. On the -- how do you think he's -- doesn't that keep gym. Well it all depends you know they don't have on the side that lost the 269 point Lester went out to a UW -- But. You know -- well obviously they've moved the ball well and finished very well come up from three point range. And if they cannot got a few threes they've got a good shot -- round here. Yeah I'll tell you what you know we had Kelley Applebee's head coach -- -- you're on an -- They beat a really quality team and -- in -- and die well I'm surprised at that that the number two seed beat a pretty he had -- -- In -- right now they're hitting on all cylinders at big east sure is gonna have to played awfully good game to stay with -- here. Yeah. They are there in -- Torre thought we got we only have one senior. But -- well boys -- played very very well. -- -- is he's about 65 now -- -- Morton's the players that are so it's important very big lately is a lot of rebounds so. They're coming along they shot a grounder they're playing their best all year right now. Though he did it they shot a round here. -- they grow -- big east -- don't there. There -- he grew -- a bit bad so did Justin Rose is a soft where -- 65. Right -- his brother. Is Brothers -- and growl he's he's a point guard he's about 6262 and now. And he's played real well he was hurt last year all of last year. What but he with a serious back injury in what -- What -- C. He's a similar okay and he's the one senior the half. But once you know they haven't. -- he's a heck of a ballplayer he -- played really well -- and -- -- -- in the conference -- -- sophomore. While he -- he could play involved with the last year in comfortable that. That would just in the last two weeks -- you really really come out you know the ballplayer but he was -- sophomore. Well I think I could destroy the chance to play -- best best all year. And -- where you feel really has. We're really get -- and so they have a shot. He Jim thank you so much I appreciate -- -- -- but you remarked what you've got a short armed -- well Jim thank you very much for those words I appreciate that. He lets get your break you've you've left the game you wanna talk about the game that you -- Call 7991250. That's -- code 4147991250. Like Jim did. He's leaving these Troy game that'll be a good game east Troy brighter coming up Thursday night 7 o'clock -- -- show west. I'd give us call let's talk about the game Murat -- talk about some of these matchups coming up on Thursday night there's some really good once. Am not sure which game I had -- -- have to get to game and am not sure which one. And we'll talk about that with coach Waller sharp on the other side of the break this is the Wendy's varsity puts high school basketball scoreboard show. Present abide -- on and Menard on Sports Radio 1250. To VS SP.