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03/01/14 Varsity Blitz Scoreboard Show Hour 3

Mar 1, 2014|

Mike McGivern and Paul Wollersheim cover the area's WIAA Boys Basketball Regional Final games, talking with fans and coaches from all the area games.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Reyes. Use. So welcome back to the -- -- -- high school basketball scoreboard show present it. By durst not in Menard. -- sports pretty 1250 WS SP but could fly to Bob was at the Milwaukee king Riverside -- -- talk will be divided Bob -- aria. Good good thanks could have Romeo and actually took him two games today what the king Riverside it looks like jeopardizes. In coaching mode with this team isn't rotations. Are really good payments those seconds after that. Look like he wanted to have time with this team that is open that they not. Yeah he and this is his time years then. Yeah I mean you know -- -- with this guy that you just gives our -- you know probable will watch that there were some good performances today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are they really stepped up that right now you're really seeing really good coaching -- -- You know what we talked about that you're you're so -- and and coach -- bush has said you know this time a year you see a lot this do the same coaches. Because they're really good coaches. And you -- I I agree -- everything kind of build Sammy for the it seems like with a good coach -- an end and granted you know eat you still need to have some talent but. With with -- said. Mean that that seems to that to come out of of that -- Sectional it will with -- with a chance to go to -- and and course -- -- team does every single year they do. Hey hey Bob thank you so much for Louis and I appreciate we've got to. We've got Derek -- had coaching committee cannot hold really get over to him I really appreciate your call in and Bob. -- -- -- three if we can't Derek -- head coach at white fish -- Dominican coach Judd good win tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it can troops who just play really well tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he said they just -- it that diamond stone it it does -- -- -- stone does and and couple people talked about some tomahawk dunk that -- -- he had a big one tonight -- Yeah actually have you a fast break how does not include all Briard. Yeah that could -- -- mad that that'll make the highlight fell one short you know it's great to get the win. And you get -- get -- -- feel pretty good then Elvis in his thinking okay here comes say captured to get you played him twice two really good games you won both games. It's it's time to take yeah -- take care of business -- third time without. Yeah I won't I thought that -- -- -- location of the ball you sound -- solid until I was. No time to enjoy the fruits you academy -- not -- -- on the -- -- of course you need notable number than dossier of the move I am actually all. Do you guys going to be need to -- -- glad for the entire at all. Two different goals so we have to make sure we keep heading toward a goal like keyword. We -- we feel like I believed they know if yesterday as well. Hey that's the difference here you've been a head coach and assisting coach don't you remember those days as an assistant to watch out you -- enjoy it a little bit. But he -- your life I'm a little bit and windy and I -- You probably know -- Yeah we -- let him do the prep work out McCain and I would kind of hang -- get a program started -- low Britain. You don't give every other parents -- -- -- the -- is Wallace I was back it is I was watching film that's where we rolled loses is the coach is Derrick. But had -- -- and -- -- social home. Curtain and and mark cal he's out getting pats on the back from parents right now that's the way and that's where we were supposed to do it it. -- -- -- were really priority the year congratulations that's a good win he would chance now receipts he can conference. At the south division that Milwaukee sellout. Thursday night at 7 o'clock. -- And it should be we're looking forward out of one good one yet collect it tell those boys -- prod him Derek Lowe who. They are all there could lock. -- burger head coach act -- -- paid Dominican let's -- the line one real quick Jeremy movers cover and debate the way for speed committee -- gave Jerry are you doing. Good very good to make it took care of business tonight. Yeah it appeared in this. In Australia -- third with one point eight -- happened right before the fourth quarter -- of the third quarter. One of one of the brother gets a rebound for -- academy and he did declaring Brothers yeah yeah. I forget which one and then get it took heed -- full court it makes it in this 110 point deem it brings into the third. And it went in -- and from my vantage point I thought it would good. But nobody wanted to say whether they've got a lot of they're not but I wouldn't completely swung the whole game -- only been down seven of the fourth quarter. I don't know that was that was. All of Europe -- academies and that night. Yeah that we we got a report a ball -- about their play in ninety -- just like a baseball basically a baseball. Pass -- throw into the infield and it was just. I'm target really new -- -- off the backboard. I wouldn't have the backboard Duke went just right -- believe him and he waved it off her -- close Cleary it was a real excited about that. -- -- all know he would not even even crazier than. At the end of the half of the first half. I'll another book Billick can't declare got to rebound in you the ball to do -- pretty clear bobbled -- while the little that was another huge almost. You know could change a little bit of momentum going into camp -- of the order to top form to swallow your that now the BA's. He Jeremy takes a lot for doing this force and I appreciate it now probably had to go under on what you guys thinks -- let's get to align for for -- mark Millar. -- sports dot net he is the man marsh joining us mark coordinate. -- -- you -- -- -- exciting games going on tonight. -- Howell all over the place Mark Brady -- two hits -- three to win it. -- -- Cuba -- hits wondered hits the top the negotiated west Dallas center holds on to win by two. Just great teams go -- -- -- white fish being kind of an upset there -- memorial Goldstone of Roma. We didn't hear anything about their -- and I saw was a two point game did you hear anything on that. I know what was tight throughout that was kind of my trying to score I was tight throughout so no team got out to a big lead or whatever it was probably within five to seven point one -- the other -- entire game. And in Toronto is one of those teams has been playing pretty well late. In fact I picked them couple weeks because when the sleeper teams -- pick one team in each division number -- team in division why. I like the makeup of their team. They had some young guys that were playing in the -- -- in -- and as you guys know that sometimes leads to our. Just from top five results you know early but those guys have matured and are there really. Playing well right now for corona so they'll take on sun prairie. On their home floor. At least that's the way it is today. I don't think it seemed should be able hostess sectional game but -- and other challenges that the guy and I wasn't trying to. German you know and. Course -- does does the W I say that deal will make an effort to try to change game said that. Happen to fall that waiter or knots are are no. About it that's a question I'm not sure -- I would think it's on -- would probably. You know prediction for that. -- I don't know where you would play it may be at a neutral site somewhere in Madison perhaps. So but right now and it's scheduled for -- -- -- on the lower end of that brackets -- one it will play at badger against Beloit memorial. I don't know much about the -- memorial have you seen them play. Yeah they beat -- and I didn't so that's what. When I missed his special -- a reasonable one of the oldest ones. I would take game and then -- -- longest shot. Late in the third quarter early in the fourth kind of build up some some lead -- -- point lead and and they held -- Craig. -- made some threes late but it wasn't enough. -- not real big. They're athletic they have some quickness in the back court in -- country neo was about 65. And probably has the highest -- on your shot and he plays -- You know if you played in the old -- -- he get the feeling problems. -- have to I'm part of the -- Sure well I don't know that you have yup. Yeah that one that's -- were knocked down some shots and never played any defense and it -- arm. Did the Stevens Point -- -- north game surprise you at all. You know it's surprising and that was the spread I thought it would be a -- -- into it up perhaps north. You know what to seniors were going to play division one basketball. You know local guys playing in -- last game but that might push and true but. Based passion you know it is no fluke -- Some good young players don't they -- If they do they have to to the best operas it was. Trevor Anderson -- -- probably for both outstanding players and and Trevor gets kinda they had coached -- -- 23 and one in -- their only loss -- the -- came in you know. Look very early in the year and that's what they will play and I'm -- cub purist in a sectional semi. And of course being his only loss came -- -- north -- to -- nine so. I -- that match -- you're a great matchup or a 31. -- you know what's funny is we have talked now for a while. And we have we have not talked hardly at all but Germantown. And I just find that kind of funny lake -- -- we do we take it for granted. That Germantown was going to be -- had the German now -- turn now please Sussex Hamilton that white fish bait. You know that that's still in my eyes there's still the team to Pete. And tiger until somebody -- and walk -- -- and look for essentials played awfully well right now but we've gone. Two hours and fifty minutes it's hard to -- the Germantown team one time. I think you hit on him and I think the fact that they've been so good for so long and you know really you know Brooks what was -- don't. But you know that was the year they're down a few writers at the time but -- central's the only team to beat -- at full strength right. And I I think people -- -- -- okay you know. Until Brooks all bowl. You know -- central and king that's a great and I could lose -- all until Germantown plays king -- Brooks central I don't think anybody's gonna get real excited about it yet. Well I'll tell you what I. Look I think that you need to beat the champ before you know before is down -- and per -- -- did beat him. And if if that that -- -- -- central game will be something special Sussex Hamilton is starting to believe right now. They're gonna play a tough Germantown team and and they're gonna have to get something. For somebody other than bring reality is he's not can be you'll be him himself but he hit a three tonight at the buzzer mark. They're down to you I think a tie game tie game and he hit -- three to win that they had mark we have to get to -- -- we carry you over. Here we've only talked division 11 tackle division 234. In week carry over to the next one. Great thank you so much -- get to break this is the when he's varsity puts high school basketball scoreboard show. Presented by jurors on him and -- -- Sports Radio twelfth fifty WS SP. -- -- a tennis. It's. Years. -- when he's varsity -- high school basketball scoreboard to show presented by jurors on a Menard I'm sports pretty 1250. Soviets as Pete. I'm Mike we -- alongside my co host Paul wall of China first time at this station we've tried this. And this is going really well the last thing on I think hasn't -- -- first the first hour and a half with the scores come in and might -- -- saying game Seattle. Yeah it's been it's been great and I really appreciate all the guys that were -- watching games forest. You know I have from Eric blocked the rate Mike -- Joseph Wagner Jeff kittens when the -- -- James. In -- to Perry you know you guys just think he's so much for all all the hard work in and the help that that you give us. If -- listen who's showing you were at a game -- want talk about teams coming up on Thursday. Give us call it 4147991250. At 7991250. That's talk a little high school basketball we still have our mark -- on carried him over we have not talked to all but division two or three. Mark let's talk a little bit division to basketball. What anything jump off the page -- here. Well mom or survive again I mean one last Saturday at three in the bunker they are down two against Oregon and hit a -- at the buzzer to go to twenty -- in -- They wanted to double overtime tonight a woman on a -- Porno. And they got many close calls this year but they've been able. Eke out victories and all of those games obviously I'm not. -- -- coming up. On Thursday at -- That promises to be good game and and of course green -- -- get by union grove I'm I'm not sure how to perform you know -- -- good basketball team it's been a very challenging schedule this year. And in coach Johnson some tremendous job in getting that program. Back and it's the end and I think at seventeen wins and who -- McFarland in the comes -- at fourteen intent. On Thursday over and -- so I could mr. coach Johnson in the interest from important -- Yeah you know what we had -- -- student had a -- twice and he's one of the young guns that we talk about young guy. Bright -- and is Kennedy you know is work as hard as anybody out there and when Muzak -- gave mark. I says you stay -- it -- it. Peace and I am I'm not going anywhere unless -- -- if I got one phone call. So I went to green DL if they did they ever were to call -- -- hate we have an opening given trust that's the only place I would leave cut a four. And that's what happened. And -- got a good coach she's due -- a nice job over there. Absolutely and I you know I -- -- -- talked about earlier Paul -- but I think prize winning it being a little surprised me. And yet he's not just the fact that they got by and watch -- from. Not in the game last night and come back and go with a big win. -- -- star players and carry him all year -- Bradley. And Donovan Jackson -- in other role players come -- -- and Allen you know -- the -- but last year I am in they have some. Talent and of course have a good chance to go up against who I think -- that he -- paper -- was counts for. -- -- to anyone noticing interest in things we had -- Claussen and a little earlier this but he said -- -- they're very patient against smock are against Al white fish b.'s own. And that. To me is it shows the kind of job courts Claussen is done with his team this year because there was no patients early in the season with this team it was. It was very few passes and a quick shot and shot selection was a challenged. And not to it -- to hear that they they were taken 45 seconds a minute off the clock tonight -- have to get a good luck. Really says how far that pious team's come. Absolutely absolutely great points and and it will be coming I was on against it but it was -- -- -- But you know what they guys they have some players that are very good one on one players especially Jackson. We needed to go on -- he has often talked to stop. And then Bradley and -- probably against my advantage along the baseline just because of -- lying. Although you know it -- let's -- kids they're tough coming in and making a couple of inches shorter but. But that they're they're very very tough so that should be -- got really good team over. Earlier he and the other side Plymouth secure business they just they went to west and east and beat him soundly. And out. So surprised when you look at it in ultimately very good team but I east had a great season a little salmon and -- had some good size and so you know Plymouth that he it would put them -- -- finally get portion. Yeah I think it's they give port -- -- she avoided north. And I would think that -- would be the favored in that. I agree I agree on now other senior guard in the school's all time leading score -- -- Last night when a horse Langer. And -- excitement that should I mean you got to do a lot of different things they had a relationship coach up to me and ask me about. What he's doing for college and at that point -- was still undecided that it does an outstanding quarterback in football so you actually see what he decides to the next level that. You know Clement -- it was no fluke thing and there are very good team and and it would be arrogance or -- on the top -- against -- And west appeared in the third time and of course you were swept them. Hopefully I'll have to put our speed back you wait just a little bit Canadiens -- But you know he's their second leading scorer passing over Kurt are very good player. I'm I'm rooting for west appear -- that -- Yeah -- catching market -- -- -- -- -- is working and be at full strength and he went down pretty hard the first quarter of the but the second meeting between those two teams but ten days ago. And if you -- one game out of -- -- market recorded 33 points and I came he'd get forty last night and there -- Nash. -- -- -- you know what I'm looking forward to it and I and -- -- I think it's got a chance of happening is not a Wisconsin Lutheran Seymour. -- a -- -- Delhi India a really good match up if. At that that would be fun to watch because you have a whistle playing man to man and of course -- carpet -- 131 and force you know it was time to literature from the perimeter shots and -- some great -- athletes and -- -- -- game between PJ Pope can. Keith Franklin and the employer employee and then of course Colin and ask he or she morning -- -- would be fun game to watch. Guess it lets if we can let's go over to division three -- quick. You know the Brown -- east Troy game I know that you know east Troy. -- a lot of good players they beat Thomas Warren and then they beat Saint Francis I don't think any of us would would say that those are powerhouse is by any means. Brown -- I thought it. Took -- category -- a little bit harder than I thought that they would. I didn't think category -- that I can Emery Lutheran make that more of a game I did and so now Roger gets a chance to play I east Troy L watch -- west. Who do you like in that one more. All you know that's a good question I think that was probably heading into the postseason the most wide open up the sectional division -- any -- teams. You know could've won it you know -- and beat the Colonia. On three at the buzzer tonight to. It's crazy it's finally -- -- tough night. Yeah and you know what -- that would Colonia and according at -- strip -- earlier in the year and look like they're gonna pull it out and then Bennett and as freshmen somehow. But Barry tree in the hole -- while so I I think chemical round here electorate collectors I underneath that. In the strike that is fairly young. About -- what he's trying to make shots which are certificate or doing your they're very good shooting team. And it could escape with a win but I I I do a grounder to come out of that game. Who scoring against rip and who -- still -- we had you know of their. You know we've but we've had our fair share who -- got in the history of the regular Waller show I'm content. -- in and they get a chance -- to go to Beaver Dam will play -- -- on Thursday night. Yeah that's been pretty good -- -- siddiqui game. You know -- and passed -- players they're both freshmen under there under two of the better freshman Wisconsin their point guard -- -- as a is not a really good player for them so I like -- and brought -- to -- that sectional title but it should be fun games. -- -- 22 freshman. The lights are gonna get too bright for them -- on Thursday. I don't think so I really don't you know I hit a three pointer to win the game yeah yeah it's pretty tough that's. And it's a good point coach most of it. These guys Ohman and now you know -- -- back -- back and freshman year the -- that Ripken and the two kids that at the top part of -- bash. They played so much basketball -- by the time they hit. Let them in high school they're ready for the moment there -- -- staging it in. You know they're big they're really good players so I don't think -- -- will be too because two boys from up and. Hey mark think -- so much she was yet so much to the show and and died during the break you know Paul and I were singing your praises then we're -- lot of respect for you congratulations. On -- the B -- going to the hall of fame and and well deserved my front. But thanks -- -- -- -- really enjoyed the been with -- to cheer about. That's a great game next week we will see get -- -- -- Well we will we may reach out to -- -- -- while. So don't don't don't say good -- Duval Garcia Clark don't go too far we'll -- -- -- -- that's mark Millar -- a sports dot net. Anything that you needed in sports go there and ended check out the basketball. And stuff because that's what he does and if he does as well as anybody let's get to a break other said the break again if you're at a game. You wanna talk about your target -- the match -- coming up on March 6 give us call -- 4147991250. That's 7991250. This is the Wendy's varsity -- high school basketball scoreboard show presented by jurors on the Menard on sports ready at 1250. WS SP. There and I Reyes. And he's. Welcome back to -- -- he -- high school basketball scoreboard show. On sports pretty 1250 to BS ESP presented by jurors on him and -- If you ever wonder what it's like to be Sparky. Is it. You would could tour but -- if you as a group mineral day here yeah you do this more they can somewhat off. It's it's it's not very hard with you running the show I mean from the cheat and a I've been doing so with -- for two years every Saturday but before that -- bad guys you know -- come in maybe once a year ago I was still -- seen enough. Mean from when you first started doing this yeah. -- now mean you're like me right now when -- first -- he your Proehl. You're really -- he may make it really easy for me to Marcus Mario could you tape did you figure out where -- -- was -- only keep that tape. From Iowa quotes are a little hail we've got a special guest -- they Q for those -- by the way rod truly appreciated coach K from walking -- -- And a coach Soria. -- you there 91 Mario. Can you there. Are we lost him. He one of the talk cool bit let's try to get. He was that. He I think he was at the end of that west south central game. -- -- -- -- -- -- They did you know what if he. I'd like to know in the last time mass for won a conference championship which they did this year they did and it's been awhile -- -- you there. -- Loria Roy yeah. You don't -- -- you're doing okay. -- -- Good every fairway out but -- -- a good bet he you just certain kids you can't I was fats had there it is you showed that I'm what was better. That's a bumper sticker. You know what with -- lutherans are pretty good basketball team. They are on there there's not no no shame in going down to -- undaunted Wisconsin Lutheran and then now does -- just a great win yesterday. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- pop up. What it will somebody told -- this was coach I coach Cowher mask her down there -- -- Former coach Ed -- nobody world but ex torture yes Bob how are -- sorry coach and we're tired we're talking masters one we -- and we know that this this really obvious this turns up the stakes alone -- own coach. -- I'm at actually I was that when they retired -- blacks number yes I that was. Oh there they are soft and it felt. Well -- big gambler. I was a you know good experience. But I just wanted I wanted to tell you guys that I went to the west -- central in my coach Dave marsh -- it's probably more -- and -- Brandon key is the real deal. -- he's quick he's quick as a hiccup in many. -- -- -- -- I think any fear of not being central came out. I think they hit six -- of their first 73. Point shot. So then Hamilton an old -- double digits in the first happened more. For quite a bit of the game and then handled it actually came back and took a six point lead. But -- Central to swap Barrett -- It was a great. Man I'll tell you what they -- It for a while their look like central had obviously game in hand in Indy might get to be a -- -- and he came on Loney from what I understand. You know started knocking down shots and they they got -- -- back to that game with a chance to win he at the end it was clear that the ball went to up over the of the backboard there. Did it at the top of the four. -- they're you'd be talking about that went for a while I've got a scant physical some Hamilton argue the point at all or did -- always really I didn't notice that -- -- But what I -- game on the. It was a great game on act I mean central -- out when they got down by I believe it was 66 -- just give it up but man. A couple of shots. I am not mean they convert that breaks and it's -- since it was phenomenal. We know it's yeah we kind of thought we we're follow on the score here and and central was up big early June and then. -- came Hamilton -- came Hampton Hamilton gets a lead -- coach Rose exits six points and we kind of figured the next record. There's the the next reformer gonna get was at Hamilton won and was right and on and -- -- central comes back and wins it. Yeah. I just -- it is a great show and I thought I'm actually helped also small and -- Found that I hope to keep the sample Bolton didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You two about -- good talking it takes her time. Excellent. So he he was epic game and he's right. -- have got to tell you it is funny story to put the guard from all west L essential that you talked about. Operating -- -- -- I'm -- -- century walking through picking up a couple things and there's. Girl Scouts at the to -- the -- last chance sued by the year two boxes left c'mon can you buy one. And I -- the he had immature right out by I want this guy next we said hey if you give myself a little more pub on the radio maybe -- Bynum both for -- I see who's your son. He said brandy Q are you mad talking and -- -- even more than anybody else is -- you what I sit here I heard. I tell you what I'll buy -- both I heard there is a little -- A little mix up after the Hamilton gave that you need to stay out of he goes no no no that wouldn't be Matt that would mean this is -- you become the high school and psychopaths that -- and it's funny because. This is stuff I heard it and that's hard to brand his dad he's so proud of him as a -- -- -- And he EI tell you what they got the right coach -- right mix I was there this week given that student athlete of the week award. And he got a lot of sophomores there and there's a big group of kids should be a picture of it. And -- They you know are they and they don't know me from Adam how -- -- talking -- are currently chat a little bit and symbol we dissect it. He does understand. That I'm here to give this kid is to nip in and let me -- your senior -- -- had a couple kids raise your hand I see you juniors that are making this team go. If you don't knock off what you do when you're right now with me standing here you can lose to a -- -- And you're gonna let those seniors who go out that way and I you know what I -- group for them watching boards -- big smiles behind there and it's it don't let these seniors go while you need to take your business. You get them another week. If you're like almost -- look at him -- watching said hey you know this guy's won a lot of games he's coached for one time. And it was all of a sudden -- the whole attitude this group changed and all eyes were on me it was really good there for a minute so I I had a good time. Hey I need to throw shot out real quick congratulations to somebody. To Jeff chestnut in the mighty Eagles from calvary Baptist. They do. They won the -- state tournament today or did yesterday last night although it's awesome you know they had won what he's meant you graduate easily go up to net a usually go up and I didn't I didn't get there and they beat Mary -- at -- after it was 4443. In a Donnybrook. And Jeff chestnut the boys. I have so proud of them I'm so happy for that school in that group of kids is a struggle. For number years here you know when we heard there are 67 kids in the school right so you do you have a couple lean years it's tough to come back from. And died the early and and Jeff and and the guys over there -- Couldn't be more pride so happy that they got that -- let's get to a break other side of the break we're gonna wrap this thing up. But schemes system by the over the down 10294. With a minute to go. This is the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball scoreboard show presented by jurors on him and are on Sports -- 1250. -- SS eight. Being I soreness. News. Welcome back last segment. Wendy's -- -- -- high school bass was scoreboard to receive the best for last we absolutely did I do get a text from coach K I know such you. And -- -- figured that out after at through figured out it was -- best for last. And he's sorority head coach -- Sussex -- to join -- be any not a bad weekend for -- A Taylor's it's. An incredible arm and so -- toward kids and our seniors and Dutch just learned you know -- just the way we. -- Al -- nineteen nugget shot you hit quality quality opponents since 1990 and this year. Kettle marine team is outstanding and that they have outstanding year and they -- As far -- pressured a heck of the job and did tackle achievement unfortunately you know someone and lose those guys that Paul Miller -- you know for him and Brady being shot after big shot all my long and much you know fortunate trust -- mean. We have all -- -- What the score tied and you need to play on the big play and got -- on that much you know we we look for another week now. How did get done hunter they're played adult courts what -- get play it play out for a says -- -- listen -- how he got a tie game. Well whatever one that it would Nene tied it up and lives a little over a minute -- and it reaching down and we know we think they were switching defenses honest and we just kinda were. You know. Which would be great if she what we had to come up against and Dutch you know they went man and we just -- -- the ball and there's forty -- seconds left you can that it we're gonna keep collect shot. And we -- called and called two timeouts and -- segment and we it's what you thought that 22 seconds left he called timeout we ran a sure we granny. It's about a ball players tried you may have files if you -- they -- -- -- -- used them. You're in that time and then we are we used to time -- -- try to get a -- -- didn't -- -- ought to get about fifteen seconds left and got the ball in and got it back to Brady and -- you know we we -- -- Ford Colin and I each in -- you know either you know. Culture ball screen or -- He doesn't do any culture ball screen and actually went to his left and had three guys on -- and you know to jump strap. Had take -- steps through and put it up to that was the you know there was pandemonium -- that and really. You know we're worried that if you took so long can they played really -- -- on -- and I felt marketing agent options. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- more weaker coaches to -- too -- to obtain with these guys and just the law just what. You are -- -- you know yeah her you know just appreciate article yeah I mean yeah. Beauty of this you get so close to not only throughout the year but -- you -- with the seniors for four years and you just you don't want it to and you wanna be in that locker room. When you didn't come -- ahead and it's -- last game the -- You know you're -- -- in -- even seem at school every day but it's it's just never the same -- -- to be able to spend another week with some and have all the excitement in your school and and you know you can. -- -- You know what it what a great crowd a -- -- martial -- community just sort torture us -- student body language. I got pretty two options -- you can do you know where I am acutely than I just you know you -- there. -- your last night in the national we have pretty good following and so much in -- at -- Yeah I -- yeah more more people there then then. The homestead crowd and I just so I was just really impressed that you -- -- -- -- real. There's two spots -- a team then we'll talk about get a little because we've we were there last night coach Mack and I. Was when you guys got down by ten the way -- and cannot. You know and all he did make every shot but. He made get big -- -- jumper on the baseline to cut it to eat and I think gear your whole team took a deep breath. And then the other part was when you guys got their lead in the fourth quarter with five or six minutes to go all. And you spread the ball and it wasn't really a delay. It was really a control. Spread the floor where you guys really gonna get fall to get a -- and -- -- just ran it I thought to perfection was really a great job of coaching. Executed executed and then you know we did you know we weren't holding the ball we're looking to score and that's subject to park and -- -- -- You've got to the middle and get gently up and you know just -- -- on a -- -- hole and that are well organized as that was you know that's yet to. It's great and they executed -- just internal and that's who we did tonight to a mean and we churchgoer and the first 22 -- we -- our kids surely did and I should have a control of the temple -- -- on. Is that -- a game and even narrow holes signals team's young they can score points in each. That's our defense we forced by which we really tenacious approach you know not let them -- -- -- runs -- -- accustomed to and that you know partners successful program all -- long were they just want most and you know 810 point right -- and we did we did all that happened in and even then we got Beltran it wasn't a run that hurt us in this -- that -- it's critical shots but it was such. Knowledge that the pace of the game was still on our -- -- so much but it weakened. Absolutely nine you -- I -- you wanna enjoy those two he spoke at night if you can't if you can control the better for example against Germantown. The event then -- really be a challenge. Yeah you know an actress and Djokovic. Actually out there there there at a restaurant -- -- nobody -- movement toward a -- with you know. Yeah central and what essential and we played -- -- by the Dubuque yeah you know. Do you treat your yard or part time player and I don't concede that he got forward. They have yet to divisional -- and -- -- such. You're attributed to players that -- under achievement that are not we're just huge team that we battled them so I mean we know we we played most any games in addition to my guys are ready. You guys -- battle tested. You and I -- -- this is you know we've done this over and over -- -- -- he's got to trust what we've been doing and you know it just is such a loss -- you know. Entity and it. Hopefully -- leader overlook -- and certainly get ready for a appear in her a couple hour right over. -- over the last but certainly we're we're gonna go over to compete and we'll do we do it and auctioned off it's going to be a you know -- you know. Oh yeah actually. Get it done -- I really pride do you are your boys thank you so much your time. Do you think every guy -- there and do a great job thank you thank you CAD -- head coach at -- Hamilton they played. Germantown at white Jewish state Thursday at 7 o'clock guys take you so much the -- club. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Presented by -- by jurors on and Menard. On Sports Radio 1250. -- -- -- --