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03/01/14: Gery Woelfel on the Pick N' Save Basketball Post Game Show

Mar 2, 2014|

Radio Joe catches up with Bucks insider, Gery Woelfel and discusses Junior Bridgeman’s’ return to Milwaukee and the possibility of him becoming a part owner of the Bucks. Also, what are Ramon Sessions and OJ Mayo’s role in the future with the franchise?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get inside the locker room and break this one away. -- insider Gary global -- do you -- -- -- -- by the Thomas -- offices. This is the big save basketball post game joke. On the only station Bucs fans need. Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Derrick missed eagle Chris on the north side hang and gets you coming up. We got gear -- for right now -- -- and the great in West Bank hotline I Jerry are you. Well. How many perfectly honest with you Gary I did not watch a single bit of this game tonight. I went to the -- Vince Lombardi dinner. Which was. Which was unbelievable it was probably one of the coolest experiences of my -- And I mean I'd rather be there then watch a box game -- You know how -- you. Yeah yeah I mean that then that's no brainer amstel light what it was mostly in the production now. All men was great Bart Starr being in the same room Bart Starr and Robin -- and I just answering -- -- but. -- stock blocks your your thoughts on tonight's game. Well put it first like a question for you if you government junior -- and USC's -- On -- I talked to him for like two seconds on Friday wanted to put him on hold for the -- Michael -- outside of that that's about it. Yeah he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever be period in any walked -- -- you know. And obviously usually very very itself ballplayer but we've -- them. Yeah yeah it was like. So -- But just an outstanding human being than anyway this night is in the words were that you know you think Herb -- and so he will keep. The Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee. And I'm taught -- what. Junior Britain does not make outlandish comment. Talents he knew that in the hyperbole. They have for him to save. Thank liberty airport and should be very very -- Well that's interesting because there is something that I didn't -- on Friday when he was honorable Michael show. On he said that he's a part owner in the Sacramento Kings and he can't only -- can't co owned two different teams at the same time. So my question is I mean he's gonna have to sell the kings are his portion. -- from the kings in order for him to you know be a part order in the Milwaukee Bucks it's Delaware they can happen right. Well I mean -- Richmond obviously -- money you -- what misery as well. I think good from the -- for the -- -- -- -- -- -- can you go up. But but yeah that it won't be an issue negative fees -- -- the the size commit to commitments we've been part of the books ownership. And Herb -- besides that go with that group. You know say -- -- -- four. Is there a front runner right now I mean we we've heard that you know David Kahn was -- like the lead guy and all this I mean is there such is there's someone who's really ahead of everyone else that good. Buying into this bucks team. What sixty foot -- no question -- Group is not in the weeds from what I was told is one of 45 groups that have shown interest you know in person -- books. For -- you know corners with -- I have further what you want but -- -- that's -- -- because it's purely speculation. I don't have any cities and countries but -- sided and so that was. One group that was up four for. Aren't obvious is Steve -- bone -- Gary Wolff for the received journal times here in Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Larry Giroux continues. Put up. Identical line -- it's been sort of a consistent lineup we've seen now. For last several games -- of Ersan Ilyasova Chris Middleton Zaza Pachulia -- Walters Brandon Knight. On are you surprised that her side and Zaza are starting more sold and guys like John Henson -- -- -- -- Now that really I think you know no matter what you know -- -- -- could be part of it this year the odds are pretty good group so be part of into the if you but he's still got showcase it -- mean if you you got to keep the stack up. Playing big minutes hope he does some. Monstrous games and -- point somewhere where you feel that you -- want to trade him for a bit for the first round pick you know you pull the trigger. But. You know end of the box at the finish line here I just hope that they play and some major minutes that they get a find out what are the guys stands. You know it in their future. The guys got a title some potential and and I think what he has some local major minutes you know. Is -- -- birdie very darn good player. You're darned -- is the investments -- here for a couple more minutes and Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Bomb. I'm I'm trying to think about what what the situation that is going forward with reminds sessions and -- Gmail. Because sessions -- point three minutes put up sixteen points on eleven of eleven from the free throw line so that's. And that's good and then OJ -- point three minutes as well. -- nine points for him he's been kind of finding his stroke a little bit more I use -- from the field tonight. I mean could it. I would be just. Honestly I would I wouldn't be surprised of reminds sessions returns is a -- next year. Is OJ Mayo tradable at all the off season could could you see the bucks -- deal we know Gmail. Well -- be Shaq -- for one person wasn't about next year for the next couple years I think he's -- And what you're seeing them pretty much -- for player backcourt rotation. And I think they might stick with that now you never say never because. You know they would -- the draft and who else -- you -- one -- -- -- like -- so we're smarter. You know one -- these other -- become expendable but I absolutely would trade -- -- -- you know for the right price. But you know they didn't just 44 billion dollars until the summer. They and you know they they obviously feel you know he's further -- Boy while. There's there's still a time. Where -- you know it is scary I spend too much time around Sparky and there I'm telling -- I think I am turning into one it's weird on holes in a NASCAR show now we want him to do the -- show I got out of that but I mean my goodness. He might be he might be in the state and that's cool that that's our -- Yeah yeah the airport and so and so you know revenues could great. Have you caught up on your sleep finally. That really put. But -- ridiculously put your -- so. That's right. For a long long time. Barry Gary why always appreciated how will -- -- -- Monday night when the Bucs take on the Utah Jazz. Yet you got -- there is Gary -- the Racine journal times racing sports on dot com. 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