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03/01/14: Pick N' Save Basketball Post Game Show

Mar 2, 2014|

Nets beat Bucks at the BMO 107-98 Radio Joe wants to know: What is ONE WORD that describes this season? (other than the word "tanking")

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Can the following is a special presentation of Sports Radio 1250 WS -- been -- -- sports station and rub. Bucs fans. This is the big save basketball post game show. -- love this show what your thoughts on tonight. 4147991250. 1250 dot com and don't forget that with the show at twelve. Let's just -- -- give us your take on FaceBook dot com slash twelve DW -- Now -- your host Steve Spartan fight for. On Sports Radio 1250 WS -- being. -- -- -- -- Is the Bucs lose again tonight 107 and nine BA we are one more day closer to the 2014. NBA draft. And I know I did not watch the game tonight. All -- minute my boss might kill me but that's okay. You know what it really it doesn't matter tonight. I'm Mario Jose and still filling in -- -- working Phifer once again on the pick and save as well post game show on Sports Radio 1250 to BS's beatings are joining me tonight. Com why I was not watching the bucks game well was pretty simple and I think if you -- my issues. You wouldn't be watching the Hawks game either he had the opportunity like I did I had the chance of on going to the Vince Lombardi dinner tonight. And dom may be one of the coolest experiences. -- my -- Mom. -- -- tonight not announce his retirement from the Vince Lombardi foundation he's been a part of it for 44 years. On. And him and his wife just aside for personal reasons to just wrapped things up parts are now lie eighty years old he's been married to his wife for sixty years. I was really nice being in the same room with one of the packer greats one of the packer legends. On it was just the real privilege and then on top of that Robin -- was there they were honoring him tonight. Every year they honor someone very special and this year Robin -- was the honorary so -- A special thanks to bill Michaels who played a big part putting that together for invited me it was a lot of fun. I kind of followed the Bucs game on my phone a little bad but when you when Bart Starr is speaking. Who cares about the box right now. They are eleven and 47 on the season they are awful. And that's fine continue to lose continue to do -- thing. But look at the box score tonight. This is this is the same old same mall -- -- goes out and puts out the same lineup. Ersan Ilyasova Chris Middleton Zaza Pachulia -- Walters Brandon Knight now nice nice teammate Walter starting. Once I start looking right away at who played tonight off the bench. And cool is put up all these minutes OJ mailed twice three minutes tonight nine points -- four of seven from the field. -- sessions 23 minutes sixteen points for sessions. That tee on the tie with Chris Middleton for most points tonight. For the box at sixteen. So he's -- minutes John Henson came off the bench once again nice to see him get some more playing time 26 minutes to a five from the field. Along with six points. And they -- Ers signed 22 minutes 9/11 points Walters. Getting the start ninety minutes three of six from the field just seven points. So while Matt Walters is getting the start ease not get in a whole lot of playing time and once again the Bucs like to go. To their veterans and OJ Mayo Ramon Sessions is is this is now been the same old song and dance. For the last week or two when -- and for me I'm just I'm getting kinda irritated with that. Yeah I decided to go -- -- -- 28 minutes along with twelve points three of seven from the field off five of nine from the -- he's gonna need some work. Are going forward as a free throw shooter. And you look at then that's what they did in this game tonight I mean Marcus Thornton was really the man of the hour. I caught like the last five minutes of the broadcast of the bucks radio network -- -- that -- Ted Davis Marcus Thornton kind of lighting things up for the nets and -- news theories on why the nets won this game 24 minutes eight of thirteen from the field 25. Points and Andray Blatche with a double double tonight nineteen points thirteen Boortz. -- -- -- -- Tonight's topic is very simple box stands. I want one word that defines this season one work. And there's one -- you're not allowed to use because I know everybody is -- to use it. We need to have a little creativity here tonight -- it's very simple we need creativity. The word you're not cloudy uses -- I don't want to hear that work are right and -- -- is that call up and say it's taking Joseph clicked your god I'll -- yet you won't even get on the errors no. I want some creativity tonight if you look at this entire buck season Bucs fans what is the one word. You would define. This -- season. It can be something very positive thing to be very uplifting work because after all that stinking and your goal went into the draft so I guess that's a -- I'm very positive thing. Or just admit that this season Sox at this -- season is off. 4147991254147991250. -- we shall live it's Sports Radio 1250 dark out you can FaceBook -- -- are twelve -- 1250 WS says speed. In the Bucs lose tonight. 10798. I did not watch the game because I was at the Vince Lombardi dinner and and frankly I could care less. Range I I talked to Joe Brown on Friday he's on the other side of the glass -- -- I told Joe Brown a Mike and man if anything big happens in this game just shoot me attacks -- -- -- And I didn't get anything tonight outside of the fact that we couldn't cut highlights salt so it doesn't appear that anything happened now if you were at the game tonight. I'd like to know what was the reception for Jason Collins when he was introduced or if he was introduced or when he came onto the court. Pot were there any boos applause I am curious about that -- really on the know wanna know about this game but the question tonight Bucs fans a simple. What is one. Word to describe this buck season 4147991254147991250. Couples are what Joseph -- -- -- us out in new joy easy. Your first up in the big and -- best -- game shows -- Joseph. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are -- great at it and have a big hit street Joes done it in the -- right now -- pretty exciting. You're damn right man Joseph is an awesome name I. Very underrated. It's silly about it at Berkeley to give you one word that -- discrepancy now -- exciting. -- You know I I -- -- the save our puck movement I think you know we put in my together a billboard up and we're finally seeing potentially -- rebuilt that is. Extremely exciting to me. I entered in terms of the game tonight what it really that much going on with the Jason can't think -- came into the game briefly. It was kind of you know just the subs damion in the -- without -- But what I would I would just wanted to talk spoke very briefly and it -- with you see and talk about it under. It's something we saw tonight that I've been witnessing the entire season that is been very troubling for me is the Bucs defense tendencies and explicitly what they want -- talk about it they're double teaming tendencies and tonight. You're talking about -- -- got extremely hot from distance. And what happened two possessions in a row late in the fourth quarter when the game which still well within reach in and him bringing that -- because the book report that they actually are still trying to win games are trying to be. Competitive. And what they did is cute cute -- in a -- Brandon Knight initially and then Ramon Sessions after that they left. A wide open hot three point shooter to double team Paul Pierce in the -- now they called timeout after the second time. And they did the same thing and what happened after the -- out. They brought a double team from down in the post to Russia the three point shooter which slept a wing player wide open and -- -- -- a layup. And I didn't -- that the entire eastern. They double team guys in the baseline -- wide open corner three and and -- wish that people talk about that that that. That either coaching -- if you or if the player -- and I don't hear anyone talking about it and that he repeatedly. And they need it just in modern basketball -- -- say you don't leave wide open three point shot particularly on the wing. It's a part of our program and that kind of scares me and turned it whether you're gonna continue coaching. The thought that came up there and what you guys talk about it if you want you but I still think that you -- I think we had a chance the topic. Are right -- always appreciate the phone call meant for 147991254147. -- 91250. Arm. This is part of the reason why the Bucs -- 1147. It's it's very very simple the Bucs and Joseph is right. They believed in a lot of hot shooters wide open throughout the season I mean this is Ben. -- -- current theme and if there's someone to blame for that. It might be aware -- true. It might actually be -- juror if this is a problem that his continued. Night in and night out this bucks team what is Larry Drew trying to do to make this better description of the Bucs are trying to be competitive here. If Herb -- really wants his team to be competitive. And actually -- in games. There has to be some blame where it -- not for me. I guess I can really care less because. I -- over time that's gonna mature you got a lot of young guys on the court and you got a lot of guys mean remember. When this bucks team was assembled at the beginning of the year there -- only what four returning players from last year's team so I mean. It's gonna take some time for all these guys to gel and they have a little bit a chemistry and -- really bringing everything together. And with all the movement around the season all of the from players have been -- coming in and out of this roster. You know you can say that's part of the reason why. They can guard anybody in the leaving people wide open -- different ways of looking at it but bottom line this team this is bad for -- Third is back and it's gonna it's gonna take some time. Where these guys that figure it out if you keep your core people would you keep goddess of you keeps John -- if you keep Larry Sanders he keep Walters Brandon -- these guys. And have -- sort of figure it out together. You would think things -- get better but Larry -- I guess I'd have to put the blame on him for a change. I'd still honestly I'd still like to -- surgery come back -- next -- give him a second chance. I really do I don't think it's all his fault he's got some of the blame but the coaches seems very -- Resting unit I've Bucs fans what is one word to describe this season you gotta pick one work right now you can give me your thoughts on tonight's game because I -- watch it. 'cause I was at the Lombardi -- so you guys. Help me out tonight. One word to describe this buck season and you're not allowed to use the word -- -- is forbidden on the show I don't wanna hear it we know the Bucs are tanking. I don't when he here at why should have a little bit more creativity 4147991254147991250. Any know the show live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com Mike leaving the game lawyers rarely senator you're next up on the pick and -- basketball post game shows the Bucs lose tonight. 107 and 98 with some -- They Oklahoma. That's so that's something that they get -- I think they could -- -- here. -- that -- think it's that important here. I called the well the -- black artists of sorts because of the it's thing. Back in it's only got reality -- that you. We -- thought he had before that we -- -- we put a couple that are around those guys and look what happened in 2000 about the Ortiz. Where we were pretty -- about India. Well I'd say it is this year can be very successful that we can get a guy like. Jabari Parker -- I think -- partner is going to be more like a Grant -- So I like how I'd like to pick up. My brother works for -- -- -- -- I'm not gonna say -- about the lyrics work that's what it's even agent. And that's what you -- thinking. Gonna be. Greg and I threw it well. I don't think that. The -- -- trap and beat because if you look at the last couple years and don't want to work went -- wanted technician at. And then because without it it the new carpet treatment and fortunately. The Nittany I think it now that we play. If you agree or not but I honestly think you get apostolic big. So solid big men and they win which superstar -- thanks. -- Mike thanks for the call. Well that's a good point. Mean you think about the Miami Heat they really don't -- dominant big man I mean Chris Bosh is the closest thing to -- it but. The wing guys are Dwyane Wade and LeBron James all day. In the thunder they've got Russell Westbrook and talk Kevin Durant. And they don't have really a dominant big man. Insurance and some very interesting. Point from -- But he -- successful. -- so we've got exciting and we've got -- successful. One -- To describe this buck season Bucs fans 4147991254147991250. Again. You're not allowed to use the word -- that is forbidden on tonight show the -- -- 10798. A lot to get to aunts and I shall talk with the BS is he best ones that are Gary Walpole. -- from Larry -- -- inside the locker room. I take a look at attain -- as well and knows -- -- bridge in night tonight. We -- some time I will play back he had junior bridge for an interview with bill Michaels. From Friday so. Stay tuned for that as well again Bucs lose and I won all 79. You're the -- it's -- basketball post game show right here on Sports Radio 1250 WS is very. Welcome back Bucs fans the Bucs lose tonight one -- seven and 98 to the Brooklyn nets. It's been in say basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 WS says -- radio Jose Enzo opponent -- Sparky -- For a while until Sparky gets back from -- beautiful sunny Arizona -- Weathers is his socks. Off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we have to risk our lives now we have to get from point a to point B I'm just I'm getting tired of it. Breaks almost locked up tonight and the interstate almost rear ended someone -- -- it's just -- -- you need. -- -- -- -- -- Via the Bucs lose and I won all 79 -- were asking you Bucs fans you got one word one word -- pick one word to describe. This bought season. What would it be 414799125414799. -- -- you can email shall live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com also. -- social media FaceBook and Twitter please use -- there is one word though you are not allowed to use and that would be the word tanking. You cannot use the word tanking because we all know that's the quite obvious I want a little bit more creativity today -- you Bucs fans. What is one word is -- this season so far I have heard successful. And I have heard -- exciting. Let's say you 4147991250. Go to Michael's -- us out of North Carolina Europe next on the -- and say best bubbles can show us a Mike. They're -- and L. All I'll try to make quick I hate to be why in the first like two years as a program based ranking up from the -- -- I had a job change but. I my one word would be community. And I think with you looked at like organizations like. Save our box dot com. And real GM and I don't realize I I don't understand why. I I came to beaches are I don't with -- -- right now. If they -- to get some money that went and talked to -- These. Cronies. Of our -- cold so to speak. It's a -- we are trying to keep the organization. In Milwaukee. Why don't they work together. And try to come up with some resolution. Make sure that the bucks in Milwaukee Islanders played a playoff that -- you have. Junior Britain and it was that the game tonight in -- coming on Monday. It's. I don't understand why we don't try to make more of an effort. Towards it's -- I was very I would still eluding them Milwaukee. I would go and not what I would try and do what -- I could keep the bucks in Milwaukee. Mike thanks to the call. I did a post game show -- wild back on I don't know how many people -- -- went on but I'd I'd put. Something out there and I honestly I don't see what the big deal is about that's what you guys that think about it from. On the -- Saunders. Either Major League soccer team very successful. On they were put together. What -- or talk about soccer here but the point is. When they got into the smallest back in Italy 2007. Did what they did what the organization did what these what the owners -- And what the GM -- and what all what the entire front office that was is that you know what we need to put this out to the Saints. We need to get the fans involved we need to sit down with the fans and whatever they want we can work. We can work together and make this team everybody's favorite team. So what they would do was David had season ticket holders that would get on this board and then. You know usually monthly -- depending on however work they would sit down with the owners they would sit down with management and they say. -- all this is how we see things this is how you know we'd like to see things changed whatever and the owners were open to what they listened to. And it works out really well. The the ticket holders also had. The the chance of firing their GM they could -- out their GM -- that they don't like what they were -- Which really works well I mean you can take a voted you don't like we Jonny Evans doing for example you could -- -- -- I mean they gave. It gave fans that type of power power to the people -- gave -- that type of power and that -- control and. And it works so well on Seattle. And that format does it seems it doesn't work anywhere else work. -- most surprise why doesn't work anywhere else pay for an organization like Milwaukee. White kid if you like that. Why can't the people from -- bucks dot com have the opportunity to sit down with herb called still look this is how we see it I mean this is how we we -- -- and -- about sacked Tom and anyone else. Who wants to keep this team in Milwaukee. Was on the same page she. Don't want to keep the team so why not just sit down and have a conversation about. I -- because the bottom line is -- to get this new stadium. The fans have to be sold they have -- -- -- buy it would have to pay any type attacks. They want to at least be on the same page with Herb Kohl and I'm surprised -- -- -- doesn't give the fans the opportunity. -- I wonder -- -- -- Zach Thomas. Reached out or Herb Kohl or is reached out to the box and -- -- I mean. Anyway we could sit out what the senator just you -- lay out what we think is right for the strange is going forward and what we'd like to see. To keep this franchise here Milwaukee I don't understand what a -- what a big deal that would beat. If your Herb -- -- Herb -- doesn't do a ton of media interviews he's he keeps himself. But if he's so adamant about keeping everything here he should be able to hear what the fans -- sing about. What he has to say when the fans -- -- So. I don't know that that surprises me that really surprised me. If you can work for Seattle. And by the way speaking of Seattle. -- -- this at this bucks team gets sold. You never all they could -- Seattle. And that's Seattle fan base out there is a very passionate fan base between the -- owners and the Seahawks. They love sports out there and they'll be more than willing to take the Milwaukee Bucks -- So I deserters and why you can't just sit down and this at least have a talk. Herb Kohl has to agree with everything needs to do with the fans say but at least be on the same changed as I told the senator. Is what that I you might be a little bit out of touch I don't know. 414799125414791250. Were asking -- Bucs fans tonight. What word to describe the season what would be your not allowed to use the word tank let's go back to back up to the phones Tony on the -- Next on Sports Radio twelve that he was a Tony. -- -- It's -- they weren't -- about it. So he's an uneventful. Here -- Well -- I don't know of all the blame on coach you were saying -- it -- it is important that it coach. I don't all the -- -- -- good about it is the way to vehicle. -- you say fire Larry -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When firing. Not to put topic -- that the coach look like they're trying to open I would. I want you know economy's bad when we got to work right. Here he could -- play -- So -- a 41 as a head coach. All went -- -- Yahoo! you want. Don't. -- Doug Collins I think I can't -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I -- You know why want as a head coach in merger does it fire you don't -- -- want is that gorge on George Karl he. What George Karl in this city running this team that's what I want as a head coach. I don't want you know what no more of this you know. Young. Young guy a rookie nonsense I wanna guy I want. A seasoned -- -- -- drew is a season back. And he said to handle a lot down in Atlanta are -- and coming up here he had a pretty decent Resnick. I'm OK with keeping Larry Drew for another year. Because I don't -- -- -- was expecting this team to be this bad and for him I think he's exhaust. I'll say that again I'll say it a million times I'm not -- you're -- larger but if the Bucs decide to fire him. You can't bring in a new guy. You've got to bring in a guy with a nice track record a guy who's gonna get the job done. I'd love to have George Karl come. 41479912541479912. To -- -- we're asking you Bucs fans what's one word to describe this season met on the south side Europe next in Sports Radio 1250. Yeah I was they were awarded to strike fear in their nightmare I don't people are overlooking. -- him. First time you get -- French actually detached from his worst in the NBA true and that's -- nightmare. -- no defense or offense coaching this question born in Andrews of course. But you know obviously not -- experts -- -- at a but I guess -- audience you know look -- -- -- top front -- tries. Our -- also mentioned I didn't work extra -- -- -- you have freshmen we're trying our routes -- -- you know starter. Appreciate your -- you've achieved all but we need to keep it shouldn't aren't you look at it and -- -- Teams being in Milwaukee. -- -- -- -- -- -- When I was in the character issue it toward Maroney equipment that -- -- -- -- -- what -- you want want okay. Like I picked -- a great future. And one has been -- -- our thanks for the comment -- so met had a -- with the senator tonight. And senator said all right I can assure you have to keep the team here I mean I trust Serb call OK I don't wanna you know I don't want to keep ripping on the -- You know whether you're whether you're Herb -- fan or not what -- I mean if he is so adamant about keeping this team here then what more can you ask you have to take his work. -- -- -- -- I would hate to see and sell this team and then they move out to Seattle or wherever else he -- an Herb -- will be viewed is maybe the most hated man. In the city and you know it. Not a good reputation that. I wanna I wanna trust him but at the same time. We know how we know we we know how he's this quote -- or how we gets involved with the team when he shouldn't. And why this team continues to be the -- see why this team continues to -- his. Truck right along heard you know truck along and tread water in this and that. So. I wanna trust -- really 14147991254147991250. Daring drag. Everyone is on hold stick right there we've got -- woeful coming up next. I he's -- a really tight schedule so we'll get to Gary well -- we'll talk with Gary. And -- for you guys that are on hold right now stay right there I promised I will get you guys we got a lot to get to on the show still tonight. Again we'll do the tank -- We will -- go it's a blocker we are from marriage or there's a lot to get to on tonight shows I ever won on -- stay right there or -- -- what is one word. To describe this bug season you're not allowed to use the word tanking. That sick period. And dot right now we've had a whole bunch of different so we've heard uneventful we've -- successful exciting we've also heard a nightmare. Off from our previous caller 41479912. -- -- and it's some your FaceBook and Twitter it's coming up. As while the -- lose tonight won all 798. Got more than you can say -- bubbles can show coming up next ready on Sports Radio 1250 WS is Dave let's. It inside -- locker room and break this one way. -- insider Gary global front do you -- routines and by the Thomas -- offices. This is the big save basketball post game show on the only station Bucs fans need. Sports Radio 1250 WS sixteen. -- listen I won all 790 -- big save basketball post game show here -- Sports Radio 1250 WS this BM radio -- and Zola. Derrick missed eagle Chris on the -- hang and gets you coming up. We got -- -- for right now joining me and the great in West Bank hotline I Gary are you. Well. How many perfectly honest with you Gary I did not watch a single bit of this game tonight. I went to the -- Vince Lombardi dinner. Which ones. Which was unbelievable it was probably one of the coolest experiences of my life. And yeah I mean I'd rather be there then watch a bucks game like. You -- yeah. Yeah yeah I mean that then that's no brainer amstel light what it was mostly in the production now. All men was great Bart Starr being in the same -- Bart Starr and Robin -- and I just answering -- -- but. -- stock blocks your your thoughts on tonight's game. Well put -- first like a question for you if you government junior -- and USC's -- way. All I talk to him for like two seconds on Friday -- -- -- to put him on hold for the -- Michael -- outside of that that's about it. Yeah he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever be. Period in any walk -- life you know and obviously usually very very itself ballplayer you know what we've built and yeah yeah it was like. So -- But just an outstanding human being than anyway this night is -- up in the words were that you know you -- Herb -- and so he will keep. The Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee. And I'm taught -- what. Jim Everett and those that make outlandish comment. Talents he -- that in the hyperbole. They have for him to save I think every era in -- these dirt area -- Well that's interesting because there is something that I didn't realize on Friday when he was -- Michael show. On he said that he's a part owner in the Sacramento Kings and he can't only -- can't co owned two different teams at the same time. So my question is I mean he's gonna have to sell the kings are his portion. -- from the kings in order for him to you know be a part order in the Milwaukee Bucks it's Delaware that can happen right. Well I'm -- -- Richmond obviously it was money you -- what misery as well. I think good from the -- for the black. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But yeah that it won't be an issue but it it -- that was the -- -- commitments we've been part of yeah books ownership. And Herb -- sides that go with that group. You know say -- -- ball four. Is there a front runner right now I mean we we've heard that you know David Kahn was kind of like the lead guy and all this I mean is herself -- someone who's really ahead of everyone else that good. -- -- into this bucks team. What at sixty foot -- no question -- Group is not in the weeds from what I was told -- -- one of 45 groups that have shown interest you know in -- books. For -- you know corners with -- I have -- there -- -- but a league that's sitting out because it's purely speculation. I don't have any cities and countries but there sided and so that was. One group that that was -- forefront. Talk rebellious is Steve -- bone -- Gary -- for the Racine journal times here in Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Larry Giroux continues. Put up. Identical line -- it's been sort of a consistent lineup we've seen now. For last several games -- of Ersan Ilyasova Chris Middleton Zaza Pachulia Nate Walters Brandon Knight. On are you surprised that her side and Zaza. Are starting more sold and guys like John Henson -- -- -- -- Now that really I think you know no matter what you know -- -- -- to be part of it this year the odds are pretty good group so be part of into the it feels that he's still got showcase it I mean if you you get it you can stack up. Play -- big minutes hope he has some. Monstrous games and -- -- point somewhere where you feel. -- you might -- trade him for a bit for the first round pick you know you pull the trigger. But. You know it and the box that the finish line here I just hope that they play and some major minutes that they get a find out winners this -- -- You know it in their future. The guys got a title some potential and I think when you -- -- garbage minutes you know. Is he's -- very target player. You're -- -- is Steve as -- -- -- -- for a couple more minutes and Sports Radio 1250 WS says the bomb. I'm I'm trying to think about what. What the situation that is going forward with reminds sessions and -- -- Because sessions tonight's point three minutes put up sixteen points on eleven of eleven from the free throw line so that's. And that's -- and and then OJ -- point three minutes as well. -- nine points for him he's been kind of finding his stroke a little bit more I use for seven from the field tonight. I mean could it. I would be is. Honestly I would I wouldn't be surprise of -- sessions returns is a -- next year. Is OJ Mayo tradable at all the off season could could you see the bucks -- deal we know Gmail. Well critical -- active for one person wasn't about next year for the next couple years I think he's -- And what you're seeing that pretty much days for player backcourt rotation. And I think they might stick with that now you never say never because. You know they would -- -- draft and they help you pick one of the guards like -- -- -- You know one of these other guys become expendable but I absolutely would trade -- -- -- you know for the right price. But you know they didn't 44 billion dollars until the summer. -- and you know they -- obviously -- -- -- he's further -- Boy while. There's there's still a -- Or right you know it is scary I spend too much time around Sparky and there I'm telling -- I think I am turning into one it's weird on holes and a NASCAR show now we want him to do the -- show I got out of that but I mean my goodness. He might -- he might be. -- and that's cool that that's -- -- Yeah -- -- the airport and so and so you know revenues could great. Have you caught up on your sleep finally. That really put. But it ridiculously put your -- so. That's right. For a long long time. Barry Gary why always appreciated how will talk -- you Monday night when the Bucs take on the Utah Jazz. Yet you got -- there is Gary willful -- journal times racing sports on dot com. Join us on the rib in West Bank hotline turn the key would GM be now through July if you're looking to buyer refinance a home like -- and West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you can live. Mortgage -- greatly West Bank simply local let's go back out to the phones guy's been on hold for a while. -- -- a Chris on the north side you're next up on the thing and -- best couples came shows were asking you Bucs fans tonight. What is one word to describe this season you're not allowed -- -- were tanking what's up Chris. Yeah. I could've lowered -- to -- the -- in there and -- -- Jabari parkers let go. It will wait we're gonna come out and let live and abide at a topic was -- you -- probably the most tight take. -- -- -- it could be and we can but I like Jabari Parker. Do like -- -- rocket series going Parker thanks on the -- Crist backs -- -- Parker. Or Jabari. One word to describe the buck season -- it again you're not allowed to use the word -- Darren a mosquito Europe next on the -- and say best bubbles team shows the Bucs lose tonight again this -- of the Brooklyn nets 10798. Let's of their. -- -- -- -- -- -- I call it either inspiring. Why yes because -- don't know what the puck should have been doing. Every four years ago losing. And it and it -- it's a tough place -- being. -- this way -- MBA built. You got to lose to get that number one draft picks -- you this year and mixture. Because these are whether -- that it is right now there -- Jabari Parker this year. Some next year or you're -- every game -- me and -- better -- -- you know we're Jabari Parker. Why hope with Parker or Wiggins -- and beat whoever they get I'd expect the bucks to be better next season on we are -- the artist out. Right there. Then you get another top ten. And then you -- on their -- at a hundred -- doesn't you gotta keep Barack -- you're gonna -- read it a lot. You get a good period and held area and didn't have a problem water -- walking out ready -- They can't expect. I. -- championship caliber team next year right I agree there Darren thanks for the comment. Yeah absolutely not it's not gonna happen overnight once you draft one of these top three guys it's it's not gonna happen. It's just not if it does happen -- you have the next Michael Jordan nine your team. But it's it's it's not gonna happen. And for all we know -- fans. This if -- John Hammond misses somewhat of these specially with willow John Hammond has a very good draft history. If he misses someone of these picks it's gonna set this team back even further we have to understand the magnitude of that. Before we start get really excited. There is a very high possibility that they can miss on one of these guys Jabari Parker could be one of the biggest busts ever lets hope not. What I mean it could happen we don't know. -- and Greg Oden was drafted every once said he was -- -- the next what ever and look what happened to him. I mean it's so easy to mess -- look for the Portland trailblazers when they drafted -- -- mean it set them back but they are a little bit smarter going forward and now they have a very very good basketball team they have a very good core. And they don't have a superstar in LaMarcus Aldridge -- the best guy and that team. But they're not mean they've got a good at court you can win in this league with a good core and that's what the Bucs have to do right now -- surges. They could -- -- -- the super server for the most part they're gonna have to find guys are gonna play water to being good team leaders and they're gonna hit their shots. And they're gonna get the job done night in -- nine. That's what's gonna have to happen. 4147991254147929. And twelve -- deal to ignore your phone calls coming a Mexican -- -- you what's one word to describe this -- season you're not allowed to use the word tanking. Get to -- your Twitter hits and FaceBook kids coming up on the outside of the break and we'll go inside the -- as -- also a lot to get to. I inside the bought books locker room and we'll hear from Larry -- -- -- I won -- 798 -- radio Joel's Enzo opponent perceived Sparky -- again tonight and didn't say best bubbles in show here on Sports Radio 1250 WS this day. Inside the box what do you -- Culligan water. You're listening to the -- saved basketball post game show. Only station Bucs fans and Sports Radio 1215 WS -- -- Bucs lose -- -- won all 790 eight's pretty oh Joseph filling in for Steve Sparky Phifer yeah I didn't watch the game I was at the Vince Lombardi dinners but Michaels just said in their promo. On. What an experience I gotta say and if you're unable to get tickets is here is open of the public it's a little pricey but I'm telling you. You'll have the night of your life. On. Next year when this happens it was it was quite the experience tonight. On being in the same -- with Bart -- Robin Young it's. Bart -- announcing his our retirement from the Vince Lombardi foundation he's been -- part of it for 44 years battling. -- cancer. It's some. And we knew it was really something and non him and his wife just said that it was for personal reasons why they were -- down but. You know they've been together now for sixty years and it was totally -- I had to hear them speak. I and the talk about you know how great this foundation -- back and saw it was a great night I don't watch the game at all be honest with you tonight usually don't say that. But I mean the Bucs lose again what else is no Larry Drew puts up the same -- -- -- go inside the block box. Our -- really -- -- and -- 22 minutes three of nine from the field one of two from three point land. Four of five from the -- -- eleven boards eleven points a double double for Sonny was sold a longer -- assessed. Chris Middleton 36 minutes sank eight of twelve from the field 01 from three point land did not get to the -- four rebounds three assists two steals. Along with sixteen points Zaza Pachulia fifteen minutes tonight one of five from the 42 points along with five rebounds a block. -- Walters nineteen minutes -- three of six from the field one of two from three point territory along with a rebound and assist. And seven points Brandon Knight 32 -- six of thirteen from the field one of three from the floor one of one from the line. Are one of three from three point -- excuse me. -- one rebound five assess. And fourteen points for Brandon Knight Jeff Adrien played tonight against sixty minutes to a five from the field seven. It's been a lot of boards Jeff Adrien but I -- Don't get too comfortable with the Bucs fans. Five points one steal one block John Henson 26 minutes to a five from the field two of two from the line four rebounds three assists one block. And six points reminds sessions when he three minutes to a five from the field one of one from three point land. Eleven for eleven at the free throw line that's impressive. Three rebounds one assist. Sixteen points for the -- -- sessions the great free tonight yes -- -- -- 28 minutes three of seven from the field one of two from three point land. Five of nine. From the free throw line he had three rebounds three assists three steals any block along with twelve points -- -- twenty tremendous -- for seven from the field. Zero of one from three point land one -- -- from the line one rebound. And nine points for OJ -- the -- shoot 45 point 9% from the field it's 34 for 74. The nets and do anything better they were 44 point 6% from the field. The Bucs also Russia I've shot -- -- from. From three point territory as -- 41% to 40%. And then like in -- rebounds the bucks had their number there as well 43 rebounds 41. Off for the nets but the big thing in this game -- the turnovers the bucks -- eighteen turnovers. To the -- eleven so that really right there was the benefactor. When you turn the ball over it's going to cost you the -- had 32 points in the paint the nets had 42 points in the paint. A fast break points twelve for the nets ten for the -- the -- now -- eleven and 47 on the season. 624 at home the -- improved to 28 and 29 on the season and let's look at that tank -- shall we. The box are 1147 like I said. They are the worst team in the NBA they have the best record in the tank -- and Philadelphia they played tonight they lost to Washington won 22103. And let's see how about plow truck or reason -- forty points he was. Fourteen of 23 from the field eight of twelve from three point land. 46 minutes he put up forty points tonight. And dom court -- also had fourteen boards and thirteen points so I mean Washington just light -- -- up tonight. If thirteen is getting better. Mean Brett revealed John Wall these guys were supposed to build around and don't might be something going there for Washington. They might actually be digging themselves out bomb. Out of the basement that is impressive from Trevor reason -- forty points. And though -- Thaddeus Young led the team I'm sorry -- Tony rotten. He led the team nineteen points for the Sixers Thaddeus Young put up seventy -- the Sixers lose so right now they still remain in the second spot. I know changes the -- all of -- three -- have gamely over the Sixers for the number one spot. In the -- -- Orlando in the third position Boston in the fourth the Lakers dropped back to five sacramental six New -- seven Utah eight Detroit nine in Cleveland. In the tenth spot so there is your tank -- were to take a quick break we'll get to Jamison -- river hills examiner said the break also I promise gets your Twitter FaceBook it's as well. Rescue -- tonight Bucs fans what's one word to describe this season. You gotta pick one work there's one word that you're not allowed to use and that's taint I don't want to hear the word taint. Feel a bit more creative and ops in a lot of good stuff on FaceBook and Twitter so I promise will read all that coming up on the other side of the break -- loose and I won all seven. To 98 -- the -- -- -- basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 WS has -- Welcome back it's big in say basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 WS this BM radio -- sends all of -- -- Sparky Phifer Bucs lose that I won all 790 eighths. The guys having a great evening drive careful out there the roads -- -- better on the interstate. You're just getting in your car driving around -- bars or wherever you might be joint on a Saturday night. Just please take it easy out there the roads are better on the -- state but still take it easy regardless. Give yourself enough time. Rescue -- and -- Bucs fans what's one word to describe this season. One word and you're not allowed to use the word tank you'll score over a Twitter for second. Zero to it's it's -- the DW SSP glorious Steve tweets at 1250 to -- SSP woeful. Big Jim tweets at 1250 WS this. Adam tweets -- -- DW SSP shameful. Jake tweets at 1250 dubious is. -- tweets at 1250 WSS -- Seattle. Funny very funny. Larry -- at 1250 -- obvious -- be devastating Thomas we did twelve -- did aliases. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- to Raleigh and sold it to some morals on Twitter meanwhile on FaceBook lot of good ones. Did tweets are not tweets he posts -- needed. Matthew says I yeah -- Troy says is Supersonics one word or two very funny -- Supersonics I believe is one word. Can be wrong whatever. James says hopeless. And doom come to mind that's nice Darrell says terrible Joey says rebuild -- says draft. -- -- two words he -- -- huge erection that doesn't count. Direction maybe I'm. -- -- is typical -- says apathy. Jim says perfect Joseph says suck -- stick. Sucked -- -- and that's it's not that. 147991250. Jamison river hills -- banks in the -- -- -- best bubbles can show. It worked RJ would go and I'm really our. I'm okay you know everyone's -- -- -- around the topic here. You know the funny jokes -- -- my word is irrelevant. And let it tell -- why why. All everything and open. But that we talked about you're the number one trick that -- -- -- it matters a much slower hole. The side and sell a majority percent. Of this year the Milwaukee boxed. We get one pick next year will I'll just throw Parker out there yeah. We get partner next year. We are now. -- -- out intelligence. You know will grace we need another top ten pick in order to be. -- playoffs deep into the playoff type movement team and he's not willing to do today. Q will you -- You will -- also -- our younger talent. Toward older better -- and to get -- in the eighth or ninth round of the playoffs next year and will be back. Exactly where we're where we're where were going to be. The people who make -- need to make those decisions or invest in the team if furcal doesn't give them a majority amount. Nobody wants to get a new stadium our new arena -- everywhere Collins unless you herb -- gives up. Majority stake in the box so no matter what happens this year. It's pretty much irrelevant unless he gives up his percentage of the box. Now that's going to be very hard to do Jamison thinks or call it's going to be very hard to do all -- Herb -- it just says because he does not want this team the -- the city. I mean we again we have to stress the fact that -- admire the fact that -- Herb Kohl wants to keep this team here. Okay. But now here's the thing and this is where the stupidity comes in the play. You brought in all these different free agents this off season. You -- and all these veterans from Luke Ridnour to Gary Neal to -- Boller to Carlos Delfino which is by far one of the worst signings. You -- you brain. All these guys in and you say OK I want to see an eight seed again what does your seventh seed. We've got the talent to -- and going into the season I thought well I think that's what he's shooting four and a -- what's gonna happen. But as you saw bringing in some of these you know season -- goal. Am a plumber -- -- got to be picking yourself gee. I we brought it all these guys we brought in all these veterans and -- -- work should I do the same thing again. God I hope that's -- what he's thinking. I -- Jamison is right I mean. Give you -- in you put it all your young guys going forward you'll let them start -- let them gel. And then you go for another top ten pick the year after hopefully Parker Wiggins -- really works out. And you've got yourself a steppingstone and you can get another top ten pick and put that guy in there and you've got something. You've got something it's time to do something different. Bringing in the veterans isn't gonna solve anything you can lover -- session is all you want you can lover sunny alias so all you want you can love OJ -- all you want. But these guys are not gonna get you farther -- -- as they decide. To step up their game and -- leaders on this team Ersan Ilyasova is garbage right now. He is never going to be eight quotes are like Herb Kohl said it's not gonna happen he's been Italy for six years later -- -- still young. But he's -- Italy for six years and I'm not impressed. I'm not impressed. And OJ Mayo who's been mr. -- mr. sick for such a long time. All of a sudden now we decide to step up his game is he gonna continue -- scored in the end of the season next year. If he -- -- get a beat that starting shooting guard that we paid all this money for. I just don't see happening I want some younger guys -- with some hunger cool wanna win. We're willing to work together and -- and get the job done that's what I want us. 4147991254147991250. You know the show live Sports Radio 1250 dark comedy it's more of your FaceBook and Twitter it's coming up here in a moments but what's -- from -- -- -- -- of. Let's hear from the coach. Bucs head coach Larry Drew his post game press conference brought to you by Schneider national Schneider national is -- and call 18044. Prize. -- log onto Schneider jobs dot com. You're listening to -- they can -- basketball post game show -- the only station Bucs fans need. Sports Radio 1215 WS SC. You have he had just 222 -- To -- defensive mistakes. Bad rotations. You know going into the game one of the things who wanted to do was -- each other affect them. Down on the -- down on the block particularly. Joseph Johnson we know that he's a -- post up guy and you know Paul Pierce is pretty good down low in and given up size against Livingston which felt. That we would have to. -- team to double team the block but we just -- a poor job of coming out of double teams we we didn't get to rotation a couple of times and left. You know left or not a top you know by himself. But you know we just couldn't we didn't get over the hump we we we even. I thought for the most part we did some good things but we didn't do enough good things to where. You know plan to get sent a team like Brooklyn because they are really. You know they're veteran ballclub -- -- on a team nucleus of guys that are really. Com. Good going down the stretch and they made plays down the stretch we did not. Yeah here they really. Particularly particularly -- not talked when he came into the game of previous thirteen in the first half went. He's just he's a score you know he's a -- he -- type guy you just can't leg acorn. -- -- get going in the first half. -- I thought -- -- well what you know on the glass and I didn't do it you know get to the free throw line but it. You know the guys that we really had had zeroed in on as far as Sergio and in Paul. I thought we did a good job against him there we have so though we did you know a decent job -- guess it through those guys but. Both both -- and and Blatche had a -- exceptional games. It. Didn't didn't get the rotation didn't get the rotation. You know we wanted to you know -- felt we did our job as force. Down on the block and not allow those guys to play but we didn't finish it off and -- the rotation. We have -- we have those you know he did there there there will be a block right there were we will. You know whether we turned the -- well over where we don't execute to where -- we just have. Breakdown defensively. You know winning we have those good moments as well but we just don't. We don't have enough of the the moments particularly when the game is on the line. Did it again against a good team. But -- -- -- are small and you know we made some errors it made -- capitalize -- Who have been -- they're -- -- it's it's you know you can. You can see it -- because of the youth but. Hum. Still I think when you talk about you know your policy almost sixty -- to season. You know that excuses not work anymore you know we've we've done this enough we've been a situation enough times where. We. You know we should be a little bit more consistent -- force you know we talk about defense of coverages and and and being able to do things out of it. You he had me just can't tell him you know he's just can't turn the basketball over gets a team like. You know -- a team like broke the one who thinks it you know we -- going into this game was. You don't take care of the basketball making -- defend every possession you know and and and opportunities. Where you do turn to -- while little hopefully you can get back -- -- -- defense have but a lot of our turn -- slid into Doug -- baskets for him. -- level and experience. Well I think this -- have a very additional strength of his game he has a knack for. Toward getting into that paint area and and and and in joint house you know he's always. To me he's one of the one of the one of the best in the league yet. Just has that -- some guys have that knack of drive in a basketball. -- -- I'm drawing contact. You know he's always been. To me one of the best only inability to do that you know -- -- -- free -- -- eleven times. But that's just that's who he is and has -- us and that's a very strong strong quality. Good idea idea that was really contours you know -- would with those guys who -- most of this tragically in the second half -- You know they were they were playing well young assistant -- is playing well it's helped our Ramallah is -- a good job in. You know just going down it particularly going down a -- -- a game I just really want people account feel -- talked. You know -- felt when Jeff was in the game -- he brought us you know again a physical a physical presence and probably win with those guys a little bit longer than that than normal but though sometimes he's got a -- -- feel. Winning the win. Where it is they they simply to the best games. I think you know both guys. Struggled a little bit tonight -- we you know -- I was -- a study. You know I thought he did a good job been in in bringing a physical presence but. You know he was named to finish a couple of got -- a couple times. You know John just it seemed to get into real rhythm. Blatche is a tough matchup -- -- because he gives -- so homicides so much. You know some restaurants but you know those guys you know Mosul one of those -- it simply will. But I'm confident he'll bat -- back next game. You're listening to the big save basketball post game show -- the only station Bucs fans -- Sports Radio 1215 WS SC let's get into the locker room and hear from your favorite box what do you -- -- tracks motor -- when he thirteen -- 2014 truck will be. Club's first ever back to back champion. Why by any other truck. Let's go inside the locker aroused Bucs head coach weary -- bust loose and I won all 790 eighths wells or Chris middle -- For the -- he got another start again in his line tonight. 36 minutes eight of twelve from the fielding at sixteen points on a four rebounds and three assists. Here's what Chris Middleton had to say after the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty decent I think it's stuff that we needed. -- -- so many things to reason. Big game for -- -- there's and I think again. But -- keep that. Just keep playing aggressive -- -- -- some. He's trying to put a -- where I think we're speaking reformed rhythm for everybody our tickets are us and just dispose -- Somebody from his mistakes and -- people's. Yeah. Yeah. Our group there is there's tomorrow announced -- where a lot of -- states government you know. I do lose Lou Graham was -- someone worked on this morning until. Used to do it there -- I'm rises in this retention a solid start this. Practitioners to distrust and accustomed to him. Really. They did tonight not constantly -- some -- of pars. Did a great event can't seem. Figure things out I was slave who was here we have a I'm just an extra time -- -- came out stuff that we didn't get. Definitely do and over again talk from the Mets he -- And then it's -- world. Are there is Chris metal sand in the Bucs locker room after the game again 36 minister in tonight sixteen points -- decided to call bald 28 minutes tonight. And twelve -- it -- game three steals a block along with three assists agreed freaks spoke after the game. -- -- -- -- -- It was in India for the vote and won't. But I think. It's. That -- What positives -- Guys you. I'm just gonna try and off a little -- being -- on defense -- on. Just then because six in many offensive rebounds -- going to be like these guys. And shuffle. Whether the team done together and just you know this and again just had to get him. I -- you -- tonight was working well for you. And just kind of -- in. When it came and I -- mean and that's mine that's -- just because -- -- every -- of the game coming in big and they -- -- my feeling. -- -- he is his which was right you know. And this and that was that we're getting the Pistons to a state and then. Meaningless in the reds mandated -- -- classes and that you know. -- and in doing on pitch I have to go about non rights and just fights what you know and try to get minutes -- them. Had to get that in there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He told me begin in this much playing time this season. Otis said I think you're crazy but considering everything that's gone wrong with the -- this year -- has gotten more playing -- anyone expected and and that is a little bit burned out. Mean that's a lot. With all the -- and everything and I know he's Deion and always -- -- -- old -- and Bob Bob Bob -- I mean this is a big adjustment from when he was doing grease a big adjustment so you know what. -- -- Given -- sometime but I like what I've seen so far. So one funny -- from Suzy tweeting at 1250 to BS's speak she says is pretty ridiculous at the -- -- the 1250. -- -- say best low post game show admitted he didn't even watch the game tonight why have a -- Well Suzy we have to have -- should we promise they have a show I tees it in the problem that we were gonna have a show tonight so we're gonna have a shot. But if you're in my shoes would you rather watch a box game or go to the Vince Lombardi did -- excellence ball. -- -- -- Those kind of last minute and I ducked the -- about it and he said yeah I had -- so I'm not like I'm not -- sugar -- Or try to BS listeners tonight that I watched the game when I really didn't -- gonna do them perfectly honest with the fans. Be perfectly honest with the listeners and I watched a game tonight. But it's really not a big deal because as -- like there was anything big did happen. So there you -- Boxes and I won -- 798 coming up next we'll wrap things up. Up clinics on the junior -- -- interview with bill Michaels from Friday. Some very good stuff in there. Talking about how he is currently AF co owner of the kings but. It seems to me he's got some insurance and maybe have a mistake. -- -- with the Milwaukee Bucks so you'll hear some of that interview coming up next radio Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- Final segment of the biggest save basketball post game show here on Sports Radio 1250 WS this BM radio -- sends all you can follow me on Twitter at radio -- sports if you. If you like. I'm gonna go in your head but if you'd like. -- also -- -- station at 1250 WI SSP. And I tell -- things really flew by Joe Brown other side of -- is doing a fine job VA's give the fist -- that back there. One total one not reach you know any guy named Joseph knows how to get the job done this is the way it is very got. What's up -- some of but the junior a bridge -- interview with bill Michaels. -- junior bridge -- Bobble head doll night tonight. And he seems some interest in the box whether that means -- he can be a corner or not in the future. Who knows but this is why not bad to say bill first asked them about the Bobble -- what does he think of the -- and this would junior had to say. Have they put -- picture of that. You know I don't know if you ever really know most people look at themselves in the mirror in the morning and David kind of forget what they look like they just don't want to embarrass themselves. The rest -- -- -- But. -- I don't. You've I don't know I don't know -- looked like -- and but it looked okay. So from walking on the street I'm holding up the ball -- I'm looking for you like you're a wanted man. I could -- a -- -- this is that all the way to find your right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They I know the bucks obviously -- very special place in your heart a lot of talk about. Ownership of the box and keeping the bucks in Milwaukee and do you give me your thoughts on all of this is -- guys it's being looked to be an owner. Well. You know what I can say is that I think that the needs of -- Milwaukee. -- obviously we had great years there. You know you know obviously but it sure doesn't bode well those weren't any of them -- -- like then but you know that's -- and that's the ups and downs -- of all games but I depth -- think it seems to stay there. You know other than that I really really don't know or don't have anything else really. Say about a million obviously you -- I've -- right you know have the arms hold a special place but. You know that's counted I think a lot of -- that -- reported I'm kind of wondering Orvella came from two. Have you ever aspired to be an owner. Well I have -- with the ownership group of the Sacramento. City. -- -- because of that. That was Barrett's going to be you know there already involved with another team year's united and -- your -- -- -- you know I want I want to be involved does seem -- So. That's not how believe works. And you know would not be fair to either -- But the thing is kind of an -- some of the things that have been reported. As to how they get reported. Yeah -- I guess the biggest you know and I agree with you I guess the one thing that people have questions about him in regards to that is. If suppose another ownership group would say come -- or the senator really wanted to sell or just one and out as quickly as possible -- wanted to keep it here. Would you then. Just your own personal would you consider then giving up your ownership in Sacramento to come and be an owner Milwaukee if indeed the situation dictated. Well I think you look at every situation I think most people would do that and and see you know did it make sense and was wouldn't have been -- not just yourself whether -- the benefit of everybody. And you'd have to evaluate things at that point. And really see. You know but as -- as hard as saying because. You know were not at that point -- you know no one's ever. Or you know says hey look at this look at that that -- make any sense -- You know like a lot of it is there's speculation -- side as you know respond to do a lot of folks and especially when it. Comes to the team and everybody wants to know what's gonna happen and you know they got -- -- of this where that way so I definitely understand. As an owner in the league -- a guy that obviously still pays attention the NBA very very closely. What do you think the NBA is right now if you think -- on the incline the -- -- remain static. Well I think that they are. On the verge of starting and on I think Adams over the -- Commissioner you know obviously he was there -- David Stern and and understands probably. Works in where -- -- was heading and I think you'll see him pushing too. Mom. Do some things differently. But not drastically differently and and grow week in and in ways that. Probably had been talked about and then that I mean maybe moreover -- -- Overseas -- involvement. And I think you'll see a -- for -- I think everybody feels that the but obviously the quality of the game continued to go up and how do you do that that's -- I think more more people aren't favor of limiting. The entrance. College kids to. You haven't played two years instead of one year hopefully they can figure out how to make that happen but I think that helps -- college game -- hopes that the pro game. And you know I think you'll see salaries just under the collective bargaining start to come -- I think you'll see of the the maybe -- quote -- quote smaller teams become more. Compared. Adam. Because -- playing field starts to even out a little bit more so. I think there's still good about all that. Over the state of the league going forward. -- there is that is junior bridge man that was some of the interview with bill Michaels from Friday I've. That was an all but you can check out the rest of -- sports radio's fault that the dot com -- a -- -- Michael sports dot com it's all up there are some very itself from junior bridge man. On. And what else. This guy Iowa have a a stake in the Milwaukee Bucks sometime down the road. It would be nice just keep the team here put it in the right direction. That'll do what the Bucs lose tonight again 107 and I need to the Brooklyn nets next up they take on the you -- Jazz of the B lawyers Bradley Center. On Monday night and I believe -- game is not televised on fox sports Wisconsin. So we'll also have a -- post game show I will still be here so you guys just stuck. Two and it was more good stuff coming up. On Monday night -- my thanks to Joe Brown on the other side of the glass Gary -- fall in turns -- -- Patrick forget -- the sound tonight thank you think you think he'll. Good show will lot -- -- -- -- been the biggest say best bubbles came -- Sports Radio 1250 to B. s.'s BI embryo -- and saw. Have a great evening everybody.