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Mar 2, 2014|

Sparky is joined as usual by Dwight and Phil to discuss the sport of bowling. This week they discuss the play of Jason Belmonte and are joined by Chris Schlemer, brand manager for Roto Grip.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a special presentation of Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- Milwaukee sports station and. I have over. We what -- -- have been good and. It. It's time to talk about the PGA. US BC high school bully and the latest from the bowling industry -- your hosts -- Alvarez from spare time pro shop in New Berlin. The king of all bully media -- -- -- and -- Sparky vipers this is those spare time bowling show on Sports Radio 1215 W -- this team. Welcome in. Do that -- time bowling show on Sports Radio talk to WS SP. I am indeed not -- marquee fighter but he is in sunny Arizona working at the -- baseball complex. But nonetheless the show will be brought to you today previously recorded. And so without further ado let's get into it. Another Sunday morning and other spare time -- so it's these marquee Phifer here along with -- Albert to the spare time pro shop. And still Brian -- king of all -- -- media. Good morning -- the morning -- Korea might fill. More and Pittsburgh. I guess there's a couple of different things it's does that have to be addressed here first we. Had a -- update. Up from Dwight in a while -- that. -- the bowling going Dwight or are we back up to normal weights and all I -- Well knowing I had the surgery the doctor said it was going to be here we are treated Jeff will be able catching up. I had three different -- in my shoulder had many percent rotator 100% up -- -- up. I ripped -- by separate off the bone and then I had -- Lieberman -- So I'm at twelve pounds I -- last Saturday I started off the first game typical fashion that liberal and ball with a 27 the start. We don't want to adulthood at all pop off my kids and then unfortunately reality check came in and I sat 17190. But I still sat 640. And after now twelve games -- margin to fourteen with a tall -- ball. In saying -- -- -- -- what do you think did you get the ball fumble probably -- and now at a no way people think I'm thrown fifteen and then I look at them after the 27 the I was -- -- my opponent it's and that that for it will palm ball. Any looks and Eagles watched and I hand -- them the ball Eagles get the F body here -- A view is -- -- -- -- make sure the ball saving and Jimmie and his -- something I think he got everybody out here but I mean it's Chevy's up over the -- while Boller would be some tricky using with the drawing Florida the you know keep the carry your line. Bill I can explain that I'm I'm Aaron kind of put in the pin above the fingers it's a small -- black polish reactive just an entry level ball. You know -- and so it yet -- courses retaining energy. I just think come homered and been working with with that he lanes -- body training device who. And I think that is really helped improve my role what is that. It's it's kind of -- -- I think Phil can explain it better but it's that make a five and a half pound rubber -- -- ten that you slider to set her fingers through. And -- big news -- the to stretch out the shoulder but it also is designed to help keep your him more behind the ball. That it works really nice because you're not getting tired and it's reasonable Limbaugh and with a thumb you're trying to make a swing -- -- -- And so you can endure repetitive when you have the resistance of the -- at the end your fingers Victor really helped build up your shoulder and biceps muscles just threw making the same swing is a bowling -- And it and it's created in repetitive motions of your -- -- Or whatever. I have Davis Cup cars and -- -- Berlin where the shop is like I just go into the shop before blowing start stretch you know it's what this that you could use ample laps of August I don't even as it anywhere. I use my home because it I don't -- -- the practice much with everything I do. So I just go on a practice of the -- them it's been home I'm averaging 217 without any practices -- and to be honest I suck visible effort. So I mean with no practice amend it to seventeen into -- So I think a -- -- to that device that tickets a great teaching tool for bowling. All right now let's go over the US BC masters now I'm I'm sure many of these guys are using that little device that you guys are processed in -- so it really is -- -- -- yes dear Liza -- and there -- about -- -- -- got to -- I'm Jason -- -- -- Belmont that comes in front of the bottom of the -- of this of the step ladder final mom particulars you'd like -- this is an. I'm not sure -- scramble I don't know if -- -- we. Signal I predicted he would win at out last week I thought that may be small what have a would have a pretty good chance we spent our roles since Detroit's -- with the team -- But obviously -- -- proved -- -- two weeks ago and Belmont they said look if I win the first one I got a chance BS just got to get through the first match I -- third set Mannelly -- then who knows maybe I get on a roll and and one of the most entertaining matches I think of the year. Between him -- and knowing what stood -- -- the most spare shooting momma splits that they made. How they interacted with each other I mean as a fan you just had to be -- up with the way they were -- company each other. It didn't seem like it was a matches seem like you were teammates -- That's what I really enjoyed about it it was just the respect for each other back and forth in the great shot making that they were making -- Belmont days starting to get over a little bit with some of these -- finally. The bowlers -- -- with a little themselves I don't think would be given bill -- of metal thing that happened a couple weeks ago. On it and now him in some an -- and some guys Brunswick I Simoneau is an ass guy and you know he is a -- guy. On and like you said I had -- -- have a vibe like. -- maybe there is animosity between those two but he did it appear that there was watching well. So mentally does it if you looked at his face after -- got that lucky streak in the 67 Nellie had a very disgusted looked. On his face about this all the time with his carry the Belmont didn't mean we always are well I guess -- Are they -- -- is -- making his brakes because the way throws the ball is making his brakes because the way throws the ball but people think he is lucky right. And that's that's the one thing and I'm sure if your ball against them -- at someone you gotta go okay. Before you bull gives Belmont today in your head you're gone he's gonna get a couple shots don't want to get to you just keep going I mean all you really have to be your own head. To not let that affect you could you know it's gonna get the F I was born -- I would -- -- shot. That's exactly it because you're gonna sit there you discussed that with something with a trip to pan or team in a popular subject to play and their mind. And you just sit there and you just go he's just -- being your own zone. Right I think I watch as -- words balls moving yet be. Turner as a way of when the balls but that depends who's UN issue period to sort of there's break point changes -- of that nature. That's a bit too far have but I think -- had the best philosophies like I'm just gonna and the ball in my attempt frames I don't care all double it -- me in the ten pins period. Well that's the other thing too so Belmont day comes and he takes care of some Minnelli -- -- 27 to 214 -- -- okay very entertaining match that match gets done. Where's your hand -- to be gone maybe he will run -- able. Our -- -- so go right now I attack and how I I I thought small wooden. Would take it to -- I still don't -- -- after the first match you're still like -- pick path because here's the reason why he was -- his ball reaction at the end of the first game. So I thought the second game might be pretty ugly and it what's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep up with this 'cause he knows that small we can get. Just as far left to -- and might -- just as. So -- at Belmont in small Lloyd in match number two but the one thing you're starting to figure out as this is going on you're getting in the match to. Plays -- -- -- not look like Jason Belmont now -- Jason Belmont take. Almost looked lost. At some points of that match and even ranked Peterson was say yes this is not look like Jason -- -- -- we've seen all year he has struggling to figure out where to throw the ball. Mathematically just mathematically you add up this may or may make you -- That's small wouldn't miss a smaller wins that match up if he'd just you take the -- and pens and at a to a score. -- -- -- all that matched up almost started. Actually in that game start to -- his physical game abilities because of how. Tough day or two to one -- condition was and how fast it was transition I've never seen Jason though -- on TV start to lewis' good quality physical game that he had. And it really showed during this -- -- shot. I forgot which match it was but -- one of all four he threw it. Wait wait to not not fast enough and went wait a hack out yeah we gather -- losses file for what went back optimal. Yes I mean it's the people whom you -- league -- he's not gonna tell -- story that. I have never -- thought what -- he's getting tired. I thought OK maybe he's backstage solace -- a little help -- get out until -- condition and it's gonna affect the pro just as much as our amateurs in town. Well I think the mental exhaustion to a mean he's -- from bowling ball the ball employees as an adult now are what do -- do next -- and what sort of learn math major -- you just tell the mental exhaustion -- just you know -- phase of his more mental than physical up on them I talked. With a friend of -- top. Who runs -- Napa -- -- -- -- small and com and times you know we just we just -- -- -- lunch -- -- Monday this week. And said you know. I'm really is I don't Alex ball has been ninety I'll like them being able to use the ball -- patient commissioner's -- as they should have these -- -- our coaches he really. Doesn't like it because you as you're taking away from -- actually thinking they're doing the thinking for the -- now an -- the shot. But at the same point Dirk getting a lot more -- -- brings up great discussion for the future because they didn't have that in the 60s70s and eighties there were not coaches -- ball reps. This is just come on recently in the last few years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If your Belmont take. And you throw that ball and -- way out you don't have the speed on it whatever the case may be. At this point on your head you got to -- -- a bullet -- -- really screwed up the -- and if so how how do you get yourself. Act our on track the next time you step back up to the -- for your next premature death first. All you gotta go back mentally in your mind to what worked. You gotta go back to a good point in your in your mind physically. And you gotta repeat that good shot you've got to block everything out that's going around and go back to a happy place in your mind where your confidence. In your physical game Happy Gilmore we exactly -- -- -- Annika or through the years -- handle that they just got to get back to your good quality physical game that got you to where you are in the tour right at that point. That's candidates -- He's I mean that's why it's 90% meant. Yeah no question I had by the way US PC masters Sean rash -- -- EB. In in qualified so clearly not a good week here where the -- -- Yeah I think everybody wants rash on TV without question and I don't know what was going on and how bad he bowl but I was looking and when I was looking through my -- to -- TV and I'm looking to call finally. Yes we just. After I got through -- humble I guess so I want back and I went back there yes I missed up. I could have three and zero at -- shot like 200 I don't like him. And week DD withdraw idiots and what -- would. Public and I -- and -- like I swear to god felt it was fifteen minutes I didn't believe that I did -- -- -- the first round both times I went through the. You expect the -- -- you know spot and -- it paid a hundred some bowlers out this because they have four and sixty bowlers for four or -- try do you expect to see Chara -- casual. I don't know Williams and then did not cash column that I was quite surprised with -- looking -- -- so. God what did you -- to -- the tree -- announcers Booth had studied -- didn't care from a study did a real good job and insights of everything. I'm either so what I wanna -- it would be -- but I'm back at an early that's -- myself something on the show -- -- and my today beat smaller 202 to 173. PM. Now. You get ready for the third match. In immediately ready -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And his lead role in this is going to be advantage here and he he can get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His manager at the Daytona 500 was in a rain -- -- reps so why this may be -- as it's gone not. -- comfortable on the way -- there is no way he's getting Belmont I don't I'm not buying this I'm not getting into it I know it looks lost. I don't believe this is gonna happen. I eight. Didn't agree with him that I thought if how he and has a look in a way Randy is right talking him up. And Elmo lost his shot and has completely puzzled I thought how -- had a good chance to beat him. While hardy can stay Seoul park to the right -- -- where you play it and -- -- so firm and direct with the ball. That you're looking at a worry about was leaving weak corner pins and yet that's what happened I mean -- woman and you know your heated -- -- like -- -- -- -- a -- recorder. Owens it's one of those -- caught him at the wrong time how Ginn caught Belmont Iran time how -- shoots 2354. And loses. He he he almost wins any other match -- -- help my letter back in at the end I'll bet they don't -- -- was running away from home early in that match mine hog and all the so they don't -- -- if not fallen apart but I. They started weren't going his way. Don't set huh got to tip of the stadium on alma decent is a great -- -- -- -- -- just -- -- straight -- nine. I got -- the fullback from nine filled in outside like deal Traber in town does dale plays that fall back from outside. Apparel what the boards -- -- a cause but it shows you on that two to one racial sometimes straight is great now when you say fail. When you throw that line you're gonna leave those we corner pins why. It does the ball doesn't have the entrails yet the end properly two feet to three to the six in the six and attend the six discount falls in the -- -- and really doesn't do alive. -- -- -- -- -- Angle to get a messenger to come back up the -- a -- more Sean -- incomes -- -- -- that the takedown attempt and out but he -- some times -- is always -- in his mind he's getting -- more than everybody else -- when -- -- pocket I think he kind of expects the got to kind of expect that we about it when you're throwing -- that -- -- the end of the second all the -- at the -- and threw the -- -- a -- put a lot of pressure. Threw a good shot and just them a mixer and a little bit of a week seven once again that's probably shut the bell more carries because of the reverend Steve. I look at -- matches are the whole week as I'm gonna cut out to twenty to thirty. I'd machinations the 27 these -- three hundreds but I'm not also gonna shoot the 160s and 150s right. What got him through the format determine exactly shooting 690s for three games your comments are right in Dallas yeah Oakmont that's that's generous and stuff -- -- heard that before all right -- Belmont day gets past -- it. -- -- -- -- I got on my account 'cause I was I was rooting for Belmont. Out of river about bottle is not how we make history we get the -- -- match. And -- -- say. Aren't I don't care who wins this match 'cause I love tactic I look I mean we had testosterone looks early some -- right there -- totally looks up -- what. It's -- -- -- chance talked to realize dude I'm like. No I don't care if attack and when comedy source and free to attack it a dumb idea wins its history to -- -- -- -- -- kisses -- -- so I was -- that. But again. And I'm not gonna say it's TV -- EJ. But again he gets on TV and it's not the same kid you see all week leading to a bad -- reaction simply comes down to that. He did figured out late that he had a circles -- around the ball. Without -- did an exceptional job catching that in about the six frame where he started to rotate his -- more around the block the bottom of the -- -- -- gets better -- reaction. Gets back to -- -- in the match. A lot different -- -- it leaves a 6710 needed to Syria at the five to strand -- forces feel that. Got up on his toes on the -- and just kind of -- little left and that's exactly set also -- to -- -- -- He had to make that change and circled the more you can fight it with speed any longer. So but unfortunately that's excellent and got him in a huge 3540 -- all at that time. Almost gets his physical game back this game all the whole game he threw it like how he always throws at the beautiful follow through post in this finished. Mastery was pretty ugly physically for -- -- no question about it Belmont okay. Wins back to back US PC masters 221. 2177. Miss him knocking me the last time you see EJ attack and you know he files I promised him history by double first time -- 63 years repeated the first player ever. US PC masters to go through the whole step letter field. It was funny on Twitter. After that thing handed. -- I've -- bunch of different ball and writers and whatever else and you know US BC guys and all of this negative flak from one big dance coming at Belmont -- ridiculous it's an hour and talking and -- and going -- what they're talking about it more. Arm after we'd talk to our next test coming up he has -- slammer and dice he has. A guy that -- -- Storm and worse and -- or sales and TV during the masters I'm still run cushion -- on the corner yet so we'll talk to Chris Webber coming up next stride here -- -- -- -- excellent Sports Radio 1250. WSS day. -- -- It. Now let's continue this very time bowling -- by discussing the latest from the PGA tour with your hosts -- -- -- right and Steve is striking -- on Sports Radio 1250 WS this -- Second straight time bowling -- were -- 1250 WS as species. From the spare time pro shop at New -- ball and making a ball bowling media we like to column. He is -- -- here on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP joining us now he is the -- manager for -- grip Chris slammer here I'm great midwest Bangkok like Christmas left coming I'm. Got a picture. Well first -- -- let's talk a little bit I guess about Jason Belmont -- making history at the US BC masters winning back to back. Championships I would have to think when I you're working with a guy like Jason Belmont day it probably -- to be a little bit different maybe than working with us some more the traditional bowlers. Actually -- it's not too terribly different you know even though it's -- and -- style and -- in Jason's doing something in our sport that we've never seen before. And you know with with ball reaction and it releases and -- that -- to remind him. You know as far as follow through and -- back the ball you know make -- available to fly around it you know -- -- -- -- more so. You know what people think that you know it's really get older and in essence it's really not that. Even for his ball street -- reverie that was going to be -- like one of my questions as what are you duel. For a drilling for -- Jason bell my -- But isn't that sounds like it's not that much different than just an average -- -- is that because his balls beats Ohio. He actually -- the one thing -- -- in the wondered what Jason does because. Has multiple release points and being able changes so role with positions science. Were -- -- an example a two point and actually use the bubble as well -- -- But normal actually we do and all wanted to auction on -- make sure that cook -- on but as far as -- -- outs. Yeah I mean a -- -- so them you know like on Sunday show. You know the first originally used -- one was actually tendencies -- on the grip on her the other one was ten on the decline she she kicked so you know about it -- -- right. And then you know he operation which she was gonna blow the bridge -- you to write what I feel hole five inches straight across silk. You know a lot of similar chapter since you know just play average you know even -- so you know I would actually use you jokes. While but the thing that -- that came out of this week for me Chris from the masters. Was. Article that -- -- -- paragraph Tom Clark put and FaceBook. And I thought it was a very interesting article -- written obviously from Thomas always been a journalist. But he talked about his coverage of that you USA today and and Utley has one of -- for speed jobs was to cover Tiger Woods. And for five years from 2000 -- 2005. And how he. Dominated the tour and a whole time was just I'm lucky to be in that situation a cover it. So my question -- was all week thinking about it is. Balmoral -- Tiger Woods for bowling. A lot actually you know it's almost and -- it's you know you look at that that. The memorable -- -- -- you look at the legends such you know I've been fortunate to work with. Well over the course my career when I was out -- you know. -- ballot election the -- now it's about how calm. But you know all my years -- -- he -- senior tour -- but it didn't work -- you know -- like -- rocks and Walter ray and you know we -- appeal stats and -- -- norm -- -- -- our shafts and he got some living legends you know and Parker and -- -- -- and every single one of them has made the comment that amnesty this -- something else and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's literally amazing you know even think about -- -- he did in his career. And even known for that matter how early they won their career you know when they were teenagers. And you know long -- eventually -- inevitable once worked for it and go on on -- thirty years and and you know you look Kolb almost doing and manner -- -- both those guys and it's -- It's common knowledge release are those yes but urged in parliament -- we can -- a little bubble in one spot on the show so it's. If it's on that point and it is and mr. partisans -- you know I mean -- we're talking the other day and you know it was a hard fought -- -- calm with all of promote reactions and change Molson. You know amid the run on outlets like the game PH which is different -- and -- a lot and I came back with an -- But not on level in all week as a man acids in the shadow on the practice in. So I think -- -- see different shape. -- -- -- you know certain and a truck in the you know -- cycle there's not so pretty good. And you know granted that the actually like to be -- -- -- transition in traffic but -- -- they'd broken down pretty adamant on the practice plain and you know we got. In the he -- back over the cheaters like cellular and open up for like OK you know Rotella. It's truly a piece -- puzzle. Absolutely and them. You know and he makes a work in and what you -- with the Indonesian look at each other and -- at the plate. Interested yet he's learned he's learned so much as some last couple years and you know there were what normal and certain over you know you -- He's actually just -- -- -- notable -- from Australia you know and never came out of nowhere and them. You know -- watch him grow and continue to grow it's been it's been pretty cool and now she regrets history -- -- -- -- In a little thing -- in the masters as government defended. Are the masters and independence and says he supports -- -- -- -- and now fact that it's a -- a number -- on the -- the masters. I mean it's it's amazing. And pick where Tom was gone what article was that we have to appreciate what this man has Dillon in the history that he's creating. But the point though is I think why he wrote this is there's been a lot of negative media. And they -- -- post out on FaceBook and Murton social media of about Belmont Lotta people think because of his two handed he cheats. And you know the funny part is an -- how much he has also media -- -- your view these second installment of the I'm I'd hate almost series he is a lot of you know on FaceBook and Twitter -- -- Graham civic. And he's been reading this for charity in connection with -- -- -- The people descend like he tweets and and so it that in -- and you know matured from the matters -- notes -- handed to a degree if you watched the -- released. -- not on the ball or release. You know it's just it's -- difference. Calm and trust of a work -- -- -- -- two handers at all levels will run in the elected and then. -- you know there are some actually do you use that in -- release and some don't and and no matter what it is you still. I don't know I mean it's kind of like you know. There's somebody that very well -- and so. And figure -- -- -- example can walk rate walk -- extra work as to any game right -- -- bought that out every every -- -- you know the last appears he's cute actually got pretty good about it. Well I think he's Smart enough to figure out he's not gonna cash with the -- currently blowing it's just not that air anymore. Right I mean it's just the the different angle on the -- and them. They're treating you more -- to tendon and you know there's all the other -- complete student you know Sharma. You know what those guys actually physically do but you look at the -- eligible and ultimately will lead services -- and he's back he had this little actress the other -- Think Chris and I mean you're tour as much used to me now with your position with -- her grip and now it's -- Ballard how much you guys playing amateur psychologist for these guys when they're out there as well as you don't. Making suggestions on what all the user join -- for particular condition. You know and in the course in my career when I'm -- store from a long long even certain no one and still now I know us. Com there's a lot of times it's. You know in some cases it's not so much being the ball -- there's been some you know and that's reason why am. Such a good -- militia -- -- -- people ever. You know until. You know don't give -- friends Wimbledon -- -- -- tournament they've known each other for you know thirty plus years. And you know having -- -- and and knowing when to. You know China and that -- Ellison being in the coming in this sentence -- -- And he's got some you know -- certain looks like about this and -- -- some Wear and he would just be real thing and there's I mean this year you know what the Cardinals did you know who who dishonored sort -- how he must. They -- -- -- element and you know channel -- a different route. And let him go through the -- because he has spent time you beat up and ability. And you know the wanting that's always -- people. Talk -- or smarter out there. On and that it's really level communication knowing what makes such quick you know pistol whipped out you know -- -- from the lit up norm Duke which is -- differently and talk to Belmont. And even you know another tree and it was -- Mean I can't tell you the changing so Belmont because it's actually going to lead for -- It the other athletes and -- -- places where. It's from a psychological standpoint it's more of that than actually the ball reaction itself because it was has had so much talent. That -- they're just close enough and you know he should go to motions but religion matter cooking on -- -- our processes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you go to -- -- -- into programs. Out and just don't ever -- deal when he sees look I -- I -- little bell malls walking around. Young players young kids are young boys that are doing the two handed style on the actually looked pretty good doing it we have a handful of Milwaukee -- and -- are pretty darn good. Mean you know what's funny is. You know if you think about it a few years back before Obama -- became. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What Mike Miller in the ninety's. Well you -- handed -- buddy homeowner. -- it -- -- but and others -- got -- Kentucky -- and Tony labored on the twenty years you know. And -- -- at lucky and -- are pretty good and like in the status complete different church but. You don't universe and it's in the to a level. And just exposure -- the two -- -- Com you know I played some last and approach for years so I'm even matter church Japan you have a little once you know from a -- over there at 6456 year old so little ones and the phonics -- -- an evolution that -- the older generation. America -- -- -- do enough natural almost that your -- pain and now we actually had a couple seniors and I went actually seniors it'll -- the one guy I was 7080. Years old. Let's you know it's it's Richards sent a ball to get virtually ended and them he was happy because -- circuitry and more -- so. You know it's one of those things that some which just if you body can do which -- liberty can you know it's the -- now -- it takes. -- -- agent Tommy and eye coordination to a different level. And Evan you're right the younger generations you see some of these kids that. That we actually there I think that talent fortunate handers last week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there -- -- -- in the field. You know it's it's so different election and so it is just a different perspective a different angle. You know and -- the open and you know we got the -- -- -- Simon there's no right or wrong way to do anything. You know that's part of -- -- how you throw in how you make routes and do whatever. It's about all monarchy can repeat it and do you know consistently over and over and then. They look right now this point in my opinion -- -- better than normal on the planet so. Like with Chris slammer brand manager for -- -- here on spare time Bullocks on Sports Radio 1250. W ass as. But as far as because the high rev rates that you have with not only guys -- like Belmont having guys like Sean -- and -- desires tacky Vijay attack and who Belmont he bowled against. -- what does that mean for the future. With guys like Pete -- I mean if guys are throwing. Of the ball of a -- -- of other people -- does that are coming up that are you know in their twenties or whatever are they gonna be able to survive. In this future PBS. You know I think it's you know and that's the question keeps up -- lot more more and you look at what -- -- -- last. You know last year -- cheers. You know making making those US open -- term it's you know Pete sole factor because she has that because there's just so that it shall be gaining. And treat different pummeling shots and urged. -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of them against big don't have that were every don't have a special tricks that works. You know that the kind of question what's what's -- next move home. And you know. The funny part auditions in the actions of the department the next step really for a lot of these -- actually the senior -- now. You know he speaks proper amount normal second year norm Duke turned Shaquille smoltz are mortal much product is going out there. You're gonna what Morgan has not seen her torso they feel they're in transition -- And his hopes that on the kids tour that some sort of evolution. Happens I guess we're settling commission's rules and -- -- that. Let's watch the big variables used there's two you know bowling conditions -- come. With the -- the patterns are built you know this catering to that but that same token there's always rekindle patterns and you know they can -- -- as a disease is -- can anybody else so. It's this matter what without direction. That's what I was thinking about when I was listening to you is why we haven't seen norm Duke this year -- very much. -- -- -- -- -- And you know actually worked with -- last week -- she's still more you know -- pretty -- and his stretcher. You know he's -- -- -- -- race you know vocal -- kind of been and off the -- here last couple years. -- the street has not been listed as well -- wasn't you know -- didn't have those stretches where. Calm. And if you think about the course time you know -- back and they don't have all differences that you were able -- plus weeks you know Ellis mixture -- -- -- he had -- -- where. You can look at and -- -- -- -- them but -- -- -- that was it and then at bleacher lefties are good and with the conditions and the way things have been the last appears to show it really -- all agree and no nor contribute and -- pocket that you have a refereed that policy was younger generation past -- home. And -- removed -- -- aghast you know you look at the guys that. You know reversal got people like Mike -- You've got a little needle. On to encourage election the younger side of things compared you know they're both forties. And Adam you know it's really just stunned -- -- -- -- -- it's and then -- -- talked about it. In the future actually structured that last week and -- -- he knows that. He sees it happen around the using it -- -- I can't use that he has only been a -- I mean that's Obama says. You know who their -- in more ways to do it so you know he's so are sixteen ounce. You know eat and he's done it before the pats were up fifteen to -- -- more and Pasadena league would be about it via -- You know the thing is -- fifty years old -- you know here a couple weeks. The culture don't believe when Trent Green but regain order you'll work on trying to build some -- to you know make some. Different just a trial and worked on some things and didn't OC you know -- -- evaluation and you know figure out what so which which pilots -- let's -- Well seeing that we have the and the line -- and it's probably gonna analyst a shameless plug here but I have to ask because I'm the technical guy of the show. -- next week is going to be your new release for the zero gravity hence while -- anticipated up in this area for our listeners. What can you tell them about -- -- ball release 'cause it's it's gaining a lot of excitement up in this area. You know you truly you know blew the real emotional side myself -- my main pope's stay -- still on the record -- -- -- number manager. -- so partly -- you know well -- brands and the problems from some other little things and talk to them. I -- metrics. You know we've got a variety and -- much art. Think across the board mostly. Each match that your -- to -- -- orgy idea. Know what -- I mean the entire medium slow split -- present the PSA. And -- get to think and and you know. More ideas yet we got tossed out there was -- and if you remember a few years back the ballclub -- Hmmm you know our version we got hired he is mature in Nestle gets up and that directly with connection prelude that -- -- model ownership what part. And -- You don't come to -- lost to that assurance and covers our technology we've got some different variables we can build and you know such had a pretty strong cover higher -- when we we actually used a little bit. -- -- -- how much -- worked out pretty well force -- -- like he tortures interpret motion and temperature. -- you know I -- -- on the pearl now fusion. You know so that. I'm a little bit which control article in and you know -- retired he and you know really the big thing to that we notice -- and they have been here more more is I'm handling -- -- -- country and actually went around the world. Will substitutions breakdown sort they're not a whole lot of old. So you get the Super Bowls you know I'll you know Cilic I shelves of some shall we build it is -- for every -- -- and some people receivers have conditions so. That's what we decided to -- -- would go the higher the stiffen them. The start shaking his head here. I've noticed on any -- yeah. Man I'm sure there yeah I do think Napster. If you weren't -- -- Don't know man that's that's why work -- radio man I don't though -- we have to you to win it's hard for me if he is Sparky introduced to Victor Chris. Yeah -- exactly if you weren't accurately watcher of this that. -- put up you got Clement -- the hour an hour with Samuel you'll on the -- -- Yeah you are taking a -- things you know and you know your your brain -- and that went and what happened. When my -- and fast and a bottle of Jack. That's kinda. -- -- camera with him yeah that's what I do his career slam of the brand manager for wrote a good against resemble excellent Sports Radio 1250. W as a speaker as they Sybercom and I know we're hoping to get Jon -- here in the near future. Except apparently or you -- -- -- -- Like -- -- -- more the sports spare time bullish on sports -- 1250 WS SP. There. A. Then we talked about the pros let's focus on the future stars of the sport with your -- of those spare time -- field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On Sports Radio 1250 WS is. It was very -- -- -- -- 1250 WS SBC's marquee fight for a long it. Albert to the start time pro shop in new -- until trial from a Time Warner 32 thinking of all bowling media standout Dwight what's going on over there at the spare time pro shop this week. While we're finishing up actually city tournament this is the last three -- city tournament and scores have been really -- the guys have been just -- on the the shot the -- And again we get open a -- of -- to resembling conditions are the -- happy to toppling conditions bowlers don't on a ball. But. It's great to see the scores as in the and the guys are even happy I mean -- feel good about themselves -- I think it's been a successful city. -- -- felt what's gone -- do action alternate shot doubles still on the run on Time Warner Cable sports channels so check here. Local listings -- the air times from that and we've yet. -- state tournament got on the way this week and nothing go -- -- you know -- -- some of the results and -- -- -- Voice in Sussex Hamilton come through and when the championship will find lot of pressure on them. We'll find out also -- predicted also don't forget still went industries I kids bullet for kids tournament. Not as well and that guy is -- still going to more qualifiers coming up -- -- -- -- in Greenfield. Another one I Cassel lanes in Racine to get your entry form for that to get that -- nine entry entry form turned and go to Sports Radio 1250 dot com. I had the boy so winner will get a thousand dollar scholarship was yes gosh -- for second and third the -- side -- thousand dollars scholarship plus scholarships for second and third. And then the boys lateral all the girls winner. -- winner I should say for an additional thousand dollars a -- is some lucky person is gonna walk out of there -- 82000 dollars worth of scholarship money. I'm at the end of this tournament and its all may cost while our great sponsors. -- the first year we're doing this and now hopefully now we can pack up class going to Greenfield pack of Cassel points in -- the next two qualifiers and in the TV taping. I coming up by just couple of weeks at Cassell going to -- And it will be aired later on Time Warner 32 as well thanks to -- brow and done his production company right. Outlets are a little bit about what Dwight brought up with Chris Palmer who was the brand manager for -- grip and our thanks again to Chris. For coming out Tom Clark got on FaceBook and wanted to feel important I'm just -- -- I think. It out and he wrote about Tiger Woods and I'm not I'm FaceBook what it does -- no economic of the reform. So yeah it's okay thanks thanks for another -- the Dwight did your help me understand FL blitzing from the odd now how would let me ask you this because you brought it up to Chris Snee said is he tiger -- And my immediate response -- not verbalize was. Absolutely not mean it's not -- the Colts and from disrespect him okay. Golf. Was -- man. Because it was going through that transition era where -- kind of loss all the guys Jack was contravene no Chichi. -- all those guys. Gary Player. All those guys were kind of gone by the way -- -- -- older. And there was that long and really wasn't that star right yes well then Tiger Woods comet comes and -- -- And dominates the masters and everything else him. But Tiger Woods not only was dominant in the sport. Tiger Woods. I don't want where -- -- what looking -- but he exploded. That's sport. Bomb across the country more than -- ever -- people -- tuning in to watch Tiger Woods yesterday is different reasons. It was he was dominant it was. Yet all of that -- any -- you have more African Americans into going out to the golf course and and wanting to golf and wanted to be like Tiger Woods and all that. And before that it was thought of pretty much as a -- white sport that's what golf pretty much was thought. So -- say -- he's tiger. I definitely think he's tiger because I don't. Don't see him got a long way to go I don't see him why I I don't know if he can be tar -- ever I I don't I don't see the ratings just blown off the map all of a sudden you know going from one share on ESP -- and others who before share because everybody's lying to the TV -- Jason Belmont it. People were running to the TV to see tiger -- -- Tiger Woods wasn't an -- people -- were watching at a sickening as Oregon right now even. All these years later and Tigers -- not the same player. People still -- watching golf nearly as much -- Tigers on in the tournament. And tiger brought so many -- as -- golf and every golfer that's out -- and -- that bank so that's -- prize money prize all gig if -- looking get. 100000 dollar first place prizes. Out there for twenty weeks a year I'll column Tiger Woods and other than that no ignited include. Forget the dominant aspect you know with the way you're talking about dominant aspect I I got some numbers -- Jerry Snyder from the PBA. Our -- some some numbers. I just BC masters champ Richard matched the first time that a reigning player of the year and reigning rookie of the -- competed in a major championship match for the title. Belmont -- -- made a major televised championship finals in nine of his last eleven major tournament appearances and has finished in the top ten in the last a lot of. And majors. So that's domination that is absolute insanity and I think that's really what -- -- regularity but that is crazy. That's where you draw the similarities and what Tom wrote about here he says all you do is write about Tiger Woods talking about you know time in this coverage TV just shows Tiger Woods all the time what about all the other players he's got an unfair advantage -- courses are set up for him. I think it's just right now that era on the pro tour I think again we've talked about it for weeks Unita eyeballs beehive river EG attack it look you're in the two finalists for the masters -- -- -- -- -- -- just like Chris said right now that's that era. But I think -- almost for some versatile enough to at work they do change a -- conditions and everyone's talking about it. Almost getting right now -- a lot of -- water bomb alert talk. People hard are talking about I think that's good for the sport. I I don't agree with the -- get to the -- of of of the talked I think people need to embrace what -- still. I don't care you can you mean negative all you want -- root against them. Correct that -- -- a dear Sean rash dire BF stadium guy or did BJ -- got. He says everybody has to love and root for -- up Michael Jordan was dominant in the NBA. Michael Jordan the Marlins fan. Heard from Michael George Michael Jordan -- reform right now. Again as I was a fan of his is because of his ability -- and allowed before may I booed the hell -- -- could stand drove me crazy this you've been my team was dominant had had enough. So the Yankees dominated -- right. Everybody heat of the Yankees -- look at -- hated up near Belmont -- it to love or hate. Now we got something that was going to be -- -- I was is gonna say so do you. Love double because you -- from. Well. -- to I don't know why I like a marked as much as I do -- I think. Part of it has to do with the whole human -- thing you gotta take sides and our -- I decided I was gonna pick sides. And I went to Belmont a side that's kind of war I while with -- -- -- -- and Islanders something he did rubs me the wrong way I guess that's how it is now -- you give you an example here. I'm watching the the -- yes BC masters right -- comes up against Belmont. The girlfriend is watching with me said now the mile Belmont had been watching -- and on and off watchable to exploit. Hunting comes up she -- was -- jerk. I'm -- and he's a really nice guy certainly looks like a juror I would and root for him. Can you should know it from everybody should Oregon did you just watching it for the first time. I said -- really honey. A lot of people think Belmont day is a jerk and Huggins really nice guy shields not a matter I don't know either one of deciding what they look like -- TV's Obama looks he has that appearance he has. Then again similarity that Tiger Woods he has that charisma -- -- -- -- separates himself. From the rest of the field no question he is like Albert the spare time pro shop don't rollicking of -- bowl immediacy Sparky Phifer. Come back right after a suspect -- excellent Sports Radio 1250 WSS state. -- -- there. So yeah. We're pretty well and you don't mess is -- preview this afternoon's matchup coming up but brick like he's at 2 o'clock central. I'm ESP and it's the so we're like Adams -- against the Dallas strikers they end up for the Adams splurge -- lineup. I asked Tommy Jones. Down Barrett's -- small lots. And they're going up against the strikers line of the features final page. I'm a lot of my -- And Dave why Kia and the baker team match will include sideline about Duke which gaga. -- that you guys should say it might Shelley why can and Paige blog it's asked players line above Smith Barnes Barrett -- lots. And Jones I am wrong with the Adams splatters in this one again -- paper this is very one sided. Depth at -- -- -- I I would assume roll eyes when they were you almost see a six point -- -- ready chancellors and let out. And yes I agree yeah Adams split time in one area it's how -- on paper right ga gotta go out -- -- got to make shots you still got to hit shots but. I'm paper it looks like domination. By the ads buckles. On all plays -- coming up this afternoon. I'm off next week -- off next week at least Dwight Albrecht all thought it gives -- so I. -- channels swollen so he's sweating already for anything at all get a via television and next week and you those those are spewing mean when Sparky was a beautiful expect Floyd yeah I don't think about it. -- it has -- I don't respect time pro shop not a new Garland felt broaching the bubble immediate time when -- 32. Here in Milwaukee Steve Sparky viper Sports Radio 1250 WS history. Enjoy the rest of your week and everybody to watch -- -- -- our strength right here. -- -- -- -- Sports Radio twelve BWS. More logon to Sports Radio twelve.