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3/22/14: Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show

Mar 22, 2014|

Mike McGivern is joined by a guest each week from Milwaukee NARI to discuss how to improve your home the right way.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the -- is to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee -- home improvement show now here's your host big time -- -- giver and. A -- -- move walking near home improvement show on Sports Radio 1215 of the SS -- I'm Mike we Gilbert wants -- my cohost this week they'll want Snyder it's treasurer mark -- owner of watched senator Lansky in -- nominee faults. Our special guest for the entire hour. Is a different Clark. Tom Dave Clark to suit their wrote down there in that but -- beautiful I know Tom part of -- construction and he's dressed to the -- man. You look at the best dressed guy we've ever had Sydney in that chair I'm going to be at the moment guard until later though otherwise though wouldn't be truthful nobody's gonna look good and you clean up a really nice guy just -- just going to happen I guess I got up at the end of boots -- the -- You know you know maybe one day we'll do a fashion figures you'll committed suit is not -- everybody I know that I. That's -- have to slow morally I I got a -- beacon of of the show that you guys -- it sets state fair park. This will hold on -- and show up and that's next weekend as well it is and and count instructions we kind enough by you guys are. Our tour listeners -- given -- tickets to -- five pairs of tickets and you could either pick come up at the calendar show room in the -- goal or the one and up Brookfield. Okay and on do you just have to -- out -- -- say your -- wanted to call and -- I enjoy you know what I think we should do some kind of Collin OK also -- if if -- if you could open -- if -- if you think about going the home and Garden Show you this week. You do this weekend next weekend right on -- -- -- fair park. I'll give this call which your name on the list and that just -- over a calendar now construction either in mosquito -- in Brookfield and compare tickets it's very nice you guys. I appreciate that fair -- home and now we garden shows pretty good show for -- -- You know what it's more for landscaper so but it's not a bad chill -- last few shows have been great for us and things are very very steady. -- I was I had stayed for park Wednesday we round. I do a segment on around the corner -- -- -- -- and -- my brother -- and down so we're there and they were setting stuff up and they they also empty out -- to public TV has their art. Stuff out -- showing that -- -- auction that's coming up and pretty interest you've there's a lot of activity going on death pretty model for that show me one other thing going on its. At -- risky go -- coming up on on April 12. You have a special -- that's going to be either the Easter -- shown up yet he's going to be there there's going to be -- Easter Egg -- as well. So bring out the kids -- that's awesome it's it's going to be at the show room. On Jay's -- rolled between 11 AM and one -- PM. On April 12 there's going to be Easter egg -- there's an Easter coloring contest. And -- Easter egg hunt for children ten and under at noon. The of the contest you do you get a chance to win it gift card from toys -- us. It's an annual Easter family event I'm. It doesn't surprise me I you know Tom -- Carolyn this that it for a number of times and you guys -- show -- to give him back to read -- events like this that top. This doesn't surprise me think it's a great thing that you guys do for people who c'mon have some fun with their MO it's a lot of -- Yeah it it don't doubt he bill let's talk a little bit about what's going on -- marquis here if we can't. You about we become an up a couple months is that -- -- homes yeah. You know that's going to be coming up in or not not all that long and you don't. If you want a fantastic opportunity you walk -- home it's been -- You we get to touch and feel and immerse yourselves in in Tennessee in the details that are created helpless bases are -- he can't. You can't really do that with pictures right this is really a unique opportunity that highly recommend going that. Yeah I'll tell you what it's how we -- is I've said before my wife and I walked through last year. Emery -- get it one thing that a filled to do on those tickets today is I haven't. Given the -- number out. 4147991254147991250. -- -- moral take your name and and -- gets tickets for the home Garden Show at state fair park this week and next week weekend courtesy of the fine folks at cal and construction. Again let's give back if we -- -- -- what she walking -- The membership to -- trees -- remodeling guides if if people are looking for their free resources. Object -- really kind of step. Up your game as far as what you're going to be doing here in the spring and in the summer -- homes. Of those are free you -- called walking near your trailer license after absolutely if you -- the phone number for Milwaukee -- 77147. He won. And that it was -- -- a free membership to rectory. Or visit their website at child -- -- dot org. For -- -- formation that we're talking about it when you walked the end. We talked a little bit. About this is -- -- to be your time. It is it's it's all it's all of a sudden you know the snow starts to disappear and and the phone starts during -- and and you know it's -- to be a busy year for us that were singing at all a lot of sizable projects that were look at that and it gets to be a fun -- -- for us. See it same with you guys account construction -- -- we've been pretty. Steady all the way through the years ago so now I mean I don't think. What the spring coming it's gonna make much of a difference for us but. Yeah things have been great you know we haven't talked the three of us since. Since the show couple weeks ago right and and I've said now the last couple weeks. That people that came to that show where different than -- your prior and when I'd -- gone to other shows. Were they came in they had a mission I mean they were common to kinda get out of house -- cry and have -- -- around -- and and for some energy off. They -- -- people come it would no pets and eight they knew exactly where there was an echo in the things they wanted -- to accomplish. And -- the story that I've told I had about a woman who. All she wanted was to come -- talented and and see you guys had a window special deal going on Friday and she was gonna get windows. And about an hour and a half later she had to buy a list of about fifteen things and she was like curly shoes getting out and it's where you -- -- I gotta get out here. And I said OK she was my husband's giving kill me I just asking for windows and look at my list and he was literally fifteen things Steve. Are people that she's talked to you and she said I thought we only needed windows and now I think we need a lot more so it it seemed like it was a good show for everybody involved. Yeah at ia absolutely knowing that and and being on the board of directors you know I talked to a lot of people and our association and I think has seen in general. And everybody is is really pretty busy and and and people look at excited about the things again so that's that's -- that's good see -- if it is cute to see you know I think people are starting to feel like I -- I -- -- -- -- wind turned need. You know there's a big difference but it seemed like her -- her -- were those windows. And her want was the other fourteen -- I -- -- Melissa I'm not sure how many she's on the Gibbs ran a cart paths in that can't get that apparently -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- know what I've got a feeling that she went to what. It's your ball with a decided it was just windows but it was a number of things that. That she wanted to talk about they are showed they were gonna focus on and general design build the remodeling projects. An and we kind of a laser focus on additions and attic renovations. -- I know that you've written a couple of -- blogs on on those who will get to those in the second and third. I segments of the show. But aid when you're talking about additions and attic renovations. Is there a better -- -- to talk to guys but doubters at some of you guys talked to people you're around about. We talk -- -- round in fact we're just finishing up. Out single floor addition -- -- first floor addition. But where all worked starting right now with the second floor addition in -- told side of another one going on and white fish -- So there's a lot of additions going down. It came -- on my -- I've got he. What it says about you -- is the exterior product specialist can you explain that two people what what that would would mean. You know what we do have exterior group and the design girl OK and at -- with my part of the business. Because I'm doing additions I'm doing citing rough being windows as well okay all but really my -- kisses on additions and setting up a plan that's gonna maximize. The square footage that they have -- You know just make it worthwhile investment for the -- adults for instance like the one in white fish -- that we're doing. We've got two very small bedrooms upstairs. Along with the master suite that's not too bad but now we have a Mac -- huge master bedroom. And three large veteran -- two large bedrooms and two bathroom so while and for resell that's. Going to be. Big especially in light fish how pigs the lot have to be in -- you when you do an addition you go up or do you go back in that case were just going up or tearing off the rough and going straight up. -- not change in the footprint at all. -- when you do that is there are limitations from one community through the next -- and there's an architectural review board even if you're going up. Yes okay health I didn't feel left out you you -- who's happy that you're going up is is bill. Yeah it's your documents allege Bryant figured out he got enough space -- I always like to see a big -- bone machine -- -- I -- -- cherry had accidentally racks up the -- does look you don't know. We might as well take care of the yard now -- that while while our -- this -- -- he is so what you're doing -- -- already -- You know there you go you you guys can work together something like that but certainly it's -- members you would not do that if I got certainly got our purpose outer course for that matter. -- eight in the one that your -- -- -- you're going you're going up and he said there's a review board. Right. And both in -- while white fish bay and in wallet -- and and I got -- -- -- where we're just going straight up or not change in the footprint at all. And I like that I mean -- -- off to dig personal masonry work. In one case were changing up the floor system -- change in the structure because before we had a rough system now we have we have -- -- load. For that second floor. Because now we're gonna have a full second floor above it. How long from the from the -- the first day that your your you guys start to construction on something like that how one does something. Anyways it is it general time isn't. It's incredible it's like of the one I did a -- it's also where we did first floor master. Bedroom addition. Within a week we have that thing framed. And dried in and ready to goal you know further trades while so I mean it's -- fairly quick we have some very very good carpenters and staff. So they do reviewed the beginning innovative -- you know the when you meet -- clients and you start to kind of put down on paper -- you guys are looking for. Is that that of the longer of the two segments probably yeah now that there's a lot of planning that goes into a project like that always said it's got to be tremendous amount with -- with that slated. For you and do what part of the. Everything it's like for instance like for a bathroom were gonna have. This is the -- belt this is the shower had you know everything is specified I don't throw a number in there and say. Yeah -- -- a thousand dollar loans for plumbing because what does that mean right we plug in something tangible. -- and that's really a way to do it. And I think that people probably. That that are having this done appreciate that and if there are changes to be made along the way if halfway through. You know one of the owner says you know what. We haven't started this part of the but I'm thinking I might want to try this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little -- -- more on. Some of the things the the additions he has at a -- patience. If you have any questions -- you can email us live at that -- it's live it's sports -- -- 1250. Etiquette if you think about going to the home -- Garden Show. Talent construction has. Has given Dave Clark up five -- tickets to give away they're gonna give them away at their either one of their locations. In Brookfield. Or here in those corners -- she's drove -- But give us a call at 4147991257991250. -- Barlow we'll take your name in. -- -- -- it off to Dave Dave have you name it one of the locations -- pick those tickets up. This is them walking their home improvement show on Sports Radio 1250. To -- SS but he. You're listening to the Milwaukee area home improvement show -- time Mike Mike given the mail your questions still alive -- Sports Radio -- that the -- Welcome back to the more -- home improvement show on sports rated 1250 of yes SP. I might figure alongside Michael is this -- don't want -- he's a treasure marquis nary an owner -- senator Lansky. -- -- -- -- -- You can check him on outline and his company on line. And it's out -- Snyder dot com it's WA and ID ER dot com. And -- great web -- This is -- be busy time you're right I don't know when that. We're never thought that I think we're gonna have some type of suit -- Jewell thought that we we hope thoughts about -- You -- that normally April 1 you guys -- Are working out on April 1 but I think the prices down so deep this year I didn't do and -- -- we need some rain the pole -- -- to Israel via. No snow blowers on -- -- -- yeah -- -- studio guest from Cali construction. Dave Clark. And again they are giving some tickets way for the moment card show that's going this week -- and next week and at state fair park. Courtesy of count -- she gives call -- 7991250. Matt -- will explain. Everything to you again you can you -- -- questions live -- Sports Radio 1250. -- -- want as even though this question I think we talked a little bit about it but. Let's let's go back over at what is the length of time to construct a typical. Home edition is there such a thing is except. There really isn't but you know -- say figure -- -- three months. Well and then up from there. They're really depends is that a first or second floor is that a bathrooms and kitchen additions in -- That complicating it things that that's a family room not a big deal. Not a big deal is to time wise rule of -- you know you don't have the mechanic skills that you would have you know for a bathroom or that kitchen. Do you -- Did you and a enjoyed design it working out and I'm 21 or the other more than one that goes out to the one that goes -- does it matter to you it doesn't really matter I like a challenge they'll yell sometimes. In the same thing over and over but having the challenges. Really something I like to dig into a project -- are. I have to scratch my head a few times before I come up with something you know hey what's your background before we go one there's there's Saddam -- -- that you wrote. Ad space for the second story -- and then when it's occupied but QB your background as far as how you got to where you're at well actually I started out as a Carpenter. Many years ago and then from there. I was building homes. I was an -- -- four one of the area builders. And then from that point. Decided to have my own business and I have -- business for twelve years. And I was building -- into and remodeling projects and -- working with a couple different architects. And bulls' plans always seemed to have a hiccup and what I ended up doing as I said you know what the next in my build -- health I -- draw it up myself. And at that point -- I had taken some classes. An architectural -- and mechanical drawing as well as auto cad. And I became very well versed win 3-D M and -- as well. And and that's pretty much will put me where men now united -- -- certainly. When I -- by about. -- companies we talked in the first. So just really strong company guys have been together a one time. Of these -- would you would you seek company has some poison there with them for a really long time meets its great company in my eyes up and down. It seems like each time we have somebody from -- -- construction then there's. There's something that you guys are doing to give back to treating you know Easter bunnies common in -- -- the egg hunt and and other color contest -- for kids to c'mon and get involved and -- -- you'd written applaud. Ad space for the second story addition. And in in the third or fourth paragraph where you talked about Tom although adding a second -- means that the roof -- we have to be torn off. You'll still be able live in the house and while the work is going on he got an off people understand that. Bombed because you're you're going up the rough past obviously come off but people still continued to -- TVs in their home -- right time there's. Definitely going to be an inconvenience there we get out a second floor addition I took over ranch tore off the entire row off and we went up -- -- second floor. And that was in the dead -- winter. Really and they stayed there and I mean at -- gorgeous. I mean we took a ranch that was. You know like -- 1950s ranch. Italy made it into a colonial very cool looking home while you know the other part wasn't I -- this when you talked about Andy's second stir gives you. Almost unlimited design options he talk a little bit about that absolutely I mean there's a lot of different rough lines. We try to find the you know what your hot button in as I mean do you like a craftsman style -- like a contemporary do you like -- -- O'Neal. And really it's driven by the client and what they like now what I like -- what I think. We sit down we survey a client and we find out what they want. You know I think that's important -- however if if the Clyde is going off path a little bet. So crazy our -- to do I've got a feeling that with players here's some people have -- some of the things -- you do. You can you can gently bring them back. Commented to give them more realistic. Dumb idea and what what they should be doing. Yeah absolutely. The -- for -- I I'll I'll say well you know I don't recommend that I did an addition in -- in years ago where. It it look like a big white elephant connected to a little cottage but that's what they wanted and they spent one point eight million dollars on an addition. -- it and it's like yeah and it's not even on the lake. All that well bill that's what they turn this thing I would do. They've come I don't know what the addition now the that the original the original -- and SF was Derek -- -- still -- but you have this house is huge it has the saleable. Suspended from the ceiling. We usually get very cool I halo -- really cool inside Blakey said if that's you know whatever you I was working she was more of an artists and you know I kind of liked pushing that and you know for her she's telling -- what she wants I designed. One point eight million. Public school project that I asked you not to talk about my mom's. This got a -- last session and -- I had heard a -- we had talked arm earlier about your -- people back into it it's him from. Some of the ideas that they have do you see that -- -- in the in your business. Well you know I think what happens is is every everybody has their hopes and dreams for design yes and you -- course -- you do design build -- dollars to pieces have to get to come together hopes and dreams are designed hopes and dreams for budget. Right so sometimes people lay out all these things that they would like but that we have to kind of look what's -- reality in relation to the budget usually what happens in the process you don't -- -- -- disabled. -- but you find arms that people see things in magazines or they see things on -- -- their drive and and see it's the -- that's. What I want but you know and I've said this I -- up eightieth and -- would somebody has. You know in in -- -- withdrew with all the way and -- fox points and homes and there are I can't have rule where I met just because of the skill or backyard is small but she's do you see that people. Notice neighborhoods or notice what's going on somewhere else is say this one -- bring him out. I think that people look at -- at a variety of sources an -- but I think. People -- seen more and more now was is aware some of these these sites that you can go on and look at ideas for you know either remodeling type of construction or Lansky minority community of contreras and -- type that type -- -- People are going there are looking -- ideas and then there coming in talking to us as -- will look at this can we create something like like this the worst seen more and more of of all of that happening. Your business is well. I -- absolutely you know houses are really good resource. And people look at kitchens bathrooms this is the ideals highlight. And then we try to work with -- Now it's like I can design a kitchen or bathroom. For X amount of dollars and -- I can go way way up as well. It's like that's why am I usually try to get to the root of the budget -- from the get go so. We can put something together that's gonna happen. GO come in in the blog that you wrote when he sits second floor additions -- you some money -- -- doubts. How can you explain that -- -- absolutely you know all the thing -- with adding an addition on the first lawyer were gonna have to dig a hole. We're gonna have to put in a foundational poor footing Sundays -- and where second floor which we're simply just going up you know and we're using the existing structure so we don't have sorry about this but no landscape -- really -- You know I I just got to know what what you know what what would you have done right you have preserved a portion of their budget for landscaping right as compared to spending it on the hole in the voting examples that you know that there's outlets doesn't earlier blog I'm I still -- and -- there I stuck right there because I wanted to go under a but I. Think he's right he might have to change your blog -- what you've done I saved some money for them. To then get some additional -- spruce up their way it's -- guys let's get to break. On the other side -- break we want to continue to talk will -- -- by the additions. But that we want to kind of odd transition over you while looking at the attic is well in a new Britain -- a nice plug and that that I wanna talk to about. As well this week's out cohost -- -- watch senator treasure marquis -- owner wants their lanes keep him down meatballs. Our special guest Dave Clark from -- construction again they are giving away some tickets if you wanna go to go home and Garden Show. This weekend and next week and or next weekend at state fair park. You can give Matt -- call -- -- 7991250. And he'll explain how you get the tickets this is the -- Gary home improvement show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're listening to the Milwaukee -- home improvement show with big time Mike -- -- email your questions still live -- Sports Radio at 1250 dot com. Welcome back to mark near home improvement show on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Appreciate you joining us I'm Mike we -- alongside my cohost who -- Snyder treasurer of Milwaukee -- an owner of watched senator land skip. In the nominee false. Check them on a line -- watched senator dot com. This week's special guest is Dave Clark Kelly construction. You can check them out of line -- -- construction dot com. You they've got an office in the -- go and one in Brookfield. And died the year given way to tickets -- that we've had a couple people call they've got five pair -- got a couple or left. Two home Garden Show going on this weekend and next -- -- at Steve fir park give map Barlow call -- 7991250. And he cannot kind of walk you through -- you get up do you you just -- -- short of one of their offices other opens today from nine to two. Can one officer miscue one of -- -- -- more convenient for you. You -- any questions for either one of our guest. You can email us at alive its Sports Radio 1250. And will get -- -- If we can't before getting into what to the attic renovation. Quade is sure what he has as emailed -- the cost of an addition be recouped at the time of -- sale. You know I would imagine in in both series she's probably are more in your Steve would people are thinking to do -- edition. Or. Its the -- you do their talking about movies speaker for resell in the -- -- guys who have been in where your city. Have have really convinced me that if if your not selling your house the next 44 of 36 wants to it for you. -- for how you want -- rather than thinking that far ahead but if somebody is doing some of this work with the idea that they don't wanna resell. The home fairly quickly. Do they recoup some of that. No they won't they won't know -- and you know we were taught in off the air ball cost -- value. And adding nine in addition. -- they'll tell you if people to bowlers dot com or remodeling dot com. What you're gonna recoup and like even with a kitchen remodel your gonna recoup like 68%. I believe it is. You know -- -- bathrooms gonna be I think somewhere like 50%. It's not like the shows you see on TV where they're filming at -- -- Canada. I think though. After tying goals you know if you let's say you have a bath and happier adding another bath on for resell it's going to be huge. Right now yeah well but first some of the other things you need it. Still going to this thinking that -- -- Q this is that we can make. Additional money if -- Thomas sale absolutely an active and you're not gonna recoup all that money haters -- blog that you wrote awhile back in December 2013. -- when more living space is needed don't overlook. The attic you find a lot of people overlook the -- -- yes and -- and the at all or they may have spare rooms that they're not using. I've actually come -- three of my clients to move because -- like you really don't need the at its base. Oh or you -- all adding all these things. Is going to be cost prohibiting you know so it's better off. Starting with something you know with a better -- Then trying to recreate all this -- here you know you don't -- -- you talk a little bit about -- arm. I'm -- the attic. Ended the only base Mary would be up hustle remove your chimney here creating them and -- missionary feature of desired. But that right off the bat Titus is okay. You are cost wise we -- we can look him -- rather than than huge number if we look at the space we have and utilizing be more efficient with. The space that we have that might be the -- For sure I mean there's. -- -- some things that you have to overcome like what is the floor loading going to be on that floor. The bills and Attica might be set up more for a debt load for storage rather than alive load. So sometimes we have to tweak the -- system but it's really not a big deal. On the it will continue talking about -- and do one -- bill a couple of times you've been in in and I didn't stay -- first semi talked about this I kind of thought. Really but and and now you've convinced me. That when you when you go to somebody's home you really look at what their home with their house looks like Natalie from the outside from the curb. How it looks all the way on a Rollins at the house before you start figured -- which -- -- Q. With with the landscape and how wood should all kind of fit -- together -- Yeah at at absolutely you know and I I just met with some -- -- this past -- I can't believe they did that's. Because I was like I talked myself out of some work plus plus you know what you need to do is you need to put in the French doors off of your breakfast -- and then you need to put a deck noted here. And I in. And that's gonna be your best way of approaching -- -- from in over ball livable space. And as -- did all you really don't -- did take a patio direction did your terrorists direction. And what that was going to be the best thing -- -- -- right and so. That's whenever -- the she's. Well he's not trust your correction very I don't really have a really honest guys -- be -- so I think that. Good for you go up. You know good for you that could have been nice piece of business I'm sure yeah it is the you know is it that that's gonna come back to you you know that that's good karma I'm just telling I believe and that -- that's gonna come back -- -- that. The next door neighbors in the city here you could go either convince them with all this on C stuff puts come over here do some work for me that's gonna happen. -- getting back to the attic part of it. I I -- it kind of funny that people kind of forget about it that space and they think it really more of a storage space. But yeah I mean you can do skylights is a lot of things -- you can do with that space to enhance your living area. Yeah I mean and -- even with skylights or you could do. What we called dog collar call slugged -- see dollar gable farmers are just storm out of our guys I've not heard that term before a doghouse to -- is kind of like the smaller to -- is that you with Seattle a Cape -- okay but Downey could do a huge gable are now so you have a -- to -- That's creating this wall space as well as you know letting -- violation. You know you Hewitt to I talked to a insulation in in in this blog and down. The as far as with the -- that you recommend it's -- spray foam insulation. I think that's that he -- wave of the future I think all of the rest of you know look fiberglass is gonna start tapering more more off. I think that the cost of both spray -- is getting. A little bit easier to deal -- -- and it's just way way better. System especially when you're talking about an addict because. We can do a conditioned addicts base meaning we can spray foam rate up on the -- boards. We don't have to bring in. Moisture or air movement to -- -- the -- rough boards. In order to prevent book. Here we get to question I wanna give back to that they get a question regarding open -- a wanna get Kevin no creeks question answered what are the options for -- white. Into the attic renovation we talked about skies for second are there other options while yeah putting in a -- -- rightly. Would give us a wall space where we could put -- -- -- To bring in that -- validation. -- there's there's a number of options again if you know Kevin -- you I'd go on and -- website in in I would. Surely get a -- with Dave clarkin CPP LPI that's -- construction. -- dot com if we can't getting back. To the installation part of that. You'd -- said -- taken that this freefall was the wave of of the future a what makes you think that is that something that's being used quite a bit now you know fiberglass suspend tapering off because of issues with the fibers in your lungs and that type of thing. And the foam insulation is just by far. The way to go we put in our Infiniti Windmills right in -- -- -- without one of the best swindles in the market here and it's. -- -- -- a fiberglass around the perimeters were -- spray -- map because it's gonna fill in every -- -- There's not going to be any pair -- filtration around that window. And and you know in this is says today you wrote today -- -- every nook and cranny and eight that's you know. That's all -- and the other part of but -- as I read your blog said that. I liked it was the when you wrote the attic. He can be when you're gonna redo your etiquette specifically designed -- watch you don't have to convert. He -- -- smaller designs. Are also possible so people it's it people can continue to to have part of their third -- attic for what they have now if it's a storage space. But then they can they can't and a cut down some of the costs that that instance doing the whole -- right you -- pick the did the area that you -- convert. The smaller designs are are possible I think that's important people understand cycles back to all we do that survey how we use in that space you know why create all this additional space if you're not going to be using it. Yeah I agree guys let's get two or less break. Other said the -- there's a couple of questions that have been emailed to us. We'll give him that and then I've got a couple questions are for you as far as Sony cost some issues that I looked up. That I wanted to talk to -- about that we talked prior to to show started. And down some questions that people that have thought asked other experts only future opinion not this is the marquee -- home improvement show on Sports Radio twelfth. Fifty. -- -- You're listening to the Milwaukee area home improvement show -- time Mike Mike given email your questions still live in Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Welcome back to the market near home improvement show on sports pretty 1250 to be -- They should join -- I might McKiver who -- senator -- -- watched senator. Treasure more canary all around honest guy and all -- watching her landscape -- -- nominee balls. Check -- on line. -- watched senator dot com our special guest in studio Dave Clark. Finally dressed if Clark he is. Had no off to -- state fair park after this. And again they're giving -- constructions QVC tickets away he give Matt -- call -- 7991252. At home and Garden Show. That's this weekend and next week and -- state fair park. We've got to two pairs of tickets left if you're -- trusted again 7991250. -- -- -- Argue -- -- -- on on how you pick those up that's your had -- over there after this up. Yeah I would be a full day thing for -- know why we do shifts -- be done at 3 o'clock. You know what I'm doing today but he dominated the hang out my son for a while and check apartments who get a fine and throwing it and Mary -- end of may -- And I think I told you guys he'd they had a perfect spot no creek. And then now carry his fiancee find out she's -- student teaching him -- Quantico so everything has shifted now -- look in that quarter or. You know -- corners new pearl went Waukesha something along the old rock -- -- -- because he works down by south rich. -- a little bit to the into the east to south -- and she's going to be more Quantico. So anybody out there whose guts works in apartments and you've got -- some single lot bedroom. They're they're looking for one with -- they're in their own private entryway which is -- to Jack up the price will that puts certainly you call me at 44821. Off. Half a block or editorial what do I think -- if you get you know we are just a -- I try to be easy doing a real it's a good father -- -- about well there's the NCAA tournament go -- I'd still got something you want us -- and it's going to be a good word for word -- a 2104. -- -- plug in that. -- -- let's talk a little bit if we can't wanted to what just. We talked about the -- the event did you guys are hosted. At -- -- go show room on April 12. -- want people to put that on their calendar again it is. Opportunities to bring the kids out. You get a chance to meet Easter Bunny do -- Easter -- contest. For Toys 'R' Us -- cards. Easter egg hunt for children ten and under -- I can't get involved. I've got a lot of down might and a -- spread is a good attitude and attitude that I probably I don't -- it just all I got to play -- -- that. But I think it's really poured my favorite -- and I have a press release. That said -- -- -- did set me. -- and I love the quote from Tom calendar Easter our annual Easter family event provides time honored -- -- activities that children and adults of all ages -- It's just another way for Kelly give back through the end I appreciate. The fact that you guys do that he before we don't have much time suitors a couple of questions one of the of two run by -- we can't we talked about with the addition. On add value to your home we talked about that he'll add value for you would come pre sell time. You're not kidding Q you are gonna recoup from all of that money one other question is durable or wait. To get what you want when it comes to additions. Yeah really -- comes down the selections. It just tweaking your selections are going with. Product that might be promotional at the time we -- promotional cabinetry -- up promotional collar tops. And if we can work within -- Boundaries. We can come up with a pretty decent budget. -- that's awesome mom last question we talked earlier but this but I think that people have to understand Amare there's zoning restrictions to consider. You guys I think everywhere there are joint capsule and -- you guys are well on top of that and ended as the expert in that field you can go through that. With people right now we'll do that prior to designing it and I'll call find out what the setbacks are for the side yards. For instance and debut there might be a height restriction in also. Especially when you're near the lake he'd last question that was emailed to us I don't want to leave James -- -- James in Germantown. What do the typical challenges associated. With an -- renovation. I think like -- said that my main thing is just because you have an addict doesn't mean you can just. Go let him build -- -- -- you have to make sure that the loading is going to be proper. On the floor -- -- -- -- but it's not a big deal I mean we we just beef up them -- we sister trusses alongside -- though there's ways to overcome that that's beautiful. Hey don't tell -- will -- what's going on it's. It's your business go with once fairways keep this is that this is getting to be the time right this is your phone started to rain pretty heavily and and mean if people want to get -- of view that you go to one senator -- -- But how far out are you right now if somebody wants -- with you next week are you available. You know probably not next week you don't next two to three weeks we could -- -- -- a time to get the other okay but this is a big time a year for planning people are thinking about the outdoor room spaces or we talk about -- spaces with homes. We really build the equivalent of of of spaces that expand their homes and of course the nice thing about our stuff is is you don't have to pay taxes on and you have to heat it. Right -- that should. We got to water and sometimes it -- well okay I let well you want to do outside here. Of doing that anyway are you finding. Billy you're -- -- your -- said today it did people that are bookie. To do more things outside is it mostly with with that with plants with trees with with bush is with. You know just a whole feel of they just want your eyes and and your expertise to help them or do they have ideas before you get there. You know I think people have. Just a general feeling what they -- accomplished so for -- and somebody might come this to say you know we would like to increase their curb appeal. So -- -- know while they might come four with a specific item we get down to what the root of it is they wanna increase the curb appeal. And then -- -- -- what the big picture is and I come back -- it will look here are some things that we can do either expand -- architecture of. Whether it's the plants -- -- -- yeah that's beautiful big guys think he's so much and I really appreciate it on the have fun it's at the -- Garden Show. I think we had we have four people has taken this up on the offer for -- -- I really want to think Kelly construction in their in their website. Is Kelly construction. Dot com FaceBook is -- FaceBook dot com -- construction. You can read some of the blogs that -- Clark who's written in -- great -- blog. Dot com. Really appreciate Tennessee you guys have to -- -- it's amusement and all of late -- so go badgers today are -- friends and walking near your home improvement show. -- -- Sports Radio 1250. To -- SSP.