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03/30/14: Spare/Time Bowling Show

Mar 30, 2014|

Review of the HItmen sweeping Pittsburgh last week...Talk with the head coach Shawn Wochner from UW-Whitewater bowling...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah and. It's time to talk about the PGA. US BC high school bully. And the latest from the bowling industry would your -- playoff referenced your time pro shop -- look. The king of all bully media -- right low and -- Sparky fighter this is those spare time bowling show on Sports Radio 1215 WS his -- What transpires amyloid -- the last one of the season here on Sports Radio 1250 WS SB as you -- From big boys guys are going to -- sparking to life dale all -- attendance for the last show and a game. Big one at that norm Duke will be joining us. Coming up here and about twenty minutes as he gets ready to had out for the UB 52 or. And we'll get his thoughts on that also his thoughts on deviate league action -- and we'll talk with. The right call them what would you call white -- -- team. Excellent superb. Awesome what would be the adjective -- club team in the country offer scholarships -- -- of that nature. -- -- number in the country and headed off to the intercollegiate team championships later on in April that is awesome we'll talk to their head coach coming up. As well at about 930 final check in with white water bowl XL a big show coming up here on the spare time bowl and show first and we'll start off. Getting -- update from Dwight Albrecht for the last time before we had off into the summertime -- how are we doing bowling after all the surgeries he went through. Yes -- about the -- well last Saturday because it's our couples Lee is every other. Last Saturday I made a mistake opponent FaceBook and -- -- -- -- I might throw the fifteen pounder tonight. And IA did. And then practices started off with a twelve ponder and has revenues and most of the year in. And through the fifteen and that felt pretty good in practice then first game -- almost 2300. Soul. Start off a 265 and and -- -- hey this is great -- -- back in and then it was 670 which is disparate. I had and then I paid for and obviously the whole week this week but the shoulder the neck and the back I'll be be in pretty sore so it indicates to me that I got to. On way to go. You know. It's crazy to follow along you're her rehabilitation. This whole thing is I'm just thinking -- person I just would -- -- this year and. Came back and next year. First though I have figures out alto when my ex students young lady and Marcus is -- -- on and cheered me on. You'd if you got -- leaders party she's a riot if you think I'm blowing -- Ernie was Kirsten Chapman you got to meet her. She's the biggest Bollinger and I've ever met but she came out and cheered me on and it was just nice to hammer in the corner there but I just have to just like me she has I have a lot of passion for the sport and so -- see and so there's no way that you're gonna -- down now. Now you're at or near it just fans of other ones -- punishment out there to have seen come back early from knee surgeries. -- replacements things of that nature and you know start on you know 234 months after -- on the -- are just surgeon there to back that -- said that it would be a year in April 7 last year as my surgery so I mean I'm right there are insist that. I thought over the last couple weeks a year until you're supposed to -- -- did he mean to line. I think a year and -- back to a 100%. They have it down to the day almost you know -- It was about this time last year I was freaking out about I have in the surgery and so. -- it will be a good comeback is sustainable long way to go yet are -- very -- -- should be okay for the -- -- back at bolstering little practicing in Friday's good back -- ball straight to and now we roll again men out coming up this -- we continued to spare time bowling in the show again this fall now. -- -- you'll -- finish out the next month when we are done already. Obviously and that's right they'll I'm I'm OK with that everybody seems it's like Seattle's footers as as still being the favorite to win this thing I still think -- money's team. LA -- I like -- yeah two tough teams either way and with Pittman this past Sunday. I was really and -- lose. To all the way fan and ultimately it's often well they hit -- -- -- below their mind and I am not quite sure they can do that again to be asked if you -- hit -- Everything started off first obviously in that singles match Bill O'Neill. Much outside of probably one ball maybe through everything in the pocket and had a double to add to -- bunch of strikes. The last pocket sevens hand -- -- he was on he was just I'm pretty much all -- and -- who started off real slow Oscar looked like he was disinterested. Something was on his mind he just to me you being a big ask -- -- yeah just looked out of sorts to me. You and -- -- a -- him a couple years old on the World Series and going in their say in the sick this year the guy speaks one word a year. I mean what did you get your take from. I don't know I mean I I didn't have any issue with them I mean we talked it in Vegas and we were -- and he remembered me from you know last couple years whatever else and he was really good remain. Not I don't know what he's been like after Vegas as far as how he's dealing with media and whoever else but. I always got a lot of -- I've never finish. And when he is in Milwaukee I got a chance to talk to for a few minutes and he seemed to -- normal. But he sorts but he had a bad swing yeah I mean he looked out of sorts and you know. Randy Peterson brought it up on the Shell. They severely hindered him in Belmont is the -- is -- out your point on the tricks of the trade and he's just he throws everything so hard with so much rather. That and you can just see it I mean. He serve on the one -- ball cuts in the middle he moves to the next -- bowl cuts through the middle on -- on -- boy this is over all boy I mean -- he's gonna have to recover court and in India and you know -- -- Matt -- and it wasn't quick enough obviously it just seems -- sometimes ask who doesn't have that fluff shot that Belmont these discovered worry -- -- the left but doesn't have to -- left -- forty feet. That's -- -- talked about a event that he actually needs to tone it down a little bit. Yeah that's exactly right and I totally agree with that. I'm now is he willing to do that I don't know when he's been very successful already it has just like he has just one tape the game in mandatory that you have to have circles types -- game -- that. So they hit man come up -- there was Bill O'Neill over I ask -- Blair went to fifteen. Two to twelve and again -- -- close alternate ball doubles on next up this is for another point just like the singles match was. The -- -- McClelland some an Alley up against the Ronnie Russell and Eugene -- It was like. -- they'll put down as ball ball. That -- this is the magic want go get it. -- -- they just picked up his balls so -- strikes. And ages -- lot of gate and it was -- I mean it was thought they did that in us it seemed like every. Well week in every show this year there was one guy out of all the -- where they're all ten. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So at that game was over quickly I think what they have in the first nine or something like that yes so while Philly -- -- taking on the Jack -- so I'm -- -- -- -- in 257. At 239. That was one point this is still not over it's just 20 remembered the last five man -- for -- so even if you lose the first three you still got a chance. To tie ins are go to the tiebreaker that is bigger Cheerios outs bill -- -- Josh Blanchard and Mike -- For the hit man going up against Jack -- -- Martin Larsson. -- and Ronnie Russell symbols all ideas. I have not seen a team. What I saw last Sunday. Beach just as I'm like everybody just -- -- I'm all together at the same time after -- set while you know Adams putters okay. If they all like this the other beat any acts I I totally agree mini -- -- as they -- I don't know they can do it again. And I guess Jason Keller she's got a no one at all obviously is his coach you know once in the manager of the team -- You know I mean he's pretty confident but -- the -- -- -- -- -- good coach you yes by the way yeah he'd email -- the tussle. Will be in all the years on the -- and won three Richard yeah I mean three major titles in all the whole three peat. To -- you'll -- knows what to do you bet. So they when their 256. To 251. And again it was another situation where the book was Clement and he have a chance there in the tenth. To do something -- -- -- Russell I wanna say spared in the ninth. That left open for -- -- -- -- throw a double. And -- W I he has thrown at least a double in the tenth -- Osborne couldn't couldn't get it done a first ball and that was sent. You know five -- baker here we go again now we got everybody and their model all bowling golf for each team. Any time in Philadelphia it -- take care business -- 35 to 25 and it's a clean sweep of Pittsburgh to. Yes but they're there is wanting out of their match that I maybe we can discuss about this but enemy it's a good tip for the listeners. Us into our show. You don't hit it just to me it's like Eugene -- -- was over the top in terms of his excitement. And he was the one that cost them that match. Could accustomed the tie. I mean it was that big of a ball even a five -- -- -- double and then with finance and -- -- -- as hard as he can and to me like the -- so he was over pumped up. And I just think you gotta keep your emotions in check until it's over and then you can kind of do the celebration I just think he was just Seoul pumped up on that shot he threw it right pass to break point. While and ask who's semi another bad break for asking these -- 49 or nine in back to back and that left land. -- someone -- -- -- -- a little bit may have to push. Now you know and PA's holy amend their mean you know surprisingly he was first in six frame with -- -- banged up -- rainy -- -- bathroom a second or third frame. Lead a mafia was two for two with PA gets a chance like you said -- you know he's got you know 22 shots he's got. Pardon fast off the corner and you get inside he can hook the -- -- like. It's really surprises because he tried the insight shot to hook only innings as rip Iraq I gotta believe and all the other pros playing or why he didn't go with their B game. He got the strike when he threw it but it was just that many frame was just way too costly for them and they never -- recovered -- and 230 -- the 225. I mean look back at their premium and be spare scuzzy lost so much on the count and everything they win -- Absolutely and it's it's so anyway I mean we only half is so many ways to -- that Barca handle. I mean noted frustrating and then Asia you know we saw movement last year. After -- the season was on the for the next season -- as far as people making moves one way or the other. And we got norm Duke coming up I -- -- ask him how -- process for me is it norm Duke. Is he making the calls as far as what they're doing isn't there quotable manager. That's making calls on what they're doing as far as you know who they're signing vs who who -- okay well and very up. How to help process works or is this a puppet thing where the TBA is kind of controlling manipulating who's going where. In Edward they're telling us that -- its economy and -- I'd be interested right -- because I would think. A match which you said you know if they decide OK -- -- has been real but. -- costs is there. A lot -- we're going to move on now and he goes away and they bring somebody else and my belt does that really happen I I I don't know. On the vessel that I think you got to think of now when -- putting a team together especially if -- another. Manager of another team that -- an -- so you're taking this obviously in the TV elite but you're taking this seriously mean you have to look at and go OK dark to want that. Just got again you gotta keep your emotions then and Shaq I mean it's one -- to be as pumped up and a lot in when you watch the teams a lot of them were really have a great chemistry to them and he is tell they really joke around a lot agreement beat Tim -- and Jason couch throughout the -- hasn't you know -- -- back and forth. And a jokingly type of manner but it was just like Eugene was just like soul massively intense and sometimes you get over pumped up in well in his case he threw through the break point. And I think some of the restaurants next year really and depend on how long the league season -- I mean this is so short this year. Mean you've got you know each team's on one show and it's it's a -- in your done right because the new format as the new format every little longer format and with the peavy now going to Maine. In forever it's when he fifteen could that be the home of the TV league next year -- -- -- longer series out of it. I mean I think that would affect a lot of bowlers as is and who's going to be -- my team. How many different conditions we going to be and all that and -- what do you think they're gonna change the format because I really -- I think. Okay I really like a -- -- From what what do you wanna see changeup was you do differently I really like -- -- -- to see some divisional play and if it ends of putting all eight teams in the bracket for TV audience does this year it's fine. But for -- -- extra frame. Didn't you know get get some extra competition an extra frames that we can get extra frame -- watch -- and they'll watch it watch the you know dale watched Dallas against LA and -- you know -- a -- little bit of a different kind of format may be have all five guys ball singles matches like -- originally. -- -- to do with this I think they'll be excellent have you know extra frame have you know three or for the -- all the matches are going on. I think -- really pump up extra frame viewership. Yeah that's somebody that I I know that's what they're all bought mean you know that's what they're all -- to right now but they're all like any acts are framed promoted. And taking that to the next level I think that probably would help but for sure I'd like the format -- TV current. -- I like the singles doubles trios in the team I would -- with -- -- for TV and I I like the fact that even if you lose the first three have a chance to tie. When you come back on the last one I like that to I had no no issue with that either. My thing right now is. It is. They fixed everybody gets on TV at least -- it's moved things and I like to -- and we have talked about maybe you take. Every city gets thrown tournament and I your time sponsorship and other -- -- I'm and we could inning get back the -- -- backyard while we lost that after 11 deal. On -- and right -- -- Oklahoma. But -- of it coming back and that's just kind of how this whole deal work. It will be interesting to see if Oklahoma spans and sponsorship -- breeder for them and what happened in -- here Steussie dollars in. Oklahoma I mean that's pretty much that's what's done deal -- -- -- did and I mean there aren't. There -- -- grand casino we have not I don't want me here yeah we don't have a bowling facilitated -- with right and that's the difference. Underdog status out of -- the silly answer at the semi at Tulane just -- to do it south point. Oh entering casinos slot should have been able to the dude attitude and I went -- I think it would have been on a lot of here -- yeah and salute talked. We had it. What we have that ability. Should. I think and I think we have greater fans in Milwaukee then there is an Oklahoma. -- firmly to -- -- I don't know I mean I just don't think they've promoted it very well. Here here but they're gonna have the same -- behind the same -- ball may get there in the as -- don't have any money to spend on advertising soldiers and and is a lot -- population -- you're talking -- from Oklahoma City and Tulsa OK now or -- -- -- another tangent I guess that's it and got us fired -- Philadelphia hit an odd days then hit men and -- sweeping 60. And they obviously advanced now coming up today to LAX meeting. The kingpins. At four clock this afternoon's -- check that out. And ESPN now having said that let's go -- -- we're just talking. -- What but I don't kid is and I probably should because the more more I learn about how -- thing works the more more I learned about how selfish these -- -- companies are. Now it's me me me me me. In some of the good of the sport or what I don't understand is -- all these different ball -- ball companies. That are all yelled given the ball and also the pro shop said the relying on -- pro shops that do their advertising Foreman buying bowling balls. PBA or whatever but just make she saw -- -- almost approach okay fine. And you were you run commercials do -- the -- ideally. Would you say. That a majority of people a bowling leagues are watching -- PDA on a Sunday. No. Now they're not Alexander very small percentage rate so -- -- -- expanding. Who you're going at. And getting on a sports talk radio or getting into sports senators or what ever the case they -- during -- marketing your -- for -- Now hold the -- hits it to a town same Milwaukee here we -- Telling me. Between storm Brunswick motive and all these other people you're telling me that know these -- companies. Can't get together a -- money when you roll into town -- And say okay PDA here's our contribution for advertising -- -- thrown him. What ever. A thousand dollars whatever the case may be and I got 345000. Dollars whatever the case says to for the TBA to go -- to go spend money. -- an advertising. And it could literally just -- TBA presented by storm -- -- what -- they get all their lover what are the case maybe they could be 62 spot. They could get 32 promoting the event in town and then on the back and could be the tag of the ball company that's -- give money you can rotate those spots. Throughout desire on the radio last -- a -- sign of things from him or billboards saying thank you could have. The TBA comes to Milwaukee and have -- local scattered all over the billboard he could do that too. What I that's some I don't yet I don't care how they don't understand where this sport is that right now and -- they are not running to try and help. I think that while -- when I was into there's couple things -- go through my mind number one when the tour was healthy and it was. Really great at one time -- -- have an -- 80s90s. When they came -- -- town you didn't see a bowling ball company sponsoring. The event it was Miller highly -- the -- Miller -- life open I -- stand still to this day why Miller can't get on board. 'cause they look at the numbers always -- -- number -- -- I agree but I think they look at the numbers and say they don't have enough numbers following them. When they look at their TV number an angle that. And there's not as much interest in bowling like there was back -- And second I think the bombing infections are ready spend a lot of money. Supporting the -- and keep an -- almost to the point where they're the only ones. Is that the best way to spend their money them. They could be a question -- how many ball companies the last two years of jump on and after your two jumped off we'll look at what -- and 900 global they were on their off and now they were 60% bought out by storm and which has recently I'm more stuff to talk about are coming up next here I'm sure he is the -- he's still I was spartans got a got an -- talked. Two PBA. Legend. Nor. -- -- days heading out of TBA fifty we'll talk to him next right here. I'm a spare time -- -- Now let's continue this -- time bowling -- by discussing the latest from the PGA tour with your hosts white Albrecht Phil Bryant and Steve is striking -- on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- Finally driver norm Duke -- -- voice -- so we'll see following get a hold normally get him to call us back here. Coming up just a few minutes since we have time on -- so look ahead to the match coming up later today. I'm ESPN its -- acts vs the kingpins are member of the -- are the defending champion Zach comes up but. At 4 o'clock. Today. And we'll see how this whole thing goes and then. When you look at the matchups here -- have on the -- thing is going to. Get going here you have -- today against Pete -- not only singles match means a key and a whole -- A hole I -- -- this or not let's go let's go look at the throw the gloves off all bad now -- the ultimate doubles match Webber eighteens -- -- ski. Against Mika and Parker ball in the third. So critical to -- or not today saying im not -- doubles final in my other two guys go at it when you're that stuff act. Played they aren't LA acts he's comfortable -- that match well and I'm what do. -- which senator they -- the says they taped it in Detroit at -- -- -- -- they taped it in New Jersey -- -- -- the US BC masters in him because if they taped in Detroit. Between -- and Parker the way they are locked in MLS show them I mean it's definitely advantage them no doubt about that. -- rentals that is the doubles instead we go to the tree Els and it's Belmont saying. Along with. -- Gomez and EJ tacky and up against -- -- steer Williams. And Scott north. Well last time Williams was -- he struck every shot and -- So Kenny repeat it again same -- what Phyllis in their that was at thunder bolt who -- but I like EG tactical to do you. See me personally I look at this. I think if I'm Pete Campbell and -- so Peterson's. If I am I making him -- -- be -- -- Williams and Scott Norton and in this one the -- I don't mind I'd like that. That match up there and with Mika and Parker bullet with this format to me obviously -- -- around the the team event team -- everything for the three points. Obviously in a -- individuals are important of course but. You gotta when their team game they -- Parker -- on LA Jackson doubles then you get to the trios. And it's Gomez -- in Belmont today. I don't know I beg your team's final than it's obviously everybody -- -- -- Peterson -- ignored and -- Williams up against. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like LA -- moniker is stacked yet I think whoever's runners done on this one I really do -- or do you like your. LAX especially pimple on -- Laker again and team like they did the first round I mean he's just when he needed in the -- -- bone Chatham just -- Yes we -- -- I I I'm really been impressed by them and we'll see how this'll thing I shapes up. Are coming up before this whole things and done it again we're not going to be on the air next week because we are done for the season after today's show her -- and all the banged. With norm Duke but I just haven't been able to get ahold of him we will talk some college bowling coming up are -- Whitewater. And their chances of winning the whole thing they're the best club team right in the country -- salute and now they have to go to like their version of the NCAA -- -- kind of sort of US BC intercollegiate team championships and it's in Reno April and Italy April during a bunch of college kids Serena. Absolutely. I think they're pretty comfortable setting that's. That's horrible. You want it's horrible might -- horrible. Just -- -- gamble. Yeah. How did you hear any school Jennifer how I got to have all these loans and how you're bringing meet Marino -- -- was taken to give his right to -- between airfare and getting but I -- call that's stuff you -- to travel only eats it all -- -- -- is going to be interest and final -- a title Whitewater bullet straight ahead here on this very -- excellent Sports Radio 1250 W assistant. -- -- Generally talk about the pros let's focus on the future stars of the sport -- your posts of those spare time -- field. Why don't -- -- right low and Steve Sparky Phifer. On Sports Radio 1250 WS is. It's a weird day here in Milwaukee and -- If I'd seen. The forecast. Always it's going to be sixth wrong -- then all of -- sudden it was 55 yesterday and I think. I can't tell -- of this morning. Someone I'm gonna this dude taunted probably and then go to this. I'd look at the forecast. Man it's not supposed to get warm until like three in the afternoon -- -- only open like 430. You fifties the hi there today will be a three right exactly no it's a -- -- in the Jack Iran yeah. Did you feel like 56 until 3 o'clock than one positives working. At least we have the son ride now it is there I wanna wash my car yesterday and I know he's gonna rain -- and all due on Monday that you -- right but at least just give me clean. For a couple and I don't care the sun's out his warm up when had a clean car for a couple yet result cross Stanley there was for a while -- a racecar you -- if you thought salt off for the chiseled exactly. Joining us not a great midwest bank cut line he is. But I bowling coach from one water -- -- Sean Walker shot thanks for coming comment. -- -- appreciate it first things first style we're just time before the break. Joking around that it seems like a total -- like waving candy in front of a kid and and yanking it away at college kids adaptable and Reno and they have no money you have to data college loans to. Yeah out that's not -- it's interesting out of a choice of about the nation -- we're excited to have the opportunity to compete this year. Outside of -- I mean Indy -- I know Iowa's coach out there we went though Las Vegas a couple of times at tournaments over. How Christmas for you guys used to do that too stubborn yeah. We did on the last two years are my first year -- Whitewater we actually went out today against. All but then it got to be on the big conflict with finals so -- -- -- -- Allentown Pennsylvania this year and stat. Academic -- and tells me -- -- -- but aptly and Alec Holland experienced first but you're led. You had a lot academic is seeking an academic all Americans as well as it and you. Or I'm sure -- Morton -- but we've had in the past you know about. On and I actually or can keep your report notes -- -- -- Go ahead of us are great -- certainly put -- that that focus on the academic component as well. Had a strong team -- for the last few years many years. What do you to draft -- wise to get these great young athletes boys to come two years collagen and coach of them. While a lot of but it is. Purely actually I don't know. Column I took over Sean on Sean a year ago John Denver said that as a threat I just don't want to say that had to trust me that's not a good that is always saying man I'm really -- what I do but now there's holiday an accident. -- -- Arm bought it again and again my my big guy right on the crumble -- who won but the off financially your goal while -- -- all American last year and -- should be this year as well. I'm took a year off -- -- graduating high school and it did nothing not -- community college. On the and it's -- anybody -- -- and I'm like why are you going to school Cameron is like nobody out. So hate nick what do you want to do next year my -- and it was -- right place right time. Our body you know with a lot of get a kick it it is recruiting and it is going out to these youth tournaments but -- will state tournaments he hopes they'll -- -- curious. I'm there's obviously going on right now arm in Wisconsin. So -- -- -- up these big tournaments and and just talking to students and their parents. -- -- -- and down from my turtle grips and they have that big college. Come by expo or what exploded at the combine -- this you'll be in Texas do you get when it always try to get down of that. I'm I've not been to either one either one that veteran moron or -- the wind of that you know -- -- that that the training -- -- a pitcher in Buffalo I -- plan on being at that Turbotax. Object to get that opportunity. On it is hard to. Really attract students Whitewater because we don't -- scholarship yet. Some you know and players just assume and parents especially it's doom. That just because they're. 101000 dollar scholarship offered that's -- -- be more affordable for about learning that's my biggest challenge showing them and I do this. I -- him dollar for dollar how sometimes not beating scholarship. -- it's going to be more more affordable Oregon. Now you have to you have the wrecks that are ranked campus you have the ten lane bowling center there. Does that ha -- hug too much does that help you with recruiting as a club program with having that will accuse him just basically walk from -- our room. And practice whenever they like pretty much. It's huge. Arm I it and I know promote the late -- -- -- Robert Morris Chicago those -- it have to take. You know a train to a spot and walked four blocks. On so -- that that campus facility right on campus. Where -- and I think -- open from 8 AM to midnight and and the guys can go -- there any time that they want. And and practice and grab a pair go down and and -- spares go down and do drills without him just do what they need to work on. It's -- huge opportunity for -- and actually a really good selling point. Yet now it's a in a couple of weeks you -- of the US BC intercollegiate team championships. Next weekend you have the first time ever club championships. It's a long season -- -- boy I mean we're just get wrapped up with the NCAA is now I mean basketball goals from basically November -- April. -- mean you guys certain -- right after school starts September don't you. Yeah on the guys actually start the Tuesday after Labor Day with classes. -- -- starter trial that Thursday. And they were competing -- with our first without completely boring conference -- the very last weekend of September. -- so that really is the official start of -- you -- and in regular season and that third week of February. So we are pretty much going nonstop between that you -- the end of September 3 week of February were -- thirteen different about. Yeah -- plus and now the club championships that's new. That's something that it's really -- help you guys -- probably getting exposure for for clubs teams nationwide isn't it. It is and and that was part of it almost really trying to help about -- The club aspect that again their parking lot there you're not recruited by these these big schools like Robert Morris I'm looking at I'm Webber international right now on my history in. I'm -- -- -- championships. Senior broke a lot of these bigger named schools. That that how the money to attract the player. Arm that is why we started at that that intercollegiate club about it on an Indianapolis next -- and -- to provide the opportunity -- those club programs. Want to get exposure could we will have like streaming in. On by which people are TV -- out of bounds. But also to give them competition. Between the sectional event which is the third week and -- Humber or -- or we can up march. To the collegiate national which again as the third week of April so it's kind of -- while we -- restart about about. The fifth and how many bowlers are you taking out to Reno on your team -- -- reserve roster element at all I mean how did you determine the guys that you did you another several -- -- suddenly get the guys -- taking out there. I'm we're kicking -- player's -- policies and all three postseason events are are going to be the same roster. On sudden my guys really stood out this year on the so those are the -- seven where where automatic I knew that they were going to go once we finish the Hoosier. -- but I -- your overall -- for the last spot on the we had about five or six guys that kind of bounced between JV and varsity. Throughout the years some had some really good events what -- On so it was kinda hard to determine. On I really wanted to get them all that one last opportunity. To kind of showcase what they learned over the year and and really see who wanted -- -- it. And and Billy torch from Chicago Illinois came out on top one it's -- day trial. And and really -- extremely well that -- so. Arm while he didn't get a lot of play at at sectional it will Pargo maybe get a few more shots and that we can qualify and -- legal options you know. Now as a club sport. It's tough your season budget was -- -- obviously. And trying to get the mind to get to Reno you don't get. Only -- from the US BC is your -- tolerance correct. On hotel rooms and -- at 750 dollars which is gonna cover our transportation Coughlin were in your Reno. -- because where we're staying -- were about the convention center as. All we are extremely transportation's over critical and while we're out there that's going to be provided from the on targets -- you -- species. So we just have to -- a Aram obviously -- flight -- huge expense that's about 4000. And we're actually playing out of -- way at 6 AM on Morgan himself. You're gonna have -- That Monday night expense of the hotel parking. On -- get the the cheapest like that we could. I'm -- to fly home Sunday even a competition and on Friday. Auburn stay an extra nine didn't -- on Sunday morning and. Well boy so I extra torture for little or political or college students and I am no money to spend in -- didn't buy dot brutality. On these college athletes today. Unbelievable. -- We are all a little bit about how. The cultural white water it and what that's all body -- do you think that helps you at all as far as. You know the football program and it has been usually successful the basketball program has been successful as well. Did you think that helps you -- -- as far as when it comes attracting kids to Whitewater. Certainly -- name recognition. -- you haven't seen our football team on TV you know basketball gymnastics as one in NCAA championship. The out the wheelchair basketball club sport has as one -- -- national championships. You know so that -- help them in the name recognition. -- ER girl -- NCAA how. You know can insulate -- a little bit more -- sometimes on the women's side -- they've made their second consecutive NCAA event. I -- just I'm not out here this past week. On so that that really helped us out. But -- also the guys beat these guys have done such a great job at promoting themselves. You know there there's always one -- -- of my guys that it's built events that are in Illinois -- They're all replaced where their last clincher are Whitewater -- memory back to where I went to school. And what I did as a player out there we're here Whitewater here. They're they're hockey players they're getting your friend and -- -- On and that your performance in college tournaments and you go to college -- dot com. Look at any event that Whitewater -- you're gonna look up you know the national ranking. York we see Whitewater guys up there. You know he mentioned in the lead and -- -- it in the -- high and -- the team that rubber -- that at the end of the regular season. So I'm thirty phone call you know players like hey I'm -- coming to light water like -- who are you actually -- but. Let you -- campus for a group. Now that that's the other thing too and I don't know how much this is done and Whitewater but I -- For the first time this year Wichita State's basketball program. Obviously ends up being a one seed they get on a great run this year and obviously -- -- resembling -- we know them as the -- -- power house for number of years and all that. -- -- Determine process. Before I think it was determined started and they were named the once -- or whatever. Their basketball Twitter account I believe weeded out. Hey do you think were good check this out and -- a picture of their bowling team but all the titles that they've won. Not als like you know what that's really slate amiga to -- it. If you're -- -- -- coaches like okay I I realize that they all everybody's thoughts come here and I used it in the added publicity. To maybe be able I don't know what what we do that may be from other parts of the country and -- realize what that's all about. -- -- basketball football have you talked to those coaches as far as cross promoting you as well. I haven't actually physically talked with them on the Mets and that sweater and I'm. Art sweater -- -- -- all of them are friends so solid sound you know and we date -- -- sweet some of -- that result of all we didn't. -- -- beating they're they're -- -- -- again you know it's it's really outside official that that are institutions waiting. I'm national championship so being able to -- -- those types of things then you know we posting messages and it is is that. Crucial for what is your Twitter account for people I wanna follow you are out or are all. On a simple -- war Hawks won the -- -- now as we go ahead here you being ranked number eighth in the country. It is -- to win the whole thing how much of -- -- you gonna have to do. Well it depends Islam it's we went out it's it's a double elimination bracket. On sixteen teams -- ball out little. On in the bracket as sport -- them in the entire tournament. Arm which is ideal what we would want to do. I'm but it -- you know and it was -- -- -- having one of the contenders bracket. I believe it could -- about it about -- different matches before we. We get to QB. Which is a lateral -- four matches is definitely don't care I mean it's it's just tell your kids you don't really wobble more than -- for you have to bring. Yet even get out of with a quicker out in -- it but you know the icing his -- going to warmer weather even earlier torturer might not letting them really -- doing things -- -- money. But it reasonably warm -- -- -- a little bit on that day -- that and enjoy the warm weather coach. That that's the plan on. You don't and I -- -- that they actually say that that thing but it's a really good thing is that completion for the casino won't be there. I'm picture they're putting that up and holiday and it it's -- -- one of casino hotel. So good -- what -- temptation which is again a good thing subsequent celebrity players that are 21. Home to Holland -- -- worse you caught a little. Yet actually on Saturday after the term progression go in the probable. -- less tradition trader work shorter. You have the out during the summer and it's gonna take -- soccer shorts around them. And what not going to be -- one day optional. Yes ousted boy gotta compliment and you be national champs at that point so even more reason to celebrate. Have clear -- John Walker coached. At white water bowl in their ranked number eighth in the country best club team in the country as well -- on Twitter. At war Hawks bowling and that's only do Whitewater now sports they just win win win win -- I suffer coming comment. You -- there is Sean Walker again. From a Whitewater he join us an agreement was bank cut line to the Q Giambi now through July if you're looking -- -- or refinance a home. Like great mid West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you -- live mortgage free. -- -- -- -- Simply. Local it is the spare time bowl XL presented to a much -- -- Otto care association. Sees Sparky Phifer along with the white Albert from the start time pro shop. -- bottle king of all -- media he's here as well we'll talk about when you could see his later shows coming up what's going -- by Dwight shot to. I had a little bit more about college bowling. And the effect said it has I'm high school kids and were they wanna go. And how far away do they really want to go -- about that coming up next some -- emotional Sports Radio 1250 W assessment of -- mr. Now it's time to shine the spotlight on -- hottest -- in -- This is the spare time -- -- with Steve sparking Pfeiffer rim quite over finds Sports Radio twelve dig deep WS sister Pete. I have expert John -- silver says about -- watch Gary -- well I don't care associations Sparky delight and fail. And where -- shine a spotlight on Dwight infield because they've done such a great job -- up all year long. Phil will start off with you all when -- we see is still went industries kids bully for kids tournament. -- though one lucky person winning a thousand dollar scholarship and a lucky person green 2000 dollar scholarships that's on toppled. The other scholar. -- order for second third absolutely you'll start on time when a cable sports channel the week of April 7 so starting a week from Monday in Aurora at various times. Through April twins checks sports 32 back come and he checked the program's schedule where if the get everything -- it's out of people follow you on Twitter so you -- you probably it's we don't want it's going to be on through city bowling at Bruce Lee -- and now I'm as Sparky radio all turns weeded out as well whites are you on Twitter I -- do you use that not much has pointless. But I thought so why haven't -- but my spare time all pro shop in new -- -- -- -- bowl what is new over there. -- summer's coming yes and we run and Monday in made instructional league there and we've been doing now for three years and I in the have become some pretty good -- for the class we are ready have -- it for this summer which is exciting and -- ready. To have a completely full class and so. We clawed back to basics and I do some video. Little like a presentation at the beginning of each night and then I go down and work with the people while other -- in that we take a couple people. And actually videotaped them -- give him a private lesson after blowing and how much is discussed people night. A hundred dollars for ten weeks so it's like ten dollars a week which is the real -- right -- of basically a 400 dollars and I need you to teach me. Yep and I and I played well what is this money nights they're just 630 -- play -- and that's that's but Sparky that the classes full. All on us I can't. SF -- unbelievable. That that's possible whoever's there whoever's in the class that that's a very -- -- I because they are going to be. Irish are markedly better than they were. Starting this -- force or they're going to be at the end summer definitely is time for her for coaching and -- and -- the -- -- ready to go by the -- how people do you think. Use the wrong weighted ball. But if you do you think are -- -- to restore the bald of their throwing maybe not mean. The guys -- got a bunch of big guys with -- 1516 has probably not the issue but -- B applies more to the guys that aren't that big like me or women. I think -- if you look at my customer base I try to get all the people onto the right equipment that's my job -- Wright waited equal equipment. I think it's a very small percentage because I think all the shops in town to a very good job when there's on the balls to get the customers and to the right -- but if you're asking me if it's just like a recreational bowler. -- -- -- -- -- -- It could -- a fairly good amount I think the -- use wait till end of a ball. Up for open -- surely like eight or ten anyone -- 200 miles an hour down -- -- right. And that's recreational bowling. That yesterday I think England is people get older -- I think sometimes afraid to back down -- way all that's true so all I think's a decent -- honest people he's a less users of -- -- sixteen -- fifty -- stuff hammered the ball speed you see it -- -- threw the ball speed and is a much power now ordinary. Then the revs -- -- also the other for the back down so there's people Australian -- here in thirteen -- stuffed or so thrown fifteen or sixteen home. And one out and I know -- -- -- -- -- -- temple only have two minutes left. -- -- -- -- They asked that they use and -- bowling -- yes will they ever be upgraded. Lot depends on the criteria -- I sort of got a better Bronson that seventies or eighties when in the east when I first started drilling around there was a cute cartoon that's on brought in from the newspaper. And it's on a guy barely get in his hands in a bowling ball -- and and the guys the caption says. What hands of these blowing balls really fitted for that was pretty funny jerk you know but that's -- -- -- get your home ball up you know by them it's all based off the proprietor and what kind of money have seen an album most of them -- beat -- pretty bet. Yeah oral little Ole -- -- also purely behind right -- -- Oilers -- -- obviously would -- up. I remember -- Kenosha. They're used to be good torme saloons east I guess it was called whoever was it was a right -- Lake Michigan was right there on the lake and that are -- time after time I mean I I can only imagine how many balls in the Bob like Michigan -- I think I would just -- less double and strong across lake now over across the busy street. At a Lake Michigan just on the ball the bang are you since. All glad -- Michigan the next morning and have to wake up go to the pro shop your dog goes into me -- that are somebody can ocean view life. And met him possibly missing -- can -- to a gimme a dollar looked as possibly do that they'll and ask guys after bad states fundamentally Peter Moore just. To progress -- -- -- my bucket list is I wanna throw the ball -- the numbers. That last I do not. So. Think that's popular I've seen a buddy of mine -- Colorado tree on the golf course when asked. I see I had my body through his club's sole hired that it actually ended up in the tree -- like a hundred yards out. We have to have problems us man there is no question there's whatever problems of bowling. I enjoy it all right bill Bravo -- Friday -- thanks for enjoying and listening to another. Season of the spare time bowling Michel join -- again and next year crashed they later this fall don't forget jet set up for the World Series -- boy at south point casino in Vegas. That should be solely on your populous and that's to be something you definitely do it forcing out there in the fall right here on Sports Radio 1250 WS says -- Enjoy the offseason everybody.