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04/14/14 Ron Roenicke on the Bill Michaels Show

Apr 15, 2014|

Brewer Manager Ron Roenicke joins the show to recap the Brewers' start to the season and their nine-game winning streak. Why did it end last night against the Cardinals?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wanna start out right out of the chute with a manager of the Milwaukee Brewers -- Redick you know joining us Bryant going. I are. Doing good today -- that well -- although the win streaks -- we all know that but it just talk about the way your team has played. Since the start of the season. There are things that are really started well. Had a couple games early offensively where we didn't swing the bat -- yesterday at a map so the -- has been good a lot of lot of key at. That pitching and outstanding. Our starters -- and -- -- been to Tennessee and in ball games you'd like even about starch -- keep it simple so. There -- things are going smoothly. We made some real good defensive plays or did it again last night so. Hopefully we can continue to. I was -- listening your post game press conference last night what Lance -- do. That kind of stifle the office last night. Well he's probably got really good stuff and then in the at this command you can have a -- with him but also like our last night threw more cutters and -- cursing and so. Usually it's pretty heavy sinker that he throws them. But I know what's on the trojans cutters he's not sure which way the ball ago it's such company and you think it's about all -- -- -- -- gonna sink in on yet. -- -- gonna cut away from the -- so it usually you have some really top class. The defense on this team we -- so much about the offense and scoring runs but the defense on this team has been good to play that Reynolds made at first base over the -- was fantastic you've had guys have been over the ground in the outfield when you and I talked in spring training. You were cautiously optimistic is this what you envisioned when you came out of spring training. Well -- -- what I was so force so -- we've been really gets so far are you always gonna happen as some sloppy games. But we've made some big plays and I think that's important when you have a good pitching staffs. They keep you in game did he make a big -- arm and it it allows them. Up for one to get through that inning but could possibly go deeper in the game and and we do that we don't Wear purple and they've been great so far we want to keep. How pleased have you been with with -- over first base not only the offensive ability but to the defense. Yeah he's he's better than I think what we had. Oh -- -- sign him I hit. I had heard -- and a -- mind that it's -- that was better than that what people said it was defensively we're releasing him he's a great hands got good instincts. -- -- and I think with camp -- Lionel. Last night while makes a great play I'm sort of -- -- -- -- and and I think with the tools that are defensively it's it's really nice you know -- the -- the infielders. And also picked up the pitching staff. Why are you talk about the defensive play that plated Gomez hit taken off the -- getting a one hop to cigarettes -- to the plate -- -- you follow that up with Lyle Overbay I thought. For sure you guys were taken -- Manning momentum into the in the the next inning and NJ parts that three run home run and everything seemed to shift after that. But that being said today you know. You have had a lot of good defensive plays from the outfield as well did you imagine the speed in the outfield because it seems like nothing is gonna fall between Gomez in Davis. Yeah and went with -- certainly. The -- club Kuerten he's gonna continue to do that and whether state mr. -- out leadership have been great church to -- to go and and I think. And accommodation everybody -- brought the wander over to right so he had -- to play -- good defense this quickly ideally would be -- eventually turn our. But this quickly it's it's gonna -- I really can't see them and I know our. Our pitching staff and he certainly like it with. That any time of all those up in the air they select its debut on now. -- Rondell we know that Ryan is dealing with the some issue and there's a nerve or something that's in there and her her technically you explain what the problem is. Now it's it's it's kind of difficult would explain exactly what it is but it's -- it's a nerve that runs. Premier index finger and it went right -- that that area -- gets to come. It's it's. And a nerve that. It is and students. It's almost would be like as if he had like -- -- -- -- on it. And then it runs up the -- a little bit so. It -- trying to collection. What are. We're trying to limit him and it is a good amount of swings that he takes so -- So he takes the pressure off that area but he's gonna have this thing. And I think you're gonna have some real good days where he gets sure that some days. Whether it's getting to him or whatever it has it's -- it's -- you sort Rodham so. But I that we would still expect to have get seated from him -- certainly need in the -- third spot and you know played its spring -- -- -- -- too much. Was last night the perfect situation to -- Wong and. Yeah it and unfortunately. That. Maybe rightfully so it's said that it's we if -- user -- blog that a lot here you're not pitching very well so. But I think being down or not and then that last inning -- and trying to get him in early. Hopefully we won't need to use them a lot that but he's shown that -- we do need to use him that he's gonna throw strikes or keep in spring training. He doesn't seem to be rattled by much which it is is a great card. -- and that and here's a young kid who Lucia on us that that people -- in the major leagues it's a lot of fun this week. Yeah how. Like instant replay we had some fans and I said -- -- -- on the program that -- me -- about instant replay hanging on the challenges vs not hanging on the challenges how do you like using challenges so far. -- his season. Well he I really I really like instant replay just because we have -- technology to play it right that's the biggest -- that -- well. How we do it is that is the one thing that I think Major League Baseball. Along with some of our comments -- are trying to get it is -- good as -- here. I am right now that I guess negative part is that it's I don't what he grew up every single close call and I'm kinda forced to do that because. And I can't is well from the bench is obviously the umpires can't help the hitter on the -- on and and we want -- -- -- right. I don't like being so when I go out there and I don't like to. Hang out here just only like get a signal from the bench that would be that -- it about it but it certainly. The positives. Get in these plays -- -- important and I think and I think so are -- they've been doing your top. Is there any because it's shown knew we always talk about baseball superstitions and unwritten rules -- there anything that -- finding out about challenges that. You know in the unwritten rules of baseball that you should or shouldn't do like Hewitt match you don't like to delay the game is there anything else that you you're thinking about when you're possibly contemplating these challenges. Well that that the top part would be that we at the end include so called switched. We've been facing inside that the umpires. Maybe -- -- -- call in yet we don't think it's conclusive enough to meet a challenge at bat that gets a little tricky out. Because now on plainly it's sit sixth inning what you that last Indian smoke or in the -- take it over the second date night and is it worth the risking that batch talent that even other numbers to get over the seventh eighth but I still could use a challenge to make them go look at a plate. In those late inning and so. He gets a little tricky as to win -- -- to make that challenge when two. But. As far as the game goes at all -- I think you know I think we're still. Still doing the right thing you -- still want -- to get the calls right also. They don't want to look bad out -- and so. I think it's just trying to clean up how we do this about maybe it's better to send the players. The stalled a little bit of time I can get an answer according to go out there -- I don't -- So hopefully we we get better. I know last night you gave this answer -- like for the listeners to hear one more time but people said in -- blew up last night you guys lose it's a great game by Atlanta you know just one of those stifling games -- -- -- Saint Louis -- your number. -- had a really good answer after after the game last night on the post game press conference. For people that believe that it's just one team that can got to get over on you. Explain -- you said though it's not forty years of losing its just a couple of seasons that we've struggled against his team and they have been the best team in the division. Yeah and that's what they think I think when when people talk about somebody has your number. And you're looking at a team that's been in the World Series -- alien. And that this is a really good team player so we don't play really good ball we're gonna have -- could be. It's different when you haven't seen that may be tried -- -- -- -- -- and you just -- for whatever reason things. I come out on the -- -- Those would be really concerning to me I know with Pittsburgh. Cincinnati Saint Louis either very keen and I know we're playing good baseball. We're going to get beat -- -- they've got good pitching staffs. They're offenses enter Baghdad. And certainly with was Saint Louis. We know that we need to play better -- now. But what. Maybe we need to almost like it did last into the -- one of our catchers go out there and put up Alter to get those -- -- on the order some big -- And in I think we played him and at times -- We're -- our players are Koppen what we're doing -- with our team and and we think it will be able to compete with them as well as well and. Ron it's always a pleasure thanks for taking a couple minutes -- get on the night we wish nothing but the best to -- okay. -- thanks so much -- Ron Redick either young manager of the Milwaukee Brewers joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange -- Schneider right now give him a buzz new year a new career.