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04/15/14 Adam McCalvy on the Bill Michaels Show

Apr 15, 2014|

Beat writer for Brewers.com Adam McCalvy joins Bill to discuss the Brewer struggles versus the Cardinals. Is it time to panic? Also, what's going with Ryan Braun's thumb?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining -- now. For Brewers don't count on mlb.com Adam -- on the line and I don't man. I'm -- those sort of a proud day to be a legitimate baseball Jackie Robinson day so cool -- All the -- out there. I was gonna say I saw the other brewers' other Twitter account their FaceBook page your body's changed it over to -- the logo 42 that the use for Jackie Robinson and that's going to be something is part of the ceremonies tonight and honoring Jackie Robinson. I I guess what was interesting last night I know you're on Twitter as well -- -- Was the sky falling in your world because it certainly seemed to fall in some people's worlds last night not only do they lose but they watched the dreaded Cardinals. Yeah you know it. They have a problem for the birds -- -- of a struggle against the Cardinals I think that everybody gets forgotten about eleven achieved on the eleventh season. How you've been -- teams were they were even then it was night and I'm a huge series in the regular season the run differentials -- almost even. You know games and then he then out yeah I was pretty entertaining and it went to a six game. And since then though it's all Cardinals and I was not started out guys last night and it certainly -- -- -- booed in these guys. Are they are now saying that it's just another game. Obviously important games in the division. But they're not getting all worked up about losing to the Cardinals but now you look at some of the numbers it's very one sided it's. Cardinals -- 124 of the last 35 meetings you know in the last two -- regular seasons. And I think the score at my numbers right is like 19119. So. Com burned about it he won some games in the air in and played well arms in the air but overwhelmingly it's -- them. Are owned by the Cardinals in the last two years. That being said can you really. -- passed over the night that Lance Lynn had last night. Well you know and that's the weird thing about baseball in every game can be decided by one performance sometimes one swing. And then in the end you get as big picture -- -- came -- the one little flat land was really good last night. He would be really good pitcher. -- well and on any given night he can deal. I covered but not on the cover them up -- -- -- bear. Frustration and you just don't know what you're gonna get on subjects. He can -- -- -- it's. Where -- extremely high pitched around and -- effective thing. He's given up two love and also from hundred I've pitched. So that -- up sometime. You know what bothers Cardinals and well and so you cannot questions while. And that I was on those nights it is really and strike out -- on new court two times apiece you know -- pigeon creek. -- I was kind of going back and forth with people on line about this team being too aggressive this team not working the count -- every spring training run -- he said now were actually working the count. And they've been better at a throughout the season as opposed to swinging at the first or second pitch consistently those numbers have come down a little bit. How is the -- are bringing up is because nobody talks about this when they're winning in all of a sudden when they take a loss last night well -- not doing enough that I progress of an up and now working the count and often and suddenly people are saying that all these problems exist with the Milwaukee Brewers at this team just has a tunnel warts. I totally agree -- -- you don't -- a review there skiing. It's. The aggressiveness. Is one of the -- strong I would -- I look at the work of those -- they took took one Dayton. That score one last wire the Brewers so aggressive. And got some really good quotes from -- I'm not opposite a -- like you said the Alston. We believe that you played hurt and sort. Of -- -- -- -- -- -- Third quarter that's opted out it coast over the -- yeah obviously crazy and she came up it's not. It's one -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They thought -- football. On kick yourself probably create Havoc and solved well. What I also know more decent strengths. And looked at Minnesota. Murton and I'm and its confidence it's. Good -- -- and it was all. Well for Coco does -- work. Wonder what the Brewers. Somehow wanted. You to let him go up there. -- do you as -- have you got a more. A more productive -- obviously. But would you welcome that and what better but it's. So it like but -- but -- stop them. -- her -- and being more patient he became -- -- Let -- -- the group -- -- -- but I'm one example of a guy that I think about it. From the super aggressive style quite a lot on it this. Yeah you know -- -- -- talk about Robert's not making excuses for out on the bases doesn't miss a bit. Not -- commitment. Some people being aggressive -- he's not -- -- private -- Gomez slugger in the players are not all of sudden he's -- -- walk. Although when you've got a lead off hitter -- now I did say this earlier today you look at his numbers he's he's ranked third in RBIs in the team Carlos Gomez in. And he's your lead off hitter which says something about about your lineup but it also says something about his aggressiveness atop atop the batting order. But is in his job to get on base and not have a high amount of strike. Its job is to be -- well I think that's -- the Robert McKee would put it is if you actually back arched. Eric Karros -- last year was. You know. And so a lot of -- he's in the National League MVP and there he was all -- He had his best seat in every category across the boards. And if you can Medicare. They'll take that it would -- that first eight or -- -- -- -- And I think that that's when they put it in the lead -- although conversation -- have a coastal dunes. Don't -- change to fit the leadoff hole and no other teams will be told you to change it is an old ballpark didn't that we -- -- just. I think that -- looking. A -- -- not like I'm about. But. They they feel like it's a strategic goal Rosenberg -- start taking a bunch of pitches and -- a -- base percentages. But there are going. You know it's going to be to those players that so that's -- I really thought last night in an -- win you know they had the two spectacular throw outs with the goma's -- ignorance -- your LeCroy. And then you get the next one where you've got -- going over at third base to gun down a runner and really kinda almost get out of that inning and then a three run shot. If you talk about the tide turning in a matter just a couple of pitches it was an amazing swing in such a short period of time and I thought that ultimately is what -- the game. Well I I I would even go back after earlier in some sort of bad luck for the Brewers on where they were in the lineup or two -- -- a two out walk. Cheaper but also doubled to right field and and I get why you don't send her because the Cardinals probably -- -- about it -- baseline. Albert doesn't garlic from Paxton in our contention Gaza -- -- fortunately well he's pitched well against it on the seventy pitches. Armed and he's like a -- from which so. It was so bad luck for the Brewers without. Opportunities -- there are certain -- I didn't and so will maul you like about captain of the group is something as well and god -- -- one slider and this is really exploded again could legitimately broken. And not further said that after the game about religion over me you wouldn't -- -- momentum and thought. That they really bad inning of the controller -- your defense plays and then -- didn't -- Called a bad pitch and missed a missed pitching -- so. Com without specifically looking at the Cardinals series now which is taking a look back at the small litmus test we have of what the brewers' season has been. How good are these guys in your opinion. Well they're -- if -- pitch and that shouldn't really surprise me -- -- there. -- really amazing stat from let Garza was the first group starter. It's only let gains. To give up more -- and runs and you know whether or not those are all political quality starts. Bid by definition here in the game if you don't clean up some. In the fifth and sixth inning you're you're in that game chance it won't. And that circuit will need that and so missed pitching staff give that opera which. -- A chance to score runs and win games the problem. In your last year when you -- balance so early so often but that offense never had a chance to you need to block of course they have all the losses. Throughout that lineup and you run in the world wild so. That's what you're trying to avoid this year be a little more consistent. Aboard these wild swings. And now it looks like they're going to be able to do that because -- starters which I did very solid. -- also who's pitching the next they had -- really get it looks just. Body looking down among -- -- taken a big step from last season. So there's a lot of positives out of the starting rotation and I think the success of that group -- don't -- determine whether they can. I was sitting here thinking about some of the things were discussing and one of the things it came to mind was when you're talking about the middle that lineup. Ryan brawn and is this going to be. Because I don't know if he's playing with pain right now or if it's -- tolerable pain or when he was kind of feeling it coming out of Boston in the way he played in Philadelphia. Was there less pain more pain or what he just on he is is there just -- -- ebb and flow to the way he's going to feel all season with that thumb. I think it's going to be that -- -- -- -- he nailed it in the answered yes she is playing. And it's it didn't go -- over five months of rest and not two -- in the back. It's certainly not gonna go away and they are here and there but what they're trying to do. And it just saying figure out ways to Pat The Bat as some sort LT. That they like. And so they didn't hurt and you know. I think certainly seems like last night where -- -- a little less although he -- You know again you get -- -- a lot of -- about NAFTA. But there's going to be games or I'm -- doesn't look reconciles one's -- overcome. -- -- -- -- You can get that information down and he's -- come back and has some good but I wish I I would be surprised very surprised. He's able to play it back consistently. -- league level that he was able to play in 2011 and even know. After -- blow to stop to conform to tell them well. I took don't know that that I'm going to allow him to do that. That's -- obviously it helps you just have to do better but it is it's probably stretch. Since -- didn't get better over the line options. Did you get a chance to talk along in his interpreter after the game last night how exciting was it -- get -- no big league game. Yeah he was great usually -- on and he said he tried to pretend he wasn't nervous which opened with a hilarious -- And it's good to -- person in the books. Target for their -- continue to hope of finding ways to get in and he's going to be all of the long guy is this team plays well what is your lot. He goes into a bad streak well then we're gonna see a lot more on -- I think it is. Outing was extremely encouraging he hadn't -- for a little arms are more than two weeks and he came out again and two strikes that's going to be. Determining that the successor Felger -- doesn't need to -- does. That changeup -- so they're going to get some out there and that the Brewers can get into the -- I think they love. And so which -- -- -- mlb.com. We have a number eleven on the prospect and so he -- really nice guy. Yeah with the popular minor league system whether as a starter or like he does it at least as a reliever that he did you still as a starter Clinton. That pipeline and hope to get back in the big leagues and so. I'll be got a first paycheck yesterday and it was great blues and -- From one more thing before -- let you go with the Cardinals -- the remaining two games of the series. Let's say the Brewers win one or if they don't win -- How deflating is that. Knowing the kind of start you've had -- this season or is it just simply the focus on the Cardinals is. That the Cardinals because the Brewers keep talking about draft develop bring guys up it's essentially what the Cardinals do the Cardinals -- -- Brewers the Brewers. So in doing that. How essential is it to get at least a win or two over the Cardinals before getting out of Miller Park. Well you know that there are took more out first on the -- and develop -- won't have acquired players and you are not all. Homegrown players if you look throughout -- roster they. They picked up -- you know Adam Wainwright not a home grown -- with the trade and they've done that with a number of players. But you know it's just aren't. The series. The bird gets slapped the turn -- five. Again if you sort of back you know what if you setup of our series and why and how would you feel I think a lot of your -- -- the sort of season -- assess. I'd take that you know that's not a good position -- different. Where it I understand how you get there matters and they do not want to get swept you don't want to begin to -- this what they -- this season long battle. With the likes of the Cardinals -- and in Pirates and others pollutants -- a sweet Richard who stands. But it's it's not the end of the world -- that is -- -- based owner in good position -- pitching well and beards in the kicking game not a 160 -- That they continue to pitch the way they stretched. I think they've got a chance to surprise some people. -- good stuff man we appreciate it we'll talk again next week -- the ballpark okay. Are you are but it popularity go out of -- from -- -- mlb.com joining us on the Schneider orange hotline.