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04/15/14 Jonathan Lucroy on the Bill Michaels Show

Apr 15, 2014|

Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy joins Bill to talk about the Brewers struggles versus the Cardinals. Does it bother him that the Brewers haven't found much success against the Redbirds recently? Also, what does Lucroy say to Wei-Chung Wang when he visits him on the mound?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the -- Michael showed. Please sandy hill behind the dish with -- it was catcher Jonathan we cold front and -- Robert had done this landmark reading you know. Cleveland's drive way. What the program though Michael show -- broadcasting live -- our affiliate here in agreement that 1440 WA NFL all throughout the great state of Wisconsin also joining us now on the line catcher for your Milwaukee Brewers Jonathan -- -- With a -- tell -- nobody. -- -- Doing good don't get ready for a -- streak to start here. Well that's what -- -- gonna have. Ask yeah I mean we all wanted to streak to continue way just I think it's more painful for fans because it was the St. Louis Cardinals is there's such a thing. As being snake bit by a team. You know I'm not really I don't believe in that I -- -- -- -- that -- yesterday after the game now. It'd mean more -- you guys are number the past years or whatever blah blah blah you know honestly. I don't look at the uniforms. I look at. Public -- mean that's an away that we need to be -- -- -- I don't care who it is that is the Boston Red Sox. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are obstructing our goals about winning a championship. Honestly it doesn't matter -- -- try to beat him anyway. Com what -- Lance -- so good last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the past -- You know he was you were -- not -- down I mean he -- -- it all up meaty. It's -- policy you left Miami he blew. -- -- Arafat all right on -- middle and I didn't get -- how I'll early pride that that happen very off. Where I don't we make our -- and you know honestly our houses so I was like you know yeah he had he -- -- and you know even a guy but there's. You know that is even. Is better than they've seen him a lot so. Now you're you're sorry. I'm bound to get to -- -- you know some time together you know they know what exactly stop and -- doesn't mean it. With a great thing about baseball -- good pitching beats good hitting any day that week. I know it's tougher Garza give up that three run shot to. Man he has been the bad luck receive every year -- one pitcher that's the bad luck recipient of no runs and he hasn't gotten any unsupported Miller Park. Can't -- hasn't he hasn't and out all night at the U one of these days rest or -- or yeah. You know I usually you know it is all right man happens. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It definitely have a good attitude about it you know and I felt bad because -- you know my job being -- their moral order all around -- You know leading to the job done so. You know -- just weren't listening to the game of baseball -- gonna move on and that starts opened up. How good was he below last night until John. You know like you wasn't as -- -- -- -- you know you know the first game -- it goes the way he did the first game you are against the Braves. It's like -- -- we have beat the Cardinals no doubt that you wood off the meeting on some pitches. -- up in the zone and you know and you know we -- he'd admit mistakes and it took it didn't seem like that -- and image thing and combat -- a slap an immune system at that part of the game. The play at the plate last night first of all you guys have had some tremendous defense with Gomez -- the ball off the wall one hop and secure us a girl one hop -- you're in the take at the plate. Fantastic play. But how how much does the new rule with blocking the plate play into your head when you're standing out there waiting for throw to come now. -- well you know honestly. Honestly you know I actually I think it helped me out a little bit come -- weren't about to -- all the me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm not a large and so he let us. Probably went right for me -- but you know I'll be able to to the glove on the ball I am at the same time and it worked out where. You know we got we got now so -- honestly I'm just trying to. Out basically trying to be a shortstop or second base right there and -- back again. And did you did you did you say that to him when he got up and said thank -- for the. -- -- -- -- Now they -- about it -- -- -- -- that guy a guy just sick or not take it off probably. How -- you right now how is -- for you right now at the plate he's your your your hit the snot out of the ball it seems like your work in the count really well too. -- -- thing to me that it it's hitting it all in today's day and for me anyway I am not one of those. Totally gifted hitters second take off a week come back breaks. You know and on this -- why not -- -- worked at it and sick of my approach. And you know -- last night you know in the limb -- just on it was a sneaky you -- on -- making good pitches and you know that -- the -- -- got sent in every McNamee on every day you know I did Scott argued that -- -- Under turn at the ball -- somewhere -- that make things happen. Last night you went out to the mound when long came in and they got his first. Got his first appearance. Without the translator what do you say to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A light went by it was arguably out Beckett and not -- -- -- you know the other day as well aren't you want it back. That pretty a pretty much it -- not to play him I mean there's nothing I can go out there and tell them. That you would understand that -- out of -- you a lot of body language and you know universal. Universal body language does but -- and out on the relax -- You know -- -- and I mean -- -- You know body language look at whatever and apologize -- do I mean it. I mean is very limited you know on. -- I don't you don't learn learn Mandarin not quickly built Munich. And so I struggle with Spanish. What's Lara is just aren't you got to do your best. I guess what you what you wanted to be a catcher -- play Little League you never dream that you have to figure out Spanish in Mandarin and possibly Japanese in the you know because you're the guy that has to -- all the pitchers and with the with a being so the first semi maybe -- -- of the reservists so when -- in high school you know. Now a lot Bob -- Lamotte zone out there and have on the -- are merited or box like that says we're gonna do here. And -- into it give it to hit well you know other than adamant about much in the yet. -- before -- let you go on go to the ballpark today the streak is over the Cardinals are in town their team it's in the division means a little bit more. I know you can't win that division in this early but is this is remaining the remainder of the series is as a statement. You know I just. It is and you know we wanna be cute guy like -- said earlier. We don't care who it is not there like every every game is important we're not trying to make. Any series more important than any other series. But every series is important. And no matter who it is but you know the Cardinals being in our division yes they are very important -- And especially because you know -- going to be visiting other going to be hanging in there with yeah and so are we have to be consistent we have to keep working. And I think we're better than they are -- and opened up a lineup. Staff wise I think we're better than they are and I think that -- all shakes out. Will be on top. Good stuff is always Luke got the best of luck to you manage you gotta wrap up on stat hat off to Pittsburgh appreciate -- body okay. It. Documents which they go to the court joining us for a couple of minutes on the program on the Schneider or child like -- they're hiring drivers right now it would call 844 -- -- -- -- -- jobs dot com.