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Apr 15, 2014|

Do you think the Brewers will figure out the Cardinals this year? And what's your reaction to the Darren Sharper story? Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy Butler discuss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a big -- -- back plus he Sparky -- and a pair former Packers Gary Ellis in the royal Butler will live from. Easier studios till 6 o'clock that's when the -- -- on deck show presented by leg route -- takes over these fairways -- -- ready. For Brewers and cards and must to get to between now and then coming up at 3 o'clock. I'll be called -- American again when we get during the -- avoid judgment of the day -- -- just -- in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fans that's coming up at three. And at four got a first question for you that would have been much easier to answer. Just one year ago but speaking of the Brewers that is where we start this afternoon show. Had to happen eventually they could just keep on winning get you guys half price -- is a Papa John's forever today. They had their nine game win streak stopped last night at the hands of the Cardinals in the first of that three game set. Four to nothing the final and -- yeah -- -- in his article. At Brewers dot com this morning a number that jumped out to me. Thus the Bruins were five and fourteen against Saint Louis last year and Sparky you got to number talking about in the pre show meeting they've lost 25 of 34 going back to the NLCS. In 2011. And now -- -- and so they've lost like fifteen of twenty -- something like that. Team the last one -- I mean it is. It's stupid numbers by how much the St. Louis Cardinals have really dominated. On the Milwaukee Brewers to this point and we have -- -- called last night their peers baseball post game show. And said you know I really didn't play all that good the game last night. Mean he had a couple of base running blunders by the Cardinals I -- thrown out the Cardinals were pretty much trying to give the Brewers. On the -- with the Brewers offense struggled against a guy -- GRA was not that good in -- coming in that game last night. And yet the Brewers couldn't figure out a way to score runs they only got a couple of opportunities. One of which had guards at the plate when the one opportunity -- runners in scoring position. But I just couldn't capitalize and if you look at Garza -- was clearly off last I mean Garza -- -- -- best to mobile couple long balls and that's. And I'm not I'm not coming down off the Brewers -- her backing off any of the predictions that I made when they got off to the hot start that they did I think is a very good baseball team and they're going to be. In the hunt for a playoff spot throughout the year we're going to be talking about meaningful baseball in September if you ask me but. Gary Le Roy if they're going to do this if they're going to contend in the NL central and be a challenge to the St. Louis Cardinals they're gonna have to get over that hump and from the outside looking in right now. I think most people would have to say. That this Cardinals team -- has the brewers' number that's -- that's a phrase we hear often in the sports world with there -- a team that has another team's number you guys are the numbers mean Sparky had for -- there. It's -- Cardinals may have the brewers' number have you got. Is in your playing days ever had a team like that where you just couldn't get over the hump against them and is there something mental. Going into those games where you or is there a gut feeling where it has -- man what is gonna go wrong against these guys today it seemed like every time we play him. They got our number and something is gonna happen is that something that's in your guys -- that one of those media created things. Well I think the rule is no I mean -- I don't know if you can -- has -- Guards or was talking about it in the in the -- about. The Cardinals and how he wants to torment -- and so obviously these other talking about a round doll because you know he -- a new -- So now he's come into Milwaukee. And he understands what's going on with the Cardinals and how the Brewers need to. Figure out how to beat so you already know in his first -- in -- first start to brewer against them. Or here's -- thing. They came in a what a nine game win streak the Brewers yep you know the Cardinals to a and a Cardinals sit in Sonoma going -- these guys. We have put -- -- will put up we're right back on a throw we cannot let them -- going we cannot let them think that they can beat us. And the Brewers are saying to themselves what else do we have to do how how do we do -- they just don't know how -- Get over the hump yet. By beating the St. Louis Cardinals and for me. When we played it was about the Bears and although other Cabrera is pretty powerful Barkley knows when -- -- -- Super Bowl years but it was still the one year we went eight Nate but he -- steal like. We knew that we gonna give their best they knew -- and give our best. But we never beat them. Having the same as with the Cardinals and the Brewers right now that the Brewers gonna give them their best. But to me it's come it comes down to a lot of intangible stuff. Mean look at guys who hit. You know who knocked him rather hit -- home -- last -- mean there are guys door openings last night for the Cardinals did normally don't do anything for them. And then I think Yadier Molina to New England well. So you know that they come in no -- -- Did they -- thinking no matter who we have this list live. Well I mean you know should have been a pitcher that we should to -- covering the Patriots are well but could do anything. So they're existing grain right now that they can kicker out here no matter what and the Brewers got to figure out mentally how to get over -- -- For me with the Dallas Cowboys -- that particular 46. I've moved past that. Kind of spark -- -- that second and you know our complacency in our own. And give them yeah but the look. Jonathan LeCroy -- -- there so he putt. The rules are better. So -- Brewers. Know that -- to their better what the nine game streak has earned them is a right to lose -- -- to the Cardinals. No big -- I mean how old is toying with myself -- right now hated Cardinals since La Russa left him at the -- -- that got used to hate him. That's spot -- this is a good top that are really to play the Cardinals win their everything's positive. I don't mind the rules and occasionally. The Cardinals but it played in -- -- and Pittsburgh's -- Cincinnati's -- And where about the little coast but. When you have a team -- you figure dad. Sumpter had no matter how big it is how good you played it in now being you know. Is directed taller which alluded -- and you pick of the newspaper just like Julius Peppers he's -- -- -- -- -- He's can be a lot by Aaron Rodgers. He has the corners they've now with you now you to turn -- -- -- turn it off. But they. More often than not guys. -- leaders on your team understand this it's a long season. -- we were three games now -- two games. We got to -- -- gather -- really if that's true of what LeCroy said he picked a better. -- -- really believe it and I think they're better. You know. Do you guys got the Brewers are very italics are too many like Charlotte are the Cardinals you -- have that. Intangible of -- on how to win. You know the Brewers register. -- and I -- you know you meet pitcher that you you see the ball come out his hand. In your mind's say as a pair of autism but as a cutter and it's a curve ball but a sub now's the guy was on point so you have to give them credit. Added that -- -- -- Bruins out but. -- I think that the Brewers will be just far and I'm not panic and that is why gain by -- -- does better. It is the Cardinals especially the five and fourteen -- right. And what they've done in the past -- brought up in -- in the media does a lot of Wheeler. Meaning at that meeting yet -- -- meeting meeting yet okay. Since Ronald Rocky has been here. Just that little bit. Bother you a little bit so you compose a question to him do you think they have your number if you have been a card has consistently. You -- Probably won -- division and go deeper into the playoffs but I thank you would have been in the playoffs. Do you think this is -- Trent. And I think he was say no I don't think so -- the new season you know we would all be just fine and will -- -- though. Enron -- he was asked about this history against the -- -- we know we have to beat them -- -- felt that same way against Pittsburgh. They're all important for going to compete with Pittsburgh for going to compete with Cincinnati for going to compete with the Cardinals. We're going to have to play well. If we play good baseball whether it's against the Cardinals or anybody else we should be able to compete with anybody so -- -- tried to downplay the notion that the Cardinals have the brewers' number Sparky. Anybody looks at the numbers though as I you and I laid out when we opened the staying up past to say. As it is right now Cardinals have the -- number do you think that the birds at some point this year you got him at ninety wins will figure out the St. Louis Cardinals. I don't know I I think it's -- it's gonna be a yacht a tough hill to climb because I think. When everybody made their projections -- beginning the everybody had -- Carlson first place right then and then everybody have the brands -- the Pirates second or third in and the Brewers fourth so that tells you everybody beginning in the -- it's not. That on paper -- -- the St. Louis Cardinals are a far more talented team probably than them watch -- birds are. So they're more talented team and the Brewers then it's going to be general for me for the burst or -- the St. Louis Cardinals I don't think the gap -- as large. As -- the British and -- of the -- -- -- I think it's it's relatively close this is a different. When you have a team that has a mental advantage over you like I think the Cardinals may have over the Brewers. You almost have to play perfect baseball or be perfect and what you do well in fits the Packers. -- the box -- the Brewers whatever you want to be perfect. In all in order go over -- that you have to really be on top your game really be focused. And I just wonder now and I don't know all. -- Jerry LeRoy would agree with me but when somebody has your number the way that the Cardinals have the brewers' number right now do you almost over think it. You almost try too hard maybe your -- in the battle little too tight by your over swinging may -- does does that get in your head as an athlete -- I I think that. Somewhere worth. Brewers. I don't know if -- and maybe it is yeah you know. Do their thing is because now they know in order for them to get mixed up. They know they got to go through things right. Edmonton. You probably -- just a little bit more. To me that -- as when you've got. A guy Garza who had nearly been here -- this year yet. He he's already talking about it. So which means that this longer -- -- -- commerce and Steve in spring training. And mine and somebody sure somebody did somebody -- -- -- or are maybe like you always talk about -- Garden it's familiar with his vision and he was with the Cubs familiar Arnold was Arnold and he knows that Dominique Arnold -- on -- division anyway. They're probably know that the Brewers have struggled. Like your body else -- beat the Cardinals. Jimmy you've come that your game and you know this is what you gotta do. Maybe you do press a little bit more than issue. And we will see tonight how this -- -- shocker to me tonight. Big game but it to bounce back game with the game look at the Cardinals that they think in three -- Make corporate here they're thinking -- we tied -- first and sleepless how he'll be tied for first in the editors and in the -- -- about we Newsweek. They're not thinking about all of it one -- and that's okay that's all we need. -- I think about -- -- so denied to me is that is that kind of important I. How do the Brewers are respond. After yesterday were looking and routine we're gonna give up -- yesterday as you can tell a lot. But team as you're trying to make that I am right to the next level or -- that name is that they need to beat tonight to -- Do you think the Brewers will figure out the Cardinals this year 7991250. Can also email. But it's Sports Radio 1250 dot com you're Jon -- gray had to say about how they measure up. Against the Cardinals after this quick break and hear from you guys on the when -- -- -- served up hot fresh this. That is Austin Johnson -- cry from earlier today if I'm the bill Michaels show Liberia. Cool thing -- course and that's corner clubhouse I mean it. I think it's arguable that it should baseball fans that Albany -- -- dot com awarded over a half million dollars in cash prizes a half million bucks in the one day. And there's way more I can't judge it on drafting -- -- America's favorite one day fantasy sports site a guy named Sam -- -- hundred grand this first time. We're playing seriously a hundred grand dame won. Drag kings and is one day fancy sports that means no season long commitments know being -- players just instant cash. Every guy it's easy just pick a team in minutes right now you can play for free to win real -- And her blue BL UE -- drug -- dot com and get free entry into next week's contest with 400 -- guarantee product cash prizes. 400 grand her -- spots are going quick -- blue now I drafting dot -- Draft changed. Dot com I heard were Johnson Lou Grant to say he thinks they're every bit as good as the Cardinals the numbers though. They say the Cardinals have the -- number five and fourteen against the red birds last year. And really during round Redick -- entire tenure here in Milwaukee the numbers are not pretty asking do you think the Brewers will figure out those Cardinals. This year 7991250. Randy in Greenfield here on the -- -- -- it's up Randy. They are going to the other group a good subject. LB -- -- -- -- -- -- real quick comment about what will courts and not get into the Cardinals. Well well Graham. -- some pretty ballparks in that worker an employee Barrett you better factor out there in there right. It is the Cardinals to look at -- though. -- okay that play ball you know hit his vehicle back history with the Cardinals. There's just between the growers -- -- com that they are in our just like. Just like we -- -- -- just like the Bears were wondering how can repeat the fact we're wondering how compact beat the Giants. -- -- -- -- -- -- In life -- sports it's like. -- -- -- You know you look back you know when we were eleven games up on the Cardinals and now we know we -- the playoffs a year for -- love up on a cardinal not Cardinals. Yeah it command and -- they swept -- or gains it might. -- at all -- because there as a veteran stop club in they did that. That in the playoffs and may be signing. You know it's just they're just one of them -- that -- look at -- look -- -- -- -- about single look at all the Brinkley got the ability soaking up. We can we can take anybody. That's what we have to overcome went out and you have to start later in my you don't want to have a commitment and sweet that there ain't the end of -- season. The year you've got to make -- stands sooner or later. Entrance their picture for -- your your right about that. It's not the university no. But if it's very arm. It's one of those things where you once in a message type deal. Now. I don't know he got to get two wins. I was told thing I don't know you know I do know you do not want to be swept at home okay now -- that can happen. Because if you look at the home stand it -- have you got six games right. So at his home debut -- four and two it is homestand. Is absolutely. Off. So that's kind of -- staying with the homestand and show what you do not want to utes were here by the Carter's curve. That furthest things that message. That. -- -- -- -- As coaches you turn your team will still -- place. But it. You could easily have started another streak of losing. But I -- this sports thing is that's why when you play the team. You gotta get him to replace what you have matured plays and you try to be and as we did to Dallas Cowboys for his -- repeat do -- -- a guy that's the second time you mentally good I think that's very important element I was grammar because we're so I expected -- to -- -- -- -- these boys that. -- sort of expecting. Yeah last moral questions sums on yourself -- you expect that I set out and self. Says yes I wore a shutout tonight. Spurs went tonight -- to make that prediction right here -- a -- -- Brewers will win tonight pretty geared to the -- I'm guaranteeing a victory not a prominent. Odds Toronto is that Estrada he went and I think it was now Pelosi pitched a -- -- -- Shelby Miller. Yeah they went to net. Brewers win tonight put in Portland said that last night to night and not knowledge about it make no business no no -- mostly with the -- -- won last night match after a court yesterday Gloria. Cardinals dole is on the road people would have thought that might slip it was a really good pitcher you look good to a rough start this year but I didn't think that was gonna last -- -- -- general manager there attend a ball came out. Are in the -- good. Throw it happens is -- Got this team out here that's -- -- and -- people pleased when you're sending him to live Sports Radio -- that you got enough room to signature recognition so I can say so and so emails live at Sports Radio well -- -- out. So and so we emails like to Sports Radio 1250 -- -- says sorry but what I feared would happen. Did happen last night the Brewers players were all shaking in their cleats at the prospect of playing the card -- snow. I was on -- league choke job last night. All the whole -- -- -- off a lot of until he did -- maybe that's why didn't sad that's why he's generated talk of opposing pitchers always have career strikeout games against the Brewers. That's anonymous dropping a -- in the Wendy's and -- I'll go off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take it in their boots over any team man come on seriously. I don't I don't think that's all I really don't make me look you won nine games -- -- -- finally had a bad night last night it happens come back you win tonight you go in the series tomorrow and you move on and that's -- the story. Not -- you got to look at it and rob off. Listen -- all the time he tax mini -- the point and her back when Jimmy Burnitz had to sweep suits. Against the flyers when the with the Brewers suits suits and I had the slick and add -- that the Brewers couldn't win in Pittsburgh forever. And then finally they eventually turn it around and then -- -- -- infielder and that whole melee that broke out. Okay well it's probably take -- -- like that maybe. To get this -- -- turnaround maybe it'll take a fight maybe it'll take a bean ball warning gamer something like that to get the Brewers back on top. It may take something as goofy -- that to get this team over the about or aren't you -- thrown out. -- -- -- The order. No I don't I don't know if you don't not -- I don't. Do you know retaliate rabbani's -- and that's also another ran a key thing you know and again I disagree with everything ball there. And had a fast and I took out that last -- to you know Carter gets like a back call. The product called third strike and gets kicked out immediately what happens -- comes running out there -- Nina I'm -- you're not trying to -- -- yeah -- they would write you pages ranking is certainly did that help but I mean there. They're two different styles of managers they really are. I mean just like in college basketball -- right is costly working officials -- -- the ball -- he's yelling at them. He's trying to get calls he's waiting for the end of the game and most of the time it works other coaches don't -- talk to the referees and some coaches just love the game play out it's just. It's student from managerial styles and -- -- is more re conservatively back got -- doesn't believe in retaliation. And that doesn't believe in necessarily getting kicked out to -- kicked out -- were the case may be -- team fired and I'm okay with both matches I think they both can work more than one. His skin a cat as I've said many times here -- Sparky those wondering why I -- skin a cat. Chill on the northside here on the Wendy's big show and I knew -- -- column today til after your prediction yesterday -- -- What -- don't -- them. -- -- That you get if they don't get that you have that Miller I ordered it being I think that it can be 44 it. I think it's at orient -- an okay and let me tell you. If you can mark I work at it that simple criteria. They they get better than a part of the problem here. So you hit them they needed it because it. The Cardinals note they're better every team that. -- -- -- -- that's exactly what it -- -- -- Okay and I'm sure that the Cardinals have that mindset -- I'd just assume all athletes and all teams have that mindset that were better than whoever. Is going against us today whoever's on the other side of that field were better than them because if you don't have that mindset just just go home before the -- even starts. But us objectively looking at it from the outside and look at what -- -- and I look at the lineup. One through eight of their position players they have every -- a look at the starting rotation I might give the cards a slight edge. In the starting rotation I look at the bullpen in the way that the Brewers have performed this year I look in the Mench. I don't know that I necessarily go as far as to say. The Brewers are better than the Cardinals on paper. But aren't -- I would say there just as good or close to what the Cardinals are if you're just looking at what's on paper in the talent that we all see out there on the field. I think it's close I don't think it's a gap that most people thought it was coming into the year. I numbers line and has better offense flick on -- the cardinals' lineup is right now offensively out of graced our rotation and I think -- -- Carl's our rotation is primarily a numbers at this point and you got and that's all the not by a wide margin but right but that's all the -- and overall and Estrada. Mean it's April to stays healthy and it just his talent all the -- -- right there with the Cardinals a step for step and not question. On and the -- but as the biggest question mark I think for both organizations right now and a better bullpen very well could decide who wins is division Schwartz also none. Mike and missed DOE mailing live -- Sports Radio 1250 -- counts -- big show last night's game. Was nothing more than a pitcher that was on when was dealing just as Garza did to Atlanta. We shouldn't be disturbed or worried simply because in the past we have -- we have not had the pitching. We have not that we have what we have not. Pulled out this is not. Well written. Not have we had the discipline to win these games the pitching is the real deep difference in the past couple years every team is unbeatable anywhere any time. Players were swinging like lost -- so it's just doesn't -- said good pitching always beats good hitting we do have a quote mental fear of what the Cardinals. Are but this year really is equal as far as talent wise and Garza -- a lot of pitches last night so those no neighbors that produced last night. Isn't a surprise you make mistakes any team capitalizes. Especially good teams we just got beat see the ball hit the ball catch the ball. Let's not over analyze it -- can mosquito emailing -- -- Sports Radio 1250. Dot com did Seymour and the Brewers are sort of a free swinging team in general but last night and -- on the first pitch Carlos Gomez was soaring and. -- right out of his shoes and -- you know I come home. I didn't hit a ball over seriously. Do you guys this is there is there pressing -- or that that that made it extra energy going into a game against the team that has your number -- you're just not. Hi there are getting him today there are -- and that can lead to mistakes that -- -- -- some free swearing and. Well there are high but I think today to mean to tell -- -- of -- we are. Where we wanna be where we wanna go I mean you know that you know -- the -- -- known -- that -- right. They're coming out -- saying -- -- -- performance through right now as we got -- -- -- award to. And if we you know we've we did his game we know we were to win -- -- thing looking for -- on tomorrow. So the Brewers -- you know they have to respond today and you've been watching his team respond. Just -- -- in every game they've played his nine game winning streak and they had a -- now let's see what they got to -- now you've got Estrada on the mound. What what can he give you today in the and of course. You've got to look at your bullpen -- -- they bring to table. The young guys last night it came on. In in ninth inning though when it was at Wal-Mart -- had. You know I did you have their pitchers did he impress you at all last because as of restaurants in -- want won't -- him. I want them in spring training I actually on the Nuggets are what you saw last year I remember a snippet here remember he was in rookie ball last year ya know he's ever made his -- yeah. Your eyeballs you know what you saw yeah I like maligned in spring training he -- those strikes and he didn't -- guys it's. -- -- -- walk guys who throw strikes and now what -- -- about is because he's so young is putting and in pressure situations I ain't having it backfire on so they're trying to protect him and shelter on. His role on this team really is to be along nicely with the Brewers are in -- tended to in the fifth he comes in did you couple innings heats up some innings of these other relievers don't have to. But they haven't been in that situation they've been in close games all year or they've been winning you know so he hasn't had a chance of pitch all year dallas' first opportunity Al shabby -- -- -- Do you think the birds a figure out the Cardinals 7991250. Can also email but it's Sports Radio 1250 dot com hear more from you doesn't when -- picture returns. Would. That is a can of the -- judgment day here on the Wendy's big show you get in -- -- -- and avoid judgment of the day right now by texting while dancing with 32961. -- jump trend. When we discuss it at 3 o'clock -- all the world government if you're not a soccer fan -- finances 32 not 61 right now asking. Do you think the -- figure out the Cardinals this year 7991250. Back to you after Gary -- and tells you will some some. Woke -- -- -- this. And wanted to be as Rondo -- -- -- When everything is gone. So listen if you're looking for great deals on a piece of jewelry -- over programs you right now -- -- -- -- 102 and national avenue. If you looking for a diamond ring for your girl they've got a ball if you looking for that Protestants to your way to being girls for your guy. They have them too they were -- for -- -- and -- books now they're over 59 dollars. If you're looking for bracelets -- -- -- If -- looking. For those beaded bracelet Gado. Guys he's one of those few terms -- we say everything Moscow in this case everything was -- from. -- -- Russia so for me it's a bittersweet kind of video. I guess this reporters. The deals are going to be great do for you guys go by. You're -- if them guys are different mothers days is right around the corner -- -- if you looking for a procedure for your mother. Or -- significant other that's the mother of your child. A couple of jewels and just you know guys they're -- give you the most money for your whole goal or injury and go to tomorrow program -- is -- aren't record. An -- Right at you guys at 7991215. Right out to -- and. Don't remember back in 2011 -- -- said that the Brewers on the Cardinals and that was right in the back. Record at the time he said that -- from 2007 that. August of 2011. The Brewers didn't come from -- to every three games or so you know. And then that and then -- gonna -- is not the said the Cardinals are going to be watching from -- and Brewers in the play you know. And they everything turned a lot of balancing the -- for a three game series and won the first two the Cardinals. At sports announcers -- also in the Cardinals are dead. And also -- turnaround goal in the World Series. So -- -- -- things from that one. Anything can change the direction maybe also I don't know about like that lucrative comment now you don't -- waking up again. While that's just and we Daimon a last night -- -- baseball post game show was. That Matt -- Morgan thing about -- Albert all that really what this is going back to you know that -- I had off. I gotta go back that guy yeah and it I remember -- Saunders. Arm he was -- -- organs were stuck in Utah -- doubles guys in the clubhouse and they all and that season when he -- that Niger those Niger Morgan tweets and said. That -- got everybody on the same page in his clubhouse because they were all about and that clubhouse and residing evens out at. They were all -- of out of the scene was pretty much going to be over. And back out of reenergize kind of like Major League with a ripping -- pieces. Outback -- I about the poster board or whatever Major League not -- -- has got energetic and they kind of all -- targeted that have. And I remember sitting in the studio with Tim Allen. Wanting to play the Cardinals in the NLCS to the Brewers were -- they were in every way -- the Cardinals in the Braves and we were all I think collectively. -- -- city rooted for the Cardinals again it is like I'll get the car will be -- worrying and here we go around that and we got the Cardinals and we gaps ain't. That was a disaster. That's got to don't. His is public and you can't -- them. So whatever you wanna say -- -- you can't beat -- in your words -- the curve. They made -- man and going wrong. But what happened now I understand so you can you cant live like that when you're playing a point can't be afraid of nobody. They can't tell you will not let -- show you what not to like coaches don't want to -- bulletin -- mature and it is army -- hasn't been inevitable and the ball I had a and if you know they want to go on and say well. Well we got better -- root -- of Nigel. Lisa what he's -- probably our growing cities better prior to pass up paper ran out wherever the crises -- and we didn't win an event we do that Steve I mean we should come -- don't think he'll do it. We would -- and -- ultimately would do that they absolutely do what we did it. My mobile or before awful is it come on television workers this while -- in a World Series. New World Series physically good in at a numerals you can imagine that somewhere and because that what Hank and I don't want you know that's why you -- -- it all -- was painful event and Obama. For the Brewers. You can be -- -- and it's a local man I issue the crisis yeah do you think. It isn't there right -- filtered trying to keep it. No I'm not sure a lot of players have a -- and as -- you know I don't know what it is edited. It may be too loaded -- -- -- yeah. I don't know via that route roundup it was a great -- -- that would be -- someone -- rooms. -- -- -- -- -- Basically it started as a whole summit Kris Dielman New Zealand to about a quarter yes that was. -- voices that. You don't watch him. -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't win a division title if they won a division a year. Anyone division that year as users of it -- division records -- ride you wanna division we -- And we get into the play I'll -- you definitely go a week ago did you -- away shortly though that. Had to quote cut out. -- -- -- Trying to find that -- right now and our practices you know -- -- -- that anyone is worried about it now I don't. Gutless and Janesville talk while look for that by -- I Gary's got a -- he can't be afraid of these guys. First of all -- makeup -- -- couple. It's ridiculous they're fans in the way they come into our stadium -- a lot of postal balls inside -- come -- they don't realize you're not to become an airport shots around anymore. It's time for this stand up be a good boy Geithner played. -- -- How -- And I dropped -- in his -- disappeared from a series -- like he can get tickets for tomorrow Tuesday. -- and find that. -- on some bullet big blue on the north side well if it blew. You guys dog. Could definitely -- it. No you can't be committed by Cutler -- I think I'm. We welcome well laid out you know in what do -- can't put it to a you know I didn't. If things -- problem and that's -- -- -- place -- Steve so village day. Okay the reason while we got the World Series of the -- more personal -- tomorrow. So with -- finance. Is just -- game and -- sound -- -- -- -- in the bottom of business while we were we are. Is posturing we gave her -- not as if you read ego. It's -- -- -- that Nigel Morgan as a reason why there and that you know World Series. So the play of that too. So to start thinking. Really do obviously Witten. I don't wanna be that guy who say Turner's you know you're -- came here is what appeared -- -- well. -- -- We don't want bit. On the you. You. So. That was statistically -- -- -- -- -- Are there best team in baseball -- as for a day game and spent a little it was that. You think there are the best. Game and quickly without question this game with in the game. Russa Worley was done the orchestra Guerrero and gaining nearly as a leader on her -- saw and -- for the job in the -- gestures -- -- -- could be a candidate stroked the game yes so we know. If -- -- one of them. Weren't -- right a couple of times and we know they're probably want our guys that we're probably not gonna do a damn thing. No -- sharply in the game with in the game with a carton which right now. Year. Do you think the birds -- figure out the Cardinals this year 79 or excuse -- -- go to the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off on four for -- 216. Fewer jump back in we ask you to pick a lane coming up at 5 o'clock -- the run he's big -- served up -- impression we're back right after that. -- Tom and -- is not and the now are that he -- -- your new car accident or dealing with a workers' comp case. He got hurt on the job that shoulder then -- that indelible that ankle than me all my. That is do you call if you are dealing with a workers' comp why. Present to you contracts like I trusted him sponsor my car accident several years ago put -- -- my checked out -- -- smile on my face. Do the same thing for you you call him. 4142762104142762100. Or visit them. At der is on dash Menard dot com -- Zaun and the Menard they work. The average Joseph -- -- Milwaukee journal sentinel and JS online this morning about Darren Sharper the former. Packers Vikings and Saints safety who's. Now being accused and there's no there's no easy way to put this he's -- used to being a serial rapists of drugging. Multiple women and sexually assaulting them. And it was talking to a lot of a lot of sharper -- former teammates Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila Tyrone Williams Antonio Freeman. And our -- -- LeRoy Butler quoted in the story and -- The gist of the story is that anybody -- -- Darren Sharper and spent some time around Darren Sharper and did not see this coming or expect something like this out of that guy in particular. Knocking out some creepy stuff right. And -- Antonio. Was -- -- saying that it can be developed with the company -- should keep. And maybe that was some couldn't hit a -- guy who is. Involved in that show for the state yeah we've never heard it we merit why I have never heard a guy. And you develop these relationships. And maybe get to do stuff to its uncharacteristic. But this -- of Theres still. If this true if mr. justice our -- -- -- It's just. When. I was -- -- that story. In. -- did talk to the people who were around him the most about and always packer army's been eight years -- about know who was friends have been. You know a lot of guys anyone recorded -- -- -- story just -- -- won't have anything to say about it but it. He deserves to have the truth about who the guy was before August and came out and -- When you work it would be. NFL network are excited I got really did because and see him. A long time I mean once he went to Minnesota. Which had lost contact a little bit and then I saw it was -- Everywhere you wouldn't. Want you really Aaliyah ya ya -- in -- I saw another. Very very very. Popular. Good looking girl we got an -- Well my on the walker -- you can -- but you know meaning -- -- stuff. This is education it would take -- with a -- -- stated he had it just how does that count reached. To be serious -- He -- so women. That's why was so shocking to me because even -- the shrapnel. As it was or not this story if you just a normal guy. Hang in a row. A good looking guys you -- get some of the girls that can't get through you know right. He you know but is the stuff happens later. I had no idea. That the other places and we -- -- New -- I mean you know all -- different places and and we -- to -- to barbershop talk kinda -- in. -- also in the same thing. But just but it -- based on you Nolan sharper. Before all the allegations. And just up and I just never know. -- also thought about if if a guy. Had known. No won't be easy you know what would you say that's why would they talk to the coaches. -- to coaches get a different perspective from a player in at a coaches. If Jones -- it's just okay. However -- this would never. But that's where you got to have good people around you -- -- -- two if you were doing some -- -- -- -- you regardless what -- -- and here we come. We known we knew we can we do -- you know so and that's -- -- -- to allow these guys. You just don't have the right people -- you can't you can't have guys. They just sort of -- a year yes sir -- I mean you can't have guys. Around you that Scobee will mature -- truthfully when you really don't want you to well especially women yes you just you study you -- are a moment. You know you -- we don't -- a you know that's not a way to go and you'll. You have to value that opinion sometime got view of our native with. You gotta come at a -- of -- is forcibly -- sometimes you know. Lot of guys we got a game that you don't have those types of relationships. You know with Thurman when they leave the game. Now was sharper. I have no idea what happened to -- we we read it. In and as we redid though is so shocking to me. That. If you'd know him Steven you and I don't know with -- a couple of years ago we were put in -- you don't want our post game shields and we hung out. A couple of days if you -- him you would never ever. Suspect. Anything like this. I've talked to go outside and I've done a couple appearances with them to mom and I was shocked by it as well. Without question now. Fibers died -- -- -- is from a fan perspective. And I'm gonna stare at that view athletes right now so Magloire air or you do -- -- but right but back I think part of it sometimes comes along of the power. That comes along with being as rich as I'm sure -- probably as. The multi millionaire athlete the eagle that comes along with -- I'll never -- Claude I can buy my way out of anything if some real desire to say something I can always just pay are often have our goal -- That'll fix that issue. That that's part of and I think that many other part of it is. I'm my idol -- call -- a fetish but I think that's kind of what it became form a little bit of he's kind of that was kind of his deal well I mean everybody has weird freaky things I guess the very into. From from that side of things when it comes to sacks and you and a unconscious -- a man. You'd be amazed -- some of the weird crap gone on. And in if that was his thing and that was -- and that -- -- Golan. Then he couldn't stop need Patten became addicted to it if -- is all true now we don't know these are all allegations -- so if this is all true. Maybe that's what happens between the power and the ego -- the money mixed in with this -- kind of addiction that he had. You kind of put those two together the reality of the situation. Isn't even clear to you anymore you're living in your own kind of little dream land every time you go through and do something like this well. Those are guys -- avenue -- woods went through treatment for spectrum. Every guy every guy's got creepy c'mon guys but it is how you. Be it it's not so it was a little piece that I figured if I do flat they mostly it has intelligent that the known -- -- channel does -- I told my daughter -- -- -- -- when there's. You can have and attain. Basketball player -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll go home where nobody. 12 would -- That's what they won't. You don't -- about a house no hotel you go home. You just don't know you do -- I'd do it. Don't put Josef made in he can out of this hole to -- o'clock in the morning -- -- -- today. Don't -- that give him a right to take it and they know do we need thing. But this is what I told don't know it you -- now I don't kid you love -- way you know Alicia. About somebody -- the rafters of football player don't do it and in. Okay -- as a sat in the gap interviews. Don't even do. So you look at -- the trend as the spark it was -- nutrient. Or this stereotype with the guys. The stereotype of all the girls they wanna be what do you use all of late at night. Drink in his involved. Bad stuff happen. And if that is the case. You can -- any father there. Any -- that tell your daughters. -- like I told -- Then I don't know they'll listen and Arizona you know they really probably won't go trial you. Cases like -- -- sadistic reason why when you go all out -- cloak close -- Don't -- -- in it. -- -- -- -- I think. Seen -- sharper thing how to there's. -- -- -- refrain 'cause we're not we're we're kind of Greenberg. If you worry frame and you've got -- point you read all of his stuff from our sharper. How does that affect you at the famous for now watching these guys. Where you -- reduce the reaction of one fan yeah and in the -- -- address so much and if you wanna call what was your reaction -- the Darren -- -- 7991250. Lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com as a guy by the name of break. Commenting at JS are mine too many of these things going on more and more was a sports fan I -- finally done with that gone forever no more money from me. And that's is to me that Rick was expecting more out of his athletes and he expects. Out of the dated days citizen because while I'm shocked at the Darren Sharper story and what he did. I'm not shocked because he's an athlete -- always shot the third dudes that. That monster is an and that crew agreed to be how -- there but I don't I don't expect. Expect that lasts from pro athletes and I do from somebody who -- run -- run into on the street from day today and I watch these guys on Sunday. What they do with the other six days of the week I have no idea -- enjoy a -- while there on the field and if you do something that. Deserves for what I just need to fill some I don't if I do I don't not -- -- one bit. I attended more I mean -- That guy's gonna do some stuff -- Credence to have my fears. I expect more now. Anybody to do that. Thing doesn't cheated on -- while -- -- multiples. Of -- This to be ID. -- more I mean. And I got a daughter. And a tournament -- -- -- you know you can at least say Yo-Yo. Or would you retain my -- -- You know if you rush there. -- -- -- -- all what you all know it all right. Don't. See -- and that's about it can go. This way well I mean business. -- and this. On some levels. A lot like Hernandez. On some levels. Of foreigners. -- thinking. Very sad -- surprised me any more than any and then try and -- murder in the way he did this Hernandez yeah it surprised me. It surprise it surprises me any time there's somebody out there that that. Vicious that that ugly as a human being yeah that's that's surprises me but not because -- athletes what a setback for the NFL network. And rich Eisen says that Roger Goodell the commissioner signs off on everything on that network programming. Anchors Darren Sharper worked his way out from. Local two years -- to full time prime time one of the anchors and the NFL network soul. When Roger Goodell goes after teams and say -- keep your guys in line. Look how this comes back on that. Brett leave your thoughts on this on the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off on four for -- 216. You. And on the other side -- this quick break I'm going to be called on American unpatriotic. As we get a direct him and avoid judgment of the of the care about the World Cup if you don't follow soccer -- the Wendy's big shall be right back.