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Apr 15, 2014|

Are you interested in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fan? Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy Butler discuss. Ron Roenicke is also aired from earlier today on the Bill Michaels Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Power of 3 o'clock hour -- believe it was -- I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself I had a big night planned as the 3 o'clock hour of them enormously out of your answer a question how -- that national. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On spring games around the conference including his impressions of -- -- McIlroy -- And the Wisconsin Badgers visit given the -- judgment day we -- get. To -- Kim and avoid judgment of the day. And with the the World Cup coming up soon I guess I don't know Zach Britton thought it would suit I -- -- Reuters did a poll. About it mayor. -- interest in the upcoming World Cup and -- still and still not big fans of soccer according to this ball two thirds of of the American population. Will not have interest. In the World Cup and -- that sounds like a big number but my card -- -- over at the big lead he puts those numbers in perspective for us and Mike I'm assuming. Is a is a pro soccer guy. And beat -- I -- think about this -- to us are put in words so well that -- card duo if two thirds are planning to -- all the World Cup. That means 13 will follow the tournament which translates. To a healthy 104 million people. Roughly the combined total population. Of World Cup favorites Spain and Italy only 7% of Americans plan on quote. Following the World Cup closely. Which translates to 22 million roughly the combined population of soccer -- nations. Belgium and Portugal for comparison. Over 80% of the country had no interest. And following the NFL during the NFC and AFC championship games which drew huge ratings. With between fifty and 56 million people. Watching in January so when I first saw the -- that two thirds of Americans won't be interest did. And the World Cup -- -- thought yeah that that's sounds about right but when my card -- puts those numbers into perspective like that. I think that that -- way way off and even fewer people. We'll have interest in the World Cup than what this -- -- other governor four million people will even be casually. Following the World Cup and those who will be following closely he says translates to 22 million. There is no way that point two million people will be following the World Cup closely if and well when it rolls around coming up. In a few months and -- nobody here on the big show is a big soccer fan but Gary you got on your high horse and called me -- American for not caring about. He -- call you on America. I'm pretty sure you call me on him that I was there on that is un American okay -- -- you on him okay because I know you're American but my point your thoughts. Your game right now you make due to -- are probably well. Might argue -- on that role. When the Olympics -- here was that. It's it's a lot of sports that if you look at TV ratings if you look at attendance not a lot of people care about for four years at a time but then you -- the American flag on it you called the Olympics now and all the sudden everybody gets patriotic about -- you would you do not -- the start -- -- slap the American flag on -- you -- the Olympics and everybody wants to get patriotic about it with and I'm sorry. But there is not. Sports don't represented me as an American -- -- and I don't I don't see them. As representing our country and -- can slap an American flag on -- to. I'm not gonna have even -- the least bit of interest in the World Cup because I haven't cared about soccer. For the last 4 years -- -- -- still an American. Like -- -- for. Your thoughts. -- -- feel a little on the -- And I'm supposed to care about -- -- slap a flag -- and I hear about it yes. And I don't watch sport but we got to go play who Russia. As Russian as the tournament you praying. In an archer -- -- the Dominican Republic whatever it. Probably usually -- our flag go to my my. -- aware of -- goal -- On that did not make any sense. -- both through nor were. You -- to where it is okay to -- like this -- didn't dad but. -- -- -- -- I'm sorry that -- didn't bother with. It. I don't go to -- Real -- -- do about -- yeah. So I. Don't info golf. -- yeah about it. -- I don't know if I'm going over to the bar you -- -- really watch soccer here wanted to go -- Jones and those all right I'm not seen him doing that. But it -- -- certainly captures my attention if you slow play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just soccer players get all the soccer player now I figure if they come from you -- its a matter cards. I don't. It's always I think -- from -- I don't know agency that had and that you had to -- a -- Suppose -- you don't feel the same ones who pulled my dad is perfect. Yeah apart from pulling -- you -- it doesn't it figure fairly -- and -- whole. Probably -- -- -- give them. I don't see it 79 natural order -- -- -- Sports Radio 1250 -- -- -- would you be interested in the World Cup when it rolls around if you're not a soccer -- 7991250. Spark if I ever ever correctly last World Cup was around you try to get into it did you not out for years. I I don't try to get into it every time comes around I've gotten up at 6 o'clock tomorrow I'll watch it at home plate utilized some USA -- I always try to watch the USA -- I realize that. They're never gonna win but I I still you know I had. It's a they got a good coach from a -- have pretty good jab from a talent perspective they just -- match up. And I seen seniors we already this year and again they're not gonna win again in group -- -- and yeah and they're not needed Jeremy here he had an article now one of their groups are good that these -- Eight start inside June 12 for those of you that care a tie for the World Cup what is it. -- -- -- Round -- -- -- -- material going if I guess the material of your ego again the one thing any Eagles like a Monica robbing him that's double faulted to June 12 July other -- tell us material from those Eagles late summer fast and all that stuff so -- got a lot a lot of time to a tune of the World Cup. I think that's part of the reason why. I kind of and I don't get as excited as they know we don't have a chance really of probably winning team that was but I do enjoy watching it and now because of good old jewels runs all year I've probably sort of watching more soccer than -- -- you you -- -- -- him. -- -- more ways soccer games and ever is last year as well that's my girlfriend's -- So all all of this put together -- want -- soccer's. And yeah. So different perspective. I'll probably watch a lot more -- -- gonna happen in years past butts. Kind of like what other sports if you don't they give a chance to win and it's hard to get people to come to the TV. And that's -- you look at the NBA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you get the dream do what happens will not Rickles went into the TV -- LeBron and to rant to those guys. Dominate people in this country wanna see the USA went and they don't think the USA can -- they're probably not gonna turn the TV -- and I think that's a problem right now that team USA thousands. In this country while I think -- can I do area if you put it. And -- run double play as rob -- was in here. I am I did it not to mention this in Brazil. Other -- some stuff to watch as -- -- net allows for Sheila. Does Lopez you know it -- -- -- he came down -- great pit Wall Street but don't know what -- Creighton. By Brazil and Brazil presents and no that's -- in -- -- -- -- -- -- I got treated immediately yeah yeah yeah but pit -- And -- Obama's numbers are -- -- this theme song for that that was so long he's found so awful should solve our job was that bad. But they got some things around a dagger in the leg but I I'm I'm America's my team's plan. Is my -- as an American. I'm gonna watch now I'm not gonna want to and other teams -- But when America is playing a reasonable time and and try to watch it. I used to do a girl's soccer -- go pink used to do it I can learn the rules I'm. -- I follow a lot of girls -- -- UW Whitewater or soccer program followed him on Twitter and I interact with those ways and I was some really young ladies. And girls' soccer and men's soccer. So and they -- give media updates on so which is kind of fun so. I'm excited about it because -- -- there's an extension of your friendship but it. Again. In Brazil -- Will you be interested in the World Cup if you're not a soccer friends 7991250. Email live -- Sports Radio 1250 doctor at all real quick before the break gets in my breaking Bucs news from our -- and -- Gary -- of the Racine journal times. He tweets out you can follow him at Gary with an. Don't know which group yet he says the NBA board of governors will convene in New York on Thursday. And that the -- -- will likely be discussed so Herb Kohl has his buyer. We don't know who it is yet but it will be discussed at the board of governor meetings he just this Thursday calmed down. -- could go to sleep tonight like -- -- he's nuts and then -- this is all. You may call them -- a fun out of group -- -- letting my opponent my putting up the bush years ago -- -- -- Lauren you know emotional. Not nevermind my -- attitude reminds me until this it's this and that actually signs -- away Woolsey and on top of that furthermore. If this man decides that yeah okay -- investors come in but I'm -- gonna run Sheldon no difference. And then noticing different but nothing changes if -- if we're still here -- just takes money and nothing changed. Yes Brennaman will you be interested in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fans 7991250. Hear from you in the big show returns should. -- -- -- Brownies barking -- -- -- actors Gary -- LeRoy Butler if you miss bill Michaels conversation was Brewers manager Ron renegade. That's coming up at 348 and asking you right now if you're not a soccer fan we have interest in the World Cup when it starts what to say due June 1 parking 1512 June 12 -- -- -- June 12 when it starts on June 12. 7991250. Viva Sports Radio 1250 dot -- -- writers' poll says two thirds of Americans aren't interested. In the World Cup in that sounds bad for soccer but. Then Perillo -- -- -- excuse me of the big lead he points out that if a third of the nation as interest and that means a 104 million people. We'll have some interest and a 7% of Americans as this poll says plan on following the World Cup that translates to 22 million. Roughly the combined population of soccer -- nations. Belgium and Portugal and a Reuters poll during the NFL playoffs said that 80% of the country. Had no interest in following the NFL during the NFC and AFC championship games and we knew it we know what separating those pitchers so. It looks like big numbers for the World Cup I'd I'd I just don't see it will you have interest in the soccer tournament. The world soccer tournament when it starts on June 12 7991250. Or live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com mark and rich fielder on the big show it's up -- -- -- -- Com and you know why I'm not a big -- and while. But yet to world -- Jerry would say aware quite -- it so. Or lap but I. Only -- I -- and it -- yeah yeah. -- I guess -- compare -- is. -- that round guards saying it's just soccer player playing soccer player soccer -- -- When you're watching the end of ballots -- that packer bear game one of the bigger -- -- -- I don't know. No it does and thanks for the call but that. That because I care about the NFL. It's and I care about football there is history and there's tradition to that rivalry to me because I care about the NFL. I'm this I'm say the same thing now that -- said when the Olympics are going out I'm not telling anybody out there to not enjoy it or to only like. What I like under still a new. I don't have much interest in the World Cup and I won't have any interest in the World Cup no matter what country's flag you put on it it's just not gonna happen at. I'm sorry -- I think a lot of people are in agreement we -- you like about soccer. I'm just not entertained by it and I. -- I made a joke about soccer the other day on Twitter. -- and -- just joking in the skewed went off on me about how -- people who love baseball -- soccer's boring bubbled up. People who don't know baseball think baseball is -- I know baseball baseball's boring. Okay that's that's -- maturity your -- strange bird barely born I think we all know that read very long three -- okay but you're strange -- I think most people who know baseball can you wouldn't bother knowing baseball -- -- like -- on some level. Most people who don't know baseball. -- entertained by it I'm not saying soccer is inherently an awful sport. I'm saying I wasn't exposed to -- growing up I don't know anything about soccer. So when I turn it on my TV it looks like Utley looks like a marathon with the ball in the middle it's just a bunch of -- running and kicking. I don't know the intricacies of it. That's why it's boring to me and I honestly at this point my life. I'm really not interested in learning new things about soccer so that I can eventually be entertained by I have other things to fill my entertainment hours that ATV -- -- 90% full TV. Rodriguez -- article in the World Cup this is desire world. It has allure of the soccer fans enjoy it but I think they pick -- fair knowledge that because your country. You know. You know United States is a big melting pot somebody's country -- guess most of didn't -- live here. Sort of -- today areas and wants to game but it's larger. Because a lot of Q before to play football you want to play soccer. -- -- Started with -- academy coach tells until told ansari and -- on the Scott told our regular dragging him to do to back -- quarterback and so whatever those joke to most oh. -- -- but I think he should be about equipment will -- He started four years ago. That's one year before you complete tackle football. So I know that little -- play. Soccer -- four mentioned about us into coats. And then if he likes it okay I'll let him play a five. If he likes it other players -- that's all I'm -- talk to him about is soccer. Before -- most of football who knows. He wanted to be in a World Cup and I'm saying right. I'll go right -- -- Wing -- his house normal. -- leaders have -- what do you notice it. It's that and keep what you took it to dot com on his pocket as as you take the stuff yeah I know from -- -- used. I understand that I know I do you think he's black and if you watch one -- no you don't. Q why do we win one and noble Brazil us and you like to so you know go to work -- you know what you would like as if that's true that's -- -- -- get that automatic like that. Know how you know I I got to ingratiate don't do it for a -- -- -- round I don't see it as us against them. Our country will be no better tomorrow if we win the world I don't do it so well look at it celebrated it would have been -- so what is it then it's you're supporting your country. So you don't support any thing. Then as a sport -- represented when asked what. Cubs and they know what junior is a basketball don't care not present not it's not just in general you don't you just don't believe we had dreamed to play cards and the sports -- countries having an effect on -- number that the documentary the thirty for thirty about the dream team -- him and they're showing the scrimmage is that they had in practice yeah -- -- -- that -- I watch the replay of that scrimmage. A hundred times before I watch team USA go out and destroyed Donna. In a real ending game because those are the best players in the world I'm going against each other where there and we know there it's gonna mop the floor with whoever they run into in the Olympics. So no it doesn't really but it doesn't entertain me but they did in for a number of years rather it was a couple of years where -- They they weren't on their game for whatever reason I understand I don't watch I didn't care. Mean I know allow about it come home I did not care yeah this -- I I think for him. And Allen boards not it just doesn't mean anything to him because it's he just said this country now better no worse that we win or lose in a sport against another country then do I ever for our economy -- refer an appointment to go down regress to win the -- -- This is academic it's them for Robert -- it's -- against -- in North America courage and renewed in more fu. But it's. We Gaylord gas prices and you know desperate for a role Jonas. Has to me it's us against them it's. If you do kick you kick there that that was the Bears respect are you OK against I love football I'm entertained -- football there's a little let you have one of those little spice for Bears and Packers. Is that ray want the meal and watch the meal which is the NFL and I want to watch what they're there every legend live in this country you have pride in his -- -- do you're -- -- -- -- -- our country in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I understand that. For some people do that for -- so -- did you -- give him back as ordered you know what you're back you're kind of know all of the other ways I refuse. It's probably sells your other big -- -- when I was on the World Cup down. -- until my -- took -- he was -- you. It was like -- -- it was it was Detroit because he can play sport or. Where he couldn't quite content football tackle football and when I was younger I could care less soccer like you know I don't like -- beat Egypt where it's Parker ankle. All the jock played football and baseball. And moment so -- took it -- but he's got. Players -- you what was from from Brazil and from Spain. We sort of apparently sometimes and watch. English Premier League are currently LS -- fortunate. And nick I don't and it's a soccer nerd but yeah I -- -- the World Cup is it's got world country is great -- -- our country is through. Right. And I think there's also -- being. How do you think Beckham got difficult -- Popularity beyond belief. Probably because you are to adults but the guy I mean think about demanded these guys -- When he went to LA Galaxy. And thank -- and hundreds of millions of dollars. An asset to myself so it's -- being. If you're given that kind of money away I know how big it is -- -- pop idols Modesto kind of draw you into -- just okay -- is let me see. And I just on your daughter's planet OK not -- the rules okay. It dead. World -- -- In his eleven and nine right on Friday -- -- OK let's went Father's Day. So great match but US is Napoli -- -- -- would happen next you know you drawn -- you begin -- We -- a bit of occur -- -- on Twitter. Fire Thompson now says blah -- -- rather watch paint dry. -- comes back get fired -- announces its about watching Pedro you -- baseball right. A ball. That it comes back my creativity mean what type of fake injury -- the next player come up with the -- says you don't think players in the NFL fake injuries all the time and that. And that becomes vacuum this is serious question that there -- more Real Madrid football the soccer get -- the -- spray cans and that. But lesser bottle I do agree about the -- spray can become -- the NFL's like ten minutes of action and huddle and commercials. Okay so to watch the NFL. Go back to the phones Jeremy and you walk year on the Wendy's big -- with that Jeremy. They have faced agriculture arm to right to -- -- them and you can get more dramatic. Do it and where to sit on -- one I was just watching. -- I don't disagree that. It together and humble athletes and I respect and plays soccer but I respect that -- it takes to play in the endurance. But there's just some open or watch a grown man -- on a ground. You don't want you not. When he's not hurt as it is as a big issue for me and and then just I don't know. It's probably just me but this just. Something about the European man. We're just they're just it's like their -- -- I don't like -- I promised something -- Don't doubt that like you know there. I just I just don't think that there -- man's man I guess they just did something anabolic European -- -- that this. -- on that just something about a Midas. -- -- -- -- -- What that shot you know I think you know I mean I don't know what expects. To do it I don't I'd just do you guys. Straight you. And it is. I mean half guy like somebody that I mean I don't I don't doubt the fact that there -- that phenomenal athlete I -- I don't know I just I don't I would like to see some pop and toughness at least. He wasn't around. Like through the whole -- okay our -- -- and -- and understand -- -- starts he wants to have him touch us. Have a good car I think -- What is I really get the Johnny loves chat she saw him. A pair of tightness -- were right yeah Myrtle Beach I start a note that is my body so this is the same material and is -- plus -- I don't know what it -- I'm really get up -- Russia there -- people avoid senatorial -- I -- is all right -- We said he's been in and I mean stereotype every. Oh -- badly that a scenario over here. Yeah and it's and they're -- and it's it's a pretty really wanted to say something that had actively. Will you be interested of the World Cup if you're not on -- -- -- -- -- but soccer's leave your thoughts of the job -- Buick GMC Santa -- something -- for tolerating Maryland 62 best of -- 550 -- European basketball players -- to soften India. Well yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I must -- I disagree -- at all. Right US record or the same old but good after this break on the right it's a question for me in the last -- right after this break is -- and his picture it's it's. When he's -- -- -- -- that -- him in the boys' judgment day here on the big show what we're just discussing. Please be interested in the World Cup you're not a soccer -- keep -- lives. And your answer to 3296. When I looked up shots in during the break -- -- urban dictionary. Which is -- ego if you want to know what any of the slang terms -- The modern vernacular means. You go to urban dictionary -- out your putting and -- status type in the word that you look at for yes. -- -- have to clean it up a little bit it's -- out it's a person usually male who attempts to exhibit a cool and popular look but generally comes across as either me. A can of put this into FCC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It or excuse museum in the sentence that guy just totally pulled a touch move so and I you know what touch me -- conference Joni charge you certain I don't know I don't know where I don't know where it started but there it is. There you go and I don't -- means they're in Jordan would drop a set before the break that -- had a question for me I didn't know what the question was that I would answer for you. -- just walked right out studio as the bumper music was -- so -- have to happen. A little bit later on in the show stars -- compact area so there is out here in areas where I was tired out once again a question for -- after the break and then you walked out this is really coming back from the break so what is this question that I am -- -- asking -- Just be honest with -- usually will -- losing and I got these arm problem that's a question do you -- -- Okay -- -- people who don't know if we aren't -- term on Friday. -- -- -- Lower -- yet. You know meant a flat out love Friday -- did little bit -- yeah oh yeah you were Rose no I don't Wear Motorola car yes I know what roller roller. And deepening and throw it out you'll be less manly you on the other European guy and he -- -- -- it's. A raw talent laden who has ruled out of it does help this -- and I know I know it looks like -- marquis. A lot of work into this probably not this just happens as you don't know the wheels -- -- because he has nice there hasn't a year ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I used to use that like Austin who chipped it. -- Low note not all grown -- right beer almost obligated to patchy beard yeah now. That's okay you know that -- got to want that championship salutes -- -- but if you does and it really analyze that have not used we will unlike our last -- think that European men are any less -- manly than anyone else he'd be a man I'm curious if you're not long ago that bump. Or bowels by. Animals get organized for it -- and if you look -- -- average. A -- right -- -- -- -- I. Read it read out there. That is their writer's block and -- -- -- real bottom -- -- European I don't have independent -- I don't think so I would be a lot of our readers where you -- as you have baseball players are such manly man for real -- -- -- is such a scary man. Follow all. The -- -- that like to see that last -- get in the ring with David Beckham. -- one Pollard says. I nailed it what it carries a purse or it's a woman that doesn't -- under arms -- -- all. All going on in Europe. I don't pencil him girl I don't know regain I all of that yeah you've -- scoot group. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Felt like Richard Bob -- you when you're a little bit scooter right he -- -- name -- -- -- stick -- -- but. That's all we hear it's a -- to raise public a little kid -- now people are you guys can mark that part of out of that at some point. -- -- -- 65 became known as it is and it's gone Sparky Steelers from all eyes though will be now while -- -- -- -- -- spartans and empower an electrician and we just about the summer and they monitoring I think is an electrician -- called Sparky -- Yes all all juiced records of the -- yeah yeah that's like here's a parent you need to change or -- plenty -- real quick as we couldn't -- -- but we stumbled to summed up in line -- -- -- -- -- -- should. Use their -- nickname when introducing themselves to -- for example look like regular -- and -- going up to people going ham radio -- As his brand. Yes consumer so they should I absolutely. That's his peak of the gets us feels weird to me -- of those chills up as my Marc Emery you know you different with you why it's different and I don't know what's. I taught is a brand yeah. It is but -- every effort. Now I don't backs are real goal that's -- brand -- his -- his brand that. There's -- one or -- ago right when -- go to his. Emery alien in July and -- only know what you Daniels uncle black you have that in July and we don't have reunions like you know -- -- -- body and mind apparently doesn't. And a -- -- people aren't allowed -- To a Mets shall look at existed in how we don't -- -- See you cannot do -- that -- up on you got stolen on the radio. And I think it's -- every -- I could say at the moment -- people. Could happen come -- I. -- was in my ever want to get reunion and knows about the that's what they did about a -- and they had a right reviewing blood and they lose in court with. Well yeah -- -- we. -- the inside. You -- yeah. Jason -- president -- get cousins are predicated governor next radio Williams mentioned. I don't know the -- reunion is that the -- You just don't remember when mom gets together with your sister and her family -- our family reunion is just visiting try to. I really when you bring everybody on the trees and leave no rules about all that's never happened. The -- need to do and I I don't know do you know -- -- -- -- Americans they may look -- me again. Yet it. Can't tell you -- -- And of them and now. Regarding. I know that -- -- well my car I go to one of the eight aired differ Napa repair shops in the area Philly with a watch Gary -- off. Ottawa -- care association there's a different locations go to MI LWC a hard -- kind of final which one. Is closest to your house and there's probably one Wright are on the quarter he didn't know what they put into things that one using ASE certified technicians. And number one and number two using Napa parts these guys are the pros pros they do it right the first time you have don't have to go back two or three times. To get it done. For the same problem I have to do is go to M I LWC a and again coupons available right there at the website for discounts and different services -- -- -- -- today Milwaukee's area Napa auto carousel -- Take on the Cardinals tonight the second of that three game -- -- he's got the -- -- are on deck show for you coming up at 6 o'clock also. After the last pitch as you -- you make the switch to there -- baseball post game show to mount -- -- Sparky Phifer here for that when earlier today -- manager Ron -- Joined bill Michaels who bring you that now right here on the Wendy's victory over the win streaks -- we all know that but it just talk about the way your team has played. Since the start of the season. It -- things are really start well. Had a couple games early offensively where we didn't swing the bat -- yesterday but at a map so the opera has been good a lot of lot of key hit that's. That pitching and outstanding. Our starters been going deep they've been to Tennessee and in ball games you'd like even about -- -- keep it simple so. Everything's are going smoothly. We made some real good defensive plays or did it again last night so. Hopefully we can continue that. I was kind of listening your post game press conference last night what Lance -- do. That kind of stifle the office last night. Well he's probably got really good stuff and then in the at this command -- -- have -- type with him but also like our last night threw more cutters and they're -- and so. Usually it's pretty heavy sinker that he throws them. Laps and all the sudden he throws this conversely not sure which way the ball goes so it's come and and you think it's -- fastball -- you're not sure it's gonna sink in on yet. -- that's gonna cut away from -- so it usually you have some really top -- The defense on this team we talk so much about the offense and scoring runs but the defense on this team has been good to play that Reynolds made at first base over the weekend was fantastic you've had guys have been over the ground in the outfield when you and I talked in spring training. You were cautiously optimistic is this what you envisioned when he came out of spring training. -- That's that's what I -- -- force so -- they've been really gets settled for. You always gonna happen some sloppy games there. But we've made some big plays and I think that's important when you have a good pitching -- They keep -- in game did he make a big quite arm and it it allowed them. Up for one to get through that inning but could also to go deeper in the game and and we do that we don't have to Wear purple -- they've been great so far we want to keep. How pleased have you been with with -- over at first base not only the offensive ability but to the defense. Yeah he's he's better than I think what we had. Oh -- we sign him I hit. I had heard through the grapevine that this -- was better than that what people said it was sensibly were releasing him he's a great hands he's got good instincts. You know and I think with camp Randall Lionel. Last night while makes a great player -- -- that are based Boris and and I think with a tool an error defensively. It's really nice -- able -- pick up the infielders. And also picked up pitching staff. Why are you talk about the defensive play that plated Gomez hit taken off the wall getting a one hop to cigarettes occur to the plate -- that you follow that up with Lyle Overbay I thought. For sure you guys were taken nomadic momentum into the into the next inning and NJ -- that three run home run and everything seemed to shift after that. But that being said -- you know you have had a lot of good defensive plays -- outfield as well. Did you imagine the speed in the outfield because it seems like nothing is gonna fall between Gomez in Davis. Yeah and with -- Gomez certainly. -- -- club -- he's gonna continue to do that and whether status or -- -- partnerships have been great church two days ago and and I think. The combination everybody -- brought the wander over to right children -- -- -- to play our good defense this quickly I ideally would be that eventually that term but this quickly it's it's and I really can't see them and I know our. Our pitching staff and they certainly like it with. That any time of all of those up in the air and -- -- like it's -- -- -- now. -- Rondell we know that Ryan is dealing with the thumb issue and there's a nerve or something that's in there and -- there -- can you explain what the problem is. Now it's it's it's kind of difficult would explain exactly what it is but it said it's a nerve that runs. From your index finger -- -- -- rent them out that period Corey gets to become. It's it's and a nerve that. Is pinched it's firm it's almost would be like as if he had like indeed but Holmgren is -- -- And then it runs up -- -- a little bit so. He's -- trying to cushion and were. We're trying to limit him and isn't. I'm not a swing but he takes so it's so he takes the pressure off that area but he's gonna have this thing. And I think you know he's gonna have some real good days -- he gets sure that some days. Whether it's getting to him or whatever -- has it's kind of it's -- you sort Rodham so. But I we would still expect to have good seat and from him that's certainly need -- -- that third spot and and hopefully this spring won't won't guard him too much. Was last night the perfect situation you Wong and. Yeah -- and unfortunately. It. Maybe right -- -- always said that it's we -- the user you're while that a lot here you're not pitching very well so. But I think being -- or not and then that last inning not been trying to get -- -- -- Hopefully we won't need to use them a lot that -- he's shown that it could do need to use him that he's gonna throw strikes or keep in spring training. He doesn't seem to be rattled by much which is there's a great card. And that and here's a young kid who who has shown us that that he belonged to the major leagues it's a lot of fun this week. Yeah how. Like instant replay we had some fans that I said you're gonna come on the program and wanna be asked about instant replay hanging on the challenges vs not hanging on the challenges how if you like using challenges so far. -- -- season. Well. Players how we do it is that is the one thing that I think. Major League -- -- Along with some of our comments or are trying to get it is it's good -- -- here. Right now that that I guess negative part is that it's I don't like you grew -- every single close call and I've kind of forced to do it because. I can't is well from the bench is obviously the umpires can't -- that are on the that you would go on and and we want you played it's right. I don't like. So when I go out there and I don't like to hang out here just only alligator a signal from the bench that would be that -- it about it but it certainly. The positives. Getting these plays right are important and I think and I think so -- that they've been doing your top -- Is there any because it's shown knew we always talk about baseball superstitions and unwritten rules is there anything that -- finding out about challenges that. You know in the unwritten rules of baseball that you should or shouldn't do like Hewitt match you don't like to delay the game is there anything else -- you're thinking about when you're possibly contemplating these challenges. Well that that the top part would be that we at the end conclusive cult which. We've been icy inside that the umpires. Maybe -- missed -- call in yet we don't think it's conclusive enough for me -- challenger at bat that gets a little tricky out. Because now I'm playing with -- sixth inning -- -- that. Last Indians look for in the -- take it over matchup and date night and is that worth the risking an out that talent and even -- -- -- -- -- -- the seventh -- night I'd still be used to challenge to make them go look at plate in those late inning and so. He gets a little tricky is to win -- to make that challenge when not to. But as far as the game goes at all and I think you know I think we're still. Still doing the right thing you know -- -- still want those to get the calls right also. They don't want to look bad out Aaron and so. I think it's just trying to clean up how we do this about maybe it's better to send the players. -- spoke a little bit of time I can get an answer according to go out there would be nice and I don't -- -- So hopefully we yeah we get -- I know last night you gave this answer and like for the listeners to hear one more time but people said in -- blew up last night you guys lose it's a great game lightly and you know just one of those stifling games and -- a while. Saint Louis as your number. -- had a really good answer after after the game last night on the post game press conference for people that believe that it's just one team that can got to get over on you. Explain -- you said though it's not forty years of losing its just a couple of seasons that we've struggled against -- team and they have been the best team in the division. Yeah and that's it I think I think when when people talk about somebody has your number. You're looking at a team that's been in the World Series -- -- and the end of this is a really good team player so we don't play really good ball we're gonna have -- could be. It's different when you have a team that maybe five -- make it a little hot -- and you just -- for whatever reason things. I come out on the -- -- those would be really concerning to me I know with Pittsburgh. Cincinnati Saint Louis is a very keen and I know we're playing good baseball. We're going to get beat they've got a good pitching staffs. They're offenses in -- that you had and certainly with with Saint Louis. We know that we need to play better hole now. Well it went maybe we need to cooked almost like it did last in new new one of our -- go out there and put up Alter to get those records. Gorgeous and make yet. And in I think we played him enough times -- We're -- our players are Koppen what we're doing this year with our team and and we think it will be able to compete with him as well as well at a -- Ron it's always a pleasure thanks for taking a couple of minutes ago and that night we wish nothing but the best to -- -- -- Okay -- mayors around -- -- during the bill Michaels show earlier today if you missed any of that check -- the podcast that's Sports Radio 1250. Dot com keep the Brewers talk going on in the -- quick break here on the Wendy's big show and ask -- a question. About these Milwaukee Brewers that would have been a lot easier to answer 1 year ago 4 o'clock are the big -- come right up -- its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've done Sports Radio 1215 WS is feed your -- chance to win 1000 dollars this coming Monday morning at seven with chuck Finley listened to the -- -- -- -- to seven to --