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04/15/14 The Wendy's Big Show 5PM Hour

Apr 15, 2014|

Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy Butler revisit today's topics and ask you to pick a lane followed by the best of the 1250 Soundoff line.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- he's Smart he Enron even go -- -- -- for three hours. I didn't crash and burn. It's time for the guys to resent the big topics from today's show and let you. Big a lame. -- Carolina brought to you by the legendary quickly spread when you grow -- countdown is on -- opening day pitcher to get your season pass is now. Just -- to Great Lakes -- dot com. -- of the Wendy's big show running back Rothstein Sparky Phifer and are -- former Packers. Gary Allison LeRoy Butler with the until 6 o'clock Z Bart on deck show. Takes over these airwaves at that time Steve Sparky Pfeiffer gets you ready for Brewers and Cardinals that's followed by admiral -- -- at 7 o'clock and of course after the last pitch. You make the switch to -- -- as baseball post game show Tim -- -- Steve Sparky Phifer will be talking about a win. In game two of this series. Against the St. Louis Cardinals I made that prediction and our number one and guaranteed I -- -- -- -- Brewers went to night tourism will win tonight and I make that prediction. Despite -- five and fourteen record against Saint Louis last year is -- arguably the number you gave me. Was the -- have won 25 of 34 games going back to the NLCS. And 2011 between these two teams. And -- if if the the the phrase. Has your number is ever appropriate I think it's appropriate when you're talking about the St. Louis Cardinals. And the Milwaukee Brewers when you take a look at those numbers the -- the question is. If they're gonna be a competitor in this division and for a playoff spot when all -- -- done. They're gonna have to at least to some degree get over that hump that is the St. Louis Cardinals do you think they figure the steam out at some point this here. Long pause and a deep breath. I don't know why I just it's tough for me because you know beginning he ever makes a predictions -- possessing those on the first and everybody else then has Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and then the Brewers probably in fourth I went on the -- said Brewers in ninety wins. -- that's where I felt comfortable with providing obviously the same stays healthy like we always say. Arm and I thought they were closer to the Cardinals I still think they're closer to the Cardinals Johnson who -- earlier -- and the -- Michael shows that. He thinks numbers are are better baseball team -- the Cardinals top to bottom on on on the roster. I don't -- -- -- -- I think it really depends on Peralta Estrada and how well they pitch in the rotation. And how well does bullpen does for the next channel five months of the year before we can make -- in the but. In order to get over the hump something has to happen I think I just -- -- I don't know what it is I don't know ovitz that you know you -- -- bean ball war or. Some bench clearing brawl tempers get raised something kind of asked -- his brawn G Mota that yeah maybe I something that waits his -- team up a little bit in angers some. On and get some re motivated a little bit maybe that's what they need. Bubble right now it definitely seems that the Cardinals had the mental advantage. Well over the Brewers that's what it appears to be -- -- not -- -- clubhouse and know if that's sure now that's what it looks like. For the last couple. Year you know we've said this for a long time just in general but -- -- to not answered with him in the Cardinals. But they seem to be a team that take a lot they want they -- the most -- team. In the west with three years in Major League Baseball. And figures seem to be no retaliation -- that Rickie Weeks with the Bulls earlier. It makes the best baseball last couple years and seem to be no retaliation just feels like. Team that they want to coming apart cause they could do that and they know there are no repercussions of -- I don't disagree with that I think sometimes if you give one of -- brawls you kind of let people know. Where you stand sometime it sets you know a presence of Ohio are you gonna go about doing -- bit sloppy -- not -- coming year and won all -- -- So that's the right -- do you think the -- -- figure out the Cardinals this year 7991250. -- and also email -- -- Sports Radio 1250. Dot com moving over the center lane and taking a look at the World Cup which is coming up I guess in June nujoma Sparky June 12 while the July 13 -- when that'll get started and Reuters I'm here for a Reuters conducted a poll I knew I was being sort of facetious -- conducted a poll about the the World Cup asking. If Americans will have interest. In the upcoming soccer tournament two thirds are planning to -- the World Cup. Now that sounds like not a good number four for the sport of soccer but. As my card -- of the big lead points out of two thirds are -- the -- the World Cup. That means 13 will follow the tournament which translates. To a healthy 104 million people and only 7% said -- the plan on following the World Cup closely. Which translates to 22 million that's roughly the combined population of soccer mad nations Belgium and Portugal and to put it further. In perspective for you over 80% of the country said they had no interest -- following the NFL during the NFC and AFC championship games those obviously drew huge ratings. With men between -- with between fifty and 56 million people. Watching back in January and Gary when we are talking about the Olympics when the Summer Olympics are going out. I said I didn't care about those sports no matter how many American flags he put on it. And the same goes for soccer -- -- I am of the two thirds. That will not be interest and and when you put the numbers and that type of perspective is mr. cartilage does at the big lead. I think that's inflated I don't think that many people. Will be paying attention to soccer because it's America and I'm not I'm really not trying to criticize any sport to each -- own you watch what you want to watch I'll watch what I wanna watch. I don't think a lot of people have a lot of interest in soccer in this country there. Opera probably Nat and I know I don't have a whole lot -- in round Auburn as you -- call it. Put the flag on it slap a flight on the is that's Flacco and -- -- -- -- -- I'm Tom Watson in -- mean to a because it's us against them and me out -- fingers you know in a better way to put it. You know you're you're when you're Mike -- record as your card don't you -- -- wins so that their flag thrown there you. And I'm questionable to move are -- into watches I'm not doing. But almost certainly have a place in my heart to rule when we're playing against -- So that's the center lane and -- Kim and avoid judgment of the day will you have interest in the World Cup if you're not a soccer -- 7991250. He can also email -- that Sports Radio 1250 -- now moving to the return -- And returning to some Brewers -- and asking a question that a year ago would have been so much easier -- and certain. Who is the best player on this brewers' roster right now and I know your instincts your gut is to be your initial response is Brian brawn no brainer without even thinking about it. But when you look back at what Carlos Gomez is done starting near the end of the 2012. Season throughout all of last year he puts up. Really kind of kind of beastly numbers when you look at what Carlos Gomez was able to do. 44 home runs 73 RBI he batted 284 on the year and stole forty bases. And with the question marks that a popped up around Ryan -- plus that type emergence. From Carlos Gomez LeRoy and I'm I'm ready to say along with the gold glove center field. That Carlos Gomez is the best all around baseball player on this team Friday -- probably still the best hitter Carlos Gomez is the best baseball player on this team. -- they have I would agree with -- hiring. He puts what you want all great players to do what all stars do. You put pressure on the other team you put so much pressure on the other you -- what if picture pitcher when he's on base. I mean he can potentially be -- 4040 gap. Forty home runs. Forty stolen base. -- yet to get better -- -- you have them most guys do. And does it every now and then make -- plays own goal yes. But. Overall. He's knowledge he's -- best athlete. But I think you don't proved to be patient. And I think for the most part. If the Brewers. Go go anywhere and go goal as close domestic. So we reset the big topics discussed are today's big show we now ask you to pick a lane in the right lane do you think the -- figure out the cards this year Sino -- Will you be interest in in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fan and the return lane who's the Brewers bass player on this roster. Right now 7991250. Lotta Sports Radio twelve -- -- dot com it's Great Lakes dragway -- we hear from the united. Wendy's big show -- -- the big topics discussed on today's show and asking you to pick -- Great Lakes dragway -- and get tickets. Race details times. It's been great thing they got going on Memorial Day weekend a Great Lakes -- away. Dot com right -- do you think the birds figure out the cards this year Senna Alain Levy interest -- in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fan and the return lane. With the -- best player on this roster right now 7991250. He can also email -- -- Sports Radio 1250. That -- go -- to the -- not to the west side -- here on the big show what's up Chris. They got mistake and -- I'll just check they were Gomez I rarely think that he is the best player all around -- we have I see is healing kind of being around. We don't let their position but junior -- -- MVP a few years ago. Provide and that top of the order 25 home run hundred runs scored in bunches steals and you know gold glove defense and bowed out in the street or try to look at it a lot better when you -- guys get out first and second base constantly. You know they -- play no doubles you know a lot weirder yet you don't go over first base so put a lot of pressure opens -- -- -- of status of those guys. And I think even better I think that's how should throw a helmet on them put that streak -- -- let two to twenty center fielder around and knocking guys had not so. Short term why I don't you know he -- an incredible Lotto. You've talked before about to go visit some shoulder pads and -- wideout running back. -- -- -- -- We talk about how a display the is on the bases. -- -- try to get his due to remember routes and run all the right routes and -- -- just go ago. -- we we would be through the best that never was. Gayle sayers Marcus Dupree. And she appears -- man talent educate me. And Marcus -- period. You know who mark is to preview momentum in the rusty and you just said he never was a risk than ever was okay do they live thirty -- thirty I'm -- to do the best -- -- want to look at men. That's and he was on believable. I'm real. Size feet just -- he's got to start -- -- goma is about 636263. In. That's what Marcus Dupree was about 23563. To twenty Carlos -- little. Put him I -- Jewish -- bat Klesko pitches thrown escrow. Where you want to do you think the -- Tarver -- -- your -- for. Do you think the birds the figure out the Cardinals this year are you interested in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fan -- -- best player 7991250. Purdue had Dave beaded emailed viva Sports Radio 1250 dot com. -- absolutely I'll watch well ESPN is. And will be -- heat Pacers down our collective throats. There will be a nice change of pace people need to come out of their little bubbles and watch what the other 90% of the world cares about. It's real soccer not that MLS crap we have here and Rami if you really don't get -- go play one game -- fifa. And you'll understand the rules ten times better. Sorry Dave I've played fifa. -- -- -- people -- not doing anything for an doubt play any I mean I'll play any good -- good thing for a play any video game ops but in front of me gimme controller and I'll I'll take a shot at a -- even even if it is soccer. I mean it's it's it's. Wonder that watching soccer or more fun amateur partners a word I'm sure somebody -- -- it's more fun than watching actual soccer I'll say that I enjoy playing -- on the Xbox more than I do. Watching soccer and I certainly enjoy it more than. Playing soccer out on the field you guys -- play soccer. Yeah I've played soccer -- you mean you're gonna get out of your played soccer like organized yeah organized play even a gym class player like the backyard to somehow grown up in him. Hated when they made us play -- -- you -- your fat little kid again. Forceful role that plays like every other sport I love kick ball went out the kid did you got to rest at first base soccer if you're -- -- Ron and well -- -- -- and I kicked the crap out of that ball just kept running because girls are gonna pick it up and make bad throws. That that was my strategy kick ball and other grade school to -- a girl picks it up makes a bad throw. And keep on run and and ninth. Defender good score a home run man now I get why you didn't like soccer it was too much carting away all. Now are all very. How did -- all usually because I was defected they just stick -- in goal. All right that doesn't do you any good pitcher who united take forever a -- would get over the ball the other side of the net. -- -- -- -- Think about it that's like that's something that coaches youth coaches do all the time that you probably shouldn't do you take the -- -- and you put him at the position where he needs to move least like you're gonna put him at catcher. They're gonna put him at goalie. Picture out -- point soccer league. -- -- -- -- Yeah. The only way it's got its its class everybody play college -- trying to earn a youngster I got you right right -- have been -- NFL play sixty. But should should take the fact that -- music and -- he's gonna have to move and -- of that battle averaged just standing around home -- right that's backwards and that that is about probably 7991250. Let's go back to the phones and -- -- Tom and debut year on the big -- with the time. You have to know guys are everybody knew it. What I wanted to create the best group where it is quite you don't preparation on our. -- attention to Europe shortstop. Yeah good luck and he had an Australian -- a little slow awkward. -- had Ryan -- at third base total swap. He couldn't do it -- -- feel like exceptionally well. Not the best place actually well. If you switched to -- yeah Cabrera. Went on -- other person's position. Guru Bob have been out there -- I would imagine -- But recently and I'm not because about it Gomez could not do occur does. -- better athlete. He's got a little bit more -- watched players. Want to do. Do it but what. Yeah you -- won't go man's job. Major news. I'll come on reality check out provide no -- football and the army baseball's stance gone. Got kind of -- -- him like he doesn't know anything as -- No he's Muehlegg gears and I'm like -- but turning two is not an easy thing -- you got nowhere to go. It -- and I mean how likely not what not and just the reaction -- -- Physically turning to with -- with the runner bear going down on him. That's not an easy thing to pull off -- brought the -- -- -- -- condone it I don't know endure I don't know argue -- him the benefit. Racan QB -- viva Sports Radio 1250 -- counts is -- -- Jets. And he's talking about soccer take -- Robby is right to question those figures here's what goes by book World Cup not as good as Olympic events that include sliding. Which is not as good as Dick Trickle air races that ESPN class satellite picture which is not as good as searching for new -- -- of scouting videos which is not as good as game four of the NFL pre season. And that's rickety QB mailing a lot of Sports Radio to a fifty doctor number it's not a fan of soccer go to Joseph Louis Dallas the other one is make showed -- -- It's clearly right -- and I mean he's got you know he's got. -- -- it's an airport but the guy has hit big home runs that have gotten us into the playoffs I I think about that home run against the Cubs than. He's done scout who watched that has helped us to advance I allowed Gomez and cigarette and -- would love them to give her up for his money but. Told until those guys make the big hits like get it to the next level right -- Is the best player he's one of the best players in all of baseball and you know it gets a base of. Perfect thanks for the college that is one thing that we we haven't brought up to either the first time we talked about it in the 3 o'clock are the show I mean at 4 o'clock -- the show or now. And Ryan brawn and no doubt about it he has that clutch gene whatever it is no longer than -- -- has that clutch gene when the pressure's on. He's the guy you want at the plate and even not it -- -- have to be a big game. Situation per say but you know. Ryan brawn who wanted to do something in that first at bat of spring training with a sure thing -- -- to go through this whole off -- he steps up their first was at the first of the suffering brain saw him whack right out of the -- up either former MVP. Dudes dudes got the clutch gene and a flair for the dramatic there's there's no doubt about that Carlos Gomez. Hasn't really been given the opportunity to show that yet I remember Carlos Gomez being up in a big spot for the Brewers and not delivering. But Ryan -- has definitely delivered. When you needed him to Jesse emailing -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com says the birds are in the same position as the Bears when it comes to the Packers. They can beat them but not consistently enough that they're a threat if this team is as good as the 2011 team was it will turn -- -- though lineup is better rotation is at least comparable. Which you can say the last two years and the bullpen. Is about equal if we have guys that outperform their career numbers -- improve like Estrada and Peralta. We will be better than the cards this year we guess think of that comparison of the Brewers being the Bears and I guess the the Cardinals -- the Packers. -- -- -- -- Cardinals -- the batter's gloves shall -- down there diet. I I think in the comparisons are in first class organization like -- -- Packers you've got a packer way a packer people is that we -- equality here. Why -- love -- cardinal way. In Saint Louis at this point that -- -- win the division just like the Packers -- their costly in the policies the only difference is. They finish -- more than the Packers do as far as once -- -- the policies and getting championships more than a package gets Super Bowls lately but. But from from that perspective yeah that is exactly correct and they are the Green Bay Packers -- -- -- you can. Makes numbers every one after that resigning the big topics discussed what you got wanna put the Bears -- the -- in the same sentence and preferably not. -- the big topics discussed -- big show do you think the birds of figure out the Cardinals this year I might the Bears will you be interested in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fan and Bowles when the Blackhawks with the birth on player points on 7991250. Jolie -- dial that -- -- he's on the big show itself -- fire. Not much that called in regards to collar couple couple minutes ago he said chief bureau of the better -- and Carlos Gomez there is no way. I mean Carlos Gomez could put -- -- has been on a football field would you trigger a computer and you trigger could not make plays in the outfield that Carlos Gomez. -- is now I don't think I'll say there's a lot of different things here lately we've seen people go from shortstop outfield and do stuff I don't think cigarette necessarily. Unstable that's here is -- -- won a gold glove in the outfield actually not not a chance no way. Gomez work any -- I don't know how Brian brought on the other hand thinks he can play anywhere. And -- -- said he can play anywhere he wants to get back to shortstop he said odalis career is over Ryan Braun. That was -- original position he wants to be and he wants to be a shortstop and I don't either Murton yours see enough women don't play until -- that. Yeah Eric -- is -- -- the go back to thirty knows that didn't work so I didn't -- yet again so there must cover more ground -- -- -- -- I -- played shortstop before I don't do you never played before they try to for a year and then freaked out and moved him. Do you imagine how good this team would be of -- -- would've been at shortstop. If you could have brought a shortstop and cigarettes second base in you can go on get another power hitting corner outfielder who plays -- you don't lethal this lineup would be. Then so yeah a lot of very good body your defense have been garbage. Here in her I would still be -- second OK yeah yeah I want us. This team. And just right or from our phrase they have gotten very athletic. Register and see this team. Should they they got lots beyond his team -- you know that's me last year but I just and she hit the way I was. Can you know them recognize the -- -- we very very good they are very very uplifting right now. Speaking of the birds and if I mentioned this yet today when the Brewers -- as they will tonight you win 50% up any large pizza the day after Byrd's victory online only at Papa John's. Dot com to center promo code Brewers fifty -- tomorrow and to promo code Brewers fifty -- Papa -- that come and get 50% off any. Large pizza. The day after -- victory from our friends at Papa John's do you think the -- -- figure out the Cardinals will you be interested in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fan and who's the -- best -- 7991250. Can always comment at FaceBook dot com slash 1250 WS SP some of the best of those. And our status update coming up next right here on when his picture. When he's very jealous of the mind fresh on Sports Radio 1250 W as as -- fantasy baseball plans. -- opening day draft -- dot com awarded over a half million dollars in cash prizes. I have million bucks in one day. Listeners have won. 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We can't status -- fronted by our friends at Quaker steak and -- in new -- and and if you don't have plans for Easter -- even if you do cancel your plans for Easter Sunday. Kind of a Quaker steak and move forth their brunch but they either build your own bloody Mary -- -- have a carving station for prime rib while supplies last. And -- Omelet station scrambled eggs sausage and bacon Belgian waffles fruit vegetables strange how they'll be -- -- Dessert -- adults are 1799. Kids in under 699 -- readers it is not a 121199. And seniors 62 and older. 1599. Make your reservations today. At 262794. Winning nine the ninety's that's I wanted to move there and when our move there have been nice letters also I'd be cool to wake up to every morning -- or are toward. Disturb -- on when -- weren't home warming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there's only warm draft room and flo and Eddie Toledo earlier in your Frontline trio -- Mon. Ollie AAA rod and way to the line and then there were there then what were they paying you were Ukrainian their house to an abrupt us -- Nor do all right summary comments and what they wanted to -- -- -- on WW it's a lot about it -- go somewhere. Would react if you think the Brewers we'll figure out the Cardinals this year -- Matthews says no I refuse to go to Miller Park where they play Saint Louis. Or the cubs' Lou Rockwell says that we are scared that we need to dot -- guy that hit him in the chest and get some respect is what this comes back to they -- tonight. They need to fight somebody that's get through -- over and thus far. And did something easily until the failure to win -- me. Was there you go to me some don't -- the Marlins don't lie is the Cardinals buddies that smug. Oral round and I think they they made all the rules for baseball period -- all the rules. And -- have a lot of them are ligament that was yeah. Swear that we have to block it was and so what you're three years there's a lot of his earlier -- Yeah I'm sure that -- most certainly -- -- Molina. Yes and play it and I hate the Cardinals but it is -- -- and try one of our -- -- here tonight. -- for them it's an immense growth curve from there do. Ian says in all honesty will take -- -- actually have a quality start against the Cardinals at some point this year. To build confidence or -- -- if you will since he always struggles. With the cardinals' -- only guy Arnold for a while I could hear the key. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Recruiting is to play more small ball and to stop swinging at pitches out of the strike zone get on base easy -- -- seed we -- advance runners with bonds just get the ball in play. And see what happens. -- -- Yeah he skipped the pop and play this is days ago when we asked will you be -- in the World Cup if you're not a soccer fan. -- -- says soccer grad who -- the World Cup I'm Fred name Pena is still there I don't know. Patio tickets -- Ortiz -- militants cameo through and I note handyman it's a -- game. -- -- -- PA NA GI OT yeah I guess that's right that's actually it's that we followed Pete that's -- Peter reliever not a prima you have. I'm not saying -- does the retirement and talking -- -- Penny at the same as soccer fan and it was -- little promotion of the gentleman's -- of the World Cup. -- the USA soccer team Milwaukee has a huge soccer following -- I'll probably watch every game huge well. -- Zambrano -- -- nobody return reduce your rights are huge while it's hard to. Get it done -- not a mainstream sport in America that is not. It is. Mean ascent now it's not mainstream there's nobody doing this now this -- -- -- liked it I think I would rather than you got them and they don't need year. And determine what's -- I don't I don't I don't like hockey or NASCAR those guys are very educated spell. Spoke with talked. Who's the -- best player for almost overwhelmingly. People saying brought a few Hank the dogs. What I guess yeah one guy just took the opportunity to say nobody with five exclamation -- -- -- weeks needs to go to Texas. His best text you aren't really mad for Pittsburgh -- -- sledge drove it did a BS that feeling confident I would -- we asked who's the birds' best player nobody. Weeks needs to go back to Texas. All right thanks for the input wider in the FaceBook thing head over to FaceBook dot com. Slash 1250 the big shows he -- dog who's wearing a Jersey -- -- watching hockey. You at the masters would look like if it were a mini golf tournament a really well -- video where they sort of photo shopped in some mini golf elements and to live footage. From the masters and it's really cool -- and really well done and something that might Clemens turned me onto yesterday that I -- -- our FaceBook page this morning with them. It's cruel. You feel -- watching it but you can't help but snicker. Jeff Francoeur who is just the stud when he came up with the Braves ever Jeff Francoeur like -- the second coming when he first got called up by the Atlanta Braves. He's fallen on hard times and now he's he's in the minor leagues and the first movement front Wallace that -- -- was -- for the first month. That he was with his minor league team -- they they informed him that one of his teammates was death. And everybody in the organization. Was it on this -- -- Jeff Francoeur from the GM of all the way down to the last trainer in the clubhouse even when they would go out to eat as a team -- they -- -- the waiter -- the waitress and say hey act like so and so is death. This what I heard this went out for a month every time we talked to always make -- hand signals that. Just -- to -- whatever he could to communicate with this guy more home. And he -- the guy didn't listen to music departed Jeff Francoeur but there was so much work adds so much trouble. Put into this prank and -- at the end of the video you see Jeff Francoeur. Watch the video that you just watched. And they reveal that this -- not really death. It's hole I've I've never seen people put so much work and effort and time into -- prank. And it on the one hand you feel bad for laughing but on the other hand it's just I mean it's. That's outstanding have you guys ever know. Mean that I'm what's the outlook -- that's where -- to -- hijinks and any locker what -- what -- -- work your reported for a locker room locker room -- for -- Put -- Turkey's own things given what has not anymore. But isn't there to do you have but -- carries over there -- -- urges a more. -- innocent because I was telling us what to do it it would keep a secret. To some the knuckle heads would tell everybody and make sure you know all rookie logo. Who local grocer. And you Phillips -- everything's free give much Turkey and ham and -- -- to get in -- you want his free for rookies and guys got like three cars -- -- wanting to get Eric here. Yes they get there it is okay. Of the 27 on the box and most rookies have -- -- Maya what. -- That it. Went in its -- -- free. His play our homework or Alter our -- -- in whispers. Soda that went awful wild. But I don't know about the pars out that's I mean that -- now you know I just thought about what's that. This certainly -- here yes -- no I don't like was a couple of -- watching romantic comedies are. -- So I hope. My new -- -- older last agreement -- sharper among rank. -- if they got that pair movements go where bracket coverage goal and in. He's -- concussion and the -- that's cool to get via free chance to plug obvious candidates instead -- tonight I don't know where follow me there. At Rami is tweeting I'll -- out tonight. Doing a little bit stand we'll suggest Caribbean the current -- tonight and host an open Mike there every Tuesday and -- -- -- They grew up until -- good support all aren't -- theater and change we're yeah Jerry don't you had 24 south fifth street. In the bay -- area since it -- scared. And their reasons -- right. And we'll have a quick break look at that message. You beat yet it's about pride on the other side of this break and wrap up the way these -- Johnny -- the -- hundred -- Still running great show. Most of the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off on coming up and just a few minutes. Before we make way for the Z -- on -- show presented by Allegra allergy Steve Sparky Pfeiffer gets you ready for game two. Between the Brewers and the cards after the last pitch you make the switch to the repeat as baseball post game show -- Sparky. We'll be talking about -- -- with future night in the second of that series admiral sunrise coming up on these airwaves as well. At 70 clock before we get to the sound off line. Something I didn't realize to us -- on sports that are yesterday morning. The Lakers Celtics and the -- all three of those teams not in the playoffs for the first time in the history of the NBA. And sometimes you hear people say well it's such and such a team not being a contender. Is not good for the league I've never understood that logic just give me the best possible teams to watch any given day and entertain me -- that sort of that's sort of what I want -- really care what the name is on the front of the Jersey if it's not my team that I that I root for. Is this a bad thing for the NBA no Lakers Celtics -- Knicks and the playoffs. Our fidelity V rays c'mon now thankfully for damaged the last superstar still left in this thing LeBron still limit the ranch -- and -- you still have. -- teams that are going to be in this thing that'll draw people to their TV sets you still have some bigger market -- -- Chicago's obviously stolen and Landis Dillon it. So you've got some decent TV markets. I don't think it's going to be as big of an -- the Clippers are deliberately Clippers are in it for LA is -- -- still got Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. And all you can do it every one Laker -- over there -- I don't know credit to -- you kidding me no but still well like there's the arc for the mark a Chicago -- -- I don't want -- it -- -- okay. It's been like -- -- only had no more picks for Steve Richards out of Pittsburgh he's years. You can -- -- consensus. Is as good putting NBA Lakers where are that we are they in the lottery exactly the books -- Sparky of the top here and five -- put. Yeah I'd -- five somewhere in that area. New commissions. I don't period in the commissioner's in my hands over I didn't don't disarming -- they get number one just don't -- dominant. Ever again I mean -- -- purple dollar new model umpire Jerry West courses don't comment on Baldelli with my mind that you're number and now they are fourth of the lottery yet. And now that in the Tampa -- army base of our basketball now. Boston be second -- all right. Seriously right now conspiracy theory is. Yeah Lakers -- goes -- -- -- always compared to borrow your third sort of where. But I don't hope that it was an awesome now do you -- I disclose -- -- it back up the got to be in the top five. Pretty Boston right now dollar got so close there's while two more out of it really -- -- you. There is. There's four teams five teams with a better record in the Boston Celtics success of their -- -- yeah. You'd secretary. By the Hawks went and a six to one wanna gamble I don't wanna have to fend off the -- -- -- -- -- again you're probably -- would have been asked and for the love of god please don't let that happen. And I'm literally looking up at the -- right now and now you know that -- -- yeah yeah you know how bad that day is going to be for B yeah particular area. Because I'm still not gonna believe NBA conspiracy theory Lakers get the date you're not terribly conspiracy -- -- -- -- -- happens to me yes she has he has no words can't won't disagree on Seattle were going to be. What you would do if the Lakers -- Yeah when -- around and no other job well how do you have you guys so they got a -- I don't -- MM well yeah for -- -- six shootout that never have a chance series people in the best of -- -- it's time for the best of John -- Buick GMC 1250 -- -- On Sports Radio flow of the W sixty -- sports station. My comments are -- -- -- fairly certain tree there airport here's some. His new book certain that they will -- because we've been -- my grandmother someone -- in his underwear one time. -- it changes a little bubble guy eight. I would -- that is -- pictures up on the day the big -- being there a long flowing hair you break your -- that sort of put you six. The -- Brodeur to come -- an intricate look at show this morning I could start even though I know we were skating and harder to see. Include problems so quickly -- for somebody in -- -- myself for the response to that. John from -- don't shy. Didn't -- extra sort of Brewers but I think we need to traitor if you need. And try to literature you Brian Broderick has -- just got to feel wanted you to get -- -- -- looked -- -- -- because -- want pitching. Regardless of people wanna get the bag yeah block that -- I got. -- the trades brought it. You can sound -- on -- John Paul's Buick GMC 1215 sound off line at 414. 4482160. To leave us a message from John -- Buick GMC 1250 sound -- line John -- automotive. You brake -- installed for just 9995 including three oil change -- -- rotation -- for details call 5457000. Or visit John Paul's automotive dot com. On Sports Radio 1215 WSS feed Milwaukee's sports station. -- -- about do it for us here on the Wendy's big show except for passing out -- starting with -- out there for listening contributing via the phones Wendy's inbox FaceBook Twitter great stuff from you guys. All day long also. Gerri DiNardo the Big Ten network he joined us if you miss that or anything. On today's big -- check out the podcast at sports show at 1250. Dot com Sparky to -- -- hurry up Z Bart on deck show presented by Allegra allergy relief to get you ready for the Brewers in the Cardinals that's coming up next followed. But admiral sunrise at 7 o'clock you're on 1250 and after the last pitch you make the switch to the repeat as. Baseball post game show -- announced -- Sparky -- talking about a Brewers win. -- you -- -- night right here on 1254 Steve Sparky -- Gary Ellis in the royal Butler Mike Clemens on the other side the glass with the help of obedient turned. -- Mac while saying thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show we talked again tomorrow starting at two done now yes I think yeah. Well I don't do it.