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Apr 15, 2014|

Bill Michaels and Howie Magner join Sparky for the roundtable discussion...Ron Roenicke pregame presser...Cardinals SS Kolton Wong talks with Chuck..

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time to get ready for today's Brewers game this since -- -- barn on that show presented by a -- -- allergy relief to get your lineup card -- -- just minutes away from today's starting line. And in fifteen minutes you'll hear from Brewers manager Ron what did you. This is the only station Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS SP. Game two of the Brewers and the Cardinals tonight at Miller Park -- be Shelby Miller and his 635 ERA going for Saint Louis against the Brewers and Marco Estrada. And is 231 ERA last night not a great night for Brewers fans the Cardinals are getting on the -- are getting on the board I should say. -- early I don't -- home run by Jhonny Peralta in the second inning his third of the year. This -- coming off of Matt Garza that made it one nothing that ever couple of base running blunders there in the sixth inning. Jon Jay -- -- signed his first home run of the year a three run shot that made it for nothing the Brewers. Only able to Muster three hits last night as they get shut out to the Cardinals. 40 Lance -- now three and zero on the year after pitching seven innings of scoreless baseball eleven strikeouts. Giving up only three hits and three walks stars on the other hand for the Brewers seven innings nine hits four runs all Bulls were earned last night a walk to go along with six strikeouts a game really too bad pitches. Really cost a Garza at the end of today in -- one last night sold the verse nine game winning streak was snapped. Last night in the 40 Los the Brewers put to start a new winning streak -- -- at Miller Park. Now time that allowed those lineup cards here is today's quakers they can move starting lineups Quaker -- and -- to dig up the moves award winning wins from their wins to go drive through window Quaker steak and -- new world this is lose -- on -- -- presented by Allegra allergy relief on the oldies station Brewers fans -- -- Sports Radio twelve did WS ST yeah. I'm not for the starting lineups for -- some of the bad guys still St. Louis Cardinals leading off and playing third base Matt car -- in right field and now is batting second is Allen -- in third and in left field. He is Matt Holliday at first base is Adams again playing first base. Batting fifth and back in a lot of for the Cardinals -- Molina catching hitting six that shortstop is Peralta hitting seventh and at second base Mark Ellis. In the -- -- in center field Peter -- -- and pitching Shelby Miller again it's -- under Craig holiday. Adams -- -- Peralta. -- Brewers a lot and Miller. For the Milwaukee Brewers leading off and in center field -- Gomez batting second zones and bigger inning third and in right field Ryan brawn. Putting up and at third base -- Ramos Ramirez hitting fifth. Yes as -- very yelled John Tim -- were like hitting -- in left field Chris Davis hitting seventh and at first base Mark Reynolds. Hitting eighth and at second base scooter Jeanette. And pitching Marco Estrada again it's don't -- a girl -- on Ramirez Luke Troy Davis. Reynolds Jeanette and Estrada your lineup for the Milwaukee Brewers. This is the barn on -- show presented by Allegra allergy relief now a discussion of the issues surrounding the it's too bad guys enjoy the daddies barbecue roundtable I think he's partly due to be watching -- award winning -- brisket. Morgan Morgan Stanley tracks for your -- employment and -- -- -- he watching. Besides I'm not -- -- to the round say bowl it's Tuesday which means bill Michaels of the bill -- -- wider radio network joins us Nigerian -- -- weekdays here. I'm WS says Dave bill thanks for coming on. Are always also joining us say is how we magna from Milwaukee magazine the great midwest bank cut -- -- -- -- ended -- Who of the junior sponsor me I can expect -- delivery of Barbeque after the show. Hostile anti what do you think he's -- pretty good stuff they've brought it in from time to time -- the -- and to bring in and appreciate you know trump -- let's start off with you. Are your impressions I -- brewers' first Cardinals. I only wanna call it a rivalry 'cause I -- compare to that Packers Cowboys robbery back in the day when. The Cowboys -- the Packers and Brett Favre and packer fans -- Cowboys fans and cowboy fans -- care about packer fans do they really weren't a threat at that point that's kind of how it feels right now to -- for the Brewers and Cardinals since 2011. Well Ricardo we've kind of been the preeminent -- I mean consider rivalry with the -- and read the rivalry between the Cardinals and Cubs from years ago. But the Pirates are trying to do over on them out just the -- over the top -- in. Into you beat him consistently they're gonna where the crowd at the -- but it. There's -- and I think that Brewers fans have a dates back to 82 they got beat by them in the series and now and in the modern day era. -- got this team that just can't seem to get past Saint Louis they need to be their nemesis I really look through the game tonight. If they lose this game again tonight and you can certainly say you know what you're really rolling in the car a little wanted to come -- and shut you down. Again and then that -- 800 pound gorilla begins to grow even more but they get a win tonight you know it's it's all it's often. The court said the day if you look top to bottom of the roster. He believes that they have the stronger roster -- they got the better pitching staff -- the bottom while also. You know it's important and that's what helped a lot of optimism could beat not these guys pop but more important -- -- ought to -- I did give it up but -- got. Sure and he pitched very well he deserves credit no question about that I just wonder -- whether or not this Brewers team. I hit an. It's got its kind of maybe pressing a little bit knowing that the Cardinals have been the champ as bill pointed out for so many years of this division and they've had their struggles the last couple of years. Well acting natural and I mean it -- a situation where the Cougars have to know that -- they're going to test. Win this division and I imagine that's their goal regardless of how realistic. People on the outside think I think when you've got talent that the Brewers have in the players in the about that they ask. They're going to go into the season believing they can win the division and in order to do that they've got to knock off the Cardinals. -- -- There hasn't been that at that history recently where what it as a cardinal and wants to win like 24 the last 32 or 23 the last 32 something like that. And -- you guys are only human and they have to realize that that. Bet it is -- at a map of monkey on their back. I imagine they'd like nothing more than to get that monkey off their back with a good chilling here and so opening series and -- -- here and that's. Go down to Saint Louis and do -- here. Pretty shouldn't but yeah I do believe they may be -- their own sake they need their -- and success against this cardinal team and they need to do it relatively early in -- season. No I heard the -- comments on your show earlier today -- about you know this team being better than a Cardinals and I I look at all the rosters and I think probably. The key -- -- the Brewers starting pitching staff obviously is Willie Peralta and the guy on the mound tonight Marco Estrada. Estrada showed you flashes of being a really good pitcher he tends to give up the long ball a little bit too much for my liking but. For him it's just a matter of help if he can stay healthy Estrada could be a critical piece for this team contending for division. All I agree with you I think -- -- turbulence there but I look at multiple all but I mean just -- being down in spring training and you were down there too. Where when you see that many doubts about that one guy and they are the -- runs out. And are all talking about what kind of stop this guy has that he's you know he's got the potential to be in the -- You know I think to really kind of looked at him it's OK here's my expectation level of you and if you can really come on and being that that would stand. Or that it doesn't matter other than just what kind of -- -- -- -- haven't pardoned him haven't watched him the most don't know that. -- to really make this pitching rotation intact. Well I look into the backyard because we all know that that mutually sealed -- it was part of their bullpen. And you look at what diets have been able to do -- Smith has been very good for Bert Berry -- You know we know what -- -- people -- love and I got a 97 Marlins an hour fastball against at a game -- -- Anderson. And -- and finally got into a game a little bit he got his feet wet so I think he -- -- -- the Brewers only because their bullpen is that much better. You don't other big suited tiger bill Michaels -- -- -- weekdays tended to hear on WS ST in statewide as well -- -- Milwaukee magazine. The other thing how we compare both of these -- franchises right now -- in how they stack up against each dollar if we go to the managerial side of things and compare rod renegade vs Mike Metheny -- the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals who would get the advantage there. I think like that he had an easier job and the -- might say that is because I think he's walked into a situation. Where the team is used to winning on a consistent basis. And they've got a presence in that clubhouse where they go out and expect -- -- and they got the talent to win. Let -- spectacular Ladd eager to win when you got the pitching staff that he has had and you get a leader like Yadier Molina that you can we not. But no I think people get Ron -- a -- short trickster on here and every might say that is because it's easy to criticize the guys are being overly aggressive on the base -- sort. First saying that he doesn't necessarily manage the -- the way you'd want to manage the bullpen but I think it has been a very difficult job for a manager. Inside the clubhouse keeping these guys together and I think long -- he is there actually doing the things they do not -- out in the public. Making sure that players are couple making sure that they are allowed to do what they do -- keeping the team together. During that. Amazingly tumultuous season last year getting -- to believe in themselves again after that last season and I'm -- -- would be insurance. You know that's interesting -- -- do you agree with Howard that that maybe. -- you get short changed from the -- fan base. Guys are you know very mild mannered guy. I think he does because he's kind of soft spoken guy but -- also hope very much a player's manager. Well I also -- descent or walk in that clubhouse that people like got the job. He's very Smart he's not a not stupid guy -- their imagination when -- -- -- -- -- was explanations of what he does what he does sometimes you don't agree with it. -- his results have been pretty good. Well we watched him walk around that complex on spring training -- the respect he gets -- young guys respect that he gets from the veterans and probably really genuinely like him. I think like ability got the talent into -- not just to be dictator so to speak regarded actually genuinely relate to some of the guys -- in the money the veterans that are making money. I think that goes a long way and been a pretty good baseball guy thus far. He is bill Michaels got him weekday afternoons on again from 10 until a 2 o'clock stay wide also here on WSS did -- -- -- -- not. But aren't you betcha there is bill Michaels and of course how we magna are over and Milwaukee magazine -- I think -- like. Thank -- he got and recruit plug should they -- people to Milwaukee magna -- anymore and we've got Kyle little -- and our trust in mud. -- coverage from around here -- Monday through Friday great you'll get all your birdies and one. Yet Tim likes him lots emirates -- -- -- god how I thanks -- -- Where you -- there is -- Maine I'm Lucky Magazine strategy -- GM being out -- July if you're looking to buy refinance a home like great midwest bank. On -- -- or not you can live mortgage for great mid West Bank simply. Local we -- time robbers manager Ron Radke whether or not get short changed we'll hear from number skipper coming up next has -- has -- pregame presser before each. And every game down and Miller Park that's straight ahead right here on Sports Radio 1250 WS a state. This he's losing -- on -- show. Presented by Allegra allergy relief probably only station Brewers fans -- Sports Radio 1215 -- says -- Now let's sit down to the ballpark in here from the manager -- running team -- me in -- a mortgage coach's corner. But do you by Adam deputy in Atlanta mortgage home loans for your dreams since 1993 in the -- 2627546499. Arizona Cardinals game number two at Miller Park Brewers trying to get game number two after losing game one -- enough -- it's Marco Estrada on the hill. Tonight against Shelby Miller for the -- know this and run trying to keep talked before the game today and Miller Park and of course. The very first thing that came up for -- rent a key was -- on long and making his MLB debut. Last night which he pitched a scoreless ninth inning and says what Ron recchi had to say earlier. Just. -- -- it was good for this caveat -- -- happy did. It's pretty safe so now we go okay no -- the Olympics. Yeah he's in the way you want to hear it right in the long relief that's what helped. That's not to say that we won't do this so -- feel like he needs in any chance that time we can get them. And has got a lot of old friends to stay sharp enough as it used to. Yeah yeah. Now I don't think stressed out -- -- Benny and I don't through situations with him and count some batters and you know -- trying to simulate as best they can. Right and he's just tough talk maybe it would have been for him last night for headlines it's fitting in to me is sharpening lets get into the ground. And I think this is a guy that's gonna he's gonna be able to -- -- -- -- -- able to throw strikes. Regardless of situation -- -- how long it's gonna. Eighteen and that's really important because his job. It's like to pinch hitter you don't you don't know you can go pretty quick outs you know get that pinch hit a batter -- -- and and that's just it's the toughest part in the games when you know it's. Your mix right there with the. All the lefties but when you. But we'll -- Yeah I think we do. I don't do for using more -- as that situation last night. But I don't think that he's a guy that I would stay away from him throw an inning or we need a couple things I think he's able to do so. With him doing that -- -- when he comes back -- be an inning plus and you know Will Smith can do whatever you -- it's 23 innings he can do it that -- can do it. -- -- I think with Frankie B and mostly. -- -- -- four -- Henderson kind of the same thing. So I think yeah I think I think we're okay -- can go multiple you know when he's here so it was. I think you have to have guys you can -- it's especially the sentimental it's. Still it's. Like it's. I like this isn't Emerson students. Yeah he's season. Sumo great. Think Tennessee keeps getting better and better and -- -- You know I don't want -- I don't want -- -- myself and do what can happen where guys can be. Henderson -- in -- closer. Not because. We thought it was going to be that because -- -- not -- did so good that we didn't want to take him out of it. So it's -- it's it's. Yeah. I think he's I think he. He's a good our audience he can -- possible. He's not a patient enough. These guys as well as -- -- and I we know. But I still think I I think he fits in well for. For what we're doing our lineup if he's hitting -- I think you got really good. Anytime soon if he moves up somewhere you know whether some birdies today it's a second whether I think he's able to do that house so. Offensively I like I like what happens I don't. I don't know yet with the left handers and whether he can you guys live it every day and hit him I think. What we've seen is a guy that's getting better against lefties all the time can tell he is -- -- a lot of guys. I knew his two weeks and -- Didn't you know I think I think everybody knows if he's. Then he's he's going entirely. Like our -- lineup basically. Can and I think it. The other guys -- command. Everything it's not. And we pitch around -- guys aren't necessarily always has a breaking ball that's give me a fastball and command it well so I think the guys that can't. Pitch and really -- location. Are gonna try to make those guys chase. I haven't -- -- So I think that's where. Early in the past -- out of the -- it's. As -- it doesn't. -- -- -- It requires an adjustment yeah. -- guys I don't think so I think the scouting report is always -- Only this far he had it right -- -- early. Sixties -- I can do it -- yeah. So I don't think. Were so much different than what again. Think it's just -- goalies in the lead off spot kick from -- right. Just peoples attention more and and they come out swinging that we're we're basically the same club and -- last year due to -- him. And he was you know patience and he saw pitches and foul off pitches. And so that made our team looked different than after -- earlier this. You can't does it change a leopard spots that are coming are you. How do you feel about its you have to -- I would whenever our society LA yeah I think I think they'll meet his hand. Trying to do so much different things through his career that this is working I think he needs. I think the wrong message shown. He does a lot of damage on the first pitch and he's shown he's proved that he can't. And the other guys you have to show it. Things. Are less likely to always -- reason. I. Yeah ID be a little. I think I'm I think Davis is -- trees -- yeah I think Davis looks at the moment so it's. Safety I think can be a little bit better yeah he's enough always have to be. Aggressive side I think she doesn't need. Better and I think he will get better as and so on. In school we're seeing things better and understand it pretty it's pitches on the corner whether it's inside crowd is really pitched it. You can do. Pitch and investors and it's. A bit over the long course of the season. If you look at numbers -- mean he's going to be hidden 200 something. Citizen in the inner third out of 32 B three so hopefully over time they understand it. There have been a lot better -- believe me Johnson on and teach our guys -- tennis in the first -- You know it's a good one thing you can do -- -- define it it's a good pitch you don't need him to be always on the number always it. We need to change it -- -- yeah. Well I think we -- do. You know I think ideally you want certain timing -- good hitters away it's not. It's it's not like he album a whole bunch of stories and all -- and he decides he's been swinging. This guy's ass that's what they've done their careers and that's -- -- done. And they've been successful it's so. And I think he just did you get smarter. As you play 88 you understand what pitches you can handle and hopefully it continues to. -- I just stood out to about -- start. -- -- Plus he's to -- it's. It's -- and spotted well. He not only goes in and -- This change -- sets out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thing to come back home for the top spot his fastball plays a lot higher percentages and numbers yeah. Don't read hi this farce compared to other guys when it plays. Can't make him so they have to gear for the top spot regardless of -- -- So with the change -- mix with the with the curveball Eddie House. It's always his command the ball he's just going to be successful. Did -- and he's good he's aggressive with the he got time to start thinking too much and he gets behind in counts and -- this little. -- -- Yeah that sounds so David I mean we gave up four minutes -- You know with a good offense -- still has at times are very happy with that so. And I think Garza was soft spot for him only give them -- it you know that was the one pitch and really doesn't mean it's -- Just the ones that I know we see -- its. Really its place. But I still think -- -- -- keep missing games. That was our offense -- know we had a tough against us with their offense we can. He's been he has -- didn't want us coordinators started. There's any frustration and -- I don't see it. You know for whatever reason is it changes from year -- -- stop obsessing picture. It was disclosed last year. I don't know here before are. Great cities always get -- because he's just quiet in here every time -- -- I don't know the reason it's. Some of it. Some of the navy -- you would think like a guy like those she works quick do you think guys view the game or in the would need more into the -- guys. Just because everybody is a little more. Pace that it doesn't -- to work out it's. Kind of the other guys do it's. -- Most of the season if you had any yeah the -- -- -- some big. This. You know this doesn't have big -- say it when they command a. I know it's cliche but -- -- -- but -- -- -- too. Oh yeah he isn't he wasn't perfect it was for me personally. Yeah when she getting through those of us feel like. And then you're in trouble with the little -- Mercedes really important. Since it's it's always -- troubled him for most any star. They have trouble. -- we have to. Yeah. Yeah I'm just you -- -- -- yeah it's just like their relievers. Then put the numbers. You saw last night -- still. -- -- -- -- -- continue to do now. Today's Allegra -- report brought to you by a Allegra allergy relief stop suffering start living available -- your neighborhood -- -- -- stories this is the Z -- on -- show presented by -- energy relief -- only station Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS has beaten. Part time now put upon a reporter for game two between the Brewers -- -- Shelby Miller against Marco Estrada if you are suffering from. I'm allergy to tree pollen the most -- trees right now -- the older the Al and the maple for tonight it's moderate but for tomorrow eight ties if you don't have an Allegra allergy relief finding and you better go by yourself -- you're ready to go grass -- weed -- not active. At this time of the year right now but again if guy you are allergic to -- Elmore maple deafening wanna go out. He smells like grass allergy relief time not get to a sports update the my Clemens other side of the glass we'll come back or I up the enemy we go inside. The St. Louis Cardinals clubhouse that with -- Freeman. Straight ahead -- Z -- on -- shelf. Presented to you by Allegra allergy relief on Sports Radio 1250 WSS day. What's going on in the visitors locker room. Let's take a look at the Brewers opponent it's time for and I on the enemy this isn't as Smart on -- show presented by Allegra allergy relief on the only station Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1250 WS says TV. -- -- to rumors and the Cardinals Salmonella -- for the Cardinals Marco Estrada going before the Brewers Todd and I up the enemy chuck Freeman. Standing by inside enemies clubhouse that being the St. Louis Cardinals. Chuck -- here with the second baseman of the singles -- school long hoping to join your first your full season in the major leagues came up -- last year. Going through was spring training and all that. Yeah I mean you know it's good to get off to a decent start -- it happened at this team and it's a regular first full season on. I was -- -- -- -- your whole spring training in behind you and you start fresh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know get that spot and you know come on and you know these are this year it's -- Coleman is a handful of players who -- come from Hawaiian -- sixteen players who've been able played with. Visually -- how how proud -- you balked at that you're one of a handful of guys made great -- -- Oprah you know that's one thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically boys cheering you on and have that kind of support. In an -- -- you know -- points in the dentist's office. Did you having -- enables them wind players there's a couple who played your Joey -- months -- -- I know wait before your time but there. Any favorites. You know much from you know -- you know as as -- order you know -- -- a big guy and he sort of -- you know we are back in day. You know a lot of you guys to him for -- -- that. You know. We as his voice look up to a lot what is the amateur ball like in Hawaii and how did you throw open the Little League up to that system -- What's it like him wind it's -- -- tough you know the my kids that we have you know on boy it's not -- -- -- talent definitely wasn't. You know prepare -- -- California are any other big statesman. You know we had guys there that you know. Wanted to make you want to try and -- professionals and you know luckily for us -- a chance to Asia traveling teams three came over to the mainland here a little bit most the time of those casino casino or a couple guys on that wants -- enough playing California and then. -- -- non really a trial boring thing that. -- do some research and I heard your dad worked a lot with you when you're younger and and he put a lot of time India can totally open yet I mean you know my dad's main guys in communities all I mean so hard enough. You know to the day so go back and you know that sort of -- is back in -- You have someone like him is definitely -- awesome for me and you know via in my game. Even earlier in the majors are you disappointed followers all their -- -- after the game he's those gimme some kind of wonder about. This and Annika done different and you know things that figure that. You know -- he saw that you know. Was really -- -- I'm pretty political baseball that day for a little bit I think he is afraid to -- Indians a little bit you know put a little ball back in the day. From growing of know why did you follow and we played -- football just all the points and played. And -- -- did you follow football team -- 030 yeah yeah I mean you know that's they -- -- protein is -- quiet -- -- and I really -- and you know all there. She's into the today so fall after their games aren't really laid up here in the midwest you know -- just like midnight and I absolutely am in. Guess getting -- can just fall into there and see the next -- it. -- -- record for -- systems and yeah absolutely I mean. You know as deathly men you know much tie goes through that that system and -- -- watched. When you were growing up there with the beast or teams to follow with who who was the team in Hawaii that the Major League teams the Dodgers -- it was. For me as the Braves or at least watch recent immigrant was just basic cable and CBS laws on the -- -- CBS that's -- my team. Real mark when he gets Vander Chipper Jones chipper Hollister California market with a it would mean anybody else on the team -- army was not that he's -- -- that -- -- -- -- titles both -- forget. There is a lot of guys that but remained a scholarship for sure it is the order also watching on the -- on the TV exactly -- and you know financial working. Late nights I'd be editor -- -- and then utility you know that's all do auction. Pulled -- more questions to -- the are you guys are obviously not. I think -- the -- off to a quick start and you -- treatable -- yeah absolutely I mean nine you know versatile enough to really assert. And you know scale -- again be a tough. Tough division yell at them as good as they are tired in the -- that's can be tough for us this week -- time. Since you like the most Lester was three teams in the division make a -- this can be extremely tough again maybe with the Brewers have been a mixture absolutely I mean that's of messing with our. Our division -- -- -- you know it's all tough and you know get a straight for the post season for whoever. You know advances definite they're gonna have a good chance -- going forward that -- -- we have in this division I -- agreements I think you. That's -- you won't the second baseman since it was -- -- Freeman down here in the Curtis clubhouse Sparky if you reject if for any Jets shut Freeman alone Mike would you tomorrow morning starting at 6 AM like always -- -- -- want. Second baseman for the carnal mind the lineup tonight Mark Ellis gets the start tonight at second base. I'll -- -- hasn't Shelby Miller against Marco Estrada Brewers trying to get another winning streak started coming up next. Would go inside the brewers' clubhouse from earlier today when job -- Luke -- -- Bob does Brewers seem how they stacked up against the Cardinals when he joined bill Michaels on his weekly Tuesday visit. -- -- from Johnson the Greg coming up next at first you're tailgate tip of the week. This isn't as hard on -- -- presented by Allegra allergy relief only only station Brewers fans team. Sports Radio 1215 -- USS TV so you -- a little help on the grill. You're in luck here is the routine is still -- with a week. Routine is fine food and catering and I know what he's -- -- -- 76 than Beloit west Dallas -- because dot com. How's the DL look at who's banged up let's get the blue. Whose injury reports this keeps losing -- on -- show presented by Allegra and only station Brewers fans need. Sports Radio 1215 -- -- -- -- -- Here is the Brewers get ready for game two against the Cardinals Marco astronomers Shelby Miller your pitching matchup tonight at Miller Park Tom Gorzelanny still on the fifteen day DL recovering from off season -- shoulder surgery. He is placed on the DL march 30 are attracted to the 21. And branding Kinsler the latest land on the DLD strained right rotator cuff. -- he was placed there. I'm just I -- -- April 12 retroactive. To April 9 and therefore they called a -- -- in. Who is now in the bullpen for the Milwaukee Brewers actor looked inside. The trainers room for the brew crew. Now it's time to go inside the brewers' clubhouse what do you behind the nonsense cigar bar gets your engineers. When he freeways -- -- historic downtown want to jump. This -- -- -- on that show presented by -- I go outside the clubhouse. Each and every Tuesday Jim Henderson -- reliever joined shocking -- -- and Johnson -- -- right. Joins the bill Michaels shells all kinds of Brewers coverage here on Tuesdays and WS -- -- And Johnson moved -- talked to bill Michaels earlier this afternoon and -- a solid weren't we all wanted to streak to continue away just I think it's more painful for fans because it was the St. Louis Cardinals is there's such a thing. As being snake bit by a team. You know I'm not really I don't believe in that every -- -- that -- yesterday after the game now. It'd mean more could be guys our number the past years or whatever blah blah blah you know honestly. I don't look at their uniforms I look at. Public -- mean that's an hour away that we need to be I -- looked I don't care who it is -- is the Boston Red Sox. Cardinals of the starts I don't care -- -- -- -- don't -- that they're on our way to -- you know. There are obstructing our goals about winning a championship. -- Honestly it didn't matter who it -- and try to beat him anyway. Com what -- Lance -- so good last night. Honestly you know he would -- each time you lost a bargain -- -- about it is better than and -- a lot better than I've seen -- In the past ends. You know he was but RU -- not been down I mean he was brought them all up -- -- It's -- policy you left Miami blew. He struck out Arafat all right on the middle and I didn't -- -- how I'll early pride that that happen very off. Where I don't we make contact and you know honestly follows so I was like you know yeah he had in the -- and you know even their guy but there's. You know that is even. Is better than they -- a lot so. Now you're you're sorry for. -- bound to get to pick out you know some -- together you know they know I think I could stop and that's where it doesn't mean it up with a great thing about baseball -- good pitching beats good hitting any day that we. I know it's tougher Garza give up that three run shot to. Man he's been a bad luck receive every year is one pitcher that's the bad luck recipient of no runs and he hasn't gotten any unsupported Miller Park. He hasn't he hasn't and out all night at the U one of these days or score runs or yeah. You know -- usually you know it is all right man happen. You know -- we're going to be right back and -- our arms up and up again and the way it but it -- -- definitely have a good attitude about it you know and I felt bad because -- you know -- my job being or their moral order all around -- You know leading to the job done. You know just one of those -- -- -- game of baseball I'm gonna move on and that starts opened up. -- how good was he below last night until John. You know like you want to -- -- -- -- the first game if it goes the way he did the first game you are against the Braves. It's like that last night we beat the Cardinals no doubt that you have often you know on some pitches. -- it up in the zone and you know you know we -- -- critical mistakes and -- to a good didn't seem like that he and image mistakes. Combat -- a slap an immune system as a part of the game. The play at the plate last night first of all you guys have had some tremendous defense with Gomez taking the ball off the wall one hop and secure us a girl one -- but -- in the take at the plate. Fantastic play. But how how much does the new rule with blocking the plate play into your head when you're standing out there waiting for throw to come now. Current well you know honestly. -- -- our -- you know -- actually had to get helped me out a little bit Amaro warned about the children all me. Except play at several of -- backed -- pocketed died last night -- holidays are large. And I'm not a large and so -- would have probably went right through me program but. You know I'll be able to -- the -- on the ball I am at the same time and it worked out where. You know we got we got now so -- honestly I'm just trying to. Out basically trying to be -- shortstop or second base right there and -- back again. Did you did you did you say that to him when he got up and -- thank -- for the. -- -- -- -- Now they can about it -- because -- -- that guy excited to go or not it at all probably. How -- you right now how is that for you right now at the plate he's your your your hit the snot out of the ball it seems like your work in the count really well too. You know it's. An honest thing to me that it it's hitting it always day -- day and for me anyway I'm not one of those. Totally gifted hitters second ticked off -- we come back breaks. You know and on this -- why not the consulate where data -- -- my approach. And you know -- last night you know and limb as just on it was a sneaky you're -- you're making good pitches and you know it. -- of the game action yet but you -- not can be on every day you know you discuss argued that there's aunt. I'm just -- at the ball hard somewhere in that make things happen. Last night you went out to the mound when -- came in and they got his first. Got his first appearance. Without the translator what do you say to -- -- -- -- -- A light went -- it was arguably out -- it not only -- -- say this aren't you want Brent. That pretty pretty much it managed not to let them I mean there's -- -- go out there and tell them. That you wouldn't stands and -- distraught and -- a lot of body language and you know universal. Universal body language but -- and out on the relax -- You know just like -- and I mean you know -- calming. You know body language look -- whatever and -- bought a -- in his amid very limited you know on. Trying to you know I -- confident -- -- learn Mandarin act quickly to -- -- Munich. I'm not struggle Spanish -- -- -- Lara is just aren't you got to do your best. I -- what you what you wanted to be a catcher -- play Little League you never dream that you have to figure out Spanish in Mandarin and possibly Japanese in. You know because you're the guy that has to -- all the pitchers and with the with a being so the first semi maybe -- sort of the reservists -- when -- in high school you know. Now a lot of thought about -- Lamotte -- out there and have on the -- are merited or box like that says we're gonna do here and -- into it give it to hit well. Well you know other than that I -- at the much -- yet. -- before -- let you go -- go to the ballpark today the streak is over the Cardinals are in town their team it's in the division means a little bit more. I know you can't win that division in this early but is this is remaining the remainder of the series is as a statement. You know I had this. It is and you know we wanna be -- -- like -- said earlier. We don't care who it is not there like every every game is important -- not trying to make. Any series more important than any other series. But every series is important. And no matter who it is but you know the Cardinals being in our division yes they are very important the and especially because you know -- -- going to be good in -- going to be hanging in there with -- and so and we -- to be consistent we have to keep working. And I think we're better than they are -- and opened up a lineup. Stat wise I think we're better than they are and I think that -- all shakes out. Will be on top. So what's going on outside of Milwaukee here's today's big picture. This is the Z -- on that show. Presented by Allegra allergy relief money only station Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 W -- -- -- The big picture here only a couple minutes left to go in the -- the Marlins right now on top of the nationals for nothing in that game. -- call stand and this is having a Helm beginning of the year his fifth homer. On the here. Already for the Marlins are up four nothing there the Pirates and reds concluded our game earlier today if you remember they -- suspended last night. -- and home run derby but if you follow on here -- -- with his fourth homer of the year -- Sanchez hit two homers in a game walker hit Todd Walker's two homers -- a game starling marte hit a homer and -- game that's just for -- For Cincinnati -- with his third bottle with his fourth -- Rocco with his fourth Frazier with his fourth. That is a lot of home runs and a lot of entertaining value I guess. If you are watching that game but in Cincinnati the Pirates -- up winning that game that and it's day. 8710 home runs -- in that game now there in game two you'd begin now sports you played today. And the Pirates up one nothing right now that won that one in the top of the third. But as we currently sit and that's your updated look at what's going I'm. Around the NL currently don't forget after the last Mitchell like -- -- -- being as baseball post game show ability by. -- ace hardware with Tim -- -- myself tonight on Sports Radio 1250. WSS did take your calls go inside the locker room after the game up next admiral center -- with -- Sam's right here. -- Sports Radio 1250 WSS day enjoy the game everybody.