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Apr 16, 2014|

Brew Crew loses to the Cards for the second time this season, 6-1. Are the Cardinals really better than the Brewers?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He Phifer here is the French guys Tim Allen money only station Brewers fans need. Sports Radio 1215 WS his feet. It is -- final from Miller Park in the results are not good a 61 loss at the hands of the St. Louis Cardinals once again. And welcome everybody to repeat as baseball post game show built by -- its ace hardware. My name's Tim Allen -- -- Sparky -- Mario is here. Double play combo behind the glass over there. To Manny out and -- Jason back again denied a 61 loss for the crew as the offense just can't. Get things rolling here in this series let me throw some numbers -- -- in this series now. And again two games. But -- whopping total of six -- One run. And -- all 22 strikeouts. That's a lot of strikeouts that missile -- strikeouts it is. Yeah it is not marketed rant and rave over this front. Not going to do it. -- thinking get me. They give me -- -- crabby mood denied Newton and why is that not being -- no I'm not I'm not go in there. We're gonna try and just discuss civilly. This Brewers squad a year now just -- rough patch year through the cardinal series. Little rough patch -- and -- Croyle has -- his opinion as -- who's a better baseball team. You'll hear from John -- Luke Roy who was on the bill Michaels showed today. Talk about who he thinks is the better team. Who do you think is the better team Cardinals. They're better baseball team top to bottom in a position for four position -- It's not convinced of that. You never are. No I'm not convinced of that I think the Brewers -- the Cardinals have the brewers' number for sure now they've lost sixteen of their last 21 head to head. Against that baseball team right there. Com. And then -- Jim Henderson commerce nation. Needs to occur again. Spits up three runs in the ninth today now and not a good amount that no not a good -- all that runs couple home runs three runs. He it was a 31 game -- in their baseball game you're in this baseball game tonight heading into the bottom of the ninth. Rosenthal has not been super sharp this year guys. They may have gotten to him. -- the Cubs almost did the other day. They'd they'd darn near got to him he was on the ropes and it'd just -- it was gonna take one hit. To get the Rosenthal so it -- Jim Henderson's -- narron. For those that you know again -- I'm not gonna pick on Jim Henderson too much but. He's just not all the way fixed -- had guys he's not. And we saw that Saturday in those of you that said that you know Jim Henderson got threw a scoreless inning man he got -- a scoreless inning by this in of his Steve. -- that was that crazy double play. That got a motto that thing remember that -- -- on Saturday night Anderson -- current home yet. -- -- You know he's not completely -- -- I just think lower lower the leverage of the situation that he's in -- just for now let's just let's just give him continue. His journey on becoming the closer this baseball team. But top to bottom are the Brewers better than the Cardinals. John -- the -- Corey thinks so and we'll hear from him in just a little while in tonight's game he can't argue with the starting pitching once again. Six innings for Marco Estrada. Allowing just three runs another quality start. I mean -- racking up quality starts guys this is this gonna come down to the Brewers offense this year. Is that what it's gonna come down to him. Won't throw it might their offense will be fine -- I'm just saying on the success or failure of the team overall may come down to the offense. Now it might because this -- starting rotation. Outstanding. -- these guys are off the charts good -- Quality start after quality start. And you -- once again today the Cardinals got. Single runs in the second third fourth and again -- -- the big inning as a starting pitcher you're doing something right. And that's and that's what Marco Estrada did tonight. A Ramos Ramirez got the brewers' only run a a solo home run in the fourth inning and that was that then it was Thornburgh -- And Jim Henderson with a three runs late but again army men you know. You're in this game through while and it just didn't seem. Tim be as there was a ton of energy there. Yeah I'm sure they're trying a 100% just seemed to me that. -- are now manages. It just had that down feel to it didn't know although there in the game all the way to the ninth inning. And it's just gonna take like a couple of hits to get. To get him Rolen -- has never felt like the Dolphins was on track of all time -- -- last night you know you just never felt that that they would get it together now on offense is volatile. And offense is. Inconsistent at times that's that's going to happen. But is this season going to be predicated. On the success or failure of that offense. If that's the case. Then this season's going to be a fun season I will say that. Because any time he gets good pitching and get good defense. You gotta like that -- like your chances. Now are the Brewers a better team than the St. Louis Cardinals. 4147991250. Any -- alive that's Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Freaking out over a couple of losses now. No I'm not still not know. How big -- game tomorrow. You don't want to Carl's been parity in the first place so yeah I mean it'd be nice in you'd win now won tomorrow not be -- first place even even with the win tomorrow which I think they'll win. I really -- -- guaranteed today's victory. Now thank you -- I think the win. Win now and tomorrow afternoon's game I really do but still is -- is that something that really has sent the message to the Cardinals that. You know were one of the big dogs in the division will be there at the end probably not. Cardinals could have pass for anything more. They want to come in here and take two of three. I think they wanted to come in here and be in first place woman -- I only two -- three was even good enough for the Cardinals I think they would -- that will be in first and we leave town and I most of these people off they're not that go. While we're gonna find out tomorrow just walk -- emails a lot of Sports Radio twelfth -- do diatribe -- -- great shelf. I understand that we are gonna win every game but the Ron Reagan decisions are haunting me again scooter is batting 273. But pinch hits -- pinch hits him with being Yankee. For -- won 82 hitter that inning follows that I would weeks of 158 -- and Ron did you actually think this was a great move. I hope this is not continue. -- run Radke Jeff and walker shot -- a lot of Sports Radio twelfth OT -- -- cannon for mark now after a couple of. Losses and again not the end of the world to lose a couple of games -- not that's not the into the world I think maybe your last night's show. Maybe maybe were misunderstood or I was misunderstood in in hitting the panic button -- and housed on. Yeah I understand the full scope of the question last night was do you think the Cardinals are in the Brewers had. That was the question wasn't the freak out in the sky is falling that was not the issue last night maybe not -- For. Some somewhere freaking out a little -- But not not -- -- right here in -- you're gonna lose some baseball games that's fine I get that. I'm just think in that that the Cardinals has got their number now did here's another thing to think about. Do we do we roll the clock ahead and the calendar ahead a year or two or three and also -- -- you more information about the Cardinals -- -- Figured Jim Henderson out there. Like they did tax burden. I don't know I guess it's possible that Henderson could be on a one year wonder I guess god -- all up in their face possibly OK I hope he's not. And I certainly AM Communists stay steadfast with the opinion I've had. Throughout the winner and then the early portion of this season and that is. If Jim Henderson is closing. At a high level this baseball team is -- much better they are. Do I think he's -- you back there I don't know I really don't know the odds are against him I will say that. The odds are against Jim Henderson be in a thirty save guy. The odds were against him be -- a 28 save guide last year let's face it. They were against him because he wasn't up in the majors quick enough for it wasn't that -- nine -- of minor league veterans is just you know and again I I applaud the hard work and maybe a change of you know you know mechanics. And in some better guidance and things like that I applaud all of that and it was a nice story it's a nice story I I get down but the odds of him doing that were. We're strong now the odds of him bounced him back here and not be in Danny Kolb and not be in Derrick Turnbow and not be in twelve of John answered a little bit better window I think than the other room the other guys but -- the chances are -- There -- that you are not accord ran a key already out of this press coverage do you wanna wait to hear ourselves now would like the -- I'm Courtney king just courted from Ron -- quote you guys are way more concern about the Cardinals and we are we're just trying to win ball games okay well. When he's said done done with his press conference and showers up he can he can listens to how concerned I -- You gotta beat that team -- -- he signed off by -- said there's way too whats -- all overreacting negativity on Twitter -- I'm -- -- has denied. So where -- -- -- not -- denied -- robbers out of luck cannot -- this Brewers baseball team is bad I believe they're very good but I believe they're gonna have to at some point beat this. Cardinal baseball team they'd do guys I don't know how else -- -- -- for you. He -- a negative if you want. -- have to beat that team. -- -- star everyone's got their arrival everyone's got a team that just has their number and everyone's in an effort to account overturn that. And you're gonna have -- -- overturn -- somehow someway it's some games some here at some performance. No hitter I don't know what it is some big sweep I don't know what it's gonna take talked about it last night body beat this to -- there's no. Magic pixie dust. That you can sprinkle over Saint Louis and and say -- okay the tide tides gonna change at some point you have to be deceived. What -- you think the chances are the Brewers face the Cardinals in in the playoffs what would you say well how confident would you feel. And I would feel around my little. I don't know what rosters -- look like at this point we're going in right now with the roster is currently constructed. Tell orders say right now the plants were to start today yeah. -- I would -- the Cardinals beat us in the series yet. You know maybe the ice advantage Cardinals but I think the Cardinals are better team right now. And the reason I say that is because unless Perreault and Estrada. Both pitch at a high level this year I think they're starting rotation probably has been in the -- and the bull -- I -- question marks for bowl teams. Going -- for the remainder of the season I think they're both pretty good and offensively I think we can stack up against -- -- But at the bold plans for bowl teams I think your question marks. You rob Rosenthal I don't know if he's going to be the answer close earlier for them or not maybe just not been -- they -- is that turn after that they're set -- guys pretty darn good while -- but I'm just saying so there's I think there's questions and ambled to and I think there are for the burst. The if you. If you believe that the Brewers are a better baseball team and then why -- -- beaten that team. Hockey lost sixteen -- -- when he won. I that's that's really its -- -- of the hypocrisy of it has I think there -- better baseball team in terms of just player for player talent. The only reason I say that is I think this -- starting rotation. Grossly under rated compared to Saint Louis I do. I think they're good look at the numbers man they they speak really -- that's a good sign. Art who's the better team and what do you do a Jim Henderson is two things on the on the table today 4147991250. Let's go to Bruce Bruce -- on Sports Radio 1250. Eight hit a doorman at groups what's up Brewster now you're the first caller the other night you're the last. Well. You have the problems who opened -- this year you can Nike and I want you -- guarantee more victories. Pardon me succeeded -- would you say you're -- -- -- victory for tomorrow's game so. No I think they're gonna win -- not I'm not gonna guarantee -- but I that I think they're gonna win tomorrow's game. I didn't. -- -- I would use it when -- are. You can't do it it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did he get -- yeah it would -- until -- How about -- are trying to -- because as I want it to -- remove newspapers if you didn't -- who are pressured to get it. Who's the better team Bruce. Well now I gotta go -- the Cardinals into a good thing that I'm -- weapons and left but it to a -- that -- To be because we had the situation and you know they in the right now in distillery. Yeah -- alluded to beat -- Got -- buddy thank thanks for the call 7991250. Says Cardinals Cardinals are better -- I just don't know how you can argue that's not the Cardinals. Milloy yelled we -- twelve to -- to -- as as did a -- and if you can't get excited about playing our -- send them packing. Hash tag -- of the second. There are it red -- -- he has referred. In alluded to this say hey you know and in the -- -- that in I was very proud of him for saying this that you know there are certain series that you -- -- get pumped up for but do you remember when he said that. -- -- back to -- spring training. On to -- of him saying I'm sick of hearing about the Cardinals. -- early bring up the cardinal -- how the Cardinals do it and -- -- key was agitated in spring have been -- -- like. I'm sick geared above the Cardinals we talk about our team pleased. And now your play the card -- you get beat tuna roll right now. So now I've been -- is going OK one here we go get of this cardinal -- -- I guarantee you it's bothering that hack out eradicate at this point oh yeah he's not gonna -- -- probably -- -- that has bothered him that -- can't beat this team totally agree. Totally agree it's like asking one of these -- manager's. Were you surprised by the a seventh inning they never surprise over anything to honest. Deep inside -- sometimes they are great. I I do think talent for talent. That this baseball teams if you put it on paper right I think the Brewers are better baseball team than Saint Louis I I do I do this year just based on the rotation. -- -- down that not until Peralta and Estrada proved to me they can do for a whole year. And -- to -- he's consistent all year and a strike to prove that he's consistent and healthy earlier. That that that's a big question mark to me and if if you don't think Patterson is the guy the back in the bullpen and maybe even more question marks in the bullpen. Well that is one clay I don't know Bob Moore and there's not a ton a question marks out there and while I don't have any points out and you don't have an eighth inning guy he got Kinsler. When he -- comes back. Come at a sore arm big deal. When he comes back and any of -- really working his way toward the back after that bullpen. He -- really does and and -- settle and then now so it's 7991250. Other Brewers better than the Cardinals. It's sick of Ron -- accuse us just says that were more worried about the Cardinals and he has. Maybe ought to be. Maybe got to give a little pep talk win one for the gipper speech before -- -- -- game and it's weeds at 1230 Eliezer speed as you call in sick winds -- a lick their wounds and rest. Couch six hits. One run. -- two strikeouts against the St. Louis Cardinals in the first two games of this series 22 strikeouts. -- let's go to -- you're on Sports Radio 1215 wow. Our old Sparky -- -- eagle or bear weather nice -- He has worked on -- you know -- -- -- -- I probably ticket popular -- either report that -- -- Don't get the Shelby Miller by the fourth inning in that factory was on the along yeah yeah. And Shelby adding no hitter going until the fourth inning -- yet -- -- up as warm all right -- that he's settled down. And it will come out. Yeah I'm at negative amateur you'd think he would have caught note -- that I -- that it -- Absolutely. Europe glamorous. I don't I looked at it if not the better team and Amare you know I think that it wanted to take it you -- if you do not. Do you think clearly before. You know -- -- them and it's no doubt about it. -- got to thirteen and a degree in camp. Now equipment to -- pitcher but it's a proposition after a couple no thank you got him as you know you -- On but -- -- -- when it comes in every place else you got weaknesses. You -- good are you a Cardinals fan. No -- but I know that rotation again I think they're they're good. I would I went back and do it. I've got a little -- it in your rotation in baseball. Let me introduce you the -- St. Louis Cardinals rotation. Madam Wainwright. Wrote -- Shelly. Miller. Loretta Lynn. Right Josephine. Cali. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah look how don't have anything -- her -- But guess what. You and they all know that and gets what when -- really good about how will be tied for first place with the -- weak brewer will be trying it. And guess what they -- be a Buick in that game look at trying to help and we can do what bottle and company occur right. -- -- -- -- one here I'm -- entertaining -- -- -- from Donald who set design mats Sweden twelve to giving us a speed team that leads in swinging. And his last in the league in walks not a great formula Cardinals pitching dominates Brewers hitters. Well they do and I mean the numbers don't lie there I mean eighteen innings 22 strikeouts you averaged more than one strikeout an inning. -- you're only getting six hits in the two games. -- -- one run in the two games -- -- on a bad roll and again. That's why if this offense is gonna determine the success or failure this baseball team this year. That's not necessarily such a bad thing it really -- -- means that there's pitching and defense. And keep you in these games now it's up to the offense to just step up. -- -- -- Is Saint Louis that much better than Milwaukee and also -- just -- awaiting someone's opinion on what to do with. Henderson Jim Henderson what are you -- them now you again maybe it may be it's just a little bump in the road he did -- You know a couple of scoreless outings and in looked like he was -- Making some advancements here to -- better 7991250. An email live. That's Sports Radio 1250 dot com and his repeated as baseball post game show -- by Elliott -- hardware live here. And the nurse on -- art studios on Sports Radio 1250 W -- -- being. We wanna -- you guys out we don't care who it is out there like every every game is important -- not trying to make. Any Theres more important in the other series but you know the cardinals' beat in our division yet they are very important. And especially because you know they're going to be good you know they're going to be hanging in there -- you yet because. That we have to keep working and I think we're better than they are do end up in -- of a lineup. Staff wise I think we're better than they are and I think that we're not -- I'll be on -- Words from Jonathan -- cro lawyer earlier today on the bill -- show welcome back it is routine has baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware Tim Allen sees -- five for a Brewers 61. Lost again to the St. Louis Cardinals having more importantly the offense just. And in the two games six hits one run 22 strike -- -- what are you two strikeouts. It's got. I mean that's got we we have your number written all over -- who's the better baseball team on paper. Because that therein lies the the -- here is that. You're gonna compared on paper and if you believe the Brewers are better baseball team then you also gotta say that the Cardinals -- have their number and -- in their head. I think they're definitely members -- for sure -- I think they're also better team. So it's a double whammy yet and I'd 79912. I think -- compare to the Packers and -- their division I think this -- same thing we talk about today and they show. They're the Packers this -- period. Somehow some way they just find out every year. That they're better and they're there about a redshirt junior is a first class organization like the Packers the Packers have their quote packer people. The Cardinals have the Cardinals -- Right they both play in. Beautiful stadiums and -- -- their fan bases that are regarded as knowledgeable fan bases in Saint Louis in Green Bay via. They bowl level -- just -- -- and she have similar. Payrolls. Right I mean. And -- off the charts -- money. Now neither team -- Margaret -- yeah. That -- 27000. Plus again for these for the Cardinals and Brewers that's pretty good on -- Tuesday night let's go to Gary leaving Miller Park. You're up next on Sports Radio 1250. I. Sure -- part battle. Jerry I'm sorry okay go ahead Jerry. -- -- or. Have. I don't putt well well. In the -- nothing or that you want to strike out. You realize it at all strike out much. Got -- down and get the ball park like out. A lot -- find a veteran. Club where they don't have -- had not. And that's. -- -- illegal hands -- like what. They like -- beat error. Okay. Yeah all right Jerry that's a you bring Cabrera a couple of good points at number one. That the bench Jeff -- -- Rickie Weeks and Logan Schafer. That scare anybody. No. As much as I like Logan -- for guys though give your on I think he. I think he would want to the most unlucky hitters that play the game of baseball right now. -- -- -- what do you do I agree with you Jerry thanks for the call I agree with you and I've been saying it for awhile I think they're one veteran outfielder short. Unfortunately the reason why you don't have a fifth outfielders because you're carrying 22 baseman and 21 -- Right that's exactly that's why Eric tweets -- twelve have you guys as -- -- -- the dog went on the road and lose at all. We traded dog away and what is the dog have to do with the road and home that -- -- on the -- about the dollar. -- lost in almost a Donald. So they're not. So don't take the dog on the road to -- -- -- Not dogging going on the road he's saying when they're at home and hangs in there they lose -- when they're on the road away from -- they win -- -- and trade the dog. Jerry says the reason I got such -- was because -- things that. I think is part of it that's good field -- it's good specialized or more and two more humid air Nigeria -- -- Still not beaten anybody -- up. And trying to solve the Jim Henderson -- Almighty Allah wants -- here -- Anderson -- a spanky says Anderson is a nice guy but I'm glad he's not the designated closer hash tag Brewers. Okay. 07991250. Better baseball team or not Brewers on paper talent player for player vs the Cardinals. It off and it's a big -- in my book if indeed that. You know the Cardinals are slightly better on paper then why the domination. It's just happenstance has circumstance. That's a way baseball is now there's a little something to this. Sky isn't falling -- -- ten and four man you know very good start their fine. But. They're gonna have to beat this cardinal team Scott in -- -- -- on Sports Radio 1250. Any guy -- found room -- friends -- -- -- com lock him my question is when they trade him act spurred. They've told on they were -- companies -- -- tentative yeah. Do you. -- think -- Colleen is that much better than -- I know might be. Up front line it might -- and they proved that with the ax for -- you know it and they did they told -- for that they've been watching him -- -- his pitches for. A couple of years. What do you think -- on to you'll Vonnie. Never -- -- star -- numbers against Saint Louis do you think there on him to -- my guess is they are. That would be my guests. Stars don't just line up to pulverize and guy every time out that your -- a good dal talent. They're very talented pitcher as the waist he should be owned by that team. I would. Venture that they they are on to something and you know what -- he when he was hired here I read a lot about Ron Redick -- -- -- He had clay I don't know if it was his claim of Famer is there was a discussion and I think it was a McKelvey piece about. How that was his sort of area of expertise was kind of watch and pitchers and yes he'd be good pick up tendencies and that you remember that -- -- M maybe the Brewers have done that with other pitchers and we're -- is fine under the radar for -- -- suites at 1232 -- -- -- -- little things right they move runners sacrifice flies. But the bat on the ball. -- your -- to do any of that stuff. Oh what state they were final and there are sweep in Boston Philly and Pittsburgh I'm just -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I just. Just removed tweets man you're asking where what's gone on how the more the more I analyze this game of baseball the more amazed I am that it can go both ways that you can you can. Scream all you want about how the game as somewhat -- -- and he got to stay positive and be confident and trust your ability see all these things. All these things upstairs between the -- Doesn't that automatically mean when you talk about that between the ears issues. And players and managers and coaches do. That also means that it can be between the ears to be owned by another team does that not then prove that that it is possible. Right. Sure okay this want to make sure that were clear on that that. -- you know for someone to be thinking that there's no way out ahead there is no domination like that there's no getting in someone -- what kind Reyes. The -- 7991250. Brewers fall the night 61 the final. And let's go to a John in -- boy again you're on Sports Radio 1250. The guys on the ball and -- -- Well it's a lot you know all I know you're talking -- you know compare bolts from the Packers -- the Cardinals I think the best way to compare it is. All right now and the Packers vs the 49ers doesn't seem no matter what the Packers do. Or I'll bet the 49ers concluded -- always -- get that extra. That extra finger roll there were it not totally appropriate example and call it some -- the Brewers vs Cardinals all I think -- flashlights. I'm watching. They had one in all the pace through the first -- threw -- third yeah I'd be back on the third. You know you don't even adept on outlooks in the game and -- to yourself man. Throws up all of their. He can -- -- an -- -- through that they'll cut cut off you know got the ball placed first thing in my mind that IP curriculum and they got him four times you know a little bit of an effort against the Cardinals -- -- -- got -- so -- -- -- myself well it is. -- -- particularly gotten it -- Darko out of that you know -- with the -- a couple of Cardinals is gone. What happens the next -- -- lunch Jack. Yeah I mean there are very inning that same inning they they had a three run home run on an 02 pitch. I -- are out everything that's a lot of potential sitting there being. As if you don't want -- -- on paper. -- It becomes I think it's a pretty close I think the Cardinals -- tomorrow should be brought up player overall bought it you know in that case it doesn't matter because. You know especially. If you wanted to put the puck out from -- where you can at least -- to get knocked on the first round and anybody that's ever any sports when you go into -- game when somebody's who's got your number. And you keep throwing everything you can't -- I mean that thought if you don't matter what pitcher goes out there that didn't it on in our starting pitching it -- -- look -- look -- -- Something somebody or it didn't hit it off and -- -- -- is he one guy this. If you'll blow it and the operations came in -- but I mean a -- a -- for the Brewers you don't let it ninety English -- the loss to read it helped them win capital gains confidence and speed the Cardinals. Yet lose to all right thank you thank you John -- lose to of that nine game go seven and two and then nine game span and then win these two games. Arm. I just think it's it's -- to not get up for some teams more than others. And I'd just I find it hard to believe that a team doesn't do that. You to tell me the Green Bay Packers get as high. As they do. For the I don't know Detroit Lions -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they would for the 49ers. Well I I period you automatically mean they do give -- more for slow learning games yeah and maybe the Brewers -- it. -- -- -- But his second football's a little bit different and I agree because there's less games -- and you're not playing every single to freaking day for six months. I do get that I understand that but. You know it is a three game set your arm and maybe you know Redick -- step down planet maybe light a fire a little -- that may -- I'm just throwing -- out there and I -- -- baseballs a long staying in large sample -- -- all that you play all the time and all that. You know what. Tried that once. Keith tweets that Sparky radio nice way to start -- nine game losing streak cardinals' nickel Packers. And the Brewers equal the Vikings tough to realize 7991250. They that much better than the Brewers if they are are they that much better in the Burress we'd better not be the Vikings. Know. The other -- a way to turn this thing. Over on the on the card Jason says sorry about one running two games at numbers cards Sox -- -- pretenders and it's at home. I it would be unacceptable in Saint Louis let alone here Miller Park. Take more of your phone calls 7991250. Again Jim Henderson are we avoiding mess. We avoiding this conversation. Because his you know he needs to get it right because we're gonna need that. Closer. Question mark later on this year. That's my thoughts that there they will need him. Back there in that bullpen 7991250. An email. Live in Sports Radio 1250 dot com Brewers fall tonight unfortunately once again they. Hammer out three hits one run. Ten strikeouts in tonight's ballgame as they lose six to one. But twelve -- Milwaukee sports reports starts right. From the left of the -- -- fifty sports updates studio lot Mario -- bouncing legends of the field your one stop shop. For memorabilia autographs custom frame means. An athlete appearances Brewers and Cardinals in game two -- three game set tonight six to one. The final from Miller Park as the -- stop the Brewers for their second straight loss -- strata with the quality starts six innings five hits three runs all of them earned. And three strikeouts the offense though didn't have much for the Cardinals as the only run for the Brewers come -- on a fourth inning Aramis Ramirez home runs. -- Arizona fall to ten and four they still lead the NL central tomorrow the cardinal -- Joseph -- to the mound and the Brewers lively for all to getting the start first pitch. Is at 1210 in the early afternoon at Miller Park box tomorrow take on the Atlanta Hawks in the final game of the season tip off is at 730 it to be lawyers Bradley Center. After the game tune into the -- and save basketball post game show right here on twelve -- DW SS -- for the final time this season. Packers news today they re sign back -- quarterback Matt Flynn. Finally at the NCAA legislative council approved a proposal earlier today to expand the meal allowance for all athletes. The proposal will -- division one schools provide unlimited meals to all athletes including -- guns but that's still has to be approved by the board of directors Woodson needs. Later this month. Three more online at Sports Radio 1250 dot com WS this. 47. Tomorrow windy and cloudy with a high of 48 degrees a martyr bossy you're listening to Sports Radio twelfth defeat of US this -- The -- live online at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Let's get today's -- MVP. Be the first to know the -- -- -- tomorrow morning at 735 during second wicket and -- free food from Chile is killing us more life happens here. This is the routine is baseball post game show. Built by aliens ace hardware -- only station Brewers fans need. Sports Radio 1215 WSS -- Five -- 61 Brewers lost to the Cardinals tonight once again they'll go back at a game 3 tomorrow tomorrow morning chuck and wicket the last few. Who was the -- MBB. First first and it correctly identify the players then we give -- right now wins free food from Chile's. Go with Ramirez. Well I did have the only run of the game have the homer I mean Marco -- decent business it's no longer drives to give -- -- -- now so we're gonna go with the Ramos Ramirez should -- MBB. -- I consider this -- if you will all right. -- -- The Brewers. Or -- the Cardinals aren't in the Brewers had. And it's in that and not that different in talent okay you say slightly better right. To some paper and -- man for man correct. Then consider maybe. That in terms of just simple. Scouting. Strategy. Game plan. Is doing the job at a sixteen loss 121 game -- Is that possible. That there are just they -- the Brewers are transparent -- just read right through -- they know what they're doing. The Cardinals know what they're doing physically I'm saying I'm just ordered out there I'm not saying I agree with this I'm just trying to figure this out. It is a hard time by name because -- have as much as players change teams -- think other teams to be catching on by now I don't think -- that -- former cardinal players going other teams -- let me help ya you know me I'll -- understand how to -- his first team -- -- exactly how we did -- Saint Louis. Well that's not happening to this point so flood -- -- Al goes to where where's he -- -- Cincinnati. That he wouldn't tell the reds why wouldn't how to physically on the Brewers Tigers and it's not that are why wouldn't you say something -- that just trying to throw wood out there just to see I mean we do know that -- -- was -- pitches in the erratic. And just going on that basis -- maybe it's happening again with a couple of you know select players on this team and offensively words whereas the whole arm -- don't chuck can wicket had Henderson on. This morning I thought it was a good question about. And I think chuck -- -- if there are certain players that you know. There's a certain pitch that you you just get this guy and it's known around the league that this guy can't hit this pitch. And Henderson said that will -- -- you don't wanna go to the well too often because they'll figure that out then reverse that I thought it was pretty insisting this morning. -- -- that Sparky radio team just a team isn't just Taylor. Cardinals have an all Brewers don't hopefully it comes to -- before it's too late. 7991250. Let's go to Terrelle your on Sports Radio 1250. They're physical unknown to him. You know number of -- -- first. There's something -- -- -- -- the things Sparky you know -- a little bit. You know -- they didn't select their Packers of this division in Parisian. A lot of the chains are -- a lot of news Bears and Vikings but -- I think -- sport things. That have happened but appear to be able to turn the -- a little bit first thing I got to match their intensity of the Cardinals. Second thing that the play with -- -- -- the Cardinals -- age because they're being there more secure. And the Brewers are anything -- -- certainly played baseball anytime you don't play the weight that they feel like Q Shipley they whine moan. So you gotta play what it is like that the restrict those they -- you question it. The third -- aren't you just have to go to good. I mean I know that but also it's -- numbers gang and you do play let -- and stuff like that in certain situations but. When he got a team that's -- And -- -- that come in that you noted and be battle testing for a division. And you can -- -- -- or division gonna have to meet just -- looking -- probably somewhere and play out approaching makes it. You got to go at these guys where are you kidding me all is that you get involved -- in the ball. You know really good play and understand -- right situation. Sometimes you -- got to -- And do that thing he does it frustrate those guys that's going to frustrate -- and and and and be serious about. Yeah and it's tough to change that tide throughout thanks in Chicago it's stuff. It's it's soft like a Butte like I said years ago. It is drilling guy and get him off his game a little bit and look teams to have done that and still still do that today. A guy's role and hot against a certain team -- whoops fastball got away on me got you in the fire -- absolutely the backside sorry just they know slept. -- you know I'm not saying necessarily do that. But. It's X eighteen of 21 the numbers just don't buy this isn't this isn't a window of -- since you know 1998. This is just a recent window with a lot of the same players. To remove mud tweets at all thirty DiLeo says -- combination of factors for Saint Louis types of players. Equals bad matches for Brewers scouting and execution mental advantage. Well which is more prevalent scouting in execution or the mental advance. -- do they go hand in hand you do you earn that mental advantage through scouting. And execution. You're -- -- and psychological for me well -- right now I mean you are so far. I'm excited as I've disliked you know care I want to figure this thing out sixteen of 21 get a little easier if it's discount is -- -- says listen at 1230 WS SP let's relax the Brewers are still in first and it's only tax day again if you aren't with us get off the wagon. Hash tag were fine. You your fine against the rest of the league you're just not find against Saint Louis agree. All for that. Would specifically talking about this head to head match -- which you're just being dominated and that's that's all you mean nominated doesn't mean your bad baseball team. Doesn't mean you're not gonna have a successful a year you are being dominated by the St. Louis Cardinals that is very clear. A blind man can see it. It's very clear. I'm not gonna get upset I was just about to. It's pretty obvious. Maybe Ron. You should think a little bit more that this is a big series we got ready -- that I can't way to -- can we just try to act as whatever your Dillon. -- -- It a work -- -- 7991250. Where we don't -- he's agitated while no now I am Tony Romo Tony on the south side. The odds are ready -- 1250. All the opium and Sparky and I got the armor. Distribute -- and all. Particularly it's a lot of it -- -- -- -- in the -- -- media attention. You know but I don't get it all and out of the water and Jim -- and a -- and every every always remember about about -- ballclub and Eric are both you and parents -- -- and you're involved I got where you probably have -- -- subject them. Well -- -- but what. About you know a boat and it -- A situation like that night might have a chance to -- at -- again what you meant. I'd probably argue -- parents fought it and it's not a -- and bought them. -- -- -- -- Amanda got the ball back up to the other. Side in that they don't talk about it and I'm predicting -- -- -- I don't -- -- Okay. You know what I will say this in defense of of closers. It is so very volatile is sort of was short window of time for a lot of these closers. I think everyone would agree that -- that knows the game that. It often times is not many very there's not very many special. Closers and all of baseball. Mean you can count a few here and there but outside of that sometimes it's a good look at Beal birdied -- -- -- was his -- a couple of years. -- fell off the table -- only split up the game the other day so I agree with you but did. Thanks for the call Jim Henderson. To get back to where he was. Makes this baseball team better and I think they're given him every inch of -- To get that done. Because it's for the benefit of the team and I think it's a good gamble now I would not use him in any close game right now guys and that includes that Saturday game. As we talked about -- first hour when there's no way I'd use him in a close game he's he's we barely got -- that thing on Saturday. We -- your bullpen is good enough out there Smith -- Thornburgh and even -- pitch an -- here K rods out there -- -- fine out there. For right now I'd 7991250. Wanna hear from manager Ron -- -- -- maybe just maybe. We can step it up in certain series in terms of you know but little. Attitude. Pavel chip or -- swagger. Face in certain teams maybe it's a cardinals'. Maybe next series they go in and just say you know what we're gonna steam -- this team. Were steam -- on this team don't get too high don't get too low belt maybe try getting high. You wanna get high before the game maybe try getting -- -- moment. Not -- speaking -- -- For Tony all 420 teams coming up April 20. -- -- for -- team is going to be named. -- 7991250. Year from manager Ron ran a key next on repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware. This is the routine is baseball post game show. -- by -- its ace hardware. My the only station Brewers fans being good Sports Radio 1215 -- to -- -- let's get this story in today's game for Brewers manager Ron when it. We're going inside the inland a mortgage coach's corner. What do you by Adam deputy and -- -- mark. Home loans for your dream since 1993. -- 26275. Or 6499. I watched Joseph Miller and I think. Well he's he's very good stuff -- You know -- we were swinging the bats well for we came and against these guys it. We've faced two good pitchers so. Hughes Gooden it really good fastball. Speaks in a cutter and and media curveball and change I mean he's got a nice he's got some nice weapons. Well that's that's the hard part with him and that's what he did to us last year was high fastball and you know they're hard to -- -- and he's got such velocity on -- you're not gonna catch up with it. -- -- through life -- yesterday that differentiated and do. Miller expected to them. No. You know like I said before with him is yeah night. -- when -- first Sami who used to be just all fastballs and we didn't catch up and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- Went on last year I saw that he he changed became you know more picture him and mixing up pitches and that's what he did today except pitch as well. He's got a good fastball when he needs -- and Mike Thompson when he's up high with that you can't catch up. You if you. Feel lucky to ensure -- -- have a lockdown bullpen that they do the same thing down there. They do. They've got some nice arms out there with him you don't want to get mine. With him going in late in the game because you know you -- -- you're -- offense. Ours simply. Two -- -- I think as well as we're swinging the bats it's it's probably to really get pictures. -- Know it's early on in the season and and now. I think anytime you. You had an offense that deal I can do and well. They're gonna come against him some pretty good pitchers and you know -- good pitching knowledge shuts down the offense. Certainly it's. Army it's it's just us. I don't think we're so concerned about I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we were concerned about winning ball games whoever it's against it doesn't matter. We have to win games. Whether it's them or whether it's Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. We don't care we just we need to win. -- Or four. Days. Just -- rollercoaster. Yeah it's it's it's a little hard to figure out on the first pitch he threw was actually. You know at the knees or maybe even a little bit lower than that we did some place at -- is really good. And and the other was it was a hanging slider and threw some good sliders to name them money on to pearl open. -- and now. You know and that's what we have to get away from Thaddeus. Young threw some really good fastballs interest and his sliders and we just we got to get him -- It's mark. It's. Yes and little things that he wasn't on his game today he battled these behind the count a lot his curveball. -- usually real good pitching hand couldn't seem to find. That one where it where he could throw it down in the zone. Changeup I threw some great ones -- wasn't consistently -- and and the fastball to. He is he's a guy pitches ahead in the count and he was in pitching -- Those circumstances and do a good job it can. Think he did a great job -- for him not having his stuffed -- in his command not so much stuff that probably Morris command. I thought he did a great job. You know only only allowing three runs and when they battle like that and still keep the team in the -- in the ball game that's that's their job because they're not gonna feel good every time out. -- and -- areas so Ron -- -- after the Brewers 621 loss to the Cardinals always focusing on this Cardinals these last two games and Andrew Wagner it was just on the roundtable on Sunday with wicket. Zero and Nextel. Tweeting after -- 320 in Boston and Philly -- rating 177. In the last five games. 103 against Saint Louis averaging 2.4 runs per game. Yeah just -- starting in Saint Louis they have an insulin the bats well some say I don't know they Evans been swinging the bats well at home this year right think about that Atlanta series opened up the season they struggled there too they did so I don't know what's going on -- Miller Park there. -- -- -- They'll mention that you know of this this whole cardinal thing is is a little bit bigger for you guys -- talking about the media. Well you know I I'm -- so sure about that I mean. I would've followed that up with -- sixteen of 21. Turn the tide. Don't you think we ever right to be a little concerned. I understand and -- totally agree with him. That. They're trying to win baseball games and they really could care less at the end of the season who they beat. As long as the numbers 888990. Whatever agreed own pocket that I don't think they care in that regard. But when the wind it was a little bit shorter and it's you know you've lost sixteen of 21 to this team looked like 500 against head to head opponent. Maybe it is of of a point in which you should focus a little bit more. Because then it puts you over the top is an outstanding team instead of you know just a playoff team. That's what I would I guess take a look at. Sixteen of 21 I understand the Cardinals beat up on a lot of teams -- to get that those kind of numbers you know you have to. That's as the Brewers. But very very insisting in a year from our Ramos Ramirez after the update -- will get an update for Mario come back mentioned Jim Henderson there. Couple good pitches and then that was that I've -- again would've probably. Wondered where do you use them next Jim Henderson we'll talk about that. After the break as well it is repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware Tim Allen -- Sparky Phifer. We'll get an update for Mario here as we are alive and Enders on. Am an art studios on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. But twelve -- Milwaukee sports reports starts right. Into the field goal fifty sports updates Studio One Mario terror posse left in the field you -- one stop shop. For memorabilia autographs got some -- -- an athlete appearances Brewers and Cardinals in game two of the three game set tonight six -- one the final as the cards. Can the Brewers and their second straight loss Marco -- -- -- with the quality start. Six -- -- five hits three runs all earned and three strikeouts the offense though didn't have much as the car for the against the Cardinals as the only run came on a fourth inning -- -- Ramirez home run. -- The birth of fall to ten and four with the loss they still lead the NL central tomorrow the Cardinals sent Joseph -- and -- The Brewers have -- for also with the star first pitch is at 1210. In the early afternoon at Miller Park. Bucks tomorrow take on the Atlanta Hawks in the final game of their season tip off is at 730. At the B liars fairly -- after the game tune into the final installment of the pick and save basketball post game show here at 1250 WS is. Packers lose today they re -- back -- cornerback net. -- finally the NCAA legislative council approved a proposal today to expand the -- allowance for all athletes. The proposal will -- division one schools to provide unlimited -- to all athletes including a walk ons. It still has to be -- -- by the board of directors which meets later this month. Be more on line it's we're tree at twelve to -- dot com. The BS this deal whether tonight clear skies and low of 27 to moral windy and cloudy high 48 degrees a march or bossy for -- -- twelve to -- SSP. The -- live online at Sports Radio twelfth at the -- count. That is one of Brewers fans it's time to go inside the box score this is the routine is baseball post -- -- built by aliens ace hardware. On the only station Brewers fans the Sports Radio 1215 WS -- -- Ruff one for the. Brewers tonight they fall six to one to the St. Louis Cardinals and it's just again a game in which you're gonna lose it but the now like and it's it's -- little. Hurts a little more of one it's the Cardinals though I think from a fan's perspective let's. Check out the numbers just a I capsule lies first couple games of the series 22 strikeouts for that Brewers offense tonight or in the two games. They get three hits last night three hits tonight just the one run -- Ramirez home run tonight. Well that's kind of a a dominating performance from -- cardinal pitching staff so. Brewers offense needs that kind of turned things around just a little bit let's check out the numbers here in the -- Losses -- Carlos Gomez was all for two with a walk and a strike out -- secure all for four with a strikeout Ryan -- one for four he had two strikeouts. Around -- Ramirez had the home run one for four with a run scored RBI and a strike out. Jonathan -- -- all for three with a walk. Chris Davis over to all wac in two strike -- Mark Reynolds all for three. To strike out scooter Jeanette want an effort to reject the Yankee with a pinch hit appearance all for one. Mark push trot -- all for two with a strikeout Rickie Weeks attention prefer curve. Appearance all for one. With a strikeout pitching lines -- was stratus six innings five hits three runs all of them earned one walk three strikeouts Tyler Thornburg one inning. One strike out. Zach Duke won -- one strikeout in Jim Henderson one inning three hits three runs all earned. Once strike out two home runs the Cardinals manufactures six runs on eight hits Brewers one run. On three hits the -- -- Shelby Miller won in two on the season the loss mark -- trying to one and one. Lied to us -- the Brewers -- ten and four after the first fourteen games first couple weeks of the season here. The championship season of 2014. To talk this in here as well we do have -- Mario you get a kick out of this another block -- tonight. I learned that there is safe. Quote frisbee curve. -- -- What's what's a frisbee curve. I don't know. Hanging curve I guess. Name jerseys don't always curve when you throw -- them know they can go straight. So for his speaker writer I don't know -- didn't -- a fan of baseball for long time just never heard that as term before area. Not to say it's not utilized in the game of a year on Twitter as -- -- blocks and get on at Tim Allen -- to order counting tweed -- and ask what's a frisbee curve. And -- Julie B we'll gladly eat which you back into. I'm very that are responding -- to order. -- had no yeah I got asked that question coerced. Because I -- to baseball question -- thought I'd throw that in there are right now the Jim Henderson thing you just heard the -- line on on Henderson one inning. Three it's three runs. -- what would you do with them right now. I mean you've seen them Evan flow a little bit this year. But what do you do if I continue to pitch in the -- I -- Now I'm not I'm not getting all worked out necessarily like you are at this point I said the I'm gonna get him -- -- -- I know you are you're concerned before we got out of spring training you have concern before we got the spring training Elijah manners and -- You've been -- in all the way -- Tom that was leading to twelve -- nine and I I understand that but do you really don't have any other options right now. The only other option you may consider it would be Tyler -- at this point to pitch the -- I think well as anyone -- K -- -- -- I don't there -- there wouldn't would be another option right so when he could pitch the -- I guess. RK -- the seventh and an Anderson kind of just goes -- and and other situations. Yeah you know that the bullpen is going to go through a couple of changes -- of you know within the next several weeks I would think at the outset. -- You know. Or salon is gonna come back Brandon -- -- gonna come back some theory that bull pens doing get a little bit better. So maybe Henderson does. Go back to lower leverage situations like. They film and there -- say Friday in a 22. Game I believe is tied wasn't earned and then they threw him in there and a two run game. On Saturday any any did did squeak out of that one but again I. I just would hate that and sometimes you're going to spit up -- game light every team does not care how good of a team you are you do lose a game late and then that's going to happen the Brewers that's going to be the crusher. Hopefully that doesn't happen tomorrow. Because that would just be one of the one of those things were the stars lined up -- bad timing in in like I said you know loose. Once in awhile those games late just don't let it be tomorrow. Get the lead just just hold it right there are so bad Jim Henderson is just a tough -- for him right now and you know is is there. -- there may be a solution for no I don't know he's got a pitch to get his way out of Basel Iraq he doesn't have to pitch. But if you play in tight games. Depending on the -- -- of that bullpen and maybe you're forced to put him in there at some point. I don't think any time in the near future you'll see Jim Henderson in a close -- I'll probably right about that yeah I'd agree with that. -- so let's hear from. What we'll hear from Ramirez coming up in just a little while now the Brewers said they'll take on the Cardinals game three tomorrow. I guess I did guarantee it last night -- -- said -- win in game three up. Okay I guarantee the -- I feel pretty good about tomorrow's went at some point these guys are getting a little upset -- to start pushing the envelope. The -- -- -- comments about we make a bigger deal out of the St. Louis Cardinals like -- said before the -- That's just us it's just ownership and in. I guess Ron needs to understand that. Those numbers are starting to bug us as fans. And some broadcasters to. I mean you've you've gotten beat 6021. Times is too much talent on this team for that to happen to. Any team now remember this talent was viewed by the rest national -- fourth -- -- The Cardinals are viewed as the best team in the division -- World Series contender. Wells I don't know you better than that though Ricky knows better. So you are saying that there are the same level of the end of this talent now are we saying -- -- we have our birth classes are. -- we say now because -- fact. Well their tenant for right now all -- all I'm saying -- I I don't. I still think the Cardinals now have a better baseball team members to right now you can't argue based on wins and losses that's not even arguable at this point that they -- better baseball team. But there's just. Besides it down there's intangible -- That that go along with -- I just think there. And I hate to bring it out because -- me your take do you put -- all Cardinals -- thing and how they approach the game and all this other stuff. And -- censored. Either way that that they tend to beat -- time in the timeout and like you said before. We don't bust their hitters and hardly ever and it didn't happen again. -- either. Well let's let's say the Cardinals sweep and they end up both with the same record ten and five right tied for first -- If you go by record. Man. I mean there obviously even but the three wins that made them tide is the head to head matchup it it is the ownership problem. That puts them on the same playing field. You know at at ten and five. That's the ownership thing that comes in a play date that has made the difference. In the cardinals' season through fifteen games if they underwent -- -- -- It's made the difference -- it's made the difference in you having you know 23 game cushion. Up by getting swept by that team that has made the difference sold to say that now we we just of -- any other series and we want to win ball games. -- that's the case side and still trying to digest -- from running. Tim tweets at 120 yeah this is teach him -- -- numbers blind and Twitter for his speaker was a paycheck comes out fast then. Quote floats in the -- and off the comes from a side -- -- submarine which. Very nice. -- -- helping out okay never heard frisbee curve. Guests. Or -- section is needed if you will again Joseph remark Knowles baseball. -- Uh oh boy does he ever 7991251. -- squeeze in here will hear from Ned goes Tuesday's -- -- that's coming up next. Visit -- ol' buddy get a little piece of audio to play -- -- -- also are Ramos Ramirez. Has the lone home run lone RBI in the series so far. Brewers fall six -- one. And welcome back it is repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware Tim Allen -- Sparky five for nine years of post game coverage and that's and still going strong here -- Brewers fall. 61 to the Cardinals. Civil wanna tell me maybe for tomorrow's -- wrap this album do little investigating. Tomorrow during the day about. What is the -- Brewers record vs the Cardinals in our nine years of post game show. Similar. But today. That should be insisting. Got an email -- from Tim in New York Times today at a great article. I'm the Brewers are free sewing and will not walk Boston could not figure them -- twenty -- the Cardinals may have. Can the Brewers beat -- metrics will we soon -- for Rickie Weeks and his plate discipline. Ted Williams hated swinging at pitches outside the zone that's Tim emailing live at Sports Radio 1215 outcome. What did I tell you a week or two ago about how to beat the Brewers I think it was at opening a series against the Braves how how would you beat the Brewers severe pitch and against them. And you didn't have just lights out stuff some of these guys that they just have the stuff I'd I get that when -- when your. On -- on and you're thrown hard and you're on a year on the almost unhittable tough to beat for a lot of teams. How would you beat the Brewers. I know my game plan or not -- blood -- Arm thrown your junk all night long. Now again you run the risk of if you if you're not you know clip and a corner here in there. If these guys show the plate discipline -- -- and allow a couple of walks -- -- -- -- -- -- played a little bit. But that's how I would be you know I'm telling -- man offensively and it's been that way for awhile has been that way for a few years. They just throw the off speed stuff keep them off balance scheme -- -- look -- Corey yesterday I wanna say it was his first at bat boy he looks silly. I mean he was all off balance and that's rare for John -- -- -- Roy took -- to look bad on a pitch and it does happen to. Most every Hitler once in awhile you just he but he looked funky but over the long stretch sets that's that I would do -- -- -- have a flame thrower. I would just go just not the butt off speed and then just keep the ball down keep the ball weighed down and you know. I guess supplement that with with a bunch off speed stuff. Right let's hear from our promise -- -- first year. As he had the lone RBI here in the series thus far as the Brewers have struck out 22 times. Six it's just the one run here's what he had to say after the game. Just -- -- you know. I've learned. Live 9590 -- -- speech -- well he did it tonight. Actually has been doing everything faceless it's -- here so. You know we. That is so different it's it's. Like that's that's -- and sneaky fast means so hard for me not known as they could his but he's by spotting it well and then those cycle -- he's. He's basically fossil you know it's -- clinical managers. -- adjustments. Just some things to pretend. Who went away and we're going to be who preaching. Goes into us and move it and -- -- -- you know send -- -- would -- dates for Cincinnati. Sole home before when I was successful in these things that we got to be able to use them some pitching that. -- Without -- we don't mean that -- These weren't since the united build that -- the teams in the issue and actually they feel won more than ninety intellectually. The ailment to play a -- here so -- will win at the deviation and the medicinal against those yeah we've got to take. Sides areas around us Ramirez after the Brewers 61 loss. -- about a Ramos Ramirez -- remember when the Brewers signed him a few years ago when. He had the reputation down Chicago -- -- in sort of a clubhouse negative yeah. That has not popped up not one story not at all in town here haven't heard a bad thing about -- not one thing he's always been. Decent that is just more than. A meaning able to talk to the processor has him in any. Stories. Undertones -- as women back channels that we here -- nothing. On Ramirez that's that's actually pretty cool. -- let's hear from -- Ned -- or Tuesday's would net a little piece of audio here that's pay a visit. Two former Brewers manager Ned yeah -- -- the fracture. -- -- -- -- -- You know he's talking. He just -- something. -- Could have been a lot -- so we really. Tonight we have a -- and he's played third place first. Know we can move guys around Alex has played -- field. I -- -- forty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rumors forty -- -- and what are the restrictions on some I mean nothing right now you know it looks good pointers -- -- smiling it's. That's so it's I just -- -- an -- -- big -- Your normal treatment normally do. -- I haven't seen it. I had to areas -- -- old friend I I do kind of miss -- telling human I had this kid Giordano Ventura starting pitcher perhaps they say absolutely seven innings four hits two runs and -- three walks seven -- hearing -- point 69 on the year. The Royals starting pitcher I'd speak -- of Ned yells back in 2006 we started this post game show is is kind of wondering out loud. What the Brewers record is head to head against the St. Louis Cardinals Mario you have something for my math is correct. The Brewers since 2006. Including the -- games this year are 61. And 72 against the Cardinals. It's not all that bad now. That's a lot closer than than I would have thought Larry all the Cardinals there for awhile yet they actually did there was a window a time there where they got -- pretty good. Last year was the out liar at five and fourteen otherwise. Every year there's maybe one or two games difference outside of 08 where they were ten and five. -- I'd fair enough while then just turn the tide here but -- the -- the recent history that's the concerning part because. He figured that the window of you know high being highly competitive for the Brewers right now. May not be that wide open I mean they've they've got the guns right now you need to make -- now right. -- but it got some pitching coming through I I think their depth is starting to look a lot better. To the future -- You know and now is the time and especially this year this is the one time mean you need to get. Ramirez is going to be gone possibly -- body's gonna be gone this couple -- guns. That you'll be without next year that the team may not be as good on paper next year when you're -- -- free up some money next year to. That he may use adds some money to do some -- you may sign a third baseman -- Because Jason Rogers by the way I don't know if we mention the -- move from first -- third. In the brewers' minor league system real yes. Insisting -- They don't have either position so well they have -- del Monaco push so I think -- Am playing -- -- -- some slow personal issue -- Now right well that's gonna do for us here thanks to our crew -- Miller Park thanks that -- the other two old girl on a Tuesday and also Jason back there. As well. A Brewers go back at it tomorrow Willie for all -- against Josephine -- and game gets is the way at 1210. And after the last -- make this -- it's. Repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware -- going to be right here will. We'll talk about it hopefully it's brewers' victory. All right here and live in the Islanders on them Menard studios for Mario -- -- five for my name is Tim Allen he does have a great night. -- -- tomorrow after the game and smile Milwaukee the world will smile back. But twelve -- Milwaukee sports reports starts right now. -- in the -- -- in the sports updates Studio One -- terror -- legends of the field your one stop shop. For memorabilia autographs because of rain means an athlete appearances Brewers and Cardinals in game two of the three game set tonight six -- one the final for Miller Park -- Cardinals fan. The Brewers their second loss in a row Marco Estrada. Go six and -- giving up five hits three runs all earned and three strikeouts. The offense for the Brewers didn't have much for the Cardinals as the only run coming on a fourth game or -- Ramirez home run. The Brewers fall to four and always they -- still lead the NL central. Tomorrow the Cardinals sent Joseph -- to the mound and the Brewers have -- for -- to get in the start first pitch. -- at 1210 in the early afternoon. At Miller Park box tomorrow take on the Atlanta Hawks in the final game of their regular season tip off is at the same as at the 730 -- be -- Bradley Center. After the game to -- nitpick and say basketball post game show right here on 1250 WSS -- Packers news today as they re signed backup quarterback Matt Flynn. Finally the NCAA legislative council approved a proposal today to expand the -- allowance for all NCAA athletes. In division one the -- the proposal will allow division one schools to provide unlimited -- to all athletes including a walk ons. That still needs to be approved -- by the NCAA board of directors which meets later this month. Read more online at Sports Radio 1250 dot com WS -- weather tonight clear skies below 27 degrees tomorrow windy and cloudy with a high of 48. A march or bust your list is -- at 1250 WS this be listening live online at Sports Radio 1250. Dot com.