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04/16/14 Chuck and Wickett 6am Hour

Apr 16, 2014|

Recap of the Brewers' loss to the Cardinals, what needs to be done to beat the Cardinals?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Served up by Perkins restaurant and they greens this is the only state you know what he sports fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. Good morning it's just -- -- served up by Perkins restaurant -- bakeries. That's Jeffrey -- I might wicket to. And -- I think I've seen this one before I really think I've seen this one before. -- sure could go to do recovered -- talking rovers the Cardinals not about a Milwaukee loss. We'll sickness it a little sick of this get that SoundBite of -- -- -- displayed any dirt area gravity he -- again you know -- He was against obviously at the press -- last night another loss of the St. Louis Cardinals has responses. I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we are we're concerned about winning ball games whoever it's against it doesn't matter. We have to win games. Whether it's Sam or whether it's Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. If you looks -- a little differently than -- rest of us. -- trying to and that's that and we definitely look at -- KK can I have the manager my ball club a little concerned about I don't know beating the team that's been in first place in this division for -- I don't know how long. Yeah giving wouldn't. -- -- rod -- giving is a good manager just beginning part of that cut. You're more and you guys -- -- more concerned about the Cardinals and we are you should pick it started up the brick and articles Matt yeah retrenching but he did it goes out of say you don't get sort of the other teams. I do what he's trying to -- -- come off very well -- it right exactly I understand what he's trying to say like after a win against Saint Louis isn't worth more. -- -- win against Pittsburg. -- -- is he's well he's in front what he's trying to do was downplay effect this team can't beat -- it's exactly what it is you can't beat Saint Louis if they get one today. At the four into home stand by the way just in case you're wondering to -- won today you know feel good about affords you homestand. Still yes I don't want to get swept. I don't want to get swept the -- -- and the other said Mike Metheny. Was at his press -- less than he was -- you know. One -- one -- dominance you mean you come in here the Brewers are tended to and you just -- kick these guys around once again you know he's like okay. Where homer -- for me nervous is a good team and who we just don't take anything. -- -- Not any better from it for granted here because this is team that Tom has shown rest of baseball we know what they've got. So he's coming out there and -- basically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now and it was funny was echoed by a couple of guys that locker room last night who should we be aware basically since -- -- -- -- -- He just look for words the fight about how you don't just did just that not let a fire in the Brewers -- yes -- -- there's trust me if you've been watching these games. And even pay attention there ain't no fire in this for a ballclub all of a sudden what was once -- -- hot two days ago and the Brewers fever is nearing a fever pitch. And we were all -- still kinda sit -- -- thing didn't. Now we can't have a nine game win streak followed by a nine game losing streak -- -- that. If yes we can BL -- we can you can't have all the aero -- of the blue and if you don't if you lose today that's like three it's giddy with your rivals still in first place. But you don't want to lose some. To be two games Williams these guys all I understand I'm -- and dumb on your side on this. Eight -- -- I don't know what it is and I really hope someone today. In take a look at what's going on here and explain to you and I maybe maybe so -- can figure it out and tell us why in the world. The Milwaukee Brewers. She just can't it's not even shocked that they can't beat. Saint Louis. -- they scored one run in two games today and six hits. Late in the nets coming off the hottest streak. Of any team in Major League Baseball. Is that that's that they -- -- good pitching is that what it is I mean we'll be -- and Miller fine pitchers but. Well Miller had been struggling -- first two outings because back and he's. It was a Don Drysdale has been -- of a sudden Sandy Koufax is there a team for that the cars he -- pitching lights out there you know it was that Shelby Miller or Bob Gibson you know which -- -- was. Was that ought to reach decade each second -- keep up the recheck you are out that her program from last night everything. They've gone -- -- we don't think. The -- six hits and two games -- this offense. -- those those four games thrown out of the struggle offenses that are you know David -- Saturday night. The F I look at pitching covers up maybe a poor offensive night of both of those nights but then. The last nights when your offense is hitting and the only score a few runs the B chip and also it's like while out scoring and a -- And the one guy you need to beat to be pretty good in Ryan brawn. Mean let's -- let's be honest yeah I that some things are right I mean I didn't hear -- hitting the wrong with the thumb thing shot but he was had that you know six game hitting streak after the the series went to Boston. And now you hear about the -- I'm sure but he's three for his last twelve via. He's three for his last twelve and one for his last eight year via Internet an extra base hit since that last game against Pittsburgh I don't think -- anybody -- by first base last night other than a home run by Ramirez's is that just a promise. Just -- homer gets -- there was nobody got past first base down their three it's less than. Three hits. What -- have a final question for you as a team ever had two guys finish. First and second for the Cy Young because if Shelby Miller Italy insulin depicted pitch against the Brewers. Point five more times this year those your Cy -- or -- without a doubt if Joseph Kelly pitching today. I'm Joseph Kelly and I would have no idea who Joseph Kelly number five starter and a team. Chuckle Kelly and you'll probably do three hit the Brewers they'll just say and yet to throw that out there -- got to bounce back ADE do we have to win today because he. If you lose the series these guys on tape but it's only one teams we know you lose you lose a game and losing team that's. But you're not standings watching in April. Now now but if -- but if you are. And if you are unique Gary and you want us to keep -- first but she wanna avoid the slide and can just play that beginning of the of the Redick he cut again forgiven to have that ever an era renegade. Are you struggled against St. Louis Cardinals note ID number -- -- yet be making any debate and then today you just don't get the job but getting if he's. I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we are you concerned about some ball games -- whoever it's against it doesn't matter. We have to win games. Whether it's Sam or whether it's Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. After winning against the Cardinals to beat him this -- probably it's probably tempering that enthusiasm but it's just funny how video game the other side you know. Mike Metheny is lucky to get we -- just you know in -- until now -- holding holding our breath I mean this is a good team. At that. It is a good team they just whatever reason aren't a good team when they play against us a little -- the Brewers. Here we -- our toy program 51 again thank goodness we're. You're 23 and five here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was talking to Michael bombing on the way out guy from mlb.com and you know he works. You know as the commissioner pretty well as a wells anybody. The media knows him. And Mike and our walk them -- of media estimates Mikey you know but secretly thinking tomorrow if the Cardinals off the wrist. We -- a one hit yes -- a -- sixteen boards -- this is probably at the colonel's office here it is a pick off a forty times they and the target is schedule and then ice at the -- few years when they -- to -- Montreal the Montreal Expos in the Minnesota Twins management take probably -- -- to adapt to six it was what I mean there's no real baseball history out there is -- -- The very least but with the -- it was over their -- -- a bit of good news. For. Brewers fans who are scared of the St. Louis Cardinals and with obvious reason you should be. The Brewers don't have to see Saint Louis after this series till July all right -- all of may. All of -- the rest of April. You know to see him until July 11 that you've probably -- every other day if that's the case you see all of August -- you -- to see him very -- don't go to Saint Louis at all. -- that now all in in and out by missed it I skipped a series you're right while playing other the last week of April nevermind all those three there -- in. Who who -- dude did the math in my head here chuck. And -- -- which is the opener. April 28 guys in November 28 at Saint Louis young body goes up against Michael -- that's you know it went that's another thing that you and have -- -- pitch in this series can thank god who he can't beat the St. Louis Cardinals -- life she didn't see way to -- you didn't CEO. Didn't have to go against them now and you still can't get a new damn wind I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals. You get concerned about the Cardinals if you're six games behind the Cardinals come October to be worried about the Cardinals yeah. September 15 your sixth out with nine to go on the -- -- -- by the -- -- -- -- this opening series is sad is about as tense as he gets towards people -- I mean you just look right here I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we are. Yeah that's is -- stances he gets -- you know his first snap -- so putting is I've never seen him in in since I've been here a since he's been here. Ever really kind of -- off manager or a media -- or whatever. You know if somebody -- don't question -- is gonna smiles and works -- way around but immunity to tell. The way he answered it to you -- tell his -- yeah he's frustrated too but he's frustrated answer questions -- -- because he can't beat Saint Louis. Sixteen more games against the Cardinals now there are sixteen more games -- against the Cardinals this year. -- -- -- -- I got to the eighteen including the two that they already lost this I am I've -- -- -- was 21. He went through the position by position yesterday they're better at most positions. You know starting rotation and its still pretty good starting rotation for Saint Louis. I'm hopeful that they can still bounce back -- get a split. There's still things -- your team. Now stand be a 162. May not happen it's not I am general cannot happen anymore they they've already lost forehand as you what eight and out 1584. Still might be a long shot -- sit well are fully acknowledged that. Are fully -- and it may -- was little it's -- all over the top came over exuberant there forgive me for just. -- while giving it said it one of our sports teams actually is on the best records in sports zone on and can't get excited about -- -- for change I -- tell us that on Twitter that my positive he was BS -- continues the that the letter stakes at all this. Mike wicket BS positive but he. Sorry I got a -- sorry. Yes sorry. You know so yes three B it's now exactly but dom. Have a little fun because the team is -- -- and join the best record based I don't think the evidence remains one dormant those seasons over. Up but I still think you know good team. Going through a funk right now. If they're presently at Saint Louis -- threw it offensive funk but. Hopefully will -- -- -- get strong outing from him. A picture is not been bad the last couple days he's been okay a market vendors that got rocked yesterday LA LA the idea how to say the starting pitching BM -- you know two home runs that sort of story. But Marco -- pitched well enough to win just like I thought that -- Garza pitched well enough despite -- of two home runs yet. On Monday night I mean if you -- you -- separate -- -- it's a different. I was talking about -- admirable you. It's -- it -- it will run to the ballgame yesterday -- brew crew review is coming up next on Sports Radio twelve to be WS -- day. I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we are. I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals in the we're concerned about winning ball games whoever it's against it doesn't matter. We have to win games the weather -- -- -- Wizards Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. We don't care we just we need to win. Sports Radio twelve to -- WS -- it's just -- wicket preserved by Perkins restaurant bakeries that separate that I might wicket. Still cold outside and it anyway wouldn't it -- the day after tax day. I weather forecast for today expect I have 1250. We'll touch fifty today it's thirty right now. But I've never actually felt thirty feel so cold. -- to me like I'm just sick of it and just absolutely sick of it what -- my car and frost on the window again. I don't thirty's not fifteen below -- we've had you know in this horrendous winter but. It's just -- you spent. -- I just a thirty never felt so cold because I wanted to be so warm so bad you know two months ago we would have gladly accepted thirty degrees thirty was windows down -- there was great outside snow was melting it was a beautiful outside yet. You know no Donald were -- fifty degrees receive Brodsky you warm -- 55 these great now. Today -- of fifty. And right now we'll put sixty sometime next week maybe speak -- -- brew crew review this'll be fun as -- manager Ron Redick he. Guess the world -- little bit too concerned I -- -- with did the Saint Louis red birds. -- -- St. Louis Cardinals around Camelot and we go to our teams of baseball worry about me guys so concerned with that all these other team to the Cubs in the Padres coming up later Rihanna. Took the it's part -- would be conservatives one team would Jennifer beats. This -- the big dog and a Mark Ellis groundout to shortstop. Scored -- in the second inning and -- Saint Louis up one nothing in -- -- it was Allen Craig do would submit -- freak and Craig because strata is ready he pitches Craig's. Wings and Lions and in the last senate failed this ball gets down credits going to -- carburetor started store a couple of the ball Carlos Gomez his throw bounces and toward the -- field as the Cardinals take a do nothing really there's your game winning hits on GM -- -- because after that it was two nothing in the Brewers would only scratch another run at. On meanwhile Saint Louis would add another one win now I'm not a Mark Ellis sac fly scored Yadier Molina -- again at -- three nothing. And chuck let me ask you this we had to the bottom of the fourth inning -- right. And it's three nothing. I say Louis how you feel like a -- good nope I'm I I am not feeling good in this game because I know the struggling offensively could tell -- struggling offensively. And once again a three nothing deficit looks like -- -- insurmountable one -- overcome bullies around his Ramirez hit one out to. Break the streak of scoreless innings for the brew crew. -- -- -- I. Brian Anderson on fox sports Wisconsin and that would be all the Brewers would get. Just you know on the three up three now and get a guy at first not been the other there was a chance -- the sixth inning to have a guy out to a single by Ryan -- In the sixth inning and I've thought Ramirez -- of that with -- maybe -- this is kind of a home run in many arise out the short left. Two outs for -- -- line up. And that's this -- -- the last shot. Probably Tyler Thornburg it's been pretty freaking fantastic all he talked about Tyler Thornburg here for so assists and guys have been right stellar yet inning relief -- CS. Yes he has so. -- he's bitter really one of the bright spots he's retired Mike. He's -- five outings seventeen. In a row or foreign pretty dang good -- -- pretty gained good. Gave the ball to Jim Henderson -- boy late things didn't -- -- -- to Zach Duke who then gave the ball to Jim Henderson and down. Well 29 didn't fare so well up -- Matt Holliday there in the ninth. Who shot deep to center field -- you know leave the park homer. In the first of the year for holiday as he takes Henderson -- There is now for a long way to go Matt -- his first -- -- the air dead straight over the center fuel. And media image put -- Henderson did some work in 31 game's still tight but. It put him in there and I -- hopefully that he didn't -- -- 123 maybe get him to the bottom and it would have a chance to have to get a runner to because they have the heart of the order coming up the bottom of the ninth inning before -- is still not insurmountable. -- -- You know and with Yadier Molina on the on the base -- here comes -- -- pearl -- We're no longer are fly ball -- left -- did a very. Plus a whole year and it went over the goodwill -- -- two run homer and the Cardinals now waited 61. You don't want to -- -- and now. Boy Johnny last night Dan would be a little resources -- but -- the if you were a result the powdery links where -- reach for this guy rejects Jhonny Peralta now. They go 61. If your final score a portable games he leads the cardinals' home runs Johnny if you lead the majors in home runs who knows him when -- that -- right. Shelby Miller fantastic yesterday for the for the cards. Six innings struck out seven walked three did enough to shut down number offenses. He's very good stuff so. You know we've we were swinging the bats well -- we came in against these guys it. We faced two good pitchers so. He was good tonight -- really good fastball. Sticks in a cutter and in media curveball and change I mean he's got a nice he's got some nice weapons. -- he really stuck to his first two outings the Mike this year. But the remedy he's wanna know if the Brewers lifetime against her she's -- -- all with -- -- area of one point 95 Shelby Miller Shelby Miller. The six sharp jail we know six starts for Carl a one point 95 ERA more from her manager -- -- -- the other Cardinals pitchers -- the starter -- palatable than. We've got some nice arms out Ferran and you don't want to get behind. With him going in late in the game because you know you -- who you're gonna face. Marco Estrada took the loss in six innings he allowed three runs all earned scattered five hits struck out three walked one. 34 -- -- again this was a good enough outing in my opinion. For the Brewers to win out of Marco Estrada the degree -- and I that was good enough for the Brewers to win. But -- you only can managed three hits and one run. In the year -- -- not gonna get three victories and Mike we talk about the struggles that you bodyguard has against the Cardinals Marco Estrada. Lifetime against the Cardinals all in five with a five point 60 earned run average explore a winless Lebanese -- five -- -- -- these guys. But he wasn't on his game today he battled these behind the count a lot his -- ball. -- usually a real good pitching hand couldn't seem to fine. That one where it or he could throw it down in the zone. Changeup I threw some great ones that wasn't consistently that and the and the fastball to. He's he's a guy that pitches ahead in the count and he was and pitching hand. Just citizen vote as performance Leslie's mark with -- at all home run. A positive given how you do you highlights yeah he's susceptible to the gopher ball generally Jim Henderson -- -- -- -- hitting bombs so we'll get to -- -- comments on nine number 29 coming up in just a bit. But as we know. Win good pitching and indeed good hitting the because it was gonna win that -- right yeah it kinda knows get a win now yeah native is already gives. Was glad I think as well as we are swinging the bats it's it's probably -- two really good pitchers so. You know it's early on in the season and can now. I think anytime you and you have an offense that -- Eli can they're -- -- well. They're gonna come against some some pretty good pitchers in you know and there's good pitching knowledge shuts down -- offense. As Shelby Miller -- -- -- -- pretty good pitchers. Shelby Miller and Lance in -- lives -- -- -- today he has brilliance that gets well I mean that's there's no. Take it away from his credibility -- would you W -- and you miss and Rocco and Wainwright now you know they would you get their four and five. There three and four who is going today Joseph Kelly joked Kelly show Kelly and then you know -- rotation Willie -- Eagles for the Brewers inimical to the top of the rotation starter -- Pittsburgh series. Are we already looking ahead to Pittsburgh Gallagher had bad starts there's about a win this one you know what the home games of April -- the schedules tough. Which go home games there because you play a four game series at Pittsburgh and and you come right back home next -- to start -- series -- San Diego. And the one thing about -- playing in all these home -- and April is that means Coleman rolled a little little later rounds season -- you're going to have to got to make those games up back to last night's ball game finally from a manager around -- Deion is out. Former closer. Didn't take any steps towards regaining that job last nine years Ron I'm talking -- much. Henderson he threw some good -- -- -- felony under pearl doesn't stand around you -- -- that's -- we have to get away from Thaddeus. You know he threw some really good fastballs and threw some good sliders and we just we got and get inconsistent. And maybe get him some runs. And maybe get their bullpen some runs its nicest couple ice a couple of ideas figured a few ways -- get some runs to the pitching go -- Easier said than done I understand I am and I'm not a must win tonight to know or this afternoon -- don't like to see them. Not gifts with Oklahoma St. Louis Cardinals not caring so much about the Cardinals jock because it's built -- so much positive momentum. The first twelve games of the year -- -- twelve tenant to him is slammed into all of that of them a Carlos come in a slender finger yes. I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we are we're concerned about winning ball games whoever it's against it doesn't matter. We have to win games. Whether -- Sam or whether it's Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. We don't care we just we need to win. I want him to be more upset about losing the St. Louis Cardinals. I really do he probably is but not you just can't let us know about it is that what their -- I I think the -- gimme stratus and -- -- team is. Now. We can -- tennis of this yesterday. -- you know it's in their heads you know he is a want to keep bouncing out. Because he comes out there it's as yet you know we just can't beat these guys I don't know what it is we just can't beat these guys. Of your manager saying that. Does it translate to the rest that a team needs I'd -- that's your probably right about -- I don't know. Those are threatening but he stranded -- played a little bit but that is the only it is what it is -- -- brew crew review review who would have thought a yes 61 ball -- would be such a long brew crew review. You -- to go the other way. But here's the good news Jack we've got good news free -- fans. For today's game coming up after our three -- we'll get to today's ballgame and all the coverage. Wink wink. Of today's ball game coming up on Sports Radio twelve to BW SSB after I checks update at three trends here on Sports Radio twelfth at VW assist me. But 1250 Milwaukee sports reports starts right. From the was the field Sports Radio vaulted the -- studio I've chuck -- much is the field he wants -- -- -- from Reverend Billy RS custom premium athlete appearances. Meanwhile Milwaukee Brewers have scored just one run in two games -- -- St. Louis Cardinals are rob -- Ramirez account for the only offense of the Brewers last night a 61 loss at Miller Park. Threw one away and we got to meet. Who pitching coaches do a single pretended to be shown you know suddenly this person would speaks for Cincinnati he threw another successful in this -- We go to we're going to be able to -- -- -- pitching. While cargo pitcher Shelby Miller who pitched poorly the first two starts the year struck out seven over six innings beating Marco Estrada. We're fault attended four on the season and host Saint Louis for the final game of the series -- and Willie -- and show Kelly are the starters after the last -- make the switch repeat as baseball post game show a WS a speed to Marquette coach Steve Puerto housekeeper. Says no one is leaving the program and that all his underclassmen will return next year. -- all the Packers on the statewide tour. They are doing each and every year and they've signed Matt Flynn along the way they picked him up late last year and that -- nice job filling in for the injured -- writers might Matt Flynn will we. Coming deck fixture the NFL or -- its schedule next Tuesday. The parks are hosting Atlanta tonight as the NBA's regular season comes to a close -- it safe Milwaukee -- the -- or tonight here. -- WS -- the -- of -- sorry Chris Wright to a non guaranteed contract for next year. Online at Sports Radio -- fifty dot com yup they brought you by the Milwaukee County parks -- -- -- -- golf discount card. And see it every time you tee off. Discounts on golf at all ten regulation courses broke -- time for only 44 box where all information for 42578024. -- early part of town. WS's the weather mostly cloudy becoming windy at a high fifty. Right now it is thirty yes thirty I've checked freedom Sports Radio twelfth of the WSB I might have sports ready to -- -- account. It's time port calls of -- -- This season second -- -- served -- by Perkins restaurant in Big Three. News on Sports Radio 1215 W -- Loyalists -- -- west with a walk off follow the Giants the Dodgers spot of a twelve out in San Francisco and nine KN BER actors Sanchez of the walk off single conscious minds. Crawford jumped in his. And -- celebration week. And the Giants -- -- the Dodgers. Twelve. Marathon and the Giants have won this game but the final score of you -- it. -- -- and they're yellow line KN BR the Giants radio network and moving on to the American League it was the Rangers and Mariners and how about this guy former Milwaukee -- Prince Fielder going deep for the first time for Texas uterus. Go -- to win five nothing nine KRL be over Seattle. Fifteen I'm sorry fourteen games in and Prince Fielder finally goes deep. There for the Texas Rangers by the way Texas is now seven and seven. Odd Toronto and Minnesota this one -- does -- -- cold silly. TCF bank stadium. No target field. The metrodome where they play games down Minnesota kids it'll logos are all covered himself as it was a sort of -- I'm assuming it was all his socks there it's probably colder there than it is here he what are ideal world would you -- -- home. Target field where in the hell's the Delmon. Didn't affect the Blue Jays didn't affect our former brewer Brett Lawrie from going deep -- -- out bases -- JF OJ for the Jays -- To deep left field line and I drive back court goes globally except they're -- -- -- A Grand Slam for Brett Lawrie and he is pretty much just slam that. And the way here as the Blue Jays NORAD in front nine to two. Get it he slammed the twins away is your program feeling good guys have -- -- WG CF AN radio and the Blue Jays radio network. Toronto wins 93 at target field there's your era. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two or three trends in the world of sports and coming up tonight shot. It's the end of the season for the bucks and fifteen and 66 to go for win it. Sixteen. Tonight on the season. And 82 game schedule -- out tonight -- does it matter if they win or lose I mean because the fans now we -- good. Good feeling of and I tilted the other way and wanting to lose -- true early in the year we definitely but we kind of colonel wasn't realized it was not gonna happen agreed to make in the playoffs so you know the out at the so -- -- if they would lose -- most -- you win them this okay. Cool so the fans out feeling good and at that I have a -- with the lol. Million -- who will be what's gonna happen there tonight at the Bradley Center. I -- members of the the final four team are going to be there you don't know Wisconsin Badgers -- look at this OK I think that that the with the heart of the game. A professional sporting event -- your college teams can upstage your professional teams. That's the business right and it's just that's what's gonna happen again if he has a nice thing we have to do it here but the biggest applause the -- will be for the final fourteen it's there and when those wherever it is I mean Josh gosh there are. And -- that I miss those days. And the first 101000 people at tonight's -- season finale. Get a free ticket to summer passed about that I missed I missed that your best right you miss badger basketball -- never said that in April -- -- -- that the I'd miss right now I do this it was. Just so recently they were playing him -- dismiss it as a lesson we -- -- -- basketball being played in the state by one of our teams. But tonight it is official the finale of the season Milwaukee Bucks at the B lawyers Bradley Center. Speaking of those badgers -- things got a little easier and Agassi easy -- with things got a little easier. For Bo Ryan's badgers yesterday as. We knew Gary Harris has gone from Michigan State also keep dabbling -- Adrian pain all gone from Michigan State. We find out in arbor Knicks Dallas is and Glenn Robinson the third both believing it Michigan and going bro yeah that weakens them in heavyweight look at -- further. Landscape you know for competing for a national championship Arizona. Is gonna have some guys leaving two up Eric -- -- on nick Johnson's gone to adjust to that commit OK I saw yesterday are also Johnson committed to so yep both of those guys it may -- a couple more so. You know -- that's the Michigan guys leaving. You know in the bigger scope is maybe it has to JB chip. And yeah but -- -- before your guys they're all stand I'm just taken a look right now at the the big Teddy got weak you -- star power like those three in East Lansing and those two -- nine in in Ann Arbor -- and makes me Gary still waiting to see what he's going to do they mean. A losing Aaron craft at Ohio State he's -- line. Thank god the overwork golf you have to do your predictions for the Big Ten Conference action was just be favored. I think -- the favorite right now and it's again -- -- to a bank he would be -- I think you're probably right about that he is. I think he's -- -- other than the favorite a Milo quit Roscoe into Ohio state of the guys I know there's still going to be pretty good -- -- fun way to get -- the end of the big seven footer -- I mean. That there is some serious. Talent leaving me. The Big Ten and it. None of course from Wisconsin -- -- brought us to is a very big piece united you know discount breast plate. There's a lot of talent is out of this conference that -- to pave the way -- -- -- Big Ten title. Bo Ryan's badgers -- be curious to see all the badgers go to a starting -- up big with a three guard back court with Scott -- And you know -- does he move in the starting lineup you've got to give him on the floor. As we saw the final four last year. This past you don't couple weeks in how we did in the regionals final I think you stick which rave on and -- sir and you move and I delays into the starting lineup the other -- -- get bigger by putting Nigel -- have Bronson KV and have a three guard offense -- -- -- Good question yeah good question this one of those guys either -- or. -- -- a good probably have a one of mobile will not be starting. -- finally the Brewers lost again it to the St. Louis Cardinals six on the final score yesterday at Dell Miller Park. Is their second straight loss this season to the red birds are rob mr. Mears -- a home run that was pretty much it Marco Estrada six innings five hits three runs. Struck out three had just one walk a hit a piece for Ryan Ron Ron -- stinger. -- -- scooter -- that was it offensively for the Brewers who -- still within striking distance until Jim Henderson gave up not one but two home runs. I'll with a 31 deficit facing him in the ninth inning for manager Ron Redick he on -- -- reliever. There's some good sliders today -- felony under pearl that in the end you know and that's what we have to get away from. Thaddeus. Young threw some really good fastballs and threw some good sliders and we just we got him get him consistent. More from Jim Henderson coming up as he -- -- yesterday's he -- each and every Tuesday at 935 if you missed. Number 29. We talk some baseball but we also talk about some hockey we -- -- Stanley Cup predictions. For the playoffs that start this week that's coming up next second wicket there's three trends at 644 on Sports Radio 1250 WS has me. The kids. Can put a grand in your -- And done Sports Radio 1215 WS is beating your first chance to win 1000 dollars this coming Monday morning at seven with chuck Finley listened to the -- -- -- -- to seven to 81. -- -- -- -- -- Sports Radio twelve to -- to USS -- morning jacket -- served up by Perkins restaurant and make three as the weather forecast for today. High of thirty right now those -- high of fifty right now it's thirty in the brew city. Got -- up at 7 o'clock would you fill in the blank. The Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because blank. Whatever FaceBook page -- -- your answers will take your phone calls coming up adds up 4147991250. In about ten minutes from right now. FaceBook dot com slash twelve to DW SSP also take him on Twitter. -- Mike -- at Jeffrey -- -- to be WS SP Brewers lose again yesterday. Jim Anderson gave up two home run balls. Before he could do that he joined us as he does each and every Tuesday at 935. And I was sort of talking about the end of that losing streak now they almost got to ten wins but couldn't quite push the -- -- over the top of the hill. -- didn't help sell out there if not the center the last two were different you -- that we can't get that and thorough. Lateral -- cute. Man Williams Jimmy had no factor in the game went on all I don't know -- solid to blame him I can't blame Jim for this so DL you say it's not -- -- -- stands up for that I'm in my column is not the way it's gonna take a look at a gym work. I don't know I'm not mean you know I can't really -- either -- -- -- in my adult tiger at the bat that -- -- either so. Let's just say -- and put the other night game for the Cardinals demand so that. They had to go back to last Saturday for us the play at the plate and I know you probably would asked about it and your manager spoke about it. You're big dude but I don't think that anybody that -- organization wants what -- their key relievers to be -- home plate anytime soon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's it yeah I'd then I think really you know it is kind of it happened so quickly don't really remember much knew that this hysteria that that's -- that's a -- might need a ball. Obviously -- -- the need a little bit but. That's the problem they had -- -- -- mistrial the place urged and then. Felt my glove though fronts are sick I'll prepared type and look for -- but Bermuda and so but who dogged it there -- put. When you're covering home are you thinking of the ball the new rules recap block home plate rethinking about I gotta be in a certain spots a -- to call for that. Well -- -- just like this -- Ryder -- that this season. It's earlier this sort of my glove out from the plate and make sure I got him or he gets because both the -- We you know that we. You go to make Depp plays -- Philly got very downing a runner in from third -- feel like I comment. -- when I. But what I went back and look that bad -- closely and I thought so so during during the -- -- boycott the block on that on your time so. You know I definitely felt that -- that I thought I was called for the ball but to electric -- -- so less so here at -- kind of slow motion that's on the continent -- democratic. Did -- you go back to the dugout and give -- -- any tips. No he -- the unity values and -- 37 o'clock to play than he ever. Well ha ha ha I was having not played and try to -- up on a pop up on the play tennis is like geez now they're trying to manufacture something or get depth but that's. Almost caught you guys -- I can -- he -- somebody off Garnett situation but he has got the out. Yeah it was the un glued weird because we put his head down I think that's what they saw Alou put his head down on specific set up for -- this spring training and -- They do last year to just do around so -- -- -- real quick school. That's pretty yelled at him that's the sort of let you know everybody Bolden against -- accused the -- lose. He was quote the second -- if you are from center field he'll have secured a throwback to -- as -- it was do the big play in their beer better my ball. It would this be gogel was actually close to home plate that's a for those you know it was actually is well it all play -- that's -- -- he's got even imagine something right there that. You bring up things in the -- that -- they have done that in spring training or in spring trying to rid of that about last season. Do you guys have notes on a little quirks a little things that every team specifically I guess -- in your division but do you have a book or or notes on things that the teams do. A little bit quicker look -- a ton -- play it is -- -- or you just kind of a little different you know first and -- players thought like that but. Yeah that's that's -- it really comes up during the during the season so you know you like thank you on Saturday it's. This is kind of reaction you have to go to the right place right time and -- kind of reaction to the plate. But scouting reports on hitters have these advanced scouts give you revisit tell you what all this guy -- the chase what are some of the things -- -- -- -- -- sky tends to chase this pitcher. If you break this guy inside he's gonna. He's gonna go after her -- the only cameras -- -- wonderful story reports like. There we definitely have all all the sort of -- every hitter it and and what it's gonna -- -- the bigger -- -- you know to -- things can change. Slow week to week month a month. You know go -- hitters aren't slumps and stuff like that so. The biggest thing for us is to see. How others -- I'm about move the series before they come up and that's that's what the lieutenant spill so therefore they they -- another -- -- watch that. What's the didn't want to get into the team -- about the play. You know -- before that play so we concluded with few other slander somebody -- -- going to be careful. -- -- -- baseball without naming names that. It's just norm if you throw this pitch this guy he's a sucker for he's not gonna lay off that he he dives after this pitch every time there's a certain guys like -- There are certain guys let and put. And and that it's been good night for us and know those very impressed. But also don't wanna go a little -- -- -- you know I'm there are professional hitters and they -- -- -- -- -- charmed by the second or third game series. Your pitching them so he still he's still have to keep -- growing but I throat but I hadn't been here the next little bit. I would Brewers pitcher Jim Anderson on Sports Radio twelve to VW SS -- Brewers and Cardinals got an a tonight -- Miller Park this you are on -- show gets ready at 6 o'clock. Right here on Sports Radio 1250. I know that you want to keep the streak going but were you getting sick and tired of being asked about the winning streak. -- -- No no you forgot to -- cool peoples but. Hurt -- because they feel like -- -- I mean I feel like it kind of took away from you know what I mean -- at one of those things were more more pressure was being built up -- wind eight to win nine to -- -- was that -- was there any extra pressure added on and on top -- you guys just going out there and trying to win every game. Not so we're not out of it we are very relaxed and the reseller we were gonna win every game you know that this you get that rhythm and that group. The last minute so -- and again I mean it is a great atmosphere to have in the -- -- -- move to go to Buick you're gonna go out there and you can't lose so. Everybody enjoyed it and then. And nobody really upset we knew it was gonna come and -- -- point and and rescue workers -- to America -- it's -- -- that are kind of -- or soccer or not we're gonna look certainly at. Jim I think the streak is -- and I hit announcements follow me on Twitter we should not. 160 ensue. Canseco club -- -- a -- -- Ohio those little bit. But unrealistic. I found out like that -- like that here. A 160 and 260 and I'm not going to be the -- -- very often but I took the under I didn't know guys are gonna get to a 160 victories this year and I came close I took I took the under so I apologize for that. What is it about those damn Cardinals Jim what is it about that team with that bird on the on the Jersey that gives you guys so much trouble. No I don't I don't. And I'm glad. I'm part of it for so long last year I'm Lester I really didn't enjoy it. Getting my butt kicked -- -- all year but. I feel I feel you -- Buick -- bigger change that or. I feel that our team that -- -- of -- and Felix. You know we've added some pieces and they've lost some pieces so. You know we're just. Receiver group out there and compete together we gotta get -- it back to implement and it's gonna start tonight that. You're throwing the ball really well here in the last week once again. -- America. And god and everybody out -- we talked last week got into some pennants and some games and blow a game you know and little to grow there and let it slide for cup putting them. And then -- and another back in the mix cousin to a -- game and then compare -- there's so that's been a local. All right Jim wanna get to it because -- Stanley Cup Playoffs as we know they are beginning. We got theme music field ESPN NHL team which doesn't get run anymore because they're not on ESPN these days what have you picked the series winners. And we will move on a court -- court says the does daily cup playoffs do move on and get your other predictions. In the last Saint Louis and the Stanley Cup champion defending champs DC Chicago Blackhawks. Mile trip to grill like this so that's one but I don't the blue marks. Hey I like that pick a lot how about Colorado and Minnesota the wild in the Avalanche. Colorado Colorado Anaheim and Dallas. Current San Jose in the Los Angeles Kings. Which team will you be awake for any of those games because they're all -- be 10 o'clock starts. Out there on the West Coast. How much to the east the Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. For -- Colorado I'm sorry Columbus taking on Pittsburgh. That -- finally they win -- series about Tampa Bay and the only Canadian team in the playoffs Montreal. That was -- him looking at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pick up off only because of his native country. And for the first time in the east another Red Wings and the Boston Bruins. And this is my favorite to win it all as the Bruins. Boston Bruins pick in it to win it all there is -- daily cup predictions. Jim appreciate the time good luck again -- it up tonight against the St. Louis Cardinals. And noble keep track of these lets you know how well you do and how poorly you do as the other playoffs continue. Our current right. Jim Anderson joins us each and every Tuesday at 935. During the brewers' season appreciate his time as always. Got -- -- you fill in the blank the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals. Because of blank. We like you to figure this out -- and I can't figured out maybe you can second -- 659. All solo -- with Greg is Sean and Belichick know why you're not it is secret to show on got a Miller Park coming up today. There's a reason why able to lay all about it next on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP.