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04/16/14 Chuck and Wickett 7am Hour

Apr 16, 2014|

Why can't the Brewers beat the Cardinals? Is it mental? Are they just better?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Playing good baseball we're imminent minister read our team and obviously they're doing really well and doing -- -- was targeted -- plan and they're still playing just we're just. John don't mind games and as I was -- that's -- -- a -- I ask the Cardinals -- in this -- So strong I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we are we're concerned about winning ball games whoever it's against it doesn't matter. We have to win games. Whether -- -- or whether it's Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. We don't care we just we need to win we gotten a lot. I'd start your day with -- second -- -- -- -- by Perkins restaurant and they greens this is the only state you know what he sports fans -- Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. It's just throwing it for certain about Perkins restaurant bakery Sports Radio twelve to be WS has me that's -- Freeman and Mike would get that tiger -- voiced -- Mike Shannon kind of laugh at the Brewers got I think he's been through it played out again that one again now might get there right. We get that up -- real quick here. Here's -- -- final call on Campbell likes last night. -- -- 111. -- -- get something else that. That's good. The Cardinals were in this world in this. -- -- -- This. Obviously left a lot of room another -- It's funny how we keep beat these guys do it again good you know Cardinals -- -- the Brewers -- again if -- call -- -- That's one area of Olivo we -- that we can lose these guys. We -- triple ourselves that we still would be do you think of -- -- put out eight guys like left center field open. Dad they added that the Cardinals would be the Brewers Andy Williams at the picture field he would at the -- case and it feels automatic outs you figure out what happened no you can partly to outfielders. Kind of like softball. -- it -- -- right senator George of that supple he went yellow and -- show up juror 80 yeah now William. Yeah that's that's always thousands always tough to do now decent speed out there you know in set in left center and right center -- Would you rather go left center right center a -- with go three infielders. Which one would you would you prefer to do your -- soft all softball -- -- You know hitters -- and he received probably will go with you probably want to go that extra outfielder out there beating socio three outfielders and have a guy plays short third. Yes tells us to do somehow -- that outs or played or have you -- -- -- nine guys you know if you have nine guys is still -- straighter -- three outfielders would be at eight. Yeah it is sacrifice one we sacrifice the infield -- the outfield probably the infield probably you -- video. The the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals and -- look maybe you could figure it out. 147912541479912. At the -- into the Bucs up finale. And what the season is meant coming up at 745 but right now wants you to fill in the blank. The Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because. Blank. Aren't just talking about yesterday or the last two days. But the last three years Crimea gene Rayburn of Mets -- the -- -- misplayed -- if the that before landing little I love that gel okay I don't ever brought their children Tom Doris was so dumb yeah how does well -- -- -- race generally get to work in she would forget to put in her. Blank Jeter ever had that really long might lay out those of the best like the Bob Barker microphone -- there -- -- that laying down love that thing. But it's it's not just the last day week -- two days or last season this season it is the last few years. Fill in the blank the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because. Blank 41479912. If the 4147991250. You can email us live in Sports Radio twelve PP -- -- -- -- -- for answers here we are it's hard figured out it doesn't make any sense. Army is deaths like the talk around. With the guys -- damion last and it's like. What's it take to beat these guys right and it and it had initially. To a man guys the media is like. It is shake their head like while I don't know let -- nobody seems every answers but there's gotta be some reason why. That they just cannot. Beat these guys are terrible is one of three game series -- -- 2000 Leavitt at Saint Louis. We're in August when they could lose game they -- a three game series but since then they it's just. It's been terrible so it was somebody sent me an email or it -- I can't remember who was legal back and -- -- and find it. It is back though when we're 155 of the divisional series against Arizona and the Brewers -- to clinch in the Philadelphia. Game was on TV at Saint Louis and we -- glad that Saint Louis once they would at the pace. Ahead -- -- to see the Phillies -- to see Halladay -- -- -- -- only wrong I math some very much so and that Ryan Howard grounds out to end the game and we're like -- -- -- -- the Cardinals as a swept the three game series have been lucky to get -- playoffs -- goes back before that. It actually goes back right before that because. They got a -- here from JR cynic. Jim writes on Twitter at -- -- Is it the curse of Niger -- remember. Right before that playoff run and again the Cardinals won the playoffs that year and -- the World Series that year. -- Morgan put out on Twitter T plush -- CU in the playoffs with about two weeks left to go in the season. When it looked like the Cardinals. Were out of the playoff race in and they became the hottest team in baseball squeaked in and then blew the blew the Brewers out six. And went on to win the World Series is this all Niger Morgan's fault -- curse of Niger is it the curse of T plush. He he has some -- with Chris -- partner that's what started that right idea but it was actually started by Chris Carpenter they -- -- Morgan got blamed for -- Because on Twitter he -- CU yes playoffs yes but that whole thing yeah it was outs and Carpenter cup Porter I admitted that he started dad is more can -- four. Is it all -- Chris Carpenter -- but who do we blame for that says this is the started at their body more to get the he's always a -- stuff. When he was here usually is. Usually is restarted on Nigel Morgan is -- walking rather. Game last night at a -- and I. And down you know he's Cleveland were expected in Major League Baseball is with Cleveland I did not know that I did not put an expert and -- Niger -- -- there -- brewer is easy or is east. What -- described just how bad. This -- -- -- with the with the with the Brewers and Cardinals -- taken over the top I don't know one and oh let's go 4147991254147. On 91250. Feet. You fill -- the blank we wanna hear from -- lines are open the Brewers can't beat the St. Louis Cardinals because blank all go first. I'll say they're meant to -- I'm not as strong. Not gonna column mentally -- I'm just gonna say they're mentally not as strong. When they see that Saint Louis uniform. When they -- -- -- Saint Louis on the front of -- they see the Cardinals come and it's out it's like. No we can't do this we can't beat those guys we can't do it I don't know why I don't know what caused it in the first place but to me. The Brewers. Can't beat the St. Louis Cardinals because they're not mentally as strong in this game that is 90% half metal. The Brewers -- -- beat the Cardinals because -- not as mentally as strong as Saint Louis and your were your answer is the Brewers cannot beat Saint Louis because they're not mentally -- as -- -- that is correct. McKay that's my answer no I mean for whatever reason. They are not intimidated when they see the Pittsburgh logo they are not intimidated when they -- the Boston or Philadelphia logo and they're not intimidated in the AC. The Cubs low -- or the Mets logo Ortiz other logos with the EC that burden. They -- -- -- you just with the Brewers -- just can't hit their pitching for whatever reason no matter -- they throw out there Shelby Miller -- he's got a great record if the Brewers. -- six lifetime you just can't beat your pitching cannot beat their -- for some reason for 147991254147991250. Will take your phone calls coming up next we -- -- hear from -- lines are open jump online Brewers fans help us solve this will help you try to figure it out as well the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because. Blake or 147991250. It's jacket wicket and for many of us this Easter weekend. Means time to reconnect with family and friends that you planning to celebrate your family over -- this weekend. Make sure you include the best in quality food from Robert specialty -- to stop work -- Roberts is always welcome at dinner time check out that Al Capone roast. I was -- there yesterday the Al Capone Rose was going like hot -- yesterday or. Selling like Al Capone -- should be. It's all kinds of meats -- seasonings all wrapped up into one. 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For the best that meets you know -- to shop this Easter season Baddeley closed on Easter. -- shopping done it. Before Easter Sunday for the best to -- shop Roberts special to -- in Waukesha -- your hometown butcher. Your Brewers calls coming up in two minutes. I mean you -- -- -- more concerned about the Cardinals and we are we're concerned about winning ball games whoever it's against it doesn't matter. We have to win games. Whether examine whether it's Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. We don't care we just we need to win. Sports Radio twelve to be WS SP -- can make it 718 on a Wednesday good morning to you high today of fifty it's thirty degrees right now -- the brew city. -- your phone calls or 147 on 91254147991250. -- -- fill the blank. Today's fill the blank the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because. Blank or 147991250. Peter and repeal your first up on Sports Radio twelve that BW SSB good morning Peter. -- you're doing all right still the -- forests the Brewers can't beat the cards beat -- eyes. Our book the cardinal way -- got up I've got to recruit c'mon guys physically fit the crime is that actually in the book of cardinal. I think it is that the chapter I'd take it to the crew just like electronic time for the -- -- -- -- -- -- notebook. -- and then I'm not I'm not up for book burnings but you know a lot I that maybe this one case we might have to actually make an exception. Get that pork and then -- -- Flush got sent down -- record Colombo. An ideal with the human Williams and down. -- Is it reasonable for us to blame T plus for the Brewers struggles against the cards ever since he -- out I'll see in the playoffs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had to find the cardinal like Bridget -- -- or 14791250. And over the maligned for you 4147991250. Email alive -- Sports Radio twelfth of -- up more ball always have a place in the world war. First one lightning in the bottle year with the Brewers heck yes he will but the second year was a fail total fail and he came off the bench and he was just not the same guy. But all that T plush and the tee and all that -- thrown up the tee from the beginning Tony -- a whole season -- -- some people hated it. Did you like -- -- zero who hated it all a lot of people hated it didn't like it. -- a lot of people didn't like Tony lodged in like the antics didn't like the attitude did like the flamboyant baseball fans or react in this state oh yeah really I didn't sense that all god yes all reality it flush I realize I was a highlight was a -- I like Tony here are some but I thought it was bring on himself on top of the a little incident after -- Clinching -- Arizona has that from his locker just thought. It's something as it was all about Niger. -- -- it always is all around idea. Market should -- in -- on Sports Radio 1250 -- mark. -- -- -- -- You're on the right track -- -- -- -- Morgan but soccer's gonna happen help elements and goal a little -- are under a time machine. You lose a player. And burned us in the trade with the Cardinals. -- -- -- got 02 pitch. We traded Larry aren't and who also trade it was still Porter. Yeah and who the World Series and -- here. It was number fifteen Darrell Porter. So it's. So this is this is the curse of Darrell Porter there's a select her border I I've heard -- -- go I've heard of them you know all of -- all of -- different. Now it's the curse of Darrell Porter yeah that was great trade -- Medals on the better trees -- histories like yet I can't -- at fourteen back to bite them in the World Series obviously. But Tom. Without. -- you know in ninety who have the -- curse of Darrell Porter had to do that one. Over again they we still do it. I honestly I don't think I just think the Cardinals are more mentally how. They know ought to win division games and it's gotten in the -- wait and some. So that's -- no matter who they draw there it's just that we don't we're gonna go all the time the Brewers are nothing to Joseph Kelley has the edge today. You know I think he's right -- -- -- right. -- the call mark. 4147991254147991250. -- you can email us live -- Sports Radio -- if -- dot com. Ideas on Twitter and FaceBook as well. Over social media -- -- -- Sports Radio talk to get back out like a couple of tweets to get to you. From fired Thompson now. It's actually his name. The Brewers can't beat the St. Louis Cardinals because rod Redick he took over as manager. Not sure I agree -- that one. Fire Thompson now that's his name that's it that's his -- OK I can start follow me a Twitter to in block -- can. Brew -- 8788. Matt rates on Twitter -- likely get the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because the Cardinals of the -- scouting report are they doing a better job scouting. Milwaukee the Milwaukee is scouting. On Saint Louis. -- only the baseball people would really know that these guys -- somebody that you're brought their front office and scouts being so good. All the time -- their front office and their whole department there and they don't make many bad moves and if they. If they make a move that looks bad of late not resigning pulls it always works out of favor corset dies of course. Does that recent polls he has a terrible year they win the World Series a year later -- -- Yeah the matter. Alike -- -- the Brewers beat the St. Louis Cardinals landmark -- on Twitter because Tony La Russa made a deal with the double the okay. See here airing -- daddy writes dobbs -- -- -- -- writes on Twitter. The Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because. They are our daddy I think people just hate the Cardinals to brewer fans just know all this and they just hate the Cardinals come in some cases -- baby turtles or don't most hated team even more so than the Bears -- -- -- Chicago team. It's the Cardinals and is it just goes back to Tony the Russa may be in the curse of Darrell Porter. Thinkers of Darrell Porter. Let's see here this is from. MV our rights and email to us live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Like I said the Brewers are afraid of the Cardinals totally intimidated you can laugh all you want but Milwaukee is a long way away from being in the same league -- Saint Louis. Fault totally apart when they play a perennial World Series contender the only thing I'll say to that is -- I believe most would say that Boston is -- World Series contender. And they swept the Red Sox in Fenway I I'm just gonna throw that out there. And Pittsburgh who made the playoffs last year and generally speaking teams that make the playoffs are considered World Series contenders. They were swept as well so that's the only thing l.'s sake it's not a playoff contender thing it's not -- World Series contender thing. -- -- -- Thing but it's you know they are good I mean -- Cardinals -- the playoffs and ten of the last fourteen years they're damn good they're darned good and it's. For whatever reason no matter -- It's -- seems like they're pitching is always better than ours. Always -- in the -- pitching it's just the matter what -- you might think you might have a decisive matchup and the one other guys you can bomb through six innings striking out eight. Just two hits the ball -- his -- -- to doubt from that point on. Or 147 -- 91250 Andrew writes on Twitter. Relax Mike -- it's too freaking games the Brewers all in the season series against the cards hash tag mark my words. -- I want you to sit out -- save that I don't favorite anything on Twitter I'm saving your tweet -- We'll check back after the Brewers play Saint Louis sixty more times which they have. Sixteen more times to play Saint Louis and it's just up two games right it's it it's not two games it's it's five years. It's the -- go back -- know. If you want. Mike it Waukesha you're on Sports Radio 1250 boarding like. -- why can't the Brewers beat the St. Louis Cardinals. X -- and that's something -- here all orchestrated. And it's something -- think -- he started Atlantic again. And -- -- their coaches. Fooled on some things and they have picked up on things when they played against him and knew what he was gonna pitch in -- tendencies. And I thought they are really cute and while I'm at right there I mean like that we could see that he got -- -- talking -- How their pitching always seem to be a little bit better than offense. I mean it's like. They have that upper hand there where it's the coaching and the our scouting right air so I mean that you work for -- still going to be -- -- Cleveland history it got. -- say it's all. I I don't know I have -- -- Great coach and I -- and you know if you get the -- that the players. You're gonna have -- winning formula every year and that's what that's what they keep doing it. I don't know I hope it will pick up on -- -- what was. -- we did decent last year against the Cardinals. Alms. I don't know what felt -- -- -- I think they know it's standard considering they forced him. In all the years before their flight I don't know why it's it's -- like actually -- right with well. It's the matter what's ever in the states -- the 82. You hit your ball won a World Series championship you win the first gave the World Series had nothing and you end up losing the series seven okay you took a 32 series lead in the Saint Louis you lost game six and seven. Then course 2011. You know -- lost that series the save was -- your favorites to win that series. You have this nine game winning streak come to end of the under at the hands of the Cardinals this like any time you have any positive momentum and things are going good at the -- Cardinals are always the buzz -- Or your phone calls coming up at 4147991250. Fill in the blank the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because blank. -- your phone calls -- up. Maybe there is something to the scouting aspect of it. There is something -- scouting aspect I I I would like to know I I don't not him enough of a baseball insider for that. 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But twelve -- Milwaukee sports report starting right. From the -- of the field Sports Radio -- fifty -- studio I've shut free but much the field your one stop shop for Reverend Billy autographs gust of -- an athlete appearances. Two losses in a row and the frustration of -- that the St. Louis Cardinals pass to be bonding or is it. I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we -- we're concerned about winning ball games whoever hits against it doesn't matter. We have to win games. Whether examine whether it's Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. That's her manager Ron Redick do you -- lost six to one of the Cardinals at Miller Park Marco Estrada took the -- -- -- up up. 31 game by connecting for two home runs in the ninth inning off for reliever. Jim Henderson series wraps up this afternoon at known Willie Peralta and Joseph Kelly are the starters after the last pitch make the switch abuse baseball post game show on WSS -- -- In the NL central Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati sevenths as anyone that I -- have -- five. Final sparks game of the year tonight hosting Atlanta mean is meaningless game the -- have already clinched the worst record of the NBA meanwhile. They could -- walk -- -- the post game show wraps up tonight here. -- WS -- -- the Packers took care to back up quarterback spot by resigning Matt -- team is hopeful to bring Brett Favre back for game next year. That according -- president Mark Murphy Milwaukee public schools has fired school flight which is basketball coach John Allen. For recruiting. -- -- wants a top candidate for the market coaching job believes Tennessee for Cahill. Read while mine at Sports Radio pulpit the dot com -- they brought to the -- what our media there -- there -- always on time every don't -- nine. Me a better date mr. counted up 18669927070. Pounds while we're here to get there. This is the weather mostly cloudy becoming -- and a high of fifty right now 32. I've checked freedom Sports Radio -- fifty WS his feet. Online at Sports -- ball fifty -- jump. Brewers fans who was yesterday's children's MVP -- a first and always 4147991250. And -- -- food from Chile Chile's more than life happens here this is second -- served up by Perkins restaurant big grease spot the only season Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS fifteen. Brewers fans who was yesterday's -- MTV meet him first and only 4147991250. And win -- food from Chile Chile's more than life happens here this is second -- served up by Perkins restaurant big grease spot the only season Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS -- season. Are they got beat. Six still one. It was the -- MTV 4147 and 91254147991250. Go to the phones in sea of Don and -- ego knows -- can you tell us who the -- MTV was in the loss for the brew crew yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a riveting segment of sports or else I you'll is probably your -- -- chart of where I think actually our boss actually -- identity our radio hall of fame in Chicago Memorial -- won't have to put that -- that's that's against the us is sue the Sanguinetti 6 AM segment on Memorial -- don't you won't get -- Washington in the Sebastien fifth I know it's your day off would you make sure you listen when chuck and I discussed their favorite soups. -- it's worth the insurance. -- -- -- -- is -- to the the Jets are getting a visit from Chris Johnson. You know he's rushed for over a thousand yards in each of his sevens seven seasons -- -- -- his first seven seasons 833 a year ago. How much -- the Jets of course signed Eric Decker hurts my bad things tonight is that -- is over there isn't the Jets are always in the mix when somebody gets cut is always the Jets name always gets mentioned that the I would Guthridge and Tebow other exit this guy this guy in a 1077 yards last -- six touchdowns. A far cry from when he ran for 2000 several years ago yet. -- he'll -- somebody. We'll see if you're very powerful work -- -- see these guys and -- -- -- likes you know who is the leading rusher for the Jets last year. Curtis Martin I believe it was Chris -- -- if if if I believe. Believe it was Chris Ivory. -- to the other Burres and a sack the blocks. Well they they have their final game coming up tonight and at 8 o'clock I -- absurd 815 we're asking you. About what -- lasting memory is of this horrendous season for the -- maybe some positive Bucs talk again we haven't done that a long time. -- shot tonight is the finale. They go for win sixteen -- of the 82 game schedule tonight against Atlanta guessing eventually pull from the win tonight -- in the playoffs -- this week for me MBA playoffs a little bit at the Eastern Conference the look -- for the last western come look at our the last Lotta good teams but this playoff games. All day Saturday always Sunday -- good day good a good day right there when it kickoff Easter weekend what a great day Easter weekend sit on the couch yeah. -- else I don't forget spark he's gonna have that'd be the final. They can -- basketball coaches show of the year coming up tonight the last one to send off. That of course is a lot of bucks and used it to go around -- the -- the GM and head coach who's coming back. The draft all that -- and there's a lot still to be -- -- to be said about the Milwaukee Bucks. Even the tonight is the final game yeah the next couple weeks or Mike there should be a lot of news regarding Milwaukee Bucks with a -- -- -- coming up next month. We'll do that drawing I believe -- middle of may result beyond the LA Laker invitational is what it is is that the Lakers getting Jabari -- quakers. Lakers or else there's a -- -- somehow New York even without a first round pick will still find their way their top three -- -- we breaking things. Seriously that's -- -- that. Nobody asked -- yesterday night in his Brewers the way to play its part of that pressure free trip that's up to that point yet known but didn't but they only if the Cardinals and again today don't start notice that. No it -- -- breaks -- -- -- -- for some reasons are there are certain things that get to me I don't prefer badger basketball for some reason when they. Something goes bad the post season that's -- when they lose to an inferior opponent yes kind lottery -- or -- it's the movie do some stupid bad calls wherever. The lottery the NBA lottery if -- doesn't goes -- way to get one of those things happen. There's visa problems about a bad play -- the packer defense or that that'll happen but -- -- you but next thing I'm buying up. As as frustration for me is that NBA lottery. Because David Stern think a year I think it helped our history shouldn't I and I got frustration -- -- -- so I don't trust it trust there. Those guys at all I don't trust this lottery are you know whether he gets through the box -- Adam silver is already failed we know that Adam silver did not make. The Celtics Lakers or Knicks. -- I get in the NBA playoffs for the first time. In the history of the NBA post season and it's amazing and -- NBA lottery -- that night that's very -- -- yeah the draft as a -- and the first -- goes to yes they -- pick him be -- their first pick -- the Los Angeles Lakers hobby Mario in the box or somehow. Now isn't a case where that the -- snapped -- -- that says that isn't fixed okay which -- -- it is. The box almost have to have that first break just the -- to everybody date it isn't fixed the opposite a fix -- all the Bucs have the pick because. If Boston or the Knicks -- Lakers get it. Everybody be screaming -- Spent second pick goes to the Boston Celtics something -- last night at the Miller Park the Brewers only managed US scratch out one run it was a solo shot in -- 61 loss. To the St. Louis Cardinals by third baseman Aramis Ramirez. -- -- -- Brian Anderson on fox sports Wisconsin let's give back in the phones and take your calls. As the Brewers have now after their nine game win streak dropped two straight to the St. Louis Cardinals and the trend continues they just can't seem to get by the red birds -- fill in the blank. The Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because blank or 147991250. Bob and kind of -- you're a Sports Radio 12:50 good morning Bob. Or do it all right doing all right tell us why the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals. Well here in my opinion whether or straighter longer period I think -- read things one -- I think that we're still without. A decent -- is definitely the strongest epic hadn't quite awhile but I think the Cardinals build -- superior pitching. I do think the Cardinals team to get more of the clutch hits -- we see what we we have definitely have a -- all all sorts of good veterans without which is tickets are currently clutch it's we need the partly what chip. And more importantly I think the Cardinals have. More are mature and they have a better or are our bench players and both players were -- think our bench is pretty strong. There's a lot in there yet the big blanket. That was a big boy fake -- a guy has covered with -- -- -- nine I hit -- -- -- word -- Amendola of -- you know us you're probably both bright there's a lot of truth in there in the clutch -- sticks out from -- to be the most is. Are the Brewers ready to rise to the biggest moments against the biggest opponent now they can have big hits against Philly or big hits against Pittsburg. But is there something about that -- that just for whatever reason make some pucker up in the tightest biggest moments of the year great call by appreciated. I don't know you know after a great start for the Brewers lead is only down to one over -- the Cardinals to move first place tie the course by sweeping very going to the game then yeah. And I was my plan was to go home and watch -- -- but as I found out from you today. They'll start cricket shot after the game is gonna he's gonna join us today and right get -- -- doctor -- -- I said he expected to and you drive down and walking remarkably -- on the show. Yeah he breaks are gonna get on his way because of the Brewers -- yeah I say okay he's you know -- -- but I go to your anatomy here Brewers and Cardinals -- on the year -- -- the finale against the best team in the division yeah and it's not on the -- who made a decision when they're put a good TV schedule what time. But you know what there's for some reason every game is not I am I know but you know you would think that every game between the Brewers and Cardinals certainly be on TV. Let's see what's on today that's going to take over what time is amber game at -- noon. Girls high school soccer -- -- -- and Catholic memorial I don't know that sets you -- at Time -- -- that you're looking at the -- got -- -- fox sports okay thank you blitzed the year you're -- you almost feel bad from -- crowds he's not I'll feel better I'll feel better if I do disallowed fox sports was -- channels at thirteen 09 now -- thirteen 09. And -- and -- Their re airing the blocks and rappers -- on fox sports Wisconsin today nude -- -- -- the wanna see that they are re airing met at a the -- -- Raptors six clinching game Mike the classic game that I want to see a bit instead of putting on the finale with this with the St. Louis Cardinals. In 2014 you can't watch every baseball game -- team and a market like this. -- -- that was it didn't. -- -- -- the -- -- if I if I did see tonight yankees -- Red Sox game Bulldog BC because of a Knicks nets game from three days ago what I would. It the schedule may say OK -- -- twelve games you cannot put on the schedule -- an error 150 there's usually Houston Houston San Diego. Why do you that -- -- a habit -- all three those give Libya but it's the cure is a put the game on T Saint Louis and Milwaukee has not on TV there's visiting Milwaukee Toronto basketball game you have to know you have to put every brewer cargo game now it'll botched that Catholic memorial girl had -- soccer team that I just mentioned -- -- 32 out ballots. Amazing idea I find it just baffling. Golf fox sports Wisconsin does not have the Brewers and Cardinals on today. I don't care if the union what might that never used to show the afternoon games and many realize a real -- -- we British are doing with -- and -- -- calls coming up next on Sports Radio -- -- BW SSP Greg Sean joins us today. I mean you guys are way more concerned about the Cardinals and we are very concerned about winning ball games whoever -- against it doesn't matter who we have to win games. Whether it's them or whether it's Pittsburgh or whether it's a Cubs. We don't care we just we need to win. Sports Radio twelve the BW as -- it's just it -- served up by Perkins restaurant bakery is right to the -- at 751 you weather forecast for today high 5030 right now in the brew city that was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You didn't seem too concerned about the inability of this team to handle Saint Louis actually more concerned about the Cardinals -- -- well. Yeah you know what I think we are -- to fill the blank the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because of like 4147 on 91250 when you can't beat somebody in the -- Cilic -- -- And -- them. Ultimate buzz kill your team a little concerned about it he's trying to -- played here. You know like he wanted to return to be all the teams just advocates -- -- put special emphasis on the car because they're the best team in the division if you wanna get to the post season and you're gonna have to eventually figure out a way to beat Saint -- you might meet up with Saint Louis and kaposi's like Lovie Smith when he got the job -- the Bears it was like we know we got to beat the Packers he he he knew -- right as the big dog you got to beat the big dog. Astro Bob on Sports Radio -- -- -- -- -- Bob. -- -- -- Astro. Well my screen says bobs still go ahead Astro -- how to value then Tom while there. Are here are always -- always changed Cardinals it. Our priority then we'll just let Elena you're gonna pass drills and reading and -- -- Zealanders lasts. It. First pick -- a -- because I worked well. The first since -- -- morning by what he's saying because he wills it to be so it's -- -- since we've got -- Great ones you waited on line -- you on hold for nine minutes is a because you will it to be so all right try to cut it right there -- -- obviously Oregon Sports -- twelfth at the WS -- -- idea -- you to follow up that phone call. That's not going to be -- Morning guys they offer from a little bit theory -- -- to do with. Nature of the Brewers hitters you know we were -- -- -- -- swagger week. And we try to have waited for years but I think I think the article exploited it looked at the -- beat Kucera. How many how many -- yesterday the last two games. We swing -- we out of the strike they'll. See I see beauty -- -- no doubt what you call it there you how did you refer to the way the Brewers attack pitcher attack those swing the bats. Free -- you said you use it free swingers credit to her manager -- -- you refers to as an aggressive approach and the plate which what is it. -- well it deep and you can you can spin it either -- Up there. They're last in the in the majors that they'll put up three -- on base percentage and and I'll I'll say it and a lot of people don't -- but. And the -- gold. Putting -- -- -- spot -- -- Follow a couple of guys are. Weis does a lot of people oppose the -- I don't know urged him why it's because busy the biggest free swear era mall. We need to put a leadoff spot I heard of -- problem to go go in the through I don't spot know -- -- -- problem Carlos Gomez in the leadoff spot when they're winning nine in a -- he's he's -- 345 I know it's early in the year but he was -- 390 appointments -- -- Carlos Gomez. With fifth speed net. Combination of power there's no reason why can't we know he's a hell of a lot more discipline that he used to be no let's all be honest here and agree on that Carlos Gomez is a hell a lot more -- many used to be and it in in that scenario. I don't have a real big problem in the lead -- who -- -- leadoff scooter -- When he's in there no -- are gonna have scooter -- leadoff. Cigarette. Know most of Europe where he's going now these. A -- is Ramirez is good from base it upon Luke now Davis known Mark Reynolds -- Would you lead off you know we -- only scooters the only other option and me I'm five rather -- -- there we Logan Schafer when he does start every other day. -- on the east side you're on Sports Radio 12:50 Brian good morning -- Until it all right -- like the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals because blank. Well there's two on one side at first the first one -- called and went -- Because. A couple of there wouldn't last year actually -- -- are few and far between. But it got I had it and play from behind. So that's the biggest thing I think -- the team -- behind especially to the Cardinals they would cycle here we go again. And just all that would be that their pitching. It is just outstanding -- keep reloading chunk is from their -- and so -- I didn't know that setup guy -- their. -- 9899. Mile an -- like are you. -- it just feel like every time Ryan when you watch this this cardinal team play they have some other hot shot pitching prospect. Yeah I don't like we're the -- didn't guess. No it does this kid and don't short side right lower -- -- -- -- tonight but he pitched well in a time like the. If you think he -- it -- That can't be sure you don't -- pet and he checked him do that side wide delivery the reliever my he's -- for the twins yeah I mean -- that guy gets everybody -- -- the Brewers and seems Lamar calls give Travis a Brown -- up Travis you're a Sports Radio 12 to -- good morning. The morning at -- eight. -- real simple the Cardinals have a better. They have had for three or more years and the fact of the matter is it's early in the year you know it kind of reminds me that was out that work. When we went into the tournament -- anybody in the western Kentucky was the second best team in the country no. -- and I mean they got Utley -- -- young players are and that's the only way to Brewers are going anywhere together. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we -- league steamrolled it was a cutter. And your back and go route. Not being in the batters and then in one year and a guy that -- that certainly make the for a wildcard contender with a wildcard. We've doctored the provoking content into the end of the year because of that. They don't -- pressure -- Packers were never better than the bearers in the -- he had the Atlanta ninety's there is a -- Cowboys Packers and -- in the -- now they appreciate the call the Travis rough again since you -- sound off began at 448 when he won 62 and John Paul's -- GMC. Twelve to be sound off line -- -- wanted to get in tell us why the Brewers can't beat the Cardinals on the sound off line at 44821620. -- I got a -- here from hell skews eleven he says the Brewers might be in the MLB network they are listed as one of the two games on MLB network regional coverage. So we give you still could see on LB network which is good news if they show it they will be on fox sports Wisconsin in the we will talk to Greg to -- from fox sports Wisconsin. Coming up in three minutes it shut it -- 7:57. Good morning to you. Sports Radio twelve to DW --