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04/16/14 Fox Sports Wisconsin's Craig Coshun joins Chuck and Wickett

Apr 16, 2014|

Craig Coshun talks about the Brewers' trouble against the Cardinals, Ryan Braun, the start to the season, and Gomez in the leadoff spot.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now from fox sports Wisconsin and a great midwest think hotline. Welcome in our good buddy cranky -- -- good morning -- aria. Our guys for us all the world's problems in the -- -- beat Kuerten is once again to strengthen your try to forget a great -- -- any answers. No no it was just finished short interviewed and I can't figure this -- out of our dreaded dirty you may have just had -- host toreros. We we have all the answers is that that's the team that never at all yet. Exactly we can pick a -- game afterwards and say they should have done this or -- -- -- or whatever and and and then it -- -- won the ballgame in order more we're asking our listeners Greg. The question on the table for our entire 7 o'clock hour and a lot of her fans are Chiming in with a lot of different answers. To fill in the blank and I want you to fill the blank as well. The Brewers can't beat the St. Louis Cardinals because blank. -- put the Cardinals are better -- now. -- -- I mean that you know it's you know sometimes you stepped you know -- it down that's about right that's what I say a lot in my career and -- set a series you're gonna put me on -- -- to do this we needed -- it down a. Out with a decision that every morning we tell us that we -- radioed over our candidate. It down. You know -- you're here's the thing you know you you can. Breakdowns stats -- all like kind of stuff all you want and I can you noble all clubs do but. You know -- now. You know it it it's hard to stake. Why the Cardinals are better and number -- now well only because. You know it's still early in the season you know I hope that we don't -- you -- dive back to last year and and -- and stop because the birds are different team than they were a year ago. And and I think the Cardinals are too you know both these teams are still you know evolving and I think the -- get a win to dale -- this is going to be you know quieted down and stuff but. You know I I think -- The ultimate bottom line is no other one team -- have a recent success and -- one team who hasn't but. I think you know radar and on the lineup a lot of cardinal opponent -- now. So it's it's easy trust to make it also ecological right now and I and I guarantee the team's thinking about it even know they they say it or not are they need to win against this team they need you know series wins against this team they need. You -- play at least 500 all in and get some of those losses -- that you know. The paper at against the Cardinals in order -- compete you know they're they're number one on the list right now and not. And -- that's the big target that it has been talked about throughout you know spring training the first couple of weeks you know the only way to -- the division. Is to beat Saint Louis so they they really gonna start -- out today. Yes they are getting the Brewers of both of such equity it's like a gaggle in the casino winning like five -- -- at the table. Then throwing it all back the next day at that -- -- -- for doing that against Saint Louis in the series. Yeah -- you know it it's pretty amazing you know that the offenses. Well I mean -- you know. Look -- here's the other thing. Air every creates -- -- of the game Cooper was going during their winning streak. Even when -- even low scoring game you know he looked at you know what kept him and it was good pitching and and then. You know the pitching gave up a little bit you know the offense you know pick them up later in the game and and they had some wind so late games on the road stuff and and against Pittsburgh as well. -- now the offensive especially in this series. Hasn't taken off for ball the pitching -- -- there I mean. You know outside -- you know Henderson gave up in the ninth inning you know. This this team just wants to be within you know one -- -- were three wood with the last cracks at bat in hand out. And last night and it was 321 in the ninth and all the sudden it's six -- one when they go when they go to -- -- and you know history -- -- so but for the most part you know thing to clear. -- they operate now the offense for whatever reason has -- been -- at Miller Park if you take that. Pre game series against the Pirates -- way. The other five games they've scored a total of five runs in have been shut out twice. Are brought it hasn't done anything yet here at Miller Park capital but a lot of his teammates -- mute yourself Chris Davis hasn't homered yet. There's there are still a lot you know you look at it this way they're still a lot yet to be happy. Offensively for this team that they -- even touched yet. That would -- -- fox sports Wisconsin on Sports Radio twelve to BW SSP it's -- in wicket the Brewers. And the St. Louis Cardinals -- at it today at Miller Park in game number three here in Milwaukee. How we don't list their last hours say that he doesn't want to see Carlos Gomez in the lead off spot anymore would you agree with Saturday -- to go go is in the right place. Are -- season -- he's a great spot I -- right now he's you know he's probably a little. Over anxious and they're the last couple games but you know about every leadoff hitters gonna go for something like better or every -- and it really doesn't matter where yard line up but. This guy you know look this guy gets on base you you can't beat speed for. You know an opportunity to laid out on to get things going camped speed for. You know if if there's just a little -- -- field he always will put pressure on defense. To get him. And we've already seen -- get to lead off home runs as well. -- he's getting -- he's among the league leaders -- hits I don't see any reason why anybody would want this guy to be -- not who else put in that role. To be a true a -- A five tool type guy I mean to meet he's -- for for the spot right now. You ask me this team made. To kind of last minute decisions one was in spring training a week before -- -- -- by putting Carlos in that role. And the other one was on opening date when they put K rod in the -- closer those are the two most significant last minute moves they've made and -- But they pull it off greatly would you guys agree. Alia -- and I thought that Carlos all the time no matter where he was at the -- that was a guy. It's huge needed to eventually have a leadoff spot with the speed and combination of power why not in the Oakley was it better -- -- to. Yeah yeah I mean you know he and he's getting on base you know a little bit more this year through so I think he's a little more patient at the plate even though he's decrease Warner -- -- -- yeah. You know if you've been -- hit about like keystone -- great you know. -- yet except some of the stuff he -- base paths and all that I -- -- and you know he's not gonna. -- -- -- -- -- Ever go away and talented a guy I said this on the air you know a couple of days ago -- I mean -- if if people are going to be crying over the outs that he makes on the bases please -- this has been brought this is who he is. And you know look what he does to stick to compensate on the other side -- sometimes you just have to accept. Player who who years and for how much this guys developed -- brewer uniform overs career. The team is that patience because they saw what could be used in this guy came through war and so are our got. I've got no qualms at all at fault for what Carlos Gomez -- a top. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was it to 61 -- a million last night was over for. Is he banged -- with a shoulder of a bit and we have that at the end of spring training how's he doing. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know you know what that's that's a good question not I don't know if he's a 100%. I mean he was held out of you know what that action -- -- in the spring training but outside -- what. He's made some big time defensive play -- talk. And and to me there's nothing wrong with -- shoulder I don't see anybody that that is gotten on base because. You may have a shoulder sure I really know I don't -- anyone as he used speed out his arm yet. It -- -- are tremendous. There that's all still there are -- I think I think honestly the only thing that that hasn't happened for him yet is insist that hasn't than. -- and and honestly that's been wrong since you know call -- midway through last last season so. You'll figure it out and he he went through you know some big changes during the offseason this year completely changed his routine and and down. I think you know once things really start warming up for some of these players and -- spell out actual thermometer that that's something -- Buick you know rising temperatures -- I think somebody's got to really start coming through here -- quickly. Ryan runs -- his last twelve and this goes the longest we've talked about -- the Brewers with a guest that we haven't gotten to a right broad question yet I think about three years so much his last you about -- -- brought his right now of course. Is early season slump -- heard about the thumb Denny got hot -- I guess the -- became okay. As I mentioned to -- last twelve in his last three games is the -- do you think bothering him once again -- is just a matter of these -- St. Louis Cardinals. -- Deborah Transmeta -- -- that's about yeah. That is certainly sons that -- yeah -- That's pretty simple no. I think that the I think that some -- you know. It it's probably going to be an issue with him but you know what Arnold thank. The rest of us are gonna know about it until. Potentially. He goes on the DL with it it if that's if that's the case I'm not suggesting that understand I think it's going to be a a huge issue from this point forward. Until he says I can't play were couldn't -- in and that maybe on out of the blue. You know -- who knows. But he needs -- You know he just needs to figured out -- enter in the Philly series -- figured about you know they're trying to make you know some adjustments along the way to to help. You know. Not only -- for that but yeah. But give him the ability to do what -- he does -- and you know he he needs you know his his hands you need to fingers in his wrist. To you know over the plate the weight the -- he's capable of doing -- and we've seen some. You know at bats during the cardinals' series -- you know he's not carbon plate for a war at all and you you know he's -- odd percent comparable but. You know the other ten years. You know it at some point here he could just you know get things -- especially -- -- You know everyone just needs to get a bit of a hot streak here and out. Physically he squad and and that's the good news he's been playing you know he is in right field position well he likes -- strong he's he's good once he gets on the bases it just. You know it's not on and down I I think this is going to be a bit -- the cycle here and you know the first two weeks this season we've got a very inconsistent read you know took himself out of the game in Boston that he goes to Philadelphia and in the Superman and one -- so. -- problem now we're -- after ride this one article. You guys don't have the finale with Saint Louis coming up this afternoon. I don't know I don't know I really don't I'm I don't know altered because it's and April mid -- game more I complained it not to try to get a -- -- listens to me he's so it can't be that. About a but it didn't I don't Brian Anderson one of the day off imposes cardinals' bad it was going to be a TV today. Yeah I know I I you know problem probably -- exchanges still going to be like a Cubs game -- somewhat I know it's been a -- -- -- That's Cardinals. It's not that -- hit the -- as your drawers yeah every game -- TV -- -- right he's right Elliot for coming up tomorrow in -- all the Alvarado fox sports Wisconsin we really appreciate the time Greg. Think so much and usual seat out of the ballpark and talk we begin soon. Don't great -- -- -- John right there from fox sports Wisconsin joining us. On the great midwest make hotline turn the key with GM beat -- the July for looking to -- a refinance a home like greatly West Bank on FaceBook and learn how you can live mortgage free. Great mid West Bank simply local.