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04/16/14 Chuck and Wickett 9am Hour

Apr 16, 2014|

Why and NHL team to Milwaukee is not plausible and will never happen.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's satisfactory day with -- secondly can serve felt like Perkins restaurant and they greens this is the only state you know what he sports fans and even Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. -- -- -- to BW SSP it's shockingly answered about Perkins restaurant vagaries of the putting it all on the table. I'd -- you want to talk hockey expansion. -- Stanley Cup Playoffs begin this week tonight baby today tomorrow and you know it would day it is hockey expansion. Color last hours that he doesn't believe that -- The NB -- belongs in Milwaukee because nobody wants to be here but a survey any random survey he plucked out of the -- that I've yet to seen please email it to us live -- Sports -- -- -- the knockout. -- that 30% of players would welcome coming to Milwaukee we'll get to. Those who want the bucks to leave town and bring an NHL team -- -- I'm so sick of this topic or the talk about far vs Rodgers and gap. You what it's like he can four on 47991250. -- guys that had spent any money and create gosh this is more mind numbing the masks. Ted we trust in the -- season Abbas he yeah NHL does not need to expand do you get that stuff. But -- TV movie you're not expect -- serve expansion but it seemed moving here relocating relocating. Not him no. It's not gonna happen that is on the box -- here in the parks aren't going anywhere Bucs are not going anywhere this city can expect this city can handle two teams and of the Kandel will be about HL and an NBA franchise so what does the the bucket list sound of -- legal so far in I'll tell you what right now. If the Bucs were winners people would support and people are supporting the Bucs because they'd. -- they are losers out right now that sixth and they have to figure out how to become winners -- to -- -- people in league teams are Diane I'm -- players were dying to go to Oklahoma City. It's a place you'll like I'll mail it in the players and players -- like jeez what a go to San Antonio Texas don't you know that the winning culture was created there. Dallas was a joke an absolute joke of a franchise several years ago -- a guy named Cuban bottom. Oklahoma City was. Benefit of hurricane because New Orleans moved up to Oklahoma City the -- there Dean Smith seasoned member yet about seven great years ago when -- Hurricane Katrina hit. And they found up Oklahoma City -- and I thought they'd be only short term but obviously with Seattle move there. Problem Oklahoma City didn't have to grow with their team because they were they were good opening move -- they had all their bad ways and Seattle. And -- got -- and he won instantly and now obviously Oklahoma City basketball. -- -- are you already are fifteen years from now right if -- if -- struggle you know people still come all the games Oklahoma. He can't injury it's gonna stick around in Oklahoma City forever I don't I don't I'm not sure I have no idea. Reading an article right now Horry did during the break from -- -- of SI dot com is the NHL insider for Sports Illustrated. Hand. The first franchise or from -- the first city they could get a look to get an NHL for a franchise that doesn't currently -- and Seattle. There's at least three years away at least three years like Milwaukee -- active NHL team this is ridiculous this is like. Asking for a pony for Christmas for every single Christmas when you're a kid. And expecting to get it until people say you're not gonna get a pony you sit there and say why can't I have a quality people in Seattle. Their first priority is getting an NBA team they want the box -- they warrant that they that -- -- -- some of the team move up there. They won NBA team. Hockey is secondary and there and in this city. The NBA finals while draw the NHL CN HL have a higher ratings in Milwaukee did a lot of cities that don't have franchises that is absolutely true. But the normal pale in comparison to the NBA finals. Yeah if you you later lists you as a sports fan in this city. Which rather -- NHL team or NBA team MBA team -- win. -- -- out I believe you I agree with you. I don't think it'll be 9010. I think it'll be 7525. There are still their. I'm not saying you shouldn't like the NHL or you shouldn't want an NHL team but everybody thinks an NHL team is actually going to come here it's not -- By the time -- is. Time -- the the eighties I thought that they were gonna have thirty years ago sure they built the Bradley Center -- for hockey -- their gonna give me that team the expansion feet. The pettis said that they were fifty million dollars -- screw that will stick with the admirals. And that's that it -- the end of -- try -- -- didn't work. They had a few pre season games up here -- long -- network. You know the Blackhawks and -- -- -- from 2000 people in the pre season game. As a big hockey town. Sold the place out again that was back in the eighties so who knows yeah I mean if they got a maple Blackhawks came up here now that it would -- -- part of labeled one Blackhawks -- appear right now pics of critics Michigan one game yes. Forty home games snow ball didn't -- the Blackhawks are now right exactly again. Six or seven years ago there wasn't a single Blackhawks found the city of Chicago -- you know but now because they -- good third down just like you it's hard to find a lot of -- fans of Milwaukee but guess what. Now if the Bucs were to get good -- Be able -- all of a sudden look at that playoff run sure the power -- was the BC when they were played walks. Jason is in Kenosha Jason you what a hockey team in Milwaukee. I certainly wouldn't -- my head against the table. I do I do I I do not begrudge you for wanting one I hopefully you don't believe what is actually topping. Let me just say that I I love basketball. I I would but they'd be proud -- -- blows away the NBA OK in my opinion so having said that let's say the box. Are gonna make them understand you can't the city can't support a basketball -- hockey. Would you agree with -- can you get a city -- support NHL -- NBA it's possible. But in and one of my points of that yet in that it might -- was a little bit -- but that the Bradley Center was built for hockey but the other thing is my question is why this Chicago. Have two or how -- that how are they able to determine whether Milwaukee it's -- hockey team. I believe it's ninety miles you can't expand or or at a franchise without the approval of a team within ninety miles of an NHL franchise I do believe that is the rule. Okay so is it different with other sports as you know you got the rivalry got Eric packer people's fox Cubs -- When you -- a rivalry like got to watch Chicago and -- Well -- Chicago why would you -- -- give up any of the market like -- in Kenosha right now you're you're right Europe you know forty minutes -- the city giving trap you know that's nice a nice they had traffic. You're forty miles into the city. You know you can get down and that's -- -- big piece of the puzzle is there as opposed to. Saying hey you know what there's another NHL franchise you know to fight to -- traffic or anything like that go to Wisconsin take the money out of Illinois -- the money out of Chicago business right there. Yeah that now that's true I get I just -- I'm I'm just I'm tired of the box with that you know I and I know that there's changes that he's there coming but. We hope we we don't know that we hope -- Well it. They beat eight seeds in all year after year and get knocked out you know I the first round -- not we have the worst team in the NBA. I just I just think a -- would be really nice to bring in hockey team. You want whatever is NHL team comes in here and their bad year after year after year to -- people support Datsyuk. -- -- -- I don't I I don't know I -- admiral seemed. Sure seemed to be gaining popularity up and a couple of games and you know I I loved watching them but it's a different game it's -- it's. It's not the NHL did get the tennis like you and we and I -- NHL team to survive I've been to several games this year for the ads and and -- Are setting records every single year -- For more more hockey fans in -- the meat but you're setting records of seven and 8000 people or 101000 people -- when there's not a concert. Or not a special event. Those are the attendance figures to look at it were another regular Tuesday when there were -- their giveaway -- a hat or thunder sticks. Not -- him salute to wrestling or the dog game or wind. Rowdy Roddy Piper is in the hollows that we -- Mario is -- go into the Bradley senator at halftime or at halftime at the end of an -- game mom you of course you're gonna sell the place out okay right I mean who wouldn't wanna go to an RU SP -- in post hockey game contrast -- any moment I mean basically -- to turn people away but let's see on Tuesday night when there's nothing going on right. Exactly and I mean that there's a different -- again seven and 8000 vs. 181000 night in and night out and -- right if the team is bad -- why would. Know our our people that are goalies are clamoring for all which we never lost the ball yes it would be like Jesus wants won't watch this one -- exactly was once he winning sports in the out of their winning -- would go Lawton people. I think if there was an NHL team the box moved. -- the end of -- Keener and it was successful you're -- -- care time. Dave Schultz a and NHL writer for one of the Seattle newspapers I'm sorry ace if -- -- Excuse me the globe and mail dot com that the -- hammered -- nationals the former Philadelphia Florida Dave Schultz. It's OS HO OLT has -- -- bushels he writes for a national. Website the covers the NHL. The expansion in the NHL office under -- commissioner Gary Bettman. Has almost no traction at league headquarters. Serial Z Syria zero the Florida Panthers. -- -- -- -- -- Didn't exist outside thrashers are they around the stubborn Winnipeg I don't. David a -- you -- good morning -- on Sports Radio well -- let me guess -- you -- -- hockey team in Milwaukee. Well I have blue -- yeah. And I want to make a couple of quick points as -- the last caller. Now he's talking embarked on Milwaukee admirals and -- the admirals are actually. If you compare them to the rest of the -- teams are always in the upper half as far as attendance. -- they also. For the big -- to him in the NHL. -- -- Chicago -- devil walks yeah okay but credit in the -- the wolves -- -- the wolves are also splitting a hockey -- dollar with that other hockey team they have their. But now they also know when he -- the talking about the -- -- there. It doesn't -- Milwaukee here that their -- from Chicago Blackhawks are doing and walking injustice I mean if we are ever in the NHL team. Don't look for that team because they're basically an option saying you guys being good enough to have your own team you have to root for our team built -- -- greater Milwaukee if you're a hockey fan you should not be going to any Chicago Blackhawks games are. Are supporting that team whatsoever and also look at -- wanted to tell you when you're talking earlier about Pia. -- -- also watered down and nobody in the little Mason Dixon line would care -- team. Have you taken a look lately at the NBA's attendance vs the NHL attendance because the NHL -- blown away the Indians for the ten if you look at that. The percentage of this and -- Now the attendance as far as the average people that come in this stadium this is pretty much the same. I mean as far as that the past these reasons but when he -- point 5000 much as they can have -- there. In the NHL all. Is that one -- in the NBA and -- and all. In -- all the whole the whole nation I mean the team's. Not only downside of the team's Al west L east up in the midwest -- -- attendance is by far better than the NB -- -- -- I would love to see those those numbers and maybe we can -- we look those up here on one -- -- Milwaukee PC laptop so I'll take a look for a -- The one thing I will say about that is -- and this is -- making an excuse -- or or reason for excuses are reasons. This is the worst year in the NBA that I can ever remember. And I would not be surprised if attendance is down across the boy or yeah I mean you have about nine teams that are good in the NBA -- everybody else stinks and the tennis is of an issue all -- there's no doubt about it because having who's got money these days I mean. Kevin -- the NBA ticket the NHL -- are aired -- are expensive of this little black -- game I think the initials got a. Problems too because from the only see the same teams in. A lot of these markets they -- my team has no chance against the Miami like to record they do go to the NHL playoffs in your little's other. Six teams that make the Eastern Conference finals. It ended a CD yourself you know what -- -- have a fire -- Charlotte because they're not the end -- him -- -- play the Miami Heat anyway. Mean I might win a playoff series here but it's the end of the day it's probably -- those guys -- never read them a seven game series -- -- wake. Lawyer calls if you want to jump -- -- -- no clue chuck when you and I got in on the near this morning we talk about the NHL in Milwaukee. Again -- but if you want to go ahead floor is yours forgery or -- that BW messes me. Sports Radio twelfth at the WSS -- -- -- wicket served up by Perkins restaurant and -- back your calls on the NHL in Milwaukee. Pipe dream that it isn't just -- second. But the forecast high today 5036 right now Milwaukee. -- had sunshine behind those clouds were baseball at noon -- don't forget the routine is baseball post game show today after the pitch. After the last major make the switch -- back here to Sports Radio 1250 would -- Sparky and hey southeastern Wisconsin. -- what a great deal listen up Mike did you know our ball lights. Is decided that he's got too many 2014 on -- on trees in stock and both of his location -- city -- Over on south when he seventh and -- -- on highway 100 you know got a honey from both of those places actually my life. They currently got over 200 ready for -- -- body so he's decided to offer -- -- -- for one year on all models. Which includes three oil changes -- a tire rotation but wait. All -- fourteen Hyundai Elantra is in stock will receive an additional three oil changes for the second year as well but wait there's even more. If you buy a 2014 Hyundai Elantra a limited. I -- receive an additional three oil changes for your -- year that's nine oil changes and tire rotation which is almost 300 dollars in savings Justin -- it's. -- -- -- Was it 2012 North American car of the year now for 24 team they've added 28 more horsepower -- you're in the market for a compact. Or midsize car goes -- -- -- my boys over tri city on day. On south twenty -- just or the college avenue horse had a shot and Scott over -- Hyundai. On -- it 100 Mike it was tri city Hyundai -- Hyundai permit expect your business they wanna earn it when you go -- -- Would intentionally about two years away from making a stop over there are you know they have a of the -- -- -- a -- when this one right after our run this one in the round. What -- usually like to do. Other I don't know probably make -- -- rather hear it on the fuel cell -- We'll see out of my guys counseling and talking hockey -- try talking to a free -- -- on our. I hope there -- -- on the -- and -- hockey night tonight. Eagles colossal Bulls on. Goes down you've heard this before direction that we -- Greg is maybe -- on the hands on the Lin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I mean game OK is this game you get in games. Game I guess this would be -- -- segment and for -- hockey fans -- scream and bitch and -- about a hockey team go to Milwaukee which it never happened but I don't know what's -- commentaries have to -- the day you never know -- -- -- popped -- you're just -- walk in the grocery -- go to the grocery -- fifty times in a -- -- and -- I want to -- walk in and -- your ex girlfriend and her -- -- -- the same time you're like -- great here we -- going to -- sales -- got to do this again. Four on 47991215. Because the -- is as big -- -- -- the girlfriend with a variety of Watertown is be really nice the American today Brian you're on Sports Radio 1250 sorry. I'm sorry go ahead. -- -- -- week you know the -- Bob. You know you're running extra for -- bodies to be great -- packet today ally out but gentle -- -- of this historic pick in Seattle would have broken up the gas and all your -- to her it's like wallet now yeah I used to make me dinner and iron -- -- -- -- -- yes value of -- yes. Yeah right now and it's always your mother cued it to what you remember that -- girl that you went -- -- what happened to our. Her yeah right -- to do -- -- -- ER capitals like what are you kidding me. -- I was 1988. In any guy and I'm you know I'm it's kind of they're -- I stand in the past 034 years they. And jumped on the flyers and waiting a few years back -- incentives as. Really enjoyed the game on I think it's one of the more athletic in front -- who -- I'd love hockey franchise Milwaukee. But you know we need to try to bought your first of all there's more tradition there and that the team that. You know it is like you guys says if you can get and support for it did they'll be out there yet very different situation the reason they're in the top. For attendance in the HO -- -- -- -- -- the you know the premier league of Minor League Hockey. But the reason they're in the top Echelon there is because. They got. They're the only game in town. You put a pro hockey team near you wanna you wanna get you know a couple thousand more fans and what you were dry and for an -- game. And then the other thing it's what happens the admiral there's a lot of interest with the admiral in the -- -- a lot of local. Support in that team Brewers. You know have support -- -- What happens the -- you can't support DHL team. And in any chill yeah in the same building I don't know how the wolves and Blackhawks do it down in Chicago but I know for certain -- -- seem. Building. Thirteen million people how they pull it off we have that wants -- million maybe two million including the outlay of the five -- they got two baseball teams that -- I tell me why there aren't out and they almost have a football team down barely. It's and at the bigger it's a bigger. Mark it down they're people of Milwaukee don't understand that we here we are small beans compared to what Chicago has big support two hockey team like that. We have our -- with the world. This thing isn't the reason I'm not a black art thing which would make it natural meat being in Wisconsin didn't act become a black -- and the reason I hate black -- Because we do block stuff like that. It there's no reason for them to pocket but it when it's all said and done that the Bucs are bigger ticket item in this city when they are hot. People do show up problem what that is it. Same thing with the Brewers everybody wanted the -- -- back in the nineties nobody cared and they -- Miller Park until he got a new weren't very unique things better. We -- a new -- with the -- Fresh talent and there's something completely different. We're right in the new wave in the walk yeah as as much as I would love -- any chill. Branch and you're you're looking at bringing in NHL franchise in -- within three years they're packing up and they're either folding her they're moving that seventeen dollar some city balance out a little -- Seattle's and -- in search of a team answered the salaries -- -- -- -- they got to -- will be better -- mean that'd -- Ambrose -- -- some salaries -- -- -- and HL -- -- -- go up and -- Theres one thing to and I know this is probably a dirty secret I would have bet that the -- don't mind at the Bucs are horrible this year you know why because -- because when your sports dollar -- -- tolerance something. And if you know what the admirals play all those home games and they provide a great day -- -- it -- to be one reason why. That the yet the the job and admirals attendance is up to the bucks attendance is down the Bucs are horrific in the admirals -- -- always a perennial playoff contender at the game. Bucs would move the admirals were losing sleep over every publicly -- -- -- by the way here's some interesting stuff from a Sports Illustrated -- the 2013 fourteen season fifteen NHL market's average at least a 100% capacity of their home stands the wings the Hawks. Canadians -- flyers the leafs the Flames economics the Penguins the capsule while the kings Rangers Bruins Sharks and Jets the NB eight. Remember the NHL's fifteen markets -- -- -- -- percent capacity you know the NBA has eight. Eight the Bulls the mavs the Knicks and the heat the Warriors Clippers thunder and Rockets all all -- one playoff teams right there -- this is always hot as well. There's also -- I mean. The ticket if you wanna sit down you would sit up high at a basketball game and you don't get to see all that much sitting up quite a hockey game has its benefits I think with the NHL we probable Seles -- -- of most of our Canada which all the this is from Austria where William. Detroit Chicago. Philly Newton. Montreal Toronto Calgary Vancouver OK so there's four of us fortunate in Pittsburgh Washington Minnesota LA New York Boston San Jose in Winnipeg so five of the fifteen so -- out of ten. I'm sorry five -- Sosa numbers every Canadian franchise. I don't think that that I saved yes it pretty much -- millennium Eminem. Montreal and Calgary Vancouver Toronto old Winnipeg there -- I mean you can throw that out there as well. And -- Toronto selling out double into Raptors games not a lot of look here's the bottom one is a lot of reasons why the NHL. You know is is on an uptick in the NBA is on -- down -- right now there's a million reasons for it. But it's what I mean I don't really care about -- you're if you're Gary Bettman or if you -- Adam silver. You're TV ratings your ticket sales I'm not sure I think you make more money -- your TV ratings the journal -- -- national broadcast because. Watch look at those TV ratings for the NHL Stanley Cup finals and then and again I'm a hockey guy -- watch -- -- do you then watch the Stanley Cup finals ratings vs the NBA finals ratings or watch the Stanley Cup playoff ratings on the NBC sports network nurses TNT or or ABC or whatever and and and see what happens. You don't get what he knows gonna -- Like the NHL with seven -- several characters being asked the MBA is always gonna draw the NHL when it comes the national rankings Serena -- gave him a nominee falls -- on Sports Radio 1250. -- -- -- -- Yeah this -- thing -- -- number one -- on on the topic -- -- reminiscent. It at the start and -- over the water to have a game easier but it's like chuck you know remote scenario. At. -- -- Yeah I mean that's no disrespect to the admirals is is that since than that were falls -- there's a reason why -- six biggest games of the year for the admirals attendance wise all are the same day. That Gavin to -- all or the drop kick Murphy's or. Whatever country artists is coming and there's a reason why that is why they doing but you don't that's Smart marketing it's brilliant streaky you don't -- camera caught him -- -- you Marquette McLeod and from a -- not -- a lot of people -- -- Lucy Colvin burst in on major yeah. -- we could call -- you bring those rosters and -- dog -- Robert ten found under -- bring your dog you know why the great are a unique yes. Not a -- Utley doubled -- a great job with marketing and values -- political conflict what are like Scioscia and the -- -- -- what effect that -- oh yeah. But yeah it's just dissolved its appropriate that we're gonna make it plus you know -- attendance yet return the HL but. NHL you have ever allow more than and you can -- particular by probably four times -- it's an obstacle to an NHL game and then what's the how many people -- -- -- -- Don't know that's a great point -- because people like will -- go to the admirals games. It -- go to whatever those games -- ordered admirals game Murton nineteen dollars and sit down low you know what you would cost we didn't buy that ticket free Milwaukee NHL franchise game. 85 dollars for millionaires again it's again your the ticket prices in the NHL. And the NBA are equivalent to one another you wanna sit down low on the glass is putting a couple of hundred bucks you wanna sit on the floor and NBA game and -- a couple of hundred bucks you wanna sit up high. He's been in ten bucks yet. The same thing ever -- much cheaper -- -- -- -- because you're an and it -- -- Minor League Hockey products that is why their attendance is so why exactly -- triple the price of admirals tickets and then you tell me how many people are going to be there. All right more people be a bucks game April. And compete and admirals -- -- -- and all of that mean that went out and out Santo on the west side you're on Sports Radio 1250. Good morning boys. In the happiest you've been talking and I am a fan of the -- -- job -- -- -- realistic. Number one but since Chicago won that allowance. Number Q. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But when you look at TV ratings are injured you failed to -- -- and all that other stuff. -- and be able to manage a lot of the water. By the end job as a good job drawing people to either then you just doesn't have to -- -- but -- owners realize. To make their money they don't happen to be counter to the NBA does. And regardless of whatever team ends up coming to Milwaukee -- the Barkley and and results he goes whenever we need a new arena. We need an ownership group that's willing to make a commitment that we -- that funding. I think -- a lot better chance of putting -- -- and and be financed. It over. And challenged. They are probably right -- you're breaking up their center but I think we got the gist of what to say it -- appreciate the phone call. -- keep -- goals on this sure you and got to give people a lot of keep talking about breaking a hockey. The do we just ran into pick and save in -- she has jock. -- staring in the face. She's over thereby all you know -- cream of wheat or whatever along with their mom Gloria and he just remember when you broke -- -- sitters stay friends and it turns out -- -- -- -- -- -- aren't. Friends who won a state of frenzy every guy here we go she's a talk badly about her mom and repair mom do this that and outcome -- assault of the year because -- Policies is that momma needs go see a psychiatrist and mom's got a problem and all that now mom is always there for you and Ozzie G ganging up on me. Again I understand there are hockey fans and I would love to go to an NHL game here in Milwaukee but it ain't gonna have -- -- we go to -- games or eighteen dollars you can by content they have a deal every game. Or most of your -- lost -- Greenberg tomorrow I'm sure the admirals are loving us talking about hockey -- much. The you can go to an -- and -- admirals game for fifty dollars and get four tickets four hot dogs two programs and force Otis yeah. That -- You crazy. Or fifty bucks -- you at a Blackhawks gave England for. The -- -- is the the admirals will never. You don't have 101011. Paul does because of Major League -- not -- an average -- don't know there are nights the -- -- with economic community got a country music act comedy and or if you get you know especially dropped off against the ninth Dog Day Afternoon -- -- but -- but that's for this written. Capital predominance to do it but a you're gonna see three Doug I would new era second wicket at 933. Served up my Perkins restaurant bakeries episode 1973 -- riot we're gonna. -- brought in order to get to you. JP as well. They warrior calls this is the yearly visit to the Milwaukee NHL topic here on -- played on this road how we started this road. -- on this on this -- a guy named brand in his comments on FaceBook an hour a half ago that I went nuts about. And -- -- -- Brookfield called up. And they got me started and we have people -- -- the break because they were pissed off that I was. -- -- hockey in the Gaza this is just the distraction because the Brewers can't beat the car seat Danica. -- twelve -- and Milwaukee sports report starts right. From the -- in the field Sports Radio 1250 -- studio time chart for the much the field he once got shot from ever million autographs custom framing an -- appearances. Brewers have scored just one run in two games against St. Louis Cardinals are Paramus or merits count for all the offense the home run -- a six while Moss at Miller Park. We went away and we got to meet. Who preaching caution to a single pretended aviation you know suddenly this person would speaks -- Cincinnati before when I was successful in these things that -- We'll get a little -- we saw some -- pitching. More cardinal pitcher Shelby Miller he pitched poorly those first two starts of the year not yesterday I was struck out seven over six innings. Like Bob Gibson out there beating Marco Estrada brewer's fault -- for the season. Hale Saint Louis for the final game of the series since the new Willie -- but Joseph Kelly are starters. After the last pitch make the switch because baseball post game -- WS history -- Marquette coach Steve Puerto -- -- Says no one is leaving the program at all as underclassmen. -- team -- return for next year Packers on the statewide tour. And while -- doing that they've signed quarterback Matt Flynn who they picked up late last year NFL released its schedule next Tuesday. You -- the Bucs are hosting Atlanta tonight does the NBA's regular season comes to a close. -- can save what you've asked a post game show tonight at WS has been the box -- signed Chris Wright to a non guaranteed contract for next year. Read my mind and Sports Radio fall fifty dot com. The -- brought to -- legends of the field. -- the field come out of the public autograph signing a Milwaukee relief -- Jim Henderson and Brandon Kinsler. That's -- of Saturday may 26 at 11 AM it -- the field in Greenfield is at Legends Field dot com for all your information. WS SP weather mostly cloudy windy. -- a fifty right now it's cloudy and 33. -- chuck Freeman Sports Radio -- WS has be online at Sports Radio talk of the America. Chuck it -- -- the back -- calls on the NHL and just dissect what do it or three trends including today's Brewers starting lineup and there's a big name missing from today's lineup. We'll get to that coming up being a bit. -- -- we find out yesterday that the Green Bay Packers will not gonna go to this this season -- -- question -- quandary -- real catastrophe at the back up quarterback spot signing Matt Flynn behind Aaron Rodgers got twelve Flynn and told -- cool that. Yeah effortless to a two as a starter when you think of last year you think about the comeback win against the -- Cowboys down there. And dom had it was an awesome game wasn't well thought she was an awesome game there was so supportive from the dirt on him after that game -- that was going to be yet yep that was going to be a corner. But basically he's they sign him and he always -- -- be mostly holding a clipboard -- -- face it that's fine -- I'm OK with that but we just in case like just in case you don't. Number twelve goes down you've got somebody there so there's your you back -- quarterback -- little people are cool that I assume you would be as -- -- For the Packers he looks sorry observer he didn't really have a lot of viewers out there the Giants -- one team but he with it wasn't like Mike. Wasn't like -- years ago now he wasn't going around make in the workout tour no no workout scheduled he had -- with the Giants that was supposed to happen yesterday but before he went he -- -- the -- It's tonight is the season finale for the Milwaukee Bucks at fifteen and 66 to go for win sixteen coming up tonight chuck will they get it and and the worst season if in Bucs history. With a victory for the -- I'd say yes I gonna say yes what -- you -- and no -- yourself reminiscing now it is out there my head -- you know let him. I do hope they win no I really want the fans have something to go out with. They just don't know -- see it by the way everybody in attendance tonight. Gets themselves a free summer fest ticket and they'll -- highlighting a couple of members of the badger final fourteen. You realize that they were like a handful of teams that. In basketball history them not to have not had put together back to back wins of the box of one of them. In a collective memory will you are the -- are one of three teams in NBA history to not have a back to back -- -- -- it sucks to say that this is the worst. I've seen in Bucs history that is. It is the worst mark Steve and just like the one from 1994. -- think that there's might maybe some promise on the agenda now took us like six years before we saw that with this. But this last bad team true we'll see area through here -- open with new ownership and all that. Speed the process a little. Last -- -- -- basketball post game show of the year with Sparky coming up tonight after bucks and Hawks last night the Brewers. Lost to the Cardinals and again to wrap it up for the routine is baseball post game show here's a buddy Tim Allen our boys thank you here we are once again made another loss to the Cardinals get a little old here in the sky is falling I know that the Brewers said they just. It -- can't find a way to win their ten and four. Hey I just want to remind everybody -- -- and for however they gonna have to solve this losing to the cardinal thing. And lost sixteen of their last 21 -- -- had. Against the St. Louis Cardinals well they're gonna try and turn things around later on today more on that coming up. But -- last night's game. Again the offense the bugaboo for the crew as -- knock out three hits one run it was a Ramirez. Home run in the fourth inning. Marco Estrada didn't fits all of that bad without your best stuff you still get a quality start six innings three runs. Cards get -- -- runs in the second third and fourth. The other three Jim Henderson. Three -- three runs -- -- one inning of work in the ninth inning but. Over the course of this two game series so far. Brewers have struck out 22 times just six hits in just the -- Ron as I stated. With our promise and Ramirez's home run well they have to turn things around. And don't look now the Cardinals win today they are tied for first place at ten and five in the National League central with York. Milwaukee Brewers after the last pitch you make the switch. Repeat as baseball post game show built by Elliott -- hardware will be here live in the jurors on -- Menard studios Silvio -- for all -- Hopefully compare it's another jam against Josephine Kelly today -- Suspension we'll see after the ball game enjoy your day -- Joseph. First pitch in a little over two hours and fifteen minutes leading up in center field Carlos Gomez batting second shortstop -- -- -- Batting third that catcher Jonathan -- -- has -- he's got the day off. With that -- acting up again Luke -- behind the dish batting third Aramis Ramirez at third batting fourth. Batting fifth they left fielder Chris Davis batting sixth and playing second scooter -- first baseman Mark Reynolds bat seventh. Out in right field in place abroad Logan Schafer will bat eighth in the -- parole -- on the ball but again the big move today brawny outlook right in -- Batting third for the crew Theo brought -- with that thumb obviously that seems to be the issue -- struggle with the plagued him a day off and then go in the Pittsburgh. If fresh very fresh for a fresh physically a little fresh -- Hewitt when he hit so well that -- last week -- he's Philadelphia. And struggled last night to -- one for four and just kind of bothers if this -- September -- have a real problem with -- sitting against the cards they don't abide. I'm OK with it yet at the at a healthy -- it's April -- updated to Hendrick -- on the south side back door NHL discussion here on Sports Radio 1250. They I don't want to -- -- or twelve point very when outdoor -- The Brewers were terrible I mean usually -- you know around a hundred block them or at most we got a new stadium completely change -- -- I don't get what little -- the same thing that the -- The Bucs are great -- up you know we have the victory. We -- in the -- after fighting. I think if we you know the Bucs got a new stadium and -- -- out of downtown area units you can tell me you know I don't go to Barnes spent -- -- or eagle and I think more people ago. You better environment acting because turner are all these new her call out there who want -- gone I really don't like illegal could be better edmark camping with the -- but I am. Again this is new Lorena. -- breakdown and a in the valley there and build up that. Whole valley area put bars restaurants around acknowledge the downtown. -- that's my second choice to go to see -- just north of the Bradley -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is C you know hole nice area or people go and hang out and go to games and be nice wouldn't you know -- JPM there are set up to appear on Sports Radio welteke. And protect my -- got -- early Burke it might take you very much appreciate that. Like -- -- -- our guy is exactly Sunday April 20 plus twenties as he's been here -- fortunately. I left that message down -- -- -- flying back couldn't take it anymore I had to call in black. I probably should not -- like thunder got stolen. But we are not getting any -- -- It's like it's like he said the ticket prices Chicago's not going to let it happen. It lets just say that every state in the weight comes back and got the -- NHL keep it balanced just not there to go around. What you are -- all the promotions to lose to the -- -- be somewhat the -- -- isn't HL teams that you promote you weren't there. Other not mean that they'll if they're struggling for attendance just like the Bucs are they will but if you look at the Brewers attendance -- two and a half three million dollar million fans a year. -- -- -- Pins are painful price for the -- there's a lot of discounts is a ton of them thinks the focal JP can use -- John Paul's Buick GMC twelfth to sound off line at 448 when he won 62 sound off on nine NHL team in Milwaukee again performer for eight when he went 62. I'll check into the big unit bill Michaels. And also Bud Selig has got some comments about early use of our replay in Major League Baseball. Play with those comments are coming up next. Speaking of baseball don't let another week pass you by without playing the hottest thing in Tennessee based on talking about one day fantasy baseball leagues from -- and dual dot -- that's right and -- dot com. 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It's going to be hard demand a horror -- birds and -- and golf courses like edgewood I did just have people. Wanna get out there -- he's just came in and keep pushing get a rehab the whole course because the brutal winter we had a mean yeah it's not really do so your -- to -- that a TV today the game is not on fox sports Wisconsin it may be on MLB network you know maybe we don't know if we put on the MLB network here -- -- like the alternate game it's one of two in regional coverage I think Pittsburgh and Cincinnati looks like to be the main -- is regional coverage I don't know exactly what -- -- -- -- and we have the -- to get the game with the black out I don't know I don't know how they -- this is NHL team -- I'm sure they would sell out and have no blackout restrictions -- so sure sure I don't. The idea and I don't know I I'd like something is Major League Baseball there black L policies -- still haven't figured out like. No matter if the game is sold out or not you can't watched the MLB game. On line not mine I know you can't I don't get that either you can watch every other -- you Milwaukee your view of the MLB package the -- remind you can't watch the Cubs White Sox. Or Brewers I would anybody wanna watch the Cubs are lights off the Cubs have when the curtain that senator Cubs are putting the Cardinals locate -- -- whitewash bobbled a seat now the Cubs actually won a game of that series -- want to see. You wanna see the Cardinals have -- come without -- -- game. -- -- First time -- -- I could do to him because of the deal Sealy blocks for some reason speaking of. Selig. He is called the roll out of instant replay. Quote remarkable. But wouldn't say whether Major League Baseball make any adjustments during the initial season this is a quote from Bud Selig -- -- diversity business summit yesterday. We that it re very real I'm sorry we've had a really very little controversy overall everything in life we'll have a little glitch here in there. Where you do something new and our guys are on top of it you bet. But I'm saying to you again you'll hear about one of the two -- water two of the controversies. Look at all the calls that have been overturned. Have you noticed a difference jock in very many plays -- have all been overturned and -- been a hindrance. To the -- Mike I just -- some awkward Mormaset baseball because there's a close play at second base or at home played. And what happens stud catcher will gall to -- and -- still and I -- I ended days of an umpire. And a manager getting -- anymore -- -- that's a good thing. This particular team and sometimes good things in the visiting manager brought there and loses -- you'll see it anymore because then they might argue balls and strikes. But a close play at second base the water out there taken their times here and -- -- -- regular challenge did. It just creates an awkward moment are they challenge this -- -- out of -- stolen time. So John Shelby in the back to review expert can go through everything and see if -- you know the Brewers are not reviewing close calls if there's a close call. Redick he says if it's any -- any debate we're not to the challenge which I don't like. Challenge get the call right yeah. -- -- if there's a close call today in their finale would simulate the pick off play at second base for the Brewers picked them off yeah. Metheny you know he could challenge that could have because there -- some angles that show that he was safe. But he said well you know we didn't think there was enough evidence the prove that he was safe. A if you wanna gray get a great deal unknown -- now Witten. 321 you what a great deal on window cleaning your gutter cleaning right avid Sports Radio twelve to -- dot com earlier there click on -- skid -- -- hampering streaks dust dirt you name it. It's probably on your windows will guess -- Got eighty dollars worth of residential window or gutter cleaning it. From -- fish window cleaning half off normally eighty bucks hit a 440 dollars for the free no obligation estimate make your windows -- from a long winter build up. He won a great deal half off window cleaning for only forty bucks go to Sports Radio welteke dot com and click on -- They were bad and he's weekday afternoon games last year and -- one this year -- good he can may solve Joseph Kelly today sweep. From man I -- I'm wrong I just hope the snap out of this funk bill Michaels coming up next project where I guess we'll see tomorrow have a great -- --