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04/16/14 Bob Nightengale joins Bill

Apr 16, 2014|

USA Today's Bob Nightengale joins Bill to talk Milwaukee Brewers. Bob discusses his interview with Hank Aaron, and the comments Hank made about racism. What has Bob thought about instant replay? When will the Houston Astros become competitive again? Will baseball ever get a salary cap?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some interesting things came from Bob nightingale from me -- USA today the baseball columnist in that we bring -- now but what the program -- you going. It. -- well the first thing that I guess people around here at least were talking about was your sit down with Brian brawn and I guess when you walked away from that interview what are your thoughts were your feelings. You know cities that get -- -- guy. He is you know he's not saying that. Everybody every -- -- -- forgive him I think given him any. A chance to redeem himself and he's stricken most of that mean. Do we have -- part over the winner contacting their hands and everything else. And they have their mistake elementary would like and there'll still collect your gut reaching your goal went the same thing when you -- to protest. And the people tournament or cities in the -- -- -- career. I think it's. We are your opponent this -- cooperating -- -- -- think. Prom and then you get a chance to sit down -- Hank -- which raise a lot of eyebrows and Hank Aaron kind of comparing the Republican Party to the kkk. -- was was there something there that I I -- was missing and Hanks comments because it just seemed like it was it was almost just over the top. You know you compared a year and you know don't misconstrue it I don't know why but -- -- compare Republican Party the kkk. -- he's shareware that definitely keeps a letter -- to remind himself that racism. They exist in the country. Instead you know just because it -- black president doesn't mean they're not racism. -- -- then you know -- that. And countries some -- -- -- Obama characters -- frustrating turned. -- you know in the district up and Republicans you know. No different than -- -- -- a Democrat I'm sure. And so but that never did you know when they refer you braces so -- Wasn't implying that Republicans at least that's just racism in general corporate America. Com -- when you look at the baseball season -- a whole right now it's off to a fast start you've had some interesting things go on -- specifically. In the National League obviously the Brewers got off to the star with a nine game win streak now -- nemesis comes to town they lose two in a row. But that being said. Short of the Diamondbacks who have surprised a lot of people that again they lost some pitching before the season got under way. It seems like most teams are pretty much where they're supposed to be but there are some exciting things going on right now you've got a good battle -- atop the west you've got to the Brewers -- the Cardinals right now battling atop the central. Atlanta and Washington are neck and neck -- some some good things happening at least in National League side. You know I mean the two big surprises that -- the Brewers and the Atlanta Braves. You know lately the Braves but you pitchers then -- -- on the ticker Ervin Santana. Picked up there -- -- for the young guys are stepping up so they've been a yeah. Does it up with a bit of everywhere let -- I thought that the person with themselves the most of any team -- National League central. Don't the Cardinals are so the -- -- -- but it's a division but. For the -- for the -- -- -- a World Series. And number nine Chicago underwent team but there's no reason the Brewers can't make the playoffs police set at a -- -- -- -- -- -- made some great moves. -- how would you take -- -- to replay been. I did you know this is so erratic him and obviously it's. You know there and held it down yet and I think -- got six market for the playoff start. You know it's assembly has blown calls happened during the playoffs -- -- volatile recluse. So hopefully get all the you know the -- this system and make sure that the umpiring group. Is -- in the same replays. That we are aware that that. The fans and viewers should have a better replay angle that the people Leah umpiring book in -- -- Is it good to have -- I'm speaking specifically. On the National League is it good to have the Dodgers and the Giants leading their division and in the the -- were over there that they have was it good does -- have Atlanta and Washington and even the Mets are cannot only two and a half games back. Right there in the rivalries that they have -- is that good for baseball to have some of those resurgence -- He had an -- our partners you know -- rivalry just like yankees and Red Sox. So it looked like to be able to get the Yankees or -- -- the Red Sox Serbian so good over the years. It is great for baseball in them. Healthy rivalries here. You'll they have an interest in Bieber never excited about it that's. So he threw the Red Sox inked into our -- spiritually -- -- -- Is is Boston isn't as simple as saying -- just suffering right now from a World Series hangover. -- you didn't do much else -- electrical field further -- Jared Saltalamacchia. It and -- you know get a -- -- that was AJ Pierzynski. So and so much went right for them last year because they have a -- like okay. So which went right let's hear what happened limping -- going along into things have gone on so I think that's what I you know people were only -- -- of that. To repeat just because they're such an unlikely division winner last year yeah. Does and going back to the American League in what used to be the National League and that being Houston Astros what are they. When do you expect them to start to make that breakthrough present and the Cubs both one and the serious rebuilding project. And eventually they're gonna have that breakthrough they've got some good young talent Kansas City and we saw that rise last year but those two franchises very proud franchises in just a minute -- -- -- don't. Yeah -- with the Astros are talking about -- dealt with seventeen you know I think you know. On the subscribe 2016. But -- 2017. And it is -- -- -- really -- -- that. Erica a look at 2016 when you're later you're looking to and it worked on you know looking at 2000 you know next year but you know -- -- it's. -- going around the draft but everything else they're -- they're you're behind schedule. -- -- tree you're on the road. Is Oakland as they are they that good in the Seattle going to be a contender to Seattle sitting at 76 right now you were thinking there we laughed a little bit faster start they suck -- tonne of money in that team in the off season. You know they get. Yeah well yeah I think that -- isn't -- -- be each other up I -- -- -- drinkers and protections does you know so beat up you know struck the she's everything -- They got a lot of depth. I stopping -- that also -- on the range to be sure incompetent. -- was gonna ask -- I was in this discussion last night Prince Fielder probably it's his first home run you talk about Albert Pujols in the fact that he got the big contract -- has -- really lived up to that. Will there ever come a day your opinion that we don't see owners just go gaga over guys and I just -- stupid money for the productivity that you're getting. You know not really because the -- so ready in baseball now -- -- and every game is making -- -- You know if you don't spend a player some -- will. -- -- -- -- Him mirror in with the local TV rights as high as the -- people want -- -- starters. So you're always gonna have England's you know pay him a huge huge money to -- -- That's an -- tiger Puckett Cabrera. In those -- -- give up an eight year to actually get your left. They're filling what did you know what we can afford to wait very year at -- else Ingram and -- -- a whole lot more. Bum eat eat you look at a team like the Brewers and actually you know what I I don't mind when players get their money to somebody's gonna pay him -- what they do is is when. On the average players get stupid money. That's when it hurts the small market teams because that's for the bar now has been -- so you can't go get the superstars the only -- forties as mid level talent guys. And that number keeps escalating will there ever be a day in which we see some kind of a softer little bit harder at least salary -- Major League Baseball. We -- harder salary cap you know right now -- you know. -- -- -- you know the parties stepped only -- you took out the -- I think you're like to -- a -- don't -- away. And make it in a tougher for that seems so rewarding time in -- nine figure will be -- -- estimate to meet inter American so much money. You know one -- and is open till you looked at Dodgers. You know they get to work that you're going to -- -- the local TV rights before I'll leave it -- negates. Let -- -- -- -- -- national money. So you know they -- over 300 million dollar where -- -- a ticket. And so ultimate winner being made. I think it'll be something it's just. It hit the kind of -- it seems to do it right in the it to realize that the two little small market teams. Tampa Bay and Oakland you know a real low payrolls -- -- play -- year after year. Thumb for -- a team like Milwaukee that says look once we get over ninety million bucks we're gonna start losing money -- we believe that number. We have -- -- -- at the worst. You know rock cats. Rights revenue. I want to thirteen lead to -- limit twenty million dollar payment -- the statement -- purely. So they need that next when the kicking him in I wanted to still up five years away before it expires. So now that the Brewers are right in the had a great they need the biggest -- and the trot. Great they're going to be -- lot of teams just you don't want that -- -- to the arc but you don't have that same broadcast TV revenue radio revenue like -- -- Bob good -- its always a pleasure to have you on thanks so much for joining us for a couple minutes appreciate it okay. I've got a -- -- -- Bob and I India from USA today three can read his stuff joining us on the Schneider orange -- Schneider hiring drivers right now. You wanna be one phone call 844 pride -- go to Schneider jobs dot com it's 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs. -- --