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04/16/14 Paul Imig joins Bill

Apr 16, 2014|

FoxSportsWisconsin.com's Paul Imig joins Bill to talk Green Bay Packers. Does Paul like the Matt Flynn signing? Is Scott Tolzien capable of developing into a solid back up quarterback? Does Paul think Brett Favre will attend a Packers' game this year? Who will be the biggest threat for the Packers in the NFC North?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For fox sports was content dot com and our own Paul having quality you know about it. Already a good job and I guess what I don't understand I think this is a good -- But what I don't understand is why people all of a sudden for those little. Argue words that come out of the woodwork who could possibly think this is not a a good move for the Packers. Those two beliefs. And Scott told me I assume I did not the crowd that -- we could not -- Not going to sign a more prepared backup quarterback. -- split about you know the argument could be made that. Now that told me that -- under his belt -- -- what camp last year he wasn't signed to practiced until September 2. -- in could be made better but. -- -- not an official -- -- it looks like -- deal one year deal I'm not sure of the body but it's not going to be anything that's what. Do much to the -- dollar cap not like. Resigning Matt Flynn has continued in the re signing -- -- Randall -- Johnny Jolly line together remember how it might look pretty or signing early and I would assume the only reason people let -- bat. Because the only instructional league which I which I could support that league but I think you get -- in another year. You have him by one and number two job kind of -- told he'd -- it in fact he'd go. And number -- spot. I don't think it preclude the Packers from drafting a quarterback. And having or something -- currently are but the -- and so. I don't I would understand other than others are only order like anybody would -- -- that is not a good right now -- not. Obama looking at this team top to bottom how old are you well this is about the fun thing for second -- you were saying -- they should be drafting a quarterback. And I think to myself if they draft a quarterback in the first round now if it bore Arnold's -- I would have a problem with -- that's the best player available. -- if they draft a guy high in the first second or third round people are gonna jump up the bridges saying what do you do when you've got safety get tight and you -- linebacker -- help all these places. And you're -- after a back -- quarterback. So I don't understand why people we're. I -- -- -- -- logic comes from I guess the best point. I don't I'd never I would never think but the Packers would draft a quarterback and our soccer -- ground in my opinion when Mike -- he made that comment but the perhaps -- about I would like -- draft QB. And developed one -- looked out and after the fact -- -- story about it. It would probably be -- round earliest. Not needy or probably still thinks that relevant -- earlier it speeded it at all you -- go back two years. He DJ call in the seventh round that didn't work out. So maybe the Packers look at Walt but I -- watch it on the seventh round DiMarco made you should move up or Robert Q which -- political cart -- and he can groom. As -- fifth or sixth round -- But not even that I mean -- -- who looked -- Patrick after the best quarterback that belt weather or cold creek water or Matt -- or whoever else I don't think the -- would you let our guard. -- -- -- -- -- I think it's just somebody Mike -- looked like they got a project. But at this point he also kind of looked at -- league and that. And grooming project and so it happened at all at any point I don't think it would be -- -- That being said. Com it is we mentioned Scott -- he is he a guy that you would believe now I thought Scott told -- I think he has the tools I don't know he's got the -- -- not -- with all because his picks were obvious picks. And he reverted back to some of his old bad habits -- that isn't you know focusing on one receiver not looking off the defense not checking down. So to me I thought well are these fixable mental things for him and do you think he has the tools to -- -- a pretty good serviceable backup quarterback -- I definitely you and I believe at this point he still 26 years old but certainly aren't quite -- number I don't -- that you wouldn't expect. -- it's almost think we're definitely agree with the mental make up and you -- for -- I think -- definitely thought that. Now when you don't go through -- would -- To get a practice squad didn't -- -- late October early November looked like struck Albany. -- it -- from the Packers to stay on the practice squad rather than bolt into the Cleveland Browns wanted but there. And -- -- later promoted to the active roster because -- -- -- That group that you're going in for injured Scott told me that -- the -- You know -- out of -- stadium of achievement he grew up. Or -- and -- he was from garbage out to -- a lot slow on his lap in the incredibly short period aren't. And -- -- -- any camp. I think it would have been a different story it's a little mental preparation and adapt and -- -- to comment on the practice squad a week later being on the field. He's a regular season game I think a lot out and keep in mind it's -- you want undrafted there's a -- That under got a typically undrafted out of Switzerland to -- on William and -- -- late round pick and the quarterback aren't interpret that Tom Brady. But typically -- tactical and undrafted or regions. But I really liked what I saw he told me that on any kind of Wisconsin by it I could really could not elect. About that factor to it. The one thing that's difficult to analyze -- eat it -- your statement is. Although -- and the interceptions Scott told me it was actually quite good for the Packers the problem that. -- -- offense more than -- stats so it's it's obviously a fatal flaw it could kind of do. Got into his shot at and number -- job so. I bet I would look at the prospect at all you know I beat the Packers are why it's not. Give up on him but also wise probably not broken in the fighter and we let him compete we went about number two spot back that's what happened this year. -- gone back to Matt Flynn and why did they wait so long because I would assume as he was starting to get ready to board their plane to go to New York to work out for the Giants the price went up. Because we all thought that if he went to New York -- probably wasn't a -- of coming back. Probably not especially because now there's a report this morning -- that bat Josh Freeman. Saw when it's the New York Giants and those two Freeman and -- we're supposed to compete against each other. Worked against each other with the leader of that presumably being the one the chart at Giants -- What I'm talking about the situation. Of where Utley when he ever did end up working out for the Giants took the Packers and eat -- too that it just -- to keep it pull it I wouldn't agent. To show that there's interest because they want others not starting quarterbacking for it to them like two years ago. When the Seattle Seahawks at -- 8888 that's what I could come in and be a starter of course -- for the draft -- Wilson. A big influence and noted are so wasn't a situation like that. I think the Packers -- an outlet while we do -- letting the market itself. Seeing what what Trojan condoms. Market fluctuation would be. And when things got a little bit serious it was when the Giants so -- ended the Packers were went so. I think it would -- waited longer because without union and I realized oh let's not let him work out New York Mets can right -- I'm pretty sure that's what what really forced and it would be. True coincidental that -- -- Mark Murphy yesterday making the announcement they've reached out to Brett Favre and I I I wasn't shocking that they didn't come to an agreement that -- schedule or what have you got in the way of last year bringing him back. It certainly seems like they're trying to accelerate this thing to get him back to -- his day to get his number retired and maybe get that out of the way before he starts going on the hall of fame tour. I think so obviously you're now looks like erotic story about this yesterday because -- that the launch of the LG -- and her partner -- where we. And he wouldn't trust you know it's almost kind of like in a spot but he kind of -- We got to try to get Brett you're last year didn't work out could he kept winning and that was it was I don't know if mark where he intended it to be -- -- that that was something that. But had not -- -- then report it. And if you look back at -- I wrote about this actually I went back and looked at the old girl at school and -- Mississippi America all nickel. Insurance upbeat and -- championship game until -- eight. Of course they won their first eight and went -- the offensive coordinator else -- -- reportedly. Once coached. At that high school again next year he should have a pretty scheduled should be nothing. That stands in the way it can coming back so given that he has is likely hall introduction will be in 2016. I would guess that at the very least Burke's apartment official at a game in 2014. And and they deeper in the twenties -- -- having his number retired. Followed by of course is 2016 halting production so. That would kind of be that that -- month I'm -- -- -- now. I'm looking around because we talk so much about the Packers looking around the rest of the division. How much do you believe the Packers because throw a long time we just believe the Packers were light years ahead of Detroit in of Chicago. And for a while we thought well you know they're closing the gap -- Minnesota as well I think Minnesota's taken a step back but how close is the gap now between the Bears and Packers in the lines in the Packers. I agree that you would get one at all Minnesota viking two years ago of course will be meeting each other in the -- -- That he's not out on a totally different -- -- running back while I'm able course say they have no idea what to do quarterback. -- -- -- and set them back and let it really -- a great player and expect. Or -- or Chicago their defense was so bat so terribly wrong and Pakistan's top. You know a below at actor's defense for the most part regency but the Bears defense which -- -- works. They are really good job rebuilding that if you look at the money they start on March used your element -- The other thing that they've done it really bolts into the -- and -- -- a lot. And of course it's really matter how much do people believe or not believe in Jay Cutler and other -- -- -- -- NFL observers. And it really matter Cutler at this point has been a lot more hype -- substance that's yet to changed. We'll change this it certainly -- -- -- wide receivers approachable -- object Brandon Marshall not to mention -- -- at our house but it would -- -- -- Still think that they are not the biggest -- to the Packers especially because now they can term there offseason additions like I mentioned Alan Houston among others. Into the actual players who can contribute in -- that the league's worst defense -- even into it and get to your defense it is very much the threats the Packers. I think until I got to see what this new. This new Detroit Lions team looks like this Jim Schwartz western wines he looks like I'm not sure -- baker and clearly -- -- Allen. On that roster but also quite -- a lot of very -- highly highly paid. Players and that stuff -- course Calvin Johnson Republicans -- but I still think the Bears are are by far the big -- the Packers went in the division next year. Paul good -- is always -- -- appreciate it thanks for dropping -- knowledge okay. Our -- judges and they -- -- from fox sports Wisconsin dot com joining us -- the Schneider -- challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now call an 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs don't -- -- Schneider jobs don't come.