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04/16/14 Sean Deveney joins Bill

Apr 16, 2014|

The Sporting News' Sean Deveney joins Bill to talk Milwaukee Bucks. What is going on with the Indiana Pacers and their struggles to end the season? Will LeBron James opt out of his deal after this season? If Jabari Parker returns to Duke, who is the favorite to be selected number one? Sean discusses the Bucks ownership and arena situation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John -- BM BA writer for the sporting news. Boy you talk about timing couldn't couldn't be any better right now -- -- you don't man. I'm doing well -- -- you. We're doing good. That senator Kohl is I guess it was offered 550 million for this team the NBA wanted him to get no less than 500 million for this team. My question is this -- win the you know what you're talking about buying a new arena and bringing in a breath of fresh share. You know it if you're an owner if you're a prospective owner unless you have ties to Milwaukee why would you agree to keep the team in Milwaukee. Well you know that that. That sort of that the playing field that that -- -- -- was said he didn't want the team to be move then. And certainly. If you're Adam silver in the NBA you know like he teams being -- No matter what else I you know as long as well as the current owner. Make -- -- condition. Then then you're able to do that and and it when you look at how things have. Progressed in the NBA in terms of the collective bargaining agreement. And in terms -- salary sharing revenue share ranks you know that that's really been a big key for a lot of small market that -- Allow them to date profitable. Even inside as you mentioned you've got to build -- -- arena even -- -- you know you're not getting -- the big local television money all that sort of -- thanks there is -- beat new revenue sharing rules that. That make the NBA. -- pretty attractive investment even in a market like Milwaukee which has struggled. I'm looking ahead to that let's go to the NBA play house because the bucks obviously are not going to be -- but looking at the NBA playoffs. You got two teams fighting for that top spot in the east we don't know what's gonna come down to Miami we know it's gonna come down. To most likely Indiana who has actually been faltering down the stretch. Humble and personal what -- Indiana's problem it just seems like there's a lot of infighting why in the world would you be infighting right now when you're one of the best teams all week. You know I EE I think it's normal like. It is he can imagine. Try to drive a -- country with with a bunch a kids in the backseat. You know that after a while -- -- One that the chief of the trip start -- that and then. And and all -- -- sudden you know everybody might have been at the end and and bringing on the beginning of the trip we get to the end of the -- everybody sort of adage that -- I think that don't know what's happening with what it would it would there's Pacers team that -- -- -- -- it. -- got -- after a strong start. They were reporting. So much effort into the early part of the season. It really trying to show that they are are with Miami and that they can win the number one seed and all that points. Bat when we got to February I think -- with a team that was just tired. And I think at the fatigue set then you -- to beat people pointing fingers at each other. We start to see guys maybe going away from the out and playing a little more individual playing a little more selfish. And now that'd go on on. You know you expect to be like you say some -- -- inside Ian and finger -- I think that that sort of what happened here in the last month obviously they've got to get it -- here. The playoffs approach. A lot of talk about LeBron James as well will this be his last hurrah in in it down South Beach. Does he stay Desi opt out whoa what are your thoughts there because I don't know how much longer this this whole thing with Dwayne wade is gonna play mean Dwyane -- tremendous player and -- -- clearly is lost to step. And the injuries -- kind of -- drawn up to him. Yeah -- got to -- original thing to see how that plays out I do you think LeBron will opt out. And end and that he will sign a contract. Has date. It Miami but. He you've got a couple quick and after that one of those -- laid up does he collect that final year do you go. If he got doubt he's not going to get -- contract he's going to have to take some good -- the match. He might not the end and then become a free agent next year and an -- and -- -- let contracts. And I don't release the -- cap in the year you know what happens with him. That that he opt out and end -- so. That -- re sign in and get smacked -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that's. I mean he's the real quick which I think the -- wind up staying in Miami but the other two guys. Illinois in question are as what happens with them. Also waiting for Jabari Parker to make his decision as to whether or not he's going to come back we know -- the bucks are gonna have the best opportunity getting the number one overall pick. If Parker comes back to -- to Duke who is that in your mind the number one overall pick. I'm probably Wigan you know I think our guys do you think Parker would go number one as things stand that. Report to work out before the measurements. And in Chicago at the pretty -- at Columbine next mom you know that bad although of those things have. Good the chance to good to go up and down a little bit but mostly we're looking at. At Parker indeed. In and week and then as as the -- the most likely top three pick. And I just I think department and the depth and come out you had a lot of teams that would be very disappointed. But but certainly the fact it has taken him. So long to make a decision. It does raise the possibility that he's going to go back and -- and you know that would that would really yet. Be disappointing to to a lot of teams a lot a lot of games this year. I guess the way people are still talking about MB because of his upside and the comparisons that we've heard everything from a team Olajuwon to you know. Other big men that have been able to play in the league that have been so people -- because he didn't take a ball up until just about 34 years ago. They say the upside for him is tremendous but doesn't the back injury doesn't -- throw huge red flags to people. Yeah if we -- no question that the red flag and -- -- something that. Again you know when the -- -- comes around and and the medical tests happen bend that that's when that's going to be decided does it appearances is that back into releasing players. With back injuries that have really damage their stock like got. -- calendar for instance at the back issue -- and wound up needing surgery and and he fell all the way into the twenty. But we've also had guys where you know you -- -- -- -- who went number two. In 2000 war. You know hitting his back injury really didn't didn't. His stock and also a lot of it's gonna come down to what the doctors seat on the medical -- next month. Before -- let you go real quick the Milwaukee Bucks they get sold it looks like there were -- be a push on to get a new arena. I cannot imagine anybody coming into this saying that you know we won't move the team ever I would assume that there's going to be some kind of a drop dead clause that if you don't get a new. Public and private money or something and a combination thereof that eventually there would there would be an ability to move the team would you think. Yeah and I think that that that definitely going to be. Part of the deal that that nobody gonna -- idea. By the team without some sense of of getting in the -- -- nine. And and and having some support for -- -- Yeah I -- you know there's there's there's not a question that senator Kohl wants to make sure the teams in Milwaukee. Believing he would have to admit that if they can't get a deal lottery not. A year that collecting go to a place that that would be willing to build an arena outs and I bet that that still going to be a pretty big sticking point. It wouldn't get close here. It's not necessarily appreciate -- Sean thanks so much for joining us okay. Thank you -- -- artillery bigger -- Devin eighty NBA writer for the sporting news you can read his stuff their sporting news.com.