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04/16/14 Gery Woelfel joins Bill

Apr 16, 2014|

Racine Journal Times Gery Woelfel joins Bill to talk all about the breaking Milwaukee Bucks' news. Is an arena part of the deal to sell the Bucks? Does the new ownership clean house with the front office and coaching staff? What will the Bucks do in the NBA Draft if Jabari Parker does not enter the draft?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to Gary Wolff for the -- journal times has been -- -- a little while listening to some of those Gary I don't today. He's everything we scheduled to have you on so I guess. You know we talk about this is apparently there is the contended that the team has to stay in Milwaukee. I would assume there is some kind of a poison pill in -- that if they can't get a new arena -- and then there is an opportunity to move the team I don't know. For sure. But I'd argue there so that you know if I'm a businessman I'm not gonna venture into this in strictly say you know whatever. That I if I can't move the team and I can't make money that I don't have any right to make my business better. Yeah I mean Herb Kohl and so well not only 545 times in the last five years that. You would not a personal opinion. True or anyone that would move -- -- Milwaukee. And -- and as recently as two weeks ago I was told that you're rejected two periods in which. Yeah potential buyers wanted to make the city portable franchise. Need to make a move at some point and they -- easy crook Williams folks. Those discussions -- About the betting man I would say there is that we clause in the contract that stipulates that the achieved much yet people who. -- do you think that there's a deal in place or at least a behind the scenes this is how we can finance a new arena type of situation that they've already discussed that this is that you know being -- but they can't move the team that this is already something that's been talked about they probably got a pretty good plan in place to go ahead with a new arena. -- -- -- and go live there any doubt there. In my mind their muscles part of -- I would book doesn't that three weeks ago that you know. Part of yeah. -- -- Would be redirected toward the on the movie so well let's say that the actual bill 400 and they -- -- -- four -- At a 150 million would. -- toward the construction you'll -- what sort of cold until we did it's own and so. You know due to happen -- you're. -- -- -- More than -- what it will cost. Don't really. Which I was told by somebody very very -- situation. Will be in the ballpark 500 billion. But they could skill -- it probably is it down to 404. What. -- in the either of them someone that comes from these new -- in group Cole. -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- -- scaled back I don't want any of that crap I want a new arena that's going to be bigger better and make people come to downtown whether it's got entertainment venues in it I just figure the more people that are down there the more people that wanna see it the more people who wanna hang out. It's going to be more benefit for all the business is down there I don't -- -- hear any of his -- yes arguing over well twelve dollars because. You don't get certain or LA or you don't get people in your business I think the more the merrier we we see it all down down to. Summer -- -- example you got 55 restaurants down there. You know if you put another restaurant and all the restaurants are gonna bitch about it know the more people you put in -- the better off it's going to be for everybody. And people you know and so that is the -- play -- 41 times go to the year you know I mean after the regular season. -- kind of used for concerts conventions -- say OK yeah so we're committed and that lift golden is strictly for the -- I mean that's for the yes -- a -- and for the better. Betterment -- the -- May -- my next question is with John Hammond dude does the new ownership come -- and blow everybody out. Ordered a believer is you know if you believe that John Hammond had a lot of -- going on in some of the decisions were already made for me just put -- rubber stamp on it. Does he stay what do you think. My gut feeling is that we did in 90% of which he's some new ownership wants -- people across the board. And especially -- -- French. Yeah and just strictly from a PR standpoint. You think that the owners would want fresh faces mean. But what you know fan base slightly -- they have seen this team for years. And it hasn't done anything. So I'm sure there will be clamoring you know when he -- -- -- and then the other aspect of this is Wiggins is expected to an Al Jabari parkers are expected to announce whether or not he stays. When we talked in the past we thought Jabari Parker would be a good fit you've got some different ideas if Jabari Parker -- at Duke who is number one. I would think it's going to be wary of -- points wigand's industrial against the most upside of any player mr. Appleby is coaching in the super I don't think anybody with that dispute that. Now whether -- as he tries in the determinations. Be coming superstar. Know that remains between talk to. One India coach couple weeks they'll awakened -- you -- -- -- or three years now. He says that. Who whatever Keaton Grant Wiggins who -- -- -- as well and in this and so what -- -- They get -- he doesn't -- -- more. And I'll tell you what if you're going to be a super -- -- -- border and we saw that they can't let in yet jeans or is absolutely brilliant. And then yet you were like we're NC you know so. You know it if -- -- that's -- repertoire you know he's going to be acceptable -- On the other aspect of this is the team itself I would assume if you blow out everybody it's including the head coach who has another year left on his deal -- mistaken. But it helps yeah. Yeah out of that are there all America connect -- -- -- so concerned that John -- still has two years after this yourself. You know everybody basically go home. Yeah I mean basically I needed to pick himself up 500 million dollars you can afford to pay off for five you know -- -- So I don't think what he will be you know it sure at all -- it comes to. Those who was. 34 also before we get Jenny or just the rest of the NBA. You know I we saw the other day that -- the -- decided to sit everybody give her body arrest status -- -- conceded that there they're gonna take the second spot you've got a lot of infighting in Indiana right now. You know when Dwyane Wade comes back I'm sure that they'll be formidable but how much longer do you think that to LeBron puts up with the we're going to be without Dwyane -- for an entire season type of shenanigans. Yeah I know I would imagine that at some point you know. Pirelli. -- will run out at me so -- -- with the -- wagers on the those are away from you saw that in the playoffs last year where he -- it cost 100%. They were better fortune you know so when -- Buick title. And I don't think -- that he is the ultimate of your -- So yeah definitely definitely -- summer -- as well they -- when -- you know. Jerry gets up -- we certainly appreciate it's going to be an interesting has seen when the senator makes all the official -- -- hopefully he answers a lot of these questions that are stoke honoring -- around a lot of people brain -- all right. -- of minority going to be a minority yet or in the -- -- -- -- the right part of it Jack if I can throw out a few million I I think I might do it since the box or the Brewers didn't go 160 in two and I don't have to buy everybody in the estate car. So I think when you go to the out throw that money into the box what the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your wall for the Racine journal times joining us in the Schneider orange -- Schneider hiring drivers right now -- 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs -- -- Patty Schnyder jobs downtown.