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Apr 16, 2014|

What do you want to hear from the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks? Ramie, Sparky, Gary and Leroy discuss followed by the Bucks press conference regarding the sale of the team

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And. The big show running back clubs can spark -- -- for Gary Ellis and live with it till the end of the Brewers game junior TV down in turn your radio up in tune into the big show because there is big news. This afternoon you like back there -- -- before but it's the first I've -- Like I said there is big news in the Milwaukee sports world today we just started there and Mario's update ESPN reporting that bucks owner Herb Kohl. Plans to sell the team to hedge fund billionaires mark last three. And Wesley evens for -- price of 550. Million dollars there'll be eight to thirty press conference at the B Myers. Bradley -- to announce the sale of the team -- be carrying that live right here. On the Wendy's big show expecting LeRoy Butler to be joining us here shortly discuss some background on these owners are prospective owners of the of the Milwaukee Bucks -- is the co-founder. Of the Fortress Investment Group based in New York. -- a federal Securities and Exchange Commission documents the firm has 61 point eight billion dollars. In assets under management that's got to be nice Landry is the chairman and CEO co-founder of avenue capital group as of march 31. The firm had thirteen point six billion dollars in assets under management and just before we came on the air Sparky. Our buddy rich Kirch and over at the Milwaukee business journal sources tell him that both Cole and the hedge fund exact. Could contribute as much as 200 million dollars in total to a new arena your -- Steve Sparky -- Well that's good that that's a good start and -- goes gives a hundred million they get water million. On that were up and running now this -- could cost as much as 500 million. Which is about what they paid for this -- sell it if that's the case where -- getting -- 300 million from. -- and are these guys been able to sweet talk the general public in this town indicating 300 million dollars more into it nobody knows either one of these two guys. Nobody knows anything about them nobody knows. What their plans are for the team what their plans are for the stadium or anything else we do -- they're saying in Milwaukee right -- stay in Milwaukee that's part of the deal now and I'm getting people asking me. -- how long before they can move well. That we're going to build a new arena. And that's me obviously to be part of -- arm and wants a new arena is built I don't -- reason why they would attempt to pick up and move after. They put all the time out for blood sweat and tears in building a new arena while they get openly self like thirty years -- -- are now they're not gonna -- -- yourself. From that aspect that's good now I I obviously. Would like to know if there's any relationship between Democrats inacio at all they know each other -- have they ever cross each other. And so forth along the way -- people tend to hang out of rich people normally sell -- they've ever cross paths. It is a day in which if Herb Kohl is all the way out which is what we're all being led to believe -- that these guys are are buying it. If herb is not going to be in charge of day to day operations anymore in these guys are gonna bring in their own guys. To run that day to day operations. That I am very very excited that this day -- finally come now this the last -- approved by the NBA where the board of governors. While before it's -- official. -- -- announce that this deal is done and then the NBA approves it. To make it official. I know we move forward from -- but. It's an exciting time to be a -- and I think right now. Arm and a very nervous time if you're employed by the Milwaukee Bucks right now because -- -- -- -- and have a job. Now whether that be the general manager John Hammond Larry Drew. People in the front office oh whoever works there nobody really knows what they're going to do do they have their own guys. But they're gonna bring and I can't assume I -- a pen assuming neither one of these two guys -- -- -- sports franchise. -- they're gonna come into this thing trying to figure out exactly. How to do what they want to do going forward here. And it appears these guys Steve aren't remembered -- treatment he. -- there -- -- we're about don't know. We're about Megan's house payments. They got no money to make it happen -- Before this was announced. I had a question that I was when I was there ago. -- you guys today was do you believe. Her score -- -- team you better believe enough I was -- covers say he's not so honestly I reactors to go through that a guy. Now -- the course is about. Is it you know what play does -- have in this at all. Is he saw the whole thing Steve. I I they're we're hearing that's what we think about 6040 we're gonna sign -- thirties you know what I wanna hear yeah I wanna hear that I think everybody else -- -- he's out but I wanna hear it. From his -- right he's out. To me that's probably the next. You know what you know what degree of -- -- will we have -- team or is he all dark. To me you know -- is -- guy in. We've talked about is a lot though but. Bought the team kept -- year. Who -- sold recovered to retire the team -- He's been very adamant about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And for what we're -- -- hearing right now from all -- purposes. We heard there's no more than two months ago. I had the surgery was going to put some money up on -- -- to -- to have a built -- Milwaukee books and we'll see how that plays out. But I you know I think. If you're books -- and cordial -- and are going to be the game tonight. I would love to see tonight. If the senators in the game. He gets -- innovation. If three goals -- the way I think it's going to play out. He -- -- team. Owner stayed here. I think he's old. East innovations. Ovation from the reins of the walk I don't know -- -- -- ability. I think he's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would agree. For all the -- that that miracle catches in this market. This team could easily not be here this this team could easily not have been here years ago and I and I understand. People's beef with herb -- I get it and that and I'm I'm in that camp with you we talk about the actual basketball operations you know. But you have a basketball team and it's because of Herb -- some windy on that one there. I -- think that. You know the new guys doing in this lose money those -- -- -- billions of dollars. Because it made much. So moving forward Landry has a personal net worth oh man don't do it to me of what point five. 350 and I'm. None of the what is going to be altered your have you seen a picture -- was very you know he looks like he's worth one point -- yeah. Gather earlier. In the -- I wouldn't have them vote on business journal website him and -- eons. Yeah -- moves like he's very wealthy in a -- he's -- -- look. Yeah yeah -- yeah Maria. Actually get a room everybody there because of what you -- yeah. Sorry I don't worry guys you know he'd also had a look at Purdue obviously Aaron brown and gray -- as like salt pepper hair. Got a blackjack or Michael White scarf -- but -- -- lost. -- have the Rahman Al in the garbage. Lisa Mosley yeah it's a -- and -- it's grab it's still a wash and all the Miami I watched him was unbelievable. But these guys and -- in this to lose money so. You might see. I love and all of -- five yeah development plan. -- -- -- -- I'll let you Bucs fans these guys may become and a win put -- team to win and they have 678. -- what is to make money spent you don't get a -- arena. I just on our got to hear from who have -- -- it how to guard said to staying up whether it's the report by six have it the next decade. The back to senator. And I'd -- personally normally you know you presidency. What people it just that I he's concerned about a lot of people I think -- -- -- -- -- he'll retain. Is based and how many people that didn't new regime will give an opportunity to keep their jobs not saying you gotta keep below. If you want to -- noble operation go -- here but just give those people a chance. To give back on their feet and figure out what they wanna do I just pulled the rope from on the map unless some of -- -- -- now will be. Hard to deal now he's now Ortiz control -- guys so. Actually I think I'd wanna say he's not already control anti gas that's what I thought he sent yet he's not really yeah 'cause I did it differently when I'm double Niemi and this is -- -- W -- run over conversation as. Because it is different don't target that -- yeah I don't fret you -- you. Know it. No I don't I don't know man to take my word about it you know -- Dave Miller foot. He he just listens spark that's -- thing he -- at the dominate the competition and some -- he Jimenez people. Had a normal. Conversation with the guys -- -- you get asked him do whatever you want to exist to people that I've employed. Just get on the chain drive I McDonald yeah I've -- you 550 -- I ask you don't sit in the corner and shot all these. I'm honored at fifty million dollars you don't out of man -- that you kind of figure out there waited -- it as a man oh sure I lose till you part of lord. You keep -- -- you are develop a suite at the U meant about the new arena we -- name that -- -- I don't know how careful they clearly need a quarter from Iran I don't care about that but our collateral cleavage. Well I'll dictate who's probably in his final only to donate -- got -- a -- get a mania. I mentioned -- we are enough for a little yeah we'll bring -- here and you got evidence that last who has a rebuild it's it's not -- just kidding of course but -- what I'm saying is do you agree with me he's -- -- these billions of dollars. Wait no development plan these guys of the ran -- a -- -- I don't care -- like a business -- -- -- money this year hasn't zen that they might buy a blue and dissent by losing he made money so if -- -- it properties here right right to -- they're gonna give benefit from a -- yeah so if that's the case -- -- demeanor -- her to go on and win because they're gonna make -- these guys they used to -- billions of dollars -- tank and Williams he's got all these guys have to do -- -- and if not I guess it before I'll say it again and I'll take the ball to them but if I -- and don't get the picture front office first there's a marketing side -- the business side you do that we -- -- drool all for a year. And what -- does run the basketball side -- you rest get a grasp on what's going on the basketball side. That throughout the course of the year figure out who your candidates are to be the next GM of the next coach and then make your move. Always expects his team to win next journey how what is it really -- -- but are -- coming here they fire everybody wants. And then try to hire new G have a new coach everything else. -- -- to possibly the most important at this franchise and that's after they -- all of my opinion I agree it's a huge gamble -- -- -- in your group that keeps up people and play out keep the basketball side in place for one more year and -- -- how are you get out of if you're on fire hazard as an outsider coming out -- -- The formal play. Gear -- some GM. Get together and figure out what they wanna do arm would you bring and -- partly what he's got. Jimmy Smith Ortiz Garrett just try to sit just -- moving forward and then. Get out a way LA has some GM Jim Ryan doing he wants to run it and I don't know what a GM is I'm a big -- and a if you given the proper bullet I think he can shoot a good but it. As a lot of people -- -- but they're telling me he's doing what -- toe. So how does somebody -- message you got the best operations would deal does other stuff messy ugly can I agree. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He'll leave Bob Menard all dirt side and -- -- turns out he's not gonna be an ambassador doesn't look like after all. Now in the box there goes the dreams of the big shall run in the box and to me like most blame -- Billy Bob and I will still be thrown in his -- office. Downtown and he will be taking care workers comp cases like he does so well. And if you get hurt in an accident -- you call that's who I called. 414276110414276. -- -- 100 guy also visit them at dirt side dash Menard -- dot com. -- -- and Menard they work. For the average Joseph what are you wanna hear from new box ownership -- we carry that press conference live coming up at 230. Here on the Wendy's big -- 7991250. -- -- Sports Radio 1250 -- -- -- you're just tuning in ESPN reporting that bucks owner Herb -- Plans to sell the team hedge fund billionaires -- last three. And Wesley -- for price of 550. -- last three was -- Morocco. Really yeah -- state. Hey you know what god knows he is -- and there were -- reporter who these guys are. Oh it's great to gear wharf when he does and as for awhile and he also told me you would have batted in -- season and we'll talk with -- all full tentatively scheduled topic is all the while. Tentatively scheduled to join us at 535 that all depends on how the -- game goes as soon as that game is over to -- step in here for the European as a baseball -- is important issue. Ma and -- catch Morocco to a Moroccan Jewish family 000 yeah I -- and -- when you know seven -- family immigrated to the US. His father was a computer programmer -- mother was a school teacher. His father was a what a computer program Marcus that's for the family money started. Couldn't drink. Schoolteacher at the it's yeah it's true that that -- it good -- your -- pleasure wherever that -- more nations are easily -- the US when he was seven. And then he went to Clark University 1981. He's been like New York Law School in 1984 and Jays he references -- -- one of his sons -- -- -- -- about Americans Morocco. It's go to mosquito scouts and Anthony in the Wendy's big -- -- up at the net. Well very encouraging -- today I mean agriculture be commended for his loyalty. To the box and keep them in Milwaukee and -- and hope for the new ownership is that. But that isn't as secure in the long term viability for the team a new building and marquis and putting a winner on the court a team. That that the community proud of in. That they can stop in the point one of the NBA in a professional sports and you know give the people -- some some to cheer about I think. -- definitely the most they have a lot season in the franchise history with the change of ownership that this upcoming draft and -- what they do at the front office and coaching. I have to agree that I think -- between John -- In his position I mean it's two months until the draft to clean house now -- stake -- you know I I think that would be a mistake just because. That's -- he's been going on all season long and you're gonna get new people involved in that. I think that just you Rusch in the process but -- encouraged and hopefully hopefully these guys you know have the right mindset. To build ST in the right way and I'll get things to come and -- someday very soon actually years then be able really really gear box. Thanks for the call on a slacker guy I'm and his wife donated five million Clark University to build a new -- in center. 2005. Decides -- -- as resent her from -- science. Five kids one of whom works in the White House. Competitive athlete as far as in basketball tennis also continues to have a deep interest and comics. Nice. A New Orleans yeah ha -- Anger I'm not -- -- as I can hang -- I don't know -- -- around him and Allen and all that Allen -- he Captain America this weekend a few Austin draws and yeah. I don't know very human hurdles also do you primarily I just needed a lot of data to back -- the -- not a superhero you need a good time. Okay it's you spoke of flat out take into a bumpy begins chassis deceased dad and I always kid do this right now he's -- -- and ultimately the superhero. A real quick and a lot of rain on the parade or anything in my Clemens afforded this to me and I heard bill Michael's talking about this little bit but. Apparently. The last three was President Obama as appointment for ambassador to France he was turned down though. For the position over ties to an alleged Russian mob run poker ring. You could. Yeah I'll be. Told the New York -- -- yeah. Funny here I guess that denied the mob just don't read that right after -- who -- -- You know I don't -- you know just -- Military. I've does that all leather -- allowed just reading what's out there all I -- -- I don't know. Yeah you know -- -- how -- -- what he did on the positive stuff I think you drop yeah. As far as right club did you forward me the league to the New York Post article where he's if you if you win a bar at the -- -- may not like this deal on. He's Democrat in order to governor -- now but yeah -- -- were. Radio 1250 -- counts and -- a perfect ending to the worst season in franchise history the best part is. They didn't sell the team to local millionaire is the fact -- -- -- to billionaires has to have you excited as a fan millionaires need to make money. -- like to play with expensive toys hash -- fear the -- Good point Russian. I'll tell those gathered all right and lack of visited a -- may remind -- will see more people hired. You see more jobs. And you see you immunities Sparky had a great idea as he always does -- -- of note building -- -- should be used affect maybe when they would talk about it. There's some great ideas. Flying -- yeah apparently -- was friends with -- Accenture 27 who is busted with thirty others including treacherous pro poker playing father. Vadim and Brothers Eugene the -- accused in the entrench her running the New York arm of the 100 million dollar batting -- money laundering racket. With world renowned Manhattan art dealer. He well nickname -- no mod. And eloquent Reid has just somebody waiting and I. I meant the source and all the pulled Marc Landry is a big time gambling golf and poker obviously all of them today he's gotten. -- -- -- I have to be my -- and -- it and got them give a dog and get it takes hold of him but he. Gambling problem when your billionaire I mean you know I can run out of money. That's about as do you just have on what you wanna hear from these new but daughter's gas seven to hold golf so at Florida the wells limited the -- friend who's gonna get my hands big Joseph lord. You -- Yeah and well what I wanted to say it's it's good to great -- -- the first step in the series. Steps that needed to happen and maybe you know but more important step up outside the arena. I am glad that they ended up on the into these billionaire rather than selling -- -- mar country not feel and and that's -- and I like mark on about a lot economic done great things -- a -- obviously. By you know if you want to that the big boy table which is beyond NBA you need big -- money's. And that's backcourt you guys have and there are so many things -- need to happen at this point -- You can't rely on guys that you don't need other people still a big things like the -- happen when these guys themselves that they -- that you could just write a -- for itself. And one last thing -- anybody who calls on the radio station talk about an NHL team company -- -- a little box. Can we please stop calling -- about that now thanks. Thanks for the call I got gotten a -- another thing in his article I'll -- -- -- -- -- high rollers can wager to two million in the poker games. We're -- that apartments were doing what you really -- Bartlett. And I threw at her -- Morrison's. The -- bats -- quotes leverage professional poker players are very well on the individuals working in the financial industry had called the criminal complaint says Austin did you got a whole lot. -- -- He's been a home winning today -- -- all -- you're gonna. Yeah I do -- aren't sure. Prove and we're gonna break just a little bit earlier just -- -- this press conference starts -- test as a federal dollars for thirty will carry it live Putin could all -- new bucks team that will carry live together right here and Wendy's big Joseph has started yet you guys and hold angry at their look at it as many calls as we can't between now. And the start of that press conferences the Wendy's big show. We're back right after this season. That's why he's great show from -- -- -- former Packers Gary -- and LeRoy Butler awaiting the start of the press conference out at the Bradley Center or is expected to be announced. That bucks owner Herb Kohl sell the team to hedge fund billionaires mark plaza rate and Wesley -- -- -- -- of the looks like -- powerful the manager calls and it's 7991250. What -- wanna hear from the new ownership when we do hear from them. 7991250. -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. But Gary last three -- they may be billionaires we don't get to be a billionaire by just wasted your money they wanna go oh when they get into town on some jewelry -- he's got the. Baylor program dual threat is going to write it shouldn't be a little angered by -- -- like has -- -- on argument might pull out of that you're -- lot of business right now so of his New Orleans or they're ready check and we can be dollars a liquor -- And -- don't -- guys. You look at our current second national avenue yet -- -- me they are going out of business. And if you look over the radio they got to write their program Jewelers are looking for a diamond engagement ring for you -- you know. He's got a if you looking for. Tartan wedding Bears very got a bigger reason price at nine -- dollars you know for 59 box guys. Go -- a check Amaro be bracelets watches. Bullet went -- citizen watch -- discussion brand -- -- thing -- ground chicken out check him out like everything else. It's all in house were not trying to or anything when -- -- or routes where we have in stock that's what you buy. You're looking for great deals -- -- Jewelers -- -- sector. And errors from her again -- that press conference from the Bradley Center alive as soon as it starts right here. On the Wendy's big -- lots of -- and on Twitter person at 1250 WSS feed to the to the news of the -- dale Hughes says pursing I wanna hear is that hammonds and drew are gone. He's always looking for people to be fired right off the bat -- certainly get the pick of new voters a feel like I've just been adopted by daddy wore -- -- it's unbelievable. I'm at last three really either it's not so much is just looks I -- a normal positional play -- an -- very. He looks like yeah he's yeah it looks like everything we -- them so far. Doesn't yeah I will be written out on the mound and then and you get really get it probably is yeah. I -- -- -- almost all of us to quit staring at it now the brother UCLA now these -- -- warm -- nobody hasn't Kool -- head -- is there. -- -- -- fried chicken wings hot sauce and had a black ideological poker room at the middle read I imagine it still it up argued LeBron is still -- -- and and yeah -- -- Open room this CBS's the atmosphere there -- having -- -- -- TV. And she's like -- -- all of our. Peters says -- does what he was here from the new owners totals in cold no percentage of ownership Sanders I -- off to leave and -- -- with big -- smokey all right here we go. And looks like there's people coming -- -- or mark. And his mark and Larry are about our -- -- marshlands and others out there as mark -- What did you see Garrett yeah CS TR just Bulls got their man ya gotta -- Asia Europe reasonably Tom Barrett up there. He's one of the guys that are on there from right to left -- mark or not from left to run with mark -- Barrett. Oddities the east's current superintendent what is unless. At least I really in to go through right or left there's then there's a character. There's cold and Herb Kohl needs on the other side AM and -- -- All of -- past and future of the Milwaukee Bucks are here we go -- among the players present senators Clark. Milwaukee Bucks. More than exciting announcement today about the future of the team. I'd like to introduce someone. Who has been the game changer. Here in this state for many many years as a businessman. As an owner. As a philanthropist. And as a public servant. So it's my privilege. In my honor to introduce you to cheat the CEO and president of the -- bucks senator Herb Kohl. Thank you mark and thank you all for being here today. Today we are announcing. Great news for the Milwaukee Bucks. For the greater Milwaukee community and indeed. For the entire state of Wisconsin. We're following through on an announcement that we -- just a few months ago. -- we were launching an effort to find additional investors in the box. -- help strengthen their franchise. And keep it rooted here in Milwaukee. As you know I was born and raised in this city. And have lived here all my life. Being part of the effort to bring the NBA franchise here -- And then keeping -- here. Has been a big part of my adult life. I have all in the box for more than 29 years. And our fans our business partners. And my colleagues at the Bucs. Have been on my mind. And in my heart. Every day. So I hope you understand why this process was and is so important to me. And why it was not going to make a move unless I was convinced that it was the right -- I'm pleased to announce. There we have been successful. This process started late last year when I asked Steve Greenberg RL -- -- company. To help me to look for financially capable investors. Who shared my love of the game. And who shared my commitment. To keep the bucks in Milwaukee. Working with Steve and his colleagues at L letting company on a daily basis. I believe we did a great job in finding the 2 gentlemen that I am pleased to introduce to you here today. I can tell you that there was a lot of interest in the -- -- large number of highly qualified potential investors. Emerged. The process -- evolved along the way. But most important to me was finding investors. Who shared my commitment to keeping the bucks in this city. The two men are will be introducing today no Milwaukee. And know that this area and this state. Have great sports fans. Who deserve -- NBA franchise. Any championship. Caliber team. They also know how much I love Milwaukee and how important I believe the Bucs. -- to the future of this entire region into our state. They understand and we've come to agree. That in order to keep our franchise here. We need to get to a 21 century sports and entertainment center. In a timely manner. I believe these two men at the right people and the right fit at the right time. Both men are familiar with the sports landscape in Wisconsin and have attended sporting events and both Milwaukee and Green Day. In fact one of them has roots in Wisconsin. As his mother was born and educated here. And he currently employs. 700 people and Wisconsin through business dealings. So today we are announcing that we have entered into a signed purchase agreement. For these two fine gentleman. That will transfer full ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks up subject to -- -- The process will not be completed until the agreement is reviewed by the NBA. And voted on by the board of governors but this is a major step forward and my goal of keeping the -- here. So -- I would like to introduce. Our new prospective owners and that -- the fifth to say a few words. Please join me -- what I see as a grand opening of a new era for the Milwaukee Bucks. And welcoming -- CDs and mark last three. To the BM all Harris Bradley Center. And to Milwaukee. Thank you very much senator and thanks for the kind words but also thanks for. The incredible team or future on the process we've gone through these last few months for you and all members your team that's -- -- it's been a very competitive process and we are delighted to be sitting where we are right now as the prospective owners. On behalf of myself and mark we would like to thank senator call. For the stewardship -- provided this city. He is a he's a -- Bucs -- And he is is all about the team in the community and and winning and he's really -- -- pitcher for inspiration as we've gone through this process and -- we have more so personal thank you very much under. Mark and I are very excited joined. Bucs fans the city you Milwaukee and and the the citizens of the state of Wisconsin has the senator said. And along those born and raised in. Wisconsin. I'm from Montana originally I have a lot of roots in the mid western in this part of the state and -- delighted to you know be fortunate to be standing here talking about owning. -- respectively the franchise of the -- so we're we're very excited about that mark and I are lifelong basketball fans. Working title of guys and we've had a lot of fun with fastball over the years who spent a lot of time on the sidelines watching our daughters play basketball to remove here with us today. And we are really looking forward to the experience. Being an owner and the senator said that this is good news -- for the bucks. It's a new stage for be -- -- in the facility that we we expect to be building here. And are delighted to -- of that -- really is so once in a lifetime opportunity to. To be an owner NBA team when they wanted to also wants a lifetime opportunity to build the facility golf course is something this big clobbered process with government with -- citizens and all the good people and the team and whatnot and we are we're delighted he would be part of it to be part of us. We're big vision for the the box -- I was we've had our own businesses mark and I we joke about do you like these guys the world we've been. I'm very fortunate in our business -- we were very hard and have been the beneficiaries a lot of good things. And we are very very inspired to be here carrying that forward here today. Give Milwaukee fans deserve a winning team. This is about winning basketball games but when he championships it's about being part of the community and we look forward all of us it's without -- different. -- -- -- like to thank senator. He's very true gentleman throughout this whole process and it's been really an honor and a pleasure to get to know him. You know the other feels like -- is really you. I think for westernized and -- that it really is a dream come true I mean we couldn't be more excited. To be a part of what's gonna happen to be -- the owners hopefully -- -- new team. Of our team and then to hopefully build an arena here with the city. I I think for us. We want things hopefully he'll see is that we have a strong desire. I think at times and insane desire to succeed. And we're gonna try to establish down and do that here home with the -- and try to build hopefully as west said. You know over the course of the next 510 years bring a championship to this city. And try to keep on building and become -- part of the community that we have that you guys have here. So I think for us I just -- say thank you it's a real honor and hopefully over the next. -- few months few years I'll get to know everybody who's here because we're going to be spending a huge amount of time in this city. And I'd like to get to know as many people as we can so again thank you very much for your time. And thank you senator for everything that you've done. Thank you thank you senator Cole thank you mark thank US. Under the current terms of the purchase and sale agreement up. Question mark -- agreed to purchase the team for a sales price who approximately 550. Million dollars. In addition. -- west of committed. Understanding how important. A new arena is to the future of this franchise in this city. Have committed to help fund a new arena. With an investment of at least 100 million dollars. -- -- -- -- a huge huge commitment for. For our city and for the state of Wisconsin. It -- it will present opportunities obviously for the future that. Are enormous and -- certainly help. Our community in years and years and decades to come. I have even more good news for you today. As if that wasn't good enough. As you know senator Kohl has been. Somebody who has made an incredibly positive impact. On our state. And our community. Over many years as a public servant in. Washington for -- -- United States senator. Representing. All the folks here call folks here. As a businessman. As a wonderful businessman and as a philanthropist -- over the years -- done great things as supportive produced. And you know as. Churchill once said we make a living by what we get we make a life by what we give. And so wrote today senator -- is gonna continue that Winthrop beat by making a gift of a hundred million dollars. -- -- -- -- And I want to emphasize -- There -- holes not get on the team anymore this will be a true gift to the community and I'd like to personally and on behalf -- be -- Bradley Center board. The greater Milwaukee community thanks senator -- for all he's done over the years to keep Milwaukee -- major League City and for his future efforts. To continue to keep us major League City. I now would like to read a statement from NBA commissioner Adam silver. As a public servants -- as an owner of the box. Senator Herb Kohl has an extraordinary impact in his home city of Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin. His historic and unprecedented 100 million dollar gift to the city of Milwaukee to secure the future of this franchise. Emphatically underscores his passion. Commitment and generosity to his community so once again it -- -- senator -- Plus it. And now I would like to introduce our mayor. Tom Barrett. 'cause I was walking in today it was so quiet. It felt like a church service and I attend a lot of church services. And I thought well this is a little bit like a church services of its quiet. But in my heart that in my mind -- was again. Man if they only knew were about to announce this is more like a revival -- And that's who we should be doing we should be -- from the rooftops. Because this is a game changer for this entire debate. This is a game changer. Senator -- made it clear. That this is not about him. If this is about this team in about this city. But there is not a person who was standing here I believe who disagree with me. That we would not be where we are today if it we're not for the generosity. And the commitment and the incredible life of Herb Kohl. And on behalf of the citizens of this city on behalf of the citizens of this region in this state I give you a heartfelt thank you for everything everything you've done senator. To mark to -- Wes welcome the -- we've been waiting for him -- happier here. Have you brought some of your family members and I think which are gonna find is that the hearts are much warmer than the weather in Milwaukee at least -- today. But you're going to love this community -- -- guarantee you're gonna love this community you're gonna love the fans are gonna love the people here. Because we believed in this team we believe in teamwork we believe in community. And not only for the city but for the region for the entire state of Wisconsin this is a new day in our community thank you very much for being here and thank you for believing in the. -- and believe. Thank you very much. Well thank you very much mayor and now I'd like to introduce our county executive Chris -- So as that as Thomas said. Announcements like this are the sort of thing that elected officials dream about. Everybody here doesn't need me to tell you this is the sort of thing it happens maybe once a new generation if you're lucky. To the question that has been bandied about for some time and we've all because we all of a stake in the game have been talking about it are we going to be able to hang on to the bucks. I don't think there could be any more emphatically. Unequivocally positive answer. Then what we -- heard today. This is without a doubt. Without any qualification. That one of the single most positive announcement you're -- -- that we're all going to be part. And as a long time Bucs fan. I -- -- -- say it is extraordinary to have anything to even be able to do with it but I -- -- pick -- also and and something the mayor said. You know. Senator calls. Has done so much for this community for this state and for this country. And we all know. That he has never been the sort of person who -- accolades or does it because of that there is nobody I know who embodies public service and citizenship. In exactly the best sense of the word and well I admire his humility I will never hesitate or apologized for celebrating the kind of citizenship that frankly we should all celebrate more so without reservation herb thanks for being you. Thanks for giving us this and thanks for giving us a lifetime a lifetime of service thank you. -- -- Thank you very much Chris and now I'd like to introduce the president to the Milwaukee metropolitan association of commerce -- Tim -- You'll excuse me if I start with a basketball analogy but I want to add my thanks to senator Kohl for the last 29 years you've really held the ball from Milwaukee and that's given Milwaukee an opportunity. To gain the recognition that comes with being an NBA cities and there is significant record recognition that comes of that. It makes us and is -- exclusive market it makes a place that were sought after. It attracts jobs it creates excitement and -- Milwaukee. A global presence. And I think I knew along with any -- everybody else after holding that ball for 29 years. When you decided to make a pass. You're gonna make that pass to to individuals. Like -- and mark. That have a commitment to keep Milwaukee. An NBA city for the future so thank you for making the -- thank you both -- in the past. And as we look forward I guess I have this message to the rest of the world. When somebody invest 550 million dollars in your market take note. Because this is evidence of the confidence that we all have. That Milwaukee is a prosperous place and we are going to be successful. Going forward. To Milwaukee ends I also say take note because the announcement of this generous gift. In the investment in a new facility I believe is gonna light the fuse on a new era of development. In so in closing. I know the senators always played. With the best interest of Milwaukee at heart. And to mark and -- as new leaders in this community. And his new owners. Thank you and we greet you with excitement and as they say game -- Thank you. Well thanks everybody thank you. Were you open up for some questions right now. Tough questions of direct over here in the soft balls all direct over here or maybe audience -- But the spent a few minutes if you guys have any questions. Be happy to field those and get them to the right people. Just. Doug Russell WG MJ radio. 200 million dollars on the table right now for a new building. What's next what's the next step. Well right now what were trying to focus on is is to 200 million dollars I think. Right now that that is something that we should be taking today and celebrating. And we've got task force a task force in place to test -- some place. Two to worry about how we get to the end. And there's a lot of work a lot of people rolled up their sleeves but imitates -- -- today. This announcement. Has provided momentum to that project. Then I think none of us anticipated and so I I just more focused today on on where we are. What we've done and tomorrow there's going to be a lot of people -- up their sleeves to try to take us to officially. Charles Gardner from Milwaukee journal sentinel. Welcome to the new owners. And I just want to ask you guys what your plans are for immediately as you go ahead. With his management group and coaching staff of the bucks. Going forward. -- this is this is day one for us. And it's a process we've got a lot of experience and investing in various businesses and unsuccessful ones are run by great organizations and were good stewards and partners and those -- processes but we're we're we're all about -- right people are right people play us. Will be there's a lot of terrific people and the organization we haven't really spent any time assessing the organization you know it any meaningful way itself. Remember Richard out. Well. There's there's the -- leader -- -- stars. Listing here in Milwaukee is yet another endorsement of our franchise. And its future here in this city and in this state. That's why I'm so pleased today. There's always been with me for the last several years the idea of the next generation. Who's it going to be and how we gonna. Move forward particularly in light of the need to get to new facility. Which was a requirement. From the -- And also may I say about our facility which is beautiful. This wasn't gonna last forever that's been well understood. And what we're talking about -- -- community facility that will -- not just the bucks but 200 or more events throughout the year. So this is a community building we're talking about for the next generation. And they have bought into that entirely. They want help from a lot of people you don't get something -- this done without help from many different places starting with myself but hopefully. -- -- -- blossoming out and getting help for many many different sources both public and private. My hope. And their whole -- and mark is that people will come together. And not. Have an argument about who lives where was the politics and all that stuff. Because that is the dissident doesn't get us where we want to get to as a community not only in this but in many ways. My hope. Our hope is that we will come together and make this happen. I believe it will. -- wouldn't feel as confidently as I do. And I think having. Whereas CDs and mark last three on board as our owners. They're young they're energetic they're successful. They're ambitious. They're determined to make this succeed. I think that is gonna make a crucial difference. In getting to where we need to get. In staying here for years and years to come and also as he suggested. In winning a championship that's. Very important. Senator what convinced you to give up your ownership stake. What convinced you to give up your ownership to these two gentlemen. Well I wasn't a live forever. I've -- a time in my life when -- had to think about. -- we approach the idea of succession. And then. That was brought to ahead by the need for a new building. And the fact that that's. A project over several years. And doesn't get done in a short time. And it. Came to me and was very clear. That the owners of the team over the next period of years. Should have the central role. In that project not meet with them. Site. Design and construction. All the other things that are involved. In getting to a new facility. And likely they were the ones we're -- operate this facility. And be responsible for the bottom line in this facility. So that isn't something that. I should be doing in my own mind is something that new people. Like west and mark should be doing. And that's how I. Came to the conclusion early on in this process. With Steve Greenberg. Then maybe we should looking should be looking for the next generation of ownership. And not for some kind of a -- situation. Sharkey in the past and I think it makes good sense. I wasn't sure that we could find two people. As well qualified. As these two men -- to undertake this responsibility. But let me say that we had many qualified investors. Steve. Said that he's never seen as many good investment opportunities that came to his office. As came for the Milwaukee Bucks. But these two fine men were all over this from the first day. They were eager excited. Wanted to get a deal done. Willing to make the accommodations in the compromises that are always necessary. In the negotiation like this. It was very clear to him and to me. As well -- to others. That they were the right people even though we had many good people who were interest and so things has come together -- -- and usually find -- which brings us here today and I think and I hope everybody leaves here today feeling a lot better. About the Bucs in the future in Milwaukee. And the impact that the Bucs can have -- downtown development. Lifestyle. A good place to live work raise a family and and have a good time then maybe we felt two weeks or months ago. This is really in my mind an important day and I given me a great deal of the credit. To -- seasons and mark Lester. Oh yes everybody understands that in order to get to. Longevity Milwaukee. We need to get to a new facility. But I want to emphasize and it's a good question it's not just for the box. Whether we needed a new you know if we -- when we get to our facility will be thirty odd years old. The Bradley Center will be and it will be the oldest facility in the lead. I'm not you might look at and say it's good but if we traveled -- -- The other facilities we recognize. The advances. In arena construction. And the amenities that have occurred since -- great facility was delivered to us. Courtesy of the credits. In 1988. You get to new generation new arena and to hear us. So it deer in the arena is open a new one is open at age thirty and maybe we could have made it the east 33 at 35 you can't be perfect on this. You have to take your opportunities when they come. And it isn't just for the Milwaukee Bucks when you talk about 200 plus events that -- facility -- In contrast for example. To a baseball facility which is basically one purpose only for a football stadium which is. Pretty much one purpose only this is a different kind of -- facility. And it's a community facility. Ourselves. I think we're doing the right thing in -- I more than think I believe. We're doing the right thing at the right time. With the right people. And that good things will happen. Senator Tom -- from fox six. Welcoming our new owners. No question mark and certainly think and on behalf of Milwaukee it seems like yesterday that she stepped up and shaved the Bucs -- mr. FitzGerald was ready. Yourself and the Serena was built. And through through it all you've been committed to keeping the team in Milwaukee we've done that again can you just describe what almost three decades of ownership. Has meant to you please. Comment this been. The thrill of a lifetime to -- this team.