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04/16/14 Rupena's post game show

Apr 16, 2014|

Tim Allen and Sparky discuss the Brewers 5-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardials in game 3 of a 3 game sereis

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I mean I didn't feel. Brewers fans it's time for the longest running post game -- no laughing let's break down today's game on the -- -- baseball post game show built by -- -- -- hardware and now live from the -- son of an art studio was a -- what -- argue fight for it appears the French guys Tim -- money only station Brewers fans need. Sports Radio 1215 WS his feet. It is -- five all the game. -- -- -- where they brewers' victory over the St. Louis Cardinals five on the final welcome everybody to repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware. Tim Allen -- Sparky five -- Mario is here and -- brewers' victory over the Cardinals they salvaging game in the series not a successful series. But certainly a successful home stand is they go foreign to. Three -- -- three against Saint Louis big win today. -- microphone. As is their era -- they are they had they have this victory here I -- merely so they didn't even a tie up of the division with the Cardinals. -- and and then heading to Pittsburgh next night is still of the division lead you're still there by yourself. You still have the most wins of any team in baseball of this eleven for and that's good to -- -- also a nice nicely done. Game today I say -- also six in the third six it's just the one run one walk in three strikeouts and that's what you need out of Peralta. And now again. A little luck maybe that Kelly got hurt I'm hurt his answering well I will stay tightness in the hamstring -- are calling -- -- I'll say it's tipping point in this game certainly. Yeah because once he laughs that's the numbers tackle in the league they did -- don't -- out there is a roster -- on fire right now -- on my fantasy team -- and I'm loving every minute of wow. What is going on with him that's that's a good sign night you know what. In the fact remains that they didn't have a offensively. Good a good start to the series in the first two games would certainly this game. Wood this that's what I was watching in this games just how the offense is gonna react. Now they should of put the game away there. In the bottom of the eighth inning I -- they have bases loaded nobody out Lyle Overbay comes -- he walks tied Logan Schafer. He ends up by bouncing into a force play at the plate. There's one out one again thank you still think it improbably. Get some additional tack on runs it didn't happen as a Rickie Weeks comes in. Three pitches sit down he's out -- and strikes out. And that's where it sat right there but but again it's it's a 51 win and that's the main thing the Brewers give back on the winning track. At eleven and four will walk you through the game as soon as things turned out -- for the Brewers in this one. And they do they do put up up three runs. Com with two outs and that was huge it was almost as if offensively they've been struggling again the first two games. Just six hits one run 22 strikeouts. You almost thought that it was going to take just one -- just give and give us the one hit. In will be on our way right offensively and they got that from John and -- -- As he knocked in a couple with with two outs in that that to me was the -- Other tipping point -- least for the Brewers. Yeah I agree with you on that you know the one thing that that's going right for the Brewers right now obviously is now you get to go play -- who you've owned so you can forget about losing two out of through -- the Cardinals get that taste out of your mouth. Focus on the -- spot. Good enough for a four game -- and that's verse of -- this -- now they go -- three out of four in Pittsburgh you're well on your way. Yeah you know I I I guess. You -- Pittsburgh may react a little bit different. At PNC. And M that series maybe a little bit different than what happened here three out of four in Pittsburgh you forget about losing two out of three the Cardinals and you move on 304 in Pittsburgh -- some right now your non believer you take three out of foreign -- -- you're going to be a believer and I. Don't think so now I'm tight my dad called me today and said. -- today all my dad told me quote I told everybody at work let's see what they do the Cardinals series before I buy and and they lost the first team and it's a well there you go. So I don't think what happens in a -- series is -- much of anything I mean there are a lot of brewer fans right now that look at the Brewers in the Cardinals and said the Cardinals are still the -- team. Based on the fact he took the series and I -- Do salvage a game here 51 the final itself that you go out and I had -- -- that this year I just hate that word -- that usually means you're not a good situation in late in the series throughout. And here in a salvage mode now the big news today not only the Brewers win. But the bucks a -- Did you maybe. Celebrate Stephen did you do cart wheel and run -- always on. Known. Which did you celebrate more nebulous getting fired -- the Bucs getting soul. -- getting fired I celebrated way more up why I was on the -- going crazy and why fired I don't know because I think I knew her was -- the net thing I was in shock. I couldn't believe they fired and that late in the season when they were trying to get in the plan -- you -- knew this was not -- I mean -- and our thoughts on team forever was as a matter whether or not using get cold feet. Bob and this morning it broke that the press conferences at 230 so you knew it was happening. Bomb and then when we start doing the research. Of some of the guys involved here one of the guys. While there was a report in the New York -- Going back that he may have ties the Russian Bob Bob about a block. So there's all kinds of interesting stuff fumble -- these guys that'll be fun to watch going for but. -- good -- for the Milwaukee Bucks organization that dye herb -- no longer. And hopefully this means it'll be a little bit easier for them to get a new arena and you have a hundred million dollars donated. By the new owners and -- Herb -- was no longer a part of the ownership group once -- approved by the NBA so that's a big deal. That's a huge deal I was so wrapped in the Brewers game today that I didn't realize that it came with. Some money for a new arena. I never knew that was part of the deal I mean I I heard the news break but I didn't know that the -- -- was it was a part of this thing that is the kicker on this one. Now do you ever think that the box fan base is gonna get like the brewer fan base. Or it's just everybody knows the players are having some success at the attendance is way job. There you walk around town you see the -- -- -- jackets and things like that do you think that because they're in their dip and on the same. Houllier Milwaukee well albeit yeah I think -- definitely get to that point on and these guys both -- competitive they are both say -- are huge in the basketball they both blown their daughter's basketball games they both play basketball. Armed they -- obviously know the sport. And they're both super competitive so they're both super competitive and what they said I know you're -- -- -- game. They said. Winning championships is what they're here to do they did actually -- world championships. They're here to win games and win championships. How Harrell yet and and I alas they not only grow towards the average about there they throw out -- on the wild ride championships. And they said you know look in the next five to ten years we wanna start winning championships so they put a timeline -- -- ten years which tells me they understand. But the way to build a franchise right now is in very good for a couple of years and just. Building this saying the right way that's what it tells me and hopefully I'll be right. All right if you miss a game today no TV game today -- we might have been trapped -- -- today will walk you through. How things shook out of Brewers five to one victory -- -- wanna know if you believe. Brewer fans Bucs fans you think the -- the new arena. Go into a bucks game is going to be. Similar to go into a Milwaukee Brewers game can the fan base get like the brewer fan base. I -- it's a lot of the same people there are some out there though Stevie that. They just don't like baseball for whatever reason. And then -- it's boring they're more of a basketball football tight right and there's others that just don't like basketball that much in the more of a baseball football I think we can all agree that we all like football. Rare to find someone that doesn't like football. But will the box fan base gap like the Brewers where it's just sort of the talk of the town. When when the seasons going on 7991250. An email live that Sports Radio 1250 dot com Brewers win today. It is the repeat as baseball post game show built by Elliott -- hardware as we -- live here in the -- is on M and art studios. After a Brewers 51 win. And welcome back Burress get a 51 victory today it's repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware first Johnson is -- I did sign with the little -- Another guy Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson good luck. What's wrong with that that's the Jets ivory. Now I'm -- here just the johnsons and the Jets and just how bad arm through what's -- We'll talk more on fantasy football weekly with that -- -- away were talking -- a little basketball little baseball that is well. As the Bucs have a new ownership now that was announced today officially. What will that fan base ever get to the point where the brewer fan basis and I'm not comparing the two I'm not saying one is better in the other. A lot in -- for most for the most part. Pulling out of the same pool of people and a lot of -- say you have the Bucs are wet and I'm gung ho long going to the games. Except for Collins knew -- -- at 1250 -- SSD hell -- Brewers enthusiasm is built. By the party with the tailgating aspect now which won't exist with basketball. Well what -- what about the fear the -- year. Now did we see a lot of box gear. Walking around the city then yes I saw -- -- -- what the bucks do last night. -- it's a -- gets a laugh out loud no Brewers -- Milwaukee packers' run Wisconsin Bucs are just there as Feller. But what -- forgets is when the Brewers were awful for 26 years and the Bucs were in the -- where it's finals brewer fans -- Nowhere and bucks fans were all over with Don Nelson in the eighties and those teams they were the hot team. The Brewers are pretty good in the early eighties who obviously they went to the World Series. I'm and you get into later -- both were bad their for a while together -- either one jerseys and -- for either team. I'm on the bus so these are covers finals that year back nearly two thousands the -- awful yeah. I I don't remember in terms of the fan base -- -- doing what I'm doing now. Back in 2000 what was -- one or two doesn't want to Eastern Conference finals I didn't pay as much attention to add to that sort of thing. As much as I do now -- tax. Will the box fan base get like the Brewers fan base and again I'm not passing judgment on either group of people and for the most part were were shared group of people anyway. -- come from come from Milwaukee here let's go let's clear. That's clear some phone calls before I get to the sort of a recap -- of the game today the Brewers do get the victory today 51. On the day the box officially announce that Herb Kohl is no longer the owner. Fat dog you got to hurry -- -- what's happening. -- Good win today. I think couple things have to -- with the books. Number one they have to get an impact player in this upcoming draft. -- number two when they built this you'll read people are gonna come -- are gonna wanna see the arena yeah. -- is a real nice splash -- Reno. -- I'm sure it'll be the answer to being super cool I think it's going to be state of the art I think it would be right up there. And these guys have plenty of money obviously but the thing is can you get. The right players in the draft and and can you get the right creations to come. Okay so that they -- so it's all -- your fan base question is predicated on those things right. And then it'll happen all right thank thank you for the call 7991250. At another Tweety here from -- who says possibly. If the location is right in a product is competitive we need to get back to the three or four seed in the east -- really thrive hash tag box. Just want to get to the point where. During that window of time where you know football is just just got to the playoffs there's no baseball yet -- -- the box just take over in town here. I want to get to the point to where and when I start the post game show for the bucks in November yeah. All the Bucs are in November right I'd like to get to that point that -- be wonder crawl between your off. Yeah -- think about this for the Brewers -- and show that we do right now okay. You started this post game show what ten years ago whatever it's been nine years and six -- When you start the post issue you were the only call a post game show that first got good at what happened and the worth recall and post -- -- And now the reports are good last year what -- so we're out do you object Garcia said Albert on -- -- -- post in shells and the flagship I think -- -- -- -- -- they get forced into. Otherwise no the maybe you'll get a may not do it right if it wasn't contractual right so you can argue for not -- of the bucks for eight regular thirty year after you start the Brewers. -- steal the only call in post game -- And I think we've had one other station tried for a year watch him jump on board than they were gone after a year why don't jump on board you know that's gonna happen here we -- -- I -- A lot more the merrier I agree it's. It's important to -- call it but most chills that would be. Okay fair enough I also a guy I know that the more -- I guess -- that the -- I just wanna see the box and be relevant in terms of the fan base getting excited about -- look the Brewers Brewers fan base is always bitten. I I shouldn't say always. Lately -- -- let's just say the past ten years has just been always there and and always positive and are you are a little surprised Governor Walker himself loose. Kind of -- I. Now I'm sure he had something going on but I'm just kind of shocked by -- 7991250. Let's go to Paul in Chicago you're on Sports Radio 1250. But I guess this was the biggest win of the year -- here in the cute they've met that perhaps even without mr. gradual in the lineup. -- And it principals in the lineup on certain days but. Anyway -- talk a little bit about the game definitely didn't is -- I wish they'd bring back Don Nelson and the old uniforms. And and that's what this new arena. Put some history and you know. I absolutely agree as -- Paul I'll let you finish -- as you were say in that. Then next thing I was going to talk about was gets -- heads and some of history. And they have it they do you know Cole is the guy who got rid of Nelson and the uniform but I used to like anyway -- -- it's gonna be all positive from here on out. As far as the game there's three guys in the cardinals' lineup they kill and and it's. It's not you know the big starts -- John. Allen Craig and holiday. And we need to figure out and it needs to figure out how it's little stat now -- you see how -- Bert pitched a holiday in the eighth inning. Ninety's sex ya all then it got -- now we always -- -- down. Now what holiday you don't pitch well look what that there Henderson down yeah he always does that EP yanks about it here every time and they all three of them I'll -- big -- Ever so suspect that happened 2011 those three guys have been on -- now with the eighth inning that date Thornburgh just shut down Holliday it was a beautiful thing up -- and you know I don't know if you caught. Yeah Thornburgh -- -- absolutely role and he's -- he's and sat down twenty in order he's been perfect this year. So those are the three guys they got a handle in that lineup -- if if they can do that you know we. We can get back on top for the cardinal. I'm very good Paul thanks for the call yet I've told the story before Stevie at all county stadium -- kid. 767778. Once once Hank Aaron came back to the Brewers and 75 in and 76 -- They put his uniform -- -- back. And I think -- clubhouse. Flip flops in. -- glove was was -- into that does showcase right there in the main main concourse there and as a kid I'd stand there I don't care if I went to ten. Games -- year. And that was always a stop. Right there in front of that showcase well -- and I would stare at those items and I would stare Adam and look at him I'll and that's Hank -- Where's that box stuff. Where's that box stuff to get the younger folks addicted the younger fans addicted to the product have a little respect for your -- -- Have a little respect for your history you've been around awhile. And -- this you're not a new franchise by definition. Get some of that Sid Mon -- stuff up there and get some of them Marcus Johnson and Don Nelson in these guys and Brian winners and Kareem. Paid respect to your history and start getting a -- -- what he means us. Just which is just -- like -- I mean I'm glad for you old -- that you want to reminisce about this that's great. But for the young folk there wasn't even a twinkle in their -- I when they last did something no -- -- feel generally about their organization if you had some of that stuff up in that arena -- tell you right now people that are growing up and today could care less -- what happened in the seventies all Leino was from the time they were born and for most of us all we have. It's Eastern Conference finals at first some of the people listening to -- They don't even remember back -- there were 2 yard remember the Eastern Conference final at least now can't even relates of that sort of keep pulling out of some of that happening a seventies. Got. Plus those of you that can remember that for but for most people. Don't care part of a winning tradition and that is why you have so many damn Lakers -- in heat fans and everybody else the -- for the Serena. Instead of Sox fans because that's all they note growing up -- those teams were have been waiting since they've been alive and -- -- gonna root for winners. And -- fine -- -- UB agreements on that stuff just don't know he's going to be a realistic ring a monitor. Why do you think stadiums have ring the ring of honor sure retired jerseys hanging at the Bradley Center all just yeah -- it more than. You'll walk of fame a wall of fame -- whole family Roma fans -- -- walk of fame thing by the practice already outside outside outside Dallas no look at the Yankees yeah absolutely wonder brilliant sides. Owner or owners as as -- were they the Brewers win today 51 do you think that the Bucs fan base can get. Like the Brewers fan base and again I'm not comparing the two and I'm not judging you -- -- to be better. But from the excitement factor. Will it ever get that way for the box 7991250. Year listening to repeat as baseball post game show -- by -- ace hardware. But twelve -- Milwaukee sports reports starts right. From legends of the field all of the sports updates Studio One more terror -- -- of the field your one stop shop. For memorabilia autographs custom framing as an athlete appearances it is official earlier this afternoon. The bucks announcer does sell the team isn't sold by senator Herb Kohl for 550. Million dollars to New York millionaires mark last three and Wesley evens. Announcer in the press conference which you heard earlier on 1250 balls last three and eat and -- -- to contribute a hundred million dollars towards a new stadium. As well as a contribution of a hundred million dollars from senator -- -- will no longer be the owner of the team or even partial owner of the organization this course or impending NBA league review. Bucks tonight have their final game of the season at the -- -- Bradley Center. -- at 7 o'clock as they host the Eastern Conference eight seed Atlanta Hawks. After the game tune -- to -- -- -- basketball post game show right here on twelve that he WS SP Brewers took on the Cardinals in the last game of their three game home series today. As the Brewers get the victory 521 they move to eleven and four on the season and hold on to first place. In the NL central -- -- for all the got the starting gate quality start for him today six in the third innings six hits. One run earned. And three strikeouts -- is an actual travel to Pittsburgh to open a four game set against a higher starting tomorrow first pitch at 605. You'll -- Darrell on the mound for the crew opposite dads involved as. Be more online at Sports Radio 1250 dot com yup they brought you by the Milwaukee County parks. Golf is now open and it's time to get out and play at any of the fifteen Milwaukee County courses. Take advantage of the lowest prices of the season and make reservation that county parks dot com or call 41447560. To two -- -- too. A monetary -- -- is -- at 1250 WSS -- the -- live online -- Sports -- 1250. -- And welcome back it is -- -- as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer Brewers they get a win today five won the final and and -- just. You just feel so relieved they got this victory you really do that there really turned -- on as owner of the box okay very good not taught us our league's about well I think we all agree that this is very healthy since our nation for the box I I. Could not be more proud of her call for go -- and pull the trigger on a that he got out because he could have been sobered and -- you know what men do this myself. And I to hold him point blank that -- -- think he could get -- on himself that he could not be the face of this. Armed and I'm just glad that he realized OK somebody else is gonna have to -- -- charger 'cause there's just who much negativity built up around my name. In this town and how this whole thing is gonna play out -- I'm glad that he was Smart enough to sound it out I'm very thankful -- he'd donated. -- hundred million dollars as a gift he's an owner of the team more -- up to donate a dollar you know just got outside you're on -- all know -- letter I thought that was awesome very cool I'm very impressed at the new owners -- a hundred million dollars on top of the 550 that they bought the team for me -- 615. Million dollars stadium that. So well that is that is a lot of money. -- and you're talking about guys that are billionaires. What -- what what what we're talking about right here. Bob at least you feel comfortable bottle K -- not going to be an issue with this team that's good. Eighteen million dollars is what Herb Kohl bought the organization for 29 years ago and sold it for 550. Million. Dollars herb. Goalie and a beat someone -- burned OK just go arm bright yet you know and relax a little bit -- -- What I want to have this conversation right now about what you want to have this conversation about because. And this is gonna sound. -- I -- it's gonna sound wrong same -- a jerk. But now you yeah it's going to. But he's what he's in his eighties how rowly is right -- -- I know I mean you have kids or anything like that. So at some point here where's all this money go. We're aware isn't all going to go when he Eagles Bob why we're does it all go. You know I mean if frost so I don't know if it doesn't trust that I got a -- -- -- doesn't take care of a bunch of people talk about my point is this. So a hundred million. All of the 550 that he bought it for -- now he's got four and fifty million dollars yeah. He's gonna go land a -- okay I'm doing good they are good so when money is I got slower and drink and gamble and party and just down that's not he did it adds just Saldana and any other stride as you -- try. What -- tried our -- Singh is. He literally could -- rod said here's 300 million of the of the 550 gave -- here's -- -- -- million -- August and it's worth -- -- -- I got left any what's the difference. Here's 300 million to go the -- knowing you got there's the money for the stadium you don't have to go ask money for anybody else. Go build yourself a stadium -- I'll take my 250 million hot tub all the other money I still have left in my bank account. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fan base would be like the Brewers fan base at some point is this sort of the tipping point and it. Gets this thing headed in the right direction for the bucks to get that way. First inning nothing doing for either team in the first no runs in the second the Cardinals so I got a base hit their first in the top of the second Bruce got a couple hits in the bottom of the second inning. But they come up empty in large part due to double play there. 123 for for -- -- in the third looked like he was -- Brewers do get a run in the bottom of the third inning -- -- reaches on error for all -- sacrifices them over and goma's doubles him in. As a Brewers go up one zip after three innings. -- them for the cards in the top of the fourth inning. As sketchy little rundown should have been a double play for the Brewers -- but they get out of it one -- to the bottom of the 43 up three down for the crew in the bottom of the fourth and the fifth it stays that way ones that. Willie 123 again just deal and scooter did at a nice defensive play. And on the final I'll. Joseph Kelly the Cardinals starting pitcher in the final out of that -- fourth inning he tries to beat out a bunt base hit and what did -- do -- a hamstring. -- -- Some spring tightness tightness in the hamstring now that was the tipping point because. The Brewers put up three runs in the bottom half of that inning Willy for -- -- with a base -- that was later changed to an error. Then there's a walk to Gomez cigarette infield hit -- -- with an 02 count -- two RBI base hit. Could be -- hit that get some right back on the winning track and then Ramirez and knocks in -- -- as well so they got Fordham one right there. I -- fast forward. You have -- Tyler Thornburg pitching a scoreless inning Will Smith comes in. And he gets the job done K rod gets the job done in the ninth the Brewers -- play to run in the bottom of the eighth inning. And that's that Willie -- to six in the third six hits one run one walk three strikeouts and Burress. Now eleven and four after ia 521 victory 7991250. Bucs fan base can -- get. As excite did. In in an atmosphere like them and like the Brewers have a Miller Park Michael your -- in the south side on Sports Radio 1250. Ago one of the biggest issues I think the -- -- -- is get -- casual fan base. I want to reference probably -- about -- games a year and they can only tell you out on Corey and LT -- -- by their merchandise. By the food and adult to -- getting to the -- -- before. With the books -- the stadium and you walker didn't sit down and you don't actually wives and girlfriends there that are really into the game centenary could if you force to be. Well I think though of that like we're talking -- last segment that wind when you put up walk of fame and you put up a wall of fame and you do things like that I do think though that it. It engages your fan base a little bit more than just seeing just the generic arena I really believe that -- Put your stamp on that facility like the Brewers have. You know against Stevie might be right it might be -- sort of an aids thing but -- do -- there were some good times in Milwaukee here with a box. -- thanks for the call. Bomb so it or -- here is this if so Joseph getting in Miller Park we don't know burst as high as I don't I don't agree with that that is that -- -- here. It's not all about a tailgate I'll party I think it is I I think for a majority of the fans that this. The -- baseball fans sure they're still -- But you don't have three million fans not the casual baseball fan. The casual baseball fans going for the -- more so than anything you know there's there's the box just solely based on winning nothing else there's no -- take the promotions department and the marketing department down at Miller Park lift the -- there and drop -- brighten the -- new arena I -- what do you think would happen. I would love that there -- they would come out I'm telling you gotta get creative you gotta give the younger generation addicted to the product. Cannot there's a lot that has to go into it is is just the beginning of the journey let's go to a walk is showing Greg you're on Sports Radio 1250. I -- RT so I am very proud that went strippers in the -- and that the at -- game at Miller Park and mundane act and it would knock them. -- game. I'm. And of a lot. -- the but it's so -- the deal I think that. We've got -- okay we we eight winter and went out and Eric Munson we lived here. Her a long time we just eight winter and we. Tend to -- -- tiger nation you know when it's winter and you know -- about playing winter I think that's I think that they eight downfall. Com you know or for attendance at and -- it. However. I'm I'm hopeful that these these new owners hopefully they're young and it immediately -- operating them. So I I went up but in last year and honestly I I wasn't. The -- the game there wasn't much. He's -- you know needs hippies. -- -- Part of what you don't afraid I'd like going to -- Look at it like -- yet most games -- there are you now pizza boxes there are in now just different eating contests. -- hit -- well we don't want to make it a dog and pony show either I mean it does come down to where you know an NBA basketball game. Well true but Yi -- need to do you need to track. Beat the younger. Younger demographic and I I just really hope that -- -- new owners. Easily billionaire owners term from New York well. All right all right thanks thanks for the call arm -- you don't want to make it a full loud dog and pony show right that arias. They already they already do a bunch -- box games -- futile -- almost feels like a minor league basketball game. The balance remained very very you'll want to stuff it in game promotions. To try because they have to try to entertain the fans of the products -- -- -- Your social base you have to figure out how do you limit -- we afford a -- because of the kids are having fun watching all the in game activities and outside the actual basketball that -- more than likely the pairs a comeback but -- the kids are bored. And the parents are mad -- -- are watching. What they know what's going on is getting on their team getting blown out again. -- what support the Brewers do some of that. There is some of them it's -- a it's probably didn't baseball's it is -- basketball basketball in a lot of accidents. -- Minor League Baseball is not got to April and. Out of the big league level I agree 7991250. Bucks fan base gonna get as exciting. To go to a bucks game as it is to have brewer game I don't see why camps I really don't know I'd does it is predicated in large part. On winning because we see the -- we see the difference and excitement value in around Brewers baseball in 2008 compared to 2001. But Johnson just waited does whenever fan base for the bucks is to win. Hash tag that's the only way. We'll cut right 7991250. Repeat as baseball post game show -- by Elliott -- hardware talking a little box. And Brewers today as the Brewers get a 51 win. That is one of Bruce fans it's time to go inside the box score this is the routine -- baseball post game show -- by aliens ace hardware. On the only station Brewers fans need -- Sports Radio 1215 WS his feet. Okay welcome back you guys and hold your rights. -- you as the Brewers get a five to one victory today let's check out the numbers him. And we'll give back to you here's what I want -- what do you think about this last game for the boxes here write this tonight -- -- -- basketball -- himself sellout that place. The new ownership did take they take over just show our appreciation. At that conduct this night -- sole loss still hurts teams and I just -- your a nice I just sitting of this change I would assume the new owners will be there -- their appreciation anger went to free stuff just just sell about myself that now. Do you realize this I'm anxious to see what -- -- -- gets from the stadium tonight did you assume -- be there they'll do the whole thing tonight. -- I would assume. That people were well received standing -- -- call yesterday well he's given a hundred million dollars -- -- -- -- -- guys that he's making keeping here you know as much as discusses I have firm called how he ran the show here. He deserves a standing ovation in the at least kept the team here correctly made them keep it here yes he would have to do that go to the guys and Seattle for more money make a -- -- Do you know do do we have any details as to how long that that would be because sometimes it's. Yeah I'll sell it to UV you can't move the team within our window of time doesn't matter if they're building a new arena they're not skating up the leading after the build a new arena in which there -- a hundred million of their own money that's true and -- one owner. On the his mom is from Wisconsin. Mom and she was born and raised in Wisconsin and he has a company here -- employees like 700 people in Wisconsin archive so he has some roots here already sell that place out tonight. Just blow the roof off that place -- seriously. That's a night to celebrate as and a. Yeah yeah today this economy as Silas -- out the numbers go back to you guys on hold. In today's win Carlos Gomez. He goes one for four with a run scored one RBI one walk and three strikeouts -- -- -- goes one for four. With a run scored John and Luke -- Let's see here and when it -- do here. One for four -- the big two RBIs in that game. Aramis Ramirez goes three for four runs scored with -- run knocked in Davis goes over three he was hit by pitches well. Scooters and that goes one for three with a walk Mark Reynolds -- for 31 strike out Lyle Overbay a pinch hit appearance drew a walk and got an RBI. In the eighth inning Logan Schafer one for four with a run scored by the way Logan Schafer arrived was -- about that. I hit that they didn't give the Logan Schafer over there and in the -- Philadelphia series. They did make that change they did Gilman RBI double on that that's good for for around Logan sure sure yeah. You did strike out once in the ball game Willie brawl -- to a run scored also had a sacrifice bunt Rickie Weeks on three pitches and had a -- -- with him yet. Are we we do all of this platoon -- I think we -- ways I I -- wasting their everyday now. I'm might be behind and not -- starts you know what let's talk about that tomorrow night whether the bulletins -- -- yeah. The Ellis overbay Reynolds thing in the -- yet weeks saying yeah we'll get to that after tomorrow's win. Over Pittsburgh in game one pitching lines today Willie for all to six in the third six hits one run it was earned one walk -- three strikeouts. Will Smith two thirds of an inning one hit and got the a double play Tyler Thornburg perfect in his inning of work with a strikeout K rod. Couple hits no runs and the strikeout Brewers get five runs. On eight hits no errors played their points and good. He has to -- the loss to Josephine -- He is now one and won the Brewers now eleven for here early on in that championship season of 2014. -- 7991250. Bucks fan base can -- get. As excitable. And excited as the brewer fan base and we go humor than a year earlier north side our -- -- and we go to jail cell it's happened -- Goran -- home and I killed somebody. Hope 14 I am that I'll admit -- four -- -- -- -- got kinda lucky that Kelly went out. So all I'll admit it before you -- Right -- restricting her yeah. I think you I think he will you fake the injury and left because he was afraid of the -- costs. Yeah I'm down on -- the important stuff that's. Wouldn't yeah. You got a point whatever we were -- -- that much irrelevant. Yeah our defense is looking a little sketchy in this series their channel. I mean I mean we -- definitely -- -- -- with a deeper yeah a ticket out but you auditorium I -- eighteen you can actually look it's all right. You know even a -- grip to a minor league. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I called and I -- yeah and we'll give you are in Europe pops back out and execute Italian probably he will wait you're aware of what he got hurt. So you know expect that you know if you got to break he actually -- to respect that we Pittsburgh what you -- What's so triple A team out there to help what's out -- we can get back in the. A couple -- -- thank you think of such as soon 7991250. I'll give him that he does call win lose or draw is big cardinal fan. We got to canosa we talked to Mike -- -- routine as baseball post game show Mike. They got it. -- Carolina also anybody -- -- -- weeks phrase you know it's the kind of ball not struck out but that part of the box school. You know I think they have to build the atmosphere out there -- guys talking earlier well you know there are a lot of women that are you know he got -- got -- well out you know to -- -- -- -- -- Africa places that he. It's almost going to be like a venue where you wanna go to one and palpable thirsty development previously Indianapolis are the best example -- revitalize -- -- column. In -- and it could have built that stadium and expect people to come. And describe intently at I don't think that's gonna get and I'm open is an order from them -- -- Open is greater. More vested interest succeeding him. I'm an open city here so I know your parents are obviously top right now yeah I -- but I don't think you're gonna get it done without the in the -- the Serbia's well. I would Indianapolis well -- -- they're -- -- -- dispute -- a great job with Maryland -- I don't. Great thing when it happened -- it does promote when he and then the players want to be there -- all night. Yeah I and I think it's a snowball effect and I and I do believe at least short term that people will come out to scope out the new -- Right at least the first year. Yeah and a big hit a -- the traffic that they want obviously -- and create some excitement but I don't think it's going to be long -- unless it's it's a long term -- Okay well all right thanks thanks for the call and again. You know I've been some box games where you know you walk around and you're looking for do you just want to take a tour you just -- I don't wanna walk around and check things out a little bit. There's just not much to look at the. This is what you need to happen you need and may twentieth Bucs get this first -- Or are the second -- need need. They need that they need that energy to build towards draft night you need. You know to get on national TV next year because your number one pick on the box is going to be playing on that team. To along with John S and night in these guys that would she made now. Another thing that that is going to occur here at some point is may have to make a decision of who they're keeping with -- firing in that organization. -- and are you going to. Keep the basketball side for a year and redo the business side that is what I would do these and I can win next year -- -- matter who's in charge. Arm and after next year then hire your new basketball operations side and move forward. Now I'm five or do you clean house on everybody Padilla and start from scratch and everything at one time that they have to make that decision I will sell your best. And everybody's face and nothing and nobody has moved. They will be very very upset people of the style. I've been through she does some ownership changes in the radio business and some that this is known. Nickels and dimes here this this is a lot of money this -- radio thing that's going on right. And I've seen it done both ways where an unsuccessful radio station within your building herself like that they come -- they take a look at it -- say. What's the first thing they say. All their employees -- -- mall around the first thing they say as -- the years our new owner and it's going to be fine and then they grew throughout their accolades and we've done this that the other thing but then they say. Where you're all sit -- all fine. Not gonna make any changes -- -- them. Right way right he'll hit right now we're not gonna make any changes they yell and then they say it right -- we want -- But what happens. They make changes. And others come in and they their hands on -- at their knee deep in all of the stuff they seized the successes and they make minimal changes. With the box organization can we all agree it's been a pretty much of a disaster at three years right I don't say that -- that knocked the boxer anybody involved over there. It's is this the results and it's just seems like a disaster it really does now do you want to retain it in large part the people that work. Part of that in front and making decisions. Over that disaster -- I don't think I would. And not naming names but I don't think I would -- -- 7991250. I wanted to be a buzz around the box idea. It's like there's a -- on the Brewers want the same thing with the box. We'll take more your phone calls and -- is out of the box and get that way. -- find out from you guys 7991250. Brewers. They win today you listening to repeat as baseball post game show bill by -- -- hardware. Also talk and some box as an Herb Kohl is out as owner the new guys come in. Take more your calls next on Sports Radio 1250 WSS but he. But twelve DP Milwaukee sports reports starting right. From the woods in the field wall for these sports updates studio on March or Boston led to the field -- one stop shop. For memorabilia autographs customer ratings and -- it appears as well in his official this afternoon. The Bucs announced that senator Herb Kohl sell the team for 500 in fifty million dollars. Please join me what I see as the grand opening of a new era for the Milwaukee Bucks. And welcoming when CDs and mark last three. The BM -- Harris Bradley Center. And to Milwaukee. That senator call from this afternoon's press conference which you heard on 1250 introducing the New York billionaires mark -- -- C. And it was -- Stevens. The two owners. -- the new owners of the bucks franchise both -- Landry and eat as well combined to contribute a hundred million dollars towards a new stadium as well as a hundred million dollar contribution from senator -- -- not no longer phone. The team the bucks tonight have their final game of the season -- the -- Myers -- center to -- -- at 7 o'clock -- they host the Eastern Conference -- C Atlanta Hawks. After the game -- -- -- -- -- save basketball post game show right here on 1250 WS this Pete. -- his take on the Cardinals and the last game of the three game home series today. They get the victory five to one they're now eleven and four on the year and hold on -- first place in the NL central. They'll next travel to Pittsburgh to open a four game set against the Pirates at starts tomorrow first pitch at 605. You'll -- guard on the mound for the crew. Opposite -- involved has be more online at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. The update brought to you by Milwaukee County parks golf is now open and it's time to get out and play at any of the fifteen Milwaukee County courses. Take advantage of the lowest prices of the season make reservations at county parks dot com or call 41447562. -- to. A march or -- -- portrait of 1250 WS this -- listening live online at Sports Radio 1250 -- -- Brewers fans it's time for the longest running post game show and know what he -- break down today's game on the -- -- baseball post game show built by -- -- its hardware and now live from the Arizona and art studio is a long what -- party Phifer here is the French guys Tim Allen money only station -- -- -- Sports Radio 1215 WS his feet. And the first get a five to one victory today the salvage game three in this three game set over the St. Louis Cardinals and I was just talking to Mike Cole. Behind the glass during the break there at it it's just eight. Justice almost the sigh of relief getting this winning it kinda it is and and you know to go one further Stephen. They win tomorrow's game the two games -- -- Saint Louis in 48 hours you get both games back it's a big game amount to your -- on the hill for the current. As big game this four game set in general for with Pittsburgh I think his day -- in order -- kind of make sure you can -- Pittsburgh a little bit. -- in the division because he's division head to heads. Are -- -- come into play at the end of the year. So you took care of business the first time against Pittsburgh you take three out of four from Pittsburgh here you really give yourself a lot of wiggle room going for the rest of the -- after the Pirates and you are in a wild card fight or you guys are in a division title fight at Kennedy. -- games over Saint Louis right now on the central for over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now here's what I want to happen tonight the new era begins for the box. Right. Centrally. You know he would you draw a line in the sand -- say okay we're moving forward now that's yet. We're not gonna accept losing any more blow the place up tonight. Sell out the Bradley Center tonight it's the final game of the season for the box. Tonight's pick and -- basketball post game show I want everybody to stay up late and I want full phone lines the entire time you're on the air. -- -- half thanks and all right I mean. Well I'll say no I'm not doing this or are you all -- -- and I'll I want to the community behind this thing -- and support that basketball team because it's healthy. For everybody in this city and the surrounding area I want little kids like me when I was coming up to a box game. In a peek it over the side of those in looking out the window and see in the tall buildings downtown and see in the -- -- and then you know you go to a brewer game you see the -- I want that again for the for the box it's still occurs pretty much for the Brewers. Group sales. Go for box. Today it's the new era now what's it gonna take for them for the bucks buzz to be as big as the Brewers -- well in. The majority of that pie is gonna have to become winning. Right. Large part of -- not even winning just show me a potential star. You know what was for the -- was dealer. Potential star Oca medical all Russell and look at this through the Packers who all -- white brought old man here it comes right potential star so if you get one or two and if Wiggins becomes -- -- people can see it. -- -- -- This guy is gonna put us on the map here we go he's a difference now we have anybody like him since -- array or whoever. Far and now you got something paltry -- -- UBS SP Bucs were once among the NBA elite due to vision and winning. Re claimed bolt and the fans will show -- okay. Fair enough 7991250. Let's where we don't hear Mike comes -- -- things -- -- -- what's happening you're on the air. I don't fellas I'm not you know quickly on the -- I think it's sort of unfair I think they're -- totally different experiences. At least as far as I'm concerned -- With regard to the -- one thing I do like is I can get -- things get out whereas. I'm white it's just that there is that the deal a lot more and that's what you -- -- -- game. Then I'd -- now that place just. It's kind of ridiculous split up to a different experiences. That reason cycle. -- I do think it requires that the -- Doubtful a little better I look more competitive whereas the -- game it's just the spectacle and out of the ballpark. Are just -- -- -- so it's more of I I guess I did I understand in one regard that the actual game is -- little more laid back to go to a baseball game right. Well yeah I think it's just more the -- of -- let's face it it's bomber it's a little more experiences more casual but. Be quite honest and turned to my -- been best that I may be more likely -- order upon -- 'cause there is a little less time invested I did it and get out. Just a little bit part conceded in terms of you know actually physically. Participating in the end there -- -- -- and of course I mean also marked -- competing with six year in high definition televisions which. You know it does make it out. Can't get by me if I may have done this I called earlier I have -- All -- doubted people listen sometimes we have serious but pretty friendly batting going back and forth and in terms of this game. Opt out that the one thing. I think that -- -- lists they haven't all or at least this one in particular. -- over estimated. It is -- degree in which this is just a matter -- Cardinals being inside. All Brewers players and fans yet. Think they put -- think there is that this. A difference. Much more difference in talent that I don't think it is as simple and I think today the reason why. I I bet -- the Brewers pretty strong lead to. As a city -- I think. The pressure was off after losing the first two games -- -- -- off and I think they could go into this game and someone other than Rick -- Could actually play their game and -- And I think that's the case that our defense that they realize -- there yeah out there in -- at this particular team it is. In our in our head but -- that did it not so much talent. Okay gotta gotta gotta I guess I don't understand -- on his first point either that the whole experience thing either in in one regard I know that the two sports are different. But on the other hand. Walk out of the Kohl Center and in Madison. After a -- -- you come out of -- -- wow. What a great experience. Certainly this year I didn't. So I I think it's. I think it's a body and how you get that down. At the Bradley Center how the Bucs acquire that now as an organization that's the challenge to get that by -- The Brewers dead. At county stadium you pointed out an hour ago at county stadium you nice to go -- years ago. The one but 7000 people around the fall ball would would pinball around -- -- are -- -- get up and chase it did get down in my season I don't play for five books. Outside part of the game. It just it is that vibe it's -- feel and you should come out of there out of the box new Arenas and while. That was -- How -- they get there it's it's it's going to be a challenge form but today's the start of it they can say basketball post game show is tonight. The -- -- final home game. Final game under herb -- ownership. Right we hope now remember this has to be approved by the NBA board of governors it'll be -- so well. And -- to be approved now they don't go through a whole press conference and announce the numbers in the whole deal without. Knowing. That a large -- degree of certainty that this is -- out there -- we we hope this is the last game for her I run Redick you'll hear from him up next also other Wendy's big show back in here. It just a few minutes Brewers win today they salvaged the third game of the series against Cardinals 51 the final. This is the routine -- baseball post game show. -- by -- its ace hardware my the only station Brewers fans being in Sports Radio 1215 W assists he lets get this story in today's game from crew. Brewers manager Ron -- We're going inside the inland a mortgage coach's corner. What do you by Adam deputy and -- -- mark. Home loans for your dream since 1993. Kolb -- 675. Or 6499. Yeah his hitting was good too so. Big game for Willie we -- it's certainly a big start. From somebody and -- and a he came out right away with a with a fastball that was down in the zone good sliders. And command the ball well so. It was that was an important game. And he did he get his job and in fielding and king cares who plays the one play that he. Cotton ran and threw across the line to it. -- -- -- a great player wise and in any started offer are beginning with them with a two out so. Prayer they can keep there. One more motivated because Schaefer go fill it. -- we did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm which when we come -- well yet. I actually saw the replay I thought the -- does some funny on him. You know when I -- they showed the replay. From the center field camera camera and you could see the ball. Slowly turnover which gives -- idea it's gonna -- little bit. And that's I think that's what happened because it looked like it jumped behind him. It's been good at all 62 games county who. Who gratifying more than usual if you wanted to use the Cardinals because there. No. Now I mean I I like obviously beaten everybody. What's really important the most important thing is we lost two games and that's begins here recently we got that game back. And it's important it's important swing it some more important against our division. Just because we don't want guys to take but. We we have to win more games. And they did so it's not had a -- we have to win more games this season and -- Q and that's what we're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- moments ago -- yes. -- yeah I think I did a real nice job there and stayed the other way. And I had at that time. We we've been talking about we need -- hits me and we got big it. -- Yeah Iowa is that's actually probably -- one of the reasons -- took Willie outlets who is back stiffened up a little bit on him from the ball that he. A line drive it took off his back hand now and then one off the following. You know he's making a lot of -- of plays he's hit two line drives -- is interest in game but. But he he hung in -- and and made big pitches. And this this -- you know I keep saying this guys got big upside and if he can. If he can keep everything in check and do this stuff he's he can have some big years. Looking for business. Can -- -- it's just. I don't know in their their lesson when he IRA so but they're here they are in -- and I expect good things. Through the season and you know and we'll try to manage it right you know where were were not overuse and too many of the guys. I -- -- stepping in and in doing when he's doing this year it. Cancer goes down we got a guy that picks up and as -- the ball great so. It's big. Especially in those guys that you want in their seventeenth inning. You know Frankie continues to do what he's doing and I. Hopefully -- -- runs really well so -- That's a that's a tough call there whether to leave will in there against him and I do like -- against everybody not just lefties meant. You know trying to figure out whether to bring in -- birdie there or not that's those are tough decisions. Okay various Ron -- a -- after the Brewers 51 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals -- -- I'm still trying to. Compute what he set in and digest what he said there about. You know want to beat every team in the area I get that and then he went into well -- did it doesn't matter that. It is head to -- the -- in division. But we just wanna have more wins than them at the end of the year is that then conceding then that -- the Cardinals don't count we just want to beat up on everybody else. Where is pretty much saying is we don't have to beat the Cardinals -- -- -- this division. Technically you don't have to win every series against the Cardinals in order to win the division -- I -- 100% correct about I guess -- -- is still under three but if we do our business and we have 95 wins and they have ninety wins doesn't matter that we did beat him during the season. -- I'd -- I had is just sort of avoiding the head to head thing -- -- and Andy is right no no question. -- Brewers starters through fifteen games have eleven quality starts. That's why this team will compete in the division. Eleven of fifteen quality starts out that's pretty good I'd 7991250. Bottom of the I'll get an update and then -- -- Wendy's big show. -- takes back over here let's go to -- Bryant in North Carolina you're on Sports Radio 1250. They were going on -- and take my call you. Product or pregnant Carolina would sing and a handful fifty gap so he got -- -- out there some confidence. This year North Carolina. -- went by the Brewers on you to get one -- the Cardinals. Willie -- -- -- great. LeCroy at -- coming up with. It's in RBIs on I agree with you Sparky weeks have to -- and I'm kind of an up with that. But the big thing books make this. You know that make this splash into new owners were gonna keep the bucks in Milwaukee. A player -- now. I tried tried this -- -- you know great fan watching the bucks every game just couldn't do it well and excited I'm excited again. At this -- the box you know this new ownership. Now we've got to get -- I -- and I think new coaching staff. He got to stop signing guys like Carlos Delfino and -- South America right now probably -- -- -- somewhere. On OJ Mayo you know you gotta you gotta stop -- -- guy like that. But it I agree to sell out the Bradley -- night show that we're an old Milwaukee is the place to be and you know I'm excited they're happy about it. -- very good thing thank you for listening -- out sell out the Bradley Center tonight. Wall to wall phone calls for as long as Sparky wants to stay on the air tonight on the pick and -- basketball post game show. Really your last did last showed tonight I'm sure I'll still got to fill that gap until the you know that's not an issue many new regime kind kind of filters in an end and a new era starts in Milwaukee Bucks basketball it's a good thing it's a real exciting thing. Tied. -- want -- go here. Let's go to Corey and -- senior on Sports Radio 1250. I think it like well Mike but I think probably. I get a new facility is back and got our owner but. We're gonna do about NBA culture in the -- I everything here I think what Brian gains in the group but hey we a lot of small market we don't have. You have to draft stars outside you're gonna have to do which means you have to be -- like you are this year. Well I understand that but in baseball football is -- -- I don't really happening in the NBA very opposite. Of the player have a different mind that the NB cultures different. Well maybe just maybe if you if you do build that one beast player. There may be some of these superstars would then decide down the line a few years right now to say you know what. I want -- match up with that guy and then he brings a buddy -- It's possible that it. We figured somebody in the draft you're going to be it would be back. That will be answered next with Steve Sparky Phifer how does that sound -- -- maglev is Phyllis and Robbie backlog. I well -- thank you I guy gotta go. I gotta go. Apparently I have this weather is so deplorable. That they're playing high school baseballs raining or snowing or what -- that he caught Holden which. B have you been outside in a -- It's awful. Five Brewers -- stick around more -- end up Brewers talk ID get that Bucs buzz going like it is. In and around Brewers baseball Rami and -- -- -- talk about that. And that's gonna do it for -- you guys have a great night and smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.