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Apr 16, 2014|

What do you think about the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks? Ramie and Sparky discuss

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There I am running back -- -- Sparky vibrant. Sorry about that shot off. We're back where did Gary Ellis of the -- Butler they're off to -- Herb -- what's. What are you going home tonight after the show I -- -- I -- I'm like I need to know I have things to do. Huge I don't think you should be driving tonight -- you've been a massive -- all of -- at the 2 o'clock hour but the 2 o'clock hour. That is what to Robert's best teammates and his his smoking some -- is in. -- -- -- -- -- I'm kidding you still believe they have to go to -- -- to -- -- but like I said Gary -- they're off to give. Herb Kohl a standing ovation you guys I've holed from the repeat as baseball post game show stay right there really keep taking your calls on what the Bucs can do. Do to get the type of excitement the type of buzz the type of hard core loyal fan base. That the Milwaukee numbers do -- 7991250. Live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com but Sparky in the 2 o'clock hour when we first came on we're asking people what they wanted to hear. From this new ownership group -- from Herb -- today when they held a press conference -- just carried live. Here on the Wendy's big show and I've said before here on the show. I don't put a whole lot of stock into press conferences like you can -- you can really blow a press conference and sometimes you can really really win a press conference. Most of the time it's right down the middle and a bunch of guys in -- telling you. Exactly what you want to hear. But I will say that they were on need. They were leaning towards winning this press conference I thought it was very well done I was very impressed. By the new owners west seed is. And and I'm drawing a complete blank on the other gentleman's name mark Lazarus I was I was impressed by the two guys and what they had to say as -- -- waiting for him to say the word championship. Just so that I could see the look at your face breath that they could you would -- Every -- -- -- coach new general manager new owner is introduced you guys wanna hear them talk about championships -- wanna hear them. You know dance around the subject you want guys who are here to win and to bring home. The ultimate prize and -- with the and and they said. We expect to where we want to win championships at -- the next five to ten years and I heard you say on the post game show any -- talking about this that giving that time frame. Is a very good sign for Bucs fans as they get it. It's a good sign that they understand how they're gonna have -- -- Milwaukee and that's what it tells me don't realize that there Milwaukee and I think Randall Simon Brian James tomorrow. On so what would that have evolved look if that is there thanking of -- that's how they think they need to build an organization as far as on the court. And they're gonna have the patience to build this thing going forward as a mentioned before because you have revenue sharing now in the NBA herb -- gonna probably make money this year. I even of this team has been horrible. On you can still make money while this team is bad and you try and build -- the right way so as long as they have the patience. On in order to build at the right way and the fact that they are basketball fans -- their super competitive. On -- tiger -- winning championships these are all positives. Now the next step is going to be to see who gets brought in a run the team I'm both sides who's gonna run the business side of things -- they hire somebody from the Brewers. Who's familiar with the city already. Who's familiar with what rich -- or does to come over and on the box is that going to be the -- I'd be fine if that's what they decided to do. When they bring in somebody from -- -- -- -- if they're familiar with from the New York Boston area to come and Enron messed. Don't know. Bob I'm anxious -- whole thing plays out I am very excited and herb -- -- up. -- as owner of this -- team I'm very excited and herb called donated a hundred million dollars we're just gonna -- -- -- -- not have to donate a dollar arm for that as fact -- he probably deserves a standing -- tonight. Arm at the B more -- Bradley center for doing that. I he made sure that the team stays here with these owners he -- sold to the Seattle a group that moved to Seattle -- there would have been gone forever. Sort of called -- -- deserves offended Jack and a thank you for everything that he's done to not screw this up the sale this team up. And even though I haven't talked to anybody about it yet I can already hear the people going well Herb -- you can afford a hundred million dollars that's that's nothing to a guy like Herb Kohl. Million dollars is a lot of money to -- one. Listen to me what not I said this earlier and I don't care comes off the wrong way I guess I'm just being honest -- I'm eighty years old how -- that a guy is okay. And I got 550. I think I know -- -- -- in -- raw dollars given to -- I had no family. I have no kids -- have loved -- -- whatever the case may be okay sure he's got by Matthews or whatever. -- I get that. What am I gonna do with 550 million dollars the next ten to fifteen years my life if I live 1015 years after I -- years old who adults. Now I'll tell you a hundred million dollars is awesome. What he did shock me if you are said all right I got -- 150 million I'm given 250 for myself on given 300 of the -- to the new stadium that would be crazy okay. Know what the praise about what standard. I civil what's gonna do with -- I was just gonna tell you what he can do with a good what you like give you money regard. -- of whether or not somebody has kids there has immediate family. I'm sure he has loved ones in his life who he can be very welcome -- said I would rather have these people in my life have this money -- and improve their life. Then give it to basically strangers to enjoy basketball games and counts as -- -- -- next thirty years this is his first love this is about -- say that. This is Obama talked people it is like more important in the box this is about leaving a legacy that's what this is all about for him and this is an awesome -- a hundred million dollars is awesome so don't. Think like I'm knocking it but I would not have been shocked if you -- to decided to give even more than that. To this project so I'm very impressed by the way the whole thing played out. On the mark lads are a guy if you Google is named -- some interesting things pop up on that dude so I really don't know -- how that whole thing is gonna shake out. Bob -- -- seems clean his mom is from Wisconsin and all that's the last positive so Silva solving goes by seventeen exciting -- be -- Bucs fan. We got this this -- here now I wanted on this real quick before the -- -- up open up the -- the folks at 7991250. Barbecue grill masters says I'm sorry the -- just sold for 550 million dollars we are no longer a small market team -- well. Straight up -- US shocked as I was by the price tag we sought keep. It all the reports that we -- keep going up and up I don't think the NBA was -- -- be sold for less than 500 million. I 450 million for them -- and that's probably the middle ball went and the franchise that gets older in the future in India but. Yeah that it's right around Sacramento Kings price that they -- -- for Herb -- bought this team -- every today for eighteen million. Okay 29 years ago no owner of professional franchise can ever ever whine again about losing money any given year you're gonna get it back and then some when what you sell your team -- -- years and years and -- from around. What we're gonna do we were -- at the sort of unofficially start pick a lane. On the other side of this quick break watcher reaction to what you heard at that press conference today would lay UP soundbites. On the other side of this quick break and also what -- a spark you're talking about on the European -- baseball post game show. Do you think the Bucs can get to the point where they have the the -- the good feelings around them that the Milwaukee Brewers do with the announcement today of a new owner. And the wheels in motion for -- -- with 200 million dollars on the table. 7991250. A lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com talked with our box and -- Gary -- at 535. All you guys between now -- that. It. -- You know as. Churchill once said we make a living by what we get make a life by what we give. And so hope today senator Kohl is gonna continue that -- repeat. By making a gift of a hundred million dollars. Toward a new arena and I want to emphasize we're -- -- That's a pretty -- -- mark moron and they're talking about to the donations. Made for the new bucks arena earlier today heard here on W as a speed is the one is big -- Served a lot of -- of Sports Radio 1250 WS -- being backed more your boss sells and just amenable first. -- baseball fans an opening day draft kings dot com awarded over a half million dollars in cash prizes. I have million bucks in one today Willis there's have -- hundreds thousands even a million bucks a draft kings just watching their favorite sport employing some fantasy. -- guy -- Sam won a hundred grand his first time ever playing seriously what are brand gave -- -- -- just pick a team in minutes. Right now you can play for free to win real cash -- blue BLU -- at -- exact -- And get free entry into next week's contest with 400 granny guaranteed cash -- us. 400 grant Corey three spots are going quick -- blue now address things that top draft kings. Not -- couple questions on the table for you right now officially starting pick -- -- before we'll do it for real at 5 o'clock your reaction to what you heard at that press conference today. With Herb -- announcing -- be selling the team. To Wesley evens and mark or as a -- and also what to miss Parker talking about on the post game show do you think the Bucs camp how do they get to where. The Brewers are with the type of attention and and fan base that they got their. On a consistent basis out at Miller Park 7991250. Northwest side and Jeff you're on the -- -- up Jeff. I. I got a great show I was relieved more than -- think Big -- released today. And I think what's the first thing they have to do. It's I don't policy center timeframe sort -- -- get out and also on site for the. Certainly you're the one saying that mark rod is apparently saying that the one consensus that it -- -- -- -- it's gonna be downtown. And I figure I I suppose -- but he kind of thought yeah okay well the first thing is to get that on the way and then. I think. The incentive is to. So a lot of money -- big name shall. All of the effort you markets in Milwaukee and it now they're not afraid to spend money we got that stadium court I think a lot of a lot of players are gonna take note of that and just like the Brewers you can achieve big names start out here. Or you know -- -- -- trap but I'm sure. There if you're in the running for a Carmelo antsy or somebody like -- other big -- -- in a -- that. Know that the -- not afraid to spend money and will get that. Sort of monkey off our back as far as how we're all out here saying -- you get the players to want I have to come here. And I think the Brewers I think the box just an extent -- Thanks for the golf online I don't wanna see them go spend stupid money night I don't either -- all known -- -- let's not do this let's just old what we have next year move forward and go from there and rafter stars and then keeps him here. But beyond paying them obviously you stay here are your per -- never -- didn't spend money Herb Kohl is always spend money on his players over spend money. Poorly stupidly spent money what he's always spend money on his players. When I was driver on the -- -- talk about the senator -- post game show I was. Formulating an answer -- I was trying to -- trying to think how do the Bucs get. To where the Brewers are and one thing is is something that I think is out of mark last three -- -- -- hands and that's that. There is there's a bit of an NBA problem here in the city of Milwaukee and how people. Perceive it as the quote on quote either it's the thug league and that that. You know scares some people up and also the idea that there isn't a lot of parity in the league and nine years out of ten. The Bucs don't really have a shot at doing much of anything those -- two perceptions about the NBA around here that are -- how much mark last three in west Stevens can do. That falls on the new commissioner and and a higher ups in the NBA as a whole. But the other thing is what he was talking about there it's not gonna happen over night so I don't think they should go out and throw money at big time free agents right now. But when he talks about making Milwaukee someplace where guys want to be. If they're already here and a place for guys will want to come to eventually when you're talking about free agency years down the line. That's that's something that the Brewers have created they've been able to bring in. Free agents who in past years I don't think. Would have even had Milwaukee Zack Greinke didn't didn't want to -- -- trade right but he -- he had the Brewers. But I his list of three or -- teams that he would go two up -- never seen that with an. A's plod your -- has but the one thing with -- -- was -- that it was a small market I didn't have to deal with the media so let's remember although all the details here but you're right. Now they haven't exactly had you know Derek Jeter signing Milwaukee come to come here and play baseball -- Exactly hasn't happen either but they've been able to get the mid level guys like Kyle Lohse. I'm Matt Garza to come here. And play for them for shore. But they built they have cells that seemed that organization. Brought those fans a large part because of brawn and feel right. Two stars that they drafted in the box are in the same situation. They have to get it right in the draft. And that's why I'm saying they gotta do a lot of what the Brewers did when you're talking about the infrastructure and creating your own talent red and green and from the outside up but at some point you're gonna wanna be a place. That can lure a free agent to town. That's got to be part of what this whole turnaround is if you wanted to be anywhere near the hype and the buzz that you see around the Milwaukee for. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't you're you're gonna have to overpay to get guys coming your play in the snow as part of it because you're not Chicago you know a large market helped. Dwight Howard you want to go to Chicago. So what makes you figure to get guys to come to Milwaukee I just -- that's gonna change you're gonna have to overpay to get the mid level guys come here. You don't you overpay for good you overpaid for Salmons overpaid for some of these guys I don't think that ever is going to change that's why would you do has to be through the draft. And you have to draft really well and and I love to go back to the phone 7991250. -- ET in Miami you're on the Wendy's -- show -- seventy. Hey gentlemen thanks to Michael Alter I am a lifelong box and so -- some sort of waned at the last few years -- you know I think kid I used to sit out after the game and -- the players -- -- -- parking -- you know and stick my answer the grade try to get autographs but the court -- And I'm sure I'm sure there -- be -- -- -- -- on FaceBook earlier so we -- trade stories about -- -- remember idea up. I -- fights breaking out of their. Anyways so my question is for you guys. What's your sense of my first question it. I had a -- has been released but what is what is that are all interest 00. But he. -- -- That is what they said originally that he was gonna just bring in investors the way he made it sound today tell me if you worded differently -- Was that he were selling this team to these two guys. -- more product clarified when he said the donation ever calls a hundred million dollars he said this is a gift he will not be part owner of this bucks team -- I longer right. That's why he he said it's a gift he is this is he has no stake in this. Well why you'd be investing the money. Another question that we had leading up to an even once the announcement was made this morning of how much her or what -- at all Herb Kohl might have in the Milwaukee Bucks and when I saw that price tag -- 550 million dollars. I sort of knew that Herb Kohl was was out altogether because he's paying 550 million dollars for fraction of a team you know what I -- -- 75% of a team. Because that values the box set. Got back in new math on the air but that values the -- like in the neighborhood 65700. Million dollar. Realize that the value of the team immediately Dole's double climbed the building being built. Right and that first game being quite the bell eighteen immediately goes up so they're gonna -- for 550 in a value of that team goes up. Upon playing the first game -- -- arena go back to the phones and out to Franklin Darren you're on the big show it's up there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So my thought is you know obviously. We got a ball 300 laps we expect come -- -- and however that's probably. I -- what likely felt that maybe some China just. But it's something up and go through you Garretson that for essentially. In the long run we're trying to bail us out -- -- we try it like that maybe that's not. I don't know maybe I have no idea how they think they're gonna get this done I would have to imagine. That the people on this board that are doing all the -- of how they're gonna go by giving us money on actually talk to people. Within saudis it was Johnson listen to the radio listen to the reactionary time the arena gets brought up realize that it's mostly negative. On getting -- out of the lead of this helps tremendously in my opinion even though we don't know either one of these two guys from Adam. Other -- which you find out -- Google their names and on which is interesting. -- but. This is something now where they have to come -- the creative way. -- make it different from Miller Park. To where it's really not gonna come out and that's -- All this talk about you know how they're gonna do this but tourist tax something along those lines or something because now you're outside -- -- 500 million dollars. -- time off running 300 million or 209 somewhere in that area they seem to think they are the new arena costs. Four -- finish. Is what they're saying so if it's around 400 -- you're only talking 200 million that you got to come up with. And where is -- -- in all -- I I'm still asking -- is Marquette. There is a ton of money cricket on the Marquette for -- grass and alarmed that goal there were -- -- hundred million and all this. Why did you come to the table a hundred million from all you're rich people that you got over that university Bauer 300 million now we're only fighting a hundred million. Where where is he is. Where is Marquette in all of this that boosters tried since I don't know it's yeah. I have I was these two guys I look at marketing bill if you donate some in this stadium you're not playing and it. Newcombe what at the Bradley center at the -- you're not year so either you -- somebody for this stadium or you're not it. I play hardball these guys -- -- -- I'm not do on this and then I'm -- -- and you're gonna get the benefit of having to play my beautiful arena but you're not pay a penny for gonna pay rent. I don't care you're paid more than -- -- you're gonna pay -- For this building to get dealt a lot well -- or you're not playing. Hardball Marquette they're more than enough money. -- real quick we -- -- -- this break but when we talk about the new stadium and having that have the the amenities and the attractions that other state of the art stadiums have. I think to a lot -- not a lot but I've had the opportunity to go to a few different ballparks so we talk about the extracurricular stuff that baseball parks. Coach talking about like the kids on the have -- -- look at school stuff. At ballparks nowadays that they didn't have when I was young have you had a chance to visit other NBA arena's. That are that are relatively new and if so what is that what can you put. To attract people to an NBA game. -- -- you have to do the same thing that you do kind of when Miller Park other things you have to have other things other than just the stadium. Put restaurants and it put Gifford of put -- you know hall of fame of some sort of Milwaukee basketball hall of fame in there. But the Packers half for there's there has to be other things that you can do you look at the Green Bay Packers you can get married. There and do weddings and everything else you can do something similar with that with a new basketball arena at. And -- one thing. I just I got -- emphasizes when you go to do the design -- this stadium make it different than any other basketball arena in the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That thing in Minnesota their builder for the Vikings the glass and all that I told you -- I saw I -- -- check that out at these built into the ground the upper deck you gonna walk onto an eyebrow level -- underfoot glass door or. There's a hundred -- hundred foot glad that's all glass you got glass on the roof of the thing I mean. So firstly it's gonna be awesome they need a difference maker they can't just have a B a box downtown Milwaukee -- new seats. They needed to be -- Different than what everybody else has in the NBA gonna keep this role with Diaz right after the break it officially be picked a lane right after that we've already reset the big topics dishonest and the other thing -- I want -- lighting. I wanted to ask since we're -- -- and -- I -- have that turn off the lights and just have a lights on the on the court that B no I always wanted to wrists or like the stage floor. I received at the NCAA to -- we can do that I don't that's fine I'll scares me I'm interest were allowed to say it up the at bats a little ones it's a little odds say no players that we've already reset the big topics discussed that today's big show you'll pick -- next. What can the Brewers do -- in the box you can't they get to point. Where they have the type of buzz and hard core loyal fan base that the Brewers have at this point and just your reaction to what you heard at that press conference today introducing mark last three and Wes -- as the new prospective owners of the Milwaukee Bucks when -- make sure back with -- right after the.