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04/16/14 The Wendy's Big Show Interview with Gery Woelful

Apr 16, 2014|

Gery Woelful stops by the Big Show to talk about the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we do now -- -- your finest work and sather Racine journal times in racing sports zone dot com are -- insider. Gary willful Garrett thanks for a few minutes are this afternoon busy day out assume -- -- -- -- I -- a busy day I would assume for -- Gary willful. Yeah I was. I don't go to -- up or approach captains the two owners if the -- sits -- their jackets and put up some shots and elegance they have left ankle they're -- older than. What are the fact. What was zero offers impression of those two guys -- today's press conference here. You know what what they came across very well you know if they were somewhat humble and I think. They've they were actually -- away it was almost like -- it's really happening. So they they had -- pretty much down her approach. But again you know these guys are built and and that are not your were your -- in apartment they want to make me choose so. I think it's going to be very interest -- you out see what and formed over the next couple weeks were you surprised -- -- pulls out all together. -- -- I brought up many times last -- some depth. He got that you know that a possibility in an ambassador -- -- so like I'm still not rule it out but. -- you know not at all. What about the fact dead -- donating a hundred million dollars that has been talked about you've reported that. Not as well what's been brought up to me as what happens if the Bucs can get this -- -- is there any chance at her would get even more than what he's given already. Yeah I think -- distinct possibility somebody was trying to tell me Tuesday that. In addition you buy an asset for 500 alienated -- -- -- honored. -- Billy Moore and -- so it's under the perception that. The five honor that he -- -- stake what include. One or knowing inside I wanna check that out -- -- but. Yeah I didn't there's you know the state -- or yeah Herb -- -- -- should be or go forward. Dartmouth Bucs and sadder here -- here on the Wendy's big show for a few more minutes. Gary is there any possibility that this that the sale of the boxes -- approved by the NBA's board of governors we saw the report today. That mark last three he was withdrawn from his. Candidacy to be ambassador to France because he had ties to a poker site that had ties to the Russian mob is to -- -- Stand in the way of him being approved as a new NBA owner. I would be -- despite being honest with -- I heard about it several Warriors. You know what it is situation that they did background checks and they they obviously have been out there -- -- over you spurred. Yeah -- yeah it's pretty methodical I -- It's not like this group took up -- you don't like -- -- -- right -- they've got they've been talking lots but what Herb -- went public back to number. -- -- -- I would be a little Lions note by any red flags went up have you and yeah radio board of governors the you know Thursday and Friday New York. I was happy to hear ball pujols guys lies -- you need in both mansion -- winning championships. I here in Milwaukee and then reference a five to ten year plan of winning championships. That tells me that maybe they are on board was doing at the way that we all want them to do which is building it -- the draft. I made me not being so good for the next couple of years. Well maybe that's whether or not be of him it sparked the public going to Q what brought Carolina -- -- Parker to tomorrow. -- going to be a bad idea. Yeah outside in but now I I think that we you know it's -- that year that eight. Well you know that they don't want to another branch as they -- if -- inside. -- and you know again. I -- -- about a half hour to do it for the first but they seem like oh lead ribbon guides for the ball are out. You know that -- workers and so on the world than. You know I'm sure they wanna be yes and so all -- it. I love how you would herb called these guys young guys or 52 in 53 and these -- -- not a guy that's a very generous definition -- -- -- I think at this point but that's -- -- will go with that. Heard say that there's not going to be a vote on the new box owners at the meetings in New York. How long do you think it -- before this gets done. -- -- he'll take very long couple weeks you know I mean now you know like yeah and I look what does he bought a month ago. That timeline would be late this month early next month and you know it has opened that up yeah -- -- but. They have about -- -- are already settled. Any idea -- of what their timeline may be as far as getting in here going through. Who's working for them who they want to bring yen and then the basketball side of operations. Well on about all that out where -- -- I think yeah. Yeah it was pretty evident that there -- going to be clean house because neither 10. With -- -- endorsement for the general managers felt so. You -- think like. If they wanted to retain these individuals but it would -- up and leave Wednesday of these guys that are. And what we like or whatever what there was none of that. Find his work -- -- Racine journal times Racine sports zone dot com at Gary with an. -- -- -- -- -- -- for -- some great midwest bank -- turn the key with -- -- now through July after looking to -- or refinance a home like a great midwest bank on FaceBook learn how you. -- -- mortgage free great mid West Bank simply local.