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Apr 16, 2014|

The guys revistit the big topics from today's show and ask you to pick a lane followed by the best of the 1250 sound off line

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- he's Smart he Enron even go on and it's for three hours. I didn't crash and -- It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's show and let you. Did a lame. The Carolina brought to you by the legendary quickly -- when you grow the countdown is on -- opening day. Make sure you get your season -- is now just go to Great -- dragway dot com. -- of the Wendy's big show Rami and. Marquis with you for one more hour Gary -- the run he's off to the Bradley Center to give her call. A standing ovation after the news today he would be selling his team the Milwaukee Bucks to mark last three and -- -- a couple of hedge fund managers. And I got a couple of topics on the table already for you guys here and pick a lane. First your reaction to what you heard in that press conference today introducing -- -- Landry is the new owners. And also what's -- -- -- you were talking about other pianist baseball post game show how do the -- 310 the bucks. Even get to where the birds are right now in terms of the buzz the good feelings the hard core loyal fan base. Around that team's 7991250. -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com no need to reset the -- topics discussed on the big show it's already been done. Three to go right out to the phones and to -- you're on the big show go ahead. Hello yes. Baker are very don't act like -- All in bed I'm excited about up man and I think you made there in bed. We -- new ownership. And now I'm actually be a note it may sound weird but the fact that one of -- owners. Do like. A gambler and stuff like that it -- -- I think that work that to our favor because that made it competitive. Well that also mean got a lot of -- should be involved snag. Yeah but I mean you know and then it means that the -- he's competitive though he's not going to be in it would. You know you see -- -- -- got a beard guy that got you know Wanamaker -- since rather. Make some rules and make themselves you know on an inspired. You know put -- all audio on. Beat -- -- down sound on about thirty minute or not and I have all court that live in Indianapolis -- -- like. And I remember Bears have been in the middle school high school and -- -- You know all and -- column. I -- who period a couple of air here. You know they always have near and it you know can't find it there they always -- around the turn of the and it that may or what they've done with that surround sound and that city it's smaller -- -- and you know. The bigger plays. I'm David -- played here on would be a base there and like you say it. Have been intriguing -- buying. Army looked at what -- -- probably aren't there are you there ago when I was -- there are there on the war memorial like. -- What -- and -- on the lake split the -- Robert yet. That's your bag at that record by every time you drier faster. You -- them here for and their mark. You know especially in a -- -- people are like you know what back in -- I -- I mean all of there's just really excite. Beings and it's stimulate the economy -- because our own. Like I -- bill Miller Park when I was a teenager. And those project that last -- year man. Yeah talk here and probably a thousand drop over -- -- but -- time and well paying job or. Different kind of people -- trades and stuff like that man's soul. -- that -- have a lot -- city man in an outbreak that. Once people realize the magnitude of what your -- and it won't be your heart -- -- through the rest of the Marty weather could be via -- or whatever so. That's going to be the interesting thing thanks for the call that will be interesting now. You -- about Indianapolis is what Gary -- and I have been saying for years about that should be a model of how you copy yet. It downtown Indianapolis should be downtown Milwaukee -- -- there talk to their their politicians that's all they do a Brit. -- -- same damn -- just copy it. That's I'd -- -- just -- what they did do the same thing but when he says. -- near the end of his call. Know once people see what the benefits of this thing are it'll be a lot easier to swallow Sparky ever you say before that was sort of the case -- Miller Park a lot of people. We're thrilled with the fact or paint attacks in Miller Park his first was first George street second race he got kicked off this because he voted -- -- this wave bode Miller Park voted now for this or. Now -- somebody who's not happy Miller Park is there those same people -- -- -- came -- to send us out this is nice knowledge under -- why you'd think that they -- still out we don't want nothing to do with that thanks for so -- people -- -- -- -- people don't care but they don't they don't. Want to pay attacks four and neat thing they have to figure out how to get this thing done and how they're gonna get it done -- out. Taxing the people blocked. He's gonna nearest few suggestions about what what the bucks future should be our Mundo treats at 1250 to -- SSP. Says we need color and logo change how about hunter orange and camel and even includes. You must see him -- from a leader Sutton -- A picture of the orange and -- both sweater and couldn't. AB -- throughout -- and Paul Roberts that Robert's question -- has -- that same suggestion to me like every in the hunting crowd of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have all the same thought as they -- Eagles -- is wearing hunter -- with -- sort of a living example of an oxymoron. Your. Shooting -- would your hunting so -- you from -- -- Creating the vision of people each -- the right. And your team is here that's Tebucky is so that's if so -- that sort of self defeating it away is it not. Yep I would agree as a tech and I do not want Kamel was colors now I mean it looks it looks cool I'll say that it looks cool this under -- thing that is sent me a picture of but. It doesn't it just doesn't seem right meanwhile Ty Webb says they should name the new stadium. The -- arena but speaking of sponsorship in naming rights Jason says but -- a lot of me having -- the naming rights and that should bring another fifty -- -- to LA for the new arena. I don't really -- a lot of me but you'd think there there will be naming rights on the stadium. And that could bring in the neighborhood of fifty minutes an hour up like 250 million dollars towards the 400 million we need for this -- stayed up. Request -- more than halfway home people except nobody's got the San naming rights but yeah I -- -- my body somebody will write you would think you'd think so bad and baby. And let them put that on hold CP and figure out that their tunnel and isn't. Let's go to Marlin and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was you. Hey I just didn't want to say I think that the good of the -- -- -- -- -- back. Getting the general manager need to build -- Start women went out course -- a -- things and then get the -- created and then just drive up from there. That you don't like the Packers in early early ninety. You'd -- at. And the goal I think they'd be great and the Indianapolis they will be. Now we'll -- pain you know the thing about. This downtown thing of you know concerns is as they're gonna put a downtown not I still think it would be better off for the owners of this team. Arm and I'm sure nobody brought this up to them but I still they would be better off for this something to be between Miller Park and -- a lot of me. And and let them buy the land solidly outlets the restaurants and shops and everything else and make that the new entertainment capital Milwaukee. Between Miller Park and -- want to meet on a one he gets on board the throws -- some money attitude help. The move what every -- moving get that done. Arm and I have something to do it downtown there's -- have to be a lot of money spent to -- do and I'll buy old buildings -- turn things around and so forth it just seems like -- a very large project to think that -- gonna fix down towels one it is. -- -- we talk about the benefit to the city of this new arena what happens to downtown if that's not. If you don't have your at the center for entertainment down there you know I mean there'll still be other venues -- -- or -- or whatever the case may be down there that are having shows. Theaters will be -- will be putting on plays but your big entertainment attraction at -- out there now what to do what but no we do. That's because nobody wants to go to it's. -- people will want to go too -- because it's a new arena and your hopefully have a better basketball team down there. That's not -- achieved what they think of the downtown. That's a change what and how they think it's safe to go downtown that's gonna change whether -- not wanna go downtown -- look for parking all night that that's. I'd change whether or not they wanna say 245. Dollars for parking hate looking for parking his got -- -- like I got. -- -- it's not just me it's everybody. Just -- double line ask other people on the suburbs actually go downtown. -- -- Not a lot. But that could change -- them say that what we're -- it's more than just an arena is my point OK but it's -- it's a big starting put your -- the box owners not only build an arena but fix a downtown while you're -- I'm asking them to do we've been talking about with this new arena and that's helped revitalize the city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay thank you can't ask them to fix the -- -- that comes from the city tackles with a taxpayers they -- -- -- the -- for this. There's going to be some taxpayer money in this thing I will guarantee you that I'm safer -- on -- I'm not saying for the arena I'm saying to fix the downtown. What you think your match -- it just -- can be proved it's not gonna cause for today does very go -- -- just like it needs all fixed. Now there are gonna have to be they're gonna have to be businesses that move in there and that starts with the 550. Million dollar business that is the Milwaukee Bucks. I -- say it will sing and I. I don't I don't -- idea of putting it between Miller Park and -- a lot of -- -- it's a good idea on paper. But we sit here and preach nonstop every time we talk about in the arena all the benefits is gonna have for the city. Yet we want to let downtown -- of this the of the vote the one thing that attracts people there out of the downtown. Does not convince -- gonna fix downtown. -- just not. -- I don't think the city you'll ever dedicate themselves of fixing it that they -- malls -- been downtown that's just been the premier maul him and you set your premier mall is way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. You're right you're right about that that should be down there -- I agree we need to revitalize downtown in Milwaukee and make it someplace people. Aren't scared to go or just don't want to go but questions on the table for you right now your reaction to the news in the press conference today of Herb -- sale of the -- to -- -- three. And -- -- and what are the Bucs have to do can't even get to where the Brewers are in terms of the buzz. And the loyal fan base that they have around Miller Park 7991250. Lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- insider Gary Wolfe with 5351 more segment for your calls right after that. -- -- Fans on opening day drafting dot com awarded over a half million dollars in cash prizes I have million bucks in one day. And there's way more to come on you've got to -- -- draftees dot com America's favorite one -- fantasy sports site it's easy just pick a team in minutes. Every sports fan can do this right now you can play for free to win real cash and -- blue BL UE at drafting dot com. And get forty entry into next week's contest with 400 grand -- guaranteed cash prizes. 400. -- or three spots are going quick after a blue now -- -- dot com draft teams dot. Count. Those dollar amounts that you're doing and that read this sound like a lot of money to -- to you pride anybody listening 504000. Bart Landry if you listen to the big showed a lot of gambles and on -- hand and he should be welcome to Milwaukee mister Landry. That's -- that's like a hand of poker lunch for no problem with it Goodell prominent. 500000. -- shot with a of the seven that natural fit and nickel slot at the -- -- say you're the big -- it's up at that he. That particular call -- -- -- I'm old enough that I grew up with the auction here and -- watershed moment for this city in the state there was a possibility. We could have lost this team to Seattle that would have been over -- in my view because sustainable structure should certainly be able support -- -- -- team. Regardless of you know whether or not they've got twenty some partners of futility but. You know I also remember my parents -- -- enormous. Parker France are also enormous option there and -- remember -- -- it. Mark my parents and their friends were one Oscar Robertson seems to Milwaukee are in the -- -- championship. I'm not saying that that's on the year -- -- -- But I am saying that the potential to do what the Packers did as an earlier call or sit in the early nineties -- there. The Packers supper one years of miserable futility. What what to playoff appearances seventy truly true so what we are looking at right now is the potential destroy -- overcome -- New owners new arena new players conceivably down the road you mentality looking -- -- the arena at all. Sparky made an actual portable Marquette at the world -- university unique situation you've got a major college program that is competitive every year that won a national championship. There's going to be playing computer -- -- marina. They got to bring some money to the table. But talking about the placement as Serena has is that it's a few propositions. Downtown Milwaukee are so many issues that narrow streets -- one way streets. The typical just kidding around because the bridges down there unless you're going -- out of the Bradley Center port street street. There's no -- open area down Garrity production shorter -- interviewed for parking. -- a point you know that industrials rallied -- north -- -- a little bit. -- Usually east or Miller Park -- -- work potentially. And you know that could be marketed Mitch and -- down child -- five minutes away we get on the freeway. What they've got to do a better realize -- -- or sports you kind of contradict yourself that you talked about. To be unique spectacular new facility that will be. The destination on its own admonition or putting it down at all what exactly do you know -- if you don't get people downtown now the fact is that. You've got to do something to bring families in there and doesn't mention a pro shop earlier. All -- some kind of interactive please don't for kids are. And then some other things where people who aren't sure he can partake of what is down Charl what is of the lake front and what is at this certainly not. All the -- and fifteen minutes of. That's my point look they're gonna come for the game -- that doesn't mean they're gonna spend a dollar after the game is done and that's and that's why I don't want. People looking in his box owners going -- able build an arena and I want you to make all of our businesses downtown five by having this arena because we wanna see the dividends paid off for the downtown. They are being in charge of fixing the downtown to know the city of Milwaukee has to do this on their own they should have -- their -- 1540 -- -- -- this shouldn't be something now that. All we have new owners in the box and -- worth billions of dollars short tap them -- the downtown and build an arena built built an outstanding arena. But just because -- build an arena and they put people and it does not mean those people are gonna walk out of the arena and spend a dollar -- but just because. It's something that should have and I if you should have been done 1520 years ago doesn't mean it's something that you shouldn't do now. And I'm not asking the new owners to come in and sixteen -- downtown what I would be asking them to do though is put the centerpiece of what downtown hopefully will be some day. In there as the first piece of what you hope is the vision of downtown in the city in the -- I'm the owner of the box then you show me city Milwaukee what your plans offered on top show me how the downtown is gonna change around when I put this here because that's something. Compare this to Mary -- -- -- -- -- Arizona it's you've been there yet. The Brewers built that stadium -- at all. Worker to revitalize our city our -- York stadium and it's going to be graded where to put all this money into the city and we're gonna use that stadium -- a centerpiece. They don't -- Wal-Mart that's what -- yeah. After they did it -- -- -- -- I took Wal-Mart I like the Wal-Mart super all I know all its not well at a super -- I'm proud I did little Wal-Mart it's a nice Wal-Mart and my goal they're almost every year. But that that's not the meat but the point is they -- -- -- -- -- that and it's still married -- If you're gonna do this and you're good convince the box okay supported downtown OK I'll put it downtown but I want to see the blueprint out. What do you plan -- -- -- -- the downtown if I put this thing here. If I invest my time and money what are you gonna do to fix the downtown around because of the Arnold plans and you just wanted to do -- think everybody's gonna calm because I'm here. -- -- -- -- Michael -- at 1250 WS -- -- spark you look at what -- arena did for downtown Cleveland parking restaurants business all integrated into tower city. I didn't see it with my own eyes but I'm assuming that Michael telling the truth the what essentially what he's saying and what I'm saying. Since this field that they helped as -- That's -- You have the Browns stadium side by side right there -- the downtown but -- -- -- and you have a rock and roll hall of fame by the -- also right there as well and show up at the same time elsewhere all the Allentown it's my boys are all right there and -- facility yeah and that in that vicinity they came in one at a time -- -- the rock and roll hall of fame right Jacobs arena right and that eventually you have brown at some point which which one it was -- Jacobs Jacobs Field -- threat. Rock and roll hall of fame and then -- -- I think at some point somebody decided. We build a rock and roll hall of fame let's put in the middle of this dump that is Cleveland right now they didn't. It's not in the middle and -- -- start just a -- with us. Eighty downtown -- it's didn't downtown technically out my house let's put it in downtown of this dump that is Cleveland right now. And hopefully be the first piece in what will be a revitalized city of Cleveland and it's and a revitalized downtown. Yeah you gotta have some faith man I don't have any. What what what -- but not Tom walking -- sixteen years give me faith if I if I. Mark Vietnam and I'm -- it is an -- and I'm listening to the big show right now -- -- -- of downtown doesn't have any hope let's call Seattle the open how we get out of this keeping this team in Milwaukee nobody. Did they do what I tell them they should do another sport between Miller Park a lot of -- -- Why can't land and sell that land off your all your money back and make huge old sports destination. Major old entertainment destination and the signal -- what's -- downtown -- that's on the city -- watch -- that's not my responsibility as an owner of the boxing -- downtown Milan. He has no hope as it seems your putting it. Then the city of Milwaukee has no hope in terms of being -- be be revitalized and being a big -- how to -- show me some forward thinkers -- are running the city of Milwaukee and that Collison deal okay. Jamison river falls there -- the when he's -- -- subject. -- -- -- man river hill but -- -- super super exciting day for me I've been talking about. This certain stipulation that the -- he gingerly into the city. I'm on the way to the game right now -- currently have in my pocket a check for next year's even -- except that they need to do something difficult -- draft out or picked. Actually -- -- three. And an ownership change that is you know. Herb -- giving up over 51% those stipulations were -- I'm ready to -- -- -- -- now Cleveland. The rocker all Australia's next the football field over -- they're they're not near. The baseball stadium and the passed ball stadium but -- -- side by side are great examples of things that help. Each other Wear them but I've really taken and Miller are sorry -- -- or whatever they college should be. I think he should be downtown I think by Miller Park there's too much stuff built up over there already -- to considered them next to each -- -- betraying. There's not Palermo PH -- -- -- between there not to mention the environmental cleanup that would have to be done out there. And not to mention that the -- -- restaurant and everything there already set in place. For a downtown area. I would hope that these new -- and a new building which would let local vendors. Into the stadium area. Get that money instead of hurt people who are running that -- members down there. And taking all that money that Milwaukee people are spending taking that money to Chicago. That's were all -- vendors are stronger so. You know that it doesn't really matter to me that's where it goes as long as we get good pitching -- a good -- And a lot of good things going out. Dale thanks for the call rich -- in Milwaukee business journal is saying a Bucs have received a two year extension. I'm an NBA's 2017 -- -- build a new arena. That -- a -- contemporary standards of bucks owner colds all the -- business journal today that's all they extended it two more years Al -- means I think that means that until 2019 now yeah I'm ordered to get the stuff I want the pressure to be on this thing I want to know I -- shovels in the ground but when he seventeenth. While still glad to be any -- -- -- seventeen in order to build -- doesn't nineteen. The original deadline they said was to at least -- plant employs to at least have begun building brand new arena about 2017 so that if it extended not a -- nineteen. -- talk about actually sitting in a near Reno -- 20/20 one. What no. No no like seven years now I didn't know seven years I'll be in my forties to. -- -- of -- world crumbling we'll talk with care -- -- of the Racine journal times. And I racing sports zone -- -- right after this -- boxes that are see what he has to say about this new era for the Milwaukee Bucks -- -- bodies make -- be right back. It's got exactly what -- insider Derek -- full -- do you buy routine and sand by the Thomas -- offices. This is the Wendy's big -- on the only station Bucs fans need Sports Radio 1250 WS has been. Normally do this on Thursday but obviously big Fox News today. Herb -- announcing he will sell the team to mark last very. And last -- and so we do now while -- -- -- his work and sather Racine journal times in racing sports zone dot com are -- insider. Gary -- Gary thanks for a few minutes are this afternoon busy day out assume -- -- woeful. I -- a busy day I would assume for -- Gary willful. Yeah I was. I don't know -- mission up for the trust captains the two owners if the -- sits -- -- jackets and put up some shots and elegance they have left ankle they're -- owners -- players. But yeah I. What was zero -- first impression of those two guys that today's press conference there. You know what I thought they came across very well you know I knew they were somewhat humble -- I think. They they were actually -- away it was almost like hey it's really happening. So they they had it pretty much Dalembert approach. But again he obviously has -- -- and in. Then they're not -- just were the entertainment part they want to make money to do so. I think it's going to be very interest in you look see what and -- over the next couple weeks were you surprised that -- pulls out all together. -- -- -- -- brought up many times lasted three weeks and a got that you know -- possibilities. That -- Super -- or -- like I'm still not rule it out but. -- Found -- you know not at all. What about the fact dead -- -- donating a hundred million dollars that has been talked about you've reported that. Not as well what's been brought up to me as what happens if the -- can get this -- Don is there any chance at her would get even more than what he's given already. Yeah I think -- distinct possibility somebody was trying to tell me Tuesday that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Uttered Billy Moore and I was -- under the perception that. The five honored that billion and a great -- what include. One -- are billions I want to check that out what separate but. Yeah I didn't there's you know -- distinct possibility yeah Herb -- -- -- should be -- look forward. Dartmouth box and -- -- -- -- on the Wendy's big show for a few more minutes. Gary is there any possibility that this that the sale of the boxes -- approved by the NBA's board of governors we saw the report today. That mark last three he was withdrawn from his. Candidacy to be ambassador to France because he had -- great poker site that had ties. To the Russian mob is -- to -- Stand in the way of him being approved as a new NBA owner. I would be very -- being honest with -- I heard about it several Warriors you know what in the situation that they did background checks and they they obviously have been out there -- -- you -- spurred. Yeah and yeah it's pretty methodical I mean it's not like this group took up they'll you know like you -- you know they've got they've been -- Lots and what Herb Kohl went public that in December. So already. So. I I would be a little Lions note any red flags went up yeah and yeah radio board of governors the you know Thursday Friday New York. I was happy to hear ball pujols guys -- -- -- need in both mansion -- winning championships. I here in Milwaukee and then reference a five to ten year plan of winning championships. That tells me that maybe they are on board with doing it the way that we all want them to do which is building it through the draft. I made me not being so good for the next couple of years. Well maybe that's whether or not be him it sparked the public -- you what North Carolina they'll let art -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wanna be a bad idea. Yeah outside and but now I think that you know it's like this year that eight. Well you know they'll want to branch as they -- -- -- inside. -- and you know again. I like opera about a half hour to do it for the first but they seem like -- -- ribbon on guides for the most -- You know that they workers and so on the world and you know I'm sure they -- yes so old yeah. I love how you would herb called these guys young guys or 52 in 53 and these guys are not a guy that's a very generous definition of the song I think at this point but that's why it will go with that. Heard say that there's not going to be a vote on the new box owners at the meetings in New York. How long do you think it -- before this gets done. I'm -- he'll take very long couple weeks you know I -- now you know like yeah and look what does he bought a month ago. That I'm -- would be late this month -- early next month and you know it is not think that yeah or doubt but. There about the -- majority -- are already settled. Any idea of what their timeline may be as far as getting in here going through. Who's working for them who they want to bring yen and then the basketball side of operations. Well on the -- where it -- that I think yeah. Yeah it was pretty evident that there are good clean house because you want -- well -- an endorsement for the general manager so so. You -- think like. If they wanted to retain his individual they would -- up and I didn't leave Wednesday of these there. And what you like or whatever what there was none of that. Find his work in sather Racine journal times Racine sports zone dot com at Gary with an. Okay don't get they've got a. -- -- on the great midwest bank -- turn the key with Giambi now through July after looking Abaya or refinance a home like a great midwest bank on FaceBook learn how you. To that mortgage -- great mid West Bank. Simply local got to get in the status update also -- to try to squeeze a couple more of your phone calls. Here on the Wendy's big shows you wrapped things up on a historic Wednesday and the city of Milwaukee in Milwaukee sports. -- -- -- First goal for different your career -- -- He didn't go to yard express dot com if he's looking to make six figures a year. Just six figures a year Herb -- and herb -- all right all or what do I have to do is driver -- it is like little station why give it a goal from what -- ate a -- deep -- he did Boyd. He it has been a 532 million dollar profit a -- goals look at IV and apparently giving a hundred million right -- -- you stated I think her may be in -- money out of Nevada -- -- a new career herb. You know the boxing didn't work out -- so well so now you go work -- young expressed -- be aware nerves. Go to -- express today you can become a successful transporter of expedited -- just like Herb Kohl might be one day to. And you're going to be traded off the road just that squared -- UNG express dot com. JUNG. Express dot com you'll get discounts -- year old -- stays oil changes new tires. They dust settles itself full bills -- -- BL. At young expressed that -- JUNG. Express dot com. Express success -- -- terrible person. The only thing tougher than. Hiding behind your phone -- behind a FaceBook -- some of these people are pretty horrendous extra pick his recent success of its easy six. Insulting as I was thinking the entire social experience of -- -- -- class and putting it on my original series and still we know you can always call so. Let's look at -- 1233. Really depends on what's on your. -- he's talking about right now marked the last three bought the penthouse in that ghost -- building. Overlooking Central Park just dragon mart plaza regal as buster it's in the -- go to the big show FaceBook page tomorrow and I -- moral first thing in the morning I -- -- or not you have -- break I'm busy man. It's got a nice beautiful up there -- people that all white guy look at -- -- from his window of New York is -- I. They can move -- -- Bruins got around Easter Sunday brunch buffets on on the Sunday ADM until 2 PM. Bill knows -- he's very bark carving station for prime rib while supplies last hand outlets stations -- Sausage bacon Belgian waffles fruit vegetables -- cocktail. Barbecue ribs -- Anything you want is going to be on that -- adults and 1799. To Dayton under 699 to readers kids not a twelve. 1199 seniors 62 and over 1599 make your reservation today at 2679499. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His deal. With quite freaky how we stop. What's what -- there. Well is a ghost -- building check out. He does everything Inge does it all up -- more -- you have -- it's awesome that as you can -- walk there and you could see. Here's a DC when you walked on the street -- last three home almighty god. And then the story it's I'm not business in -- I can't he's -- for -- famous super freak singing pirate skeleton at the front door of his home every Halloween. It's awesome. This get my hero he's got five kids -- to -- mark Lazio and I grew up I don't -- almost so severed bloodied head skeletons pools which of them was frightening inflatable too far decoration it's such as they mommy and sponge Bob square pants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bowl every -- face the whole job slash 1250 WS this. When we asked what he want to hear from new -- ownership bad says. Hey the Bucs won't suck -- how the Bucs rolled suck V where the bucks won't be sucking okay. That's a good plan -- says first order of business they want to silk across the street from the arena. We win or you get one free let -- with your ticket stub you can always comment. At FaceBook dot com slash 1250 WS SP and then head over to FaceBook dot com slash 1250. The big -- got two and a half minutes to try and get in a collar to will go to Jake I'm he -- been waiting patiently go -- Man to put in a couple thought that I have looked at him Milwaukee. With -- -- are about he's not in development but they're not that well yet. -- -- -- -- All the building there at. They're up or adult matter or its act we repaired you -- out result the particular get out on the lake front. -- 830 streak he'd still be there on the New York what the future of building and their -- and all our RPM you model and act up but there are a lot -- Altman and I don't think a lot of people realize how much more is he becoming a bigger city armed with these next year's inspect the Cubs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I hope you're right I hope that IT doesn't pointed downtown is that are looking downtown and it is now. I think now it kind of is an eyesore -- what will see how this thing looks when it's all sudden god I hope you're. One more call and it is Mario on the north side here in the big show -- Yeah real quick hopefully now I'm -- about this -- -- The -- governors approved the deal on the guy's not Nadal. There's actually Russian mob guy -- Arm. I think -- he'd get admitted that before they need more than just this -- -- -- downtown areas got could be important either. Go down to Indianapolis. And talked to -- and I think the governor of Indiana is going to be up here and speak in -- -- republic and told vanity going to be keynote -- it's popping and go down there and see what they did outlined in -- And also block the people who redesigned it be short ball if they can take a look at redevelop and out count as an adequate at -- together. Tiger -- the -- we'll talk more about this are coming up tonight I don't post game shall think it's a basketball post game -- to the -- take on the Hawks tonight itself. -- tune in for that yeah I would bring in anybody I could think of from the mall design standpoint to come in and try and figure out how to fix that. Because great avenue is they -- I mean structurally they're night and how bad it is structurally on the inside or wherever the case may be in. How uncivil war that may or may not -- but they need to do some things to first and foremost there has to be a -- mall some sort. Downtown to -- bringing people back yeah. Then you have to go out and find some of the different chain restaurants and -- like that that you can -- in downtown to go along with it that that's the type of stuff you meet. And right now they don't have. If you get your call any canals it was a message on the John Paul's Buick GMC sound -- 4482162. Dollar that number leave us a message every chance to be one of these people in the best of two moral it's time for the best of -- John -- Buick GMC 1250 sound off line. On Sports Radio club fifty WS his -- -- sports station. Wow I. I would like that. Think those pulpit he workers who participated in yesterday's -- -- you were absolutely avoiding any appearance somewhere like that I could never get back. Couldn't -- got to do cry aren't big unit -- today. -- -- got bad guys -- at an off night. If he had pitched like he asked earlier in the year -- Definitely would've won the game somebody needs -- -- LeCroy bad you have to score at least one run and your game to win it. They shot from just -- look -- Now -- It was a -- Well to stop my way home from the first game. And now. -- -- -- -- -- If Rodney entered at double A ball player he's obviously good rewards bad start -- despite being sport that doesn't mean concerned about the car is real. If your GP in the north side. What are often do you come -- -- -- -- -- to get that Eddie felt we. OK okay. You can sound off on -- John Paul's Buick GMC 1215 sound -- at 41 hole. 4404162. -- as the Mets. But John -- Buick GMC twelve -- be sound off -- John Paul's automotive. You -- that's installed for just 9995 including -- oil changing tire rotation. TV for details call 5457000. -- -- -- John Paul's automotive dot com. On Sports Radio 1250 WS SP Milwaukee's sports station. That's good about do it for us here on the Wendy's big show before we pass out thanks as we always do starting with the guys out there you always do for listening contributing via the phones when he's inbox FaceBook Twitter. Great stuff from you guys all day long -- shows we're gonna have to explore this new -- ownership much more tomorrow. On the Wendy's big shows still to come tonight here on Sports Radio 1250 as you heard Sparky mention. Last pick and -- basketball post game show of the year after the bucks in the Hawks are done. Out at the -- -- -- Bradley satirist mark you're you're taking calls they run out of calls right they are also -- about it during tells Iraq calls we go to 3 in the morning -- 3 in the morning to bang on how busy the phone lines are holding up so they'll explore the new -- ownership much more on the pick and -- post game show tonight will explore much more. On the big show to -- also thanks to Gary -- for joining us if you miss that are anything out today's show check out the podcast at Sports Radio 1250. That count for -- -- and LeRoy Butler yes they were here at one point Steve Sparky Phifer and Mario on the other side that last long with the help. Of -- Michael -- running back while saying thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show we talked you again tomorrow starting at two. Well I don't do it by.