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04/16/14: Pick n Save Basketball Post Game Show

Apr 17, 2014|

[Bucks loss ends Kohl era ATL 111 @Bucks 103] Sparky wants to know: What do you want to say to Senator Herb Kohl on his way OUT and to the new owners on their way IN? (Sparky sits down with Bucks Insider, Gery Woelfel and get his thoughts on Herb Kohl.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a special presentation of Sports Radio 1250 WS has been real -- sports station and. Probably -- We'll we'll -- well and -- This is the big save basketball post game -- -- what your thoughts on tonight's action. 4147991250. 1250 dot com and don't forget that with the show at 1215 WS his -- or give us your take on FaceBook dot com slash twelve. Now -- -- host Steve Spartan fight for. Sports Radio 1250 WS -- being. And is what they lost tonight as the Bucs lose one a lot been. Do you won all 32 then why -- good evening I'm -- Sparky Phifer Judge Joe Brown other side of the glass for the last. Post game show of the 2013. 2014. Season as the Bucs go out to the way that they'll be remembered this year losers. 111 to one old -- the box though will have the best chance. All Vick getting the number one pick in the draft lottery coming up on May twentieth the -- -- have a shelter immediately following that draft lottery -- Right here on WS -- -- take your immediate reaction. I will said double a different things here and obviously want to get your calls on everything that. Has gone -- today involving the Milwaukee box. From. Her -- selling the team. To the to hedge fund guys. I'm known as Wesley -- -- and mark plaza green. I'm hoping wisely likes to be called the last I'm hoping wisely is not something he -- with all the time but -- find out. From that with the sale of the team. To. Denied being at the last night for bang -- -- as I -- is done now and is retiring. To rule. This being made it -- Herb -- obviously as owner of this being the last night. For that as well. On that what very well may be the -- -- Joba Garko and as well -- TV who really knows I have an early heard. Whether Johnny Mac is -- whether or not he will come back next year. Whether or not and you'll just be done now that herb Cole. Has also -- remember Johnny Mac has been years since Herb Kohl has been here obviously. Doing TV and -- is being here every year but the first year. -- doing it. Saw a lot of different emotions I guess going through meet tonight. On number -- I guess I'm saddened that the -- go era is -- we've got -- -- I think he's done a great job probably. I think the best mascot in the NBA over the course of his time as -- guys one mascot of the year awards. -- I've been there one he's received a big gold ball. Arm and the whole deal and just a really nice guy on talent and has done a lot for this organization through charity work. After everything he's on with hoop -- And everything else and just a great job done by Kevin. I'm as -- that of course he's been a feature on this behind amassed TV series on fox sports a -- and throughout the course of the years well. -- if you watch that you've got to know him a little bit. A -- that -- so kinda sad that that is Don. -- John. I know McLachlan passes. Fans. Mom and as those that may not care for his style of the way he calls games I've always loved it. Arm because he truly is a fan a -- -- lives and dies with the organization. Mom has always been a fan of that and I think that will be -- very very difficult but not impossible to replace. The same way that many of you view -- -- are very difficult. -- replaced by Duke or if and -- by the you criticize a step away. For the Brewers. So those two things over the bang go and and more than likely will we don't know yet. Would Johnny Mac both kind of sad things off for me as a box. Herb -- Well. This is some and I've been wanting and asking for for a number of years. -- I am very happy. That he realized. That now is the time to sell the team. Prior to -- the fight that is going to happen to try and get public money to pay for this Bucs stadium. Or stadium for everybody involved as they like to spend. Because with him as the front. With him as the faces I said before. I thought it was going to be virtually impossible. To get enough votes to get this done. -- -- asserting that they can get is done with out Herb Kohl -- not necessarily. But I think you have a better chance with two new guys and nobody really knows. Senior guys are gonna have a fresh perspective on how they want to do things -- -- wanna get things done. And the one thing that I like immediately in the press conference that started off earlier today and WS SP that we carry. Was -- talking about wanting to win championships. Plural. While here is owners the next five to ten years. I -- hearing the word championships. We don't hear that very often in Milwaukee. From people that lead our franchise's. The -- by being. Competitive. Each and every hustle we want to beat there was a chance in the playoffs and see what happens but you don't ever hear championships. Ever being thrown out there. So I like that. I like the fact that the owners of this basketball team. Talked about five to ten years that. Gives me hope. At the new owners understand the way in which -- should be done. And that is through the drafts. Which in turn -- means that maybe we won't be a very good basketball team next year we being the box. Despite. Totally fine with that. So we'll see which way they go there will see in what the owners decide to do. With the people that are employed right now by the Milwaukee Bucks organization who stays who goes -- everybody stay for the first year. Will they evaluate people over the course of the first year here before they decide to make decisions going forward and who stays and who -- Those are all questions that have to be answered. Very impressed. That's the new owners decided that they were gonna give a hundred million dollars on top of -- we believe it to be on top of the 500 in fifty million dollars it paid for the team. To build a new arena. Very impressed. That Herb Kohl who by all indications. Is no longer -- -- of this team has decided to give a hundred million dollars as a gift. -- the new owners sued the city of Milwaukee into the fans of the box. To build a new arena. Very very impressed by that is what. You know yeah you sit back and you think. And everything that you've gone through. As a Bucs fan. While -- hole. Has been owner of this team. Anything back to OK. Herb Kohl came in and Don Nelson last. And it immediately. When you think about that you maybe Gil and Gary. -- that era that was so good kind of got all screwed up between he is because very possibly those two -- a lot. Both probably equally to blame more partially to blame for how that whole thing went down. Then. Later you go through some really tough times -- guys like Chris Ford as coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Did you have -- you then make the trade for Ray Allen. People throw stuff that the senator Mike Dunleavy when they make -- traders to find -- bearing. Then Andrew -- for Ray Allen on draft -- the Dee Myers Bradley Center. That trade ends up turning out to be a great trade for the -- Glen and ray Hernandez signing of George Karl. The signing of -- -- -- And really. And some of you may or may not disagree with me on this and that could very well may be the biggest deal that. Really sender Kolb did while he was on -- was bring those two gentlemen in. To run this organization. Those very well may be the two most important hires that he's made while he was here. And osu gentlemen. Made a -- -- -- Brandon and Tyrone hill. -- in -- those two guys to get Sampras sell. And then making a trade to get Tim Thomas after one year in Philadelphia because -- -- and get -- up on him quickly. And that all gets put to -- to make that eastern conference for a these are -- -- Then after that the wheels come off says Gary -- -- as broad and Ray Allen is traded. Everybody. Turns I'm George Karl and the box for trading Ray Allen. -- and has kind of been downhill since that now. And he made the play -- some time to time shore. He -- Terry Porter fiasco that everybody's lives through. Terry Stotts Larry Chris Kodiak. Then you attempt to spend money on Scott Skiles to go bring in another name coach for the first time since George Karl. Not work too early on for the first year when Brandon Jennings and a -- kind of self destructed on -- And I hear you say it -- Larry Drew and his first year. Having a fifteen win season. John Hammond who you just gave a contract extension -- Also as general manager both of those two guys now dangling out there in the wind. Waiting to see what their futures hold. In this Bucs organization going forward both men will be paid accordingly regardless of their fired or not because they are on guaranteed contracts. Obviously going full -- So I guess a lot of emotions going through me as you kind of go back -- And remember everything that you've kind of been through as a box Fayette. I wanted you did tonight was a little something different. The first thing that I'm gonna give me an opportunity due to different things and -- would you call into the show. Or a few tweets or a -- email. Or if you FaceBook. Because odds are probably pretty good considering I had the only call in post game show here in Milwaukee. I'm WS his team we've had it for eight years now. That venue owners very well could be listening to the show. I'm manner called very -- -- -- dish on his way home. Somebody getting the opportunity to do you do at two different things. As fans of this team. Number one. When you give me the opportunity. Say whatever you'd like to say that the -- on your on his way out as owner of -- team. I remember -- size they've proved by the NBA board of governors before this is technically official. But if you call a press conference one would think. That they are confident this'll get approved. So the first thing I'm ally you to do we say some -- Herb Kohl. Whatever it may be. Whether it's thank you herb -- or whatever it is. The second thing and allow you to do. I'm a -- you had to make a statement. To the new owners of this basketball team very well -- may. Very well may be listening as well. -- -- Mark last. Something different. So instead of calling up then docking would mean you're arguing -- mean you're gonna have an opportunity to say. Something -- -- and some into those two owners as I said before odds are probably pretty good. That those three individuals to be listening throughout points of tonight one would -- 4147991254147991250. -- the shelf live at Sports Radio 1250 died job. Yeah also tweet us at 1250 WS SP -- Brown will put up what we're looking for here on Twitter and on FaceBook. And of course we welcome your calls especially really going to be Myers -- -- tonight. On Fan Appreciation Night 24147991250. 414799. At 1250 the box -- lose the and the Herb -- -- on a lost what eleven to one all three. All right my stats here's your -- -- -- to -- to senator Herb Kohl. And talk to the new owners all of your Milwaukee Bucks. -- hedge fund billionaires Wesley -- and mark plaza -- Boo are buying this team for 550. Million dollars again. Subject -- two approval by the NBA and its board of governors coming up. What are you want to -- our goal on his way out. And what are you want to say the new owners on the way and 4147991254147991250. And also email -- live. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At 1250 W as says -- phone lines are open for you. You want to jump aboard John and Saint Francis he Nelson says Smart -- I'm very excited about the -- the box thank you senator call. Sparky who do you hope the new owners bring and the new general manager of the team -- who would you like to see as the new head coach John in Saint Francis as I've said before and I will say again. If I -- these two gentlemen coming -- Having no experience whatsoever in the National Basketball Association like neither one of them do. It would be pretty simple for me. I would focus on fixing the business side of things first. Marketing ticket sales. Business side that's where I'm spending my money that is where I'm going to bring in the people that I trust the people on I want and put them in place. Take the next year to figure out the community. What the community. It's passionate about. Find out what the fans of this community want and what they're all about -- what they expect from you. The basketball side of things I would leave alone for a year. I would -- John Hammond to do his job -- leave his scouting department to do their job. I would leave Larry Drew and his coaching staff to do their job. Because at the end of the -- I don't believe that this team is going to compete next year anyhow. So from that aspect I don't see the point in paying guys not to be here. If I don't expect them to be very good anyhow next year for as far as eighteen goals. I'm not a big fan of firing John Hammond is scouting department after they've worked all year to go and make a draft pick bringing -- new guys. Assemble a brand new team. And then wash them to -- to make possibly the most important -- in Bucs history. Not a big fan of that I know many of you out there wanna see everybody get fired John Hamlin and Larry Drew and so forth I'm not one of now -- all these new owners do I don't know. As they fire balls and make clean house -- -- -- that's five. That's up to them that's their decision to make. As far as what they do going forward if they decide to bring a new general manager -- a new head coach. If it was me making these decisions. I would be looking to bring in proven people. I'd be looking numbering in a proven basketball guy and put him in charge of the entire operation. That's what I'd be looking for. I wouldn't be necessarily gambling and some young guy -- knows a bunch about numbers. On and that type of thing I'm not looking for that. Wanna guy that's done and who's been -- -- and knows the ins and outs in the NBA how the whole thing works has the relationships with the agents has everything in place. That's what -- -- and four. And knowing that there's going to be a process. Before you are able to compete again. -- for a playoff spot or for a division title. Meaning three to five years if you do this right. That's how I'd go about it -- like I said if I was these new guys. I would not touch Hammond or Larry Drew or the scouting department it all come back next year for one more year. Fix the business side of things. Figure out what year you're deals are -- the radio and TV and all that. Make the decision that you should -- -- -- SST radio is your flagship. Because that's where the marks belong here we should be a flagship not them for God's sakes they barely even though -- seems -- on that station so they should be here. I'd be the first thing. -- besides that. They they need to figure out everything else we'll worry about the basketball side a year from now and then get to fixing that. They're leaving a B Myers Riley -- are -- next on Sports Radio 1250 what's up David. You know on one game at a pretty good -- you know -- right now you know. Bitch that are local you know here -- how many years now Eagles but which you all kind of big talent triple. Law and to their support. Right bag at all. -- and the walk and we'll look into -- -- goal and it can't tell you all and if so it's something I'll bring a -- -- a lot. My opinion. And. Do you -- flashed back to Milwaukee what are you -- -- new uniforms new logo what are you talking about. So my -- -- players not not -- -- that. Might be somewhat in future if I don't like that they know what players -- -- initial -- I have players -- you know an illegal about it -- he makes -- different amble out and I beat. You -- -- -- is from downtown alliance you know or and I -- Every your contain their one time. What meet somebody you -- big -- you know what I mean it did you get back to Milwaukee at castle we need to. Thanks for the -- I -- You're not gonna sign big name free agency come your -- play. I just. I can't say this enough I and I if I'm wrong. God bless everybody involved if I'm -- If we get a Reggie White -- -- -- it changes mining -- here in the prime of his career. All right I'll be all Ford has RBIs -- he Reggie White don't -- -- either. Don't you get that stroke a -- -- get a LeBron to play Milwaukee okay fox. But realistically I just don't thing that's gonna happen and that's why you need to build through the draft. Those of you living a -- setter right now just tuning into the -- -- a basketball post game show you know that the Bucs loss obviously already. 111103. -- you opportunity to do things from a -- call an additional say what you need to say to her call. Armed as he is selling the team on and number two you say what you wanna say to the new owners of this team as I pointed out earlier. Wisely he is a mark -- as re probably are aware by this point or soon to be aware. That there's only one -- and post game show further franchise that they just bought and it's not on the flagship station it's on WS ST right here the last eight years. That's gotta be something that needs together -- dressed to you at the box and ancestry. I'm sure they'll work on that as they take over here. Kress -- are next on Sports Radio 1250 to -- SS state. And it -- I don't. Do that -- got -- called. RB. He demand -- You know helped -- Bradley Center and -- back reversed -- You know I -- that Doc Rivers as a coach you're gonna have to wait on his time in LA with the Clippers obviously that's going to be part of it needs don't want to have his run there with. Chris ball and and Blake Griffin but I think doc. What -- eventually her might eventually end up coming back whether it -- for the -- mark Agassi -- Ending up his last job being in one capacity or another for the Bucs -- Marquette. Yeah -- would be a great thing no question about it what what would you say to the new owners of this basketball team of their listening right now. I would say caveat that it's where they need to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- got Chris from ABC audio and video Chris thanks very much my friend. Are you about divisive I'm -- Chris is done a great job of -- putting all the out audio and our hallways. I hear a WS -- got a flat screens up in our studios. ABC audio video buddy that's where you got to go -- looking for your home entertainment simply done right the Chris over -- ABC audio video. All right next up JJ on the north side your next Olympic SA basketball post game show. Gone on the. What are you said our -- Jay Jeff. Wouldn't say it or -- -- -- -- keeping them senator. A couple aren't known Munich because he's pretty well. JJ your break it up -- you're gonna have to call -- back acting I got here every other word for messiah but that. Data is good cause and called for a long time of one -- do sale. Literally on the north side you're next on Sports Radio 1250 -- says dear -- what he had to -- to her skull. Well for the idea that they herb Pope or keep the books in Milwaukee. For I don't know like 29 years -- -- nine year. Look what nine years you know like what like twenty sides. Bad a year so yeah if you have that they execute in the -- what he turned it up as a true but -- Bad -- -- is better than -- -- and Milwaukee that's true yeah right that's true -- so for the new owner regulations. -- big -- -- you guys split. I think looked like it then based Milwaukee can pull it together not think it's a new arena Coakley is that your take and go from there. May twentieth that's the draft lottery all have our -- on after the draft lottery is done here and -- -- but Ford jock you knew them really are anybody. Take care guy that's going to be him a big night. And -- assume that the new owners will probably be the ones representing the box. I'm at the draft lottery on May twentieth you would think I'd -- hadn't previously before this new ownership group. Damon and maybe they should send Hank the doc. Would dangle who's retiring Kevin. To go represent the box but out have to mention now that in the one of the two new owners it'll be there. Not instead. Your chance to tell Herb -- -- on the way out. In your Chansi welcoming the new owners Wesley Indians and mark plaza -- whoever pressed commerce today. Odds take over the ownership of the -- nuts Ozzie approved by the NBA and by its board of governors. But pending bats they are new people in charge giving an opportunity tonight here. On the -- it's a basketball post game show. The box they lose tonight it's 111 to one all three -- mortar calls emails and tweets right after this. I think go to guys -- -- -- to -- you you know for westernized. This is a partnership we're doing this together. You know -- the reason the two of us wanted to do this is. We thought at least if there was two of us -- one of -- could be here the other one could be here. We're we're committing and I think there's -- a little bit earlier we were committing substantial resources that stuff. A tremendous amount of money that we're spending and part of the reason we're doing that is we actually believe in all those. We want -- we want to build. I'm a great team we want to build a great arena. And you're gonna find that we are -- -- -- Big big chunk of our time here in trying to do -- and sort of not sort of I think your go to guy. Guys that are going to be the go to guys step from that is a question I needed to be -- who's going to be run in this seamen. According mid am it's gonna be themselves -- lead -- and mark plaza areas so they said earlier today. Out the best press conference says it was announced that day. Will be spending 550. Million dollars in given not -- senator herb hole. As part of the body of this bucks franchise now and again has to be approved by the end game its board of governors. Was also an -- at the press conference earlier today you have not heard. That those two Manuel and then with -- another hundred million dollars is the understanding towards a new arena Herb Kohl. Also announced. That even though he is not owner any more he will all -- The -- a hundred million dollars towards a new arena as well also 200 -- a possible 4500 million dollar arena. Is bought and paid for to this point. We still have not heard from -- -- I'm still waiting to hear from Marquette as is everybody else and as I said earlier today on the Wendy's big show. If I in eat in -- last three. I tell Marquette either you throw in some money for this stadium or you can -- -- somewhere else it will not be easier. It's that simple they have more than enough money to contribute to this -- And they need to contribute to the fund to get this done if you're gonna come asking for public money. Then Marquette also should be asked to donate money as well. We'll wait and see how this whole thing plays out the box they lose denied today Atlanta Hawks. One -- 111 I should say to one all three Hawks move onto the playoffs the -- Done for the season and now wait for the draft lottery on May twentieth they and the season fifteen in 67 on the year ten and thirty wanted to be more -- Bradley Center. -- Sparky -- with you Judge Joe -- other side -- glass giving you guys the opportunity tonight to do two things. Number one. Tell senator Herb -- Whatever it is it you may want to tellem. And number two to tell the new owners of this bucks team whatever it is that you may want to tell them other -- on FaceBook Twitter. Or simply calling in to this show as we've stated time and time again throughout the now where the only call and post game show in town so the odds are pretty strong that probably. Once you are all three of them are probably listening to the Shell right now JJ called in earlier in his -- unbreakable put into the front line JJ what's up buddy. -- -- -- -- first law. -- -- through -- past few Americans didn't career. It was a -- bark. It is -- fit and although all the struggles that -- -- -- our -- for. That there you can not only but the best they -- they -- that opened. The season. Marketable our goal. But as ordered. -- -- He kept between here and that -- -- very commendable program to be -- told him not to sit before but he kept it here and had. A lot of looked appreciate that and -- it organs. It did it appears McCourt also aren't and it will be -- -- -- the -- below work there's our women. The bigger threat to win it going to be as well. Well there they're from back. I agree with you on -- thanks for the call many of them are underground as some people would like to say there there. And they just need a reason to come back Riley Minneapolis emails lot of Sports Radio twelfth or did -- -- -- Sparky her Cola's been the only owner. I've known during the entirety in my life to me to have a slightly different perspective. Given how short my -- history but I'll simply take the time to say thanks to her. For setting us up to be able to watch -- basketball for years to come. Our new owners -- gonna have a hell of a time most likely your first double seasons here don't rush. Bush a win now strategy next year instead go for expanding on the organic approach that started this year the fans will cup. Milwaukee backs it seem as ferociously as any city in the US. Just take your time thanks Riley Minneapolis. Mailing a lot of Sports Radio 1250. Dot com very nicely done -- -- did you -- in your next on the pick as a basketball pulls himself. All possible Sparky you know -- mr. negative but I was that the game tonight. And I was touched by -- report that its financial Herb Kohl. They're a little kids even given -- -- cue cards league that are that are so that are right does that mean this is just. Q what -- what big -- at Milwaukee. You know we'll give a hundred million dollars for the -- take that -- 150 billion -- -- your. You know granted he doesn't have a children's but he got -- and did not -- Yeah oh and -- -- -- their children are gonna have children and their children gonna have children you know who would do that that is just a class act. Now what -- for Marquette to step popped -- it I'd probably dig in the step up blocked graphics to step -- you know harnisch bigger all -- big company. You know job here they -- got to step Bob Papa mrs. -- -- benefit them -- -- -- what about the new -- -- -- what -- say IQ that we could replace a while Q what we got it all were to get the court -- You know I mean I mean it. -- -- could look at it Sergio it'll look at similarities he's got a will approach it lets keep but keep them there at that people order. I don't know what they remind me parents -- not -- ago but in all what you think oh I'm sure -- -- in order came. You know -- you know what what somebody you know it's gonna say Milwaukee but it'll help -- -- refuting -- -- all and negative you know more negative and you are. You know I was gonna go again mr. -- you know that's and that's -- -- need it and after the game -- stuck around a little longer -- -- body. In all it was just. Felt like -- took. You don't -- -- just -- it you know. You know for a guy that looks like he was on the -- to do some like. That's. A typical said. The goal setter TI he put a lot of money into that you're sick you're -- you're right or -- -- state tournaments they're going to be every bit -- I got no idea that's great like. They played her get prepared properly it'll part joke all you -- -- but I don't really get much respect. No no it doesn't you're right about -- -- base for the call who have absolutely. Eric tweets that -- says one of the new guys is actually minority owner of the nets NBA Ted. Said it on his pregame show. -- -- that's the case he's gonna have to be rid of that. I don't know what that process is like -- I was not aware of that so I apologize I did not realize of one of these two guys arm. Minority in order in the -- that's the first I've heard of that let's see here Ian in Hartford your next stop on the -- -- -- basketball post game show itself being. Based party. The state thanks her for keeping the team here. But I really I got some question about arena you know. And that -- that's just gonna be the Milwaukee Bucks arena that yes yeah. That's part of the team that people say well they get any tax money that so people like -- part. Why gets it'll be I mean that's how thought I -- -- go play I could play out that way -- depending on what percentage is owned by who. I guess it very well could end up playing out that way yeah I mean I guess that's all gonna depend on how -- private money they get -- don't it. The -- what happened. What you thought -- they don't get any public money. -- -- not gonna shake out that you know -- our first article and stop a few years back you know parties are talking about looking -- You know out or -- into an arena that silly -- order. So that sort we have people underneath that are China. Local people are willing to. Well the last -- just brought it up I mean Harley-Davidson's in our backyard. Holes a -- backyard. What that term at any of these people in that -- already candlelight. Well I think I think he's had meetings with probably the different companies along the way as far as trying to line this whole thing up. I would have to imagine that there have been meetings at some level trying to figure out. How much money they can -- put to gather in private money now. You also have the guys that are. Are part owners on the Milwaukee Brewers along -- mark dance inacio way including mark -- -- I'm -- inacio set an opening day he'd be willing to throw money. Had a new stadium as well so -- that's the case that's more money that you might be able to throw at that stadium. And between urban -- -- the new owners. I don't think it's a -- out to a between the group they put -- another -- Yeah I don't know I mean I I don't know how far that would go I mean obviously nerves got 550 million so who knows he very well could. We're have to wait and see how that whole thing plays out what would you have to -- -- the new owners of their listening in. Just to -- took -- eighty's when I was too young -- -- what about all the city was like. I just I wanna live through it decade. Really good about all. -- I listen to all these call -- they have the NHL you know retrospect. Yeah. I always feel right. Well it's such a bad happened -- how. That the Brewers get -- -- -- that's like. -- -- And how much if not -- success from the Brewers -- That I mean outside of all I wanna do it. Hit it a try and do everything right away and get a -- we don't have yet -- -- but these qualities that you'd -- know that when it -- We'll see what happens in thanks for the -- and that's just did they just have patience. Don't rush it I couldn't agree more of that -- time I'll come back and more of your calls. I emails and tweets and FaceBook posts and all that fun seven -- -- are -- to -- coming -- on the other -- as quick -- the -- They lose tonight 111 to 103 asked me two things one what would you say Herb -- fees listening right now odds are he might beat. And the two new owners of this basketball team as well. Not that being -- lead -- and mark Lazarus we'll continue to take your calls and let them. Then hear what you have to say I'm gonna take -- a basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 WSS -- Inside the box what do you by coming -- You're listening to -- they can save basketball post game show -- the only station Bucs fans. Sports Radio 1215 WS -- -- 100 bucks fans these marquee driver what you a lot was. Judge Joe Brown -- -- it's a basketball post game show. All of the year denied the box. And our -- Eric go out to on a losing note 111 a one all three. Fifteen and sixty cents and 31 and all the quickly we'll go through the box score off for tonight's game get back to more of your calls. -- Jeff -- tonight eight point seven boards. Four assists and one steal Chris Middleton tonight sixteen points seven boards. To go along with one assist Zaza Pachulia seven points six boards four assists for him -- session six points six assists aboard a steal a block. For him and -- Brandon Knight 31 points and twelve of eighteen shooting. Seven boards for assess. For him off the bench tonight. -- -- John Henson and 34 minutes and nineteen points five boards three assists three steals two blocks. Ten points five boards three assists for yeah honest. -- I'm Chris -- he just signed a multi year deal in -- not guarantee next year six points five boards and one blocked shot but she just under 52%. -- -- you just under 54%. Seven of eighteen from three point range for the bucks a 124 for Atlanta sixteen of 21 from the line from Milwaukee 2126. Or -- boards 43 to thirty. But still on the boards their fast break points 1714 and -- advantage there. Points in the -- 54 to fifty. Turnovers though the big difference in this 122 return hours for the -- only twelve -- -- -- -- for the post season at six games under 500. And 38 and 44 the box and season fifteen in 67. Giving you the opportunity to -- on Twitter FaceBook and on email as well live at Sports -- 1250 dot com. I had to tell -- senator Herb -- which you need to tell him on his way out -- owner. Antsy tell what you want to -- the new owners on their way and Wesley evens mart plaza -- as they have purchased the -- -- 550 million. Pending league approval of course that still has to happen Jarrett -- to be buyers Bradley Center -- next some tickets a basketball post himself. Or stop or say thank you for having both games and you're the only one and -- for our army and I love what you. You know you don't have the guys on the big show and Gary are or -- it was -- Just -- in -- Well what outlaw status for -- out that the -- -- and I love. Although personally are -- there ovation for our purple and sort of bank all of those. So you know about four or Obama or tried you know to let. Get everybody but out. Yeah her -- I'd say thank you are. Eat out. A hundred million dollar in -- but I mean through -- throughout an entire tenure as owner. He's -- he's been doing nothing but pork or and you see the -- recover fast these young teaching kids read you know -- children -- -- markets are. He for the new owners -- and I would just beg them to change our colors. Like just adopt the same -- it would make more sense where electoral -- this should be ground and what -- -- of gold and black. You just look way better than this cold they're -- green and red thing we're doing our -- -- -- -- argued that commercial. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's an RS and yes Joe Brown. I don't know must say it's so there's but I filled moment broom assumed room -- and gold -- Browning greens housing -- -- before his shoulders and -- -- Howard David was a play by play guy here for the year that he was here he called -- the fortress on fourth. Was what he called the B Myers -- Centre back then the fortress on fourth and this was a -- back in the day then when they were making their run in the Eastern Conference finals but. Yeah I don't know I I do agree though that. Do new owner should come and on and bring their own spin to it but that's logo colors everything else put their own stamp on this team -- as a new era -- I agree with that. Jamison river -- your next Don -- -- basketball calls himself. Sparky Miami and I'm a man of my word and it would actually it -- season tickets every we didn't wanna sign. I did I -- you're Sparky ball well versed and well I almost like thanks herb Pope or. Could not keep in the box here the first time thank you are shelling them and keeping them here. And bringing in some fresh blood. To the new owners pretty much he's got to change the culture got to bring in -- Not a retread coach not a rookie coach a coach and it's got some -- being too warm in a winning attitude. I wish. If he keeps getting Williams. And I lecture and Williams readily must bring luck to those parents -- everybody loves Scottie. He doesn't have a lot of -- -- guys you'd have a lot of ability -- -- Williams shots. You know those guys know a lot and especially. I want to new owners to keep up with the books are doing with their community. -- -- skip Robinson does a great job. -- involving inner -- kids. A lot of programs as well and expanding those programs out to the birds who really don't necessarily need as much assistance. But they do need to start the kids in the birds of learning out of you know the culture of the box shall. 1518. Years down the road those guys are with the student being season ticket holders as. I think that that's an excellent boy Jay is and thanks for the call and that is they have done a poor job. Getting out to the suburbs. They've done a great job Milwaukee Bucks franchise has as far as getting to the inner city on the doing a lot of inner city work and they should be commended on that. On but -- -- horrible job as far as getting thirteen. Their players. Armed in the south -- they do charity wise and otherwise. Outside of Milwaukee. Getting into other areas Kenosha Racine. -- -- -- shot I guess mosquito among wanna go. Destroy. Get a really out to the different areas to make -- more than just about the inner city of Milwaukee in city him -- to be getting up to the suburbs they really. Haven't done a good a job is that as they probably should have. And hopefully. Though little bad do a better job of that going for the that's all you can hope for you know one other thing here for -- more calls and emails. Arm before I forget. You know the guys that. Started -- save our bucks dot com. That raised all that money over 5000 dollars -- to put a bed billboard with a ping pong balls on a you know -- -- you know it takes balls to win or whatever was I was up on a billboard. That was not an inspirational thing that they did. It showed. How passionate people are in this city. To have a winner to have an NB eighteen in this city. -- And I just want to say thank you to those guys reporting -- -- to gather on -- having a passion for this organization for this team. I know that there are members of that organization -- probably don't appreciate everything that she did. But I do. Militants outside your next on the -- -- basketball post -- -- I think -- well thank you for everything like everyone else oh no it's not great -- them. You know after the game you know appreciate you know you are our -- you know -- -- -- And that's -- great or herb called. -- -- -- to thank him for -- that. In the count recording nine year buying the new alternate committed to keep everything here and move lateral a new stadium -- That's really great. They get up the winner and you know regional about -- that the players don't play. All he can't play all you know he tried a little money body appreciate that bill and when he said of the new owners. I trade. About -- do what you can you know be the best -- in golf or you know whatever you think we need ball and be one other team. Like around Cuban -- and Alec but our. What LA is doing you know try to be and -- in all if we can work small market but that shouldn't make any different. Look at the Borough there -- small market they've -- them. Wee bit and maybe we can expect that -- eighty and let it out demonstrated good coach. We should be back where we tour and I can't -- way we can. -- Milton -- -- thanks for listening. -- for all these series as well 4147991254147991250. Email this a lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Adrian on the south side emailed and says senator. First of all I want to thank you for your dedication Arlington -- Bucs team. Also for the city Milwaukee I will never understand the -- Al entry to -- new honors. Please don't move -- Milwaukee Bucks fix the front office work on the TV deals just work on the business side. All the coaches handle the basketball side I think I'm very happy and excited -- -- you guys are dedicated. To bring jabbing just a more -- -- purchasing mice purchasing my season tickets. For next year thanks Adrian on the south side. Emailing a lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com if you're just tuning in dazzle we are doing every opportunity to tells her goal what you need to tell him on the way out. And for it to be able to tell the new owners on this -- team providing they get approval by the NBA Wesley even Samarco as a -- Would you want to tell them again the only college Allentown -- Odds are they are either listening to -- right now or they'll be listening to podcast to -- -- post game -- was all about at some point. Bad on the east side your next on the tickets -- basketball post -- -- -- it didn't to the former senator I would say thank you first of all. -- impact that we see in the -- that extends far beyond NBA basketball -- keeping things in perspective. In terms of Wisconsin basketball -- -- -- I don't think anyone's. -- gonna have a bigger page in the annals -- that book and Herb -- you know includes McGuire and all the big names Kareem Oscar Robertson. Nolan should there be more written about in Wisconsin basketball history and Herb -- because no one's done -- -- For all his service all its caring and an -- efforts winning I want to thank him sincerely from about oh where are the new owners I would say. This is a very unique opportunity you just bought an NBA franchise for not a little Lotta money 550 million dollars but it's -- -- -- Almost at the amount that you're gonna end up paying for -- new arena so it's NBA franchises go this is a bit of the deal and obviously there was some stipulations you have to keep the team here that you had to do a match should be read all that kind of stuff but here's what I think it's an opportunity. One of the great things about Herb -- was also one of the bad thing to barker called and that was he's a local kid. She grew up here she cares as much about Milwaukee Wisconsin needing more so that he does the actual franchise itself -- quite so important and they keep the franchise in the area paired together. -- -- -- about to -- to achieve. Two guys neither of you are local guys you're not from here and so I would say you -- with plea if you like a lot of the other callers -- set. Don't worry about the franchise's history tradition don't apologize for the market size lets have a complete marine brands. Start with a Brit who last got a brand new name the -- hired the colors are tired uniforms retired the floors tired all of -- tired. We -- didn't Alter it a little bit over the years but what we -- something brand -- something flashy I hope you get all Romney's team. Knowledgeable midwest team but -- this team like it's in LA -- -- like -- in the you're what nick. But have the best cheerleaders the best sound system build a -- -- -- no matter how the end he likes it at the end of the day. Let's have this be the place where people want to come because we've got -- -- -- crowds we get the special outside from the basketball inside the arena. And let's -- -- everything all around this business -- -- the Packers are doing in Green Bay. He can expand and -- league in you know process -- in the city for a long long time I think it all comes down to. People need -- not just in the ownership but in the approach and so maybe there's not to waste an NBA franchise -- think everything he's changed 92 PP the results come to the door right away. He'll be interesting bad thanks for the -- -- -- -- all these years that's the tickets and basketball post game show. -- he wants everything changed he wants the name changed -- changed everything changed. It will be a rising and to see how far they take the change and they're going to bring in. The name change I think that will be met with some hostility possibly. From the city of Milwaukee and the people that live here 'cause I your scoring with kind of the tradition of it. And you want to change colors and logos and stuff like that I think they'd be okay with that. On those being the fans maybe change the name from box to something else that I don't know how that would be meant. Unnecessarily. Do I jump -- sell the owner. The Milwaukee Bucks currently Herb Kohl something on his way out and the new owners. Wesley even DiMarco -- as a -- on their way in something here's your opportunity for one -- 7991254147991250. More emails summing that's a lot of tweets or FaceBook -- yet a lot more calls to get to two straight ahead right here on -- big it's a basketball post game -- -- box. Did you come up on the losing end tonight in the last game of the year won eleven to one all three. Plus come up on the losing at midnight 111 to one all three bucks finished the season fifteen. And 67 in a fight you -- -- the opening of the -- Arm. I am a lot of emotions is starting to -- -- -- on concerning -- being done -- mom. And that that's a tough deal for me because I think he's -- a lot to this city I think he's -- lots of this organization. On the -- -- just the mascot it's more than just a mascot is -- best mascot in the NBA for a number of years. -- And that kind of -- said that that is done. On as far as Johnny Mac goes John McLaughlin who helps. You know he came back this year. Mom and a half and half deal not as senator Herb Kohl is out we'll Johnny Mac now. I'll be done doing TV -- -- -- see what his decision on that will be. -- go on for next year if he has done that -- -- he's asking to be virtually impossible. -- to replace the energy in the fire on the passion that he brought to the broadcasts. I and the knowledge. Even more so than anything else of what he brought to the broadcast. So that also was going to be a a negative. As we go into next season. Herb -- stepping away but getting a hundred million dollars is a huge positive. It's a huge positive because as I say before and I'll stay to get I don't think you could get public money -- -- you had a chance in you know what -- getting borrowing money. If he was still the front man for this whole deal. Now having two new guys of people really don't know other than what you can Google on them and we -- quite a bit of a mark lies or today do Willingham. Like you bought the ghostbusters house apparently. Building that's pretty wild -- -- a cool. Cool built an entirely -- as a -- laws Halloween and laws decorating -- house for Halloween which is also pretty cool deal. On a Wesley event's on the other guy who is they -- the -- private guy -- much on him on Google. But those two guys now are going to be the ones. That's going to be out there. -- trying to get money if there is need for public money we'll see a much more private money. That they can wrangle up here between now and the time they need to build the Serena. As you would you won -- state of the -- Herb -- on his -- Al and the new owners underway in. This is from Jared in -- south. Who email from our Sports -- 1250 -- Got a finger golfers dedication to the city of Milwaukee in the state -- -- Scott's. Generosity is unmatched in this area that said -- -- right on the head business -- just like the crew before the turn around. Often Doug market so much credit for the -- success but -- -- singer was just as instrumental. As -- team has an image problem and it's time to turn that around. Once the Bucs are favorable brand that making dream big with their tell long time listener part time email -- That's Jared in -- TS put in the box on a station a passion for basketball is part of that rebrand and Bucs on WSS -- -- I appreciate it and I agree -- you and they should be a mysterious station Josh living to be more -- Bradley Center are your next on Sports Radio 1250 WSS today. I would like that banker hall hurt it in the park here. I it was pretty angered some of the criticism. He is. You united in a lot of money out the -- yes I've for the last -- I think a lot of criticism and they're like Bud Selig -- here and the purple. Not for me he didn't but yeah from -- -- may have. It -- in order. I know I think you're here but there is nothing like 2001 that our whole city was vibrant yeah. It is flat throughout the Brewers -- -- here I mean it is just amazing every part all every hole was into it -- Carl is getting -- just going into a restaurant sit down eat dinner that year. It was in the -- point is everywhere it was a as a collective sense IRO -- the worst side you were terrible free years out from the get -- you know. -- I mean it couple things and met some of the people who Wear -- it our box and -- where I was -- say that there's -- people who like they're going to actually I. I guess -- save our box I was listening are watching the broadcast on fox sports Wisconsin. Belichick ask you said that there was a -- that save our bucks paid for possibly. I brought a -- the -- fans here from across to the game tonight too. -- -- -- And the court game earlier callers. That I would have noticed yours retro it's -- People like the whole thing so yeah -- think. Article. I really can't and the -- our main rival -- I agree I hate the -- already uniforms a driving -- Growing shooting green -- some variation adamant purple red terrible. Yeah I -- I don't like the ready -- -- like the Romans first brought it out thanks for the call I. I remember. Having -- conversation. With people that brought up as the -- they brought that red on us and you've got to be kidding me come on and Chicago's right down the -- anything but -- for God's sakes. But that's what they chose to go what then I know there are a lot of -- like the red uniforms and I'm just not one of them riding back one emails lot of Sports Radio 1250 Jack does Sparky. Again thank you know Purdue in the post game show again this year although it was a tough here I was levels -- the -- -- on the -- And the big shot you really do a great job appreciate your passion for the bucks I agree at the box on 1250. Looking back on it. You have to also thank senator -- for his time with the -- -- our best runs -- over a decade ago. We'll have NBA basketball and our city for years to come there will be one of only 28 cities in the world. They'll say thank you -- Sparky and senator called Ryan and Matt quiet emailing live at Sports Radio 1250. Dot com. And see where we go and next Giles on the west side your next and the -- -- basketball post game show Charles what he had to say -- the senator. Giles. That's where Charles isn't there. -- no problem move -- 4147991254147991215. Emailed us a lot of Sports Radio 1250 Beckham -- a bunch of FaceBook and tweets to get to as well. -- -- -- flood of SSD basketball insider. Is making his way to the studios are right now as well. -- -- go your next time Sports Radio 1250 WS cystic. And -- party and I just thought they would thank you -- for keeping that he's here. -- love the passion that you have the the blocks. Are the new owners though I just wanted to be elected to the -- -- not -- a dirty word here in with Scott and let's get back to being able to win a championship. And awful -- -- -- I ask you have you seen the photo -- -- with the -- Yeah that was out from during the season -- Oh -- that got me pretty excited but yeah Allison during this season and outside the theory on that. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute gets credit for discovering -- indeed in him and Joseph and beat up pretty tight so I'm guessing back in the data mbah a moute probably hooked up -- and -- with some box -- I'll -- I just thought that maybe. He would like a team or. Nadal -- -- I wouldn't read in the that I think he probably got that from mbah a moute back in the day. When mbah a moute discover -- a couple of years back. Okay cool thanks -- -- -- things for the -- -- in the Luc Richard. Have a pretty good really. For -- I guess you could say this is a first for -- I just say something this is a first. I have. A cardinal. Cardinal. In a Catholic religion a cardinal. Email the -- Cardinal Joseph -- -- -- -- Says thank you senator -- for your dedication to the city of Milwaukee. Not only were we not have an NBA franchise here in the city Milwaukee -- the future this franchise would be in limbo as continuing to remain in Milwaukee. You've been such a devoted and steadfast supporter of the city and trust your judgment in deciding on these two new owners or whatever the stipulations of the passing of ownership may have -- I trust that you have absolute confidence in his new ownership and -- to as you dead never consider this -- anything other than the Milwaukee Bucks. Again thank you senator side of all the opinions regarding your ownership tactics and practices over the years none can question your dedication and loyalty to this Milwaukee -- And with that -- ownership of the team -- the mark for -- a true legacy of commitments and loyalty belongs with -- -- -- may god bless you. And you -- new ownership. -- you use the center as an example of dedication and excellence. You -- this fortune and opportunity stay on pace in the new emergence and positive level of success. Now TI as I -- As long as your passion for the Milwaukee Bucks is unquestioned. Your decision as well will be -- thank you Sparky and god bless Milwaukee cardinal Joseph -- emailing live. A Sports Radio 1250 dot com. That may be one of the coolest things that's ever happened -- on this radio station when I just at right. -- Florida and west Dallas you're next on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP results afford. What's going on you know it's a great -- for box fans obviously I don't think -- -- -- gone down any batter and I'm very happy about it I'm very excited it. You know if I have any initiative a senator -- you know personally I would just say -- -- all. I -- she kept the team here once before you know what -- bottom first 1985. You know he's -- but I'm here again it's kind of a double edged sword -- because. You know that you always -- delightful to -- you know that's debatable I think it is hard to win in the NBA I'll -- -- but he did. I think but he could do and had been -- I think like watch besides today at the press conference should be exciting for fox -- you know what I one. One of the reporters asked you know all you think you can win here with a box -- do you think you can get stabbed to become the box games now and he said yeah I do it. Just look at the Packers -- look at adequate first game there's -- -- -- not I think that was the best -- network side because. It's not it's not the people -- of Milwaukee you know what you winners you put a good product out there. And people won't go to those games I don't you've been -- those games and -- good about myself. I've been a box -- since a little small child and I'm going to be -- -- there and it looks like a child or an old man and I'm very happy about that today. I'm very happy that your bucks fan as well -- for -- streak -- -- -- support of this radio shall set forth I slot man areas. So Florida west -- and he's on Twitter and I know lots of -- That's weave back and forth with -- Florida -- a a day to day basis for 147991254147991250. Email to show a lot of Sports Radio twelfth -- Dudek had your chance. To -- senator Herb -- summing on his way out. And something that you may wanna say to the new owners on their weight and that's one billing errors Wesley -- and mark -- -- every. Who purchased the team -- -- to purchase the team for 500 in fifteen million -- the deal I should say subject. To a league approval most still at this point -- what to wait and see how that plays out -- your idols the -- you guys coming up next stride here. On the biggest basketball postgame show the box and the Herb -- barrel of a loss and fortunately tonight 111 to one -- The opportunity tonight's news say -- need to say Herb -- on his way out of his owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. And -- say what you need to say to the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks on their way and again pending league approval 500 in fifteen million dollars. -- -- -- -- billionaires Wesley -- and mark last three are going to spend. On this box franchise. And on top of that Herb -- be giving a gift of 100 million dollars in new stadium. As well -- and -- as -- also want to have a what they're paying really sets understanding right now. -- giving a hundred million dollars as well also 200 million dollars to the new arena and still not award for Marquette anytime now Marquette just take your time. Content and he's a jab over there and mark -- And a figure out they -- -- you're gonna write towards the stadium because as I said Wilfork on the big show and I'll say it again -- -- meetings -- last three. I simply look at you in the face and say if you -- -- play in our stadium you are donating money to the stadium. If you do not donate I don't care how much -- and you want to pay us. -- not have a new year -- -- make up your minds Marquette figured out. Charles your backs on the biggest say basketball post -- -- Yeah for a -- does you much appreciation. The senators or you know keep in the -- here. And you know -- -- stadium. I think -- be in the -- for them have a downtown because. In no culture to which you believe they are don't something is down -- like -- have to console which is gonna be the talk a bit in the Wisconsin once but that's. They got a beautiful big glad to build in the northwestern has -- to be. About the Saints -- the US bank building and they got you know they -- -- them the modern -- lost so there's a lot of things that they are going to out power. And then you know fourth and experience at this stadium. A house. -- -- kind of -- they should do some kinda. -- it was a -- where people are in. You know you -- UWL market -- our right Carter Alberto you are number other colleges. They have you know you -- in price 500 to a police they have like -- section where agents would -- do you know go crazy -- Andy -- to kind of wait and it never had to break a young invited to visit you know it's -- big games -- -- like that. Who don't like saying young Kyle was here that have. Bringing lord people and then that'd be just -- -- to Milwaukee in. And a couple months ago -- did mention -- you know we actually given coach this game not mention it. Why not have the color of a book which is and then it and black the color but you know I think -- -- goes wrong -- Saint Louis but they're -- And you know that's. I really got somebody else brought that up earlier tonight CU going to the -- -- -- our our our brother that a couple months and I'm just Marlon Byrd got the era go up there but I don't. You know our big our big they bring him in my cabinet for a few -- might we give them discount tickets and you but immediately we worked with billionaires. I'm pretty sure I can be wrong about -- -- pretty sure they've got college and I'd already know -- rob Boston people and I don't believe. But I'm pretty sure they've already got a discounted die deal where you bring a college a -- you get a discount I could drama -- I think that already exist thanks for the call Charles. I think they've already been doing that but I get -- Probably don't do the best job of getting the word out there to people -- how did that they're doing it but I I think they've they've been doing that if if I'm. From correct about that Jason on the east side your next subject it's a basketball -- -- show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know Milwaukee when he bought the team notre main goal and that we sold -- -- gold always typical for that. Two new voters I would have to see did you wanting him to do quickly you -- -- keep. Under. Don Nelson. He -- -- hall of fame coach he has the most wins by any anti coach. -- and for this organization as a coach in any other coach has. He -- three years old spent 47 years since the divorce. Get it done. L I think I have -- from -- -- here that is. Course played very cute very much for the post game and you know hopefully I'll look at what you do for that in keeping -- -- taller than Milwaukee put. I would like to see. Best golfers should go to hospital weakly to -- these new -- -- passion this city is about -- popular basketball team. I like that I did -- -- old -- -- and see what we can get done their for everybody thanks a lot for the -- about. To gather the I don't think there are raising I think the reason -- we probably haven't done in this because I don't think people believe there's enough interest in the -- year round. In order make that a feasible thing. Com bombing pack I got to do is look together a position to -- -- -- -- bought the ball Expos can shoulder than us and SS three. That tells you how much interest people in this town think there is in the Milwaukee Bucks basketball program however. If you go back to listen this podcast as -- -- pointed out who's sitting in the secure right now you'll hear. Call after call after call after call. Email after email after email and I am not even gotten to the tweets. Now or the FaceBook posts yet because we've been inundated with calls and emails the same point speaking of Gary waffled. The locker room and break this one way you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the only station Bucs fans need. Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Joining us in studio now is the aforementioned. Gary -- will be doing our sports junkies on this bus stop -- coming up tomorrow. Have received sports on dot com looking forward and -- that he's got a new haircut looking all prim and proper. First. Joining us here in studio Gary I mean you've known Herb -- -- Malls like -- -- here obviously -- -- many many discussions with -- -- your thoughts at the end of an era with -- -- I'll tell you what it is really Kennison had to be announced within I never thought this day would come you knew was gonna come at some point obviously but. I was like in this on the way over -- the station. -- I've been around a lot of sports. Personalities over the years not. I have never ever. Been around anyone. Who is as passionate. About his team than herb -- You know you listen to some of these fans and how critical they were of him over the years. Trust me he was even more critical. A bought himself in the team behind closed doors I mean this was whose babies -- plain and simple. And I heard him back to -- ten years ago. They played a game in the middle winner. And they lost by a couple points the Bradley Center it was basically -- use about a half hour after game. He went -- out in I thought he had lost like parents or you know somebody close their -- It was just devastated. You know that's how how hardy -- these games into you know I just was some the best you know he. Things don't work out well forum quite often during his tenure but I'll tell you what it wasn't from. A lack of effort it. Obviously that alone why -- Saint Francis emails a lot of Sports Radio twelfth that they got got a spark you like the others. Wanna take you for the post game show afforded shooting in after each post game and listening to the in my favor sports guy was -- and I love you man for everything you do -- your hard work as says take. For senator cold thank you for giving the teams here and thank you for your extremely generous donation towards a -- thank you for investing in the team. You on the players and always work out. For the new owners do this -- bring in the best front office people -- -- coaching staff. This is a top down game and you can't win without a good GM and great coaches. Make a blockbuster move that people -- remember that the -- exist we are irrelevant and the NBA right now and have been for awhile. Please in the -- winner. Thanks again -- in Saint Francis emailing lot of Sports Radio 1250. Dot com obviously Gary. Are gonna have the ability to talk to these owners found the author tenure here being you journalists as you are. But I'm assuming you haven't had averaging needed to go one on one and really give me your thoughts to this point what would you say to the new owners right now. If they were asking you for advice I'm. -- what exactly should be done your -- -- for. Well first of all. I'll tell you how times have changed. These guys -- billionaires so today when I was growing up billion yeah billionaires. When I was growing up. You could count the number of billionaire Xena as states against -- world probably the last couple days I happen to talk to two other billionaires okay. And I said do you know these two guys right. Neither one knew them. Now you think like Kate you know there's only so pretty billionaires up there in the world -- a lot of -- my gathers more than we can O'Meara and but. Priority number one I try to talk bingo out of retirement I got out of you know -- -- going to be messed I I mean he's just fabulous saw it in in after the game I've seen always. Families bring their little kids down there you know just don't picture -- with paying going and he's he's been such a part of this. Franchise. -- he's moving to Tennessee. So the odds of that are slim to none although oak -- Something could happen down the road I'm just gonna leave it at that guy I love him down so -- as France has but that that actually -- the thing I would do. Really really stress to these owners. Is that they should try to bring on some local investors. -- they need somebody in the transition. I think they're going to be perceived as outsiders. I was talking to a friend of mine in Minneapolis. And you owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves and he was he waltzing and wealth will. He used just on me how the community up there has never ever embraced him he comes in for -- flies backed out. And I think it's imperative that these two owners find two or three guys either with -- ties. -- -- Yes there is a guy that hasn't money in the Brewers he's lead booster for UWM athletics and their coaches. And he is majority owner the -- mean there is your -- -- is mr. Milwaukee. Agree you can sailor junior bridge -- and chair now see Jon -- this possibly Craig Leopold from restrained. -- Then there's guys in their but I -- I would strongly recommend to those guys that they bring in some local people LB and arrests in the CL this whole thing goes are going forty you'd assume they are going to need. More local investors to go towards this stadium for shorten. Moving forward that in west Dallas surtax on the -- it's a basketball polls can -- What are so it's very odd look you know what are a -- ball period and -- happy to -- low number. Besides the basketball it got really speaks to our ball well. In. -- That there is no different -- -- Different. Absolute well -- out there can be considered and everything that grew up with the ball ball mark baker -- call a cigar really Lugo. We will look all around I will -- -- dark very it and try to back to embarrass. Uh oh here. But at what they are -- -- -- at all that you are. They have the African trip on the -- he's brought but that one there are equal respect -- -- the -- -- Global aren't -- -- back there -- there that you know or say they go back and -- It. I bet thanks for the call I. I don't know what they're gonna do with the broadcasters. I have no idea. Not I think it's a -- situation right now. For me personally because. -- McLaughlin were though the play by play team for so long off for this bucks team. -- is an employee of the Milwaukee Bucks. If Johnny Mac is -- and if he's going out with -- Herb Kohl and he's not -- his -- remember he'd only get half past two games this year no. And I think her brilliant talk him into doing half against -- -- he -- I think he just wanted to be dot. So if he is Don. Mom. I said it before and I'll say it again or not I've heard. Past you would mind grief -- and they tried they really did. Arm but I think I -- a new team and if if John McLaughlin is -- that I think I want a new team. I'm Jim asked me if he wants Iguchi worked for the organization or do whatever fine -- I think I'm just gonna bring -- a whole new team. -- to start a new era -- with the box. I'm as far as radio goes. I don't see any reason to move Ted Davis -- that mean he's one of the best in the -- in my opinion in. He he should stay report as is on T on radio now if you want to experiment in and see if what he sounds like on TV with somebody else match that's finally me to go right ahead and do that. But I think on the TV side of it Johnny Mac is -- on the maybe it's signed just to start from scratch on the TV so I would new announcers. Com and start a new era in every position -- -- somewhere else within the organization. In one way or or another -- pesky. I mean Niagara was senate passed you and he didn't Gerber games and I mean -- -- was a cobble one -- no hitter -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Isaiah -- is done it's can be near impossible to replace him to begin with so why not just start six -- thrash. And go from there. Why did Saint Francis are next on the -- -- -- basketball post -- -- Well little spark. They keep -- real cold and well you're Hussein. Directly didn't. School's all who. It was electoral districts just you don't -- -- nine years in the playoffs. -- the only problem is your place in ten years you'll follow in the short time he gets praised that group's -- -- -- -- bit -- -- I haven't always agreed with somebody. And of course. Just make and so principles. And want -- -- to keep it here. And what about for the new owners might. Thought -- -- it's great that -- straight into the complaining and basketball people. Strahan or -- four or else or for -- I'm Mike thanks for the guy I think that's the biggest thing people want them to stay the heck out of the box -- basketball operations side of things. They don't want another medlock. And whether. It's fair perceive -- as a medal or not he has and he has outed himself on a couple of different all occasions of things that he did. On dead -- clearly Seles is -- enough to GMs cult's self. It's not like I'm breaking news here now herb himself said he's not as bad as Mark Cuban. Told me do it is that why. Right right OK I just I laughed when he said that's OK fine you're not bad as Mark Cuban -- identity that find -- Tom but that goes back to what you said and what other people. Around -- had told me that's because he's passionate he wants to win. That's like that's why he's so in balls and every damn little thing I want sane and he's an owner and he deserves -- and I understand that. What will -- -- -- owners -- will they'd be like Cuban will they be like Daniel Snyder will they be like Dan Gilbert. -- will they be boisterous and out there in the media I'm talking in the media and stirring up the pot. Or will they be like -- -- not CO kind of off to the side and lighting Doug Melvin kind of run things cellmark I think -- Doubled his fingers in -- some things like getting rid Ned I -- I assume -- about the so wholesale by the way. I would really like to know but I guys -- that oddities that happy not like seven right now is if as a -- I want him in these two guys to get along coexist. All of these three guys to become friends. That's what I will want to Nicole existing talent and -- the -- a grand things to gather in town then for not only -- -- -- for the community. I don't want this to become law us vs -- thing. Because I think for a while others some people -- the -- organization no question the mentality of -- us vs the Brewers mentality. And that mentality Sox -- you're not gonna get anything accomplished that way. And you have to have the mentality elbow all for one in this town -- cross promote helping each -- the -- -- Brewers again you've got people prost. Cross pollinating there that have stake in -- -- -- but they do a great double cross promoting I don't see why the Brewers in the box can't get on the same page and do something very well. The you know even today I mean when they had the press campuses say afternoon the Brewers are -- game. And you just wonder you don't know the logistics what what was going on behind the scenes of people couldn't get -- in the Moran. Polite could seat you have had that at 10 o'clock 1 o'clock in the morning -- waited till tomorrow morning and done and the Brewers -- on the voted exactly you MM the other thing too is the annual owners did not go to the game today I mean there isn't found here. They were not after the game no house nobody left in and the reason why is a respect for -- call. Which I thought was really classy because he did not want to detract from his night but he knew this is in his last and his owner. And they wanted him to have the spotlight and it added that's the the case I think is very admiral I I think it's a great start -- their part. -- -- -- -- Help this is why these -- right need to learn how to shut my mouth in certain situations and this will be one valued our writing that in -- not because this is -- this is the way this is this is. Is that different literally paid homage to nerve called. Little bit I mean this is a different deal than that I'm I'm trying to be. It's somewhat. -- politically correct -- I'd -- things to a certain degree does is it just a normal -- in so this is the end of -- season which they won fifteen games right this is a situation where the most important drafting in Bucs history may be coming out and is determined at a damp ping pong ball on May twentieth. On so that it is coming out. Dangle the block is dime that's Sox. Our McLachlan may be done we don't know yet that's gonna -- that they would say I'm an idiot he is institution it is you know that's not going to be good. Arm and and her goals getting into two guys. -- that are coming in from outside that are taking over now that is a positive for sure in my mind. -- and now we'll see what they do with the so there's just a lot of stuff going on a nine and that's why. I prefer not to. Go laughter anybody necessarily right away tonight he'll wait till tomorrow and some aren't -- out of deference. He's Gary -- Judge Joe Brown -- -- a glass of your Arnold I see you'll get G is coming up next. More off FaceBook and Twitter and much of now get to Joe Brown want him to some of FaceBook and Twitter stuff tonight to that's all straight have a ticket to basketball -- -- so there was a game tonight the last one of the year won eleven to one all three the Hawks beat the Milwaukee Bucks. Let's get today's -- he's MVP the first you know the wind is MVP of seventy. -- tomorrow morning -- -- look at wins free food Wendy's when it's better late. Until midnight 200 participating when he says is the big save basketball post game show -- the only station Bucs fans -- Sports Radio. WS fifty. -- come up on the losing had tonight. -- the Atlanta Hawks. 111 to one hole for a year what he's MVP of the game is easy Brandon Knight 31 points. Seven boards for says twelve of eighteen shooting three of six. From three point range for a fourth on the line three turnovers on the night Brandon Knight played hard all year long Gary -- leisure when -- -- -- you come around. No huh huh you gotta be kidding me -- you're asking not what I what I read this how this looked like a moron. He's a better score than I thought he was I will get that -- you said he could score I didn't see it in Detroit's I wasn't sold on that. But I do not think he is a true point guard now well he's not really get better between Allen next year maybe I think it's -- you write opinions -- you want as a true point I don't know what it's not him at this point. -- -- At this point right now. If I'm giving Brandon Knight as can be and once -- scenario -- Number one. It's with him as the shooting guard any tall point guard like an -- him at 66. That's -- Or two as my six man off the bench Jeff brings some offense off the bench those are the two scenarios and -- -- -- can be a part of my championship caliber team. Otherwise. If I can get a lottery pick for Brandon -- I'm gonna consider -- -- -- I'll I'll offer a lottery pick at this point no no no yeah not I don't take it dynamics there is anybody even close -- John and it stays that I think Brandon -- days for sure because I think they -- -- I think he's a player. Believe it's a slight you know you'll -- John Wall you look at Russell Westbrook to look at stuff -- They aren't true point guards -- -- -- -- that the days of the NBA every two point guards are over. You get -- guys obviously Campbell interchangeable. He -- the new wave point -- you know. I'm I don't know him a lot of credit comparing him Russell Westbrook -- I'm Charlie is that he's 22 years olds the guys -- European and that's the first year where they -- they said -- the ball's in your hand. In it if you would cherish his progress from day one until Williams proved he's -- scored forty -- and if you have been selfish. Note no question every ages. The guy can -- of the rim as well as anybody in the league. Yeah he was impressive from the scoring perspective are -- your guys. Opportunities still here on the -- -- -- basketball posting generated two things number one -- -- call whatever is it you'd like to tell him on his way out as owner. And tell the new owners of this much basketball team on their way in whatever it is that you may want solid Wesley lead ins and mark -- -- Right here on Sports Radio 1215 AB SST 4147991254147991250. -- -- -- live. A Sports Radio 1250 dot com you're just tuning I had a very cool deal happen earlier tonight on a few hard and I did I had -- cardinal. Joseph -- I emailed a showed today and not talk on the box and what has said that that was -- won the coolest things -- having me here and assisting. George on the west side your next on Sports Radio 1250. It was going. Or -- on the. Truck we'll -- our cola I would say gosh see very clearly being very tricky in the book in the -- A home. You know. Loan loan brother. -- -- Yeah the judge over the that Sarah was not yet why what we'll -- we get a couple blocks on the money isn't way out I'm with you George. Right -- -- -- -- -- -- I was very. There let the old regime and do what they do when you're trying your growth field Carl -- -- -- -- Would be pure you know I would love to have George hey you know crazy thing is I would love to have knowing both of those guys stay in my -- -- -- They would come back yeah -- be absolutely loved it here in the crazy thing about that it was banks charge -- George in Ernie did not know each other women -- not even though they both play in the NBA did in that know each other. Before. The -- into the -- And I happen to know George's agent in -- looking for somebody come in for the player in an. And -- Adams whose George Asian ethnicity. You get talked to Ernie Ernie is a great guy very knowledgeable. They met in Columbus and a golf course played around the golf skated off like that. Today they are best of friends charge and -- George journey ends they have the utmost respect for each other -- love Milwaukee. You know I mean these owners probably have guys in mind I mean they've -- they've had monster for himself but New York guys they got to know George Ernie. Why do you -- think if there NBA people we have dealt west's men I'll tell you what that that would be almost like a dream scenario arrested -- Wouldn't you and now again in order to get -- from Washington near now to -- attorney -- but. Mean -- make Ernie president of basketball operations. And if you want to be GM dandy if not let -- hire whoever wants to be GM -- are getting any younger and let George comment NB per that that had coach off. You want to get the -- and yeah exactly -- -- pitchers some -- George Karl underground bunkers they traded Ray Allen now sit here and have that faction are going to be upset. Bob Dole's guys help build this thing it with Joseph -- I mean he makes it interest that you know a lot of there's so many boring coaches and yet this time now they're nice guys -- era a separate which George very -- -- -- -- the game -- -- What dumb thing -- secret stated -- if I but that's also had absolutely. No question -- at Saint Francis are next time. The big it's a basketball post -- -- They've Bucky being there are -- a huge -- it's a new era beginning. I tell you America I got me interpret that. For everything reporting nine years here but I wanted to take him out for this money toward -- Arenas who is a great -- Yeah I agree -- now one -- -- the new owners. In order I'd like to -- -- like a bit put -- is a fight ship. I -- after and not like to see that they've come backer of regret it. Could go to where you get all of our action from the well -- W expecting thank Martin. They're -- -- -- thanks for the cause they're roaches. Not like I I I led -- -- -- tonight and I said. Are amongst many things that opening on hole and I talked to a fifteen minutes herself for a technical I don't know it's like -- I talked for a while I don't know I think it was like fifteen minutes -- That it did the box blog on this nation on they don't want on the -- -- On flights you don't care about them they don't Duke on Bulls game shall forum I don't mean to -- -- gobbles crucial for the birds of that in weren't forced into an in their contract. -- -- -- Realistically. -- while herb and his crew may have been scared to leave that station. They need to come over here world to be number one. And clearly we have shown that we care about this team more than anybody else we've done -- call and -- -- -- for eight years. We've WGM -- Larry Harris we've done the GM shall John Hammond. We've done more than our share stuff with the box over the course of time that team should be on -- station. Period and a story on and I'll tell ball fools guys when -- get an opportunity to meet them on that they're wasting money being on the other station. That's what they're doing wasting money so -- -- -- -- -- I Jared emails like this portrait at 1250 -- time. By that spark -- -- better pull would have been given a statue of the -- -- had more success in the past thirty years. New owners changed the name to the -- box is tied -- -- herbs and it has to go. Harley-Davidson -- -- -- sounds pretty cool to meet to. Jared in South Milwaukee mailing live Sports Radio 1250 dot com. I think her -- does get a statue in front of the new arena at some point yes. If Bud Selig Alan -- -- Miller Park I think her golds and a one for the new arena. How to bring up a topic have been kind of -- for some time here. Herb Kohl has said for some time. That he would put money into the new arena. Herb Kohl kept his word right hundred million dollars Bud Selig when they -- Champion for Miller Park said at the outset he was gonna put Murray into Miller Park. Now correct me if I'm wrong did he ever put -- -- and I Donald. I don't think he did I don't not a doubt my dad's idea I don't want to make it and the -- thing that really not me was the other day I don't know if you saw the story he was interviewed about the arena. Didn't say anything he did come out in strongly support. Herb Kohl and say hey we need this from the city you know global blocked it it -- like real ambivalent about it and I thought that was BO BS. You know I or degree and out of that hole where you know I mean if -- Milwaukee yeah I was gas again you care about this community. You come out and say hey -- works or let him in -- -- roommates and exactly and that's what was so shocking about the -- playing. But you didn't come out needed just -- full force and say we need this week what's another guy that's not -- -- -- side I there was just tremendously disappointing that -- this. Employing like you say that about by mark -- announcers -- to come -- said do you he would throw money and a new arena. I guess he was owner -- well I don't know we'll see underwent why would he do it now that planned what will lose sooner they get -- -- -- itself a big game but I share of the team exactly why it already and -- he's not only at all from last magnolia right. And that's just goodwill being a Milwaukee guy -- on. What I want the city do while about a Milwaukee is doing -- -- see the batters threat franchise direct then and that makes all the sense in the world yes I would agree so. Want to -- -- young assaulting plays on -- come back clear from -- -- coach Larry Drew. Go outside the bus locker jewels and solace stop by I'll get his thoughts on what happened of the game Nigel Browns -- -- -- -- -- we'll -- -- -- -- -- He's been anxiously waiting over there for a couple hours to get his time on the radio. On the last pick -- -- basketball posted -- of the year the box they lose lasts is their last game of the season in the last game of her call -- 111 to one all three. Let's hear from the coach -- said coach Larry Drew his post game press conference brought to you by -- national. Schneider national is -- call 18044. Try. Or log onto Schneider jobs dot com. You're listening to -- they can -- basketball post game show. Thought the only station Bucs fans need -- Sports Radio 1215 WS this team. Study thank you know somebody Jared -- for you just -- not to really just don't know that person. All that well I know Jay is any kind of it is unbelievable. You know what -- siding with the -- he needed a solid case -- so yeah he did he did yeah that's I'm -- -- Michaels. -- sorry to all Hawks over the box tonight said the Bucs lose the last game and -- -- -- out. Fifteen and 67. Is the finishing record ten and 31 at home. For the -- the Hawks in their six game under 500 record they get to go play in the playoffs and he beats -- Have fun about Atlanta. Larry during his may -- his last press gums as head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks don't really know how that's all gonna turn off for him and his family but Larry. That's been -- at least for the one -- you've been here this is what the head coach had to say. After -- horrible basketball season. -- like to think that there. You know that that -- -- -- was there. It I think it would be line of Louis. Updates you know. You know this would be day. It was all that happened in and article came in the team with the game. I'm sure sure. You know facilities. And -- new to him for. A team -- -- new shipment. Problem. I think I think guys you know -- -- -- -- a lot of a factor. You know with. You know with the team in and it being the last team. And -- called -- week and you know with you know with the today. Want -- -- him -- In just want to mentally in. Hard. And Adam. You know we were able to do it for a date with three quarters and it is. You know they'll -- -- Yeah sort of trying to -- out a -- You know week we have those moments where we -- the do well. You know really do well. From a from an energy standpoint you know -- He or -- could feel. When -- -- to be slippery. You know when we can get into a good rhythm and the and you can all he. You know he'll sloppiness -- are passing -- The pace -- which we do things you know whether we whether we Wear down aware that we. -- focus. -- But but he -- you know it's just a team. From this area there is where you know and I don't know what's going to happen porous. You know towards next season you know -- any of these players you know him the important thing cat understand. From. When they're in certain situations you know how to -- to. How to push through and and now it has been a problem for -- -- -- we've -- it. -- -- I think we've had -- we played well in stretches me really really well -- -- first quarter thirteen. You know and -- I believe we had two in the second quarter three quarter you know we have our moments we we -- -- -- to totally. Keep it you know keep -- where. There. I think his combination of things -- do that because combinations things tko. I think maturity as Upton to do it I think I think the streets. -- athletic as a take all the big factor in. Particularly particularly during the latter part of the games. Wind. You know -- game -- -- Much more physical. Game when it slows down. When it becomes -- half court gave the in. You know bodies or you know just look at what banking on and I think our guys I think our guys you know the young guys from maturity standpoint. Think after that they're learning. Our young guys like let you know on -- you know -- an area where he. You know he has to develop -- grew and and the -- for him really starts with with done with. Because he's got guys he's got -- has got to get stronger practically. You know in the half court. There is Bucs head coach Larry Drew after the game tonight let's check out social media now. Other side of the glass Judge Joe Brown has done a great job all year with post game show him in Tonya. I have done a stellar work my thanks to both of you guys for helping out all your Joseph and last time social media for the -- it's a basketball pulls himself. Well first and foremost thanks for having me on I appreciate the opportunity dead -- is those Sparky so there will over themselves. -- no friendly's yeah we hardly -- on a tremendous amount of work for us this year too and -- -- Trader Joseph over there on nine just just -- -- just a couple of sacks. Yeah this is brutal well you guys that Amanda yeah I -- yeah -- does he deserves it. Proud -- arms Starwood a little FaceBook today. And Louis are -- -- -- to sell tickets -- Kareem as an assistant coach or bigs Sanders and hands in. With the sky hook -- our new general manager chuck brought that up to me today on his way out he said -- they -- you'll get Jabar helped with the big guys. I'm all for anything at this point -- -- -- cost a pretty penny dealt have you birthday occurring is not the most cordial guy in the hole -- -- -- unity cream limited Milwaukee I don't -- while Malone Nelson -- -- -- says as we need a winning attitude new stadium new colors new logo a completely different -- over. Start from a new leaf Lotta people want that while -- and we got a couple people suggest using the Saints colors. Going in the -- but using their that their their color -- Go over sweeter now Leary says give the synergies do. Is commandments of Milwaukee is admirable thank senator. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- dedication to the books and Milwaukee. And new owners keep him in fired Giroux and giving new arena in a row. Now there's -- I its demeanor us in the see what they do. And I'm assuming if they're gonna do anything one ham and injury it's gonna be done here quickly I I can't imagine they're gonna sit on this for a month. They're gonna have to make a decision here in the next week or two. Arm and then bring in their own guys do we have any idea of who their guy -- being GM lines nowadays this this is. K interest in the united do wanna look into -- next couple days -- always groups had. Quote we've asked bald guy Canada at the forefront of -- groups. In this group didn't have any it that I know of I was concerned it was David Cameron because David kinds in New York right and wouldn't win. -- -- stories bottom want to go on this. I was told David -- gets a major heavyweights. Out in New York. -- part of this group right these guys -- heavyweight suggests they are so. It I I would assume it's that David canned good until I hear otherwise and still. Kaczur and -- all yeah yeah yeah I don't Matt -- -- on yeah yeah idea -- Well you are better not you know -- rest assured they did for five months of think about this but yeah assembly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reagan not as general manager Bob Ford I got the -- over there -- Carter -- more from I want to hitters that thank you for keeping our books here senator. New owners do the right championship -- -- -- not based disease. And I agree not the -- -- Tigers -- everybody remember that in that organization going forward yes. Is that everything. We go home warm up for a little -- walked two hitters that is. The first thing we got to do is change -- -- of the bugs maybe even logos or no -- -- -- help everybody wants new theme here are right now was Jones and Zola who is. That a great job filling in for me on the -- it's a basketball post game show all year in his. Developed his own following a stands. -- -- the most popular show that he did all year. I was when you with Courtney came from fox six because there love Courtney -- not just my father -- -- got Joey Elliott had a guy he's a real celebrity around there -- and stood as the game tonight she was nice to sit next to -- -- -- thirty routes well and I was -- I guess I think next year according came maybe nice stolen instead of -- Maybe we've -- now know JG decade Jays he's now yes she did developed quite a following and -- people say you know maybe she should be your calls permanently Sparky. I didn't even -- -- -- I guess -- birdie -- I was in Arizona yeah yep he or suggesting that you Michael's next year. So I don't know that's an apt term outlook when someone -- she's listener and why I don't probably not but I'll -- -- -- is either way -- thanks so much for filling in for me did a great job this year and all. I'll -- seriousness and your thoughts on what's happened and it well I'll say before and I'll say it again mark Herb Kohl. On I have the utmost. The utmost respect for the senator for keeping this team here for such a long time ago when -- -- he is really devoted himself to the city easy humanitarian -- the best all that good stop. I served in the US senate for so many years I have a lot of respect for him but when it comes -- -- running eighteen he is on an awful job and you know the whole quote -- lean thing I really think he's had a key part to play and everything that. Each each each one of the general managers it's been under his tenure if you well I think he's had a part to playing kind of influencing some of the decisions that go around. And that's up for me is unacceptable and it's part of the reason why the Bucs have been as bad as they are for the last. Now since the 2002001. Season in the books -- relevant so I am glad that Herb -- is out but I -- him for keeping this team here. Any -- it's the right people I think outside of the fact that last three apparently is a gambler and he has some ties to Russian mob. Outside. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know -- you know what Landry kind of looks like Philly it's harder from The Sopranos if you guys ever -- -- -- -- a catalyst like that. But anyway I think these guys -- the right guys and I think they're gonna bring a lot of knowledge of the table there coal owners so I think. They're gonna they're going to be able to go back and forth in the -- to make the right decision to gather. On and the key word that they mention their present today was championships -- they wanna win championships and that's the word I was looking for -- Mets -- are. So you know what. I don't know how the heck they're gonna win -- NBA championship but good luck because it's going to be quite the challenge and it starts with that first pick. If they get their first pick coming up in the summer you know what for me to -- to be the draft liner we'll have a shall follow him out one as I've been saying all night that night a little sad -- to make the pick. Called us as -- -- your -- will react to where they get the picked mr. I'll just say thank you very much for. Have I mean do -- shows this year tend I'll never get this opportunity again apparently now so far. Latvians finished or I wish Courtney king all -- -- basket I think shall I think she'll -- a -- -- I'd produce a better job but. Just find him. -- stayed out of this did I but I but I do love -- he'd actually do though in Austin -- -- -- and go to -- slow getting -- time. Our job and emails -- -- gets -- -- -- did George Karl get part ownership in the box. What did he make off of -- -- Yeah he gently to win what was like 2% or some whatever it was a minimum I'm assuming he got that that -- -- I can't. Probably -- -- -- -- that's good question Aaron. -- says is that it stayed at the bus lost the last game and her cool air around -- Let's see does what comes from -- on the northwest side I think this is my first email since November. -- in -- are watching -- -- and being a fan of the franchise I'm 35. And -- been a box fan since the mid 1980s my first day was game three of the 19892. Round playoff game. Against the bad blood just its merit being so lot of people brought how bells and anything else just to be -- was just such a great atmosphere. The depressing part -- since then the Bucs have only been past the first round once I want that atmosphere back it's time for a new era and a new arena. In the words of former packer coach -- -- This time. Bryan northwest side emailing live as portrayed -- 1215 dot com Bryant. Thank you so much for that email that we'll do it tonight for the last -- -- a basketball post game show. Of the year the Bucs lose -- 111 to one all three and out Herb Kohl. Paul Watson is approved by the NBA on the longer be owner of this Milwaukee Bucks franchise the new owners will be Wesley evens. And -- plaza we can Gary -- thanks so much for not being a part of this great show and all the shells Genesis. And look forward to doing it again next year -- -- doing other sports junkies with you tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- It is always sticks to -- year wait -- -- -- except what you -- to Jozy. And I thought the other that he's already a guy you know or Robin match. Those student so I darling now -- -- I hear there was one year wasn't I mean just pile on I'd say it would. You know brought her and Carter you wouldn't -- word Allen attacked but. Middle mobile minimal success. Every show was was good I mean it was entertaining there is always something to talk about. Into it was a pleasure in his usual -- with -- moment absolutely right to and I thanks to Ted Davis you for joining me throughout the year couples gave -- calling in after. -- games always have fond Hammond. And the man. As he's known on Twitter -- -- and -- as Gary. -- -- -- couple more as he calls himself NBA -- On Twitter are down there for tonight we'll talk GA coming up by next -- -- doc obviously talk about on the big show tomorrow chuck and what he'll do tomorrow morning six tent. -- -- show Joel's and so often done until to -- from two until sixth. -- and then of course may twentieth that's the draft lottery will beyond merely followed nets take your calls as well right here. I'm Sports Radio 1250 WS SP Joseph the rest of -- not.