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04/17/14 Chuck and Wickett 6am Hour

Apr 17, 2014|

Reaction to Senator Kohl's selling of the Bucks, what are you most excited about the new owners?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Please join me -- what I see as a grand opening of a new era for the Milwaukee Bucks. And welcoming -- CDs and mark last three. The BM -- -- -- setter. And to Milwaukee. I'm very fortunate in our -- -- we were very hard and have been the beneficiaries a lot of good times and we are very very inspired to be here carrying that forward here today. Give Milwaukee fans deserve a winning team. This is about winning basketball games but when he championships -- about being part of the community and we look toward all those. I wish you guys can understand how excited we are and how much we really want. To an end up building and helping this community. And trying to build the Bucs into a phenomenal team again we gotten a lot. And start your day -- secondly can serve like Perkins restaurant and they -- This is the only state you know what he sports fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. Good morning. 602 Sports Radio twelve to VW SSP it's just and we get to and. Slowed Newsday yesterday Jack slow news day for everybody -- -- The Astros and try to work in my -- went to new friends went to the best friends in town -- and Lazarus these are buddies. Yes. Getting -- -- -- studio as yeah we do. Well what a day yesterday was not as the email came out and word started to spread of the Milwaukee Bucks in the sale. And boom there you go the Bucs have new owners some. That was great it was yesterday it really had an energy about it yesterday did it did it did. You know was big sports station Vick shouldn't happen with the -- Brewers want to -- the series with the Cardinals. And then you know this news breaks in the morning and more more news comes out but. The -- -- the waters you know this pending the -- the approval by the league there should not be an issue -- so. I'm never -- -- -- effort to many times -- though he had the NBA owners have said no you can't buy that team well you can invest. Hundreds of millions of dollars into our league. Generally the owners like that yes generally millionaires and billionaires like -- more millions and billions are coming into the league especially -- these to a larger picture retorted new arena. And an outgoing owner is good attribute injuries at the arena ever heard of that before now you'll have you ever heard of that before now but you know what the says the armed with herb. He's got 550 million dollars. He's got no errors snow's got no he's got one nephew he. Was -- -- -- -- -- all that money lateral and give it to me. I will volunteer to be first in line you know what I don't even need all 450 -- right -- it just comes doubles W America I auto insurance I don't need all 450 now. That would that would be selfish I'll take 250 I'll take just -- leave the other 200 million dollars for senator called the -- everyone sodomy. -- here this is usually the owner. The he gets his money and he's done but you know with with -- a little different story he's got a family none so he want some lazy. Yeah I mean. I I don't know what. He's going to do with the rest of his money. And that's none of my business frankly but I hear -- saying I mean what is he going to do with the rest of it because I'm sure there's someone wrong I know there's someone in Milwaukee probably a lot of people's -- Woods and you contribute more he's gonna dog with Peter anyway well you know what -- donating a hundred million dollars. And -- and that to me that was one of the major reasons why he said. Note of 500 million bucks or whatever and -- -- 550. Because you knew he was going to put the number he's gonna put a number backed it we know what that number was going to be but you knew it was good to play. Something back in it. And the more he sold. It seemed to me the more he could. Throwback yet. And I have a feeling to -- -- it's like all the money he's getting he's a very simple ma'am he lives downtown it goes to ma -- every Sunday morning yes -- only goes to the yeah the breakfast spots down -- -- few others in town I don't think he's bought new clothes since he was first elected senator he doesn't have much food in his house. He he doesn't I -- -- -- -- you know that he does not keep food in the it's it's known that he isn't a QB food his house. -- he just goes out meets in eats at but small -- and all that. He -- and his parents really RP yeah us. Very Milwaukee he's he's got a lot of little quirks about him and all that but. Com the bottom line is you know he's he's gonna take and the rest of that money. I bet you at somewhere down maligned at the rest of that -- -- -- -- it's going to be -- Don't leave something else here in town I'm sure it will and you know what he hears is that I got this yesterday and -- here from. -- your two new owners mark last three. Entered here from -- seed means a lot this morning and we of course are hoping to get those two gentlemen on the phone mom -- maybe in studio. At some point in the very near future I don't think to -- Sports Radio interviews at the top of their list but it should be regardless. -- You're gonna hear from the two of them coming up definitely -- hear more from senator -- definitely. I got this immediately yesterday after the press conference immediately -- I got this a message on FaceBook. -- -- Kevin. -- a says. So -- 200 million -- the new arena -- taxpayers -- real willing to fork over the other 300 million. Did you listen did anybody listen to what. Senator -- had to say yesterday or listen to what last three -- had to say yesterday. There are a lot of steps into the first question that was asked from a reporter to. The guys right after the thing got -- -- was all right what's next was like dude and they don't have everything in place are right they don't have the entire. Game planned it. Restrict tee to read and for the new arena in place. This was it to announce the new ownership and to basically wave the flag it says. All right guess what were keeping the team here and we're going after new arena by the way we are spending a hundred million dollars on the arena. And so was the guy whose team we just walked out. And as far as new coaches new management with a franchise don't know that yeah. So it's the million Damione Lewis small talked about -- airplane or whatever race like today. Don't know is only issue at right now they got to deal with -- going to be in New York today. Meeting with the MBA. Brightly there -- not in Milwaukee anymore at all they thought they probably left before sundown yesterday because they had to go like you said -- with the NBA exactly you know there's a lot of things that the got to do the -- of meet with the board of governors and all of us and the bigger a lot of busy things ahead of them right salt you know the first thing they were gonna figure out -- -- -- OJ Mayo -- contract -- all right. -- and now I mean it's it's this -- for anybody -- aren't what's next or. How are they are you gonna try to petty -- the taxpayer well here's. The thing that I I took most about the arena issue and what I'm gonna have to pay and -- -- going to have to pay in the rest of us are gonna have to pay is this. Everybody called the -- down the building isn't going up this summer or next all right. What they're going to do is go to private sector investors and I don't know how much is gonna come down I don't know how how much money there to get from -- -- I don't know any of that but I -- tell you right now 40% is coming up the current owners in the previous owner and that's pretty. Sweet this is the second time now a new -- facility will have been built. -- new facility. Four with with donations a lot of donation last time it was that the Bradley -- -- family Bradley -- And this time is -- last three and eating disorder -- -- -- -- 40% 40% 40% of the money back to wood to 200 of the 500 it's assuming it cost 500 million dollars to build a new arena I I assume it does and that is to figure it umbrellas it was a ninety million. Yeah a long time ago you -- ninety million dollars -- you now a bathroom -- -- take him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they there's going to be about 8000 steps before you find out exactly. What is going to be asked of you are right. Com there's going to be private there's a lot of private sector. Behind the scenes donations they're going to be going for sponsorships money coming in from other companies I'm sure these two guys who are New York guys. Have hedge funds have. The stock market guys guys that make a heck of a lot more money and a -- a lot more are serious decisions that you or I ever do out in New York it on the East Coast. I I don't know was going to be making all the donations I don't have all the answers but I can tell you this anybody who wanted to know. What's next. For the -- -- out around fifteen minutes after I'd like to welcome last three needless to Milwaukee era you're jumping the gun a little. Logical at all analysis. -- will we view. That's what the you know that's that what I -- -- -- -- blame anybody -- The affirm that even zones. Worth 61 point eight billion dollars in -- that billion -- -- B yeah. Billions he's -- charge of 61 point eight billion in essence he's got -- management cool. You know those -- in we thought Herb Kohl was -- a lot of money not at a compared this kind of either one of these guys a -- to these guys these guys. Money to burn -- they really do you know what. I like that. I like that I don't think they have as much as the Russian billionaire in Brooklyn the burn and but I bet that they were ranked when they hear on the big show yesterday. These guys. Combined I think are one of them is worth. Last three is one of the -- okay got a right here. Last three is ranked 352. On the list of the 400 wealthiest Americans -- -- -- -- again he may not have Russian billionaire. Yvonne Drago money. But. I like what my owner has got billions to -- And remember senator -- Wasn't exactly. I mean he was worth a ton of money money that most of us will never ever know but it was a billionaire. Not by any stocks finished I think he was a billionaire he's just wasn't a a multi billionaire -- -- is yet here a billion dollars bidding. Yeah -- from what I understand he had a -- really he'd probably hit a billion. But he didn't him of multiple billions like these -- -- -- millions or billions. But yeah he'd ever did these two guys that are obviously worked a whole lot more and we herb has got money -- as. I don't think he was a billionaire. I don't believe senator -- was a billionaire. I believe his net worth was -- around half a billion dollars well. OK if it's you know half a billion. Well I'm there's a big -- -- -- -- a 500 million dollar effort and being a billionaire who probably don't -- the last three needles how much are -- yes with the exact -- last threes worth one point five billion dollars again 352. On the list of yeah 400 you know of the wealthiest Americans. -- And -- his exact. You brought it up his firm. He's in charge of is worth about 61 -- -- billion utterly he's exactly worth. Well what guys worth one point five billion let's just ballpark at the other guy let's go low this idiotic -- worth billions all of a sudden. Our owners your owners Bucs fans. -- to would have billion dollars. Is -- these guys got so much that's a lot of money. We have so much money -- -- in the year bought the new arena and the commitment here. Are you completely a 100% sold -- That -- new arena is going to be built here yes and this team is gonna stay here yeah there -- the shadow of doubt it's like point gets so much money. Could -- Somehow get out of the steel and you still think they're not gonna be still -- -- moan about a lot of percent. Not not I mean I I believe they want to keep it here are not because we don't really know these guys may have so. They have so much money I'd like to think that I'm pretty sure to -- to stay here. But it -- that. -- -- that the shovels in the dirt. You know who knows -- that's what's gonna have to happen before that before -- start. Getting public funds we have obviously public financing nomad until everything is all -- ready to go that's the pharmacy. Lead in thing to say I was gonna go down you still thought the center -- is gonna get cold feet guys have a deficit of the possibility might. That is a popping up more positive that he life out of him to about a lot of arguing Rihanna but it's like now. What president we ever notice that the Brewers are to be a 20 okay real -- -- all realistic positive that he what makes you old what makes you think. That they're not -- what I've but I'm just saying and still what what makes you so uncertain over from out of town. That that -- and just because but the without us severity of the new facility built Mike. -- had the new facility built understand because it and -- outside owners. I mean I I'm pretty sure we're gonna stay. But you know I just -- -- without that I ask your gathered new arena in -- he had -- -- Wednesday. -- but these new guys there's no new arena yet and if there is a problem with getting this new arena. With there it was even with their donations and Coles donations. Who knows. But -- -- -- that arena all the finance things in place in the -- are building that thing. That I know for sure top team is there. That's too bad general full -- I thought to recover and today for all the positive all I am I -- -- looked at what these guys. I'd love -- where there's these guys. But you still you still don't trust -- totally. -- -- Should anybody until that. Plant is actually -- I do OK -- plans actually place we don't know these guys if their local owners I would understand. I would say OK yes the probably keep the team here but you know two -- -- of the city. From New York who -- with with their ultimate plan is going to be a stranger things have happened. I'm pretty sure they're gonna state and the -- is gonna get done but the last time it's -- it's like every time was in a real issue here. In this city. It's chaos and -- the Bradley Center and -- if you -- -- Bradley said it was mostly financed through the pennants. There was a big problem that a -- it's almost pulled the money out. And of course them Miller Park but I you know I want I do want to -- positive and I think these guys again -- effective these guys got a lot of money. And I've noticed. Like -- gotten -- -- Smart businessmen. Exactly now. Exactly -- we'll take your calls go to at 645 on not the had to deal new owners squeeze one in real quick liken Jackson -- -- and I would have liked. -- -- -- -- Yeah I I don't -- got to get a guy to get the perspective the whole lower. -- I'd I'd like union electrician. Laid off -- eighteen months have been back to work for bottom now. Our -- I work for Eli electric who yeah. You know. A cult -- corporate and a bit short that were a few million dollars -- go to their second building that -- fault remodel and start here relatively -- It was -- must say that again. All you mean the money that Coles getting he's putting right back into hits. A bloodless a big -- fifty million a 100000200. Million. -- no I mean it's you know you might want to go out with a bang and just you know just a bit patriarch bill I mean -- cool cool. And also with it I mean people talk about it. All the construction workers out there where weighed approximately offer a -- -- a new -- it's gonna put a lot of guys. Very true very very true -- the thing is it's not gonna get started tomorrow or next weekend or this summer or even by Christmas. And yet there's about at an eight million hurdles it to jump over before we get to it more on these two new guys coming in it. I'll -- talk about or the arena the sale of the team the two new owners going to be a busy busy -- Mike really appreciate -- glad to hear you're back to work and I agree with you. As soon as we need the deal done -- and is the city the state taxpayers. The private donors all that can come together the current owners the former owner after once -- get everybody in the room at the same time we signed this sign the deal. And once we get that shovel in the dirt once -- finally. Are feeling a little more satisfied more believable more believes war this. I -- -- his new arena on the back the -- are staying. Then we get all your buddies back to work and I hope -- happens really really soon chuck wicket -- as soon. Up next are brew crew review on Sports Radio twelve to be WS has beat the Brewers beat their -- us. Yeah chuck moderating the strikes. The Brewers beat -- of us. -- and who. Threw a years. School herded old's -- today is that right scored some runs behind -- were -- -- place that I held. And get the job -- which eats him. These wins Sports Radio twelve to -- USS beget more he gets -- wicket for served up by Perkins restaurant a big -- there. Putting it all on the table five -- the final yesterday -- we'll get him or the other bucks ailments are brew crew review coverage away every day at this time. And us. The Brewers won a ball game yesterday. And it was strange -- the score that made us an -- some more than they. They held onto a lead these you to win these -- afternoon yeah I bet against this -- -- and that can lead again -- this -- big day one. And not a lot of Pittsburgh for four -- -- -- to run through it real quick Carlos Gomez double early in the ball game was scored Logan shape -- -- pinch. Swing and a drive senator failed Jays on the run he won't catch it. Was going -- down and goes -- won't we'll consistent scorers on a double by Carlos Gomez. The Brewers breaking out on top. No one up and at that point and then it was Jonathan -- cry I remember it was actually in -- hard shock. Listen to mr. baseball on this one I thought all right here we -- a couple of guys on here comes -- correlate. Make me look good shot because you know me and -- -- he's my guy with any -- clutch situation on the line and shot of the -- -- delivered. Internal -- -- through two periods we're gonna ground ball. But Mike Shannon and so does -- yesterday as he was tough the and then yesterday's highlights when he was laughing and are in the final pitch there about having Mike Shannon has play by play calls these days. The voice the Cardinals ma'am. I heard one he's. He's not calling out names you -- -- -- ball off the pitcher picked up by the shortstop with throw reversed based and is one out and -- -- -- -- calls that he be named names. -- -- -- -- -- You know some time getting used to those names. Mike Shannon Campbell lax on all the on the highlights we have three here today. Aramis Ramirez would single later scoring it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Took -- paroled the deep and then. -- in the -- Lyle Overbay. Walked you don't ever see what really the -- The new Cardinals walked in Iran -- 51 the final score as -- the Brewers get the job done I mean. It was it was a ball game that you know. The -- had to get decade I don't -- there's -- government you know must win games. When you get into. -- when you're in April. It felt like checked it was almost think the get out one or you don't you swept now you don't obviously a priority kind of -- about that after the game and it's is that you know you don't know the importance of winning a game. This time of the year from -- you can see -- one -- -- -- but you know he he realized how important was. Important swing. It -- more important against our division. Just because we don't want guys that to take off but we we have to win more games than me so it's not had a -- We have to win more games this season and Q and that's what we're. We've -- really don't and not a -- to Pittsburgh 44 game approachable and a camera back home again next Monday give San Diego and get fed on the -- -- the other Cubs and Padres are next to home series after you get done with the Pittsburgh Pirates. That's -- -- -- to improve this year. And in Pittsburgh supposed to be better but they spot in the last time against them you know but as you mentioned shot -- -- -- had the big hit there in the fifth inning that -- Football player -- somewhere and you know when to put the ball -- are some are a lot of things happen. Haven't -- You know and assists part of the game and I worked off course or. Just seems to be something about that guy with a clutch gene there's just something about it whenever there's guys on. That did John of the blue Corey is going to come up big in clutch moments remember yeah always always -- -- comes up the best two strike hitters in baseball. And all star type players like a Ryan brought a Prince Fielder but out -- and my document lineup -- right. Yeah I tell you -- a real nice job there and stayed the other way I had at that time. We we've been talking about we need -- hits me and we got a big hit. Willie -- yesterday six and a third scattered six hits allowed one earned run walked one. Struck out three Willie was damn good yesterday -- and he's -- -- and only got in the area under two on the season Mike -- -- worked his way in the seventh and bullpen took over from that. And I Willie got the job done is that our five starter once again hold for Will Smith also went for Tyler Thornburg what do you know chuck another scoreless inning for Tyler -- well you know one idea and now -- them scoreless he's got his a lot of run yet this year because it went eighteen and that is correct him that is correct Frankie came -- he had worked -- -- -- Had a clean and until legacy of him. -- say clean it allowed two hits but didn't really matter the Brewers 151. Your final score yesterday three hits for Aramis Ramirez. The big not -- yeah Jonathan -- -- also hit a piece for Carlos Gomez. -- cigarettes scooter -- Logan Schafer and how about Willie brought -- when his own back oh yeah how about that and he got a couple of pitches early basketball and he did -- -- But -- all you would -- that the bad at the plate too nice to see yeah the glove yeah it DR Julio all way around not bad is -- manager around -- he. Hitting was good -- so. Big game for Willie we -- it certainly a big start now from somebody and -- He came out right away with a with a fastball that was down in the -- good sliders. And I and command the ball well. -- restored their five runs on nine hits no errors one run nine hits one error for Saint Louis Milwaukee now eleven and four. Saint Louis falls to nine and six up next for the Brewers a four game series. Guy in Pittsburg it'll be Edinson bull Kaz opposite you'll body guy art -- and is -- and I'll record. That game coming up tonight from PNC park 605 the first pitch and -- he -- on next show gets you ready. With Freddie Mac -- at 5 o'clock your Sports Radio 1250 it was a matter time before -- -- Rickie Weeks as well how do you feel a ball being a platoon guy and and if he saw this piece no -- yesterday -- I'm not happy he says it is what it is I don't wanna be like this and just go harsh by mouth about it that's what he says -- -- We -- having anybody would be -- a regular am but you know. Ricky his recent history in the last several years shows that he shouldn't be a regular you're right. You're right about that you can't he's -- justify taking out scooter -- right now yeah I mean you can't but you know each Jimmy can't justify putting weeks an air helped. Because of the way he's hit in recent years -- he's off to 143 start he's been playing irregular Scott no RBIs but. -- -- -- Gave nothing personal here's -- but it he's producing. -- in the -- in -- lineup if braking is producing he wins the job in spring bell bottom line and he does it he's not gonna ended with a job in spring he's not gonna supplant. A guy hitting 278 early on at which point a slick second base. The -- is I mean. Ricky unfortunately for Ricky. Never lived up to the hype he had one good half the season got paid -- that half a season. And has been the higher the barber France has had moments split its never been consistent but now it's what we do with him a means -- -- -- UBM roster the rest of the season had a Frazier -- him. Make eleven million dollars you know they like him they'd be like him they love Ricky. But -- -- off to have him and every -- as the everyday second baseman -- -- like winning strictly platoon in less they like production. Another second baseman -- unit and you can't. You just can't now. He's only made four starts this year in fifteen games though there's it was an ex left handed starter on the -- Focus is the writing today's nobody -- is facing him this weekend he's a left -- you look at that real quick you know -- -- in my Milwaukee PC laptop. They'll see Charlie Morton. Tomorrow plus he won the on not Saturday okay so weeks could give him a senators could get a start on Saturday and then you see the stud decayed Gary Cole. The first pick in the draft -- years ago that's on Sunday -- -- beer Brewers starters in this four gamer against Pittsburg yell Lohse Garza Marco yeah I get. -- -- -- -- -- You know that -- that comes back and starts at home on Monday -- eleven to four. This point of the season and four more wins -- a roach as they have fit what -- do for love the -- the -- -- 1584. Love to finish it. Finish it off Cuba and -- and it -- -- -- what comes next week but. Yeah I mean he built so much momentum going into the Saint Louis series lost the first two years -- -- prospect have you. You know -- -- -- a good team didn't and you know Lisa took one of the three games. Coming up reliable as Sparky wrap up the final blocks game of the year that's coming your way during her three trans also. Our calls on the night will feature from the and from the diamond. And from the ice as well yes -- is tied to start reviewing the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Way to help. I am I -- if they southeastern was got to listen up if you look at her great deal will listen close. My friend Mike you know as decided that he's got too many 2014 -- along interest in stock people -- his locations tri city -- over on south -- -- seventh. An -- on -- O'Brien highway 100. We currently have over 200 ready for you to -- so he's decided offer free -- -- three year on all models. Which includes three oil changes and a tire rotation but -- -- when he fourteen a lot of trees in stock will receive an additional three oil changes for the second year as well. But wait there's more if you -- -- -- fourteen -- limited you're gonna receive. An additional three oil changes for your thirty year -- nine oil changes at a tire rotation which is almost 300 blocks and savings. WA Justin -- it's. Gundy launcher was -- 2012 North American car of the year at number 2014 they've added 28 more horsepower so the market for -- midsize car. Go see my buddy Dan and my -- Brian over at tri city Hyundai over on south when he seventh. Or check out -- and Scott over airline today on highway 100. Mike it was tri city -- and -- Monday where they don't expect to business they want to -- it when you go tell Mike -- -- -- But 1250 Milwaukee sports report starting right. From the was in the field Sports Radio -- the updates studio I'm -- -- much of the field he wants stuff shop from ever million autographs custom framing and after the appearances. Four months of negotiations in the -- have a new owner. Pending league approval -- of course all the team to New York businessman -- Stevens and mark last three. Why sell the team now -- says given his age he wanted to do -- to have a major say in it new arena process. That the owners of the team over the next period of years. Should have the central role in that project not me but that. Cole along with the new owners even as the last three wolf each donate 100 million dollars towards a new arena the -- put their worst season in franchise history at fifteen and 67. They lost at home last night 111103 to Atlanta. Baseball the Brewers start a four game road trip in Pittsburgh tonight wanting yard -- is Edison folk -- of the starters. The Brewers -- -- it was 51 at Miller Park behind Peralta. Game for Willie we -- it certainly -- start from somebody and you know and a he came out right away with a with a fastball it was down in the zone good sliders. Can and command the ball well. As manager Ron -- -- -- easy -- -- starts at five today here at W necessity market's top recruit for fall. Freshman incoming class of -- -- out of Georgia. Has decided not to comment football the Jets signed running back Chris Johnson reform mind as sports -- both of -- come via they've brought to read alleges the field. What the public autograph signing of Milwaukee relief pitchers Jim Henderson and -- Kinsler on Saturday may 26. -- at 11 AM at Legends Field in Greenfield bits of -- the field dot com for details. WS SP weather partly sunny chance -- a few showers. And high 54 right now cloudy and forty I've checked freedom Sports Radio -- fifty WS has beat a minus Sports Radio vol fifty got job. You're listening to chuck -- get on Sports Radio twelve could be WS is being served up by Perkins restaurant and make. You have to go party -- toward the country. Delicious -- at first. Expired places like San Francisco -- your drive and Oregon -- French -- they're only good fresh ingredients and satisfy greetings from coast to coast for its footing and all on the tape. It's time port calls of the night. This is Justin what -- served -- by Perkins restaurant in Big Three. It's on Sports Radio 1215 W -- says he. I was get right to it. Thought the moves still indeed for the Royals. -- and a high drive deep to right field that's the way back. And done well -- You know take a 54 -- You know home Mike whose stock -- -- aren't hitting a home run to right. At sun KC SB in the Royals radio network they're going to beat the Astros. 64811. Moving on it. What do you make Hamas a hero to not -- so far -- one out -- -- on in the eighth and but choose. Outside. -- -- -- -- Ten strikeouts worked in -- good. Guy's pretty good over on WCBS John sterling -- the play by play he's got 28 strikeouts in the first three games of the year he any doubt about this guy. And whether he could pitch the major leagues in -- target the first look at him. Baseball right now to make their adjustments of this guy you throughout your life -- it was the guy with the Yankees brought back in the nineties who had it instant success -- The pitcher Hideki Irabu rob who that was and yes and then he eventually got shelled with -- the Yankees won both games yesterday three nothing and two nothing it. And to -- ahead ten k's in one of those wins over the Chicago Cubs -- -- on how to walk off the Los Angeles Angels. Yeah. Really. That's on KABC. And the Angels radio network the articles of the night on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- me. Done -- or three trends in the world of sports and yesterday after the bucks. Sale was announced shot the bucks -- out there and they lost the basketball game today lost fell to be let knocks people on 11103. Animated ceremonial point is I was sitting at home to watch that final quarter just to watch the final quarter. Of the worst season in the history of the Milwaukee Bucks Q what was the final quarter Mike -- -- Brutal. -- -- the so they were. They were down three it was one of those typical blocks runs where they were down three and all the sudden you look up and they were down twelve -- -- had 31. From the -- have 39 points of the first quarter. Feeling their played inspired for the new records out you know the new boss was watching and apparently -- third army announced crowd of thirteen house that the premise that it looked like it nice ovation in the fourth quarter. For senator -- -- there was a bit of a standing now and as I thought -- should have been. Some of the batters -- their runs and -- was there. The -- Nigel Hayes was there. From -- basketball team but. Game 82 a lot like a lot of these games including 66 others just like -- the Bucs ball won eleven. 103 the Atlanta Hawks last night to wrap it up. This is it Jack does -- last summer to hear from him -- and at least on the box for a pearl Lyle. From the -- and save basketball post game show the last one of the year yesterday. Is -- buddy Steve Sparky fiber. Recording -- good morning mr. wicket -- -- Herb Kohl -- apparently. -- -- and what the loss as the Bucs lose last night to the Atlanta Hawks won eleven to one all three Brandon Knight. The star of the night last night with 31 points. The last game of the season for the box they end up with fifteen wins on the season. They do have a -- record in the NBA so we'll have the best percentage chance 25%. Chance. All the winning the number one overall pick in the NBA draft lottery coming up on May twentieth we will have a Shell following that lottery. On the night of mates when it's take your calls and reactions. Not to -- the box and up getting either the first take second pick third pick or fourth pick I am that night looking forward. -- -- Bucs fans now and a very cool tickets they have basketball post game show last night if you do not have a chance to hear it. -- to everyone to go back in check it out over a couple hours long. People calling in with a couple of different things and I asked for last night number one. Poll would you want to senator Herb Kohl on his -- out and number two. What do you wanna say to the new owners on their way in and like I said pretty cool tribute shelf. Well last night -- worth checking out on podcast -- Sports Radio 1250 and dot how we'll talk more about the -- -- guys I'm -- jock in which it will do like today. I hear on their show bill -- -- do on his Shell and and of course coming up today -- two on the Wendy's fictional gentlemen. Have -- good day. Sparking a nice job once again they horrific buck season you know -- a million losses after post games -- I've really losses leading up to post game show these doors -- going to be even as the last three -- three and even -- it what is similar tennis celebrity couple leads. -- -- -- -- -- Angelina yes it Eaton this and mastery -- is. As a -- as early sounded so it's got to be leans right. Underdog is making stuff up now -- all bad news for Marquette fans as you're about to lose. I your number one prospect and the incoming class a -- -- the six foot five shooting guard from. Georgia. Has been released from his scholarship after the coaching change of course it was Williams went to -- Virginia Tech Duke assistant Steve would you -- -- was signed on. He was consider the top prospect in the class the number two prospect in the state of George Johnson. Other schools taking a look at him -- Florida State Indiana and Missouri. And that's good that we don't know basketball expert but that's not good up. Miami commit to what Joseph and it could have been -- from both ends do maybe -- to look at it and that's. I don't know anything about -- all of affect these great and I heard he was of you know obviously -- -- players Georgia says a lot food but dumb. The -- I he was -- guys. Give a buzz guys are coming he's now. And that's kind of this it's not -- most shocking thing to hear that a a player leaves when a new head coaches brought in it. But it sucks when you lose the best player in your class in the fourteenth best shooting guard in the country -- six foot 4180. A guy could handle the ball. Calm guy -- as they say structured it -- I'm Matt hill. Class when he fourteen number -- number one prospect in the market recruiting class. -- -- I have but I think global -- won't -- a met until we hardly knew ya yeah ivy won't you'll be just fine and Shaq moving out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and -- been waiting for this way and even waiting for this -- Over in the east the Pittsburgh Penguins. Were down early 21 but came all the way back -- -- the Blue Jackets four to three the ducks also beat the stars 43. In game one of their series and in overtime it was the Canadians and a lightning it this'll make Jim Anderson very very happy as they go to the extra period to. Gorgeous hole today had built up behind and end Daniel Briere and I think that's better ways. It's always step over the crossbar. In the overt and -- want -- -- -- -- -- -- in the five tough hole. I haven't -- -- the Montreal Canadians that radio network. Five for the final score in overtime. And shot we got more hockey coming up tonight. Flyers and Rangers Blackhawks and blues wild and Avalanche and kings and -- -- they realize the playoffs last few hits they did and whatever it is over yesterday's. Yes it is in one of the most worthless regular seasons the -- the NHL regular season is finally over and now to complete hockey for real. Now we can play hockey for real there yup we'll have a hockey update every single day even been days I've got here chuck city's going to pledge. To give you a hockey -- -- -- -- a phone if you like to think you can give all the results. The hockey documented now releasing the hockey -- on this -- we got a shortened it now. The hockey circuits jockey wicket at 645 -- served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. Whatever senator -- as well as leads the -- new owners for your Milwaukee Bucks a lot this morning on Sports Radio 1250 WS has me. -- Sports Radio 1250 what's really -- use -- John Paul's Buick GMC 1250 sound off line. At 4144482162. Lonely pro Sports Radio 1250 WS -- beat Milwaukee sports station. Please join me what I see but -- a grand opening of a new -- for the Milwaukee Bucks. And welcome me -- seasons and mark last week that the MO here it's Bradley Center. And for the war. -- Sports Radio -- -- VW necessity it's -- and wicked good morning UTU ten minutes in front 7 o'clock. -- weather forecast for today high 5640. Right now in the brew city -- cloudy out there as we speak coming -- of 7 o'clock that was the old owner. Senator Herb -- Want to ask you what's your wish list. The -- new owners you know Bucs fan. Lester Beckett and a bit seven era we're -- -- the other some of the things that you could ask for for these new owners because there's always things that need to get done with the Milwaukee -- But the company and a great opportunity. Because as everything's lol yeah everything -- the parity is lower is wolf. All right well even if over the next two years it went a combined sixty games -- in order to freak out around well it probably will but they shouldn't we here's the deal I mean when you buy when you take over -- program -- dad. You know if you're taking over the bought -- taking over a successful franchise let's say someone bought the Miami Heat you would expect to keep -- thing going yet and hitting less. You know there be disappointment now less than a title the dark from fifteen win season. -- -- and having. You look you should be able to trip and a 21 wins in the NBA just like -- -- -- steal. Marca Ganassi looking here he's the hero if he sees a franchise into the playoffs right in 08 they -- wrecked it a statue. All of mark got a positive -- -- into into the wild card. Because he pulled them out of that we -- seven was on I know they didn't make it -- -- usual video September collapse. But even in 07 it was fun because September was relevant even or five when they finished 500 for -- and think you know because -- was -- I was. As soul but the heat pulled them out of the doldrums. And we're asking you the last three to do the same thing with a box and were asked you for what you want on your wish list coming up at 7 o'clock. And you can -- assurances by the winner FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash twelve the BW necessity. Golf or on Twitter at -- wicket at Jeffrey -- well the VW SSP meanwhile the former owner -- -- one of the first to speak yesterday. At the B lawyers Bradley Center and -- he introduced the two new owners of -- or Milwaukee Bucks. -- will be introducing today no Milwaukee. And know that this area and this state have great sports fans. Deserve -- NBA franchise. Any championship. Caliber team. They also know how much I love Milwaukee and how important I believe the Bucs are the future of this entire region into our state. Where you like. Made chuck and I was watch and got home put on fox sports Wisconsin. And I was glued to this there is just something up but there's just energy there was a change that was like a new beginning was unfolding in front of me on TV. I was up at the -- -- the game yesterday and the press cover -- about the eighth inning and I had and that's great thing about this the media of these totally out. I just on the of the boxing -- and you know watched it watched those two guys on TV and out you know he went -- for a long time. And as I was going -- -- -- -- -- my way out -- the locker room. I was still listen to my earpiece is amazing I just -- I was -- I was outta -- house I thought I was that Bobby and go home back -- watch -- again today. I feel already -- pretty much all of that in pieces yeah throughout the rest of the mornings out receiving added that the hour long press conference I was so much of it felt it was -- -- in the going -- Think it started at about 230 actually which -- it started about 230 -- so. Okay -- and I think it got done on fox sports Wisconsin I think they finally said thank you. After taking a couple of questions. About 330. 330 and it was like the brewer gave credit wanted to end it. Because I want to watch rest of that press covers right downstairs went into the opt cardinal locker room it and it out of there with a -- dollars in for the hundred National League so. And then I came -- I just flipped it out of my -- -- It was to going on when Israel was talking about being from Morocco -- and that's the law press guys like -- wanna know about these guy scores it out and all about these guys. Probable or senator Herb -- about keeping -- team in Milwaukee. Our entering into an exciting new era here we have two outstanding accomplished men. Who are buying -- to Milwaukee in the future Milwaukee. It's been made abundantly clear to them and they have embraced the concept that this is Milwaukee's team. And that their participation in the NBA is in Milwaukee. Does that. Ease any fears you may have just about this not being on a percent for -- -- I -- now I know until until now until everything is signed sealed and delivered. Yeah I -- I like -- -- I mean there's lot of positives like about these two guys I just want to make sure that first and foremost they're billionaires. In the donating a hundred million dollars to the new. Facility -- which is great that's fantastic but he but -- like -- -- when when. The -- percent okay we're gonna donate forty million dollars it was like -- some. And then after awhile you they are like you know what if you guys are -- -- this things straightened out. We're gonna take our money and -- and then it was like. He's there's not going to be a new facility here because they -- -- so much problems with the so -- -- that lingers in my mind to. And he obviously -- to -- a lot of debate where's this thing -- ago blowing finance the rest of it even though they've been given a 200 million dollar -- -- -- Right exactly people are more concerned about what they didn't get -- with the dusty again and that's unfortunate yes that a lot of words to say about that. Yes Tom -- -- million dollars the third donating the first question out of the gate after these guys vocalist all right what's next and I'm like oh really that's the first question how about. You know. Tell us about your -- tell us about you know. How this all came about what you think of the city of Milwaukee how much -- -- -- -- apparently one of the -- why the box you know why the Milwaukee -- why Milwaukee you know why Wisconsin what's your relationship like with -- got -- on the DL -- -- New York businessman. I just was sitting there in the for a very first question and it came out of the gate was what's next up that I. Don't know what's next let's celebrate. Ellis editor Coles said I'm no Barack you're our new era of -- basketball new. Era as mark brought I was talking about yesterday and exciting era and there's a lot of things though. You know Nomar Garciaparra would but no more -- these guys and in the coming weeks and we'll see them put their stamp on the projects also coming up apparently ESPN had no idea the Bucs got sold I'll tell you how I know that coming up on the other side -- got your update. -- start knock it down your wish list. Bucs -- what's on your wish list for the new bucks owners. As the had to deal got done yesterday. Over half a billion dollars 550. Million blocks. -- to new owners try to figure out who these two guys are as well -- -- wicked good morning -- you'll take your calls coming up next jump in line right now. -- 147991254147991250. It's a new era Bucs fans were pretty well to be WS has pace.