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04/17/14 Chuck and Wickett 7am Hour

Apr 17, 2014|

More on the new owners of the Bucks, what is on you wish list for them? Mark Kass, and recap of Brewers' win over the Cardinals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Please join me what I see it as a grand opening of a new era for the Milwaukee Bucks. And welcoming -- CDs and mark the last three. The BM all -- -- Bradley Center. And to Milwaukee. I'm very fortunate not businesses were very hard and have been the beneficiaries of a lot of good times and we are very very inspired to be future -- -- -- here today. Give Milwaukee fans deserve a winning team. This is about winning basketball games but when he championships it's about being part of the community and we look forward all those. I wish you guys can understand how excited we are and how much we really want. To an end up building and helping this community and trying to build the Bucs into a phenomenal team again. Which had a good middle of their dreams. The and and -- much and point 930 years. Probably not that means either -- -- -- is just not affected by his terrific seasons the -- and I mean he's I don't know obviously you tell obviously an older but it's -- you need to look much different from when he was -- -- compared to when he 79 Arabia and whoever it is he is right now it is a new era for bucks man and -- it is a new -- of bucks basketball it is a new era for the Milwaukee Bucks as. Senator -- -- all the franchise 550. Million dollars. To a couple of guys from New York some my hedge fund guys. It was a lot deep pockets. -- -- -- the press conference at 95 when FitzGerald sold the team to Herb Kohl. That was at the Hyatt regency. There was probably a handful of people that room at that time well yes the -- as an event yes it was an event it's just it's a lot different. -- ownership changes hands these days compared to Baghdad back -- when he -- -- 32 million. And there was an arena issue back then too but it's like. There a couple of TV stations mean. And the newspapers does it that was -- -- racquet but yesterday it. Whole bowl of people not -- -- equate that -- the same as yesterday. For those that don't know mark last three if you don't. Noting about a music hedge fund manager in American billionaire and -- -- co-founder. And executive officer of avenue capital group. His net -- is one point seven billion dollars. That's one of the two new owners and the other guy Wesley -- -- -- that I hang out. I cannot IT FIIAM. I can't see I don't think -- should the Bradley Center. -- I thought he was easily missed Jeffrey Sutton a gut right well she's OK OK at our rights but I the -- -- that I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The out Wesley even this I've found it according to Forbes he's worth one point two billion tickets -- these guys combined. Are worth -- almost three billion dollars when guys -- at one point 71 guy's worth one point who. -- what are which one was which. Mark last three is the -- the darker complexion gives more -- and one of the two. The other one mark -- Wesley -- has the longer kind of remind you of of -- -- the actor that was in. It tortured picket the blogger guys -- he played three he played console. All Zoolander was in it I was that you don't you mean to breathe -- -- they've. The China to old Wilson old Wilson yeah I guess you throw away we got -- there yes yeah. Yeah -- Eaton -- looks like Owen Wilson meet the parents yet and mark last three is. -- looks again you know he looks like a guy did a detail a dark haired new Yorker that's what he looks like guys who does what these two guys look like. But combined they're worth about three billion dollars they have nine kids combined you know that -- lesser he's got five -- has four. Eaton is the old Wilson lookalike is from -- Oregon -- And busy -- from the West -- them. See you were received porcupine or was born in some stuff for just learning is learning about these guys which is which is great because -- -- the dark horse apparently. In this whole thing where they. Yet from -- -- talking yesterday it was the Chicago group. That appeared to be one of the front runners okay. But -- you have in these guys kind of emerged -- I didn't know him I didn't feel you know that's who knows what really happens behind but apparently these guys -- front runners. -- She can't find out he was born. To keep my look and see if I can find it easy Selig the spread were all of his money is all on a -- oh it wasn't -- like tomorrow Wesley evens. It's pretty neat to see were all of his money -- he's got it all over North America but he got -- guy he's got money invested in it. You know obviously -- in the East Coast -- New York area down in Florida some -- a lot of it is outlasting California even over the Pacific northwest. And there are some sort of -- large capital -- he's got. Raising a bunch of money invested ended and the central part of Canada basically go from Montana straightened -- -- about half way and there's a bunch of money somehow invested. Of his millions or is billions. In Canada he's a relatively young guys early fifties. Dislike when -- took over the team he was in his early fifties loan so these and what herb said yesterday -- he said. He it was time for him to get out because. -- 7980 years old. In this facility it's gonna take a few years and he -- to new owners to have a large say in this new for some good and I like that I do -- -- big thing and yes. -- -- I I'm sorry but senator Paul I don't want you to have a hand in the next thirty years because they don't want it to be anything resembling the last thirty -- yeah I -- They don't nobody wants that and you've done wonderful and I think he deserve the ovation he got I think senator Kolb deserves more than that -- -- frankly I I you know you -- terrible owner you kept the team here and you'd you gave fans basketball and that's what you got. No but you know he went out though I refer a guy. As bad as things were for him to go all out and take -- And you know -- hundred million dollars and say here here's for the new place to wow what a party -- a parting gifts. Not bad what do I -- his other years under milked the Al Leiter will only nine years of bad basketball well maybe a -- him for years and there. Where things were actually pretty good but. They donate a hundred million under a million bucks you know Diego hooked -- let's see -- Greg had checked. I don't like write a -- like a hundred dollars and all hundred million here's a hundred million is that I don't know where. -- is from he's fifty to -- last three's about 53 he grew up in Morocco for three from Morocco you know at Hartford now on. Went to school Clark University. In Massachusetts got his JD from New York Law School in -- avenue capital group which is estimated to be worth about thirteen billion dollars. He was considered for and an appointment as United States' ambassador to France. But withdrew from multiple reasons is a close friend of former President Bill Clinton -- he's very big event and Democratic Party and -- -- clearing there should go over well summoned his statement up. And Utley -- to brew hoop dot com for the information all this. Eaton is 52 that is BS in finance drama from Oregon State. I co founded Fortress Investment Group that just sounds like a bad ass and -- are you out for fortress. Fortress Investment Group. Which managed assets estimated about 61 point eight billion dollars at the end of last year. Yikes before that it was a black rock financial management. Prior to 1998002. Other bad ass please go flat rock -- -- Fortress -- a mess around there and -- -- hundred dollar bills none and I don't know who they're not skimping on plastic silverware like we -- now. Well let's get to your -- wish list because we didn't try to try to give as much information as we can gather on these guys. 4147 -- 91254147991250. We're gonna throw it out there anything I only -- hitting is off limits jock -- wishlists what do you want from the new owners. You can mean everything is on the table you can take everything off the table. 4147991250. What's on your wish list for the Milwaukee Bucks I'm talking about -- the head coach GM. The changing of the inside feeling and -- whatever the new arena -- the current one. The new I mean they could change -- they want it they change the name of the blocks. Do whatever they want it right you know they -- Damon logo are good enough that they loved it trees and design we could change colors completely it could be you know I think that's that you do -- -- -- -- come in here and just change. Maybe change -- logo change uniforms change -- coach changed everything about this -- the box to the barks at such a bad name in town. Not a bad business say but it may and it is like block he boxes like when he's would you -- in the box and fortunately -- -- it's like. -- But they need it may be a fresh start and a whole new facelift is what they need. 4147 on 91254147991250. What's on your wish list for the Milwaukee Bucks -- -- nothing is off limits let's start with Edward in -- nominee falls -- Sports Radio 1250. Going to -- -- -- wish list is that make the putt at the bullet they European. -- -- -- And these guys you don't -- -- like collect it like quite interesting -- is you you got these two guys. And what their business model is or a -- previous places they've worked. They go after -- about early -- -- read this right. They go after -- distressed an undervalued securities make -- and trade claims basically if your property is crap these guys have rescued before. You know our whole concern is. All elected official that -- -- now. With the power that they -- With our in. Our opener and -- -- It. Brought out -- -- -- show up here. No I was content forward and all. Yeah yeah I I I feel -- governor doesn't want to -- balls and new arena issue. We just what it is we know for a fact yeah Parker does not want to get involved right now to -- he's got reelection coming down here I don't know if he wants to get balls and try to push back everything they solve that could -- -- Got casinos being your extension and then I know what -- you know now that. And not not -- four or do you consider -- four against. In -- road taxes on but how does it. There's no way Governor Walker who's up for reelection fairly soon and once -- get involved in this new arena issue whatsoever -- to Ed's point. Where was Governor Walker yesterday. Where was the governor of the state. Why I was sitting in the biggest city in the state when he came to something that is bringing in it. Or keeping I should say. -- a vet a franchise that sold for half a billion dollars in all the other big -- Rivera we have by the way at Bob put in a call to Governor Walker as well as mayor Barrett's office to try to get both of them on the -- To talk about the Bucs staying in Milwaukee -- -- lawyer calls coming up -- -- your wish list for the Milwaukee Bucks new voters next on Sports Radio twelfth -- BW SSP. Yeah this is this is day one for us. And it's a process we've had a lot of experience and investigators businesses and on the successful ones are run by great organizations and we're good stewards and partners and those of processes we -- we're all about -- right before the right people place. We because a lot of perfect people in the organization we haven't really spent any time assessing the organization you know -- any meaningful -- so. Remember Richard. Sports Radio -- of the WS is pretty good morning -- -- we -- 719 were served up by Perkins restaurant in bakeries. That was -- -- Wilson lookalike and new bucks co owner. -- he'd -- yesterday as the bucks were sold for 550 million dollars to -- along with mark last three weather forecast for today. Out of here with a forecast says chucked it is -- sunny day -- is a sunny day it is sigh of 56 right now 39 the brew city it's a new era this exactly we talked about it yesterday morning actually yep. -- a new area after last night's game a new era. And walking boxes -- would have to start we know that ownership. Was gonna change hands that same day which was surprising because I thought it would release way to the -- it was over. Earlier in the week I thought you know -- -- of senator Kohl was there to hand the torch off but he was there with a -- -- owners. I didn't catch the beginning of the game yesterday. With the -- -- in the house I don't think so anybody but I'm sorry I was busy last night. I'd get a lot of stuff done for for a lot of things regardless -- anybody know who is anybody or the owners of the show on fox sports Wisconsin where the new owners in the house three at the Bradley Center let us -- because those old daughter's probably one nothing do with this past Regina -- noble -- again I caught the final quarter of the game bomb last night just to say that I saw the final quarter of the worst season in the history of bucks basketball. Gobble wanna take -- phone calls are now four on 47 on 91254147991215. Email line and it Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Not coming up at 745. Outlook imported talking to the editor in chief of the Milwaukee business journal. Mark -- is going to be here that the 745 about what this means for. The city of Milwaukee going forward the obviously the arena is she will be there. There's a lot to get to would marketable do that at 7:45 this morning when you go to the phones though taking your calls. It's basically everything on the table what you wish list the new owners sought to CB on the north side you're on Sports Radio twelfth -- the morning. They are -- are doing all right. Arm bar where there are will be our due to get rid of radio. Hander. Drew and hit so you see you at all as a player personnel standpoint here and into -- you get rid of him. -- -- -- -- just start over aren't you. Mark Young energetic trio in the American do these things are trying to Nicole. -- far Mayo and granderson pretty much -- get the money here and it keep record aren't gotten injured -- compare. As -- here's the thing here's the only only question I have about that I don't know how much these guys know about basketball. I know these guys -- business I know these guys -- -- to take a terrible product and rebuilding. And then have a prosper I don't know what these guys know about business. While -- civic league don't know a lot of business to -- a basket excuse me about basketball earlier basketball fans. That's cool they've did -- did -- at a press coverage evening's message yesterday that he. Is a basketball fair and cool and he and last three -- best welfare so we'd all that well so was senator -- now. This senator -- liked basketball we all like basket but we all know -- to build a basketball team. Obviously senator -- did not know how to build a basketball team well because senator -- He always use a met there are these new owners are big wanna be a hands on owners are -- to -- as owners I would like would -- -- and and two don't go on CBs point. Find -- Doug Melvin. Find a guy -- -- -- -- a basketball guy like mark got an -- -- knew what to do with with Doug Melvin. Find a basketball got to make those decisions -- well I think that the John Hammond and some of these guys. Try to be -- -- -- try to be. But then you know -- always meddling and I know this is not going to be breaking news. Get rid of the lawyers. Whoever your new GM is get rid of the lawyers are right. I don't needed to pass I don't give John Hammond wants to go use the bathroom I don't -- to have to have to ask for lawyers. Before he can do so him while. You like to think that the GM can cause shot yes get as GM in there who can call his own shots. But it just seems like the successful teams look like you like in Los Angeles Jerry -- somehow always had his hands -- your position. All he would Jerry West made double their personnel moves. Or 147991254147991250. -- -- -- familiar on Sports Radio twelfth at the WS has -- It's up what's on your wish list. -- -- in the yard apartments. Fire everybody to PR department and -- entire -- young fresh kids some some younger -- -- people interpret it PR. Because this team -- -- need their promotion to look out. What do you -- -- -- look at there's a devers and promotion and PR PR's public relations promotion is something different. A cantaloupe but I -- promotion that I -- because this team -- they don't have a promotion they don't have. And -- think -- -- stand out in people the problem there and and that's who literally put Olympic double the Brewers have been actual court it is so many different things that a lot of Miller Park. Brought people it -- regardless of -- -- -- -- baseball fair or -- handle whatever okay. We ought to Miller Park you have an enjoyable time you would -- you have a good time eagle at Miller Park because so different things that are -- out there they're bringing him in there. -- the Bucs need that they -- -- that brings people in there. There's gonna make an enjoyable situation for people when they come all individuals say -- whatever. They need to have a good time and they come they're not like you the best what you're going allocated law Appleby it was just go walk around or whatever because were ordered. We we need to get so be trumpeted it makes it -- just looked at a -- -- I think a lot of that has to do with a new arena because there are avenues mean what's so cool about Miller Park of your board of the baseball game -- withstand it doesn't care about the baseball game. You've got the -- club or whatever it's called the -- zone you've got the bars to go to you got Fridays to go to. What do you haven't met at the Bradley Center you of the court and the exit that's what they want they want this new facility alright that's it he's actually place freedom to go when there's not box games -- concerts and you're gonna go down there. Just like Lambeau Field people who -- Lambeau Field in the February when nothing's going up because -- restaurants there it is the hall of fame there's stuff to do I think this -- read -- the box all the fame to that would be cool to be great -- have some points the Brewers got there is that the the Packers have there is the box you know a lot of tradition dome there's an idea there's always -- -- low save blocks all of saying that he headed to -- to try to get that done for years there's certain people and organizational listen -- -- -- set. But it is trying to -- their job done for years apart salty and he's told me -- it. And you know -- -- falls on deaf ears as far as by public relations department. I don't -- that's the one organization I work closely with a big to a fantastic job out box him because he. I'll say that the public relations -- having the -- -- acumen to step wonderful job. Those guys need to -- those guys would -- I want those guys -- -- like everywhere held a job get a bunch of stuff on Twitter about clean house clean house clean house now is. Maybe not today not that -- not because those guys did a wonderful job wonderful job with the -- give. But the promotions that he's talking about I mean there are a lot of different ways to get you in the building there's just not that much to do when you get into the building up. Outside of the basketball game unlike at other Arenas and or Miller Park where there are a lot of things going on besides the game and that's what the new arena on now is going to bring a from a -- standpoint along with. Everything else every what is said about -- -- and every concerts and all the yadda yadda yadda yadda. That Caledonia you're on Sports Radio twelve to -- WS is -- mourning Matt. -- Where I gotta disagree with the last caller promotions are great I got cute kids and they love going there. I love going there they're they're doing the best they have -- what they have right. How is it's got to be very difficult to promote. That product when they're winning fifteen games a year. But but what are you need a winning season but what I'd like that would do -- I'm going out on a limb here is. You got a lot of players that really don't wanna come to Milwaukee and what they need to address its its energy down -- The -- -- best order or get the ball rolling. Just to spruce up down parliament. Where people really want to be -- -- also not just by the arena. -- I think that'll work even better. -- ever seen that a few years ago. Beyond the arena via downtown turning around a little bit of one -- was time Mike when you go to -- nothing down there. There's a couple -- bars and all that but nothing I thought -- to your round a little bit but -- that area right by V. Mom Barbara Bradley some of them buck Bradley's before game urged there's nobody -- those places above obviously goals -- that's. There has its -- but -- place that's right across from the -- of the senator. It's been like. Five different games but it's been a lot of different things and has now it really has some -- -- this offseason with the promotions department over there we always joke about -- way to get their work cut -- from season to season ticket sales and yeah Milwaukee is horror and people are promoted -- team but this up the W promote the orders down fresh new Milwaukee -- -- this Chris or outsider at Sports Radio -- that they. Hey guys the more -- -- Wanna take its time there's senator call. Thank him for and the -- appreciate him for keep the books they're and Milwaukee -- owners. Who appreciate her if you -- -- keep NBA franchise that think that goes a long way we are treaty and economics. And things that would happen in the future -- not just for us before our. -- can Greinke. -- -- -- -- -- -- my appreciation and mr. Coke. -- -- And it put into perspective OK stay -- -- and you know he's able later in the Neifi want. You know I mean bring a winning. -- Richard toward it you know mark war. -- I've -- and we've been promised a lot over the years this this is gonna turn around here it's gonna turn around here finally. These new waters let's give these guys -- you chants. The -- these guys a chance to do -- work exactly and again they're not gonna go out and and and finish first in the central next year are right in the arena is that going to be -- my next summer. This is a long process were talk a lot about it you wanna sound off he can on the John Paul's view GMC twelve -- sound off line -- Get your wish list items in 44821624144482162. It's -- wicket at 7:30 in the morning we got a lot of Mets and stuff they get -- and coming up at 745. The Milwaukee business journal editor in chief mark -- is gonna be here talk about the economic impact of the -- sale of the Milwaukee Bucks 550 million dollars. We'll do that coming up at 745. And coming up a little bit later on at 8 o'clock is that we're gonna talk to Gary will -- a -- inside period o'clock give them a -- team that were -- drama -- -- the spring game that we'll see how the -- the blocks affects Gary -- second year as head coach of the badgers know we're -- actually check in on the that -- -- on the other quarterback battle going on just -- based out of the spring game see how it went that's coming you waited fifteen busy Shell lot of your phone calls. It's a brand new era that's right it's a brand new era Bucs fans. -- take your phone calls little bit later -- throughout the morning throughout the afternoon -- busy busy day for Bucs fans keep it right here Sports Radio twelve to VW SS three. -- -- free food coming your way in two minutes. But 1215 Milwaukee sports reports starts right. From the west is the field Sports Radio 1250 updates through the arm checked freedom much -- the field -- -- stop -- for memorabilia autographs custom framing at the appearances. Your new owners of the Milwaukee barks evens -- last three. West seems that mark last three to New York hedge fund investors have bought the team from Herb Kohl. For 550. Million dollars now the subject of the new arena. That was brought up yesterday at the presser. It's the kind of facility should be able -- rebuilt and a couple years I think. We've got a lot of experience with various types of rule stating infrastructure projects so that's a reasonable time line. That's even see it as Parker will contribute 100 million dollars toward the new facility for Cole will also chipped it 100 -- All hours after the new owners who introduced the Bucs -- -- lost the final game of the year 111103 to Atlanta finishing the season at fifteen and 67. On the baseball response back to beat -- despite one at Miller Park running the record to eleven and three. It -- affairs of shoddy defense -- the Cardinals while starter when we play all that got the win. Big game for Willie we -- it certainly -- to hurt from somebody and and a he came out right away with with a fastball it was down in the zone that sliders. And command the ball well. As her manager Ron Bradley keep Brewers in Pittsburgh tonight for first of a four game set you funny guard early and it simple to as a starter -- on -- short five here. -- -- -- Rebar month and its portrait youthful fifty dot com -- -- -- to go to Milwaukee County parks. Golf is now open I mean you don't play any one of the fifteen Milwaukee -- courses take advantage of the lowest price of the season. Many -- reservations today county parks that Thomas Tony parks dot com 444756222. WS -- weather for today partly sunny few showers and -- 54 right now 41. I'm sure it was pretty appalled that the WS SP -- -- sports review the ball fifty dot com. Big Brewers fans I was last night's Perkins restaurant in big -- -- be the first to know at 4147991250. You'll win breakfast for two -- your local Perkins restaurant -- -- Kris Perkins putting it all on the table this is chuck and -- only on Sports Radio 1250 WS is TE Milwaukee sports these. -- Brewers fans I was last night's Perkins restaurant and they -- MTV the personnel at 4147991250. You'll win breakfast for two major local Perkins restaurant -- -- Kris Perkins putting it all on the table this is second wicket only on Sports Radio 1215 WS his -- Milwaukee sports station. By the Brewers got one from the cards yesterday afternoon at Miller Park. Who is the Perkins restaurant -- MBB 4147991254147991215. Email us. Well email us nevermind just get a winner here I don't like talking about -- Dallas up -- -- -- pretty diligent. Well no matter what -- you're all right we'll let jealous of the purchase restaurant bakeries MBB it was from all the brewers' victory over the red birds yesterday. Well court so -- also announced Burton you darn writer Perkins restaurant -- -- of the game is our starting pitcher will -- to -- It was a great victory for the Brewers at that I shouldn't even -- my as a repeat their last three for guys as the Brewers -- SS CB yes I about doubled those guys just. With the stars the day yesterday something tells me there will be an owner's name that pops up -- 835 for our our into the Milwaukee Bucks -- MB being 35 and got something tells me. That. There -- one of those guys' names may pop up in about an hour for right now but. Chris you got three -- coming away from Perkins restaurant bakeries aren't in this for the putting all on the table to her kids eat free Tuesdays and Saturdays after four. By the way -- female one -- Perkins -- Tuesday question of the day. This week so we have to perhaps behave ourselves we go to lunch next month with Tracy. And perhaps one of her friends -- but -- -- these girls are just like one of the guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those two girls right there are so maybe would you it was a Davis Tracy Tracy treasuries -- -- I don't know that answer -- okay Tracy is our winner though for a putter Tuesday no question of the day from a couple of days ago after your girls are -- chance -- you -- -- guys anyway most likely yeah. I still have a good way shirt. She earned. To still play golf with me. All right well let's get you yesterday's per game that they they did actually beat the St. Louis Cardinals to wrap it up from -- the repeat is baseball post game show here on Sports Radio twelfth -- -- series -- a better mood and he has been the last couple days which means we actually could get some breakdown and analysis may be may be some break down. And analysis from our buddy Tim Allen 5 -- good morning mr. -- mr. Freeman how about that -- a big sigh of relief as the Brewers get a win they salvaged a game in this three game set. Against the St. Louis Cardinals. It's sort of a nip and tuck affair early on a couple of good pitchers going added Willie for -- continues a good season thus far. As well as -- Josephine Kelly. Pitching for the you ever think about that the rotation for the Cardinals you got man Adam Wainwright. Michelle walk. Josephine Kelly Shelly Miller. And then you have Loretta Lynn I mean that rounds out your -- I've suffered a -- Cardinals. But anyway that turning point in this ball game with the Brewers -- ones -- Joseph Kelly gets hurt. While he was trying to run out of bonds offensively. And and that really turn the tide is the Brewers played -- three runs runs in the bottom half of that inning. John of the -- -- in 02 pitch. Knocks in a couple runs with a -- said. And Ramos Ramirez continues to just be scored -- in hot this year he -- in another run -- three hits in the ball game. For the victorious Brewers five. And -- five to one -- -- now eleven and four on the season guys in first place if you're scoreboard watch and if -- watts in the standings two games over Saint Louis. For over Pittsburgh and they'll fire up. A four game set against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC. Z Bart on deck show at five and after the last -- you make the switch. Repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware will be here live in the jurors on -- and art studios boys. Enjoy your Thursday. It's breakdown like Loretta Lynn nick and Josephine Kelly is why we've paid Tim Allen the big bucks Adam Wainwright the -- -- always -- It's break -- like of that. Which is why we paid Tim Allen at Munich but it's the Cardinals what's that he hates the car I know he does he truly does. Bad news of your Marquette fan and they lose out there at number one recruit from the incoming recruiting class a -- hill the six foot 52 guard who signed with the Marquette. Last fall has been released from his scholarship ever since the coaching change from Buzz Williams is Steve will -- how ski. He was the top prospect in the class the number two prospect in the state of Georgia the number fourteen ranked according to scout dot com fourteenth ranked -- shooting guard in that punch three. He is now open -- recruitment back up which you're allowed to do after a coaching change. He was also being -- earlier by Missouri Indiana Florida State in the Florida Gators yes -- was always interest that made him do. On before it with a -- -- he's a top hundred player country Alia solely -- it is a big loss. But yet made Eagles average would go to Virginia Tech. It's gonna go to but what bugs the hell did you well it's getting a top hundred player it's Indiana or Florida is looking at you -- jokes aside about Indiana if Indiana or Florida is looking at you. -- buzz has much of a sure. Although sometimes some of these guys wanna be stars they want to come in play run play man and -- -- yes seen as the question on. And that Ellison kid up at rice like he's gonna go to Duke could be another one of the top great players in the country that goes to do Cortes wanna go to Wisconsin and perhaps. Be the man well it was. Hasn't he would be the man right away. You know there's some talk that maybe Johnson wants to be the man right away into a program and you know can have a Wisconsin. Probably can't have -- Marquette. And no definitely it out of Duke and by the way. With -- Buzz Williams the top guys. For the buzz. For the -- job when -- levels Alonso -- We talk about the suit up for cal big buzz is second guessing is this you know -- -- real hot candidate for the Tennessee job I think. You think. Yeah I think you about a topic here -- -- he's excited about the challenge of building up all a program like Virginia Tech did you hear me now but -- of Virginia Tech Tennessee and he will would you choose. And I was staying at Marquette would have been the -- -- -- yeah soon I agree there but console -- sounds like he was not long for Tennessee to be -- Didn't seem quite like a great fit now there's a three trends and Sports Radio twelve to -- WS his feet up next we'll talk with a Milwaukee business journal editor in chief. I'll looking very forward -- -- -- mark cast next. As will find out the economic impact of about staying in the brew city for 550 million dollars but -- next on Sports Radio -- -- BWS a. They tell Sports Radio 1250 what's really undermines use the John Paul's Buick GMC 1250 sound off line. At 4144482162. Lonely pro Sports Radio 1250 WS -- beat Milwaukee sports station. We want help from. A lot of people you don't get something like his stuff without help from many different places starting with myself hopefully blossoming out. And getting help for many many different sources both public and private. My hope. And -- -- -- and mark is that people will come together. Sport pretty a twelve to VW SS me it's just he would get at 7:47 good morning to -- that's Jeff Freeman and Mike wicket. We're happy to have you served up by Perkins restaurant -- -- there putting it all on the table. Weather today in Milwaukee high 5640. Hazy out there right now in the brew city back door -- insider Gary woeful at 8 o'clock. -- it guy I talked John badger football at age fifteen when they're badgering -- that horrible from badger nation dot com check in on that. Quarterback battle from the spring game last weekend. Joining us right now the day after -- -- was made by former Milwaukee Bucks owner senator Herb Kohl. As he sold the team to -- Wesley evenings and mark the last three. Double of New York hedge fund it investors for 550. Million dollars the beginning of a new era. And joining us now the great midwest bank happ a hotline to talk about. This sale to Milwaukee Bucks. The editor in chief of the Milwaukee business journal welcome in -- casts on Sports Radio twelve to be WS SP market morning appreciate the time -- -- How -- -- -- -- it's a daughter of a new era I think for Bucs fans and for bucks basketball. And obviously. In Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin it. There's a lot on the table for the next six months three years five years thirty years obviously. When you saw the number calmed down as someone who deals with business and money and probably a lot smarter things and then shocker I ever had to deal with but. When you southern ever come down a 550 million dollars from the -- the -- what went through your head. I was I was shocked I think I think -- -- I mean it was much tired. And then almost -- break up but. Noticing as I met with herb called back when he announced the sale. Spectrum of skill and he thought it could get about 500 under 500. -- and I think a lot of us that OK you know sure sure sure but you know what it did. And nick and I talked to him. Yesterday at a press conference he said it's a reflection of the NBA I mean if you look at across the league how much these. Teams are -- that you know it is in line with that and I got to believe all the owners in other markets this morning are smiling because they know they -- Teams are worth a lot -- I mean I mean think about it if it's worth five. Beat -- here in him and our city how much is that worth in New York in Chicago in LA in Philadelphia I mean it -- we. If -- one -- only. A handful. It is it is really a valuable entity. And so we know all these guys it's gonna be about either one of these his and we know there has -- owners and all that our program builders and all our wares and their rich the -- lot of money. -- -- -- -- I know that one of the billionaire and the other one he was but he's not anymore but but I still think he's great article this is -- -- You know I mean I guess like you I wish I could make that statement about myself and of course they can't -- I know that doesn't. They're very well respected that out in New York there hedge fund operators if I kind of I kind you know I mean I meant to. Think about it it's kind of like when I'm not feel. Came into the bucks I'm sorry it. -- is in outsider. From LA a lot of a lot of financial experience he and they obviously know how to run a business. They're Smart and what you know I was able to exceed two to -- -- to actually speak with the Bulls. Yesterday and they really want to be here and they want to run this as a business so I think it's -- to -- -- to watch them because. They're release you know they're Smart and they've done well throughout their careers. And it seems like they've always wanted to own a team and -- Here it is so to -- -- and -- You're talking with Milwaukee business journal editor in chief -- -- is with us -- and -- the day after the Milwaukee Bucks are sold. -- for about half a billion dollars and then some Mir on Sports Radio twelve to BW SSP. And the big issue and I guess after the NBA said you -- have a new arena by 2017. Or this does not a I guarantee that this franchise will stick around in Milwaukee. That's the big issue on everybody's mind -- I think most people have to realize though this thing is not gonna go -- -- the next six months or by Christmas or -- by next summer. We're talking about how long do you think. I'm guessing three to five years before we even see you know -- -- and -- Well think about now we're only halfway there do that and so I mean what they've done is they've really helped the effort I mean. There's no doubt but you still have to raise at least another 200 under million. Plus you know plus probably another. Hundred -- so for interesting and stuff on the bond and so. W.s here so they've really helped the cause but I think now it's up. The community to figure out how are we going to be how we -- put up by and the rest and isn't there an ability to work. Together as a community -- not -- this I mean how often has anybody across. The United States and an offer like this. Where you know on the owners and the former American paper -- new building yeah I think it's made it it mean -- great opportunity. What -- sure you guys have both seen over the last few months and -- there's not been much interest in this in this in this effort it's been a lot of -- -- -- will this will this -- conversation I think it has right now. Now the next thing is is. Can they find who else will get involved and will be will -- average person would be open helping out asks. You know the two sites the year ball limit north of the Bradley Center in rain on -- parking plan -- PM anomalies reality of what you the chance of -- going on an anomaly belly. I think their slim very yeah I think it's downtown I think you look at that either north of the building. Or there's been some. Talk about putting it either on the arena -- when -- city all the rain aside horse somehow in between the arena and the convention. -- to get it near. To the heart of the city so I think it's gonna go with it one of those places it's easier to go obviously obviously to the -- and it's all open land. It's kind of the group where everybody thought but I also think what's happening now that kind of -- -- I talked to a number of individuals after the event yesterday -- -- trying to think a little bit bigger. The thing OK if we build an arena is a -- at a hotel as a possible answer retail is a possibly at -- office buildings. Is -- possible to really have a dramatic impact our community. Is there it is there a chance it could be related related in any way to -- a lot of me. There's been that over the years I know I've heard that. I don't know right now because obviously had a lot of -- is is because it is really fixated on what's happening it -- -- And I'm not sure if there but if they're willing to do that but there was that I remember 456 years ago. There was even some discussion about the pot a lot of -- being being moved into the Bradley's. That are here and them building in the building now that's not been spoken about it all the past couple years but you know I think ending possible but I would be surprised -- that. You heard Kolb only the hundred million dollars on his on and not be part of this franchise. -- You don't write in is -- home business -- -- -- of all that money then -- gonna get out of this deal because he's got lawyers he's got a nephew I just give it to me you know. Whatever Bartlett or get analyze the whole -- really in a way it's not a business -- what does have a busier as the only back to the -- some power what. Well I think I think would need to listen. Yesterday was -- he felt an obligation. To be involved in this project he's an advocate of the project. I think from -- from me in game money standpoint you know he's trying to. Figure that out he's been as he he's been really spent in the last year or so trying to get all of -- assets and everything in order to kind of that figure out. He transition -- what are you gonna do with the money I think it can be very active in the community -- mean. Who else would have you know -- -- a hundred million dollar gift that's quite a gift you know -- out out in the passing -- 25 million up at Madison. But the Colts. -- -- there I think he'll be very active in the community I think he's he's an individual who had a history here being very. Helpful -- people. You know there is -- like to see last three and eat in this all sit in the same room with. Bear it and -- -- ably excuse me and and Governor Walker and then have the taxpayers some -- representing the taxpayer all sit in the room together because. I know that we're going to knock off let's just let's just say 300 million more dollars I -- we have to get through 300 million more dollars to get that magic number of half a billion for a new building but. I'd love to see how this all works out because it's like a giant soap opera like you just get those people all in a room together. Well I think we you know I think what's really gonna have to happen as an -- because remember this or that win the whole stadium deal. Came down -- Miller Park there was a big a big thing I think without a weekend where you know it was and it was it was the mayor they expect. Governor and but all in -- room at the enemies see hammering this thing out into the late hours. And they were and it and it got done and that's how what happened and you know that's what happened here I think -- now has been happening in our community is that. Somebody has to step up and and really -- leader I mean that the mayor is that the walker is -- -- -- -- -- we need someone to lead. This effort because that -- leave this behind as a community. While I'm in I'd hate to be and -- -- -- -- that. Can attack happened just -- to be that I had a look at it director of an outlet I'd like to sit there and watch it and whatever happens. And it really do appreciate the time mark thank you so much for some of the inside of course we'll check it again as we. Are now in day one but actually -- -- for approval from the league owners but this is going to be a long process. And I think we're in good hands and will be checking of course over -- journals dot com think so much for the time. Are a great -- Have a great day. You to mark -- editor in chief of from the Milwaukee business journal joining us in the great midwest bank outlined during the key with Giambi now to July. If you're looking to buy refinance a home like great mid West Bank on FaceBook -- learn how you can live mortgage free great mid West Bank since 1935 is simply local. We'll had a player personnel Luke's coach GM the draft but the bucks -- -- -- mobile next on Sports Radio 1250 WS has been.