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04/17/14 Badgernation's Ben Worgull joins Chuck and Wickett

Apr 17, 2014|

Ben Worgull talks about the QB situation for the Badgers, a recap of the spring game and what to look forward to.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now. I'm you sure the ripple effects of the -- sale it's all the way they don't all the -- -- Madison. On the great midwest they -- -- hotline welcome in -- badger insider men were goal from a badger nation dot com and good morning men. How is the the effect of the -- say all. All the way out there in Madison. I think that I brought to got a great chance to go to number -- There are no one's heart arteries makes announcement of -- to just make an announcement and you know great Nolan as an idea what he's gonna do. But let's get right to it. Badger football spring game last week -- Angels stop they would be -- shoulder issues sat out was removed from practice about what a week and a half ago or so whatever but. How did his replacements look let's first start with -- -- -- -- someone that I think we can all agree that Gary Andersen really wants to be the starting quarterback. Next year. I think he's going to be your starter in points fourteen just from what we think -- between practices and then like you sent right -- -- -- that. -- backwards and the guy. Picked Jerry Hairston and the staff wants. To run the offense -- the current quarterback they want they want -- dual threat kinda guy. Who can beat you with his arms and legs and I think -- -- -- shoulder. Over the fifteen perspective that he's much more confident in himself into the -- that when he was. -- -- fall camp and I think he showed enough throughout that stretch. To go into fall camp as that are the starter and that you'll start to have to work to beat him out and what -- -- -- in the beginning at camp. All American boy did you know complete a lot passes -- really did because except Scotland and they want to throw to really. But he his shoulder and not. Just with his vision and what that likes to be what. Into the spring game telling you need that you just wired to. Beat contained in the offense and only one when he had -- -- a couple of times -- -- rare and pretty it's still attempt the past. Went through agreed usually a lot more maturity in that thought that he did a year ago I think that's what makes and the potential -- quirk the team I think he deserves an opportunity. Does -- regret making the switch to defense last year. No because -- be made -- you can make the -- public played. My credentials star they you know was going to be the guy -- -- open back when it was in the position and the to help this team. And Mary and the quarterback now he ripped it was going to be involved and -- the -- cheaper even in the vick's strict and all for whatever -- wide receiver. Our bureau that the big targets that Wisconsin and not to throw -- that he broke a bone -- -- rest. It was really -- incapacitated. Not -- well. All 34. Weeks -- and the predictable go to the safety spot and really he really -- -- that spot I think it gave Campbell a lot of you know division one play and experience because. Before that he really is popped around report South Carolina that was just a quarterback. An -- double western does -- opportunity to play at the -- what level. Get accustomed to different things at that level. Eric price helped to make that transition back. Repeat the start corporate job is that much easier to because you know that now to what it takes it would be a ball -- -- lineup. Is the one as it cut quarterback controversy next year with one week -- had a Mecca void he struggles a bit Molson shall -- -- the next quarterback don't go home back and forth between these guys and -- quarterbacks during the game the -- death. Separate yourself women that could -- the last. Until about -- seven to ten days and -- by about Sunday's output named starter. So hopefully by that time it will become clear who they're gonna go -- and you know -- -- going to be those two -- Garrett made very clear. On Saturday that you know -- -- not a direct route to take most of reps aren't used to have a good spring. But not a great spring and don't think he has a lot of learning to do for the position yet to sit here don't plan that transferring in -- -- I get that good neutral our parents were really hard you know but -- -- wonder what his long term future is. What -- opera that really doesn't fit his niche. I think PG -- to -- potentially be a very good or report content on the road. Has all the tools. That will get it to that level. Is that a lot of things and people trying to clean up a little bit -- up. The delivery below Milwaukee. This footwork you'd be critical that the -- control the ball well -- I'm surprised Mark Hughes is not considering transferring up because he didn't seem like he fits the mold of that -- quarterback the coaching Anderson wants. No it doesn't. You know he's not that good dual track regard even talked about -- -- -- bark for -- number pierce got back interpret -- he says -- he's not going to be never -- -- it's gonna run the 6580 yard touchdown. Speed -- -- move the -- And in you know he -- -- -- school does have a little bit running element to have just carry it quickly running element of the experiment of lawyer teacher Gil. I actually think he can win the job -- on the road you'd have to beat. Spot what -- -- here at the outcome but it met during fall camp when he entered spring camp. Thought with a badge or insider -- were able you can read his work imagination dot com follow on Twitter at the badger nation shockingly -- on Sports Radio twelve to VW SS me. So you had to make a guess right now considering where -- they was before the injury. And -- -- McIlroy is now after his first full spring as a QB with his -- with -- -- -- -- program who is your best -- to be the starter come. -- the end of fall camp. What Kurt -- welcome to our old ability. We are these are -- -- -- -- are we sure curt Phillips doesn't have two or three more seasons left. I'm not exactly sure I didn't see here but I'm sure you can work your way into some appeared legal bet that you missed -- -- a limited -- Next to these guys -- be giving -- -- reached for everybody their pre K so. I think it -- -- American boys are really -- -- mean you look at you circuit Gilles started last year. From game one to -- thirteen. I don't know rookies Roenick took a big step forward I don't know improved. Upon from week one a week thirteen I don't know how what your up -- withdrawal stopping that's -- my big thing with the ever been constructed. For practiced the the practice -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- America boy at least. Think in pretty open are you have been over surprise here a little bit. With Ellis you've not knowing much about -- back what do you mean no one knows anything about -- back -- except the players and the coach and program. So I think that the COLT raced I think they're gonna go back -- -- because it's more. -- what Wisconsin wants I think. Promote people we know ordered it would all stop a triple a lot of people that does not good not to give Wisconsin for the next -- As funny as an -- the final four facility -- Jerry world down in Dallas. -- double weekends ago was thinking to myself you have next time we could be back -- for Wisconsin and Alabama in football. Yeah I mean without question -- I think that that's going to be a huge game on the road. We all looked at that could be -- next season. I think there are a lot of fans are going to be real anxious to see how -- -- that is going to -- -- here. And the next three seasons home -- entire transition to a college football player -- -- like this. Are critical for you read you -- want to win the game obviously. Or you wanna lose a close game because the people dispute what what lost in -- what losses to an SEC team on a neutral field. By -- you know -- -- last. That's -- Barrett Darrell you'll when you're competing with you know maybe six or seven very other teams while the sport spots. We appreciate the time venerable course -- in as we get closer and closer to fall camp -- be nice of summer would actually start in the sale in the state of Wisconsin but things for the time in shedding some light on this. You do -- -- -- badger insider. You can follow on Twitter at the badger nation reader Ed badger nation not comedy -- of the great midwest bank hotline. Turned the key with Giambi now the July for looking to -- refinance a home -- -- -- bank on FaceBook -- -- how you can live mortgage free greatly West Bank since 1935 simply local.